Magic and depression

Magic and depression

by Jon Rappoport

April 17, 2015


“The function of the artist is to provide what life does not.” —Tom Robbins, Another Roadside Attraction

“Those people who recognize that imagination is reality’s master we call ‘sages,’ and those who act upon it, we call ‘artists.’” —Tom Robbins, Skinny Legs and All

In the human psyche, from the moment a newborn baby emerges into the light of day, he/she has a desire for magic.

We are told this is an early fetish that fades away as the experience of the world sets in. As maturity evolves. As practical reality is better understood.

In most areas of psychology, sensible adjustment to practical reality is a great prize to be won by the patient. It marks the passage from child to adult. It is hailed as a therapeutic triumph.

In truth, the desire for magic never goes away, and the longer it is buried, the greater the price a person pays.

A vaccine against a disease can mask the visible signs of that disease, but under the surface, the immune system may be carrying on a low-level chronic war against toxic elements of the vaccine. And the effects of the war can manifest in odd forms.

So it is with the inoculation of reality aimed at suppressing magic.

One of the byproducts of the “reality shot” is depression.

The person feels cut off from the very feeling and urge he once considered a hallmark of life. Therefore, chronic sadness. Of course, one explains that sadness in a variety of ways, none of which gets to the heart of the matter.

It is assumed that so-called primitive cultures placed magic front and center simply because “they couldn’t do better.” They didn’t have science, and they couldn’t formulate a “true and rational” religion with a church and monks and collection plate and a European choir and an array of pedophiles.

Historically, the impulse for magic had to be defamed and reduced and discredited. Why? Obviously, because the Westerners who were poking through ancient cultures had already discredited magic in themselves—they had put it on a dusty shelf in a room in a cellar beyond the reach of their own memory. But they couldn’t leave it alone. They had to keep worrying it, scratching it, and so they journeyed thousands of miles to find it somewhere else—and then they scoffed at it and tried to crush it.

And we wonder why, under the banner of organized religion, there has been so much killing. At a deep level, the adherents know they’ve sold their souls and they’re depressed, angry, resentful, remorseful, and they want to assuage and expiate their guilt through violence.

But the urge for magic is forever.

And yet the charade goes on. While paying homage and lip service to ordinary practical reality seasoned with a bit of fairy-tale organized religion, people actually want to change reality, they want to reveal their latent power, they want to create realities that, by conventional standards, are deemed impossible.

They want to find and use their own magic.

In our modern culture, we’re taught that everything is learned as a system. That, you could say, is the underlying assumption of education. It has far-reaching consequences. It leads to the systematizing of the mind. The mind is shaped to accommodate this premise.

“If I want to know something, I have to learn it. Somebody has to teach it to me. They will teach it as a system. I will learn the system. I will elevate the very notion of systems. Everything will be a system.”

In the long run, that gets you a lump of coal in a sock, a spiritual cardboard box to live in.

The intellectual enrolls at Harvard, he studies anthropology for six years, he flies to a jungle in South America, he digs up remnants of a lost culture, he infers they performed arcane ceremonies six times a week, he writes monographs—and he concludes they were a very picturesque society with fascinating customs and totems, and their brand of magic can best be understood as an inevitable consequence of their matriarchal organization, which itself was an accommodation to rainfall levels.

Back home, the anthropologist takes two Paxil and goes off to teach a class on the meaning of ancient eyebrow trimming in Tierra del Fuego.

Systems are wonderful things. They produce results. They take us into technological triumphs. They help us become more rational. But when they are overdone, when the mind itself becomes shaped like a system, it reaches a dead-end. Then the mind works against the unquenchable desire for magic. Then society is organized as a tighter and tighter system and turns into a madhouse.

And then people say, “Maybe machines can actually think and choose and decide. Maybe machines are alive. What would happen if we grafted computers on to our brains? It might be wonderful.”

People move in this direction after their own minds have been shaped, like putty, into systems. They don’t see much difference between themselves and machines.

The desire for magic in every individual is squelched. So the first order of business is the restoration of imagination, from which all magic flows. Imagination is sitting there, always ready, waiting.

Exit From the Matrix

Imagination is saying, “The mind has been shaped into a system? I can undo that. I can liberate the mind and make it into an adventurous vessel. I can provide untold amounts of new energy.”

