Sandy Hook: how television takes your guns

Sandy Hook: more television brainwashing using guests as fodder

by Jon Rappoport

December 30, 2012

Somebody has to write about these things. Since I’ve worked as a reporter for 30 years, I know enough about how the game is rigged.

I’m talking about the big mass tragedies. Sandy Hook, the Aurora theater, Hurricane Sandy, Katrina.

Many of the interviews with survivors are done on the spot, with no prep. But the biggest interviews are done in a television studio or a home, by a recognized anchor. The setting is arranged beforehand and lit well. A mood and a framework are established.

The guests are prepped by one of the producers before they go on-air. This is where the brainwashing occurs. A potential conflict needs to be resolved. The network has its agenda and the guest has his.

The guest is swimming in a welter of emotions, in the wake of the tragedy. A family member has died. The environment of the storm or the murders is still chaotic.

The network wants to “edit” these feelings, “to convey something specific.”

The producer says to the guest, “What we want to do here is let our audience know how special your daughter was. How wonderful a person she was. We realize, of course, that you’re grieving. We understand and honor that. We do. In this interview, we really want to give you a chance, though, to tell the world what a special girl she was. Talk about her life, her interests, her hobbies, how she was thought of by the family and by friends at school. Honor her memory…”

Now, this may be the last thing on the guest’s mind. This grieving mother may be feeling angry, outraged. She is feeling absolutely desolate. She is feeling lost. Given the opportunity, she would express these feelings.

But this is not what the network or the anchor wants. The “program” at the moment involves “reflection on the happy moments of the child’s life.” It’s part of the pre-set storyline.

At this moment, for this grieving mother, the happy moments are the farthest thing from her mind. But who cares? She’s just fodder for the network’s agenda.

And if the producer is skillful enough, he can gently convince the mother that she should devote four minutes of commercially sponsored national television to “a celebration” of her dead child’s life.

Suddenly, it makes sense to the profoundly confused, profoundly searching mother. Yes. Why not? Why not go along with the program? She’ll have a video clip about her wonderful daughter forever. A scrapbook memory.

Under no circumstances, of course, will the producer or the anchor permit the mother to go on camera and show outrage and anger. That’s verboten. That cuts too close to the bone. That doesn’t fit the mandatory sequence of horror, shock, loss, grief, healing, resolution, celebration of a life lost.

The whole sequence is artificial. It’s imposed. It’s orchestrated. It’s a stage play, produced in great part through interviews with guests who have suffered loss and who are “real.”

Except they’re not. They’re programmed to deliver what the networks want.

And behind all this? Behind the mandatory spooled-out story line, which takes days to reveal in full, on television? The concealed anomalies and lies and contradictions in the commission of the crime and the ensuing cover-up.

The network story line hides as much of that as possible.

This is why the interview-prep is so important. Here is where the guests, before they go on camera, are nudged into the right slot, are shown what to focus on, are brainwashed into doing something they would never do.

Programming guests is a skill. Networks need people who can do that well. They have them. They pay them.

Anchor: I understand your daughter liked to make airplane models. Did you think that was unusual?

Mother: Well, at first we did. But she was good at it, and she enjoyed it so much, we became very enthusiastic about it. My husband introduced her to a buddy of his from the Air Force, and Cindy went up in a jet.

Anchor (smiling broadly): Really? A jet?

Mother: When she came home, she was overjoyed.

Anchor: Did she want to become a pilot?

Mother (laughing): For a few days. But her love of making models led her to want to be an artist. Our son is a graphics person. He taught Cindy to make computer pictures of our whole extended family. (laughing) We have lots of cousins and aunts and uncles. Cindy put their pictures all over the house. She knew everybody’s names when she was four…

Completely wacko. But that’s what the television audience sees and digests and accepts. And the anchor moves it right along. A fabricated story. Intercut, of course, with Cindy’s pictures and Cindy smiling and playing and drawing and sitting at the computer.

And when the dust settles and the mother is being chauffeured home from the interview, her mind wanders and she begins to think about the revenge she wants to visit on the killer of her daughter. As many good mothers would. But it’s too late. She’s already had her four minutes on television. She feels like a fool, but it’s too late.

She’ll never get to say to Diane Sawyer, “You know, Diane, I wish somehow I was there at the school, and I had a gun, and I shot that killer dead.”

No, that will never happen.

And mothers across America, who are feeling that they, too, would have wanted to be there, in the school, if their child was in mortal danger, and would have wanted to have a gun and shoot the killer dead to protect their child at all costs…those mothers will be, to a significant degree, reprogrammed by the Diane Sawyer interview, and they too will begin thinking of the happier times and the old days and the smiles and the laughter.

