Sandy hook actors, robots, androids, television creations

Sandy Hook actors, robots, androids, television creations

by Jon Rappoport

January 21, 2013

First, I need to comment on a rumor that George Soros has been a key player in buying up gun manufacturers, with the intent of exercising “corporate gun control.”

Cerberus Capital Management, based in New York, owns a company called The Freedom Group. Freedom Group bought up Bushmaster Firearms, Remington Arms, and several other gun manufacturers.

So far, attempts to connect Soros to Cerberus or Freedom Group have fallen short. The NRA and state that Soros isn’t connected. If I find out otherwise, I will report it.

Right now, though, Freedom Group states it is getting out of the gun business. It is putting its stake up for sale.

That is highly significant. We are seeing disinvestment as an emerging strategy in the effort to reduce gun ownership. The plan is to convince more and more shareholders to walk away from their stake in gun and ammunition manufacturers, with the goal of starving these companies, destroying their stock-trading price on exchanges, and turning them into pariahs.

Disinvestment is a powerful approach. It applied huge pressure, for example, against apartheid, as private investors and funds disengaged themselves from any corporations doing business with South Africa.

Okay. On to the main subject of this article.

Online investigations of what really happened at Sandy Hook easily number in the thousands by now. Among other reporters, I have listed and described many contradictions and lies in the official scenario, and I’ve offered alternative explanations.

People have concluded:

no one was really killed in Sandy Hook, it was all faked;

the killings were real, but Adam Lanza wasn’t the shooter, he was the patsy;

Lanza was the killer, compelled by psychiatric drugs;

a Satanic group was behind the killings;

the federal government secretly contracted the killings in order to take guns away.

No matter what the conclusion, many of the investigations and analyses have turned up startling and useful information.

On YouTube, clips of Sandy Hook parents and teachers being interviewed reveal astonishing reactions and non-reactions that are light years away from what you would expect to see in the immediate wake of such a tragedy.

You can hear an important conversation between Jay Weidner and Jeff Rense on this subject. Some of the key interviews are referred to.

You can also look for YouTube interview clips featuring “the people of Sandy Hook”: Robbie Parker, the Sotos family, Sally Cox, H Wayne Carver, Gene Rosen, Kaitlin Roig, etc.

These are all people who were intimately involved and affected. Their reactions, non-reactions, strange behavior, inexplicable attitudes are stunning.

This is what I want to comment on.

First of all, you have to realize that only certain people get on television. That’s fact #1, and it’s a major key. Only certain people are interviewed.

Television is the filter through which we see.

Parents who are completely grief-stricken, who have fallen apart and are incoherent (which is what you would expect): not interviewed.

Parents who are very angry and outraged: not interviewed.

Parents who demand answers from a full investigation, who aren’t satisfied with the emerging media-controlled story line: not interviewed.

Then we have parents who are in a close-to catatonic state, or parents who refuse to be engaged by any media person, who feel any media contact is insane and invasive and massively insensitive: obviously not approached for an interview.

The same exclusionary “rules for appearing on television” can be applied to neighbors, teachers, other school personnel, and friends of families who had children at the Sandy Hook School.

We don’t see these people, because they aren’t on television. So making some vast generalization about all of Sandy Hook is sketchy at best.

Then, on top of that, television news people are creating a story line about what happened at the school and in the town, and they are finding people who will corroborate that plot line, or can be convinced by news producers to corroborate it. This further narrows the field of acceptable interviews.

The third important fact about how television shapes the event is provided by the interviewees who have never been on television before, but have watched thousands of television interviews. These people have a strong tendency to “act like people are supposed to act” when they are put on camera—which is to say, artificial.

That is generally what television does to the whole society. It presents artificial sequences of emotions and responses, phony from the ground up. It presents them on the news, in sitcoms, in dramas, in magazine shows, in cartoons, in ads, in sports programming.

Television creates a model of behavior that is androidal: flattened and cooked and bent and short-circuited and averaged out. This is what television gives us, and this is what many viewers accept. Not only accept, but IMITATE in their lives:

They speak like television, they act like television, they think like television, they admire what television admires. They learn how to behave from television. They learn what is appropriate from television.

In this sense, television is the Stepford Village. It invades a town during a tragedy, it sets up, it rolls out a story line that is independent from reality, and it cues selected people to be the robots who confirm that story line, no matter how grotesque the distortion.

Television invents its shoddy, mindless, false, lying, reduced, “normalized,” hyped version of life, and then people who watch television accept and imitate it.

I know you’ve just lost your daughter, and I can’t imagine how you feel at this moment, but you see, when we interview you, we want to honor her life. This is your chance to let people all over the world know what and who she was. Her spirit, her interests, her hobbies, what her friends felt about her. You can show the world how alive she was and how happy she was, and you can remember that and you can even smile…”

And the mother of that daughter hesitates, pauses, thinks about what she really feels, and then decides the television producer is right and she’ll go along with it.

Nevertheless, in the interviews with those people (and others) whom I’ve mentioned above, something else is also happening. Something beyond the pale. Something that includes the power and force and influence of television, but something that goes past that.

Disconnection from reality? Denial of reality? Yes. Something more? Yes.

Something inhuman. Something mechanical. As if, on some interior level, these people are programmed.

Programmed to do what?

To respond not as an individual, but as a “type of person.”

It’s as if these people have been manufactured, and the roles they’ve been outfitted with are grotesque cartoons.

As if they are machine-made cartoons. Something leaps out of them when they appear on television. They laugh, they smile, they act casual, they act “efficient” and stone-faced, they act placid and calm, they act polite, they act happy, they act as if they’ve been cast for a stage play that has nothing to do with the horrific events of the past hours and days in Sandy Hook.

