How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event

How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event

by Jon Rappoport

December 18, 2012

Mind control. Mass hypnosis. Operant conditioning. Brain entrainment. That’s what we’re talking about here.

We’re so conditioned to how television covers life that we rarely step back and take notice.

In the case of massive disasters and crimes, network news rules the roost.

First, the premiere anchors, who are managing editors of their own broadcasts, give themselves the go signal. They will leave their comfortable chairs and travel to the scene of crime. “It’s that big.”

The anchors lend gravitas. Their mere presence lets the audience know this story trumps all other news of the moment. That’s the first hypnotic cue and suggestion.

Of course, the anchors were not in Newtown, Connecticut, as reporters. They weren’t there to dig up facts. Their physical presence at the Sandy Hook School and in the town was utterly irrelevant.

They could have been doing their newscasts from their studios in New York. Or from a broom closet.

But much better to be standing somewhere in Newtown. It imparts the sense of crisis to the viewing millions.

At the same time, the anchors are also there to give assurance. The subliminal message they transmit is: whatever has happened here is controllable.

The audience knows the anchors will provide the meaning and the official voice of the tragedy. The anchors are, in a way, priests, intoning their benediction to the suffering and their elegies to the dead.

This is what the audience expects, and this is what they get.

This expectation, in fact, is so deep that anything else would be considered an insult, a moral crime.

For example, suppose a network suddenly shifted gears and began interviewing police and residents and asking tough questions about contradictions in the official scenario. Suppose that became the primary focus. Suppose the tone became argumentative, in the interest of, God forbid, the truth.

In other words, in a jarring shift of perspective, the anchors began asking questions to seek answers. What a concept.

No, a priest doesn’t browbeat a parishioner. He takes confession and then offers a route to redemption.

But if, by some miracle, these anchors launched a quest for truth, the whole scene would devolve into uncertainty and even chaos.

“First, there was a man in the woods. You people chased him. You pinned him down and brought him back into town. Who is he? What’s his name? Where is he? Is he under questioning? What are you asking him? What gave you a clue that he might be a second shooter? Come on. Talk to us. People want to know. We aren’t going anywhere. We want some answers.”

This is called reporting, a foreign enterprise to these blown-dried kings and queens of media news.

“Sir, I know ABC definitively reported there was a second shooter. They said you gave them that information. Where did you get it?…No, I’m sorry, that’s not an answer, that’s a non-sequitur.”

Those of us reporting online declare there is something amiss when the second-shooter story is dropped like a hot potato…and we are called conspiracy theorists.

Get it? Trying to ask relevant questions becomes conspiracy only because the major media didn’t do their job in the first place.

“Sir, was it one gun found in trunk of the car or three? Show me the car. Yes. Let’s see it. I want to get the license plate. Excuse me? The car is what, some kind of state secret? I don’t think so. There are twenty dead children in that school over there, and we want to get to the bottom of this. Take me to the car.”

It’s called an investigation. Reporters do that.

“Sir, your newspaper ran a story about a man’s body being found in Adam’s brother’s apartment. Then that became Adam’s mother found dead in her own house here in Newtown. What exactly happened there? A mistake? Wouldn’t you say that was a pretty big mistake? How did it happen? What’s that? Typical confusion in the early reporting of a crime? I don’t think so. Thinking a woman was a man and thinking he or she was found in New Jersey instead of Connecticut, that’s not typical at all. Did police find a man’s body. Speak up.”

Your typical American television viewer would cringe at such demanding questions. You know why? Because he has been entrained and conditioned by news anchors to refrain from digging below the surface. In other words, that viewer is hypnotized.

“Dr. Smith and Officer Jones, we understand that this boy, who was autistic, extremely shy, who had some sort of personality disorder, went into that school and methodically carried out the slaughter of twenty-seven people. In order for him to do that, he had to reload clips at least twice after the first clip ran out. Does that make sense? We’re not just talking about a violent outburst here, we’re talking about a methodical massacre. How do you explain that?”

If these anchors kept on asking questions like this, do you know what would happen? The viewing audience would begin to stir, would begin to break through their hypnotic programming and wake up.

“You know, he’s right. That doesn’t make sense. Maybe there really was a second shooter.”

“Or that Lanza kid…maybe he didn’t kill anybody at all.”

“What? You mean he was…set up?”

“Maybe he was a patsy.”

Yes. Instead of this kind of talk being consigned to “conspiracy nuts,” it actually becomes part of the evening news experience. Because reporters suddenly ask tough questions.

But no. We have to go with grief and shock. We have to lead with it and stay with it.

