Newtown murders: astonishing Hunger Games “coincidence,” and killer’s mother now a Doomsday Prepper??


Newtown murders: astonishing Hunger Games “coincidence,” and killer’s mother now a Doomsday Prepper??

by Jon Rappoport

December 16, 2012


CBS News gives us this sizzling report:


(Source): the CBS Evening News, broadcast (on network TV) Sat. 12-15-2012.


Segment begins at 7 minute point in online version of the TV broadcast:


Program anchor Jim Axelrod (live in Newtown, CT): “You’re also learning more about the guns used in the shooting, that belonged to Lanza’s mother?”


Senior Correspondent John Miller sets us up for the punch line: “It’s about the process. She had to go to an awful lot of trouble to get these guns. CT has some of the toughest gun laws in the country. That meant going down to the state police, filling out the forms, getting finger printed, and then waiting to hear back that she was approved for a handgun permit. Then it meant going down to the store and getting an FBI background check, waiting for another period and picking those weapons up. So it’s not one of those things where you just show up with your driver’s license and make a purchase. She made an affirmative effort to get these weapons and as we learned from the landscaper, enjoyed shooting.”


Ready? Here is John Miller’s punch line: “We spoke to another relative who also said she was worried about the defense of her home if there was a collapse of the economy [on screen – close up casual photo of Mrs. Lanza]. She wanted to have weapons on hand to defend them which of course only underscores the irony that those were the guns used by her own child to kill her and so many others.”




And there we are. The circle is complete. Now the gun grabbers can really take off and run with this. “The doomsday preppers are responsible for the murders of 20 children! That’s where this whole thing is coming from! Get their guns!”


You don’t have to be a genius to figure out where this is going!


But then there is THIS. The SGT Report cites a “coincidence” that will leave you thinking about a planned scenario at Newtown, just the kind of operation secret societies are reputedly famous for.


In The Hunger Games, many times called a model of predictive programming, the ritual sacrifice of 23 children is carried out. Twelve districts, two children from each district; they fight in pairs and kill each other until one winner is left. 23 children are killed.


In Newton, Adam Lanza killed 20 children.


The author of The Hunger Games, Suzanne Collins, is listed by Wikipedia as one of the famous people who lives in Newtown.


You take it from there. Call it whatever you want to. I try to avoid winging big stretches, but this is too stunning to omit. WTF.


…Meanwhile, the police in Newtown are lying. Here is how that plays out.


We are entering another familiar phase of the standard mass-murder scenario.


It goes like this: “A portrait is beginning to emerge of the killer…”


With Adam Lanza, it starts with “loner, shy, awkward, different, very smart.” It now proceeds to “goth, computer nerd, carried briefcase not backpack, played video games.”


The latter terms are meant to connect the audience, the public, to the 1999 Columbine School mass murders, the touchstone of school shootings, the gold standard. The so-called “trenchcoat mafia”; Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the “goth shooters.”


Next, we may hear Adam Lanza was bullied.


These are all synthetic descriptions about Lanza, manufactured to cue the audience to make certain assumptions about a person they don’t know at all.


The “emerging portrait” is a necessary step in the media presentation. It assures the public that they can make at least partial sense out of the killer.


It’s also a false trail, if in fact the killer was on psychiatric meds, because then all bets are off. The drugs (Prozac, Zoloft, Paxil, Ritalin, Adderall, etc.) do things to the brain that result in actions entirely beyond any description of Lanza, even when that description comes from family and friends.


Now, the police are getting into the act.


Connecticut State Police Lieutenant, Paul Vance, dangled a carrot in front of the press today: “Our investigators at the crime scene…did produce some very good evidence in this investigation, that our investigators will be able to use in, hopefully, painting the complete picture as to how—and more importantly why—this occurred.”


A note from Adam Lanza, found at the scene? A recording of a confession? Vance didn’t say. Perhaps his punch line will come tomorrow.


Here’s why this is a lie.


Killing your own mother, and then breaking into a school and killing 26 people, most of whom are very young children, doesn’t, by any stretch of the imagination, resolve by assigning a motive.


There is no motive that can explain such a crime.


Lanza was bullied, so he killed 26 people, including little children?


He had a very bad experience when he was in school?


His mother was brutal toward him?