They act as if they have no resource or experience that allows them to contact what they actually are. As if a wall has been built between what they are and how they are behaving.

In my opinion, this is a lot worse than if they had been (badly) trained at an actor’s school to intentionally provide material for an all-out hoax.

It’s a lot worse, because the manufactured front is their only reference point. They’re functioning robots. As such, it takes only minimal direction to move them to any chosen square on the media-controlled checkerboard.

How do I need to behave to fit myself into the situation as an acceptable person?” This is the guiding question they ask themselves. The answer plugs in immediately. It is always going to be wrong, because every situation is, to some degree, alive, and the answer dictates dead behavior. Machine behavior.

We need to understand that these extraordinary and stunning and bizarre interviews from Sandy Hook are mirrored in other places. For example, what are we to say about thousands of soldiers who are duped into a war that had no sane reason to exist in the first place?

But there the soldiers are, on the battlefield. They are living and breathing and mouthing sentiments that have absolutely nothing to do with the situation in which they have been placed.

The war has nothing to do with defense of the nation. It is cast in that false light. It is promoted as necessary. It is heralded as an opportunity to do service, to protect freedom, but those are gross lies.

Is a typical soldier in such a war going to look any less grotesque than one of those parents interviewed at Sandy Hook?

Here’s another situation. A news anchor is covering a major tragedy, like the murder of JFK or 9/11, and it dawns on him that there are gaping holes in the story, contradictions, lies. As the hours and the reports pile up, he becomes more sure that what actually took place was a conspiracy.

But he continues to sit at the news table and impart the official line. He keeps on going. In his case, he’s able to affect what everyone accepts as the “authoritative news voice,” but does that make his broadcasts any less grotesque, for those who can see, than the interviews at Sandy Hook?

I’m not saying that all the factors I’ve described in this article explain the actions of every person interviewed on television at Sandy Hook. In particular, two of the most egregious interviews, with Robbie Parker, father of a six-year-old girl who was killed in the school, and with H Wayne Carver, the Connecticut medical examiner, are mind-boggling.

First of all, you can confirm that Parker is a real person with a real background by searching Utah newspapers; e.g., The Deseret News. Parker is seen, in his now-famous interview, smiling broadly and chuckling and having a good time just prior to stepping in front of the microphone to make a public statement, at which point he huffs and puffs and tries to get into the character of a grieving father.

It’s hideous.

Carver, in response to press questions, not only gives absurd and completely inappropriate answers, he guffaws once or twice, as if he’s out of control.

In Carver’s case, I would say he’s covering up some gigantic medical lies about the case. He’s trying to dissemble and, underneath his shaky exterior, he’s very nervous and scared that something is going to jump out of the hopper and bite him hard. He’s at sea. He doesn’t know what to do. At moments, it looks as if he’s going to come apart at the seams.

In Robbie Parker’s case, the man is certainly acting when he tries to pass off his grief as real. But why and on what level? I can only guess and speculate and ask questions.

Was he a plant? For reasons unknown, was he inserted into the situation? Or was he programmed from an early age to believe implicitly in the religious notion that he and his family would always and forever be united, here and in the afterlife? Was that programming so deep that his attitude could never accept and countenance grief, even when his own child is killed?

But then I have to ask this. If by some miracle, we had been able to see interviews with ALL the parents who lost children at Sandy Hook, and with all the brothers and sisters; if we could see all the very human feelings and emotions that television takes away from us and hides, because their story line is geared to condition the public to the inhuman; if we could see, unvarnished and uncensored, everything the people of Sandy Hook felt and experienced; would we still think the whole town was demented and phony and nothing but a twisted act?

I don’t think so.

Whatever the truth is about the actual crimes and murders committed in that town, whatever the cover-ups, whatever the true operation that was mounted and carried out there, the role of television is central.

It is the prime programmer. It tells the false story. It obscures the truth. It hijacks the truth.

Television reduces the potential of life. It is the calculated average on display for the average viewer. It is the hyper-normal maniac at loose in society.

The people who own and run television for the masses are bringers of emotional disaster. They make a wasteland out of the hypnotic screen of reality.

Why are they successful?

They plug into a deep cynicism that underlies the robotic behavior and thought of millions of people.

This inner cynicism comes about because people already feel cut off from their own wide emotional range.

Television magnifies and exacerbates that disconnectedness.

People feel cut off from their own deeper currents because they are living lives and feeling emotions that go around and around in circles.

They see nowhere else to go. This sets the stage for dehumanization.

What’s missing in all this is the human faculty that can vault life up on to another level of brilliant success.

I’m talking about the creative faculty and force, the soul of imagination, from which people can invent realities that make television look like a discarded tissue in an old railroad station.

Because it comes down to this. If you don’t have the wherewithal to invent the realities you most deeply desire, someone else will do it for you. On their terms.

They will do it for you every time.

Some high priest, some dictator, generalissimo, president, elite news anchor, some numbers cruncher who sees this modern world as a playground in which to forward market research, will find the golden average, the emotional sweet spot on which the gobbling maggots can prey.

And when the individual creative force is tamped down, dampened, squeezed, and sat on, people will take what they can get.

The Matrix Revealed

I have no ax to grind here. The people who honestly conclude that Sandy Hook was one great hoax from the beginning and no one died; the people who conclude that Lanza was the patsy for professionals who did the killing at Sandy Hook Elementary School; the people who believe Lanza was the killer driven over the edge by psychiatric drugs: the people who believe the Sandy Hook killings were a secret-society operation or a black-ops horror designed to grab the guns of Americans; all these people will continue to explore their paths and they will unearth important information.