But that is an artificial construct. Yes, of course people in Newtown feel great shock and pain and loss and grief and horror, but the news producers are consciously moving minutes and hours of it through the tube and filtering out everything else.

They do this every time one of these events occurs, and so the audience expects it and soaks it in and, in that state of entrainment and hypnosis, the audience doesn’t want anything else…because anything else would BREAK THE FLOW and the spell, and the grief would no longer have the same impact.

Newtown is presented as a television event. From the outset, the mood is funereal. It has that tinge and coloration. The audience absorbs it and wants no intrusion on it.

This is Matrix programming.

The anchor is not only the priest, but also the teacher. He/she shows the audience how to experience the event and what to feel and what to think and how to act.

One of the great skills of an anchor is the ability to present the news seamlessly. This is what those big paychecks are for: the blends and segueways and the underlying tone of sincerity that bleeds into every detail of what is being reported.

That is also hypnotic. It sets up a frequency that moves into the brains of the audience. In those brains, it’s an Acceptance-frequency. It’s the mark of a great news anchor, to be able to transmit that and achieve it.

Scott Pelley (CBS) has only some of that. Diane Sawyer (ABC) is decidedly inconsistent in her ability to deploy it. Brian Williams (NBC) is the contemporary master. That’s why he’s been called the Walter Cronkite of the 21st century.

“Sir, we have a report that police pinned a second man on the ground just outside the school. What is his name? What did you do with him? Where is he now.”

No, no, no, no, no. That would crack the Acceptance-frequency like an egg and send the evening news to hell in a handbasket.

“Sir, I’m glad we finally located you. We understand you were getting ready to go to Bermuda. Now, you were Adam Lanza’s doctor. What drugs did you prescribe him? Not just recently, but going all the way back to the beginning. You see, we’ve compiled a list of possible drugs for Asperger’s and autism and depression, and of course we see that they do, in fact, induce violent behavior. Suicide, homicide. Speak up, Doctor.”

The egg not only cracks in that case, the news anchor is suspended the next day, and the network releases a statement that his “breakdown” on camera was brought on by stress.

Pharmaceutical companies put him on their “to-do” list.

Yet, the questions about the drugs are exactly what a real reporter would ask. Not a “conspiracy theorist.” A reporter, on the scene in Newtown.

Anyone who thinks that is absurd and out of bounds is hypnotized, programmed. That’s all there is to it.

Traditional media are dying in this country. Their money is drying up. They could revitalize themselves in a New York minute if they really started COVERING stories and waking up their audience, but that’s not on their agenda. They would rather die.

They are the hired hands of the elites that own this country. They are the whores sent out every day by their pimps, and they know what their job is and what it isn’t.

The direction of elite television news is squeezed down the path of consciously constructing artificial events, for mass consumption experienced in a state of emotional, mental, physical, and spiritual mind-control. Those reporters who venture outside that framework are labeled fringe figures on the margins.

“Lieutenant, excuse me. Hello. Brian Williams, NBC News. I was wondering: if there had been armed employees inside the school, what are the chances the killer could have been stopped before he shot all those children? You know, people who have been trained to shoot and have concealed carry permits. Strong people who could confront a murderer.”

Oh, people say, that is not a reasonable question. That’s a nutcase question. That question shouldn’t be asked. Why not? You want the real answer? Because it destroys the hypnotic frequency that is being delivered by the television networks. That’s the real answer.

The viewer: “Don’t bother me, I’m hypnotized. Don’t interrupt the frequency my brain is absorbing while I’m watching the news.”

The Matrix Revealed

And of course, under those conditions, the very last person who should interrupt the hypnotic flow is the anchor himself. He’s the one who’s inducing the hypnosis in the first place.

That tells you the the anchor is quite definitely NOT there to dig up new facts or perspectives himself.

Entrainment means: the brain is being bathed in rhythms and frequencies that literally train it to accept the information that is being transmitted at the same time.

In the same way, a song can succeed because the melody (carrier frequency) makes the trite lyrics seem important.

Entrainment also makes the recipient feel he is part of something larger. This is a key component. The recipient senses he is a member of a collective that is sharing a moment, an experience.

“I feel this way, and everybody else does too.”

This is what substitutes, in our society, for individual experience and self-sufficiency.

But this collective is not real community. It only appears and feels that way. It is mass hypnosis. You can find that in Gregorian chants and in sermons. You can find it in political speeches.

The brain is bathed in certain harmonies and responds by Accepting.

The Globalists’ language is replete with entrainment. “We are all in this together.” “We are healing the planet.” “All of us must strive to make a better world for our children.”