This is how a handful of television interviews with skillfully prepped guests can make all the difference in the world. Especially, in the case of Sandy Hook, when gun ownership is now at stake. Do I have to draw a picture for you?

Because, admit it, if you were the father or mother of a child who was murdered, wouldn’t you have at least a few serious thoughts about revenge? Wouldn’t you? Wouldn’t you think about the .45 you have in the closet upstairs?

The Matrix Revealed

Television, though, teaches you what to feel.

If after watching a number of these tragedies play out on television, you are completely reprogrammed into some grotesque version of “love everybody all the time and forgive everything,” and you need an outlet, a way to vicariously and subconsciously experience what you REALLY feel, you can always:

Go to the movies. The movies give you a different slant. You can be Mel Gibson killing people to get his kidnapped daughter back. You can be Charles Bronson wiping out street scum to avenge the loss of his wife. You can be Stallone or Arnie. You can roam the countryside spilling blood at every street corner.

The movies give you vicarious license to destroy evil. Television news takes it away.

It’s called the whipsaw effect, and it’s modern mind control, and it puts you in the “excluded middle,” where nothing happens and you remain locked up and passive.

Where the powers-that-be want you to remain.

Have a nice, nice day.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

28 comments on “Sandy Hook: how television takes your guns

  1. Brian Turner says:

    Just wanted to say thanks that was a great read and I hope more people will read it an realize how brainwashed they are. And make wake up a little an see America for what it is an becoming a police state.

  2. Ian MacLeod says:

    I just read something yesterday by a guy who claimed to be with the “Live Free or Die Alliance”. He ended with a demand that his Senator man up and get to work taking away all those those “assault gun, rifles and other dangerous weapons that civilians just have no need for.” that fool reminds me of two things offhand: there a quote I cannot recall exactly that says, essentially, that no one is so much a slave as one who believes himself to be free. The important one though, I think, is the following. It shows just how old this argument really is, how long TPTB have been using arguments like this to disarm the populace:

    “Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est.”
    (A sword is never a killer, it is a tool in the killer’s hands.)
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca, circa 45 AD

    Interesting, isn’t it, that the argument even predates guns? Idiots have been around a long time; apparently they’ve been the foundation of every totalitarian empire in history. Author Robert A. Heinlein wrote, “You can never defeat a free man; you can only kill him.”

    Freedom is internal; liberty is what we do with that freedom. I’ve always believed that a people who are truly free are never totally disarmed, never completely helpless until their brains have been removed. Upon even short reflection though, America is now in deep, deep trouble on just that point. With all the false-flag incidents and the sneaky attempts to ban guns in any sort of end-run around the Constitution they can find or concoct, there’s only one conclusion possible: the government is scared to death to have weapons in the hands of the populace it intends to murder and enslave. People tend to get upset when they learn the truth – finally. Such actions by governments have always been the prelude to such takeovers, and sad to say, this one will clearly be no different. Most people are simply not about to wake up until they’re staring down the barrel of a rifle in the hands of a government official. They’ll get their wish: the populace won’t be permitted such things; only government thugs will, and only so long as they are useful. When they are old, injured, sick, or maybe even when they at last discover they have a conscience after all, they will find that the reward for their service will be to take their turn staring at the other end of those weapons they took from the “others” they are now one of themselves.

    Enlightenment is, it seems, always just a moment too late – just about enough time for someone to pull a trigger.


    • Jason Shults says:

      Ian, I am a few years in the future from the guy who wrote your post, and I just wanted to relay that I not only do I agree with you, but I found your post to be quite thoughtfully written and insightful.

      Unfortunately, as I am sure you are aware, the propaganda, lies, and obfuscations continue, as does the illegal push by politicians to take away guns from Americans.

  3. Hermies says:

    Hate to say it, but if you watch TV, you get what you deserve. Nothing even closely resembling the truth is ever to be found there – especially in the “news” department. Corporate propaganda, pure and simple.

  4. Jim Yost says:

    Dear John,

    I don’t know how much stock you put in the Christian Bible but one point of interest in it is that the apostle Paul made a statement to the effect of that we aren’t fighting against flesh and blood but against the demonic powers that control the world.

    So what we have now is all these well-meaning people grunting out huge efforts to expose the people who are doing the evil and all the while ignoring the fact that the power source empowering those people are powerful demonic spirits who have obtained rights of control through our ignorance of spiritual laws.