What I’m offering here is a perspective on how much of what we see is delivered to us through the twisted dehumanized lens of television, presented as if it is the whole picture and the whole story.

In Sandy Hook, what still remains off-camera, never seen, never mentioned, never named, never broadcast, never permitted to find the light of day? The answer is: whatever is spontaneously alive, whatever exceeds a simple series of machined reflexes.

The great goal of media and its controllers is mechanical reduction, so populations will accept whatever seems “more efficient,” more ordered, more systematic, more bureaucratic, more automatic, more predictable, more repetitive.

With that as the merciless foundation, the population will accept whatever comes down from the top as a command. The actual content of the command is unimportant.

The machine accepts instructions.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

56 comments on “Sandy hook actors, robots, androids, television creations

  1. dawnatilla says:

    Jon..I really am thankful for your presence. the importance of things being said JUST RIGHT…is invaluable…thank you again!!! <3

  2. dawnatilla says:

    FormerWhiteHat suggests there were actual clones.

  3. London Riots says:

    on the mark

  4. Karla says:

    The media circus was a very crafty psy-op…I think everything that was shown was on purpose so the activists that are fighting for truth appear to be the ones that are inhumane and just plain crazy for daring to question the event. Just looking at all the comment threads is very telling of what they sought to accomplish. The agents of Darkness are very busy these days 🙁

  5. AndyB says:

    That is one of the most lucid things I’ve read about television to date, almost incidentally also explaining and in some way reducing the significance of the weird interviews of Sandy Hook people.

  6. Harold Smith says:

    To determine if something is a “conspiracy”, you have to look at the big picture, don’t you? The inexplicable behavior of the people we saw on the TeeVee is only aspect part of this “story”.

    What about the fact that everyone who laid eyes on the shooter was allegedly killed. How does that compare with other school shootings, e.g., Columbine, where two shooters killed 13 and wounded 23 (IIRC)? Usually lots of people are only wounded. Why not here? Was the shooter such a steely-nerved, expert marksman that he was able to get perfect fatal shot placement on a buch of people, presumably some of which would be trying to run away?

    And what about the demonstrably false statement of the “school nurse”; i.e., “Adam Lanza’s Mother was a kindergarten teacher”, or something like that? Why would someone who supposedly worked at the school for 15 years (or whatever it was) make an incorrect statement like that? It makes no sense.

    And what about the alleged shooters background? SUpposedly he was a vegetarian – vegan actually – who didn’t want to hurt animals. What are the chances that someone on this kind of a spiritual plane would do what he’s accused of doing? How many vegans have turned out to be mass-murderers?

    And why would the shooter trouble himself to destroy his computer hard drive? So as to not implicate himself? That’s ridiculous. That’s like Mohammed Atta checking baggage onto a suicide flight. It makes no sense.

    And why the changing story line regarding the weapons allegedly used? He either had the rifle with him in the school or he didn’t. How can that issue have become so utterly confusing?

    Lastly, where’s the video from the school’s video security cameras? Why can’t we see the video, or even a single relevant frame of it (with any “victims” digitally obscured if necessary)? The video would either show a wild-eyed Adam Lanza with an AR15 in his hands or it wouldn’t. There’s no legitimate reason to withhold that evidence.

    It’s just a little too convenient that anyone who would’ve seen the shooter died, and we can’t see the video, isn’t it?

    You can take any one aspect of this, unlikely though may seem, and maybe rationalize it (like you did with the people we saw on the TeeVee), yes, strange things do happen, and some people are just strange. The problem happens when you start stringing a bunch of such unlikelyhoods together…to end up with a collectively preposterous narrative, just like the official 9/11 story.

    Clearly, in this case, they’re lying. And as far as I’m concerned, if they’re lying about any one aspect of this, then it’s all a lie.

  7. D'Rosemont says:

    Even if we do manage to keep our 2nd Amendment rights, what good does the right to keep and bear arms do against Chemtrails, TSA, Smart Meters, GMOs, Fluoride, Vaccines, Chips, CCTVs, no more right to Free Speech, etc., etc. and the list is becoming endless. We can’t use firearms against those explicit things, so what do we do to stop all this? We need massive walk-outs from our cities, and peaceful non-compliance to the matrix system. Live off the grid and out of the system, but how many will?

  8. hybridrogue1 says:

    Bon Jon,

    Excellent, and a essential perspective on the most dangerous weapon in the hands of the system; TELEVISION.


  9. Harold Smith says:

    I forgot to say something: It seems one technique often used in psyops is to deliberately throw out some misleading – even absurdly so – information (which may or may not be partly or fully retracted later as an “honest mistake”) to plant “seeds” in the targets’ minds.

    Usually when there’s a mass shooting somewhere – in real life that is – there’s some kind of a connection between the shooter and the place
    where he starts shooting; dispute with boss and/or coworkers; dispute with family member or ex-wife who works there, etc.

    Thus I can understand why they would plant the false story that there was some kind of an “altercation” involving Adam Lanza, in the school’s administrative office, the previous day. In this context, the false information from the “school nurse” about Adam Lanza’s Mother being a teacher there also makes “sense”. To make things sound plausible, they needed to connect the shooter to the school somehow.

    Perhaps the role played by the “school nurse” interviewed on TeeVee might be analogous to the role played by Hyman Brown, of 9/11 fame, who appeared on NBC TV on the day of 9/11/01, and was falsely introduced as the “architect” and the “project engineer” of the WTC towers. And of course Brown went on make a series of demonstrably false statements about the design and construction of the towers – which he had nothing to do with, but pretended otherwise, in front of the camera, therby planting the seeds of “plausibility” (that “fire” brought down the buildings) based on his “authority”.