It sounds right, it seems right, but it is delivered to create a collective instead of a real community. Take a few minutes and read Monsanto’s literature. Read it out loud. Listen to yourself. Try to impart convincing rhythms to the phrases. All of a sudden, you’re in the flow. You’re practicing entrainment.

This is what network television news does. And we aren’t even talking about the hypnotic effects of the physical signals that deliver the picture to the audience.

In a previous article, I pointed out that, if we are to believe the network coverage of the Newtown massacre, there wasn’t one angry outraged man or woman in the town. Because we didn’t see them onscreen.

The networks made sure of that. This was a conscious choice on their part.

“My son died in that school and I want to know why. I want to know exactly how the killer got in there. Who let him in? How did he get in? I WANT TO KNOW.”

Sorry, that isn’t part of the coverage.

It would interrupt the entrainment.

“Sorry, sir, you’ll have to back away. We’re doing mass hypnosis and mind control here. You’re breaking the rhythm.”

Instead, that angry man will be funneled to a grief counselor, who will try to soothe his outrage.

“Sir, we all have to find a way to begin the healing.”

Events like Newtown are extraordinary teaching moments for television. Network newscasts display a constellation of emotions that are deemed “acceptable and appropriate” for the audience to experience. And the audience is thereby trained to mirror those emotions, to feel them, to express them, to soak in them.

It’s a closed system.

This is how, incidentally, gun control works so well. It’s part of the overall message. The audience, existing inside that closed system, in that state of mass hypnosis, can be pointed to exactly the wrong remedy for the tragedy.

All the network anchor has to do is frown and shake his head a little, when the subject of guns arises. That’s all it takes, and the brains of the audience suck it in:

“Yes, of course. Take away the guns. If no one had guns, no one could shoot guns. No one would die. No crimes would be committed. How obvious.”

The capstone that makes this puerile grand solution seem reasonable is: the police are always the good guys; we can trust them; they can have all the guns and then everything will be all right.

That message is also imparted by the big-time network new anchors. These kings and queens don’t ask police the tough questions. They refrain from doing that.

In fact, the anchors ARE surrogate police chiefs. They express what the police chiefs would, if they had the anchors’ skills.

The anchors do stand-ups in Newtown and give us the absolute best of what the police would if they could. And in the process, they transmit:

Entrainment. Mass hypnosis. Mind control. Operant conditioning.

It’s perfect, if you want to be an android.

Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

50 comments on “How the Newtown massacre became a Mind-Control television event

  1. Liz says:

    This is an awesome article. I had said to my daughter that someone is brainwashing these kids (T.V., movies) to make them do those horrific acts. Seek out alternative health to cope with mental illness. What evil force is driving these individuals??? God Help Us!!!

  2. Jordan Breon says:

    I was making this point with my wife and family on Saturday. I’m by no means as familiar or trained as you are in this area, but I do recognize the awesome power these anchors and their controllers wield.The ‘coverage’ was virtual nonstop grief, with occasional bromides about how violent and gun-centric Americans are these days. Of course, the Empire and militarization of police have nothing at all to do with violence worship, it’s video games and bad movies. (I wonder what TV, movie, or video game the man in Bath, Michigan, was into when he killed so many in 1927) The same old and tired catch phrases get brought of out mothballs – assault rifle (meaning, scary-looking gun you imagine a soldier to have, regardless of its physical properties) and “gun aficionado” (this is to make the viewer think guns were more than just a passing interest to the mother, but gun nut is too obvious a term) to name a couple.

    Not one anchor or reporter asked anyone at the scene how police are keeping people safe when schools and malls are targeted with extreme ease.

  3. Rysio says:


    I have a very small list of news people (10-12) that I read regularly.

    I read them because no matter what, no matter how inconvenient, they will always tell me truth.

    Guess what?
    You just made the list.

  4. Wondering says:

    Jon, Thank you for writing this. You have summed it up brilliantly. It is a tragedy for the families and for all of this country that these questions are not being asked. There are no mainstream reporters anymore. Have not been for many years now. Tragic. One has to wonder if the parents in this town are asking the right questions.

  5. noboxplease says:

    An excellent article of how to enslave a people in robotism instead of encouraging individual thought that gets to the bottom of what happens!!!:)))

  6. Aurora always seemed to me completely contrived. The media seemed to move on very quickly. Why? Too many discrepancies?

    Now comes Sandy Point, and there are all these odd little discrepancies. If the event is real, why can’t the police just tell us what happened?

  7. Roy says:

    Research the 1996 Port Arthur massacre, “killer” was from New Town, Australia.

