Two movies, two mass murders


Newtown: Two Movies, Two Mass Murders, and Questioning All the Facts. Torrid Political Implications are at Stake.

By Jon Rappoport

December 16, 2012


The Dark Knight Rises and The Hunger Games.


We’ll get to them in a minute.


This article is in the interest of full disclosure. The easy way out is to accept the basic facts given to us by the police and media. So let’s take a breath, back up, and take a wider view.


Multiple media sources state Adam Lanza, the accused Newtown mass murderer, wore a mask while he killed 26 people in the Sandy Hook Elementary School. So who IDed him as the killer?


Obviously, the police, after the fact, when Lanza was dead.


In any crime with such torrid political implications (“take away the guns”), we have to question all the facts.


Presumably, the police found Lanza dead with a bullet wound from a gun lying next to him. They saw he was wearing a mask and body armor. They assumed he was the killer.


Later, the gun was traced back to its owner, Lanza’s mother. Bullet analysis of the victims revealed this was the murder weapon.


So it was a murder-suicide.


Unless there was a different person who did the shooting (cops found and arrested a man wearing camo in the woods near the school…what happened to him?). And who was the man police had “proned out” near the school?


An alternate scenario: Lanza was the patsy. The actual shooter(s) in the school killed him with the murder weapon.


Oh, well, that’s impossible.


Really? Why?


Because “everybody knows” Lanza did it?


Because the media report what the police tell them?


Because the police drew the “obvious” conclusion when they found a masked and body-armored Lanza dead with the murder weapon next to him?


It all comes down to this. Conventional reality vs. extraordinary reality. The overwhelming majority opt for the former every time.


Lee Oswald was the lone shooter (the majority don’t even believe this now). Sirhan Sirhan killed RFK (the evidence says he couldn’t, because he standing on the wrong side of RFK).


Lanza would be the perfect patsy. Loner, shy, vulnerable, behaved strangely, Asperger’s Syndrome; MOTHER WAS AN AVID GUN COLLECTOR, had taught her son to shoot; relative of the family tells CBS News the mother was worried about collapse of the economy, wanted weapons in case she had to defend her home and family (DOOMSDAY PREPPER)…and there you have just the right scenario for the gun grabbers, who have been going at it full-bore in the last two days.


These kids would be still be alive if the mother wasn’t a doomsday prepper.”


On top of that, as I wrote in my previous article, we now have the boggling connection to The Hunger Games. In that sci-fi novel and film, 24 children are picked to take part in a competitive, national, blood-sacrifice, killing ritual…one child survives at the end and 23 die.


Twenty died in Newtown.


And the author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, lives in Sandy Hook, next to Newtown.


And this means? This is just the kind of bizarre and insane op secret societies are reputed to enjoy. Ordinarily, I would ignore this sort of thing and just call it a coincidence, but it’s too improbable. I can’t prove the killings in Newtown were part of that kind of op. But I can’t disregard it, either. The “coincidence” is just too stunning.


And if The Hunger Game connection is real here, then all bets are off.


If you recall, there was another recent mass murder in which a film played a part. Batman. The Dark Knight Rises. The Aurora theater. The Joker. James Holmes, also masked.


There are serious questions about exactly where he was arrested. At the theater exit, as the media reported? Or as other witnesses say, in his car. Was Holmes a patsy, set up to take the fall for murders committed by pros?


Corbin Dates, a purported eyewitness in the theater, and at least one other unnamed witness, spoke on camera to the media about a second shooter in the theater.


Yes, we want answers. We want them quickly. We always do. But it’s better to open up all lines of questioning, rather than chase a cooked-up scenario down the rabbit hole and end nowhere.


Of course, in the Newtown murders, we have all sorts of contradictory reports that surfaced early on. These “errors” have been attributed to “typical confusion that always accompanies” the first stories from a scene of chaos. We always write off these mistakes. But why should we?


