What is Donald Trump doing to media reality?

What is Donald Trump doing to media reality?

by Jon Rappoport

December 11, 2015

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“Even if Trump is a prop-figure set up to sweep the other Republican candidates off the board and pave the way for Hillary to win the election, something else is going on. Something deeper and much weirder.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

Donald Trump, a figure of authority? A folk-hero? A man who can say anything, get away with it, and become more popular? How did this happen? How was Trump sculpted, if you will, to become what he is now?

NBC once loved him. Let’s not forget that. They set up The Apprentice for him. There he sat, a Pope of business, a genius of goof, deciding which contestants moved on and which were expelled into the outer darkness with their luggage. The tasks the contestants strove to complete were ridiculous. They ended up (winners and losers alike) looking like demented and humiliated kiddie-props in a parody of “the business of America is business.”

(“Okay, your assignment is to make signs, stand on a street corner, and sell yak dung.”)

No problem. For several seasons, the television audience adored the show. “You’re fired” became Trump’s signature. And of course, now, during the Presidential campaign, he’s doing the same thing—firing everybody he can think of. To say this is appealing to millions of people is a vast understatement.

Trump is firing politicians, candidates, media, the GOP, immigrants, government bureaucrats, trade representatives and their deals. Wherever he casts his eye, there is somebody to dump.

Trump began as a media creation. They embraced him as a brash, interesting, weird cartoon—and he went with it.

He came across like a happy greedy child playing with toys—hotels, casinos, apartment buildings, golf courses. Then he’d allude to his own brilliance in being able to maneuver the deals that brought the toys into existence.

The media loved this. They loved his crazy hair. They loved his wives, his marriages, his grin, his unselfconscious babble. They kept building him up.

“When I’m President,” he says now, “I’ll make better deals. For America.” Well, he’s already been popularized by media, if only in a Disneyesque animation, as the king of dealmakers. It fits.

In the middle of this campaign storm, Trump and the media are joined at the hip. The media created him, and now they can’t shake him off. He’s a fascist, he’s a racist, the pundits say, but it doesn’t matter. They keep trying to dig his grave and put him in it, but there is no funeral. The more they attack him, the more excitement they generate.

If it turned out The Donald were a closet hermaphrodite, would it really matter? Or would his followers say, “Wow, that’ll show those LGBT fanatics.”

Now, throw into the mix how large numbers of people feel about open borders, terror attacks, gun control, and the export of American jobs overseas—their guy, Trump, is reflecting those feelings with unmistakably decisive remarks, without a teleprompter, without sing-song political-android vagueness…so you have a super-potent catalyst roaming the countryside, blowing people out of their passive minds.

Trump isn’t manipulating the media, he isn’t sitting around thinking of ways to stir up their hatred, he isn’t a Hillary with teams of lizards calculating which issue she should pounce on at any given moment, he isn’t a Jeb huddling in his own pool of tears with a few billion bucks, planning his comeback. Trump jots down a quick note on a napkin, puts it in his pocket, strides through a crowd, gets up on a stage, and lets it rip. Everything he says reminds him of something else and he goes with the latest thought. His speeches look like a roadmap of a bee’s zig-zag through a pasture.

The media are suffering from the Frankenstein Effect. They invented Trump, and now he is taking them to a place they don’t want to go.

He’s already trekked into no-go zones. For example, he’s said that of course vaccines can cause autism. What happens, for example, if tomorrow he suddenly changes his current message on ISIS (bomb them, censor them online) and says of course the US government created ISIS and now the Obama administration is patting itself on the back for stepping up military action against its own partner? What happens if he starts pounding on that tune?

Wild card, joker in the deck, loose cannon, cowboy don’t even begin to describe what Trump is becoming. His supporters are also celebrating a revolt against political correctness, and Trump is their man. Carefully assess what you say before you say it? Are you kidding? In this sense as well, the media have created their own problem, acting as shills and cheerleaders for correct language—and now that op is coming back to haunt them.

Here’s another tidbit. For the past 20 years, the media have been gargling and sputtering and uttering mealy-mouthed he-said he said “reports” about the effects of Globalism on American jobs. Trump has taken that creature out to the barn and shot it. He’s talking about rescinding the trade deals that have been forwarding Globalism. Does he mean it? Does he understand what such an effort would take? His followers think so.

Waiting in the wings: If Trump addresses residents of inner cities, directly and often, and tells them he will bring back jobs for them (whereas no one else will), who knows how much trouble he could stir up in the ranks of the Republican and Democratic parties, and who knows how much support will pour out of those decimated inner-city communities.