  8. cindy says:

    As you said the mainstream media is dying out. They as well as big pharma, and those who want the guns banned, are the groups who benefited from this tragedy! What does THAT TELL YOU!!

  9. nadia123 says:

    Yes blame it on the gun not on the drug!!!!!!So obvious they want the guns!

  10. Klancy says:

    I understand that the school was equipped with security cameras as per the school website. Nobody is asking about this and what is seen on these videos,

  11. Gina says:

    If you were to write this same article about 9/11 it would probably be about 500 pages long. Speaking of 9/11, in response to the commenter above (Klancy), security cameras? Forget about it. There were about 8 dozen surrounding the Pentagon on 9-11-01. Have you seen any footage from them in the last 11 years (except for those “revealing” 2 flash images”)? No, and you won’t ever, nor will you from the CT school or any other engineering event, past or future. To ask for the same is beyond an act of futility.

  12. starviego says:

    And what about those people arrested when their maroon van with the busted out back window was stopped in Danbury? Who were they? Is that another state secrect?

  13. Banderman says:

    That’s why we call it the ‘idiot box’; the most successful propaganda machine ever devised. The democrats have taken it all to new levels misusing and abusing social media and the world wide web. Don’t forget what that dude Ayers said in his book; ‘the end justifies the means’. Don’t let them poison your brain; look at what Obama has done to his ‘followers’. They couldn’t think their way out of a wet paper bag.

  14. David Cannon says:

    Interesting point, and I’m sorting out how I feel about it. A few thoughts:

    When 20 kids are shot in a school, the first reaction is horror and sadness, not “what machinations set this up – what’s the backstory.” So they hire a glorified actor to sum up the emotions of the nation and the viewers – that brings people together and validates their feelings, but no – it’s not very educational. So I see your point, but I don’t think the real problem arises until later.

    If Brian Williams (who is good at one or two things, but investigation probably isn’t one of them) were to poke around like that he’d probably burn through dozens of dead-end questions and sound like a kook, more often than not. If I’m correct, you came at this issue today with a preconceived theory of the backstory, which you arrived at after digesting information on the event. The dog and pony show put on by Brian Williams is built on a tiny amount of information, which they spin into long programs that are scripted. You don’t unearth new information live on air – you dig it up, vet it, and work it into the script just like an attorney: no surprises.

    The real problem is in follow-up, where the real investigation and discovery process occurs, and I agree that there could be more transparency. But I’d argue there’s more investigative journalism going on now than ever before, with the proliferation of independent online news outlets.

  15. Annette says:

    WOW, I am so glad I found this site. I am in awe. I am one of the “newly awakened”. As soon as I heard about the Newtown killings, I said to myself “the CIA and/or Shadow Government has done it again” I have done so much research and the depravity is mind boggling. I can now see it all so clearly and have been trying to get others to “wake up” and see what is really going on in the world. It is all so horrendous. I am ashamed to be an American. I never though that possible. Your articles are wonderful….I copied my sister and hope she will read it, she thinks I am crazy and have too much time on my hands. I tell her I have breast cancer and I blame Monsanto and GMO’s and aspartame. I am originally from TX and my sister still lives there…she was horrified that I would speak so badly of our former presidents….the Bushes are wonderful people…..yeah, right.

  16. hybridrogue1 says:

    Well and good, David Cannon just explained to us that he is comfortable being an automaton. He sounds just as plausible as one of those anchormen.

    Congratulations Dave, you are a firm member of the herd.


  17. It is I only says:

    Most of the people drinking fluoridated water have cognitive dissonance! Their answer will be always. Don’t confuse me with facts! My mind is made up!

  18. Steve Billiter says:

    Great article Jon, and oh so true, Many years ago I got rid of my “idiot box” that tends to make hypnotized zombies of all who watch. Research shows that watching entertainment TV movies, news shows with its rapidly changing images sends the brain into alpha mode very quickly–a form of hypnotism.

    Combine that with disinformation and the elements that you describe, and we have a prescription for brainwashed disaster! Watchers beware.

  19. Sam Smith says:

    A sure-fire sign of the manipulated shooting is the lack of any believable motive for the shooters’ acts:

    12-16-92 Wayne Lo, 18, Simon’s Rock College, Great Barrington, Massachusetts 2 dead, 4 wounded
    “At the time I thought I did the right thing,” he said recently. “But as I look back at it over time, more and more it doesn’t make sense to me. And more and more [b]I ask myself, Why?[/b] Why did I do it? I mean, Why?”

    2-2-96 Barry Loukaitus, 14, Moses Lake, WA, Frontier Jr H.S. 3 dead, 1 wounded
    “There are things in life we’re never going to understand, and this case is one of those…”–His Attorney
    “Barry [b]never articulated a reason[/b] why he did what he did.” –John Knodel, Grant County prosecutor who handled the case.