There was the confusion about weapons. The killer used a hand gun. No he didn’t. It was a rifle. There was a rifle found in the trunk of a car. No, three weapons were found. The killing weapon was Sig Sauer pistol. No, a rifle, It was a Bushmaster rifle. No, it was a Sig Sauer rifle.


Were all these early errors made in the heat of a chaotic scene, or were some “errors” put out there to confuse a true investigation and possibly delay media and police, while the real killers escaped?


Inferring from the medical examiner’s statements, Lanza, if he was the killer and if he was using a Sig Sauer rifle, would have employed at least three clips in the killing spree. He would have had the persistence to reload that many times and continue the shooting?


A violent outburst, to which Lanza might have been prone, if he indeed had a developmental disorder called “Asperger’s” is not the same thing as the methodical murder of 27 people, reloading three or more clips in his rifle.

The Matrix Revealed

And now let’s back up again, to the scene of the crime, as police were inside the school. From reports, the police entered the school after the carnage was over.


They found Lanza’s body. They saw the mask and body armor. They inferred he was the shooter. But what would have prevented the real pros, the killers, from killing Lanza and dressing him in a mask and body armor and leaving him there?


Oh, that couldn’t happened. People wouldn’t do that.


Really? Why not?


The two movies, The Hunger Games and The Dark Knight Rises, provided a backdrop of dystopian chaos and violence, and a society in which coherence has broken down. Criminal forces, winning. The vision of a peaceful and prosperous nation in which institutional justice stands a chance, shattered.


Whether you call “them” the Globalists, the secret societies, the Illuminati, the elites, the Bilderbergs, the CFR, the Trilateralists, you come up with the same game plan:


Destroy America, destroy the idea of individual freedom, destabilize the webs of community, engender fear, make it seem necessary for top-down control to be exerted, “to save us all” from rampant chaos.


These two movies, with tremendous advance publicity and anticipation, bolster the premise that American is too far gone to save.


Now, on top of that, we have two horrendous mass murders connected to these films, and the murders seem to prove the point: we are, in fact, too far gone…unless our wiser leaders step in and make great changes in the way we live.


What changes? Take all the guns. Restrict freedom. Spy on all of us 24/7, no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing.


Then and only then can we have peace. Then and only then can we live side by side in a Matrix of happiness.


If you’re not doing anything wrong, you have nothing to fear.”


Yes. Be good little boys and girls. Obey all the rules. Accept new rules, whenever they are dictated. Keep your eyes straight ahead. Think good thoughts. Be positive.


But even then, be warned, as in Newtown, the perfect little American community, we can experience the murder of innocence. That’s the lesson that is being imparted.


Even then, we learn, there will be a struggle to establish this happy Matrix we all desire. Therefore, all the more reason to surrender our rights and freedoms, so our leaders can work their overarching solutions without resistance and interruption.


From chaos, order.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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35 comments on “Two movies, two mass murders

  1. trooper753 says:

    Thank you for compiling this material and sharing. I knew I smelled a rat. Not a movie watcher, but I will be looking for these now. Keep up the good work!

  2. Gina says:

    Jon – isn’t it 3 movies? What about the Sikh shooting, where the father of the director of Dr. Greer’s movie Sirius, Arm Kaleka, was killed at the temple. Another coincidence? Hunger Games, Batman, Sirius – lots and lots of connections at many different levels…..

  3. Bill says:

    There will be another shooting soon. this will be designed to solidify the mass mind into tyranny. It is coming.,and will be positioned to eradicate any doubt as-to the confiscation of our last defensive rights, guns!
    The people will DEMAND TYRANNY, to secure their false security.;
    These words are not my own, but those of our founding Fathers …

  4. qqq says:

    Hobbit relis on 12.14.12
    dont forget same inciendent at school in China

  5. qqq says:

    Batman – adult
    Hobbit – children
    This is just the kind of bizarre and insane op secret societies are reputed to enjoy.

  6. Prattle On, Boyo says:

    This theory is so over the top, it may just be the truth (or close to it).

  7. Aldeba Ran says:

    Excellent article, Jon! Thank you. Keep up the good work.

  8. Tom says:

    Thanks Jon, good research and report.