This isn’t Rand Paul or Ron Paul or Ralph Nader or Bernie Sanders talking about Globalism. This is a billionaire marshal riding into town and promising to flash coin. This is the host of The Apprentice saying, “I can fire, but I also can hire.” This is a wide-screen IMAX cartoon saying, “I’m real. I’ll bring back prosperity.”

How do the Sunday morning news-talk hosts and their guest experts stand up against him? Trump is shrugging and summarily announcing, “They’re jerks.” He’s blowing away the media who made him, and they can’t undo what they’ve birthed.

The conventional wisdom is Trump will fall when the media uncover something truly horrible from his past and blast it out, day after day. You mean saying the Internet needs to be censored and many immigrants must be deported isn’t enough to sink his ship? So far, apparently not.

And scandals and possible scandals have already been aired. There was the accusation that he raped his wife Ivana. She eventually defended him and said no. Four of his companies have declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. According to Salon, he was a figurehead for a company called ACN, which operated as a pyramid scheme. Trump denied having anything to do with ACN. There are ongoing legal actions against Trump University in New York and California, claiming the University committed fraud and deception against students in its real estate curriculum and hustled them for millions of $$.

This last potential scandal carries the most danger, in part because the NY case is headed up by the state Attorney General, Eric Schneiderman, who has filed a $40 million lawsuit against Trump. Former students have filed two class-action suits against The Donald.

And yet…all the above-mentioned scandals have already been covered in the press, and Trump’s poll ratings haven’t suffered.

What’s going on?

Originally, the media created Trump as a celebrity and a phenomenon. They made him big. A very big and wild and weird cartoon. Now they’re trying to destroy him. But they can’t make him small and inconsequential because, again, they made him big and wild and weird, and the audience accepted him on that basis, in that image. The audience already took him in, already accepted and digested him. Media creations are hard to reverse when they’re cartoons. People love cartoons. Can anybody make Mickey Mouse vanish? Can anybody make the Simpsons forgettable?

The case of another famous cartoon is instructive: Arnold Schwarzenegger. He rode to victory, in 2003, and won the governorship of California based on his media-image as an all-powerful animation. It wasn’t until he was serving as governor that the picture faded. Only then did people realize he was just another politician. His infidelity, his fathering of a child with the family housekeeper, was the ultimate torpedo—but that scandal erupted long after his super-gloss had already dimmed.

Notice this: as The Arnold was running for the governorship in 2003, it was already on the record (1977) that he had used steroids (they were legal then) and had participated in orgies. Just several days before the election, the LA Times and CNN broke a story about “Gropegate.” Several women came forward with accounts of breast-grabbing, buttock-grabbing. Another woman said Schwarzenegger had tried to remove her swimsuit in an elevator.

On Election Day, Arnold won by over a million votes. He beat out his closest competitor by 17 points.

Disney built an empire based on cartoons. John Wayne built a career being a cartoon. Comic books, graphic novels, and the movies based on them are blockbusters. Twelve days before the opening of the latest Star Wars movie, people are already camping out at theaters.

Meaning? People want to see reality reduced to extremes. One reason: they’re annoyed by subtleties. Another reason: they really believe that, at bottom, when the smoke and mirrors are removed, the world is a drama of light vs. dark, good vs. evil. If you think you can make that idea go away, you’re crazy.

And suppose on some level this drama is, in fact, playing out. Suppose a man riding in on years-worth of media-inflation says, in no uncertain terms, he can win that war. Suppose he actually believes it. Suppose he appeals to millions of people in a way that no other politician on the scene can, because he communicates in a loose direct conversational style, instead of droning on in the usual political cliché carved out by public-relations idiots for candidates who can’t escape sounding and looking like androids. Suppose his version of being a cartoon is “I’m the most honest guy you’ll ever meet.”

Suppose, among the blizzard of his statements and remarks, he is pinpointing several deep ongoing crimes of government, crimes other candidates are terrified of touching.

Suppose for decades now, the whole standard media-PR charade of national elections has conspired to outrage and sicken the American public.

Suppose Trump appears to be the opposite of standard.

Suppose the public is so fed up with this election charade they’d excuse their man, The Donald, if it came out that he’d dropped his mother in a volcano on Xmas Eve.

Suppose the media, who are trying to destroy Trump, have no one to blame but themselves, because they’ve been supporting thousands of political lies and liars for a long, long time using language no one cares about anymore.

Whereas the big, wild, and weird man coming into town is speaking in a different tongue.

Suppose, therefore, this is a clash of dimensions the media simply cannot understand.

