In 1993, Noam Chomsky delivered the Zika secret

Dear reader, I’ve been telling you the truth all along. Now we go even deeper.

More often than we suppose, a piece of forgotten history illuminates the present moment like a stroke of lightning above the landscape.

by Jon Rappoport

March 4, 2016

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In December of 1993, Noam Chomsky published an article in Z Magazine titled, “The Clinton Vision.” Chomsky was actually discussing US foreign policy in the Western hemisphere since 1945. He focused on Brazil.

He spoke of the US takeover of that country, and how under guise of spreading democracy and the free market, the real operation was control of land, resources, and labor—ruled by a corrupt Brazilian oligarchy in turn managed by a US government-corporate nexus.

Workers in the northeastern area of Brazil were subjugated to a life of misery, the most obvious sign of which was extreme, generation-to-generation malnutrition.

Read this 1993 Chomsky quote carefully. In the midst of his analysis, a small section will jump out and grab you by the throat, given your knowledge of what has been happening in Brazil lately, during the so-called “Zika crisis”:

“Brazil is far and away the most important country in Latin America, firmly under US control since 1945, when it became a ‘testing area for modern scientific methods of industrial development’ applied by US experts…It is a country with enormous resources that should be the ‘Colossus of the South,’ ranking alongside the ‘Colossus of the North,’ as predicted early in the century. It has had no foreign enemies, and benefited not only from careful US tutelage but also from substantial investment. It therefore shows with great clarity just what the US can achieve in ‘enlarging the free community of market democracies’ under conditions that are near ideal.

“The successes are real enough. Brazil has enjoyed a very high growth rate, which conferred enormous wealth on everyone except its population — apart from the top few percent, who live at the standards of the wealthiest Westerners. It is a sharply two-tiered society. Much of the population live at a level reminiscent of Central Africa…the UN Report on Human Development ranked this rich and privileged country in 80th place, alongside of Albania and Paraguay. In the northeast, Brazilian medical researchers describe a new subspecies: ‘pygmies,’ with 40% [actually 60%] the brain capacity of humans, thanks to severe malnutrition in a region with fertile lands, owned by large plantations that produce export crops in accord with the doctrines preached by their expert advisers. Hundreds of thousands of children die of starvation every year in this success story, which also wins world prizes for child slavery and murder of street children — in some cases for export of organs for transplant, according to respected Brazilian sources.”

The source Chomsky is using for his medical assessment of children’s brain capacity is Isabel Vincent (Life a struggle for Pygmy family, Globe & Mail Toronto, December 17, 1991, p. A15.)

Vincent wrote:

“A diet consisting mainly of manioc flour, beans and rice has affected [northeastern Brazilian laborers’] mental development to the point that they have difficulty remembering or concentrating. Fully 30.7 per cent of children in the Northeast are born malnourished, according to Unicef and the Brazilian Ministry of Health. . . Brazilian medical experts have known of undernourishment in the country’s poorest region for more than two decades, but they confirmed only recently the existence of a much more startling problem — a severe lack of protein in their diet that is producing a population of Brazilian Pygmies known by some medical researchers in Brazil as homens nanicos. Their height at adulthood is far less than the average height recording by the World Health Organization and their brain capacity is 40 per cent less than average [emphasis added]. . . . In the poorest states of the Northeast, such as Alagoas and Piaui, homens nanicos comprise about 30 per cent of the population. . . Much of the Northeast comprises fertile farm land that is being taken up by large plantations for the production of cash crops such as sugar cane.” [Note: Chomsky and Vincent omit the add-on effects of a full range of toxic pesticides, some of which are banned in other countries because they are too poisonous.]

Children born with 40% less brain capacity. Does this sound like microcephaly, the “new outbreak” which has received so much publicity, and which has been attributed to the Zika virus?

Yes, it sounds very much like it. Microcephaly=children born with smaller heads and brain impairment. For decades in northeastern Brazil: children born with 40% less brain capacity who never grow to normal body size.

Are you following me? I hope so.

