Consciousness versus computers

Consciousness versus computers

by Jon Rappoport

August 5, 2015

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“Technocrats believe all brains can be directly hooked up to a super-computer. They’re looking at humans beings through the wrong end of the telescope. Everything they see about humans is reduced, shrunken, and ‘automatic’. Technocrats are trained to miss the big picture, even though they incessantly talk about it. They’re visionaries who are blind. Thus, they’re in the grand tradition of religious fanatics.” (The Underground, Jon Rappoport)

If you take away a person’s ability to employ logic, and if you also take away his imagination, and thus his capacity to extrapolate and predict what is coming, what you are left with is: eyeballs.

Eyeball perception of what is happening now. And even then, eyeballs are seeing immediate reality through unconscious filters.

The ability to apply reason and to predict are vital components of perception. They are voluntary components. They don’t sweep in like a wave and take over. They are born out of freedom and choice.

So…what is the difference between you moving around on the Internet, reading and researching; versus you with your brain directly connected to some grand computer stacked with trillions of pieces of data?

In the former case, you have freedom. In the latter case, it all happens automatically. You get “the best possible data on any given subject.”

Of course, “best possible” is not your decision or conclusion. It’s someone else’s. Worse, the data are instantly downloaded into your brain (whatever that actually means).

How this deterministic system amounts to a glorious breakthrough of enormous spiritual significance, triggering revelations, is beyond mysterious. In fact, the whole conception is absurd.

If you were a robot operating on an assembly line, and your task could be automatically modulated and adjusted, depending on changing circumstances, then yes, that would be a nice innovation.

But you aren’t a robot. You’re conscious. You have choice. Freedom. You can apply logic. You can conceive of futures, based on your present knowledge.

Contrary to technocratic catechism, computers aren’t conscious. They don’t have freedom. They can be programmed to select conclusions relative to specified objectives and goals, but even then their methods of selection are part of their programming. They don’t suddenly wake up and become alive.

Technocrats tend to believe computers, when developed to a sufficient level of complexity that mirrors what the human brain does, DO come alive.

They believe that information-processing alone is a sign of life. But that’s a self-serving fantasy.

Information-processing is one effect of being alive and conscious. The technocrats have it backwards.

Unfortunately for them and their religion, consciousness isn’t measurable. And that’s a bone stuck in their throat.

Therefore, they need to reduce and reduce the concept of consciousness. So they claim it’s in the brain, and then they say the brain works automatically—and therefore consciousness is simply an aspect of pre-determined function. Consciousness is just a delusion brought on, like an illness, by chemicals and electrical impulses inside the skull.

They say whatever they have to, in order to minimize, degrade, and destroy the idea of consciousness.

To the degree that technocrats are gaining control of society and its future, the human population is at considerable risk. Because these secular-religious fanatics are sniffing and building their way toward a “best possible apparatus.”

And wherever they spot freedom, they try to wipe it out, and then they say it never existed.

Consciousness is not function. Nor is it derived from function.

The foot soldiers of technocracy spend every working day with systems. They become entrained: they see life as systems. Therefore, they presume that awareness must be some sort of structure yet to be mapped out.

This is false. A person can be conscious of a system, but that has nothing to do with what consciousness is.

These distinctions, among the technocratic class, have been lost.

Along similar lines, technocrats believe that a closed and tightly planned society is “scientific” and therefore “advanced.” This is another blunder. You can put a hundred people inside a large cage and regulate their movements. That’s a plan. That’s precise. But it has nothing to do with science.

Technocrats are juggling all sorts of metaphors and comparisons and coming up with wrong answers like clockwork.

On a much higher level, their bosses and leaders are manipulating these notions as a smokescreen, to hide their naked ambition: overt control and dominance of the population.

Regardless of what groups may be able to accomplish to head off the technocratic takeover, there is no victory if the individual doesn’t grasp his own inherent consciousness, which is vastly dynamic, energetic, and creative.

exit from the matrix

Imagination and the creative force are the prow of the present as it becomes the future.

The individual isn’t constrained to act merely from past tradition and experience.

The individual is under no obligation to wait for “everyone else” to wake up.

Consensus reality is: waiting in a defunct railroad station for something to happen. It never does.

As time passes, we are going to see more and more bizarre twists on technocracy; more pseudoscientific pronouncements; more messianic assurances.

It is up to the individual to reject the glare of this Wondrous Collective Tomorrow, and instead, invent his own.

To that, a person might reply, “But all around me, I see people who can’t consciously invent their own future. They’re mired in all sorts of problems.”

Whether these “other people” can or can’t is a subject for a different discussion. They aren’t the measure or the standard. Assessing one’s own ability by referring to others is just a convenient distraction.