In that case, what are we set for?

The people who hate the Trump the most continue to miss the point that he is coming with a different language, and his train and their train are passing, on different rails, in the night.

Once a Donald Duck, you last forever. Don’t underestimate that. Give Donald a fiery sword and a mission and a new and different quack, and you’ve got something that grabs the American subconscious and delivers a shock to the system.

“A cartoon came alive? He’s coming to town? He’s on television? He’s running for President? Get out of my way, I have to see this. I have to be part of it.”

After all, American society has turned into a cartoon. Yes, it can be vicious and painful. It can deliver terminal blows. But it’s an animation. When a piece of it suddenly detaches itself and steps forward into the light and talks, you better believe people are interested. Accept it, don’t accept it, Obama was one of those pieces, Bush was a piece, Clinton was certainly a piece. But none of them was as strange as Donald Trump.

power outside the matrix

If somehow he wins the nomination, it remains to be seen how he’ll fare against that “woman sketch” named Hillary Clinton, a venal and vengeful and entitled caricature trying to keep her Shriek under control as she barrels down the road, smoke coming out her ears, toward the Oval Office.

It seems like a long time ago that one of the biggest networks in the world put Trump in a throne before a national audience every week—where he said over and over again, “You’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired.” Is it really that surprising he can do the same thing now and find a huge audience?

The network, NBC, was Dr. Frankenstein. They brought Trump to life, and then he broke away, turned around, and attacked his masters.

It just so happens millions of people also want to attack NBC and the other networks and major news sources in this country for their wall-to-wall lies, their arrogant sense of entitlement, their insider clubby presumptions, their sold-out alliance with government and corporations, and their refusal to listen to the concerns of every-day Americans.

These media giants have been creating reality for the masses.

A revolt is in progress against that reality and its perpetrators.

A large number of Americans have come to the aid of a man/media-creation who, in his own way (love it or hate it), is leading it.

What else would you expect to happen?

You’re fired, you’re fired, you’re fired.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

26 comments on “What is Donald Trump doing to media reality?

  1. Bruce Hatcher says:

    The Pillsbury dough boy has come to life. He’s strutted into town and is taking over. He is soft and cushy and bold. Stay TUNED!

  2. middleway says:

    The creativity of the patricians is being demonstrated with the the total destruction of the obsolete plebeian reality, which ironically was the flip-side of their creative capabilities.

  3. From Québec says:

    I like Donald Trump and I never saw him on television before. I knew his name, because he was said to be one of the richest man on Earh. That is all I knew about this guy. I didn’t even knew what he looked like. So, for me he is no cartoon character.

    I hope he becomes your President. What do you have to loose? You had such bad Presidents recently, so why not give the guy a chance.

    He reminds me of Alex Jones. He seems so genuine, a real patriot and he is in to win the nomination. Just like Alex Jones, he can speak “without a teleprompter, and without sing-song political-android vagueness…so you have a super-potent catalyst roaming the countryside, blowing people out of their passive minds”.

    And, again, just like Alex jones, “Everything he says reminds him of something else and he goes with the latest thought. His speeches look like a roadmap of a bee’s zig-zag through a pasture”. I like that. I like real people.

    Besides, the MSm and the etablishment, have nothing on Trump. He is perfectly clean according to Roger Stone. Stone, also said that Trump will sue the Clinton Fondation, because he gave to that foundation, thinking it was a charitable foundation, he was mislead.

    Do not miss this incredibly powerful interview. Roger Stone is such an interesting man. His last book is: The Clinton’s War on Women.
    t starts at: 1:05:00

    The Alex Jones Show (VIDEO Commercial Free) Thursday December 10 2015: Roger Stone

    • debbie says:

      Can’t agree more. If Hilary does win (which I’m pretty certain “they” have already decided), I’m going to learn French and move to Quebec and join the crusade to secede from the world.

      • From Québec says:

        And, if Trump wins, I might move to the USA.
        Because, do not kid yourself, Québec is a socialist hell hole who wants to secede from Canada, because they believe that the western canadian provinces are too conservatives…lol.

      • David Stanley says:

        There are too many of us Federalists, in Quebec, seceding is a dreamers world.

  4. Matthias Frankfurter says:

    The neo-whig republicants are already meeting in private to dump the Donald by any means necessary. They shouldn’t throw the election so early as the rubes might catch on to the farce of an opposition party.