There is nothing new about what is happening in Brazil. Various types of brain damage in children have been endemic for a very long time.

Researchers there, and at the World Health Organization, are fully aware of this. At the moment, they’re using the cover story of “Zika virus” to obscure the truth. To obscure the causes. To obscure the criminals. It’s business as usual.

In previous articles, I’ve demonstrated that Zika has never been proved to cause microcephaly or any other kind of neurological damage. In fact, researchers so far have managed to prove (without admitting it) that Zika is not the cause.

As the literature clearly states, any insult to the developing fetal brain can cause microcephaly. Looking for one cause is non-science.

There is no recent sudden appearance of birth defects in Brazil.

Zika does not cause birth defects.

It’s a mask to conceal the truth.

This truth can be traced in many places. In parts of Africa, for example, grinding poverty, malnutrition and starvation, contaminated water supplies, lack of basic sanitation, overcrowding, toxic medical treatments, stolen land, and pesticides combine to twist and destroy human life.

The men in charge, locally and far away, have purposely maintained the population in this state—and whenever they have felt the need to divert attention from the truth, they’ve concocted a medical cover story: a virus, a sudden “outbreak”—such as Zika.

“It’s out of our control. A tragedy. The best doctors are working to find a cure…”

On and on it goes.

power outside the matrix

As I’ve written many times, the best cover story is a medical story. It appears to be neutral, scientific, apolitical, non-partisan. And the best medical cover story of all is a virus.

People salute it and tremble in its promoted presence.

The virus is the fairy-tale of the devil in the Church of Biological Mysticism.

So now you know. This piece of World Health Organization hyper-fiction about Zika, about a new outbreak of microcephaly, about something never seen before, caused by a virus (that has never done harm to humans since its discovery in 1947)…it’s all a pernicious ruse to hide the facts on the ground.

Without knowing it, of course, Chomsky, 23 years ago, shot a gaping hole in the current “Zika crisis.”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

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18 comments on “In 1993, Noam Chomsky delivered the Zika secret

  1. Conrad says:

    Excellent assessment of what’s happening. Honest researchers of the future will likely come to the conclusion that viruses don’t do anything. Viruses answer the causation question when medics have no idea why a person is sick. If they would consider the toxemia theory of disease, they would be closer to the truth. Of course, then Big Pharma would lose control of the population.

  2. Jacqueline says:

    The ‘discovery’ of and current focus on the microbiome, the micro-organisms which constitute 90 percent of our total body cells, shows that even those ‘nasty’ viral organisms identified as ‘life threatening’ are present at all times and play a role in maintaining health. The concerted effort to kill all micro-organisms with pesticides and hand sanitizers only works to kill us. Existing medical paradigms are profound in their ignorance.

  3. The Eco-Auditor says:

    For those who wish to read the actual article or pass on to those interested in sourcing along with Jon’s post, it can be found at:

  4. Reblogged this on John Barleycorn and commented:
    Diabolical and interesting.

  5. Jon, I will check it out, but I don’t see a connection with the modern (acute) microcephaly occurrences and pygmy tribes. There are also African pygmies, who (according to my uncle who was an oil technician stationed off Africa – Zaire, from memory) like to “lie a lot”. Some even talked about a remote plateau with living dinosaurs….I digress

    A quick scan does present the condition know as “stunting” (or stunted growth) we sees a notable intellectual impact:

    Then again, there are no “known” pygmies in Ethiopia:

    It is interesting to note the Australian mainstream “news” (on the rare occasions I am within earshot) regularly crow about the importance of foods. The latest one was “old ladies” should eat prunes to improve bone growth. The question is, “why?”


    • Webmaster Pincus III says:

      Never did bother to comment on your uniformly brilliant comments up till now, Ozzie, but this last one was a (also brilliant) switcheroo-type provocation I presume.


      In my experience with Pygmies (some of my best friends), they seldom lie, and where oil technicians or the like are concerned, they may tell stories, some of which may appear tall to shortened brains.