Life is waiting for imagination to revolutionize it down to its core.

Since imagination is a wild card that technocrats can’t absorb in their systems, they pretend it a faculty produced by the action of atoms in the brain. They pretend it is a delusion that can be explained by demonstrating, for example, that a machine can turn out paintings. Or poems.

“You see? We don’t need humans to make art. Computers can do just as well. Imagination isn’t mysterious at all.”

Technocracy and transhumanism flow from the concept that the human being is just another machine. And any machine can be made to operate more efficiently.

Meanwhile, imagination waits. It never vanishes. It stands by, just in case an individual decides to live a life that overflows with creative power.

If my work in this area has any organized precedent, it is ancient Tibet where, 1500 years ago, before the priests took over with their interminable spiritual baggage of ritual, practitioners engaged in exercises that engaged imagination to the hilt.

The entire goal was revealing that the Universe was ultimately a product of mind.

This was not about ultimate worship. This was not about some deep substrate in the Universe that one could plug into, to guide his actions and thought. It was about liberating the individual from all systems. It was about endless creation.

The first teachers of this Way came from India, where they had been pushed out of the academies of orthodox religious instruction. They were rebels. They had offloaded the metaphysical labyrinths of control. They were, in a sense, artists. Artists of reality.

They were brilliant riverboat gamblers, and in Tibet, for a time, they found a home.

They found students who, as now, were tired of the preaching designed to make humans into sophisticated mind-machines.

These people wanted more. They wanted to awaken their own imaginations and exceed the illusory boundaries of space and time.

They wanted magic.

Despite every cynical ploy, that desire is still alive.

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

22 comments on “Magic and depression

  1. cazzogradissimo says:

    It’s of interest to note Tibet has been cartograpically “subsumed” by China. Try finding the country once known as Tibet on a modern map. Seems the cartographers have agreed to throw it into the dustbin of history- and the beat goes on…

  2. cazzograndissimo says:

    Jon, thanks for this piece. Lately it seems universe is screaming at me that everything is a vibration and NOTHING is as it seems to my puny sensory system:-)

  3. Janet C says:

    I think one of the pivotal moments in one’s life is discovering when magic exists, and that it’s nothing like what the system told you it was.

    Thanks for the great read.

  4. From Québec says:

    My paternal grandfather was a genius. He invented so many things, music instruments, farming technologies, you name it. He could repair anything and improve every existing tool. He was always working on something new that didn’t exist. It was his pleasure in life. His imagination was always running full speed. He was a fascinating man!
    He was my hero!

    He only did 3 years of schooling. Enough time to be able to read. He thought it was all he needed to know. I guess he was right.

    • obrienn11 says:

      I had a similar grandfather who would repair any thing he owned there was no calling a repair man he would figure it out himself. he also had only three or four years of school.

      I can remember him watching MSM news for a few moments then throwing his hands in the air an muttering bullshit.

      I use to wonder why he thought so little of the tv news casts as a small boy, I guess he was on to something. He was never vaxed for anything and lived to 95.

    • says:

      …a very nice homage to your grandpa.

  5. Mary Magdalene says:

    HI Jon,
    You make some valid points. But you seem confused by Western religion. That, too, was for a long time a repository of magic. Just look at the great artists involved in building cathedrals and churches, creating imagery and statuary, music and poetry associated with religion.
    Christianity was hijacked, subverted and eviscerated, and in most places of worship magic is now absent. But that wasn’t always the case. At the same time that magic was being excised from religion, psychopaths and pedophiles were deliberately recruited and promoted. This was – and continues to be – an extensive psyop aimed at discrediting religion. It takes real strength of character, and great creativity, to continue to practise the magnificent legacy of Western religion.
    How many churches nowadays imaginatively understand the full liturgical expressive capabilities – discovered through centuries of experimentation – of candles, bells, incense, choir, organ, prayer, posture, stained glass, murals, processions, vestments, flowers, gold, silver, wine etc?
    You point to India as a repository of ancient wisdom. Most Indian sages accept Jesus Christ as an authentic saint, if not an avatar. They recognise the similarities between His teachings and their own, and they state that the miracles associated with Him are literal truth, not metaphor as modern Christianity is wont to suggest. Walking on water, controlling the weather, healing the sick, raising the dead etc are all commonly attributed to holy men of all ages in all cultures.
    You should be more precise when you attack those who seek to remove magic from the world. The hierarchy of Christianity consists of a particular type of person. These persons did not get into power by chance, and they do not do what they do by accident. Not all “Westerners” agree with their actions.
    Mary Magdalene

    • From Québec says:

      There were always great artists in all fields of life. Jesus, if he ever existed was definitely one of them.