  9. Joyce says:

    This brings me back to the early live, on-the-scene televised reports of the Columbine shootings shortly after police and TV crews arrived at the scene. A reporter from a Denver channel was interviewing a terrified boy who had run out of the school and was hiding in some nearby bushes. He said there were THREE gunmen in black coats. Through all the 24/7 coverage of the tragedy for the next several days, never was this clip shown again to my knowledge, and any reference to 3 gunmen was not reported at all – ever again.

  10. Interesting to note now that CHina, which had a attempted massacre on friday but with a knife and had no deaths, is now calling for the USA to ban guns.. shades of global governance? strange… another coincidence…

  11. Tyrranystopper says:


    Another coinckydink.
    Sandy Hook is shown in the Dark KNight Movie.
    and of course the Libor scandal has connections.
    Both Holmes dad and Lanza Dad have some interesting connections.
    Thank you for your work.

  12. jb says:

    This scene is less believable than the 9/11 hoax. Mom (who likes jazz) teaches her retarded son to fire a gun at a shooting range. A former babysitter claims the mom told him never to turn his back on the son. So she in turn leaves a small arsenal of weapons handy for the taking? The son, intent on committing suicide, wears a protective vest (where did he get that?) and mask, while shooting children at close range with a long range assault rifle. Initial reports have him holding a glock or sig sauer, with the rifle in the trunk of the car. The hand gun story is more believable. But assault rifles are apparently the evil du jour. Why is he carrying his brother’s ID? Bro hadn’t had contact with Adam since 2010. Did Eve (his handler) mistakenly plant it on him after he ate the apple?

  13. Dave says:

    Dear Jon, I’m glad you made the connection to the Batman movie. I thought I’d provide a link to the part where ‘Sandy Hook’ is labeled and pointed to on the map of Gotham City! Unreal! Great article.

    Sandy Hook in “The Dark Night Rises”

  14. JC says:

    Between Libor and Benghazi scandals , even Hillary gets a doctors note after getting a concussion. Stinks to high hell ! Just amazing timing AGAIN ! Quick, squirrel over there….

  15. MorningStar says:

    Finally, someone is on the right track about what/why this horrible event happened. Let Hollywood take the blame for this in step with unsafe medications. It’s nothing to do with survivalists or owning guns.

  16. Melanie says:

    Jon, there’s one thing from the reports about Lanza’s mother that needs correction. The MSM is portraying her as a “prepper” gun collector. However the murder weapon was standard CIA issue, and according to a Russian report she was a CIA analyst.

  17. Jim says:

    Hollywood and psychiatrists in cahoots with pharmaceutical companies are destroying society…..

  18. hybridrogue1 says:

    Thanks for the article Jon.

    It is amazing, if MorningStar has actually read this article, to then simplistically blame “Hollywood” – which is just part of a much larger system. But to throw in the “unsafe medications” meme, when the likelihood that Adam Lanza is just the patsy…

    Well this is the type of very strange reasoning one finds in this pathological society. It’s as crazy as the “mainstreamers”.

    I’d sure hate to be judged by a jury of my “peers” in this whacked out culture.


  19. shropster says:

    Sirhan Sirhan and Lanza shared the attributes of being programed with MK-Ultra techniques. Read Cathy O’Brian’s “TRANSformation of America” for a chilling insight of MK-Ultra.

  20. Rappoport adds dignity to journalism and patriotism with focused analysis in communication of vital observation, all bullshit aside. More proof the criminal cabal is continuing with the destruction these authors above have identified and confirmed. Cui bono? A simple-minded demand for security from cowardly, ignorant Americans is not forthcoming from those with ‘true grit’ and cognition of the machinations of today’s top criminal minds.
    Who needs a huge body of slaves to support their own corrupt lardassedness? Who needs slaves’ regimentation and dedicated service to keep themselves at the head of the table in an Ivory Tower, surrounded by filthy lucre? Who relies on treachery, uber alles? The internet has rendered them and their evil identifiable and their craft worthy of termination. Let’s get to it. Enough Project Monarch.