    They did the same thing with regard to Osama bin Laden and 9/11…what with all the little “hints” beforehand, e.g., “everything is blinking red”…”Al Qaeda poised to strike”; “bin Laden planning something big on U.S. soil”…blah…blah…blah, then when something happened, they’d already conditioned the target audience to subconsciously associate 9/11 with Osama bin Laden. We don’t need an investigation, we know (and you do too because we’ve been hinting for months) who did this.

  10. kpow says:

    On the subject of divestment in gun and ammo companies, how many of these companies also cater to the US military and other armed Govt. bodies?
    If it’s a lot, then how will disinvestment help the globalists, since they want civilian disarmament but also need the military and other tools of oppression and one-world government?

    Just asking.

    Maybe one answer to major disinvestment in these companies is for the little people to buy shares. This could be organized more easily then ever in this day and age of connectivity.

    On the main topic of this article — I learned from it. There were things I didn’t think of, eg the way TV is used to literally program people.
    One possibility it seems to me is that Sandy Hook was partly real and partly faked? What do you think?

  11. matrix_reboot says:

    In a lot of ways a total fake is the only way for the plot to succeed. All it takes is one angry Mom or Dad on Alex Jones asking questions to create a PR nightmare for the Powers That Be.

    If it was a real black ops false flag, a small but non-zero percent of the relatives would be all over the alternative media.

  12. Cosmic says:

    This writing is so on target. The Elite have studied us for so long and they have obviously made great inroads into the masses dehumanization process which Rappoport has referred to. This kind of behind the veil journalism you won’t see in the so-called main stream media, but it should be. How do we present a more hopeful parallel reality than the one that is imposed upon this 3D existence? Keep on analyzing the enemy like Jon Rappoport.

  13. Doretta Wildes says:

    A bull’s eye. Thanks, Jon.

  14. Kevin from Tampa says:

    No more critical thinking skills. The automitom model and masses waiting for their cue, is a powerful one. I would also add that few in our society ever perform much-in-the-way of self awareness or self inventory of ones make-up or morals, trates, strengths, weaknesses. Very little awareness of self, and very little ability to spiritually grow. Mere children, very immature – but I just may becoming a grumpy old man…

  15. Will Jones says:

    The many web and FB pages uploaded to gather donations and condolences PRIOR to the day of the Sandy Hook incident prove it was staged.

  16. Watchful Eye says:

    Considering they hold all the cards and info, I think “our side” is doing a damn good job.

    I’ve recently run across some very damning info that people have dug up with few resourses like MSM have, just using common sense and thinking things through and netwroking with others who are digging.

    AbleDanger is in the mix now along wth Joyce Riley some Veteran Military Investigators and just everyday Jacks and Jills. slammed CNN for using a false video from another school drill and calling it Sandy Hook just couple of days ago. There was not one comment reflecting their side. I don’t watch any TV anymore, so I don’t get any of their programming, and I really don’t believe alot of people trust them for their news anymore anyhow!
    More and more people are going to alternate news, this has been reported even by the MSM.

    Our information doesn’t have the exposure that they have either. One video alone is over 15million views on Youtube and he has put out another with info people have contacted him with. Some of commenters say negative things ( along with the trolls ) but still it has to make them start thinking a bit, some of them at least. We can hope 🙂

    The US dollar will collapse, there is no way they can stop this from happening. The damage is done and since 2008 they have been using duct tape in the form of QE to hole it up. Bernake has QEed it to death and the Banksters and Gov is scared to death for the people to have guns when this happens.

    Once they take our Human right to protect ourselves then the Constitution will be completely shredded. They are aleady working on our freedom of speech with this op. The Conspiracy Theory people should not have a voice. Got news for them.. we do have a voice and we are going to use it as long as we can.

    Jeff and Jay don’t want to come off as callous. I listened to the show the night they talked about it. Jeff has a website that is well engrained and can only go so far with his listeners. I can understand that, it is his livelyhood and he is raising a child alone.

  17. Axiom says:

    Jon you are a master seer

  18. Greg says:

    I am ashamed of myself for having discovered you so late. (It’s not like I wasn’t looking!) Although I’ve only been reading you for a scant month or so, it has became deliciously obvious to me that you have dismantled this (un)Great American Media Deception like no one before you. Yes, Alan Watt is also a master in this realm but, with all due respect to him, he’s not the communicator that you are.

    Although I’ve been aware for much of my adult life what these media turds have been up to, it’s only in the last few years that I’ve become enraged enough by their treason to actually make sense of it to myself through my own written word. For years I’ve taken it as gospel that to be relevant (or even competent) as a writer, one has to “write about what you know”. This is a steaming load of crap.

    Then I heard that to make a serious stab at even BEGINNING to write, one has to “write what you are PASSIONATE about”. That clicked. THAT was the key to, not only wanting to write, but HAVING to write. And by this I will do whatever I can to expose these corporate media vermin to the light of day.

    I’ve said nothing here that you haven’t known for decades, but I had to babble all of that to say this: You have inspired me.

  19. plushown (michael mcintyre) says:

    Psy-op yes. Immediate result of this and others is meteoric gun and ammo sales and lots of brouhaha about gun control and 2nd amendment. But the sales of high ticket good margin items to civilians and “government” are the moola result, thus a major part of the purpose.

  20. boris says:

    One can feel that something was missing in those people, and that something is the Soul component. Psychopaths do not have it (many of them hold high positions in governments, media, multinational corporations, military etc.), aliens do not have it, clones do not have it…

    They can only mimick real (souled) people. And, souled people are pretty much disconnected from this component, however, they still have a feeling that something was wrong, but their Mind component, conditioned as it is, is not able to rationalize that.

