The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings

by Jon Rappoport

August 30, 2015

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“You could take the five major news networks and filter Jesus Christ, Buddha, Hitler, Stalin, Attila, Gandhi, and Lawrence Welk through them, and eventually you wouldn’t be able to tell the difference among them. They’d all come across in the same way. That, in fact, is the purpose of television.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

I have nothing against hope, but the brand of naïve hope that surfaces during every presidential election season is truly ridiculous.

Candidate after candidate lies through his teeth, and the people buy in.

Now some are saying The Donald is running to form a third party and thus hand the election to Hillary. Whereas the preferred alternative would be what? Prince Jeb? There’s a difference between Hillary and Jeb? Who’s kidding who?

Or they say The Donald is running to provide a safety valve, so the American people can blow off steam, but ultimately wind up with nothing to show for it.

If that were true, so what? Public despondency will set in? What grotesque political swamp-soup are we wading in now?

I approach this from a different angle.

Trump is unpredictable. He’s the only unpredictable presidential candidate in recent memory. That’s a major plus, because the press can’t do anything with him. They attack him on point A, and he responds with his own attack, or he replies with a non-sequitur, or he just changes the subject because he’s bored with the reporters.

He’s mentioning taboo subjects. Bring back tariffs on US imports. Get rid of inner city gangs.

He says something culturally and politically incorrect, and the press jackals go after him with flashing teeth and claws, fully expecting a take-down, demanding a grovel—and he shrugs—and his approval ratings go up.

Putting the press into the wall—this alone is a feat worth celebrating. Reporters want Trump to be one defined thing they can identify, and then they want to assault that…but he keeps shifting ground and juking and putting on new moves and faces. He drives them crazy.

And the crowds at his speeches are building. Maybe he’ll fill a football stadium one of these days.

What brings the people out? They sense he hasn’t got a script. They love that. They think he’s a different breed from Politician 1-A Normal. They love that, too.

The press hates that.

Right now, The Donald is all throwaway lines—and that’s good. If he resorts to analysis, the press will bring on an army of experts to refute him “on the facts.”

Megyn Kelly thought she’d make a bigger name for herself by trumping the Trump, and instead helped power his new numbers-busting popularity. Another defeat for the press.

When it comes to election campaigns, you have to understand that the job of the media is to grind down every candidate to a small series of meaningless truisms.

The press wants empty generalities. They want android candidates in the debates. They want to make a possible something into nothing.

This is a form of intended political correctness that goes largely unnoticed.

Trump has broken the mold. Therefore, he must pay. But…it’s not working. Not so far. Something in the machinery has gone wrong.

Trump has triggered a response in an audience who feels they’ve been bottled up and straitjacketed for far too long. They’ve been seething and straining. They can’t say this, they can’t say that. And they can’t look to presidents for solutions. Presidents spout rhetorical bullshit.

And then a man shows up who seems to feel the same way they do and isn’t afraid to say so.

The press doesn’t know what to do. Every line they feed Trump, in an effort to slam him, becomes the occasion for one of his comebacks that carries the day.

Trump doesn’t use filler. He improvises. He doesn’t play fast and loose behind the scenes; he does it right out in the open.

Worst of all, the media, for decades, built up the image of Trump. He was great copy. His hair, his marriages, his business deals, his scandals, his greedy eagerness for self-promotion.

Now here he is, and he can’t be cast off like an old suit. He’s front and center.

Presidential campaigns ARE the press. That’s the way it’s been for decades. Campaigns are media events manufactured out of slime you’d sue the city for if it bubbled up in your back yard.

The press takes the slime and lies and packages them into neat little products and puts them in front of television viewers. The press runs the campaigns and wins every election.

But right now…a monster has showed up.

Making a joke out of him doesn’t help, either. People laugh, but the laughs are becoming with-Trump rather than at-him. So what if he’s a self-serving cartoon? Isn’t all presidential politics a cartoon?

You can be sure the foul stench-ridden execs at the major networks are trying to figure out how to torpedo Trump. They’re in a dither. This is supposed to be their presidential campaign, not his. They own the franchise. But he’s ripping huge chunks out of their hides.

Is it possible they could unearth some horrendous cheating scandal from Trump’s past, expose it to the sky, and then watch Trump nod and say, “Yeah, I screwed up, so what?”—and his ratings would jump another ten points? Yes, it’s possible.

Regardless of the issues coming to the fore in this presidential season, the real issue, as always, is the press itself. That’s not supposed to be noticed, but more and more people are noticing it. And because they instinctively hate the powdered and coiffed anchors with their presumptive attitudes, every time Trump hits a home run against one of these smug bloodless motherfuckers, it’s an occasion for great glee.

Trump is doing much more than gaining ground on the other candidates; he’s attacking the whole framework of the Show.

He’s sawing off the pillars of the studio sets. He’s slapping the faces of the news hosts. And as the ultimate insult, he’s lifting their ratings.

An interview with Trump isn’t an interview. It’s a circus. He’s essentially saying, with every breath he takes, “See, audience, see this whole charade, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Why should I agree to their terms? Why should I consider these doofus Demo-Repub media mouthpieces are any better than I am or you are? Watch me crack the illusion of television. It’s fun. Let’s kick some high-priced ass together…”

On the media front, it’s looking like Trump is too big to fail. The only thing the networks can do is try to shut him out. I’m not sure that’s going to work. He’s cranked up too much visibility jizz.

On the Disney spectrum of personality, Trump is Scrooge McDuck with some Goofy thrown in, plus a slice or two of Mickey Mouse’s good will. But then there is also a piece of Sheriff Joe Arpaio, a clump of Ralph Nader (Nader would hate to admit it), a splash of Salvador Dali, and a passable imitation of Ronald Reagan.

Let the press try to reduce that down to a mainstream presidential candidate.

The television medium, in particular, sets itself up to accommodate the lies candidates tell. It builds studios and lights them for those lies and empty promises. It provides camera angles to feature those lies. It hires hosts and moderators who will facilitate the candidates who lie.

But even all this is not enough. The networks set themselves up to offer a style of lying. Candidates are expected to deploy all sorts of hollow, sanitized, and familiar phrases. They’re expected to affect a fake sense of passion. They’re prompted to offer some fake “new beginning,” as if no other candidate has ever tried that before.

Through these mechanisms, the viewing public is conditioned to expect predigested soulless corporate PR and accept it.

This, as much as anything else, is the death of modern politics. It’s bright grinning groomed zombie android death.

Any man or woman who can come along and punch a gaping hole in that illusion is a threat to the Big Sleep.

Trump is warming to the job.

Could he win the election? It’s hard to fathom it. But again, consider his crooked business past against the crimes of the Bush and Clinton families. In those terms, Trump is a mere piker.

But right now, he’s providing another service. He’s cracking the media egg. And any presidential candidate who even mentions laying on protective tariffs and getting rid of gangs is outdistancing Queen Hillary or Prince Jeb.

Trump is trying to roll crazy sevens and elevens. Hillary/Jeb roll snake eyes every time.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

123 comments on “The Donald Trump phenomenon: hidden meanings

  1. ben says:

    thank you; awesome column

  2. clk706 says:

    Bernie Sanders is the most honest politician to come along in our lifetime and Americans better not blow our only chance of taking America back! Bernie has my full support and vote! bernie2016

    • Hildegard says:

      Democratic Socialism is a lie. You HAVE to take away individual freedom for the “common good” which in this case is “the state”. The state is politicians and corporations. The State is a fake construct. Only the individual is real so good luck with that. Speaking of individual rights, few know it but Bernie is THIS close to calling for mandatory vaccinations.

      • Ramon F Herrera says:

        “You HAVE to take away individual freedom”


        Modern Conservative:

        Someone who can take time out from demanding more flag burning laws, more abortion laws, more drug laws, more anti-gay laws, more obscenity laws, more anti-Mexican laws and more police authority to make warrantless arrests to remind us that we need to “get the government off our backs”.

    • We Buy Homes Syracuse NY says:

      Um… Ron Paul is by far the most honest politician.

      • Theodore says:

        Yeah, but he should be “less boring” — a la Trump. I wouldn’t hurt him [Rand], at this point, to ALSO give us a show — to make the media execs squirm!

        “Putting the press into the wall—this alone is a feat worth celebrating. Reporters want Trump to be one defined thing they can identify, and then they want to assault that…but he keeps shifting ground and juking and putting on new moves and faces. He drives them crazy.” — J.R.

        • Mike says:

          When less “boring” and “feats” become more important than a strict constitutional policy then all is truly lost.

          • Theodore says:

            I’m talking about Paul AND his supporters doing BOTH: “being less boring and acting unpredictable towards the press — to keep the stupid main stream press media execs sniffing their own tails and to keep the people entertained” AND while still talking about “strict constitutional policy”. BECAUSE an election IS theater and Paul AND his supports need to step up to the plate and except/own that FACT.

            “Putting the press into the wall—this alone is a feat worth celebrating. Reporters want Trump to be one defined thing they can identify, and then they want to assault that…but he keeps shifting ground and juking and putting on new moves and faces. He drives them crazy.” — J.R.

            Because THE ONE THING that I would bet everyone reading this blog agrees on (except maybe the trolls (but they would never admit it)) is that the Main Stream Press executives and producers are sold out! Why not use “the (fraudulent) presidential election” as a prime opportunity to “attack” them on the multi-dimensional theater stage?

            “Presidential campaigns ARE the press. That’s the way it’s been for decades. Campaigns are media events manufactured out of slime you’d sue the city for if it bubbled up in your back yard. … You can be sure the foul stench-ridden execs at the major networks are trying to figure out how to torpedo Trump. They’re in a dither. This is supposed to be their presidential campaign, not his.” — J.R.

          • Mike says:

            Trump doesn’t adhere to strict constitutional policy. Trump makes deals. He will make the deals his owners tell him to make.

