by Jon Rappoport

February 14, 2012


Consider any action you would call paranormal.


For instance:


In this average/normal/conventional/consensus-bound/lowest-common-denominator civilization, the idea that you can actually project energy across space without the use of machines or technology is viewed as impossible, fanciful, and meaningless.


Which is why we live in a society that is, increasingly, ruled by technology.


It’s also why we’re moving closer to the time when people will submit themselves wholly to technology.


People tend to assume the following: they can think about energy; they can study energy equations; they can help design or build machines that produce energy; they can rely on the automatic energy systems of the body—–but actually taking energy and PROJECTING it across space? Out of the question.


Well, it isn’t out of the question.


If you project energy across space (a so-called paranormal action), you’re exercising a capability you were built to exhibit. AND IN DOING SO, YOUR MIND TAKES ON A NEW ASPECT THAT WAS HIDING IN THE SHADOWS.


Your mind becomes healthier. It begins to shake off debris. It gains new strength. It is no longer constrained think solely in terms of what it can accomplish within the rules and setting of the continuum.


To put this another way, the adaptation of your mind to the constraints of the continuum is AN ARTIFICAL SITUATION.


When the mind becomes healthier, the body tends to follow. The cells of the body are waiting to be enlisted in functions and processes and actions that exceed the conventional boundaries of space, time, and energy, and when that happens, new types of energy circulate in the body, increasing its health.


Fifteen years ago, I interviewed people who had taken part in paranormal lab experiments, people who had scored exceptionally well and demonstrated abilities that aren’t supposed to exist.


One test involved the distribution of balls sent out of a funnel at the top of a large case. The balls would fall and settle into holes in a board. Drawing a vertical line down the center of the case, statistical probability dictates that about half the balls will fall into holes to the left of that line, and half to the right. The volunteer, positioned in front of the case, tries to influence probability with his mind and send more balls to the right or left.


One star volunteer I interviewed had obviously exceeded the expected 50-50 split. I asked him how he did it.


He said, β€œIn the past, I tried meditating quietly on a chosen outcome. Then I tried visualizing the end result I wanted. Those [strategies] didn’t work for me. So I started sending energy directly at the case, to push the balls to one side as they came out of the funnel. It worked.”


One of the (false) assumptions of matrix reality is that this is impossible. Humans can’t project energy across space and alter the flow of events. Humans don’t have that power.


But they do.


It’s interesting to talk to psychologists about this. Several of them told me that, if such a thing were possible, it would raise all sorts of moral questions. Suppose, for example, a person used his power to control others? It would be dangerous.


Well, this precisely mirrors the kind of matrix-thinking that people engage in to stop themselves from exceeding the rules of the continuum. Better to be weak, better for everyone to be weak.


Think about various institutions humans and human elites have invented to run their societies, and how those institutions encourage dependence (weakness).


β€œPower? Let us take care of that for you. We know how to use it judiciously. If you had it, you might do something harmful. We’re the experts. We can exercise restraint. We can keep everybody functioning at more or less the same level. We can define the limits of freedom. We promote ideas [myths] that benefit everyone…”


Really? How well has that been working out? In the course of human history, how many thousands of wars have people suffered through under the control of their leaders?


Fifty years ago, when I started painting in New York, I experienced a great deal of paranormal activity, and without thinking about it much, I began, in various ways, to project energy. A few decades later, I developed energy-projection exercises (see my audio seminars, Mind Control, Mind Freedom, and The Transformations, as well as The Matrix Revealed). Many people have used the exercises with benefit.


One side effect: you begin to realize, through first-hand experience, that you actually invent energy. You aren’t simply borrowing it or redirecting it from a place where it already exists.


If you care to think about that, you’ll see far-reaching implications. For instance, we aren’t really living in a world or universe where all the energy there is a given. That’s not the way it works. The assumption that energy can’t be gained or lost is false. In physics, when you operate at a simplistic level, the conservation of energy is a useful principle, but once you exit that level, the basic premise no longer applies. It shatters.


Jon Rappoport