  5. Bobby says:

    Great post by Jon as usual. The philosopher Martin Heidegger, tried to develop the idea, for over 50 years, that we human beings will never even begin to understand our reality until we understand that we need to quit reading stuff into the experiences we have and simply accept those experiences as the raw, unvarnished truth of the moment and then go from there. It’s when we keep intervening in the “meaning of the experience” that we go wrong and become unauthentic and unnatural. So people keep asking, is Trump sincere, does he really care about some issue or another, is does he care about the country, etc.. Suspend your anxiety for a few months or even up to when he might become the President and see. We really can’t accomplish much more than that.

    • musings says:

      Are you aware what society Martin Heidegger was living in and how he accommodated to it? I am reminded of the Flannery O’Connor book, “The Violent Bear it Away.” The public is always attracted to simple forms and right now it feels we need someone who does not equivocate, someone who does not stage a false flag and then rub our noses in it by telling us we have to get along with those supposedly associated with its perps.

      But as Rappoport has pointed out, all of the world we think we know is a media creation, from cop dramas to thrillers to reality shows. The celebrities are largely manufactured by it. Right now it is supposed by the public that Trump has their back, that he is thinking of them and their long term good. Just pulling up the rug a bit, you can see that would never be true. This is a narcissistic star with good lungs and a fast take on what will energize his audience. The comparison with Schwarzenegger is perfect. What in this case will be the result of the Donald’s either being a nominee or starting a third party? It is up to the Republicans to decide if they want to win ugly with him or lose to Hillary. Quite a dilemma.

      But no, he may bring further break down or he may settle into confusion and doing nothing but getting into his own trouble. The executive has a lot of levers to pull once he is inside. How would it play? Again, the media would continue to play a significant role. Is he or is he not used to manipulating them? I’d say he is very good at it. So the illusions will continue until something hits a wall. The confrontation between good and evil may move from the inner life and conscience into the public sphere. It won’t be dull.

  6. Bobby says:

    Matthias, so true. I’ve stated so on hundreds of blog posts and one reason I simply will not waste my time voting as a conservative.

  7. debbie says:

    What he said. Also, even people who consider him an “idiot” can’t deny he’s saying exactly what they’re thinking. Finally a person of infamy is in a position to tell it like it is with no shame. Finally!

    • Trumptrain says:

      Trump is self funding and he could have went to the Koch Bros and had his entire campaign easily done and he didn’t. Carly, Bush, Christie, Cruz who is backed and a puppet to Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan Stanley. So no hes not in it just for the reason of talking bs. He talks about NAFTA where he said he will break the deal. TPP because we can never compete with human slaves working for 50 cents a day and flooding our markets with the crap. Whens the last time you heard someone talk about the real downfall of America. Reminds me of this Chinese guy I met in New York. He said “long after the roar of the American factories have faded and the businesses shut, even the lock in the gates will say Made in China”. I thought about that for a while anD their undervalue dollar and the huge amount of unfair trade. If Trump wins and puts or makes very wealthy countries like Germany and Japan whom we protect amongst any others including Saudia Arabia who make a billion dollars a day. Yet we don’t even get a try for our vail of protection. He has mentioned this and I read his book Crippled America. I think the Quebec people also understand free trade is not working out for us bec it’s free f– North America.
      Trump all the way and I think he’s on to some very key issues especially securing the borders.

      Happy New Year

  8. From Québec says:

    Infowars.com Nightly News Director Rob Dew interviews Texas Republican Precinct Chair Richard Reeves on how Democratic operatives wearing Republican sheepskins will steal the Republican nomination for Jeb Bush.

    Democrats infiltrate GOP

  9. Luke says:

    I can’t shake the feeling we are being set up, being played. When Bernie Sanders announced he was running for President as a Democrat, a voice in the back of my mind said he will be the next President. Then Trump started gaining popularity and saying just about anything he wanted to say, and started to alienate GOP party leadership, and I thought Trump will be forced to run as a Independent. Don’t be surprised if Clinton gets indicted for classified emails that she sent over a private server. Trump splits the conservative vote, Sanders wins with a slight majority. And that, my friends, is how you elect a Socialist as President. A team of soap opera writers could not write a better script. Political theater at its best. All I have to do is sit back and see if it plays out that way. Or better yet, see if we are played that way

    • Jeanne says:

      Luke, “We are being played”, no matter who gets elected or “selected”. I lived in Florida at the time of the G. W. Bush “selection” by the US Supreme Court which promptly took the decision away from the Florida State Court, even before the recounting of votes was completed. That was my “Moment of Truth” of how our so-called democracy really works. Perhaps the talking “Donald Duck” Trump represents the blowhard tactics of our own modern societal insanity where sound bites rule over in-depth discussions/debates about solutions to the tremendous pressing problems of today. Twitter & texting have replaced genuine, heartfelt communications. Television also has dumbed down our sense of compassion & community relations. Jon has given us the “antidote” for escaping the Matrix, so it’s up to each one of to do so. We The People need a modern Paul Revere who yells far & wide, “Wake up, Folks, before it’s too late!”

