Three armed women teachers shot Adam Lanza in a classroom


Three Women Teachers with Guns Shot Adam Lanza in a Classroom

by Jon Rappoport

December 17, 2012


When everybody is diagnosed with a mental disorder, gun permits will be a thing of the past.


Take that seriously.


At a presidential debate, Obama was asked about achieving gun control. He said, “Enforce the laws we’ve already got. Make sure we are keeping the guns out of the hands of criminals…[and] those who are mentally ill.”


In case you’ve been sleeping in a cave for the past few years, the US government is doing everything it can to create more categories of crimes, and the psychiatrists are expanding the list of (fictional but enforceable) mental disorders, as they also relentlessly promote “more diagnosis and treatment.”


Some estimates state 20-25% of the US population is suffering from a mental disorder. These are absurd and cooked figures, for several reasons, but it doesn’t matter. What matters is that huge numbers of people can be arbitrarily labeled as such.


So legally owning or not owning a gun may soon hinge on a broader definition of “mentally ill,” changed to “having been diagnosed with a mental disorder,” because that is one back-door way to execute a massive gun ban.


Simply put: diagnose everybody and his brother with a mental disorder, and then assert that any such diagnosis bars a person from obtaining a gun permit.


Psychiatry, in addition to destroying lives through toxic drugs, becomes a political instrument for gun control.


In the July editions of both Psychology Today and The Psychiatric Times, the same editorial, written by Dr. Allen Frances, America’s most influential psychiatrist, spelled out a clear position:


Guns do kill people and the number of people depends on the number of guns and the number of rounds they can fire in a given period of time.”


Of course, no mention is made of the psychiatric drugs that induce violence and murder.


Dr. Frances sums up his unequivocal position: “We really have only two choices…accept mass murder as part of the American way of life, or…get in line with rest of the civilized world and adopt sane gun control policies.”


I thought I would explore the issue of mental illness from a slightly different perspective, however: WHY ARE FANATICAL GUN GRABBERS PSYCHOTIC?


What is the nature of THEIR mental disorder?


In the wake of the Newtown massacre, the gun-control forces are on the march. Ban this, ban that, go after the Doomsday Preppers and bitter clingers.


The gun grabbers don’t respond to the obvious charge that, when honest people have weapons for self-defense, they can, in fact, defend themselves and stave off crime, harm, and death.


This point doesn’t make a dent.


Neither does arguing Second Amendment. Neither does painting a picture of a society in which the only people who have guns are the government and criminals. The gun grabbers seem to like that picture. At least theoretically.


Here are a few truths you can take to the bank:


If the media in this country (which are notoriously anti-gun) made a big deal out of every case in which an armed citizen successfully defended his home against a violent intruder, and made every such person a hero, we would have a different mood in America. Everybody would see the sense in gun ownership.


In the case of the Newtown killings, the media would be saying, “Now here is a tragic case in which no one in the school was carrying a weapon.” And everybody would see the sense and the truth of that.


So really, it’s a matter of what the media cover and how they cover it, and what they ignore. That’s all it is. It isn’t anything else. In other words, they’re running a psyop.

The Matrix Revealed

Point two: the government doesn’t want private citizens to own and carry guns because that would diminish the role of government.


The people in charge hate it when private citizens take over a self-appointed government function. It’s insulting. It’s people saying to the government, “We don’t need you.” It’s proof that government acts in many, many ways that are intrusive and preemptive.


No need to worry, officer, I caught the thief as he was leaving the liquor store. I pulled my weapon and put him down on the ground and cuffed him. He’s in the back of my car.”


No, no, no. no. The government must be in charge of everything that pertains to showing or using a gun. No outsiders allowed.


Yes, Mrs. Smith, I’m sorry we’re late, and I’m sorry your husband was beaten to a pulp by that intruder, but we have other crimes to process. We have to man speed-traps. It’s better that your husband didn’t have a gun, let me assure you. Why? It just is. Now, let me call an ambulance. I hope they get him to the hospital in time.”


Imagine what the response would be if you asked an IRS executive what he thought about a flat consumer tax on bought goods that would replace the whole IRS code.


We’re talking about government jobs here. Jobs and money and pensions.


Private citizens must not do what the government does.


In case you hadn’t noticed, this spills over into the health field. The FDA certifies, as safe and effective, every (poisonous) medical drug before it can be prescribed for public use.


The FDA therefore controls drug treatment.