In fact, the collective “we” and “everyone” is the target of technocrats, who envision mass solutions to civilization’s problems, through a super-computer’s definitive answers framed as “best available data.”

If this sounds like a con and an approach to humans as if they were non-creative machines, it is. It’s exactly that. Previous efforts at mind control pale by comparison. Technocracy is the wholesale Pavlovian insertion of stimuli, transmitted involuntarily to achieve uniform responses all the way across the board.

Madness? Insanity? Absurdity? Since when has that ever stopped manipulators bent on expanding their power and control? Repeated often enough by the right people, huge lies are always easier to sell than small ones.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

6 comments on “Consciousness versus computers

  1. ebolainfo says:

    Oh, how I agree:

    “…Information-processing is one effect of being alive and conscious. The technocrats have it backwards.

    Unfortunately for them and their religion, consciousness isn’t measurable. And that’s a bone stuck in their throat. “

  2. Self versus the other; imagined spaces versus a controlled space.
    The self is a country of one, whereas the collective is an illusion of the family of man. The self is alone, the collective is lonely.

    We occupy similar bodies but we are not the same inside, the genus of soul is not necessarily the same in all of us also…when we start to understand ourselves on a very deep level, we can bear witness to what we were and what we could be, next time… of we wish a next time. In an open and boundless future. Free for the inventing of new and different self.

    The whole idea of self is a work in progress.
    What we carry is a personal history, residue from a past, as we move through time; all locked up in an old trunk among a room full of trunks in the basement of psyche.
    It’s like that top, front and central drawer on the desk. It always full of stuff: lighters, the old wick ones with a lighthouses on the front, a stub of a ticket from a eagles concert from 1973, always the usually marbles, that rattle around and move to the front, and real copper pennies, remember…when money was organic, bobby pins and union pins…and a lonely Pez dispenser, with an Elvis head on it. These are symbols of the individual, when taken in hand, each is a key that opens a door to the space that was/is us.

    We are built, in layers. Muchas capas de mi amigo.

    I had an interesting time yesterday, one of those special times, took a little trip, but stayed at home…alone. Not lonely; alone; by myself; Individual and distinct, unique and at ease with it all. It became important to speak to a self from a past. A consciousness I once was a long time ago. An ancient past. Think what you might, but it does exist. Its one of those layers I spoke about…deep layers.
    What became the focus of the experience was language. Sound and words, my language, and the adding to that vocabulary. Individualized language. A personal dialect that I speak only to myself and to those who also speak ‘their’ own language. I had lost touch with it, more misplaced it, forgot the strange sound that it is; and so it was necessary to sing it back into existence and become, via the song of me…really me. Not conditioned me, not the pavlovian bell listener, not the archetypal me, the father or husband or friend. But the center, the beginning of all of it.
    That language is a chant, it is a mantra, a song of one only. It is found and is a rather selfish experience that is important to navigate the places were I choose and like to go.
    Were I mean to go with this diatribe against the machine is; each and every one of us has a song, has his/her language, there for the discovering within the right mind. When one journeys inside it is vital to forward movement to be able to sing it or speak it when asked.

    Front desk drawers can be emptied into a computer by the truck loads. But that does not equal consciousness. What that equals is the past attempting to close the future of new experience.
    Science the new religion is in the process of its inquisition, searching out those like me… and maybe you. Determined to stop those singular voices by taking what it does not understand and homogenizing the whole mass into some form of a computer sentience.
    The catholic mystic Chardin the patron saint of the internet predicted the internet as the noetic amalgamation of us all. Intellect is not consciousness but is its product.
    Science is trying to institutionalize the sacred, with that oh so many voices all in the same place, it assumes it will be a super brain, it purports it as a holy thing; or is it trying to take a copy of each and every individual on this planet for the purpose of the machine, and do away with the originals.
    It mistakes the copies with the originals.
    consciousness can be mimicked, but it cannot be the machine. The machine will be something else, something without a soul. Something without a singular voice.

    • From Québec says:

      Great post Michael. I feel just like you about all this BS they are trying to shove on us.

      Everybody is an individual of its own. Just like a painting, only the original has value. Copies will never have value, only original have value.

  3. From Québec says:

    These madmen want to control us, because they do not know how to compete with free living men.

  4. kimbroadie says:

    Reblogged this on Kim Broadie and commented:
    Everyone, please read this. It is ammunition for the Resistance

  5. Dimitri says:

    Fantastic insights. Contrasting genuine consciousness with information processing is absolute gold. Seems to me you could also contrast it with other types of processing. For instance, emotional processing (interaction via messages of guilt, false hope, fear). How about limbic system processing (allowing the primitive brain to respond without thinking to images). Even logical processing (accepting specious rationalizations disconnected from reality). Consumerism is behaving as a processor of money and material goods. All these things are counterfeits of consciousness. They anesthetize the true self.

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