    • brandi says:

      Jews haven’t done enuf damage LOL

      • Mike says:

        Trump has stated that he has paid for favors and has called them in. The Clan made Trump successful and they will call and Trump will pay.

    • r says:

      He wants to go after guns the only defense we have . BAD choice, of course all Democrats want my guns

  3. mc says:

    Slick Willy and Donald are good buddies. The Media Toadies operate per dictates from bosses in DC and on Wall Street who are, generally speaking, Progressives of the technocratic variety whether they wear a red tie, a blue tie or the increasingly fashionable third way purple tie.

    Seen all the Purple recently? Its the new Flag.

    Is Donald truly sticking it to the media? I see a longer play. Trump is helping to discredit the media certainly but not for Joe or Jane citizen. He is playing his part for the Communitarian Overlords who want Joe and Jane C. to disparage the corrupt media in FAVOR of kowtowing to their centralized, benevolent Overlords in charge of GoverNANCE.

    Our Global Overlord Betters are tired of their propagandists. They want to cut out the middle man. Just listen to their Prepared Quarterly Oyes via Cspan and rely on defanged Media for the latest from Hollyweird.

    Problem, Reaction Solution. Trump is doing his part in the Hegelian Cha Cha Cha.

    • arcadia11 says:

      well said.

    • NWO Reporter says:

      Yes. I wonder if The Donald will sell his made in China and Bangladesh clothing line, or move the operations home. Those tariffs he wants are a bitch. Maybe he can address that in his next interview. And as for Bernie, go globalism go! He talks a good talk…it’s what he doesn’t talk about that worries me.

  4. Terry Moore says:

    Awesome article! You hit the nail on the head. Trump is stirring up the global elite because he delights in going off the rails. And just when we think this political theater could not break the mold, we have Jeb and gang, trying to imitate him. Too late…!!
    I would have said he has no chance, but I come from the state that put Ventura as governor. Now would that not put the big boys in a early grave? Trump/Ventura 2016. LOL.

    • gfhjk says:

      I must “admire” the endless stupidity of american voters.

      Trump IS a part of the elite and if you believe he could or would “change” anything, that’s just more of Obama’s “hope and change” dope for you. Or Ron Paul’s fake “give me your money so I can quit early” campaigns.

      There is no choice in the US, you can choose between the elite’s candidate #1 and the elite’s candidate #2 and maybe their #3 as a backup option. All pre-chosen and groomed. Quite comparable to the sort of “choice” you have in Iran.

      • Al says:

        Simple as that. This election is a farce, a fraud and analyzing it is just a waste of time and buying into the farce.

      • Terry Moore says:

        That is the truth, we have not had a ‘vote’ for over a 1/2 century! So as we slide into the Global New World Order, we might as well have some fun and raise their blood pressure before they round us up. Even if Trump is a ringer, a liar, a crook. He is not their 1st or 2nd choice. That’s why this is so much fun. And the talking heads, throwing everything they can think of. Power corrupts….and Trump just might think he has a chance, and its to delicious for him to give up. So just so you all know….yes, we are going to get hosed once again. But lets make them sweat for it. LOL!!!

      • jacobite2015 says:

        Well said. I characterize it as Nobles and Aristocrats soothing their egos. Nothing more than a King in office and a bunch of Dukes and Earls in Congress, while the rest of us “commoners” are controlled from cradle to grave.

        My Celtic ancestors from the old country are rolling in their graves…

  5. Citizen says:

    Oh, Jon, you are losing some credibility with this Trump Could Be Real line of articles. If the lamestream media can hide the truth about large scale false flags such as 9-11, Sandy Hoax, Charlie Hebdo, etc. and hide the truth about the safety of GMO’s, vaccines, psychotropic medications, etc. do you really think they’d let a REAL candidate get in the way of a long-planned Agenda? Do you really think Trump is getting all this coverage because, oh, suddenly, the media can’t control the narrative? The people’s voice is suddenly being heard? The only way Trump would win is if he’s part of the PTB already. He’s no wild card. You’ve been around a long time. You must know better than that.

    • Jack says:

      You may find it useful to go back and read Jon’s work, particularly anything to do with how power is gained and maintained at the elite levels. He demonstrates that while there is extreme level of control of the media and politics, it is still basically a game. And yes the corrupt establishment are highly skilled players, and win so consistently that they appear unbeatable, but they are still playing a game, not dictating outcomes. This article to me appears to celebrate a rare occasion on which a political candidate can go off-script and start to score points against the elite players of the power game; for us to see cracks in the armor, usual tactics backfiring.
      More importantly it celebrates the fact that there are opportunities, however small and difficult to leverage, for points to be scored in this game. Perhaps you might find it therapeutic to let your imagination go to work on how these opportunities may be exploited.
      In any case, you may need to re-think the idea that an article which characterises him as Scrooge McDuck and Goofy suggests that Trump Could be Real.

      • Dick Eastman says:

        He is not going off script one bit on the positions that matter most to what he is doing. What he is doing is intentionally driving Latinos to activism for his friend Bill Clinton’s wife who is running for president. Bill Clinton recommended Trump enter the race on the GOP side. Trump is of course, as Bill Clinton was, running his campaign on the basis of intensive opinion polling and scientific analysis. Trump’s goal is simple. It is not to win an election but to make a big noise that scares Latinos who H Clinton was not impressing at all. […] Trumps money talks and there are those with enough debt that they feel they must listen.

        • Mike says:

          Trump has stated that he has paid for favors and has called them in. The Clan made Trump successful and they will call and Trump will pay.

      • Citizen says:

        Sorry, Jack, I have to disagree with you. There’s no legitimate GAME being played here, with a possible wild card in the People’s favor. The only game being played is on the suckers who believe there’s actually a real presidential election going on, with outsiders who have a chance. Jon’s fueling the false narrative of a genuine wild card, “Scrooge McDuck” characterization notwithstanding, and as someone who has been reading Jon’s work for the last few years, I find it disappointing and a bit disturbing.

    • arcadia11 says:

      unfortunate that the question has to be asked.

  6. keikiokaaina says:

    No mention of Bernie Sanders? The sanest person in the race.

  7. Sha'Tara says:

    Best Sunday morning “sermon” I ever heard (in this case, read). Informative and entertaining. Great!

  8. gigoid says:

    Good eye… by election day, he’ll be, most likely, dead. It’s the only solution he’s leaving them…

    Meantime, great circus…..

    gigoid, the dubious

  9. Hildegard says:

    LOVE IT!!! Keep ’em coming Jon. Together will dismantle this GDMFSOB of a Matrix. Reblogged at

  10. AlanB says:

    I never was a fan of Disney. I loved the old Warner Bros cartoons. Therefore I’d say Trump is Bugs Bunny.

  11. penna says:

    Read somewhere yesterday that Simpsons years ago predicticting Trump as president.

  12. First a lie, a really big lie (after Bill left the Whitehouse)…

    “We came out of the White House not only dead-broke, but in debt. We had no money when we got there and we struggled to piece together the resources for mortgages, for houses, for Chelsea’s education. It was not easy.” Hillary Clinton

    Bill and Hillary Clinton have never been without…just type ‘Mena, Arkansas’ in your search engine and see where that takes you…keep chasin it.

    There is a finely conceived, orchestrated, and portent launch of the Hillary, it is slow and growing, growing quietly. Like a snowball rolling downhill slowly gaining distance and becoming bigger and faster as it rolls, we will all come to love and vote for the Hillary…you want to make Hillary look really good!
    I mean she gonna come across like an angel from heaven; next to Donald Trump. Sure the incident with the emails have come out…but that was on purpose. Shit before we shovel it.
    Nobody is paying any attention to it anyway, its being quietly suppressed with the Trumpster bantering on like he is, an insane rooster with that hair of his flying around.
    He’s even gonna throw brand-new-babies born of wetbacks out of the country even though they are American citizens, when they are born in the United States…their parents might be illegal but they are not.
    Not…says the Trumpalater. They gotta go!

    Jeb…well what can we say, all that whining to Daddy Bush, “Dee Doubleya is always getting everything daddy…hes awways been your favorite. What about meee Daddy! I could be Prezident”

    A third Bush will never make it. That tells you how stupid Jeb is…or how stupid he thinks the public is.

    The landscape of making Hillary look…”Really good baby”

    So..Hillary is getting past her little public outing with the emails, so how do we make her look good.
    She is running the same dog and pony show as the black prez.
    Only this time it is ‘Girl power’, and how do you make her look good and get all those little under-powered girls and young women out to the voting booth, you put a misogynist out front…an extreme misogynist…actually the patron Saint of misogynists, Saint Donald Trump himself.
    He knows he’s working for Hillary’s camp, he know his script better than the script writers.
    And Donald’s attack on things that pertain to being female, female issues on the news will set the plot.
    Throwing babies out of America, that won’t fly.

    Jeb without realizing it is the most sexually un-attractive counterpart to Hillary’s run up. These young females voters will find Jeb to be a neuter. He’s a down home boy and he can’t help it. Stupid and a redneck.

    Make no mistake this will be a well executed run to the Whitehouse, and any male who contests will be placed swiftly in the Donald camp as another woman-hater.

    “I have to admit that a good deal of what my husband and I have learned (about Islam) has come from my daughter. (As) some of you who are our friends know, she took a course last year in Islāmic history.” Hillary Clinton

    Daughters there so smart…the little dickens.

    “We must stop thinking of the individual and start thinking about what is best for society.” Hillary Clinton

    Isolate the loose cannon…

    Quotes from Hillary all over girl Media:

    And the ‘Piece de resistance’…a character piece

    • From Québec says:

      Nah! Trump is a smart cookie. He made friends with important people on every side of the spectrum. He’s no fool.