    Italian scientist Dr Corrado Malanga mentioned in one of his lectures, based on more than 40 years research, that clones/copies were heavily used by the military and other entities.

    Link for the transcript of the lecture:

  21. gaybird says:

    Okay, media manipulates, but what is being manipulated is the larger question. None of the people who are witnesses or victims of Sandy Hook that have been seen thus far seem at all legitimate and to try explaining it away as media “filtering” does not address the central issue.

    The central issue being that it would be impossible to “filter” all legitimate response of the victims of this event unless it was a non-event posing as an event or something even more sinister.

    The hedging I keep hearing smacks of fear. Fear of the truth and of maybe being wrong, but equally of maybe being right. This whole thing stinks. That’s a fact.

    It’s not just people trying to behave as others think they should or they imagine they should, it’s more than societal peer pressure. This goes deeper and simply blaming the media is like blaming the toxic content of a twinkie on the wrapper.

    To try to explain it away without demanding the facts is cowardice.


  22. Elizabeth Ely says:

    Brilliant analysis. But for a piece that laments the absence of real reporting, it lacks a whole lot of real reporting. How about taking the next plane to Connecticut and checking it out? How about you, Jon Rappoport, doing those interviews not selected for television? In fact, all those theories about whether it’s a “red flag event” could be proved or disproved in one afternoon of hanging around the place, because surely there would be people who knew people who knew those kids and parents and have a few things to say in their off-camera voice. If those kids and parents don’t exist, then all the townspeople would be telling the story rather second-hand, as if they only saw it on TV.

  23. Janice Greer says:

    The world is the stage. Plausible Deniability(IGNORANCE of FACTS). One of the first things you learn as an writer, an actor, or one who pratice law is “Action derives motive of Character”. What is the character of the person? Is the person character one of HONOR or Dishonor? Somehow, Somewhere we have lost HONOR and TRUTH. Truth is devine. To answer that question one might have not only look into the mirror, but step into the mirror and look from the other side. To change the world, change has to begin within oneself. Nothing magic about a mirror. If I look into a mirror I can see the past, present and future. Who I was, who I am now, and what my character could be in the future. UCC code, the buying and selling of souls. Who holds your title? If your strawman only had a brain. For this system to work you have to have the blind and the deaf(poor and ignorant). Time to put a stop to the selling and buying of souls. Its time for you to claim your title from the Landlords and Masters, TPTB. Time to free the mind and claim your title. My Father is TRUTH, with TRUTH comes my LIBERTY(my LIBERTY IS NO WHORE to be bought and sold), with LIBERTY comes my FREEDOM. I was not lost at sea, but I am a FREEMAN on the land. The code I choose to live by is the code of TRUTH and HONOR.

  24. Di, Cerrillos, NM, USA says:

    I admire someone who can sift and sort and find the nugget of truth. Like the little girl who just knew there was a pony to find in the pile of manure.
    Good job, Jon
    Thank you for your talent to report truth even when others
    fear to tread. The rewards for ‘going along’ are great.
    You have risen above earthly rewards.

  25. John Lee says:

    In any court trial, a jury of people exactly like these internet readers is required to judge the evidence. If there is no evidence to convict, the defendant must be found Not Guilty. No testimony is ever allowed by someone who was not an eyewitness to the crime in progress, especially cops. No police press spokesperson is ever allowed to testify in court, since they have no knowledge if what they say is true or false. Pentagon’s declassified Operation Northwoods required fake funerals for actors who didn’t die in fake terror attacks, yet this fact is almost never mentioned by “Truthers” who allege it’s insane to think Sandy Hook was not only a false flag (Hitler’s Opperation Himmler to invade Poland), but a fake flag (Gulf of Tonkin to invade Vietnam). Northwoods is the #1 most-censored 2 words on TV. Like 9/11 and 7/7, CT FEMA had a school shooting drill nearby at the same time as the alleged ‘shootings’. proudly brags it fakes school shootings for profit. Zero physical evidence has been presented of any shooting — no photos or videos of bullet holes, blood, wounded victims, nor corpses. State cops assigned to each family for the sole purpose of keeping media away, the same cops who spend 99% of their time arresting and tazing little old ladies for driving 1 mph over the speed limit and raping women on the side of the road in body cavity searches during routine traffic stops. All cops are required to lie as condition of employment, no cops are under oath to tell the truth unless they are in a courtroom (where they ‘testilie’ as cops call it). Zero eyewitness exists to identify any alleged shooter. Adam Lanza weighed 110 pounds but allegedly carried 100 pounds of guns and ammo, while the rifle was left in the car of a convicted felon police informant (Adam had no car to get to the school). Adam Lanza was so disabled he could not go to the bathroom by himself, yet he allegedly performed ‘better’ than 99% of US Special Forces soldiers in Obama’s current dozen illegal wars. Social Security names Adam Lanza as dead 1 day before the ‘shootings’ at Sandy Hook, and most of his family hadn’t seen him in 2 years. An armed ‘off-duty’ SWAT cop was arrested hiding in the woods during the ‘shootings’. There’s never a trial in these ‘lone nut’ cases, and the files are always classified Top Secret. In Operation Fast and Furious Obama gave 20,000 “assault” weapons to the Mexican mafia that chopped heads off 1000s of cops, politicians, judges, prosecutors, beauty queens and journalists, as a false-flag attack to bans guns in USA. Communist China ordered Obama to ‘declare war’ on Americans and thier right to self defense, the same China that fills sports stadiums of people to watch police line up religious prisoners and shoot them in the head. The same Communist China that owns Fox News since 1999 when Austarian Rupert Murdoch married Communist Party intelligence agent Deng Wen Di and moved to Bejing. The serial killers are in charge. Coincidence Theory? Perhaps 20 victims where shot and killed in Sandy Hook, which govt is certainly capable and eager to do, but the public have seen zero credible evidence of that alleged shooting. I must thus render a verdict for Adam Lanza of NOT GUILTY.

