Zika: sex and bloodsucking vampire bugs: the movie

Zika: sex and bloodsucking vampire bugs: the movie

by Jon Rappoport

February 3, 2016

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Evidence? Who cares about evidence? You give people the mere announcement of an outbreak plus a virus and they’ll cling to it as if it’s a long-lost relative who’s about to die and leave them a billion dollars.

In two previous articles, I laid to rest the notion that anyone has proved there is an epidemic of microcephaly or that the Zika virus causes microcephaly. Those articles are: Zika freaka: the other shoe drops: lying about case numbers and Zika: biggest news service in America absolutely clueless.

Bottom line: Brazilian researchers have only been able to confirm, so far, 270 cases of microcephaly, not 4000 as originally trumpeted. And of those 270 cases, only six, that’s six, were found to have any trace of the Zika virus. If that’s an epidemic, a floor lamp can jump up and sing I’ve Got You Under My Skin in Mandarin Chinese.

But now the Centers for Disease Control has upped the ante—a few cases of “Zika-virus transmission” through, wait for it, sex, have been discovered. The tiny Zika terrorist is riding in semen. OMG. OMG.

Put this together with biting bloodsucking mosquitoes carrying Zika and you have a blockbuster boffo box office movie. Put it up on IMAX. Who will they pick to do the Voice of God narration?

Let’s see. Transmission of a virus through sex. The virus hasn’t been shown to cause anything. Conclusion? No fear. But that doesn’t sell. That doesn’t titillate. So forget about evidence or proof. Just market the damn movie.

Here are the old standby memes: “Spread. Transmission of the virus. Infected. Carrier. New cases with the virus.”

What we’re left with, at this point, are these garbage terms the public swallows without inspection. That goes for news reporters as well, and many, many scientists. These key phrases are intended to create caution and fear, as authorities map Zika journeys from city to city and country to country.

So I’ll quickly break down the memes and reveal them for the slugs they are.

“Spread.” For a virus that has existed for who knows how long (it was first discovered in 1947), the notion of spread is moronic. Of course it spreads. It walks down the street, it takes the subway, it hails a cab, it jumps on a plane, it crawls through the woods, it rides via semen, it stands up on stage and runs a quiz show. It’s already been around the world a few thousand times and it’s already in people’s bodies from Tierra del Fuego to Nome. So? What do we have? A virus which hasn’t been shown to cause microcephaly or any serious illness is everywhere. Big deal. There are millions of different viruses. Most of them do nothing. They hang out, once they’re in a place they like, and they watch The Young and the Restless. They spread, but basically they’re already there.

“Transmission of the virus.” Ditto. I just explained that. The answer is yes and so what.

“Carrier.” Ditto again. You might have Zika. And you, too. So what?

“New cases with the virus.” Ditto one more time. Except the people with Zika in their bodies aren’t cases. They may carry cases, as in suitcases. They may try cases, as in lawyers. But they aren’t cases.

“Infected.” This word suggests a person has a virus and the virus is causing a problem. Inflammation, swelling, fever. Even accepting the traditional literature on Zika, all we see are minor symptoms and brief discomfort. It wasn’t until very recently that anyone suggested Zika is causing microcephaly. And, as I’ve shown, this notion was premature, without supporting evidence. There was no reason for the press explosion, for suggestions of an epidemic, for government and health agency pronouncements about a worldwide emergency.

As an investigator, you have to go back to the beginning. Whenever an announcement of an “outbreak” is made, and a cause is trumpeted, you have to find out how many cases of the disease actually exist. Is it really an outbreak? And then you have to look for evidence that the presumed cause is really causing anything. If you don’t look deeply into those questions, you’ll climb on board the train that has been prepared for you and take the ride. You may then come up with ideas about how the cause was “secretly introduced,” but if the purported cause isn’t the cause, and if there isn’t an epidemic, what do you have?

In the case of Brazil, genetically engineered mosquitoes and the Tdap vaccine, for example, are important factors to explore, because they can certainly have destructive effects on health. Yes. But to use those factors to explain “what’s really going on with the epidemic and the Zika virus”—you’re still riding on the basic propaganda train where there is no actual evidence of an epidemic or a harmful virus.

Unfortunately, most people are disappointed when an exotic piece of charlatan dazzle turns out to be a dud. They would rather believe, instead of experiencing the feeling of being left with nothing.