      He is not perfect, but he likes his way of life and his freedoms. He worked hard to get where he is now and he has no intention to destroy it all..

      He surely doesn’t want his country going down the tube. That’s not the kind of life he wants for himself, his children or grandchildren. And he certainly do not want a thermonuclear World War. He is not as insane as the people he hung around with.

      Recently, Jessie Ventura was on the Alex Jones Show. He said that Trump was a good friend of him and that if he would ask him to become his V.P., he would accept without a single doubt in his mind..

      Don’t be too sure about Hillary getting all the women’s votes, She won’t. I’m a woman and I hate her and so does many women I know. No woman in her right mind would want to associate with that bitch.

      So what will they do with him? Kill him? That would be too obvious. Rig the elections? Trump has enough money to investigate a rigged election.
      They are stuck with him and they do not know what to do with him. So far, he seems to be the Teflon candidate.

      I hope I’m right… I believe I am.
      Time will tell.

      • mrschristenson says:

        Trump worked hard for his money? I thought he inherited it.

        I think this all makes for good theater. Folks enjoy watching soap operas. Makes our lives less miserable. Takes our mind off of whatever ails us. Gives people false hope that something will change, just this time, like gambling. Keeps us engaged in a rigged, corrupt, broken down system rather than finding solutions to fix it. Look at the person don’t look at the system.

        IF Trump ever gets elected I am sure he will fall in line like a good little boy or else. He is all talk. Please show me where he has ever taken action in the past and rocked the boat? He is just a good talker not a doer. Telling folks what they want to hear but in the end he will fall in line. They always do.

        To be honest I think that if everyone in America stayed home and didn’t vote they would still declare a winner by x amount of votes. The system is broke. Let’s get off our bums and do something else with our energy.

  13. Ultrawoman says:

    Excellent article!!!

  14. Greg O. says:

    You’ve trumped yourself, Jon!

  15. Daniel Noel says:

    Fair points. I’ll add that Trump’s eccentricities provide discerning activists with another measure of the size of Plato’s worldwide cave. Trump, like his fellow candidates, has evidently been duly vetted by the Master 9/11 conspirators. He is simply playing the role of an odd candidate. His rants on gangs, tariffs and other topics may primarily be meant to give the public the illusion of political diversity.


  16. Donald Trump has won so many hearts because his love for America trumps (no pun intended) all campaign rhetoric and empty promises from all POTUS candidates in present and from past elections. Mr. Trump appears to be the Real McCoy: A genuine true red-blooded, red-white-and-blue 100% American, of John Wayne, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and our Founding Father’s ilk. My vote is for Donald J. Trump. I pray he wins not only the GOP primary, but the 2016 POTUS election as well. The NWO crowd has put their men into office…through manipulating the elections be it by electronic voting machine manipulation, or other vote fraud. I pray Donald Trumps poll numbers are so high that no vote fraud, however it’s done, can be done, and get away with it. Like they’ve been doing for oh, so many decades. The future of America depends on a good honest man, and a fearless leader, and true, honest elections so to get such a man in office.

    • Holy God, please get a grip on yourself. I guess all those model slaves on his old TV show would agree with you (“Yes Mastah !!! Whatevah you say, Mastah !!!) but they’re all probably dead or working for another Donald… Mac Donald.

      So, are slave owners like Washington and Jefferson anything to emulate? Maybe the Irish could chime in here about how Trump made their lives hell over some of THEIR land that he just had to have at ANY cost for a golf course?

      I’m not trusting Trump for a single second until he backs up his cheap talk with something called ACTION. Somehow, in some way or another. Anyone can say “I made a mistake, so what?” But not many people will say “what can I DO to make it right?”

  17. Wow. I hope you’re right. And I guess his crimes do pale in comparison. “The lesser of two evils?” Good and evil are but degrees on a scale. He/they could be lying through their teeth about the whole thing. Guess time will tell IF he actually gets elected. I’m not optimistic of that happening but you’ve changed my perspective.

    • “Good and evil are but degrees on a scale.” Not if you have a working definition of evil, because: Voluntary and involuntary are absolutes and antonyms, not two points on a sliding scale.

      What is that lone ingredient which turns sex into rape, a gift into theft, etc., etc.? In other words, what is the sole ingredient that causes something good or neutral to become ‘evil’? It’s always the involuntary nature.

      It’s not that some involuntary things are evil. It’s that evil == involuntary. But this simple teaching explodes the legitimacy of governance by force.

      • bleak says:

        Like the Three Stooges trying to one-up their harm to each other, there’s always someone who is badder than the next guy. Thus, a scale of degrees of good and evil. Where does good begin and evil end exactly? If I understand you correctly, it’s when something turns from voluntary to involuntary.

        You cannot reduce or explain good and evil to terms like voluntary and involuntary because the actions of an evil-doer can be completely voluntary and the actions of a doer of good can be completely involuntary. Reminds me of some Buddhist stuff like “good action / bad intention” etc but that’s getting way beyond the point I (and, I think, Jon) was trying to make.

        “Everything is dual; everything has poles; everything has its pair of opposites; like and unlike are the same; opposites are identical in nature, but different in degree; extremes meet; all truths are but half-truths; all paradoxes may be reconciled.” ~ The Kybalion.

        Which of the following statements is correct?

        It’s 33 degrees hot outside.
        It’s 33 degrees cold outside.

        Answer: Both are correct.

        It’s ancient Hermetic wisdom. There is nothing new under the sun. You can read more of it here if you wish.

        • Thanks for your reply, and the link. I have looked into Hermetic writings quite a bit and look forward to the read.

          I remain convinced the active ingredient of anything evil is it’s involuntary nature. Let me show you why.

          “… the actions of an evil-doer can be completely voluntary and the actions of a doer of good can be completely involuntary.”

          I object on these grounds: The actions of an evil-doer always involve an involuntary victim, and therefore cannot be completely voluntary. To be sure, I am talking about what is universally agreed to be ‘evil’ not something religious folks waste the word on (like masturbation). It always involves an involuntary victim.

          The Hermetics of the above, if you will, cancel out the second argument (“the actions of a doer of good can be completely involuntary) because if the raw definition of evil is ‘involuntary’ then good, as evil’s polar opposite, cannot involve something involuntary (evil). If something nice happens to you by accident (involuntarily), that is a nice accident, rather than ‘good’.

          Thanks for the reply. I enjoy talking this through.

          • bleak says:

            I enjoy talking about it too.

            I’ve taken your idea to mean the recipient of an act all along and that is why it is only partially true.

            “The actions of an evil-doer always involve an involuntary victim, and therefore cannot be completely voluntary.”

            So that means that all cops and military are involuntary victims? Victims, yes, but most are volunteers, are they not? “Coercion into voluntary involvement” is more accurate. That is one of the methods real evil-doers use to operate with impunity. They coerce others to voluntarily do their dirty work for them. And it is the volunteers that pay the karmic debt.

            Again, I don’t think that good and evil can be parsed out simply as voluntary vs involuntary but it’s an interesting theory. For me to hold something as axiom-like, it has to reflect itself on both sides of the coin. I don’t know if that’s an asset or a liability either.

            “As above, so below; as below, so above”
            “Every cause has an effect; every effect has a cause.”
            ~ The Kybalion

          • When a man takes a job as a cop or a soldier, that is certainly ‘voluntary’ and not under coercion. Only if conscripted, he joins under threat of violence (coercion) and that is ‘involuntary.’ Every decision he makes outside of the threat of violence (out of sight of a commander, for example) is ‘voluntary’ and whether or not he uses coercion (the threat or use of violence to achieve involuntary cooperation) determines whether his own conduct is ‘evil.’

            With respect, if we are clear in our use of terms you may find the axiomatic nature to be more obvious. For example, cooperating with ‘coercion’ (the threat or use of violence) is certainly ‘involuntary.’ If a rape victim stops fighting back because of verbal or physically menacing threats, she certainly cannot be said to be ‘coerced into voluntary involvement.’ The cooperation itself is plainly ‘involuntary’, hence she is the victim of an evil-doer.

            See if defining ‘compliance with coercion’ (the threat or use of violence) as ‘involuntary’ helps. Keep well!

        • Johnny Kay says:

          Bleak: Perhaps The New Heretic refers to the voluntary or involuntary involvement of the recipient of an act, not the state of mind of the person performing the act.

          • That’s exactly right Johnny Kay, thanks for the clarity of thought. I envy you :). It doesn’t even matter if the recipient receives some sort of kick back.

            If involvement is involuntary the act has the only little ingredient which turns interns into slaves, sexy time into rapey time, etc. etc. It’s absolutely vital to notice that involuntary involvement is the *only* ingredient which can turn one into the other.

            This process of elimination seems to simply and literally identify evil as something like ‘coercion into involuntary involvement.’

          • bleak says:

            “When a man takes a job as a cop or a soldier, that is certainly ‘voluntary’ and not under coercion.”

            Well, you certainly don’t understand mind control methodologies and how the propaganda and indoctrination system works. Nor do you understand the true motives of the military and police or, more importantly, those who are in control of those organizations. I guess you have your work cut out for you. Good luck.

          • The New Heretic says:

            Thanks for the snap judgement on my self-education, but I am quite studied on mind control (govern mental) methodologies and the true nature of those who direct the military and police. I even dare to mention my opinion: to plunder resources and extort us through a good old protection racket, respectively — pay us to protect yourself from us — both using coercion, which is the only alternative to voluntary trade). I would be curious to learn yours, if you would rather share knowledge than taunt.

            Notice that if you strictly define coercion as the threat or use of violence, you will have a mental framework that can be rational and consistent. For a start, police and military who are not conscripted must be called voluntary participants. There must be someone you know personally who is causing you to deny this.

            You see, if you want to classify persuasion as coercion, then how can you be consistent without claiming that picking up a girl with a smooth tongue is rape? That makes for a muddy rational framework, indeed.