  26. Nora says:

    Brilliant observations, but what do we do about it? How do we begin dismantling the matrix designed and implemented by psychopaths?
    Do we stop them financially? Legally? Spiritually? Simply understanding isn’t enough, we need a plan to eradicate the evil ones for the good of society so that we can get busy leading our lives without the constant stress, fear and oppression they impose.

  27. Sean says:

    They even have a drug now to prevent “unintentional” laughing and crying. Is there such a thing as intentional laughing and crying?

    Americans just aren’t robotic enough!

  28. Doug Jones says: – now there is a reputable site. what a joke.

  29. Russell says:

    “Or was he programmed from an early age to believe implicitly in the religious notion that he and his family would always and forever be united, here and in the afterlife? Was that programming so deep that his attitude could never accept and countenance grief, even when his own child is killed? ”

    I’m a Mormon. I still live in Utah, my home state, still active in my faith. This is nonsense, official Church doctrine is that families can be together, not will be. Parker’s response is not anything I’ve ever seen in the Church, no one I’ve known that has lost a child has acted that way. We’re human, a death of a loved one is devastating, a child’s senseless murder would be unthinkable.

    Something else is going on with him that cannot be simply explained away by his religious upbringing.

  30. Rog says:

    If we are that easily programmed, that easily disconnected from ourselves, that easily conned, I see little hope for the future.

  31. Hermies says:

    Until the truth is revealed, all theories are on the table, and no drooling drug-enhanced coroner or fat-pig police bully can tell us otherwise. The chances of us “peasants” ever finding out the real story is slim, so I say have at it! Me, I’m still waiting for the real story behind JFK, so I ain’t holding my breath for 9/11 or Sandy Hook…

  32. Anonymous says:

    That interview with the school nurse conducted with former Clinton minion George “Stephy” Stephanopoulous was a prime example of this phony TV reality. The nurse did act like a robot and Boy George was, as they say,leading the witness by not asking questions but making statements that the nurse would agree to. They certainly didn’t want any uncomfortable facts slipping out. And these reporters never ask probing questions about the circumstances of events. They only ask about what the person was feeling. All of Corporate Media is a psyop.

  33. PAUL LEO FASO says:


    The monsters from Tavistock and the spoon benders from black-ops within our State, Local and Federal Agencies use the T.V. to move this nation daily. Weave into this sick network, the F.C.C. licensing power and the foreign interests behind American media and you have a devil’s brew that has infected a whole nation to believe anything, as long as it is presented on T.V.

    Try these facts out to see this propaganda work all the way through from 9/11, Osama Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty to “Sandy Hoax”.


    They are not even close to ending this nightmare, so don’t think this is the last move they have scripted, stand ready for the next move on the board.

  34. George Tirebiter says:

    Jon, Your comments on the machine-think generated and re-enforced by TV is dead on.
    Could some of the roots of this robotic presentation have come from the military-industrial state that we’ve been living in for at least the last 70 years?
    Much of the robotic, emotionally empty, machine think comes directly from the military’s brainwashing and training of it’s cannon fodder recruits.
    The schools and corporations have adopted the same sort of mentally and emotionally stunted training of their future or current wage slave ‘human resources’.
    In order for school children to avoid punishment and for corporate wage slaves to retain their positions in the typical corporation, it is imperative that they refrain from questioning the ‘received wisdom’ or from expressing valid emotion in the classroom or on the job. This goes particularly for any anger or outrage at the circumstances they often find themselves in while performing their required work duties.
    Just as in the military, information and orders are to be followed without question or reaction.
    The result is widespread mental and emotional deadness in the population, which as you said, is re-enforced by TV.
    As long as we are a Military-Industrial based society this situation is unlikely to improve and evidence shows so far that it only getting more exaggerated over time.

  35. […] Sandy hook actors, robots, androids, television creations […]

  36. Concerned says:

    Excellent articles and comments – wow. We need this kind of open-ended discourse instead of just people telling others in an authoritarian tone “this is what really happened”. Also, interesting link to Nuedexta – although it seems to be for people suffering from Lou Gehrig’s Disease and MS, who knows what it does when given to “normal” (?) folks…

  37. rkae says:

    Harold Smith:

    I think there’s a very simple explanation for Mohammad Atta checking luggage on a suicide flight: he might have to cancel the mission (for any of a hundred reasons) and try it again on another date. In that case, he’d have to fly to his destination as a regular traveller.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Did you see the photo of Vicky Soto, where she is sitting on the lawn and there is a white haired man in the background giving an illuminati or Devil horns sign? Isn’t it weird that at Obama’s gun control bill signing, that he mentioned a picture on of the victims drew him, An Owl. Isn’t it funny how Anderson Cooper got an Owl too. ( The Owl is the symbol of all seeing night vision, seeing what the masses can’t). What about the letter a little girl victim wrote to Obama before she died telling him all she wanted was for him to have gun control and only the police and military should have guns. It’s overly grotesque and blatent cockyness.