They would rather go to the movies and watch flying little demons sucking blood from unsuspecting humans and injecting those humans with invisible microscopic sub-demons and, in the wake of that, sex turns out to be a catastrophe of global proportions. That’s a two-hour jolt of adrenaline.

That’s worth the price of the ticket.

That’s show-biz.

power outside the matrix

Let me put it to you this way. If you had a few billion bucks and straight-line control of fawning media, you could concoct the most ridiculous and absurd story of fear anyone ever heard of, and the networks would blast it out as absolute fact. And people all over the world would believe it and tremble. And then, when that story was absolutely exposed as pure invention, there would still be many people who would say: “But maybe the story is true. Maybe it is. Maybe there really are green-eyed people born with a special genetic defect that makes them travel to Tahiti and shovel snow 365 days a year on the beaches, and maybe they can pass this defect along to the locals and then the defect is transmitted around the world and people will shovel imaginary snow 24/7, day after day, until they weaken and fall down and go into a coma. Yes, it could be. It would be unwise of me to reject the possibility, because if it’s true…”

That’s how fear is sold and stays sold, no matter what.

The “if it’s true” tag line.

That’s what the sleazy hustlers put on the movie posters, my friends, under the pictures of the flying demons:

“What if it’s true?”

That’s the eternal hook.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

26 comments on “Zika: sex and bloodsucking vampire bugs: the movie

  1. catzgalore says:

    what I hate is not believing this crap. I thought at first that this Zika was a hoax. You don’t take a virus that has done nothing for decades and then suddenly it’s causing serious problems. I hate not being fooled any more though. Friends turn their back. People think you are wacky. But of course you already know this. Thank you for continuing to stand up for the truth and pushing through. I have lost all hope however that anyone can break through the insanity. The news goes on an on, continuing the lies and misrepresentations. Meanwhile, the vaccines continue. My grandchildren are damaged and no one believes that the learning problems and the drooping eyes could be caused by vaccines. And they will continue to be given until someone regresses into the abyss or dies. This next generation sacrificed. When will it end? How do I stay sane in it all?

    • arcadia11 says:

      i wish i had something to offer, catz, but at the very least you have the comfort of knowing that you are not alone. and that every day the veil drops for someone. we are creative beyond our current understanding – we are driven to create. billions of us. imagine that.

      much love to you.

      • David says:

        So all that matters is as long as YOU are sane? What about your grandchildren? Do you care if they ever get to be creative and restore THEIR sanity?

        • victoryintruth says:

          Wut? Just how much say do you think she has in her grandchildren’s health care decisions? Wake up and learn the real truth.

        • @David

          “There but for the grace of God…”

          You speak like a young man without children or grandchildren, or very stupid old man. But I think your the former without children.
          We must not; can not interfere in the life path of our children. They become adults, and therefor have adult rights to choose their own existance.
          It is their life choices regardless of what we feel.
          We can only be there as their parents to pick them when/if they fall and to dust themselves off and encorage them to continue on.
          We were their parents, and now it is their turn to be parents. We become gransparents.
          We can advise, and if we taught them to be creative and individual and free then the message gets past on…but you do not know the pressure parents are under today simply to be. You do not know how difficult it is to just keep the schools at bay, keep them from reporting you to Childrens Aid because you do not wish to vaccinate, or you do not their creative or imagination to be closed down.
          Children and other parents are being taught in school to rat out those that defy…YOU need to read Catz post again and realize what she has said here…and be humbled.

          • David says:

            Sorry, that was directed at aracadia11, but I retract what I said out of self-pity, loathing, and doubt. I stand guilty as charged.

        • catzgalore says:

          David we are going to lose this whole next generation! If I could sacrifice my life and protect these precious ones I would do it. If you had to stand by and watch your children allow theirs to be vaccinated, saw the damage (my grandson quit talking after vaccines– the doctor called it “coincidence”) and saw them CONTINUE TO VACCINATE…. of COURSE it is about them. But unless I maintain MY sanity how will I be there for them? If I don’t get a grip then they won’t have a grandma. 🙁

          • David says:

            I was vaccinated in Kindergarten, I am brain-damaged myself, unable to make connections with anyone. I can’t understand how you feel because I’m almost 25 and have no kids or grandchildren, no girlfriend to make that possible anyway.