  18. From Québec says:

    Trump is trumping the trumpets and silencing the MSM’s voices and rending them null and void.

  19. Dan Quixoté says:

    But I wonder if Trump is the owned ringer like Perot was; three state troopers and the Clintons’ campaign manager Larry Nichols has publicly and repeatedly revealed that Bill and Ross spoke on the phone daily during the campaign. In exchange for successfully clinching it for Bill, Perot’s company, EDS, was to get the data processing contract for HillaryCare. Too bad for Ross that HillaryCare didn’t pass, but good for all the rest of us at the time.

    Nichols can’t tell , either, if Trump is his own man or if he’s an owned ringer to split the non-Dem vote to clinch it for Hillary. Trump is running plays straight from the Clinton-Perot playbook that Nichols literally wrote.

    Speculation – Once Hillary is elected, having played the part of a persecuted “underdog” vs. the “oppressors” Jeb & an independent Donald sufficiently splitting the non-Dem vote, she is to appoint Bill as the US ambassador to the UN. Backed by the globalists, he will be elected Secretary General of the UN. Domestically, a created crisis will be the ostensible justification for switching to FEMA provisional government under Rex 84. Billary rules the world. Checkmate.

    My suggestion is to attend against it anyway. It’s our voiced and silent consents that put these people in power.

    • Dan Quixoté says:

      Turns out I am late to the party. Aaron and Melissa Dykes over at Truthstream do the topic justice. Nine whole days ago.

      That does it for me – Trump’s a Clinton plant.

      One or more of their commenters linked back to this article by Jon – good to see the cross pollination.

      • Hildegard says:

        Sorry, but the video from Aaron and Melissa Dykes, though I usually like them, is so pathetic. #1 Trump has already publicly admitted to every shitty thing he’s being accused of in that useless “expose”. Now isn’t that just a little bit refreshing? Perhaps they need to take some to actually LISTEN to one of his speeches in it’s entirety and get to know the 69 year old Trump. People do change. Are you the same person you were 30 years ago, 5 years ago, 1 year ago? Hopefully not or you’re dead!

  20. Dick Eastman says:

    Trump is predictable. He is in the race to absorb the attention, money, volunteerism of the discontented — sucking that oxygen from real challengers to the organized crime interests fielding Clinton Bush and most of the others. Bill Clinton invited him into the race and Trump has been running a poll driven campaign, using pollster sampling and test audiences with scientific analysis of all demographic characteristics and differentiated issues — so Trump can attract just the people he wants to attract and, more important, scare into Hillary Clinton’s arms exactly those whom she was not getting but who now will cling to her in terror of Donald the Deporter. And guess what? The pro-Clinton media know it and cooperate with the plan, as does Ruppert Murdoch’s voice of Fox News which, sociopathically, pretends to be conservative but in fact plays the same game Trump is playing in showing a false republicanism which is so easy for reasonable people to despise. Remember whose coverage got McCain and Palin over the top in 2006. Trump is playing the role of Ross Perot too — in draining off support of GOP to elect Hillary. That much is certain to anyone willing to do all the logical steps from the well known facts. Now going beyond that I venture the opinion that the real opponent Trump is gunning for is Ben Carson — the only non-politician in the Bunch — the only one not waving the flag of Israel and Halliburton and new International Trade Deals (Trump says negotiate with foreign countries for more jobs — that is really the old lies that sold us disastrous NAFTA and CAFTA with such disastrous consequences. […]

  21. bob klinck says:

    Because people are so inured to being politically impotent, they continually look for a hero to translate their concerns into policy. But without pressure from the electorate, the political apparatus will continue on its destructive course, because the pressure on it from organized interest groups with strong financial backing is so much more immediate and forceful. Once you accept the inculcated atheistic premise that you are fundamentally nothing more than a tool to be “employed” in a big machine (however gloriously this proletarian premise portrays the condition), your vitiated vision of the significance of human life renders you irrelevant as an influence on the power structure.

  22. shiva says:

    Trump is pre fed the media questions and topics.
    His business plan is the answering the questions as per his fake persona msm are there to help trick people into believing its ‘unscripted’.
    Tariffs are against TPPA and the “Gang” of zionists (NWO) that he is part of is a known problem.

    He looks as good as the msm make him look.
    By suggestion is not to watch the show of lies or vote.

  23. Justin says:

    Great article. You said it perfectly. Keep up the good work!

  24. Hildegard says:

    Can anyone say “election fraud”? Although if Trump is this popular and they can’t hide it with fake polls, election fraud will be too obvious. Remember there were people who voted 4 times for Obama. I cannot believe that they will allow him to be president and if he manages to get in there we should all do a lot of praying. I think he’s the real deal even though I HATE his viewpoint on Edward Snowden.

  25. My bets are with Trump. I have said to my fellow Australians do not be surprised if Trump wins. We had Clive Palmer, but he had no real following so that’s different.

    There may be sympathy for Killary after she was voted out by the Messiah (or anti-Christ depending on your reasoning).

    Incidentally the bets on Obamas “assassination” could happen with Trump. He’s a hothead and that is sure to bring on “shock waves” with his powerful enemies.

    Jeb Bush is George with a brain but his mouth offers more of the same. Out of the two, for the old guard (fed up with “change”), Killary’s got class and a nice ass…!…

    Then there’s wild card, closet Zionist (oh yeah, do your homework and you’ll find his mouth doesn’t match his actions) Bernie Saunders (or Mr BS). Let’s call this “friend of Killary” a “democrat version” of Ron Paul?

    No one buy’s from a unknown author. I’ve proved that. The same goes for politics. I know Obama was “unknown” but the machine backed him and the beloved medias painted him into the picture – “black is best”. Saunders stands a chance for election 2052. Would that make him the first octogenarian president?


  26. Sovereignty says:

    Trump does bring some fresh air to a very old dusky space…. Obama sold us on his crap change and look where that took us. Trump will not provide a leadership based on integrity and vision simply because he has none. America tantalized the world with its possibilities and we bought in, but we also bought into 250 years of deceit and duplicity. Humanity remains with its great potential but can not look to this noise as anything of significance but hope that it passes quickly.

  27. Jim Dandy says:

    He’d really get things going by running as a third party candidate and calling it the TRUMP CARD party.

  28. Steve says:

    Trump is a neo-con wolf….his advisors are the like of John Bolton, war-mongers in Israels’s service.
    He pretends to be a populist, but really now, he is an oligarch. Wake up.

  29. hp says:

    ‘The Press,’ being made up of average bears of average intelligence, (borderline idiots), cannot even fathom the truth much less defeat it.
    The truth is ‘we the people’ hate their guts, just as we hate the politicos.
    We see them as enemies, liars, traitors.

    Trump is not the press.
    Trump is not a politico.
    Trump, though a billionaire, is one of ‘us’.

    Odd, isn’t it? Nope, not at all.
    H. L. Mencken said it perfectly – “Truth would quickly cease to be stranger than fiction, once we got as used to it”

    And no, hate is not too extreme a word.
    It’s an exact perfect word.

    • Dick Eastman says:

      I think Molecule has it right. Trump is organized crime. He only talks about what his pollsters tell him will do what he wants done. HE IS MOST OF ALL A DISTRACTION FROM ALL OF THE REAL ISSUES THAT SHOULD BE DISCUSSED — DEBT SLAVERY, HAVING THE ENTIRE DOMESTIC MONEY SUPPLY BORROWED WITH NO PERMANENT MONEY IN CIRCULATION TO MAKE PAYING INTEREST ON TOP OF PRINCIPLE EVEN POSSIBLE, INTEREST DRAIN OF PURCHASING POWER CAUSING ENDLESS DEFLATIONARY DEPRESSION, FOREIGN POLICY PLICY DICTATED BY THE LAST MOSSAD/CIA FALSE FLAG OPERATION, THE WAR ON SOCIETY BY INTERNATIONAL ORGANIZED CRIME TO DESTROY EVERYTHING LIKE A STRONG MIDDLE CLASS THAT CAN FIGHT CORRUPTION AND CONSPIRACY. The Trump campaign and the media covering it on both sides is a psy-op. Trump is not necessarily in the race to win. He wants to scare the big Latino vote to his friend Hillary Clinton, exactly what Bill Clinton had in mind when, as he and Trump tell us, Bill Clinton urged Trump to join the race. A Clinton running against a Bush with a “Maverick” billionaire who pushes only the hot button slogans, in a most offensive way, to active the angry middle America Republicans who are responsive in having their anger handed back to them as “Trump” solutions — which have no more meaning or practicality than would jokes on the same subjects told by a stand-up comedian playing to the audience. Hey, I want Molecule to ask the questions in the next presidential debate. Why doesn’t Jon discuss Carson or Biden — the real lesser evils of both parties, seeing that there is no populist who knows the score in the race. The people need to see all the angles missing in coverage of this campaign. Trump has money to burn in capturing the alternative media — I have a feeling Molecule cannot be bought. (And no, I do not know who Molecule is, having just read his comments for the first time today.)

      • hp says:

        Yes, I understand this.It’s the same conundrum as it always has been;
        who rules and who doesn’t. There is no solution to war and conflict. There is no peace, there never has been and there never will be. There are only short intervals of peace, moments of respite, nationally and individually.
        All else is pie in the sky, the stuff of pipe dreams. Can’t we all get along?
        Is there a precedent? I don’t know of any times short of artificial constructs.

        Who in their right mind would choose an Attila over a Bush?
        Who would trade Stalin for Roosevelt?
        Who will hand over America to the Hispanics and Africans.

        Like it or not, Dick, it’s reality. There are no choices, there is only resist or be overcome and be eaten. Deja vu’ all over again.