    According to the Christian Bible the supreme violation of spiritual law is idolatry, which our culture is swamped in, mostly through people’s love of TV and movies, but also through their participation in the ritual cycle (i.e Christmas, Easter, Halloween).

    For example, 4000 years ago the Canaanites were performing human sacrifice rituals on Dec. 25 in honor of the principality of idolatry (who they called ‘Baal’) and now our culture is honoring that same spirit via their mindless acquiescence to the so-called ‘Christmas’ ritual.

    And that is one example of how these demons appropriate rights of control over the masses, but nobody is talking about any of this. I hope this sparks some of your interest.

  5. arianna says:

    These families and individuals who are being manipulated by the television crews and hosts need to just say NO I am not interested in being interviewed, or better yet make sure they are on live TV and say what they really feel fast before the crew cuts to a commercial. Truth Time! Further, after reading all those links you gave us on the last email in regard to the sandy hook shootings I am now convinced that this was a false flag operation and it is possible that the only one that passed on was the boy Adam Lanza. Especially in light of the emily parker family, after watching her father on the video laughing and smiling a day after her death, I have to ask does this family actually exist, do these children really exist or was this a construct, actors hired for a script ,and pictures taken off a children’s agency web site. If there is a matrix as you have showed us, that matrix can magically “create” anything it wants by using the magic of hollywood fiction. What is really going on? At this point I believe nothing the television or media says at all, not one thing, nadda nothing. I am also suspect of several websites that are spewing false data as fact. If there is any truth out there, one needs to check the facts over and over and yes over again to verify it is actually to be trusted, be cautious of who and what you believe folks, we are being played like a violin and I for one
    think we deserve the life our Constitution guarantees, we are worth it and so are our children!

  6. jacquelyn21 says:

    i ran across this great article of yours as I was googling the coincidences of the names…Hurricane Sandy and Sandy Hook tragedy.

    It dawn on me how they are both named Sandy and have benefited Obama’s agenda. Coincidences? Am I the only one that believe this could be a conspiracy? As the Freedisctionary says, A coincidence is “a sequence of events that although accidental seems to have been planned or arranged,” Where these events planned and arranged? is it possible? .The news has been very silent on who, what , when , where and mostly why! Oh maybe there is such thing as coincidences. hmmmm.

  7. hybridrogue1 says:

    “Especially in light of the emily parker family, after watching her father on the video laughing and smiling a day after her death, I have to ask does this family actually exist, do these children really exist or was this a construct, actors hired for a script ,and pictures taken off a children’s agency web site.”~arianna

    Jon just explained how someone like Mr Parker, who has been vilified by the alternative web sites since that interview aired, was obviously manipulated by the TV people to “act” the way he did.

    But you don’t seem to get what Jon is saying here and go to that fallback position, which is another manipulated position that you yourself do no recognize.

    Then we get to the point of “the whole event was staged and no children were even murdered,” – which is based in wishful thinking, and easier to accept than the reality of what has really happened.

    I have had to try to dampen such hysteria on the blog I write on with others, many of them going down the same dead end street you are here. Read this essay again – I am advising the other members of my blog to do so – to try to get some perspective on this thing.


  8. Jake says:

    They call it the Sandy Hook Massacre, but it’s really Project Hook, Line, and Sinker…

  9. Ted Gorsline says:

    Dear John, What you are saying is very true. I have always looked on TV as a kind of behavioural licencing agency. The process you mention above, the questions asked, the manner of asking the questions (for example using two interviewers to make the interviewee look darty eyed and suspicious) and the editing that take place afterwards are all designed to fit the TV station owners agenda. There is no interest in the truth.

  10. Elliot Nesspa says:

    Excellent work Jon! I have been reading your essays lately and really think they are spot on. I am going to mention this one on my next radio program, as I’m doing a show on propaganda 1st hour and subliminals next hour.

  11. Dave says:

    Nor will the producers allow a grieving parent to question what types of psych drugs this kid was given prior to his killings while on air since too much money is being made by big pharma commercials.
    This is why the narrative is always “guns guns guns!!”.

    Here’s the bottom line: I do not care what type of editing is used, how many emotions are dripping through the TV, how many tears are shed in any amount of cleverly crafted interviews by devious TV propagandists, I shall never relinquish my tools (guns) of defense from enslavement, tyranny & genocide.