    9-17-96 Jillian Robbins, 19, Penn State U, State College, PA 1 dead, 1 wounded
    –when she was arrested, she answered repeatedly, “[b]I don’t know[/b]” when asked why she brought school violence back to PSU.

    10-1-97 Luke Woodham, 16, and Grant Boyette, 19, Pearl, MS, Pearl H.S. 2 dead, 7 wounded
    …(I) fought with myself because I didn’t want to do any of it.”

    12-1-97 Michael Carneal, Paducah, KY, Heath H.S. 3 dead, 5 wounded
    Carneal’s home room teacher reported that Carneal did not seem to recognize what he had done.”
    –When ask why he did it, he said [b]he didn’t know[/b].

    3-24-98 Mitchel Johnson, 13, and Andrew Golden, 11, Jonesboro, AS, Westside Middle School 5 dead
    –“Since that day, when the boys have been asked the same question(why did they shoot), they appeared [b]not to be able to give an answer[/b].” Johnson: “I really thought that no one would actually be hurt.”

    4-24-98 Andrew Wurst 14, Edinborough, PA, Parker Middle School(at off-campus school dance) 1 dead, 3 wounded
    –“Why did he do it? Andrew doesn’t know, …saying he had no reason of kill the teacher.” “…no one…that evening could recall anything that might explain what happened. Andrew himself [b]has no explanation[/b].”

    5-22-98 Kip Kinkel, Springfield, OR, Thurston High School, 1 dead, 7 seriously wounded
    –In police interview he repeated “over and over” that “I had no choice.”
    Q: Why did you go to school and start shooting people?
    A: I had to. I had no other choice. I couldn’t do anything else.

    4-27-99 Todd Cameron Smith, Taber,  Alberta  W.R. Myers HS, 1 dead, 1 wounded
    –In a signed police statement, the boy later said: “I have [b]no particular reason[/b] for shooting the boys that I did. I don’t know who any of them were.”

    5-20-99 T.J. Solomon, 15, Conyers, GA, Heritage High, 6 wounded-
    –Upon handing the gun over(a teacher had convinced T.J. not to kill himself–the barrel was in his mouth)he started crying hysterically and said repeatedly “[b]I don’t know why[/b] I did this.”

    12-6-99 Seth Trickey, 13, Fort Gibson, OK, 4 wounded
    –“He said ‘[b]I don’t know[/b]’ when asked why he did it.”

    2-14-01 Jeremy Getman arrested at Southside High School in Elmira, New York State
    –He admitted that he intended to shoot students and teachers and toss bombs into crowds when he brought weapons to Southside High School on Valentine’s Day. Police said they have [b]no motive[/b] for what could have been a killing spree.

    3-5-01 Charles ‘Andy’ Williams, Santana HS, San Diego County 2 dead, 13 wounded
    –Williams was interrogated by detectives for about an hour after his arrest, and while prosecutor Anton declined to detail what he said, she indicated the statements [b]may not explain why[/b] he opened fire.

    3-25-06 Seattle Rave Slaying, WA 7 dead, 2 wounded
    “There is nothing we would like to do more than find out why this tragedy took place,” he said. “Unfortunately, [b]we may never know[/b].” (Police spokesman Sean Whitcomb)

    10-9-06 Memorial Middle School, Joplin, MO
    –A 13-year-old student walked into the east side of Memorial Middle School, shooting wth a rifle…. (boy’s attorney Chuck)Lonardo said the boy’s motives and intentions [b]remain unclear[/b] even to him after sitting in on juvenile authorities’ interview of the boy after the shooting. “That’s just it,” Lonardo said. “We still don’t know.

    2-12-07 Suleiman Talovic, 18, SLC Trolley Square massacre, Salt Lake City, UT 5 dead, 4 wounded
    –Salt Lake City police have finished their exhaustive investigation into the shooting rampage at Trolley Square, finding [b]no real motive[/b] for 18-year-old Sulejman Talovic’s killing spree. “I think it may have died with him,” Salt Lake City Police Chief Chris Burbank said in an interview Sunday with the Deseret Morning News.

    1-24-09 Portland Niteclub Shooting Richard Ayala, 24 3 dead, 6 wounded.
    “[b]We may never know the reasons[/b] that Ayala shot into a crowd of innocent people and took his own life,” Detective Ken Whattam said.