        Human nature will not permit cultural, economic superiors to roll over and play dead as the lesser barbarians overrun and eat them. Not if they can help it and since the USA population is unlike any other ever known (300 million weapons among the citizens) it’s not going to happen by sheer birth numbers and their corresponding invader hordes alone.

        Either white America remains on top in America or we suffer the fate of the Christians under the Bolsheviks in Russia. The fate of the Afrikaners under Mandala. Cultural suicide or brutal status quo is all there is. If this isn’t obvious right now, it will be within five years.

        Either way, the Empire of the day with all it’s might and vice and glory will not roll over and capitulate without a fight.

        Like it or not, and hardly anyone does, it’s simply the way it is. Well, short of the return of the Messiah or the like and what are the chances of that.
        I mean in reality, not in pipe smoke.

  30. Lesha Martin says:

    Thanks Jon – I was in a bit of a funk (highly unusual for me) till reading this…but this riveting piece pulled me out like a blast from a cannon. Amazing what a good dose of laughter, common sense and TRUTH can do!

  31. Molecule says:

    Jon got sucked in … cultural cynicism and slavery is the modality … Trump fits in beautifully. But how to know ….

    Trump is HARD CORE pro-Pentagon. The Pentagon is not the lump of sticks and bricks, just across a strange bridge to a death gallery and the end of a long mall, that many people think it is. “The Pentagon” an institution. In the US, it’s where the money is. Congress obeys. (And, btw, the tail don’t wag the dog. Israel is a cut out — while everyone points to evil little Israel (an intentionally horrific political crime scene for which I have no sympathy — none!), the Pentagon is trafficking in opium and destroying human dignity.

    It (the institution, that trafficks in opium) began as an institution in 1830, when, after winning independence, India began to regulate opium production. The British East India Company (now functioning under cover as the “US Pentagon” with little Israel as its smokescreen) needed opium. They needed to run two opium wars in east asia in 1840 and 1850 (Who “China?”), to be followed by a similar opium war in North America, in 1860.

    In the 1830s, opium was discovered in the Sierra Madre in Mexico. The BEIC (now functioning as a global police force trafficking in opium, children, body parts, you name it …) went into high gear. Winfred Scott (Freemason) organized the 1st US Army. Now that opium was growing in the Sierra Madre, suddenly Mexico had to be “conquered.” The “blue coats with big yellow stripes” were born. Down to Mexico the “Union Soldiers” went, to conquer the place and grow the opium that the BEIC needed to destroy the then vastly superior tribal cultures in “China.” (Again … Who China? Who the Pentagon. It may be that neither is who the “masses” think they are.)

    There was no “civil war” in north America. It’s now a “war” when both sides are financed by the same opium traffickers (now an institution now functioning behind a smokescreen called “the Pentagon”). It becomes a opium running operation. The net result of “the third opium war” (the one on north american continent in the 1860s) was two parts (a) gruesome death of 600,000 (?-who knows) very stupid white europeans and (b) the opening of a new market for opium sales in north ameria, with the creation of 400,000 new opium addicts. It was called “the soldier’s disease.”

    It still is “the soldier’s disease.” And, it’s still the same opium traffickers. And that’s the Pentagon. And that’s who “the Donald” supports. And “the Donalds” gambling operations … they are the perfect companion to launder the Pentagon’s opium sales and cocaine sales and body parts. And, yes, “the Donald” is right. Israel is the Pentagon’s best friend … because without the atrocities of Israel as a smokescreen, people would start to see the “Pentagon” for what it is. As global opium traffickers, they manage a huge graveyard just up the hill from them.

    • @Molecule

      I don’t think Jon has the wrong end of the stick. He is facetious “in places”.

      Israel was set up as the global administration centre for [Pharisaic – absence of spirituality] order, so they are absolutely entrenched. In fact the Haredim (Jewish fundamentalists) perennially protest that the establishment of Israel in 1948 defied their holy Torah.

      Israel OWNS the Pentagon and that is why Bush & co. set up the CIA as a “precaution” against challenges against their autocratic control of USA.

      Yes, the East India Company (EIC) is important because that was the merchant cooperative that broke into Israel, the Banksters, the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex (of which NATO is a part). The notorious Illuminati is the EIC’s corporate (dead dictator) voice. New World = America. Order = Illuminati. As a combination = the Promised Land.

      Drugs have always been used to control the masses. Even in Atlantean times this was the strategy of the elites.

      Good comment, nonetheless.

      • Molecule says:

        The City of London, as current financial headquarters for the British- Dutch- Venetian- Corinthian- Odessian East India Opium and Spice Trafficking Company, remains the administration center. Israel and the CIA were both setup as operational smokescreens. To maintain their monopoly in opium trafficking, the BEIC need a global, ie a supranational, police force. And for support, the global police needed their own again privately controlled supranational bureaucracy. When the zombies of a bureaucracy are setup so that “staying on the payroll” “earning pension” etc. requires alliegance to a foreign power, which at its immermost ie limbic levels operates in a perpetually heightened state or hostility, paranoia, cortisol and fear, the military bureaucracy becomes another word for pensions-for-slience.

        The history of “the Pentagon,” as a global military institution, cannot be disentangled from its traditional
        “old money” monopoly in production and smuggling of opium, and for the nouveaus a new cocaine monopoly as well (Trump, as money launderer for the old money crowd, can dismiss Bush family as new money comealongs). The Pentagon also serves its role in the ancient ruse of piracy of gold as well.

        More recently the BEIC had morphed into “the global International,” c 1930-1940s. Government was privitized, and the expenses for the BEIC perpetual police state bureaucracy were shifted over to the taxable masses … Bolshevik Russia … the BRIT-hish (Anti-Defamation League of B’NAI who?) Opium Trafficking Company could as well be called the Bolshevik East India Company.

        As to the Pentagon (the dog) versus an intentionally horrific crime scene, ie a smokescreen called “Israel,” by the end of the WWII “the bureaucracy” had physically outgrown their original c-1910 office space in St Petersburg and Moscow … the bureaucracy of pension sucking murderers and zombies that protects the opium monopoly for “god’s chosen” needed some new office space. Roosevelt to the rescue. We’ve built you a “Pentagon” he said. It’s yours for the asking. The treasons of Yalta were when “the Pentagon” became the new plant and office space for the global military bureaucracy that protects the London (Anti-Defamation League of B’nai who?) global monopoly on opium trafficking.

        Then cracked cocaine was developed with help from Richard Nixon’s friend Robert Vesco, and his fiend Bebe Rebozo. And so two factions began to evolve within the BEIC bureaucracy — the Bush, Nixon, Vesco, Rebozo, Florida crowd protected the cocaine and THC monopolies. Meanwhile, the old money crowd, ie Kissinger with Trump’s expertise in real estate as money launderer, maintained control of the opium trade. As finally implemented, Article 17 of the Versailles Treaty effectively proposed that a Central (Global) Opium Control Board, in Lake Success, Long Island, NY, be given medical supervisory powers over medical practices of all members of the League of Nations. The rumor at the time was the opium could strengthen the immune system and even cure radiation sickness. If populations were ever allowed free choice in minerals, nutrition and medicine, the Cold War would become meaningless.

        At Yalta, while Roosevelt, Stalin and Churchill were quietly shuffling their two closest war heros, Hitler and Mengele, off to safety (not in Argentina … that came later, but at first, they were in hiding right on the Washington Mall … until things quieted down … then they went to Argentina), the big-3 agreed to move “the global police state bureaucracy” from old digs in Moscow to new and more secure digs at the Pentagon. From the end of that “war” (it too was a fully staged event), until about 1955, Mengele and Hitler lived in a small enclave of white single-wide trailers, called “state dept tempos.” They were parked at the west end of the mall, along the east bank of the Potomac River, just SE of the Lincoln Memorial. Funny how this “overflow office space” had no sidewalks, no driveways, no place to park cars … yet we were all told that the state department needed “overflow office space.” haha! I won’t tell you how I know who lived within the several trailers at the center … the outer trailers formed a protective ring. When the carefully planted rumors that Hitler and Mengele had gone into to hiding in Argentina were carefully proven to be false, Roosevelt, Truman and Eisenhower had Hitler and Mengele moved to Argentina for comfort and safety. Before that, these two esteemed gentlemen, agents of the new BEIC, Hitler and Mengele, were guests of the Pentagon, and US State Dept. They were hiding in open sight, living comfortably on the quiet lawns and cool shade of the huge oak and walnut trees on the banks of the Potomac, just a few hunderd yards south of the Lincoln Menorial, in the last place anyone could dare to look.

        The London boyz are brilliant at setting up deceptions and smokescreens. Israel is the smokescreen. It is operated as a political crime scene on purpose. But they are all limbically damaged flunkies. Bibi is a good example. The flunkies of the CIA are a smokescreen as well. We hear “Israel did 911.” All by itself. Blah blah. Well, that appears to be true. But it’s also a smokescreen. It’s a lie as well. 911 came out of the Pentagon, under operational control of the Joint Chiefs, who are owned and blackmailed by Wall St and the London boyz. Their SOLE pupose and objective of this bureaucracy is to bankrupt this country, not with weaponry, but with extravagant military pensions with special military COLAs (which unlike civilian COLAs include costs of food, housing and energy). The long range goal is destruction of the European populations.

        Trump is getting very good advice, and is playing his role beautifully. He is given all this “attention” because … as money launderer for the Kissinger opium crowd, and for the new money nuisances, like nouveau-dough Bush family Florida-Rebozo crime syndicate, he knows where the bodies are buried. He knows who’s been trafficking in what, because he’s been laundering their money.

        No wonder he loves the Pentagon. And the smokescreen that protects it.