      For example, one may be confusing “remote plateaus with living dinosaurs” with manifestations of the “Draco” in certain traditional rites (Zairian sorcerers are nothing as compared with the Benin Vodun), where men are “seen” as crocodiles, rites going back 10’s of thousands of years and which continue today. You should know: you’re the exopolitically correct one, and if you get your contemporary sorcerers right that will help you to validate your Chaneling No. 6’s.

      Concerning the prunes: old ladies suffering from ostiaporosis (sic) should get their calcium from dried fruit, NOT from calcium lactate (milk), which, instead of assimilating accretes damagingly.

      Why? It’s the prune farmers turn to pay for editorial content.

      • Wonderful riposte, Webmaster Pincus III.

        I never did like that uncle. He eventually became a bank manager and that was the last I heard of him nor him me.

        Very interesting comment, loaded with pertinent information (which is so rare these days), that has redeemed, nay renewed, my faith in humanity.

        Of course, the alligator men would have been around anytime after 24,000 years ago (they wouldn’t have dared step out before) and as I have mentioned from my experiences in a previous, distant incarnation called “iXossana”, I know they “targeted” Africa (about half modern day size) in a big way. These incarnations are colloquially known as Chitahuri, I’m told (one of the few things Icke has got right!). A witch doctor allows himself to be “possessed” by a foreign spirit whereas shamans are guided first by male and then female (whom they often “marry”) guardians.

        You must pop by my blog for a chat, if you haven’t already under a pseudonym. I did not know about dried fruits containing calcium. Fascinating! I do now.

        Hearty regards

  6. The Eco-Auditor says:

    Trapping the system in their own false logic is step 1. Step 2 is offering bread crumbs to those inside the system who are seeing the false logic, a way out, in a way that does not shut them down. Posts like these are the bread crumbs. Great piece Jon. Your readers can also offer bread crumbs as many are inside the system and have influence.

  7. CONEKTA21.TK (@CONEKTA21) says:

    Jon this may interest you:
    “Top Swedish, US and Canadian pension funds linked to Brazilian land grabs, displacement of people (11/17/2015)
    A New York company managing the retirement savings of workers in Sweden, the US and Canada is evading Brazilian laws on foreign investment to acquire farmlands from a businessman accused of violently displacing local communities, according to a new report, released today by Rede Social de Justiça e Direitos Humanos, GRAIN, Inter Pares, and Solidarity Sweden – Latin America.

    Key points:

    Farmland fund investing in Brazil is managed by TIAA-CREF of New York City
    Farm acquisitions tied to Brazilian businessman accused of violent land grabbing and involvement in money laundering scheme
    Farms acquired in Brazil by way of a company structure that evades regulations on foreign investment
    TIAA-CREF and pension fund investors contravening the international principles of farmland investment that they developed”

  8. Todd Millions says:

    You may want to contrast and compare the development plan run up and the reasons it was asked for by Buckminister Fuller. Its reproduced in his book ‘Critical Path”. While it has some hairy bits,its much higher grade than the crap coming out of co opteing/co-opted whoreing tanks that have being so generously endowed shortly since B. Fuller’s death. To bad the US government preferred to get rid of Vargas before he could see the plan-He had requested.
    But demonstrations of any glimmer of integrity or competence were not in the cards then and that precedent has certainly held. Lula whoring himself to monsanto springs to mind.

    For what has occurred, they had the Dumbinion of Canaduh to try it out on. Not much in the way of training wheels was required due to out cut rate elites being inbred mental pygmies-apriori.

    Doubt is good but in this case to remove it-punch up our last few Foreign affairs ministers,any of our chartered bankers or/and slappy Pet of BRE-X. Fish paste trace minerals will make little headway in that brain development deficit!

  9. Chomsky Revelou a Verdade sobre a Atual Crise do Zika… em 1993

    […] A seguir, reproduzimos este revelador artigo de Jon Rappoport: […]

  10. DS says:

    if this is the cause of microcephaly why aren’t we seeing in on the African continent? Africa is well known to have problems of malnutrition and starvation.

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