  39. jdlockerJLOC says:

    Go to google and search for pictures of the murdered teacher with keywords like “soto sandy hook satan” Do you see the picture with a man in the background flashing the satanic hand sign? How would you explain this? To me it tells the whole story of just how fake this whole thing was and who is calling the shots

  40. […] I’ve recently been writing about the corrosive effect of television on the national psyche, and how media depictions of tragedies, like the Sandy Hook murders, are geared to create artificial story lines divorced from reality. […]

  41. Goliath says:

    Any mainstream media STORY that has NO PHOTOS, NO VIDEOS and NO LIVING WITNESSES is FAKE. Of that, we can be CERTAIN.

    If you watch major media for any factual information, you are out of your mind. I watch OCCASIONALLY to keep tabs on the ENEMY, nothing more. I do not believe ONE SINGLE WORD uttered from their VILE, LYING MOUTHS.

  42. C. Burkey says:

    You nailed it. Nailed it. It’s what made me get rid of TV in 89.

    And then there’s the Computer Life. Millions of people all around the world so desperate to communicate with those who are not zombified by the impersonality of everything, turning to their computers to communicate, because so few in the here and now even know how to be human anymore.
    I love the computer because it –like books–puts me in touch with those who are still reacting like human beings to the very scary things going on in the world. I love the computer because I feel less alone, with people like Jon Rappoport for company. But Jon Rappoport is not here. I’ll probably never have an in person conversation with him. What I am seeing is people everywhere talking into their computers because so many people around them don’t know how to communicate anymore about vital issues. Not only that, they’re barely present even walking on the street (can’t even look up when they cross even though cars are flying to look at that smartphone).
    With computers, and constant travel/commuting, there is little left resembling any kind of community. This is why I’m curious about the Amish and how they live. I’m not Christian but their refusal to be ruled by technology is fascinating to me.
    I wonder if it’s different with them.

    This has been going on for so long that it seems normal to everyone. That’s the scariest part of all.

  43. Jeff Prager says:

    Global Cyber Warriors
    and the Information Operations Road Map of 2003
    (signed by Rumsfeld, pursued by Panetta)
    ~ by Jeff Prager

    Never Let A Crisis Go To Waste

    Across the globe, here in the USA as well as in Iran and everywhere else planet-wide, students are learning to rifle through trash, hack digital networks and plant false information on the internet. Stalking people is part of the curriculum in the Global Cyber Corps. New recruits also learn to write computer viruses, crack passwords, plant listening devices and mine data from cell phones and flash drives even after they’re broken. The Los Angeles Times article [1] posted on November 22nd stated that all “cyber warriors” are trained to plant false information on Facebook. That means that at any given time the USA, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Israel, the UK, Russia or any of over 200 other countries might be posting propaganda on your page in the form of comments and posts.

    The cyber war is a war for your mind, your thoughts, the very person you are.

    A major strategy of American Cyber Warriors and the Cyber Corps is that “public affairs officers brief journalists”. In 2005 we saw that the Pentagon paid the Lincoln Group, a private company, to plant “hundreds of stories” in Iraqi papers to support US policy there. Earlier in 2003 we saw the Pentagon plant retired career officers across the American media as political consultants who appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN and the alphabet soup of US news sources. We weren’t told about their intimate connections to SAIC, Boeing, Raytheon and the Pentagon itself.

    What about Cyber Warriors here in the USA right now? Almost two weeks ago I penned an essay about Mike Powers. Joyce Riley interviewed Mike Powers on January 16th in what was called a “Sandy Hook Special Investigation”. I sat down and typed out what Mike Powers said during the interview which gave me a transcript of the interview and I deconstructed what Mike was saying. He was lying and he was lying about everything. But his lies were carefully crafted and they weren’t the lies of a lunatic. They were the lies of Americas Cyber Warriors.

    Six hours after I posted that essay where I made it quite clear that Powers was lying my entire credit report was posted in comments to my page, with links, along with my arrest record and past due child support. An actual effort to discredit me was made and one that wasn’t that easy to accomplish. I’d already written several essays about my arrests and child support so it didn’t bother me. It’s that it happened. I was attacked by a cyber warrior. It wasn’t the first time. It won’t be the last.

    A Test Of The American Cyber Network

    It’s the 21st century and we need to test our cyber network, right? For goodness sakes people we test everything! We’ve recently been reading about FEMA drills (system tests) because they’ve been a popular topic of conversation since Sandy Hook. We know our government tests everything until it’s been tested completely and they test it again, and again. Governments test things, over and over again.

    I’m sure many of you have been startled by the “Test Of The American Broadcasting System”; no one could have chosen a worse sound to associate with a television warning system. If that sound doesn’t get your attention you’re already dead. Sandy Hook got my attention. When Sandy Hook happened I was also cyber-connected to a large group of well known alternative media personalities-people you know and people I know personally and people we both have relied upon for information with which to form our opinions.

    I relied on these people to some degree.

    As Sandy Hook unfolded I was able to get an intimate glimpse of cyber warriors in action. Everyone that pushed the line that Sandy Hook is a staged event was a cyber warrior testing the American Cyber Warfare System. Anyone who legitimately believed the Sandy Hook lies can’t be blamed. Various governments have been waging cyber wars of sorts for a decade or more and figuring out the truth isn’t the simple task it might once have been. Sandy Hook was a test alright. It tested the Cyber Warfare System. Feedback was collected and refinements will be made.

    Whose Real?

    We’ve seen a small segment of society generally referred to as the “truther movement” get captured by Sandy Hook cyber warriors. It’s difficult if not impossible to distinguish between a real person and a cyber warrior unless of course you know someone personally. I’ve had 3 people from Facebook come to visit me, all of them more than once and Jeff Lizan is here this weekend for the third time. I’ve enjoyed many dozens of hours of phone conversations with other people. I can list about 30 people I can trust on Facebook based on years of cross-commentary, posts and personal relationships which means I don’t know the majority of people here.