But the media and law-enforcement presentation requires some sort of motive. It’s part of the planned sequence of events that occurs in the aftermath of mass murders. It needs to be there. The public is supposed to digest this motive and either accept it or grudgingly acknowledge it might have played a role in the killings. It’s better than a vacuum.


The public is not supposed to be left with a vacuum.


Of course, the television anchors button the whole thing up with their somber, high-minded, and world-weary bottom-line reminders that “we may never understand what really happened here on the morning of December 14th.” That’s folded in to provide the “helpless factor” that’s now engraved on every mass murder.


We’re all victims and we have to accept what cannot be explained.”


We’re talking about multiple vectors of explaining a killer. Planned vectors.


Well, he was this way and he was that way, and so-and-so person said he was this way, and at the end of the day all this helps but there is still an underlying mystery about the human mind that researchers are only beginning to probe, and here is Dr. Such and Such, who has been researching the deep corridors and channels of the brain for thirty years at Harvard, to try to help us make some sense of out of all of this…Doctor?”




Meanwhile, if Adam Lanza was on psychiatric drugs, the answer is obvious. HE HAD NO MOTIVE FOR KILLING ALL THOSE PEOPLE.


There was no motive.


That’s what the drugs do.

The Matrix Revealed

Yes, a person might be angry, might be resentful, might feel put-upon, might fantasize about revenge, might wish that people were dead…but he would never act on those feelings and thoughts.


That’s the whole point.


And then he takes the drugs, or dangerously withdraws from them from them, and THEN he kills people.


He does what he would otherwise never do.


In fact, some people who feel absolutely no desire for revenge, after taking the drugs kill others or themselves or both.


Dr. Joseph Tarantolo has written about the case of Julie Marie Meade. In a column for the ICSPP (International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology) News, “Children and Prozac: First Do No Harm,” Tarantolo describes how Julie Meade, in November of 1996, called 911, “begging the cops to come and shoot her. And if they didn’t do it quickly, she would do it to herself. There was also the threat that she would shoot them as well.”


The police came within a few minutes, “five of them to be exact, pumping at least 10 bullets into her head and torso.”


Tarantolo remarks that a friend of Julie said Julie “had plans to make the honor roll and go to college. He [the friend] had also observed her taking all those pills.” What pills? Tarantolo called the Baltimore medical examiner, and spoke with Dr. Martin Bullock, who was on a fellowship at that office. Bullock said, “She had been taking Prozac for four years.”


Tarantolo asked Bullock, “Did you know that Prozac has been implicated in impulsive de novo violence and suicidalness?” Bullock said he was not aware of this.


Tarantolo is careful to point out, “Violent and suicidal behavior have been observed both early (a few weeks) and late (many months) in treatment with Prozac.”


Keep in mind that a person doesn’t have to be severely “down” to be given one of these antidepressants. He or she could just be going through a temporary disappointment, but upon recommendation, a visit to a psychiatrist is made…and then life takes a radically different and extremely dangerous pharmaceutical course.


As far as motive for murder in the Adam Lanza case, everything is backwards. First, the police should be investigating whether he had been under the care of a physician. If so, what drugs were prescribed?


If the psychiatric meds are positively established, then all the rest of the mumbling and hinting and explaining and writing script is completely irrelevant. Lanza went crazy from the drugs and he killed. He took the drugs and he killed.


This is not an excuse. It’s a fact.


It doesn’t change the tragedy, but knowing it can prevent more mass murders, if the people trying to cover up what these drugs do can be pushed out of the way and shelved, along with all the other medical liars in this country.


Meanwhile, we’re getting the full dose of media mind control out of Newtown, Connecticut. The planned sequence is playing out.


Here’s the capper: Newtown USA is the perfect town. Everybody is happy there. It’s the best place to live. People are friendly. There is virtually no serious crime. It’s so safe. It’s Christmas season. Decorations have already been hung in the streets. It’s the wonderful holiday in the wonderful community. Everybody likes everybody.


What’s the takeaway?


If this horrible, horrible thing happened in Newtown, no one is safe in America, anywhere.


Who wants to promote that message?


The same people who promote the imminent threat of terrorism, in order to wipe out freedom, to install wall to wall surveillance of everything we do and say and write, 24/7, to remove guns from citizens, to increase dependence on government for life and survival.


One young man, on one or two medicines, goes on a rampage and kills, and the planners advance their heinous cause: Operation Newtown.