      • From Québec says:

        I think Donald Trump is the modern Paul Revere.

        Listen to what he says: “This is the most crucial election we ever had. if we don’t get it right this time… it’s over.” Or something like this, I’m quoting from memory.

        Think about it this way: You will always have a government wheter you like it or not, so might as well put in a guy that is on your side. A guy that will not bankrupt your country, but instead will make it rich and great again.

        Listent to this interview and tell me that this guy is not the kind guy you need for President.

        Donald Trump delivers an amazingly surreal speech in Las Vegas

  10. Sean Thomas says:

    Jon, you’re right that something weird is going on here, but the appearance is always a smokescreen. The national media and the intelligentsia don’t hate Trump so much (he’s a billionaire you know?) as they do his low brow followers. Trump is some sort of Psyop laying the ground for something else. Even before the first GOP debate, the “big question” was whether or not he would run on a 3rd party ticket. The question is still being asked even though he is lapping the rest of the field.

    From the cheap seats, it looks like his mission is setting up the anticipation of a 3rd party ticket. Why? Any answer on my part would be pure speculation.

  11. One of your better efforts (and they’re all good), Jon.

    All I will say is (if you do your homework you’ll find) the Judea “old guard” have back the “wild card”. The people desperately want change; change they never got from “fake” Messiah, Obama.

    The American heart is fundamentally old-school Republican. Yours are cowboy lands and The Donald is the “corporate cowboy”. So, what better choice of President to “fix the mess”?


  12. Jo Syphus says:

    I’m yet to see Trump talk his talk to the AIPAC crowd

  13. My defense of Trump is my defense of Obama–he can keep Hillary from marching down Pennsylvania Avenue in a funny hat to get sworn in as president.

    Mittens Romney and McRage are the patsies the GOP geniuses send to take on Obama. It would have been better to lose with the principled Ron Paul than those two maroons, net effect the same except Ron was raising good issue and McRage and Mittens were New World Order tools.

    Hillary is stupid the way a stupid lawyer is stupid. She cannot be instructed. She is a hammer, and everything looks like a nail to her. She is an awful politician.

    Bill Clinton and John Edwards–these are politicians who love the game. You have to like it. Hillary is just marking time and giving her ration until she can get back and resume stealing on a grand scale. She is an unbelievable crook like the rest, but her husband and Edwards had some table manners. Hillary eats like a pig.

    Cartoon or not, Trump comes across as a rich guy with a big ego who has decided to dedicate the remainder of his public life to helping his country out. He is very effective with the media, and because his basic core philosophy is timely, that is realism comes back into vogue when society starts coming apart at the seams, his message resonates. Current events (reality) are assisting him in reinforcing his message.

    The one who is sitting on a bombshell(s) is Scandal Girl, Hillary Clinton. She is the gift that keeps on giving. Nobody around her has the guts to put her on horse tranks for the next year so she shuts up, so she will eventually bury her campaign with her own lying yap.

  14. NobodysaysBOO says:

    HELP the poor CITIZENS of the USA we have been IMPOVERISHED by the gov’nt and three BAD presidents that should be in a REAL PRISON or facing the death penalty for TREASON, yet we go on, NO COLA, NO FOOD STAMPS, NO BULLET TRAINS, NO REPAIRS for our roads, dams ect. NO HIGH SPEED internet, complete lying and cheating in the gov’nt.

    SO TRUMP offers to fire the criminals and you screen NO?

    SO TRUMP offers to return the country to GREATNESS and YOU screen NO?

    So TRUMP offers to REBUILD the USA and YOU screen NO?

    SO if TRUMP only does half of what he plans HE will be the GREATEST president EVER!

    Vote for TRYTH vote for TRUMP and send the INSURGENT ALIENS AWAY!

  15. From Québec says:

    I agree with you. The pseudo intelectuals don’t like Trump, he’s too real.
    They don’t believe that real people exist.
    The same group also hates Alex Jones for the same reason.

    When I first saw Obama, I knew he was bad.
    When I first saw Trump, I knew he was good.

    I don’t know why, but I’m never wrong on my first impression.

  16. Alex Sherrod says:

    Great article, thanks Jon!!

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