    9-6-11 Carson CIty, NV IHOP Eduardo Sencion, 32 5 dead, 7 wounded
    A year later, one question remains: Why?
    “He took the answer to that question to the grave,” Furlong said. “What went wrong in his head, we’ll never know.”

    12-8-11 Virginia Tech Shooting, Blackburg, VA Ross Truett Ashley, 22 2 dead
    “Investigators still have not identified a motive for the attack by 22-year-old Ross Truett Ashley, who later shot himself.”(dated nine months later)

    8-5-12 Wade Michael Page, 40 Sikh Temple shooting, 0ak Creek, Wisc 7 dead 3 wounded
    Police Chief John Edwards: “We may never know the motive, because he died, and that motive died with him.”


  20. Pam says:

    This is the sister from Texas and us Texans know when we’re standing knee deep in bullshit!!!

  21. Fantastic. Eloquent. Hopefully this will be read by millions, perhaps it will cause an interruption in the hypnosis.

  22. Suge Green says:

    Thank you sir for writing an exceptional article.

  23. One of the best wake up calls I read in weeks. Thanks!

  24. […] truth over propaganda. But more often than not, our news media is playing a very different role. Check out this article by Jon Rappoport about how our news media works to promote the acceptance of official opinion rather than behaving […]

  25. the programming is getting repetitive and sloppy. adam is now a satanist on top of everything else. autistic. on experimental drug fanapt, virtually trained x-box killer. survivalist mindset – gun nut – flash the crazy eyes photo – case closed, end of story, rinse brain repeat.

  26. Will says:

    Excellent article.
    As someone who has worked in a variety of schools, there are just simple questions that I’m curious about: 100 percent of schools I’ve been to have elaborate camera networks and limited access to the building. The reason for this is because of fears based on previous school shootings, as well as abductions of students. There are annual drills run about what to do in such an occasion. I’m not saying that these are true firewalls that ought to have prevented this, but why hasn’t this been brought up in the narrative? I tried a couple google searches to see if there was a map of what went down, a layout of how they think things progressed at the school, but I can’t find one. Has anybody seen one?
    The narrative is so narrow (Narrowtive?). It’s literally gun control and mourning. At least that what I’m seeing looking at the titles of establishment “news” articles. Information is much tighter here than in any of the other previous shootings. Why? I bet you the cover is, “Because it’s children.” and that is potent cover. It’s the same reason child sex slavery doesn’t get extensive coverage: it doesn’t play well to “news” audiences. People don’t like that story, except in crime dramas.

  27. ace5ace says:

    Jon Rappoport seems to be hitting on all cylinders, these days…. 😉

  28. Kevin says:

    Anchor and Hook are terms used in Neuro Linguistic Programming-

    No mystery
    I have never understood how the ruling class, priests, ghouls, practitioners and their followers that control this “system of illusion” believe they are so clever and illuminated

    I am surprised they have made it this far-

  29. alice says:

    Well written and right on the money… that is how we are fed propaganda. Too bad it is only negativity that is sensationalized.

  30. juliananon says:

    This article has some interesting information about mind control, sad to see so many people effected due to a US & UN weapons ban, makes me sick they kill people in the name of peace? WTF!!!

  31. Jennifer Hall says:

    Almost afraid to say anything anymore because we are not sure who is really who? I have not heard the news say nothing about the Batman Dark Knight movie that shows Sandy Hook on a map in the movie and also AURORA on top of a high rise in Gotham City that is red lighted. Also, John NEWTON wrote the music to the movie music theme. AM I saying that Adam Lanza was controlled – I am not sure, Did his Mother work for the CIA – why would a mother train her child to shoot horrendous guns when he had problems? Was she mind controlled? It is all something. I do believe kids were killed, teachers and aids were killed, a son and mother were killed, it is all real people – if it was for gun control – it will never happen because there are billions of guns in private homes. As far as guns go , if Adam Lanza drove a car into the school and mowed down kids to kill them, would we have to stop driving cars? Really! I pray for all the families of the victims and may God have mercy on us all. WAKE UP people! Wake up! Also, if a person wants a gun, they can get it anywhere – under the table easy. No background check or anything. So, the CIA needs to be cleaned out and the President needs to take guns away from the people who are supposed to “protect” him. Take our guns away ? It will never happen – not in this decade anyway no matter how many kids are slaughtered. There is over 5000 babies murdered everyday but it is not seen. They need to put that on CNN and show the results of what that looks like. I figure they will kill a few more kids here and there and pregnant women and shooters will be allowed to get into malls, hospitals, walmarts, theaters, grocery stores, anywhere there are other people and nothing will be done about it. Also, I can’t even imagine to know that my child did not come out of the school. I read on one sight where there were 3 to 11 rounds in each kid! Wow – Adam Lanza must have really had hate against someone. What did someone do to him? Also, the eyes of him and the Denver shooter – they look like Deer caught in the headlight eyes – staring and real big. What a satanic nightmare – all of it! The only good I can see that has come out of this so far is parents are being more kind to their kids and possible a teacher may be kind to a child.