  12. tontalley says:

    My advice, from personal experience? Do not ever cooperate with the media. Not EVER! Not video, or print or radio media. They do not have your best interests at heart ~

  13. Theodore says:

    Hat-tip to NoMoreFakeNews reader Brad…

    * (parents: Richard and Krista Rekos)
    * (Note the parents’ response to the “are you angry” question (at 2m35s in the video)).
    * (both parents have no tears and no bloodshot eyes)
    * (Youtube title: Newtown, Connecticut Family on Losing Child in Sandy Hook Elementary School Shooting)

    Here is another one…

    VERONIQUE POZNER — The Mother of Noah Pozner
    * (Noah Pozner’s mother has no tears and no bloodshot eyes)
    * (The initial set of photos of Noah in the montage are credited to Victoria Haller — the Aunt (,, : “He’s gone. Thank you for all your prayers. @mamaspohr & @kaisermommy will have updates. / 1:56 PM – 14 Dec 12”))
    * (Youtube title: Sandy Hook shooting – Noah Pozner’s mother’s lack of emotion)


    The full version of Brad’s comment is here:

    On December 30, 2012 at 12:43 pm brad said

  14. Theodore says:

    [VIDEO with some associated text] Donors spawn Connecticut gun buyback after mass shooting
    By David Ariosto and Ross Levitt, CNN
    updated 8:43 AM EST, Sun December 30, 2012

    * The “video news story” is about Bridgeport, CT resident Mr William Porter who says he is “done with guns”.

    * Mr Porter turned in his pistol for 75 Federal Reserve Note fiat currency units. BONUS POINTS: To make it look like “lots ‘o ca$h” for the camera, the police office handing Porter the fiat currency units “fans out” the units before handing them over to Porter: fifteen pieces of 5-paper and he says, to Porter, “75”.

    * MORE BONUS POINTS: The soundbite from Bridgeport Mayor, Mr Bill Pinch: “These guns could have created victims. We know if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available through breaking into people’s houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society.”

  15. Anonymous says:

    ANYBODY NOTICE that Catholic church has a ritual mass on 27-DECEMBER called “Massacre of innocents” ……….. I SENSE THIS IS PART OF A RITUAL THAT IS MIRRORED IN NEWTOWN SCHOOL Massacre Located On WALL STREET

    The reason behind the NDAA and PREDICTION FOR 2013



  16. wolf27 says:

    damn your writing is amazing. props.

  17. bewisetoday says:

    Thank you for your insights, it would be nice if you could somehow influence Wickipedia as an editor on these kinds of subjects. Supposedly, they are supposed to be unbiased.

  18. holywater says:

    It is strange but I just found this information today about Sandy Hook, and when I was watching the news it struck me at the time that the response of people seemed mostly unemotional. People did not seem to be real given the circumstances. Guess my first gut instinct was right on. The real victims are never seen, nor given any attention, only if it fits in with the agenda.
    I would never own a gun since my mother ended her life with a rifle when I was eleven. But I do not blame the gun. She tried many other ways, but the gun seems most effective.
    I believe when guns are outlawed only outlaws will own guns.
    There is no way to document all the crimes that were stopped because someone was armed.

  19. Ron Aigner says:

    Please go to Columbine victim Mark Taylor’s facebook page.(release Mark Taylor) Mark was shot at Columbine, became a whistleblower and was abducted and drugged as a result. He had learned knowledge of his shooter Eric Harris that we believe fits the profile of Adam Lanza. Had they listened to Mark, it may have prevented the Connnecticut tragedy. We believe that both were sexually abused and drugged.

  20. justiceisserved says:

    It is interesting how the news tries to manipulate the mindset of the American public, mostly they try to make us afraid and fearful of ordinary situations like going to school or college, the shopping mall, the movies, etc. Then they desensitize us by having these events pre-shadowed in movies. I remember seeing the movie Independence Day after 9/11 and feeling like I was being victimized all over again. The same emotions of fear, shock and disbelief.

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  22. linda b. says:

    no wonder i really have no interest in television except for a few nature
    and animal programs… i won’t listen to so-called news because it is
    not worth a thing and only makes me want to put my foot thru the
    tv or radio. sort of like someone who talks about how chilly it is and
    look at the snow, etc… when you’re in hawaii–no connection to reality
    but somehow others around me seem to be buying in.

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  25. […] A great deal of the television coverage of mass shootings is now dedicated to bringing home the spurious message: we all grieve together and heal together. […]

  26. […] A great deal of the television coverage of mass shootings is now dedicated to bringing home the spurious message: we all grieve together and heal together. […]

  27. […] A great deal of the television coverage of mass shootings is now dedicated to bringing home the spurious message: we all grieve together and heal together. […]

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