  21. Dick Damron says:

    Jon, this scenario of Lanza being set up as a patsy is completely consistent with a majority of empirical data on similar incidents. Oswald, McVeigh, Sirhan and on. I would say you are almost certainly correct and that Lanza was not the shooter. It fits the pattern, and another shooting like this will be the tipping point for total gun confiscation. If indeed that point has not already been achieved through this heinous, dispicable act of cowardice by the ptb.

  22. Mystikel says:

    Sorry that URL was wrong….this is what I should have posted.

    Mystery Man in Woods Handcuffed by Newtown Police:Solved

    I believe it was Sheilaalien on utube who put this together, though I found it on Idahopicker’s utube channel.

    It appears there was a father who ran around the back of the school looking for a way to rescue his child. He is named in this video and i was also able google more info on him as well. I can certainly understand the impulse to protect your child and am so glad the officer who apprehended him was not a trigger happy rookie. Since Idaho picker has also posted the police audio, very interesting as well, you can kind of put together that two men came running toward the cop, one was apprehended and the other fled into the woods. So to my mind this does offer a solution to one mystery though the others remain. Praying for the children and families of Sandy Hook.

  23. Mistersmith says:

    Robert Holmes is James Holmes, the Aurora shooter, father. Here is what can be read on his linkedin page :

    “My educational background is in Mathematics and Statistics. My experience
    over the last 10 years at HNC and FICO has been in developing predictive
    models for financial services; credit & fraud risk models, first and third
    party application fraud models and internet/online banking fraud models.

    Management Experience: I am currently managing a team building Falcon
    Fraud Manager Credit card fraud models. I have also managed teams in the
    Telco and Identity Theft fraud areas.”

    Peter Lanza is the father of… well you know…
    Here is Perer Lanza linkedin page :

  24. Helloteke says:

    In Tanzania as well there were multiple shooters in the event that was created to make Australians accept to give their weapons to the evil government.

  25. Charlie Foxtrot says:

    Great work on this article.

    The story being peddled by the media makes no sense but—-as usual—–people will simply leave their common sense and reasoning in neutral and let the media’s propaganda enter into their minds completely unfiltered.

    What a world we live in…………………

  26. Sam Smith says:

    Another researcher suggested this synchronicity:

    find_the_truth says:
    “Zero Dark Thirty” has too similar of a plot point to this – the bad guy switching his ID with his brother to confuse the authorities upon his death – the press last night suggested that he went to each child and shot them again at close range, just as the SEALs do to every body in “Zero Dark Thirty”. Many more scripted similarities.

    Also Uwe Boll’s movie ‘Rampage,’ where the killer shoots his friend at the end and plants the murder weapon in his hands.

  27. Reblogged this on Gang Stalked since June, 2010 and commented:
    What changes? Take all the guns. Restrict freedom. Spy on all of us 24/7, no matter where we are, no matter what we are doing.

  28. Melanie says:

    From this link:

    An new report prepared by the Federal Security Services (FSB) circulating in the Kremlin today on the horrific Connecticut Massacre is suggesting that these deaths may have been associated with the production of a video game based on the popular book Hunger Games which is about a post-apocalyptic United States where the killing of children is glorified as entertainment for the privileged elite classes.

    According to this report, and as we had previously reported on in our report Connecticut Massacre Blamed On Son Of Top CIA Analyst, Nancy Champion Lanza [photo 2nd left], believed to be one of the Central Intelligence Agencies (CIA) top psychological analysts working on Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) video game production, is said by Russian intelligence analysts to have been a “close working partner” with Hunger Games author Suzanne Collins who was her neighbor in the affluent Connecticut village of Newton where they both resided.

  29. JEDIAM says:

    The Connecticut shooting that took place on December 14, 2012 was a C.I.A. Psychop operation. The purpose was “Shock and Terror!” for the country and the world to see, to spark a public outrage and outcry to remove the second Amendment from the Constitution that gives American citizens the right to bare arms.