        It’s hard to believe. But, it’s really true. The tail don’t wag the dog. Israel is the tail. The Pentagon (ie the joint chiefs and the wall st establishment) is the dog. In the “civil war” (which never happened), there was a populist movement that knew that the “blue coats” of the Federalies were trafficking in opium. That’s why the BEIC setup the “blue coats” and sent them down to … “conquer Mexico” haha. The bluecoats, i.e. the precursor to the Pentagon, were protecting the monopoly and control of the tons of opium being produced in the Sierra Madre. When a populist movement began in the south, saying not thanks to the opium pushers from the north, that’s when Lincoln was brought in. That’s why there’s a statue of him bigger than god at the end of the Mall, right were Mengele and Hitler were kept in hiding until the planted rumors of Argentina could be debunked. That’s when financing began, c. 1880s for construction of a new 6-lane bridge to nowhere … ie to the national burial ground.

        The Pentagon (as a global police state institution, not as a building) is the dog. Israel is a crime scene. And, that makes it the perfect smokescreen. The Pentagon is nothing other than the resurrection of the ancient British East India Company. It is global enforcer of the opium monopoly. They are obviously involved in piracy of gold as well. And, BTW, Israel (the tail, the smokescreen, the stooge and fall guy) did NOT do the USS Liberty. Ben Gurion has successfully negotiated a two party hit, to start WW3. He had promised to strafe the decks, but the Pentagon (the dog) had promised to deliver the coupe de grace, by torpedos from the USS Amberjack. The first torpedo hit exactly on a bulkhead and bounded outside the hull. At the same time the torpedo man realized he was setting triggers on torpedos that were aimed at a US naval vessel. So, he set the depth gauges to 35 ft, and Capt Huber realized that if he called for order, he would be put in irons in a lawful mutiny. Israel has aerial photographs of the torpedo cavitation trails, and has been using them to blackmail the US Congress ever since. It was the Pentagon that wanted to sink the USS Liberty. Yes, Israel is a crime scene. But, the Pentagon is the dog that wags the tail.

        There are similarities between the halls and halls of empty spaces inside the pentagon, when the bureaucracy was first transplanted from Moscow to a distal end of the Washington Mall, and the halls and halls of empty spaces in the new and highly secure “cities” that the BEIC has built in China. And, yes, the bureaucracy has outgrown its digs in Washington. And, yes, it will soon be moved to new, more secure living quarters, just outside Peiking. The extravagant pensions for silence, with equally extravagant COLAs, will remain the same. And, the monopolies in opium and cocaine, and the piracy of gold will remain the same. Trump will be a part of that negotiation. It might just be a better deal, when the BEIC opium traffickers move their Pentagon bureaucracy to their new digs just outside Peiking. Maybe then, the populations of Europe, North America and the Middle east can start to get their lives back.

        • @Mol

          I don’t disagree. You spell it out well, but Zion [Fortress] versus Rosicrucian [Rose Cross] order began pre-Atlantis. Don’t you ever wonder how these plans can take centuries to come to fruition? Technological leaps appear “just at the right time” and the ones that break the agenda “disappear”. You assume “you” control your thoughts. Think again.

          The real string pullers are not of this Earth. Better get used to it because some are going to “pop into existence” (ha) soon….

          • Molecule says:

            Myself, I don’t know about string pullers popping into existence any time soon … they (or if not a “they” then some more highly integrated layers of consciousness of which we are part and parcel, but of which we at the moment are mostly unaware) have been with us since the beginning of time … or at least since the beginning of good and bad literature. We can “see” these higher layers — they are like an unseen river that flows through us all — by observing and taking into account the IMO the utterly impossible patterns of coincidences, that have filled our own personal lives, as well as the evolution (and occasional devolution) of human consciousness as a whole.

            We are under the influence of bad literature right now. It’s called the Bible, or Torah, or Talmud or whatever you like. The idea that Abraham, the father of the depraved and waring nations, promised Jehovah (or to be more factual, the boombox of Jehovah) that he would burn his son alive, so that the nostrils of Jehovah might be pleasured, since the nostrils of Jehovah are to be pleasuured, by the smell of little children … (how sweet) … burning on hot coals … early in the morning.

            In the literature of the Russels (Rose-zell = red castle), there was this song writer named David. One of his songs started out … Jo-vah’s got a boombox, Sol-jah never sleeps at night. It’s a known fact that iimbic torture of infant baby boys alters the endocrine system. Limbic terrorism of children, for religious, medical and political called voodoo. It’s bad literature. The red castles are painted in the blood of children, burning on hot coals early in the morning.

            Most of us became illiterate when we were taught how to read.

            Take the 13th amendment, for example. Former slaves in american believe that ended slavery. A sad haha it was. The 13th amendment says, Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for crime whereof the slaves or peons shall have been duly convicted, in a court sponsored out of the District of Criminals, adhering to commerical code and merchantile law (or admiralty law, which is the same thing, being the law of marque and reprisal of all forms of chattel including human chattel, as long as it’s owned by the state, ie by the BEIC opium traffickers) shall exist within the United States, or any place subject to their jurisdiction. The 13th amendment did not end slavery. Along with the 14th amendment, the 13th CREATED the modern system of slavery, called the prison industrial complex. The same entity that is running the drugs (mainly privitized local police forces with contraband supplied by the pentagon), is the very same entity that makes life long slaves and peons out of former slaves and peons.

            The biggest probem we face is our own illiteracy.

            Jo’vah’s got a boombox … Sol’jah never sleeps at night.

          • We’re scheduled for a big DNA shift (that’s what “2012” was all about). Drugs ironically open doorways to places not usually available…..see the connection?

        • Hildegard says:

          ‪Something you might find interesting:

          Phil Hudok Rule of Law Battle 7 24 15‬
          Because all branches of government are incorporated as private, for profit corporations, three men petitioned the West Virginia Government for return to the rule of law thus honoring their oaths that they be government servants of, by, and for the people, not of, by, and for corporations.

  32. Liz oneill says:

    Wow mr. R. You brought out in words in to the light of day what everything we needed to hear!!!!! Thank you for your powerful insite thank you

  33. Forest says:

    I watched the last four elections. There really is nothing new in the current game. All rigged. Why would that change?

    Carlin said it best. Watch “The American Dream”:

    “It’s a big club and you ain’t in it…the table is tilted, folks, the game is rigged, and nobody seems to notice, nobody seems to care. Good, honest, hardworking people, white collar, blue collar,… continue to (these are people of modest means)… continue to elect these rich c..ksuckers who don’t give a f..k about them…about you, they don’t care about you,…at all, at all…”

    But it is much worse than that.

    There are about 400 people, none of them “American”, who own all. “The real owners.” They themselves remain anonymous.They live in some palace in Europe, or maybe on Mars. They determine, with incredible precision, everything what happens in the world. They choose their puppets carefully.

    Obama is a puppet. Putin is a puppet. Soros is a puppet. Trump is a puppet. Legislators, judges, media – all puppets.

    For them, there is only one game: The culling of mankind.

    Why would you cooperate at all?

  34. From Québec says:

    Oh boy! After reading all the comments, I came out with this conclusion.

    The first problem with the USA presidential election is the length of it and the money that is spent on it. A dog and pony show at best.

    Americans are so used to be deceived by their President, that they do not believe in anyone anymore. It’s a bit like the “crying wolves” example. They cannot believe that this time it could be for real.

    I’ll give you a little trick. If the MSM is for one candidate, you can rest assured that he is the wrong candidate. If they blast a candidate, he’s for real. As simple as that. Remember how they blasted Ron Paul and how they liked Obama. That should give you a clue.

    Don’t worry about Trump’s relationships. He made friends with the good, the bad and the ugly. Smart move for a businessman. That doesn’t mean he agrees with them. I mean, he is friend with Bill Clinton, but is also friend with Jessie Ventura. See, what I mean here?

    Should I be an American, I would vote for Trump. Especially if Jessie Ventura becomes is Vice-President. What do you have to lose? What other choice do you have? Nothing could be worse than Hillary or Bush.

    • Citizen says:

      A very sad state of affairs — that anyone seriously thinks the offering of Jessie Ventura and Donald Trump as top leaders of the U.S. is not absolutely horrifying and humiliating. I guess it’s no worse than Hilary Clinton and Jeb Bush though….

      The media “blasts” as you call them are part of the game being played on the rest of us. Since we all know the entire system is corrupt, the media has to be “against” someone so that the rest of us think there is a legitimate outsider. There isn’t.

      • From Québec says:

        I disagree with both of your paragraph.

        – Trump and Ventura, would be the best combination you ever had in your country. Maybe you are too close to the tree to see the forest.

        – The media was against Ron Paul; and he was a legitimate outsider

        Don’t be so negative. There are still some people and candidates that love their country and do not want to destroy it.

        • From Québec says:

          Jessie Ventura’s opinion of Donald Trump.

          Start listening at 1:08:24

          Alex Jones Show: Wednesday (8-19-15) Jesse Ventura & Dr. Alveda King – YouTube

        • Citizen says:

          Ventura is an ex-pro-Wrestler and limited hangout buffoon. Trump is a comb-over lying shill for the PTB. What a total embarrassment to the nation if that’s the best we could do: from Thomas Jefferson, Lincoln, and JFK to pro-Wrestler limited hangout and The Apprentice dude. We are now openly a really bad “reality” TV show — why bother with the illusion of dignity and uncommon intelligence in our Presidents. And I’m “negative” because I can see the Presidential election game is a totally rigged farce, just Bread & Circus for the masses. If Donald loved his country, why isn’t he using his air-time to call for a real investigation into the mass murder of Americans on 9-11? That’s the litmus test for me for a true American who loves his/her country. Not surprisingly, every single wanna be presidential candidate fails.

          • Theodore says:

            What about Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul?


            What about Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul?

          • From Québec says:

            I’ll tell you what would be a total enbarrassment. It would be for you Americans, to have another Bush or Clinton as President.. You would be the laughing stock of the World.