    I don’t know who’s real. I do know and have personally encountered people that are operating with an agenda. We’re observing a cyber warfare test with Sandy Hook. A government or agency of some type with a preselected and pre-approved plan inserted or “cognitively infiltrated” [2] the various so-called “truther” or “conspiracy” groups with false and misleading data planted selectively in the media. Those false stories were then fanned by cyber warriors across the internet with their blog posts, video links and commentary.

    Dozens Go Viral – Rapid Is The Key

    We had dozens of videos go viral of allegedly “fake” people which were implying that people at Sandy Hook were paid “crisis actors” simply playing a part. A great many people saw through this quickly but we were inundated during a period of 30 days with dozens more Sandy Hook anomalies. The thought of “fake people” stuck in some peoples minds. Many people found an anomaly or two to hang on to. Some were very convincing. “The ability to rapidly disseminate persuasive information to diverse audiences in order to directly influence their decision-making”, as Rumsfeld said, [3] has now clearly been achieved.

    The key here is to “rapidly disseminate persuasive information” and that phrase rests heavily on the word “rapidly”. The goal is to be able to respond immediately, almost instantaneously, and testing a rapid response system on the American public and especially so-called “truther” and “conspiracy groups” is what we just experienced. Americas Cyber Warriors, in action in the homeland, using the Sandy Hook crisis for the testing grounds [4]. Never let a crisis go to waste [5].

    References You Should Read

    1. Cyber Corps program trains spies for the digital age. LA Times, November 22, 2012

    2. Conspiracy Theories by Cass R. Sunstein & Adrian Vermeule, January 15, 2008

    3. Information Operations Roadmap – October 2003 – Donald Rumsfeld

    4. Who’s Faking It? Pentagon “Cyber-Warriors” Planting “False Information On Facebook”

    5. Paul Romer is credited with the quote, “A crisis is a terrible thing to waste.” which he said during a November 2004 venture-capitalist meeting in California. Rahm Emmanuel made the words famous.

  44. madmelly says:

    Great article. There is one thing that I’d like to add, that I’m not sure if many people know about it. If you do a death record search for Adam Lanza, it says he died on Dec. 13th. How did he die a day before he supposedly went on a shooting spree? Not to mention all the FB pages for the victims, that were also created a day before the actual shooting.

  45. Ken says:

    According to the SOCIAL SECURITY DEATH INDEX, the supposed shooter “Adam Lanza” died on December 13, 2012 which is 1 day PRIOR to the shooting event.on December 14, 2012.

  46. Jet says:

    I am very fortunate to have found this web site. Jon is brilliant in his analysis of the elite media. They have captured so many minds in their vortex of lies, that it is like we are all in a trance. I reject the media elites’ deceit, contradictions, ambiguities, omissions and comtempt that they use to cover up the governments’ barbaric, socialistic agenda. However, in my opinion, they are starting to lose their edge. They are sloppy and inept in events about Benghazi for one.

    I will only watch TCM . The weather channel even makes me scream. My next step should be to cut the cable.

    I admire and was intriqued by the man who gave up tv in 1984, saying that he finds it “shocking”, like “hell on earth”( I often think that myself). The toxicity that he talks about, tells me just how powerful the trance is for most of us. This seemingly harmless invention can strip away a persons’ innocence, wisdom and autonomy.
    But now our children are who matter the most. We must BAN TELEVISION! Let the media elite put that in their pipes and smoke it. People need to stop watching the network news, at least, and stop feeding off of it. The networks must be brought down. Letters/ emails need to flood the networks and their celebrity news men and women, expressing outrage at the biased, propaganda coverage they try to sell us, as they perpetrate ridiculous stories and lies to cover up their socialistic/police state agenda, and earn huge salaries as a reward. The U.S. is devolving! And we need to stop the madness no matter how hard the fight. We need sanctifyng grace/ God by our side to lead us in this fight.

  47. Chris says:

    Very good and thought provoking article.

    I highly suspect this whole thing is a distraction, while something big (and bad) is in the works and will manifest very soon.

  48. C. Burkey says:

    @Jeff Prager, thanks for those links.

  49. sera says:

    On the day of the sandyhook massacre, i dreamt of the event from the otherside of the planet. I know this to be the case because of key components symbols in the dream. I will not going into a full disclosure of the dream here. I was deeply shocked by the experience, and then to wake and find this remote witnessing was even an even deeper shock.

  50. V.E.G. says:

    Hard to believe, after the two shootings of Columbine and Sandy Hook, Dana Plato died after Columbine, while Conrad Bain died after Sandy Hook! Ironically, Charlotte Rae’s first name is the very same first name of the first in alphabetical order, Charlotte Helen Bacon!

  51. flyingtigercomics says:

    The documentary Evidence of Revision makes it painfully obvious that History May Be Revised Even As It Is Written, as the film maker puts it.

    We may not have yet arrived at the truth of it all, but Sandy Hook looks much more like a black op or a Process Church thrill kill kult slaying (note the “people dressed as priests and nuns”) stopped in a van etc. than it does the traditional but never confirmed in reality “lone gunman”. There is the shadow of one or more “second shooters” lingering over this.

  52. general power of attorney form florida free says:

    On the first week of Christmas, my Kafkaesque love sent to me; five satanic stalagmites! Four 300-year-old goatherds, three lactose-intolerant knights, two pirated staples and an income-tax form in a pumpkin.

  53. […] I wrote about this subject after the Sandy Hook murders, and it applies to the Aurora massacre as well. […]

  54. […] I wrote about this subject after the Sandy Hook murders, and it applies to the Aurora massacre as well. […]

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