  32. Tino Sinapi says:

    How do I get in touch with Jon? I believe I have video evidence of mind control taking place during a CNN interview.


  33. Dee says:

    I love this article. I have to say, I am one who asks all these questions. I thought it to be very strange when I heard on the police scanner that a rifle and shot gun were found with Adam’s body, but he committed suicide. I also heard a police man say his name just after saying the suspect was down. How could he say the name Adam, but confuse him with his brother? It’s obvious he knew him. I believe some of the cops were involved. A little boy stated he saw a man in handcuffs and thought he was the suspect, but found out he wasn’t. Who was this man and why did we not hear of him. The police scanner also reviled a cop yelling that 2 men were running on the school grounds. This was after shooting had stopped. Who the hell were they? I think Adam was set up, but killed at the school. Blood spatter may prove that. The father of a child said a man came into the classroom, looked at the teacher and shot her. The man’s child took his friends and ran and the man just watched and didn’t say a word. He let them go. He just looked at them. I believe that to be Adam. I believe he was shot just after that. He didn’t speak, but the man who was looking for the children in the class where the teacher put her kids in the closets did. He asked where the kids were. Severely Autistic people usually do not speak. I have so many questions. I would love to have been at this school with these cops and reporters. They still would be there! God Bless to all. Be safe. This is not over.

  34. Arron Armadillo says:

    I believe that many of the inconsistencies resulted from the confusion and chaos following the event. A careful examination, at some future date, may not reveal any intentional concealment.
    However, this article hits the nail on the head. The news media has the responsibility to dig out the facts and clarify in the inconsistencies. They don’t.
    I’ve read endless blogs and articles condeming the public for spinning “wild” conspiracy theories. However, this results from a gross failure on the part of the news media to do their basic, minimal job. They act like celebrities and, as this article points out, like reassuring “parents” calmly giving us “the story” — and then a different story — and then a different story. When the public asks the questions and seeks the answers the media has failed to give, that same media calls it “morbid curiousity”!

  35. truthlives says:

    It has gotten so bad that they even score a muscial soundtrack for these tragedies. Everytime they go to do an update the music begins.

  36. Dave, RN says:

    This will not end with draconian gun control.

    They will keep tightening the fence.

    Until our sheep-pens are just the right size.

  37. Thanks for a good read. If only everyone knew.

  38. Arron says:

    My dad actually fell fast asleep while I was trying to read to him this highly-important view of our modern day media system. The system is stronger than you think. I myself have been wide awake to what is (and has been) going on for years for some time.

    • Ingolf Stern says:

      this. fell asleep. yep.

      the thing is this – we are more different on the inside than they want us to think. we are told that our external difference is only skin COLOR, and that inside we are all alike. this is false, false, false. we are as different inside as different can be. everyone has different perspectives, abilities, needs, and etc. everyone is at a different level of development and understanding, and therefore our souls and spirits are different. your dad fell asleep because the message did not connect with him in an internal, meaningful way. his spirit is not moved by such things. this is not a problem unless you do not understand it, unless you think there is something wrong with him. he is not ready too hear that stuff, and his response is proof. i am bored to tears by spectator sports, for example. i cannot care. this is about my nature. so the superbowl means nothing to me, although I saw thousands of my fellow citizens mobbing around outside in the middle of winter, walking in the cold street for the chance to wave at some guy who doesn’t give a damn about them because the tv told the people to go out and do that.

      would they have a parade for starbucks if they made a particularly good profit next year?

      football is a private business just like starbucks.

      so why do the people get all worked up?

      a mystery to me. but to them it is obvious, fun, and not a thing to worry about. it is simple celebration and a chance to paint their faces and scream aloud in the streets.

      to me this is ignorance writ large. ”to them it is simple fun.

      we are just different.

  39. Adam Evenson says:

    Jon, you just pointed out why I have not had a television set in my house (I live alone with two small dogs), ever. I have only owned two TV sets in my 73 years. The most I ever watched it was during the Fifties, when it debuted widely on the human scene. I learned right away, during the Sixties, that the cartoons were the best thing it had to offer, and I grew out of cartoons. That meant TV was dead for me. The reason for this is that the thing insults me so thoroughly. It’s programmed for the lowest common denominator of mentalities. People that I know, if they are watching TV when I visit, respect me so much that they always turn it off when I arrive because they know it offends me.