          • Citizen says:

            You are still operating under the misconception that we have a real electoral process and that votes matter. We do not elect Presidential candidates here (I doubt you elect them in Canada either). It’s a rigged game, and the fix is already in. So, if the PTB wants to hoist another Clinton or Bush monstrosity upon us – just to shove in our faces how little affect the outcome — that’s what will happen. I don’t believe in media-controlled “polls” or Diebold voting machines.

  35. Rick Grote says:

    regarding that slime referred to…

  36. 10500bce says:

    Jon I’m getting the idea that your readers can’t quite understand the implications of all your other work. I posted this on Jean Haines blog but thought I would add it here.

    Rappoport pure gold as usual. I think he should be the one running.
    Ben Carson? From deep inside the paradigm of Allopathic medicine… I don’t think so.

    Imaginary quote “Studies show Vacs, Gmo’s, Medical / liabilty paradigms with actuary tables and acceptable averse reaction %’s”…. left brain nonsense.

    Retort – admiral Raymond Rife, and a hundred others, bio physics not chemical based models.

    Oil – border security – domestic production – fracking – on and on.

    Retort – Tesla (not the car company) and a bunch of others.

    Side note: in the age of the keyword search i find the electric car company and its name hilarious.
    It is a public relations methodology and social engineering methodology to put as much content out there to obscure the reality of what those 5 letters should actually mean.
    Look at the Home Affordable Refinance Program. Or Harp. hahaa. Mind management. because otherwise if you typed in Harp u would get results for what.
    Keep an eye out for any other examples like this.

    The fact is, Trump might ruffle feathers but he too has a status quo world view in all the area’s in which it actually matters.
    Ohhhh Ahhhhh. Bring tarriff’s back. hahahaa. I mean seriously?

    And that is why in all sincerity I think Jon or someone cut from the same cloth is where it is at.
    You need someone versed in deep rhetoric.
    I am sorry to say it but save for Jean and a few others that I have come across the Baby Boomer set, (and there younger generational clones like Rubio) will do nothing but foster the obsolescence of their own world view on the rest of us.
    Are we really asking for “just different from the politico clone” and the “business man” is somehow shades different when we know there is a corporate fascist undercurrent to the reality of it anyway??

    We have to come to terms with what kind of path goes into having the world view to have really anything to offer in the first place.
    Jean how hard has it been squaring yourself to the realities of the world with an open heart and open mind over these years?? To put yourself in the uncomfortable (for most) position to know that you don’t know so that you may with a fresh look and open mind, and dogged pursuit of the truth no matter where it leads TO KNOW?
    And how could someone who hasn’t gone through that process offer a light in the darkness?

    In the alternative community I think we do a great disservice to imagine that someone that hasn’t gone through this process of self initiated break down and build up could have anything to offer.

    There has been a lot said lately about the nature of time, time loops, timelines ect.
    Post wwII (even earlier) and the nature of the trajectory of all of the institutions of mankind and what was offered at that time is where we have to go back to and reconcile. Every year, i shudder to say it every decade (and in the case of energy paradigms every century!!!!!) that goes by wherein a divide is widened between WHAT IS and what is presented will deepen the sickness of the collective.
    110 years after Tesla’s discoveries. Wow. He’s an sports car now. sick culture.
    We must be reoriented to the realities deep in the shadows of our collective unconscious.
    the #1 issue is corporate shelving and the divide between what people have discovered for the benefit of their fellow man and what people think is available.
    Its that simple.
    If we aren’t allowed to use the methodologies ALREADY discovered we create this time loop. because someone comes along a “discovers something,” that was discovered already and shelved!!!
    Theres a real world example of these so called time loops.
    Only those who have gone through the gnosis of the self could possibly have the ability to see the world as it is (no matter how hidden it remains) and thus act to reorient along lines that account for a reconciliation with TRUTH.

  37. Hildegard says:

    Is it just me or does Jon Rappaport have an abundance of status quo shills on his site? Whew! The stench around here is almost too much but thankfully there are just enough whiffs of fresh air to keep me coming back to support HIM and his work.

  38. What He Said says:

    Government is a broker in pillage, and every election is sort of an advance auction sale of stolen goods.
    – H. L. Mencken

  39. Wally-G. says:

    I see it 3 ways Jon:

    1.Trump is Ross Perot and either way we’re going to get Jeb or Hitlery. Wishful thinking and self delusions won’t change that Trump, with all his Israeli/Jewish connections, is FAKE. You guys are so tired of the fight you fall for the delusion willingly just like the intro of this article. And yes there is a difference, Hillary would make a war/revolt happen in this country sooner.

    2 If you don’t play by the game they can ignore him altogether. no mention, no notice, no Trump and his damage. They, the media, do it all the time, they will do it eventually. And don’t talk of logic or people noticing it, they will be too busy with the smartphones and their own vanity. And since when has hubris and logic and common sense ever stop the press or elite from doing what they want?

    3. Has it ever occurred to you or anyone that they are purposefully over saturating us with Trump so that if he is real and not a fake, we’ll all get tired of him and ignore him ourselves? I’m not saying the plan will work or go smoothly, but that’s what it looks like. Eat steak everyday, you’ll soon hate steak.

    The only good thing I see from this Trump fiasco is that whatever his role, and I mean his true role, may be- he’s like an intentional forest fire. Someone figured they’d set it, watch it go, and then would put it out and make a fortune fighting and stopping what they created. Problem was the hubris made them believe they could control it and stop it as they pleased. Now the fire is burning and going to places they don’t expect, and will cause damage they didn’t know or anticipate until it’s too late. That and that alone is the only good thing to come out of the fake and this bread and circus election season.

  40. joy says:

    I don’t believe Trump wants to be a president…he has a good life on his own. But he’s shaking things up and the gang of GOPer’s are running scared…yes, he’s handing the election to Hillary. My dear 94 yr old friend has said this months ago.

    I love so much of what Bernie is doing and saying.

    Jon, I followed you at Deep River books during Oklahoma bombing. Glad you are still out there….

    • Hildegard says:

      It would save so much time if only all the Bernie Sanders supporter could see that at the same time…

      Bernie Sanders’ Position On Vaccination Is One Thing He & Republicans Actually Agree On

      Democratic socialism is a lie

      ” It would be useful to understand a few things about democratic socialism. Democratic socialism is a contradiction in terms; it is a combination of two words that contradict each other. It is like saying “a barren woman’s son”, which is again a contradiction in terms. If a woman has a son she could not be barren; and if she is barren she could not have a son.

      There is no grammatical mistake in the composition of the phrase “a barren woman’s son”, but it cannot be true. In the same way there cannot be a thing like democratic socialism; it is just an empty phrase, a meaningless cliche. Why?

      Democracy and socialism, as socialism is currently known cannot go together, because the one cancels the other. Because democracy has to be destroyed in the very process of bringing socialism, the so-called socialism cannot be brought without murdering democracy. And it is necessary to understand why democracy will have to go for socialism to come.

      The first principle, the foundational principle of democracy is that it gives every individual person the freedom to live, to work, to earn, to produce and to own, use and amass his production, his property. It is one of his basic rights. The next fundamental principle of democracy ordains that there should be no injustice to anyone. And another basic principle of democracy says that the majority cannot subject the minority to any injustices……”

      Voluntary Socialism is a beautiful thing and something else all together but without prosperity for all we’ll not experience it in our lifetime. There are a few small examples though; light shining through the darkness of greed.

  41. pac says:

    I honestly feel that Trump loves this country no matter what else may or may not be true about him. Everyone has an interpretation of Trump. The current President and his “wife” have repeatedly made it starkly clear they do not love this country one iota.

    • arcadia11 says:

      of course trump loves this country. for god’s sake, look what the inbreds who run it have done for the tool. he’s a celebrity, he lives the pseudo good life that so many others work all their lives to attain. he loves this country the way a junkie loves his fix. it is not necessarily a good thing.

      • pac says:

        I understand and can agree with your reply. At the same time we’ve born the repercussions of “decision and policy makers” who despise this country and do everything they can to destroy it. I’m just watching the Trump Card effect as it plays out on the national scene and I think his enthusiasm for this country is genuine whether or not that is a good thing. It doesn’t mean I endorse him but it is of interest to me in how he effects people.

        • arcadia11 says:

          thanks for responding, pac. but what i hoped to convey is that trump loves this country only because he is above the masses. he supports and is supported by those who would see us undone. he does not have any love for freedom for the masses. please understand that he is not in the same category as you or i. we do not have the “opportunities” that he has. in that sense, he is no different from those who despise what america has achieved. he will only support that which keeps him in his accustomed life-style. which has nothing to do with the common man. or freedom or justice. he is one of ‘them’. he is not a good man.

          much love and sovereignty –


  42. todd says:

    Look feinds, let’s be honest here, silly bill clintons wife knows it’s over for her, and will quit her silly pipe dream crusade in early october once biden (the war dog) joins the circus, Lord Trump has know one to even remotely challenge him, no voter is brain dead enough to elect a third bush warmonger to office, and that silly […] doctor is not to taken for real, he keeps says how he can relate to the masses of poor ?? oh really how is that doctor carson ? when your net worth as a greedy doctor has made you a multi millionaire, ben carson = total hyprocrite, I forsee in 2016 the state of california turning solid red for the GOP as well as things here in ohio, gov kasich here has damn near bankrupted ohio with his radical ”visions” and he cut every social program including food to poor kids in grade school for cryin out loud. the final ticket will indeed be trump vs biden for all the marbles. the VP nods will go to Mitt ”ole salty dog” Romney for DT and that super cute minnesota girl michelle bachman for JB

    ohio st univ

  43. Abinico Arts says:

    Way too much analysis. Trump says what he thinks and what most Americans think. Period – that’s why he is popular.