As long as we stay asleep.


Jon Rappoport

The author of an explosive collection, THE MATRIX REVEALED, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails at

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28 comments on “Newtown murders: astonishing Hunger Games “coincidence,” and killer’s mother now a Doomsday Prepper??

  1. a friend says:

    hey jon,
    for some reason i got this error page when trying to get to your amazon link….

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    • theodorewesson says:

      Thanks for the heads up. It is interesting that WP is now doing this. Before, the link was a raw click-thru. I see what you mean. Now it is has “…” Looking into it…

  2. Bette says:

    I truly believe that anti-depressants and anti-anxiety medications (benzodiapines) although may be helpful and necessary in some cases, are often over prescribed by physicians. It is not just psychiatrists that prescribe these medications, but most any physician from internal medicine, family practictioners and even neurologists. Often there may be little monitoring of how the patient is responding to the medication and it is quite often offered to address a symptom or illness for which the doctor is unable to find an explanation.

    With so many specialty doctors out there and multiple pharmacies, a person could easily be prescribed a multitude of mood (mind) altering medications from various doctors without any knowledge of the patient’s other medications. As physicians have become more aware of problems of over prescribing pain killers and more control has been implemented in most states on them, they still lack awareness of the affects these anti-psychotic medications can have on a person and just how dangerous they can be to society.

    I don’t believe physicians intentionally do this. They want to help someone in distress and they are told by the big drug companies the wonderful benefits of these medications. Drug companies have a lot invested in these medications. It is the job of their drug representatives to push them on the doctors. Medications that only benefit are small segment of the population just are not profitable or worth pursuing. These are orphan drugs. As physicians they are bombarded with samples and incentives to promote new drugs as they are introduced to the market. When Prozac first came out, it seemed every doctor had posters, pens, paper pads, etc., all with the Prozac logo. Free samples were readily available to start a patient on Prozac.

    Now were these doctors really qualified to assess a patient’s mental status and determine if they were medically clinically depressed according to the appropriate diagnostic guidelines? In most cases they were not. The patient may have expressed such symptoms as feeling extremely fatigued, difficultly sleeping, a lack of energy, various pain issues and just not feeling well. The physician would run the standard blood tests and in most cases things would come back within normal ranges or maybe just slight outside normal ranges. Too often this is where the medical exam stopped and prescription pad came out. These tests all look good, it must be anxiety or depression. Oh, and often the culprit they blame is stress. People need to reduce the level of stress in their lives and all will be well. Take these pills, it may take up to six weeks to see any benefit. If they don’t work, there are others we can offer. Then they send the patient out into the world and what has really been accomplished?

    Too often doctors just can not say ‘I do not know what is wrong with you’. Too often doctors are too busy to look beyond the surface symptoms and consider illnesses that require unique or more extensive testing or even those even consider those illnesses for which there is no test but are diagnosed by ruling out all other possibilities with those similar symptoms. It is just easier to call it anxiety or depression and write a prescription. Unfortunately, the medication may make the patient feel worse and send them seeking another doctor who will repeat the scenario and end up prescribing another medication which only compounds the problem.

    If I could have two wishes to make to physicians they would be:

    1. Please, really listen to your patient and do not feel that just because a blood test does not show there is something wrong, does not mean that there is not something physically wrong. It simply means either you haven’t done the correct testing or you need to do more testing. Please do not automatically assume they are suffering from depression or anxiety. Anyone who is not feeling well is bound to be a bit down in the dumps or anxious about what might be wrong with them, but that is NOT necessarily their primary issue.

    2. If you are not a qualified mental health professional and are going to see this person on a regular basis for conseling and monitoring of medications, DO NOT PRESCRIBE ANTI-DEPRESSANT or ANTI-ANXIETY MEDICATIONS for the treatment of any mental health illness.

  3. Joe D'Angelo says:

    Thank you Jon for all of your investigative reporting. Have you seen the video footage of the other two who were apprehended by police? Have you heard about the connection between both of the fathers of recent shootings, the one in CT and the one in Oregon, namely, that the two fathers are scheduled to testify at hearings on the Libor scandal. Can you confirm?

  4. Caroline Collins says:

    Notice that no one is even asking if the kid was a druggie. Is the word “drug” even mentioned?