If somebody comes along and cooks up, in his kitchen, an herbal brew that knocks out the flu like a ridiculous little sissy in two hours, that’s a threat. Suddenly, a private citizen is miles ahead of the FDA (and the drug companies). No, no, no.


If home schoolers educate their kids better than government-run schools do, that’s another sore point. That’s bad. It expose the government factories that manufacture illiterate children.


Third point: if enough citizens were well-armed, it would take a full-scale federal invasion to overcome them in case of, oh, secession from the federalized United States.


The feds, of course, would win in the long run, if they killed enough people, but the publicity would be devastating to the government. Think Waco multiplied by a thousand or a million.


And in the process, word would get out about these well-armed private citizens’ grievances against the central government. The grievances would make sense to a lot of people watching the carnage unfold. Can’t have that. No, no, no.


Fourth point: A lot of people in this country grow up thinking they have to take care of other people. That’s really all they know how to do. This goes far beyond any understandable humane impulse.


This is meddling. It’s moving in on other people’s private business. The meddlers turn out to be vicious little scum. Well, where else are they going to be able to exercise these cheap impulses, other than in government jobs?


The corollary to this is: “I’m the hero. I protect you. I…you what? You protected yourself? No, you’re not allowed to do that, because then I can’t be a hero. You’re supposed to be the helpless citizen on my watch. If I can leap tall buildings, you have to be grounded. Otherwise, my life is in vain.”


Fifth point: Elites want to continue to own America. They want to have sway over the land and resources and people and money. Their minions and agents are the official people with weapons. That’s the way it works. It has to be a one-sided game. If millions and millions and millions of private citizens owned guns and knew how to use them, the tin gods wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night.


Sixth point: So-called liberals hate people who own guns. For them, guns are symbols of everything else they hate. Religion, land ownership, property rights, fences, and boundaries. Unless, of course, those fences define the liberals’ land.


Corollary: Many conservatives hate people who own guns, too, when they perceive those people are ready to decentralize power away from an overarching corporate-government control- nexus.


These are all elements of a true psychosis. It needs to be treated.


Short of mandatory sedatives, or a sudden attack on a lonely street at night by armed thugs, I recommend mandatory gun ownership for every non-felon adult in the US. This would solve the problem expeditiously.


I especially want to see all members of Congress packing heat in their chambers. If, once in a while, there is a shooting, well, we can catch it on C-Span. It won’t be lost to history.


I also want to see Chris Matthews in his MSNBC studio with a .45 strapped to his leg, the one that tingles.


There is one caveat to my proposal. In order to create a fully armed population, that population must be responsible, which is to say they must understand inviolable private property rights. They don’t have to own property, but they have to know that such a thing as private property exists. Why? Because property is one of the things an armed citizen has a right to defend.


Unfortunately, we’re losing the concept of private property like water leaking out of battered rowboat. It’s part of government’s plan, because government wants to own everything that isn’t already nailed down by its partner mega-corporations.


And government’s thinking goes this way: “Since we own everything, our cops defend it with guns; there is no reason for private armed citizens to defend it; it isn’t theirs.”


Meanwhile, I have to get going. I just got a message that three armed women teachers shot a guy named Adam Lanza in a classroom. I’m heading over to check it out.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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20 comments on “Three armed women teachers shot Adam Lanza in a classroom

  1. Juan del Sur says:

    “I love this guy (Jon Rappoport). He is so accurate in his comments. I especially like this observation: “the government doesn’t want private citizens to own and carry guns because that would diminish the role of government.” That is so true.”

  2. European American says:

    Damn, damn, damn that was good…no, that was Great!

  3. Sherezade V. says:

    Hi Jon. Just a quick note in appreciation for all you do. Your articles are eye opening and very educational. This one in particular I do like because it tells me exactly what the government want for us citizens. Label us and disarm us. We as society need so much help when it comes to our rights. I’m an American citizen born in Tijuana and live in Riverside now, so you can only imagine my frustration to see all this crazy sh… happening here when I already went through all these in TJ when I was a little girl. The corruption over there is no different than here. So sad and I can go on and on.
    I do admire you very much for your awesome career and accomplishments. I’ve
    Been so busy reading your articles that I haven’t even get a chance to get some of your books. But pretty soon I will 🙂
    You just don’t imagine the great positive impact you and your lovely wife had done for us in this family.
    Thank you thank you and know that you have a family that admire all you do for this world upside down.
    You are a great teacher, professor, investigator researcher and human <3
    Much respect, peace and love!