    In fact, the closest of my friends don’t like it themselves, and have a TV set only for others in the home that want it. But I had a mother, who is dead now, that sat in front of a TV set every day of her life, all day, from the first set she ever owned when the thing came out in the Fifties, and the set never dimmed until she went to bed. Many times she told me, “Adam, there is no reality except this one (indicating the television set in front of her.) What you and I and all my kids are about and are doing right now, as we speak, is NOT reality. THIS is real, true reality.”

    The concept was so skewered that I never questioned her about it or tried to intervene to help her. I knew there was no way she could communicate to me what she meant, and all I could do would be twist her already skewered concept and hurt her. I never even asked her, “Exactly what do you mean by, ‘reality?’ Do you mean that you and I and all your kids don’t even exist, but that the TV set and its programmed images do?” I would only have been restating her position.

  40. Todd says:

    Right on brother. Glad I found this blog- Just want to give my support for a great article with a plethora of truth… You, Sir are now bookmarked.

  41. S Barringer says:

    Geez, I wish every American would read this article. But, they’re too busy watching TV, getting more mezmerized and brain-washed and they seem to prefer that to anything they could possibly choose to do. The truth is here in this article, but few will likely get to read it, or be willing to if exposed to it.

  42. ask? says:

    Propaganda works on the willing subjects that can’t think for themselves.
    Please if you haven’t already done this article, do one on United States House Select Committee on Assassinations and remember Congress only seals theories for 50 years..

  43. Charlie Bates says:

    Two minor, but hopefully useful contributions. I heard an initial radio report (Fox or ABC, not sure which) that stated the mother of adam Lanza had been shot to death with a .22 caliber rifle, which to my knowledge has not been mentioned since. As an aside, I’m old enough to remember that people ALWAYS turned off their televisions, or at least offered to, when visitors came calling. On a more positive side, perhaps this will bring together a nexus of online investigators who can pool informational sources from across the world.

  44. Mike says:

    Great article are you aware that FaceBook has blocked this article from being shared. They say it is spamy or dangerous…


    Hi Mike,

    thanks for attempting to share via FB.

    yes. see …

  45. Rich says:

    Great Article. I have a question. … I recently read some of your interviews with Ellis Medavoy with Matrix Revealed. If main stream news is thoroughly infiltrated and fake, how much so is alternative media and internet news as well? I would think the methods in which Medavoy employed with Newspapers would be easily incorporated into internet and alternative media. There is very little source siting and so many “secret” insider sources.

    I already knew much of network TV and Newspapers were mind control fronts of the elite. I recently have stepped back and really gave pause to what I was taking in. My assessment is much of the Big Alternative media (especially these patriot type *insert info giant here*) is leading internet saps around like a hog with a ring their noses. They are inducing fear and hence paralysis instead of thriving for the masses. No real solutions. This makes me think on an Old Testament scripture:

    And there we saw the giants, the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were IN OUR OWN SITE as grasshoppers, AND SO WE WERE IN THEIR SITE. Numbers 13:33

    No take in what this scripture really says…. Who really have the power, the power inside us that they are deathly afraid we will discover. Your writings on “creative consciousness” is similar to what I am talking about. We are kept off balance so we cannot tap into this.

  46. Ingolf Stern says:

    this will not happen: any change based on new information getting into people’s minds.

    that we can somehow effect change by “waking up” each other is silliness.

    pointing out things in internet comments sections, discovering hidden relationships, missed clues, and covert motives and then outing them to the people on the web simply does not have any effect.

    people can’t do anything, or they won’t.

    i know, as does everyone reading these articles here, that 911 was an inside job and so was 7-7, that newtown and sandy hook are false flag psyops, that the london olympics was illuminatti ritual, and on and on and on…

    but there are not levers for us to grab, no persons around whose neck we can get our hands.

    what? vote? really?

    the only thing we can do is opt the hell out – don’t borrow money or watch tv or participate in their cruel, hateful matrix.

    but our neighbors are fully engaged, and that prevents our effort from having an efffect.

    tragedy of the commons – my actions have no effect because of the power of numbers.

    so trying to “wake us up” becomes mere griping and exhortation – “YOU PEOPLE NEED TO WAKE UP!” – it does no good.

  47. Sean says:

    “The egg not only cracks in that case, the news anchor is suspended the next day, and the network releases a statement that his “breakdown” on camera was brought on by stress.”.

    Actually, when Ben Swan did it recently, he abruptly disappeared from the air for 10 days, and had all his social media go black. The game is deep.

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