    • Bobby says:

      I agree. He is a kind of mirror who’s image keeps changing,, where he keeps seeing himself as the public sees him and reacts to what he just said. He is thereby a kind of self-correcting entity. That is why he always seems to be in kind of complete congruity with those he is speaking to. Yeah, he could win the election with not much trouble.

  44. Johnny Kay says:

    Jon Rappoport and many commenters still seem to have a residual belief in the relative independence of various institutions — such as the corporate media — when in fact those institutions are controlled by a monolithic corporate elite.

    The corporate media is the public relations division of the international corporate elite. If the corporate media reports on anyone, it is because doing so assists with the agenda of the corporate elite — useful to know, as often that indicates who is legitimate and who is a psy-op. For example, Sibel Edmonds was ignored, while Edward Snowden was front-page news. Sibel Edmonds was a threat to the international corporate elite, while Edward Snowden’s “revelations” indirectly supported it.

    If Donald Trump were a real threat, he would be ignored by the corporate media. If his money made him too difficult to ignore, he would be relentlessly marginalized by slander and ridicule from every branch of the corporate media until he was perceived by most Americans as a silly eccentric. None of that is happening because those in charge consider Donald Trump’s candidacy and statements beneficial to them.

    Donald Trump is no “loose cannon” or “sleeper”. If Trump were elected President, he would continue the policies of Barack Obama — the most recent savior — just as Barack Obama continued the policies of George W. Bush.

  45. Bobby says:

    The best analysis I’ve yet read on the Trump phenomenon and I’ve read too damned many. To call your piece brilliant, is just a gross understatement Jon. THANK YOU.

  46. Hildegard says:

    Donald Trump the only mainstream presidential candidate who’s spoken out about vaccine-autism dangers

  47. Abbie says:

    Well, it’s obvious The Donald is the show and he has and will continue to trump the media-sold-out-staged-strategists as per the request of their handlers–TPTB puppet masters. Interesting to find this curious 15 year old item which ironically, Jon R.’s quote–perhaps unwittingly refers to, “So what if he’s a self-serving cartoon? Isn’t all presidential politics a cartoon?” — Bart to the Future (a Simpson’s episode)

    Looks like predictive programming… oh well, enjoy the show while it lasts!

  48. usurykills says:

    The Donald is one of the more interesting freaks in the show.

    I don’t vote. You don’t really want people like me making decisions for you. Why do desire to make decisions for me? Stop voting, you’re just being […].

  49. david t. krall says:

    Since the day he, Mr. Donald Trump, announced that he was running for President, I was became intrigued and watched, and noticed the nuance, undertone and timing of his announcement to run for President of the United States. I have written much about this on/at both and

    Your above article is right on, excellent and highly accurate with your insights and observations..He is an incredibly bright and astute individual…I’m not so much for him as I am watching, listening and aware of how he his positioning himself, evolving as an overt/”in front of the scenes” politician. and also the how, why and what of his statements… He has vast experience in the business side of world affairs which has made him mindful, observant and aware of the “adjoining” or parallel political side of these same events, observations and also familiarity of many world leaders. It is as if we are seeing what it would have and what could have been, like watching another man of similar ambition, intelligence and tenacious desire for success and also concern for this nation..say in 1940, 1944 or 1948…his name was Joseph P. Kennedy. A man of ambition, pride, success,self-confidence, blunt honesty and just as important if not MOST importantly, a man of highly significant financial INDEPENDENT means and self-made resources with an major independent backbone and equally honest ( perhaps too honest) approach to issues and topics…this sound familiar???

    His approach and strategy is right out of “The Art Of War” (I’m sure Joe Kennedy read this book !-I’ll bet he and Mr. Trump were/are very familiar with this book) Since he has no overt or known electoral base to either work from or with, or either hinder him, he has had to approach ( or had the liberty to approach) events , topics and rivals with a blunt, honest and “outsider” approach.
    This can be seen, or was early on, could have been a double-edged sword…From the moment he announced I “picked-up on” and was fascinated by the odd, glaring and bizarre “attack” on him from the moment, literally the seconds and minutes after he announced he was a candidate for President…First the timing of his announcement: the very next day, after Jeb Bush made his own announcement to run for President. This could have NOT been lost on media pundits, commentators and their boardroom bosses and managers, who I am sure have their own deep connections to centers of influence and power, including across and within the very epicenters of BOTH political parties, and here especially in regards to JEB, his deep and influential backers, sponsors, endorsers and fundraisers,,,most, if not all neo-cons and also most, if not all (of whom are still around) naturally and inevitably tied to Bush “41” and Bush “43”. That’s a powerful network !!! They have been “around” AND around for a longtime and have deep pockets, tentacles and connections within all the major corridors of US power and power centers…They must be beside themselves as of now, as the “The Jeb Train To The Nomination” has been severely (but currently) slowed down…BIG TIME something that ROVE, BAKER and the many others never anticipated, even this early in the 2016 “game”…
    Safe to say, this is also not lost on or unnoticed by Mr. Trump. He needed to make a “BIG splash” and galvanize attention that first day, even for possible “heat” and the risk of short term “loss” for immediate impact, attention, long-term “gain” and press play.and media “gain” (copy)..coupled with his sense of timing and business acumen he succeeded and has over-shadowed JEB ever since…Something that Jim Baker, Carl Rove, etal never saw coming…the literally next and very few following minutes after he announced, it was as if “buttons” were pushed, “levers” were pulled and calls were made to activate “The Mighty Wurlitzer” ( those of you may know, exactly what this is!) as if, I sensed something was put into in play… some immediate program or “action in play” was put in motion to tear him down almost spontaneously with his announcement…I have never seen such an immediate negative almost blind and biased, for lack of a better term, ATTACK, from media centers like MSNBC and even more so on CNN that fast .even to the point of panel discussions on both networks, but much more flagrant and blatant on CNN when even within a few moments after his announcement you would have thought they were talking, laughing about, mocking Soupy Sales, Jerry Lewis or Jeffery Seinfeld running for president and not a man who appeared BEFORE his announcement highly respected within media outlets, who was their local, NY “favorite son” to some degree, “their guy” locally so to speak, to have amassed a highly admired and respected reputation in financial, business and real estate circles and just happened to also amass and acquire through diligence, hard work and with his father built a huge real estate empire in NYC and then he took it even further and higher level and became one of, if not he most successful INDEPENDENT Businessman in the world, building up a reported $13 Billion fortune and dealing with major politicians and world leaders. Thus, Making him vastly independent. BUT, and this is the point of observation here: like out of some Orwell or Huxley novel , very bizarrely, as soon as he announced, like a bolt of lightening (from the Gods or the self-perceived “Gods”?) “all of a sudden” (literally !) perceived and projected as a buffoon and a clown, especially from Gloria Burger, and Wolf Blitzer …either of which just happened to have on hand and just happened to reach for and held up in front of the cameras, a “new” edition those very few minutes, right after Mr. Trump’s announcement, of a NY tabloid style newspaper with an “enhanced” picture on its front page of (supposedly) Donald Trump in a circus clown outfit with some real put down type of accompanying headline….that sounds and looks like ‘something” was activated and “put into play” here…it seems or seemed at the time unmistakable…Gloria Berger was really enjoying herself in this role and loving every word and minute of this panel “discussion” which NEVER ever reach any level that would have or could have enlightened the viewer or themselves as to what impact or potential impact Mr. Trump’s presence would have, as an announced candidate for the 2016 Presidential election, no question ever raised what he would have brought to the table for the 2016 race…only ridicule, scorn and laughter. Something I’ve never seen before to that level or that quick…real quick…and that’s just for starters !!! This is more than anything an observation, as if “looking down” at the unfolding and continuing dynamic and interplay here…Those self-entitled neo-con Jebsters must be ready tp explode like a thermometer or filled with so much white heat as to implode…so far he’s outsmarted his rivals and especially the very well connected ones, one of which is backed and part of a very well established and well placed, deep network which feels very self-entitled to the keys to the WH at 1600 PA Ave. in Washington, D.C. An man with that much wealth, and independence, business experience and quite astute, announcing and becoming a Presidential a presidential candidate can be perceived as a major threat, regardless of his politics (assuming not too extreme) to many…especially to the one’s who feel self-entitled and vastly more connected and “well-oiled” (OILed-pun intended !) that this “loud mouth new guy”…
    More observations to follow..i’ll be much briefer !!!

    • Johnny Kay says:

      Mr. Krall: You have many interesting points to make, but your post is difficult to follow. May I suggest that in future posts you summarize your points more succinctly, use shorter sentences, and use more paragraphs.


  50. Jesse Lewis says:

    You keep promoting Donald trump as the only alternative to the brainwashers What about sanders. He’s been an outcast his whole career. You pat trump on the back for wanting to take out gangs and impose tariffs(which are good ideas)but u don’t bring up the fact the Bernie talked about taking on Wall Street. Breaking up these big banks. Those things need to be done too. And what about the irs and income equality. Both need to be fixed. And the irs is just the collective hand of the fed,that keeps this whole country indebted no matter what we do. How come you don’t bring up the bilderberg group,the cfr,or the trilateral commission? Starting to think there are other reasons you want trump elected. It’s not gonna happen though. Clinton will be put in office by the people who really run the world,the rothschilds and friends

  51. Jesse Lewis says:

    trump ran 4 of his companies into the ground,then used the elite bankruptcy system to save himself. Even if he does piss off the mainstream media and occasionally have a good idea do we want this person in power. He is a business man and I’m sure he’s friends with at least some of the world running power elites. Never know a rich person to actually care what happens to every day citizens Just about their bank accounts and how to make them bigger. And how to gain more power and influence. Don’t you see,they keep us arguing amongst ourselves about race and religion and politics,etc. the whole time they are taking our country and the world over. It’s time to stand and fight them all,not each other!!!!

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