      But all religions were created by powerful men, to enslave people into obedience and to divide and conquer. These power freaks knew that religious people would fight other’s peoples beliefs.

      Jesus teachings about the Holy Trinity was distorted by the elites who wrote all the religious books . What Jesus was really saying, is that a human being is composed of a body a mind and a soul. And that’s all you need to create your own reality as true artists

      Jesus was a loving man. No way would he send humans burning in hell for eternity. But the freaking hating Elites, who created all religions, would if you did not obey their rules.

      Jesus Was a Capricorn – Kris Kristofferson 1972

    • ozziethinker says:

      Not all “hocus pocus”, you are right Mary, but things go way beyond what you say….another tiny excerpt from my book “A New World Order” (plus many posts arguing “gnostic” Jesus Messiah (King) is Josephus, start here –

      “Off world interests have found little motive to involve themselves with the affairs of man and the agenda seemed to be consistent. That is “keep man (human) dumb”. I learn that at the time of Jesus (most likely the Jewish historian, Josephus), enlightened ones tried to mimic the extraordinary genetic capabilities of the Atlanteans. One exercise was to crouch by a hewn tree stump and place the hands on the makeshift “table”. Then the subject would attempt to fuse his or her hand with the wood. Rumours persist that the stump would start to “grow” around the hands.

      Sealing the star gates, reducing genetic potency and ever improving the techniques to disorientate man’s thoughts have been deemed of upmost priority. Were the 1,500 years old Irish legends that inferred man’s shape shifting abilities true or make believe? Culdees (Celts) had established themselves as custodians of the “Promised Land” (Ireland) and these were the nouveau Jewish-Aryan mystics. Indeed, the Catholic Church was set up as a continuation of the old Roman-Philistine (Pharisaic) Aryan order.”

    • stlonginus says:

      Thank you Mary Magdalene for stating so well what I could not.

  6. Is magic the realization that the world isn’t real? I found this post’s train of thought very helpful.

    I couldn’t bring myself to tell my son that Santa was real – as much as he wanted to believe in him. It wasn’t because I couldn’t let him believe in magic. I just found the Santa story more a hijacked form of magic to serve ignoble end.

    In the end, I settled with: “Son, honestly, I have no idea if Santa is real or not. I’ve never been to the North Pole and have no idea what surprises could be lurking up there.”

    I also introduced him to Frank Baum’s (“Wizard of Oz” author) Santa Clause book; which seem much more magical than the the local shopping mall’s version.

    In the end, I just encourage him (and me) to imagine our own stories – whether it be in regards to Christmas or what lives in the sewer output drain at the local conservation area.

  7. Nooka The Nook says:


  8. judynz says:

    The problem is, Jon, we drown the very mechanism we were born with to produce the magic.

    I wrote the following for another site in hopes it might help some realize what we do to prolong our agonies…including keeping those TPTW in a position to do harm.
    If we really want rid of them we would make the effort to comprehend & use it.

    Essentially there is only ONE thing we can truly control & that is what we allow to dwell in our minds. We water & feed these thought seeds & they grow to become our reality.

    Too often we throw the theory into the too hard basket & say, IMPOSSIBLE.

    Within all the rubbish we are fed & even within the lies of politicians there can be distortions of the truth. So it is with the bible….Base lie on a truth and it can last centuries.

    Whether you are religious or not “As you sow so shall you reap” is something I try not to lose sight of. Just as its easier to do a job with the right tools & information, understanding “reaping as you sow” can change your life, protect & prosper you.

    Imagine if you put even half a days worth of your thoughts into your computer exactly as they happen in your mind, (EVERYTHING would accepted as merely being impersonal data) what might the end product look like?

    This mind computer can only calculate to include everything, right down to the type of emotion, Positive/ negative involved & the degree of emotion injected into each thought. Keeping up with your constantly changing stance.