  5. Reblogged this on theconservativehillbilly and commented:
    “Meanwhile, if Adam Lanza was on psychiatric drugs, the answer is obvious. HE HAD NO MOTIVE FOR KILLING ALL THOSE PEOPLE.

    There was no motive.

    That’s what the drugs do.”

  6. dh says:

    this article is pure genius. i agree the drugs are to blame

  7. Adam Parfrey says:

    Fathers testifying at the Libor hearings are among the most compelling concepts. I did some research but could not come up with anything here. Did you, Jon?

  8. Joy says:

    As always Jon, your investigative skills are brilliant.

  9. Anonymous says:

    “There is no motive that can explain such a crime.” Yes, there is. You say this, yet go on to claim that drugs are the motive. Do you know what a motive is? A motive is a reason for why somebody does something. Even if you’re right (which you are almost certainly not, because your conclusions are based entirely on personal inference) about drugs being the motivating factor — that’s still a motive.

    There are clearly psychological reasons why somebody would kill their family. Are you making a claim that nobody ever murdered their own mother prior to the advent of modern psychological medicine? That nobody killed children before Prozac and similar drugs were developed? Look, I understand that the world is a complicated place, and that it seems reasonable to therefore to apply order to some of its more chaotic elements. Yes, there are groups of people working together to misinform the public for various reasons. Most of these “conspiracies” are astonishingly self-evident and widely known, however.

    Here is a plain and common-sense stab at explaining why this event, and events like it, happen: A young person is a social pariah; feels dejected because of this; assigns blame for their victim status to whoever — their parents, maybe this guy felt victimized at a young age and so he assigned blame to other children; their intelligence level and ego drive them to feel exceptional in spite of their shortcomings; they are depressed and seek a way out; their aforementioned ego, as well as a culture of celebrity and a knowledge that people who do these things become famous, as well as access to tools that make it very easy to kill others and relatively painless to kill themselves, drive them toward this course of action.

    Are psychoactive drugs a variable in this equation? Perhaps. Is it a big surprise that most of these people have psychological problems? No. Is it a surprise that most people with psychological problems in the first world have received some treatment for these problems? No. Are many of these problems treated with medications? Yes. Is the media “covering up” the idea that drugs are to blame? If you think that, then you weren’t watching Fox & Friends yesterday morning — they were also jumping to similar conclusions, rather than just holding off until they heard back from people who had actually done some research to find out why this may have happened.

    I have been on several varieties of anxiety and depression medications. You know what the worst side effects were? One of them gave me dermatological breakouts. Another gave me writers block. The third makes me too sleepy. None of them made me want to go on a rampage, or even yell at anybody. And since, as I’m sure you would admit, many (perhaps too many) people are on these prescriptions, why aren’t many more people doing this kind of thing? Is it perhaps because these drugs are associated with these killers, but not actually the cause? Or would that reality be too banal to make for good conspiracy theorizing?

    What’s your motive for misinforming naive people by publishing your steam-of-consciousness conclusion-jumping that is in no way a reflection of actual, for-real investigative journalism? Money? A perceived position of power within your online community?

    And yes, doctors are far too eager to prescribe a lot of these drugs. I’ve seen that first hand. But just because something may be bad does not mean it is responsible for all bad things. This is destructive. These drugs do actually help a lot of people who would be far worse off without them.

  10. paul motta says:

    You will never see this information on TV. Thank you.

  11. A different angle I came upon: 1) GE–the place where the father worked as head of tax department–they pay no fed tax???? Also, GE has energy contract with Mynamar (recent O visit/lifting of sanctions) but put in place back in July 2012 when Hillary went visiting and now rolling full steam ahead…. Huge missing link to these murders, I realize, but rather coincidental–and they always say to ‘follow the money trail’….

  12. Anthony Clifton says:

    who pays the scriptwriters…?

    who pays the deviants that CRAFT the so-called “Legislation”…

    that is already written like the Anti-Terrorism legislation before OKC

    Mass Mind Control….

    a covinous collusion of psychopaths and deviants going back hundreds of years…

    cui bono

    all lies and liars reduced to ashes…by the OVENS of TRUTH

  13. Abbass (Steve) says:

    @Caroline Collins

    Where do you get that nonsense from? He was not a drug user, as much hs been said in several reports however it is established that he was on anti-depressants. Such LEGAL drugs are known to cause suicide and violence in some cases. The same cannot be said of recreational drugs except in rare cases.