    The purpose is to incite an American civil war and plunge the country into total chaos. Why would they do this? The United States is broke! This country is in debt to China, Russia, Mexico, and other nations in the world. This madness accelerated when Bush Jr. was in power and he and his administration bankrupt the country by borrowering untold amounts of hundreds of trillions of dollars to pay for his wars for the oil cartels. Hilary Clinton already gave China “Immanent domain” of the U.S. back in 2009. China and other foreign nations are buying up everything in America making slaves of its citizens. That’s why there is no job market left and gas is $3 or $4 dollars a gallon and soon to rise thus the value of the dollar plunges due to hyperinflation. China, Russia and Mexico are planning an invasion of the U.S. The military is helpless to counter such an attack on American soil without huge casualties of American lives.

    The only option, arm the citizens and drug them with Prozac, Ritalin, Zoloft, and other psychotic drugs and turn them into “Hyper Killers!” like what was witnessed in the Connecticut shooting [Adam Lanza] was a test subject and his mother was an expandable asset of the C.I.A,an operative who worked for D.A.R.P.A. The victims of the shooting were the targets intended!

  30. Bob Simmons says:

    Wow Jon, I want some of what you’ve been smoking…

  31. Adam Evenson says:

    @Bob Simmons: little Matrix rat, are you?

    I know intimately, and have lived among THE most violent individuals in existence, including an organized Aryan Brotherhood whose members know only how to murder, maim, destroy and/or intimidate and whose initiation ritual is to murder one or more people in a particular way, as specified by the head(s) of the thing. I know how to murder and maim, too, and I counter-balanced the AB’s with it.

    I am abundantly aware, just from looking at him, that no frail little twerp such as Adam Lanza is in any way capable of carrying out the Newtown massacre. If I were recruiting for help with a bunch of AB’s, I would not choose the likes of Adam Lanza, even if he begged and pleaded to get in on it. I’m not condemning Adam for being what he was, but amplifying it for effect. He even suffered from Asperger’s Syndrome, which is not associated with violence, but closer to reticence and mental confusion.

    It would be impossible for that boy to herd all those people together into two rooms, yes, not one room, but TWO ROOMS, and methodically shoot more than twenty of them to death and reload time after time. While he was reloading, a teacher or teachers would surely have attacked him or rushed him and tried to take his weapon away. He was a frail little twerp. What woman in that position, that’s at least as large and powerful as he was, would not try to wrestle his gun from him while he was reloading? Ask one of the teachers why they didn’t. Let me tell why. It was because the real shooters were in very deadly control, the same kind I know how to exert. As frail as Adam was, any female with the determination of life or death driving her would be able to wrestle him to the floor until help could arrive.

    Further, if the shooter had been Adam Lanza walking around popping caps randomly, which is the only way he could have done it, he could not possibly have shot so many people to death before somebody showed up to stop it.

    The cops that arrived on the scene are obviously complicit in the murders. I not only know tough murderers like AB’s, I know cops, EXTREMELY WELL. Folks, when cops are determined to get their way, such as outlawing guns for the public, they are no different than AB’s, except that they wear badges. There is nothing innocent they will not violate, even their own. Driven by overweening agenda, the only thing cops know is how to murder, maim, destroy and/or intimidate, even as the AB’s.

    Sorry for the reality check, but people like “Bob Simmons” above deserve it.

  32. mick white says:

    you might also have mentioned the 2010 shooter film called “Rampage”. A young man shoots up a school, and then is in the woods afterwards. (I haven’t watched the film in detail, but saw bits of it on youtube in a post about Sandy Hook), My point is that Rampage seems to be almost a blueprint for Sandy Hook.
    Rampage has a patsy who is left dead in the words, dressed in swat gear, as a staged suicide. WTF?

  33. mick white says:

    also to mention “Behold a pale horse”, 1991 book by William Copper, who said that CIA is influencing mental patients to shoot up schools. WTF?

  34. […] Newtown: Two Movies, Two Mass Murders, and Questioning All the Facts. Torrid Political Implications … […]

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