    Its not so much a thought that gets you into trouble but the negative emotion your thought conjures up.

    Note how your line of thought swings in many directions, back & forth etc at a rapid rate.

    Your mind (within all your cells/atoms) is almost constantly under pressure to produce answers for your life based on your input & the input of others. (because you allowed it)

    If you would weed out the many thoughts that waste your time & threaten your health, not only would you find you have more control over your life, how people treat you, you will find you can even influence technology, that threatens you.

    I have always remembered reading in the bible (thought it was genesis but must have been removed) back in the 40s, something that added up to “the world can fall all around you but if you keep the faith you wont be harmed.” I thought this meant faith in god.

    Today I would translated this to say, refrain from becoming involved in `negatively guessing outcomes’ & `anticipations of ‘ etc. & you’ll be saved.

    Think of the many exceptions to the norm you have witnessed over years. I.E. someone falling from a plane, massive fires leaving one house standing, guns jamming, growing limbs etc. The seemingly impossible happens everyday somewhere & you will be amazed at what you will come up with when your back is against the wall & your mind not cluttered with fear & insecurity.

    Start practicing now by using affirmations frequently I.E. “I am in my perfect place at the perfect time” “This too will pass” I Do the perfect thing etc. Make up some to suit your situation.

    Even making what you think is a mistake can be simply A DETOUR SIGN if you dont rubbish yourself about it & make it a bigger deal thus missing the lesson.

    A paragraph from a book (cant recall the name) “Bless a thing & it will bless you” (think good) “Curse a thing (think negative) & it will curse you” Place your condemnation upon anything in life & it will bounce back & hurt you. `The Prosperity Secret of the Ages’ Catherine Ponder. How about that I remembered. Not bad since I’ve read many other books over the following 38 40yrs. That advice saved my life, literally.

    Why do you think it has been so important that TPTW are so anxious to keep us all in states of insecurity & fear.


    • Denise Ward says:

      I love your line of reasoning. Something I like to do is imagine that in every atom there are people on planets just like ours going about their days in their own particular ways. The same is true of planets outside our solar system. I’m sure too that the galaxy has seen many expressions of life, some like ours and some on the precipice like we are. I like to think that there is a family waiting for us just like a baby enters into when they are born. Because there could be people experiencing turbulence from my bad mood, I like to treat everything with calmness and respect, even inanimate things. This makes my world very full and never lonely. The trees especially are like stalwart friends. There is something about trees that is fascinating. Same with animals because they say nothing. But they feel. And I think they are also fascinated by humans. But we just shove them in the face and use them for our ends. Sometimes I’m pretty peeved with humans even though I am one myself. There are few who honor themselves, each other and all species and nature. It’s always about us. The animals see that too. But they are loving and pure and don’t see the sense in what we do, though they try to.

  9. ozziethinker says:

    One of your great posts, Jon.

    I have just completed my second book (A New World Order) of the Dimensions, Deceptions & Demons series. Well, hold that. Happily the introduction must be rewritten as much has been learned on the journey, but I think the final few paragraphs (unedited) will find synergy (from a very different angle) with what you had to say.

    “Zeta involvement after the time of Jesus is hard to quantify. I suppose these were the grey skinned beings of bestial appearance that often took leadership advisory roles according to the Vedic texts. The same beings are also given the synonym dark forces. Yet, we have hypothesised that just because they were described as “dark” does not mean they were malicious. Indeed, it seems it might be said they “meddled for good”. Another possible consideration, from the perspective of independent mind, is the darkest forces are Borg-style parasites apt at removing intellectual and other freedoms of individualism. Zetas have a “pooled” mind, so “Borg” describes them well. The Zeta Borg does compel itself to believe that the best for one must be the best for all, so (by virtue of communal collateral) independent mind is illogical. The critical difference in approach (to Ciakar ideology, for instance) is the Zeta would criticise a reptilian’s abusive autonomy, whereas the reptilian would lampoon a Zeta’s lack of taste. Humans, and to some degree Aryans, are caught in the middle. We are both critical of abusive autonomy and any lack of freedoms of expression (taste). Zetas create the (genuine) crop circles, although others (alien life forms) have produced their versions (either under license or in competition). It is poetic, considering the multi-level messages Zetas embed in their “humble” pictograms, those Aryans that had attempted to resoundingly destroy the dreaded Zeta merely ended up annihilating themselves. Readers have already been informed they (Zetas along with the other types) have such a big energetic connection to this planet it places them beyond destruction without finishing the Earth off. Even if this were to pass, it would only be reformed if Prime Source desired so.