  14. Pugnacious says:

    And who is now Czar of Hollywood’s Motion Picture Association…former Connecticut Senator Chris Dodd, one of the most corrupt politicians to ever have walked the Halls of Congress. He follows in the footsteps of his US Senate-censured father who was a prosecutor at Nuremberg–father of the fabricated Shrunked head “evidence” claims against defendants.

  15. Hermies Purrbuckets says:

    The “Hunger Games” connection is one hell of a smoking gun, and even eerier when you add the curious fact that when local news radio here in CT (WELI 960 AM, New Haven for instance) started reporting live from the scene mid-Friday, one aspect they pushed for a couple of hours was the fact that one of the kindergarteners (with an amazing sense of self-awareness) grabbed his two best friends and fled out the back door before the shooting started in earnest. This report was soon dropped, and I have seen no reference to it in any of the official national reports. However, if this were true, it would raise the number of INTENDED victims in that classroom to 23, as in, “The Hunger Games.”

  16. Call me “crazy”, but I truly believe I was one of the lucky (oxymoronic)”patsies” that got away. Highly intelligent, loner, broken family, bullied, alcoholic father who died at 42, ex-military, Combat Martial Arts Training, Power Lifter, owned multiple weapons, distrusts government, political activist, dissenter, labeled a “racist” because I despise Zionists (not a race, but an ideology), and a blogger.

    “They” tried to link me to 9/11, drugged me in bars (then immediately pulled me over for bogus DUI’s), broke into my homes and cars to steal my weapons (had a CW PERMIT), multiple attempts on my life (still occuring). All of the attorneys, judges, prosecutors, ‘assigned’ couselors, etc. ALL TRIED DESPERATELY TO GET ME TO ‘ADMIT’ THAT I WAS “DEPRESSED.” I never was and told them so. This infuriated them.

    Eventually, I fled to Canada seeking asylum (ironic), lived remotely in a cabin, was healing my cancer and diabetes holistically (after studying cellular/molecular biology), and just started blogging.

    I was tracked everwhere I went in Canada. I declared myself Sovereign under Common Law. Then the Canadian gestapo came for me. I was cuffed, shackled, hospitalized, molested, jailed, tortured and tormented, robbed of everything I own, and thrown across the US border, with nothing but the clothes on my back… No I.D., no coat, no medicine, nothing. This was after living in BC for 5.5 years.

    I have been homeless and living on the streets for over one year now. I do my best to stay very clean and maintain ‘some’ dignity, but it is brutal on the body, mind, and spirit. I blog and try to work, but usually get ripped off by people looking to take advantage of my desperation.

    See for yourself. This is no Hollywood script:

  17. lu says:

    I heard earlier reports describing the shooter as having been “home schooled,” which ceased after a couple of hours because he probably wasn’t. I couldn’t help thinking that parents who home school their children will be another target.

  18. hybridrogue1 says:

    I find it curious that so many readers are left with the “drugs are to blame” conclusion, when I don’t see this is what Mr Rappoport is saying at all.

    He is saying that the patsy Adam Lanza didn’t do it…that all this drug rap nonsense is a red herring.

    And STILL people can read his whole article and walk out backwards and trip over the woowoo wire.



  19. Maynard says:

    Maybe now we know why all of those unconstitutional alphabet federal agencies ordered all of that hollow point ammunition! Nothing happens by accident!

  20. Eileen Kuch says:

    Great article, Jon. You’re absolutely right. Gun control certainly is NOT the answer. Controlling the prescription of dangerous anti-depressant and/or anti-anxiety medications to young people – especially children and adolescents is the answer.

    Your reference to violent films is also quite insightful. The latest Batman movie Dark Knight Rising connection to the Aurora, CO theater shootings, and the Hunger Games film to the latest mass shootings in Newtown, CT were NEVER even mentioned in all this MSM propaganda. And, guess what? This connection is still being ignored. Afraid the Hollywood moguls responsible for producing all this TRASH will put up a huge sqwawk? Ya betcha.

    Thank you, Jon, for pointing this fact out, as well as the dangers of these antidepressants being prescribed almost like candy.