            Thank you for seeing through the insanity and for caring.

    • Marius Bothma says:

      Well said!!

    • victoryintruth says:

      catzgalore: Your posting is a refreshing example of someone who is WIDE awake. Truly, I extend my sympathy for your precious grandchildren who are among the horrific number damaged by the poisonous vaccines.

    • lo says:

      My daughter was going to vaccinate her children and before they were born, I sent her every last bit of information on vaccines that I could find. I vaccinated my own children because I did not know any better. They were born when kids were only required to get 10 vaccines (80’s) and when I saw how the number had jumped to 36, something told me to look into it. Anyway, so I was coming from a pro vaccinating stance, to an anti-vaccine view.

      Long story short, she ended up having preemies and the hospitals were pushing to fully vaccinate these fragile babies. I happened to be in the NICU the day they approached my daughter and I asked her why they would want to vaccinate a preemie that was 2 months old but her adjusted age factoring in her prematurity was not even full term *and* weighed barely 4 lbs at that point.

      I couldn’t believe it. She said they like to give the babies the shots in the hospital setting in case there’s a bad reaction. Red flag! They know there are possible/probable bad reactions. She told me as much.

      Anyway, my daughter decided to wait and never ended up vaccinating either of her children. They are healthy, NEVER sick, and are absolutely brilliant. The just turned three year old is starting to read. Her mind is free of poison. I see the difference. I wish other people could see this and understand this. There is a difference. They are killing/injuring our children. It’s hard to mentally accept that, but they are. Once you can get past how horrible and unbelievable it all is, you are free to make the right choices for you.

      Doctors are human beings just like you and me. They must earn respect, it isn’t given freely. Trust your intuition. It speaks the truth if you listen.

  2. Don Morgan says:

    Dear Jon,

    I made a request for you to be on Coast to Coast to Lisa Lyon, Producer, Coast to Coast AM. […]

    About your studies regarding Zika virus & other epidemics.
    More people need to learn from your understanding & research.

    Peace & love to you & yours.

  3. From Québec says:

    Dr Edward Group speaking about Zika

    Zika Virus Weapon Of Gates And Rockefeller Foundations

  4. Truth seeker says:

    You are good. Very good.Thank you.

  5. middleway says:

    Al Gore, having related academy award level experience, would likely jump at the chance to provide the ‘Voice of God’ narration for the much anticipated IMAX Zika film. I for one would pay to see it only if Mel Brooks came out of retirement to direct it and Gene Wilder played the role of Zika.

  6. brusplace says:

    Stand up and take a bow Zika, it’s kinda like you won this years lottery. Name and fame are now yours, for better or worse.

  7. gokmencakal says:

    you people gotta get rid of that media in the US..somehow. Because that would save all your energy and let you create better things instead of fighting back to braindead propaganda and braindeadened people.

  8. It dawned on me yesterday when following up on when and who ‘discovered’ the Zika virus, and that would be a person working for the Rockefeller Foundation. That the whole virus hoax paradigm makes more sense when we use correct or accurate words.

    The Rockefeller Foundation ‘discovered’ the Zika virus because the Rockefeller Foundation CREATED the Zika virus.

  9. Josie says:

    So they showed us some odd looking babies with strange shaped heads and a jar of mosquitoes and tell us a story that people were suddenly coming down with serious illness. Then the story gets embellished into a sort of HIV curse and the media goes nuts reporting it, main stream media (which I don’t usually watch) and internet message boards. Fortunately however with the past hyped health scare hustlers (good term for it) what I saw are many people that were skeptical about the validity of the reports. Could it be that more and more are waking up to the games they are playing with us? Believe but verify before you act.

  10. As you are I have calculated the “weakened immune system”, “toxic radiation” one, two. The virus, other than augmenting effects/symptoms , is superfluous.

    But that wasn’t the point of this great article, which I totally “get”, by the way.

    FYI years ago, there was a rubbish & balderdash campaign via the Mainstream insisting the Sydney water supply was infested with cryptosporidium & giardia. The irradiated brains (from TV overuse) emptied the supermarkets of bottled water & no one could get anything free anymore in the pubs etc. (for a while).

    That showed everyone (with brains intact) just how gullible and self-serving people really are. “Ascension” is a LONG way off!


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