    Zetas have continued to work with the Draco through muted alliances such as the Mantid network. Thus, we now have suitable ingredients for a new world order. We know there was bad blood between the ancient, genetically superior, Aryans and the Draco even though Version Seven man could be argued “new Ciakar”. Through Pleiadian genetic joint heritage, both types are conscientious beings. Battles of a past so deep, only fragments remain in inherence, saw an ideological incompatibility with the insects (original man) and the Aryans (harmonised genetic man), Billions of years ago when our entire solar system was a single giant planet somewhere in the Orion’s Belt things came to a head. The conflict embroiled those with simplest DNA versus custodians of the most complex gene catalogue in the universe.

    It is simplicity, the Zetas on the council (Arcturian Elders) that oversee progress of the Turaneusian Pattern elevating DNA that will ultimately decide the merits of complexity. It is the Zetas working in conjunction with the Draco that have activated the so-called “false matrix” in an attempt to quarantine man that has promoted opportunity for malicious historic scenarios that constantly repeat themselves. Of the seven so-called Jehovian Seals, the Zeta Seal was introduced to carnal man in 1748. This was frequency fence that tried to stop activation of the DNA 4th strand in humans by creating a discord between flesh and the higher selves as replica incarnations. Other Seals were implemented in the much more distant past, and there are opinions that the Biblical “Tower of Babel” account refers to a much earlier time (but not that early). In 3,470BC the Tower of Babel Seal was implemented having the effect of disorientating man’s natural telepathic abilities and, thus, destroying communion and making strangers out of the brethren. Most recently, the Philadelphia experiment and colossal disaster tried to unplug the Earth’s energy field from the sun in the attempted creation of a cocooned (false) holographic reality. An unlikely partnership has emerged. The two extremes, Zeta and Draco, have to come together to fix their problem of man and create a new world order.”


  10. Reblogged this on Sophia's Children and commented:
    Yes, yes, yes! So much of what we’re doing is re-discovering the magic of place, of Life, of our own beings, and the magic in all that’s around us. The magic is the Holy Divine … or at least the Holy Divine’s way of speaking to, playing with, guiding and Big Loving us!

    Thanks to my friend Molly Hall for sharing Jon’s post with me, and thanks to Jon for writing it … particularly the bit about the “inoculation of reality aimed at suppressing magic.”

    And so we remember it …

    Big Love,

  11. tim wallawee says:

    They didn’t have science, and they couldn’t formulate a “true and rational” religion with a church and monks and collection plate and a European choir and an array of pedophiles.
    why attack christianity? who did more ‘magic’ than jesus or moses or elijah. i guess your definition of magic is too vague.
    what do you mean by magic?
    this article is attacking religion and religion is based on miracles.
    are you talking about the magic that the elites do, the illuminati? black magic?
    the uninformed might not know that there is good and bad magic.

  12. Dimitri says:

    Jon seems to be using “magic” to mean anything in our own experience which is self-evidently true which defies material explanation. Black magic, I think, relies on the victim’s own fearful superstition in the face of someone’s bluff.

    • stlonginus says:

      Tell the people who’ve been (literally/bodily) sacrificed in black magic rituals that it was only their own fearful superstition that killed them.

  13. Melanie says:

    I believe there’s a solid (and perhaps biological) reason for the desire to see and/or experience “magic,” whatever one’s definition of that is. As a species, our creativity and flexibility are our strong suit (along with our intelligence). If we can’t imagine the next “unbelievable” thing, we’ll never be able to invent it. 😉 Mel at clearpanicaway

  14. Tony says:

    Great article.

    Interesting view on the schism of worldviews from a neurological perspective: (30m audio download).

    “Eminent psychiatrist Iain McGilchrist offers an ambitious, provocative thesis about how the brain’s two hemispheres came to be, and construct the world. Today there’s a power struggle being played out between the left and right brain that he argues is reshaping Western civilisation in disturbing ways.”

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