  21. You are dead-on on this story and its underlying cause. I’ve known all along that these mass-murders were a result of pscho drugs from psycho-analysts (“doctors”). I even have links to similar stories on another blog ( and have links to medical proof on my “What Doctors and Dentists Won’t Tell You” post. I have also gone into great depth to explain this gun/drug/patsy issue in the past, including my own story.

  22. Pugnacious says:

    Mrs. Lanza, the “Prepper,” must have learned of the coming economic collapse from her ex-husband’s knowledge of international finance at GE Capital, don’t you think?

  23. Tracy says:

    It angers me indescribably to hear that yet another child has been put on Ritalin for ADHD. A normal, healthy, energetic child who the parents “can’t cope with” subjected to a life of tablets and personality suppression. I understand that in some cases it may be warranted but I have heard of 6 YEAR OLDS being diagnosed with ADHD and prescribed Ritalin. In Britain, if your child is on Ritalin you get monetary help from the government!!! So guess how many people run to the GP pleading that their is something abnormally boisterous with their child!!

    Wikipedia lists the following as side-effects:
    Abdominal pain
    Akathisia (restlessness)
    Alopecia (loss of hair)
    Angina (chest pain)
    Appetite loss
    Blood pressure and pulse changes (both up and down)
    Cardiac arrhythmia
    Diaphoresis (sweating)
    Euphoria or dysphoria
    Hypersensitivity (including skin rash, urticaria, fever, arthralgia, exfoliative dermatitis, erythema multiforme, necrotizing vasculitis, and thrombocytopenic purpura)
    Libido increased or decreased
    Pupil dilation[63]
    Psychosis and psychiatric disorders – stimulants above the recommended dose level are associated with higher levels of psychosis, substance misuse and psychiatric admissions.[64]
    Short-term weight loss
    Stunted growth
    Suicidal ideation
    Tachycardia (rapid resting heart rate)
    Xerostomia (dry mouth)

    And don’t forget your child is then prescribed a cocktail of drugs to combat these side-effects!!

    And then we’re shocked that society is falling apart!

  24. ace5ace says:

    Reblogged this on Current Events and commented:
    This is related to my postings: Was mass murder a pre-planned event, in Newton, CT?., and Gun Control Hall of Fame. A case can be made, that it is also related to my post: What ever happened to US Sovereignty?….
    Questions. Few viable answers.

  25. Ron says:

    Only one big thing appears to be, for now, omitted from all or nearly most of the discussions about this horror…..forensic and potential court admissible evidence.

    Where are witness statements as to ID? Who saw this man? I have not heard nor seen one eye witness report. Where is photographic or security camera evidence? Who was at home and SAW mom murdered? Why so many assumptions taken as fact just because a police rep says this is what we ‘believe’ happened? as best as we can know at this time.

    Need to fill that vacuum and direct attention. Notice… no wounded person IDed the shooter? What type of weapon? At first I heard repeatedly that they found 3 weapons, and that, in back seat of car was a rifle as one of them. Day later [Sat?], that backseat weapon was suddenly the assault weapon [Bushmaster] used in the school? WTF? Bad reporting? Bad police work? Sloppy? or adjusted story in favor of crackdown legislation against these civilian weapons? The mom as doomsday prepper story. Crazy. Where’s evidence aside from 2 people saying they heard her say she was worried about financial collapse. Who isn’t? Govt shelled out billions. Were they not worried??? She was good candidate for overlapping stigmas.

    Unstable son with no history of violence or run ins with law or even school disciplinary people? A lot of this is not making sense folks. We need to keep the discussion focused on facts [not easily forthcoming from what I have seen in 4 days] that can be proven or at least meritorious in judicial setting or real inquiry not imagination and hypothethis which I believe holds little water.

    Yeah….I know. Get a life. I want to believe; but Mr. Spock keeps raising his eyebrow and I hear things… “Most curious you human.”

    So terribly sad for all those parents and friends. All the more reason the light of truth need to be intensified with love.

  26. escapefromobamastan says:

    I don’t believe he did it. There have been eyewitness reports of three individuals running from the school. Assassins always travel in threes. I think they killed the mother and son at home and dumped his body at the school. I no longer believe any “official” story or anything the MSM says. I firmly believe it was a government (or the group that has taken over our government, I should say) psyop committed in order to justify the disarming of American citizens. And I don’t think I’m alone here.

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