  4. Tedd says:

    Great stuff Jon! Makes me long for the days of the nomorefakenews newsletters and the “out of this world” interviews you held.

  5. Sean Noll says:

    You said exactly what I was thinking, just in a much better way that I would’ve said it.

  6. walt says:

    It’s good to know “factual” information, common sense and excellent writing is still included on the highways of news.
    Rights are not given by the constitution, but explained within. The rights belong to people, not organizations like governments who feel “they” are the regulators of what they do not own.

  7. awake says:

    Jon,thank you for your keen analysis and insight on these issues.
    It’s such a relief to be able to read well articulated articles such as your’s, on issues that are totally distorted and ignored by the crony capitalist/corporate fascist controlled main stream media.
    Your work needs to be spread far and wide.

  8. Anon says:

    Connecticut’s Strict Gun Control Laws Did Not Stop the School Shootings in Newtown, CT


    Democrat From NY: To Get Gun Control, Obama Must ‘Exploit’ CT Shooting

    List of school shootings known to be linked to SSRIs

    Gee, I wonder, is there maybe a link, between BIG PHARMA, and guns being blamed for all these heavily-medicated mass killing sprees?

    Gun-Town USA: 25 Years Murder Free

    Media Blackout: Oregon Mall Shooter Was Stopped By An Armed Citizen Sunday, December 16, 2012 9:02

  9. Mappy says:

    Next year Americans who do not own a gun, will lose much sleep over it and most will also go on to lose their lives as well……………..if the plan in place takes root.

  10. Jeronimo Briggz says:

    What if Adam Lanza did not do it? What If it were hired guns that kidnapped Adam pushed him into a classroom, shot him an then with a mask on shot up the school? Why would a man who was intending to kill himself anyway, don a mask to conceal an identity he had no intent of keeping secret? Am I the only one considering besides Grace Powers? Lol whatever if the 3 teachers were armed a commando mercenary would’ve killed them anyway…. .I don’t give shhhhhh it’s a conspiracy .

  11. Chips says:

    If earth changes rendered firearms unusable the elite would arm their goonstooges with clubs, and train them to subdue resistors. But first they need to control what people are allowed to think and talk about. This is why education became a top priority for the Wiseguys and why they want control. The science of despotism is founded on authority which is reified in factories called schools — where history is the main product that justifies Authority and sanctions indoctrination by shills with sheepskins, the doctors, lawyers, and therapists who supply the politicians with rationale for producing legal “sausage”. Education being religion in disguise, people with basic intelligence perceiving a naked empire must be “dealt with”.

    My basic “take” on the categories that makes up the Oligarchy is: Wiseguys, Goons/Stooges, and Devils. The secret DSM. The original science was Robbery. Now perfected and called War.

  12. Tom 25 says:

    Jon, I LOVE you. You are succinct and to the point. You make sense when everyone else is spurting out mumbo-jumbo! Thanks for being you.

  13. windy says:

    Do be careful, you make too much sense […]

  14. Joel says:


  15. dawnatilla says:

    UPDATE ON THREE WOMEN PLEASE..very cruel to name this article that..and not have the goods yet !! <3 Im playin..kinda

    thank you

  16. gaylynn says:

    Ah! Finally a reasonable, logical and intelligent voice in the wilderness. Thank you, Jon.

  17. Bill says:

    So lets examine who kills more innocent civilians? Police/covert agencies/toxic medicine/FDA/government lunatic policies/MILITARY. YEP, looks like the government really kill more people than any gang/deranged psychos ect. combined!!!! SO ITS LOOKING LIKE THEY NEED TO GIVE UP THEIR GUNS FIRST!!!

  18. DSL says:

    “I also want to see Chris Matthews in his MSNBC studio with a .45 strapped to his leg, the one that tingles.”

    I’d like to nominate that as the best line of the year. This is a great blog that deserves a wide audience

  19. Craig Furlong says:

    Thank, John, and God bless you and yours.
    I am a first-time reader and absolutely agree with everything you wrote here…and THE WAY YOU WROTE IT. Right on, brother.
    Praise the Son of God, the Lord Jesus Christ.

  20. nannie44 says:

    Ditto to Craig Furlong. this is my new favorite read. Also can get REAL
    NEWS on the ( formerly GBTV)

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