By Jon Rappoport

February 16, 2012


For some time, I’ve been wanting to do a complete seminar on vaccines, since I’ve investigated that territory on and off for the last 20 years.


Well, finally it’s done. My friend and colleague, radio host Robert Scott Bell, and I put together 10 hours of audio and accompanying online text. On my site, you’ll see the box to click, to order it.


My idea was to present a kind of hologram on vaccines that you could walk around and examine and see from a number of points of view.


Such as:


What arguments do mainstream medical people use to promote and defend vaccines? Do these arguments hold up? Are they fallacious? If so, why?


What are the hidden assumptions about vaccines that need to be probed and picked apart?


Is vaccination basically a good practice if the vaccines are protected from contamination? Or is the whole concept false?


Exactly how are vaccines supposed to immunize people from disease?


What’s the actual track record of vaccination?


What studies prove they’re safe and effective?


What’s the relationship between vaccines and a person’s own immune system?


And so on and so forth.


I wanted to be able to arm people with information they can use to make a TRULY informed choice.


I wanted to raise and examine the big questions and provide big answers—and also get very specific.


I’m happy to say Robert and and I have fulfilled those objectives.


You know, the idea and practice of political correctness today reaches far beyond social issues and words that can be said and can’t be said. It extends especially to medical issues, because the promotion of medical solutions to everything under the sun has become more widespread and more relentless.


The medical cartel seeks to drive all opposition underground into small marginalized spaces.


The notion of intelligent debate on medical solutions is off-limits, because we have a government-medical partnership that exceeds any Constitutional intent. It is a racket. Profits for pharmaceutical companies are, in many areas, guaranteed by government edict, and government is basically claiming that medical pronouncements are golden Truth that can’t be argued against.


Say and think what you want to about government-controlled health insurance. Up the road, we are looking at a form of fascism, where you will be able to access only those treatments the government decides you can. Doctors who discover you’re “into natural health” will relegate you to the back of the line. You’ll be told you’re a “non-compliant patient” and you need to accept the mainstream and only the mainstream treatments and prescriptions.


In fact, this future is the main reason why the national health insurance bill was pushed through Congress. Behind the Congressional wrangle sit the real benefactors of such a system: the drug companies, and the insurance companies who can muscle their way to the money table where the big profits are handed out.


The plan is to “streamline” health care in America, so the millions of people who are seeking help in the natural arena will be forced to give in and accept new limitations.


Among these limitations? Take your vaccines when you are told to, and give them to your children without objection. “We know what’s good for you.”


That’s the new and improved definition of freedom. Accept the Truth as the government shapes and defines it.


But this master plan has flaws. It isn’t a done deal. The future can be changed. People can change it. The natural health revolution has legs. When it comes to vaccines, my objective with this seminar was to provide you with your very own “PhD” on the subject, so you could make a decision you could STAND ON, with confidence.


Medical freedom” and “health freedom” aren’t empty terms. They reflect CHOICE. Your choice. The powers-that-be are banking on the prediction that you’ll eventually give in and go along with the tide. You’ll decide they really are the experts.


For every supposed medical condition and solution, there are hundreds or even thousands of studies that purport to explain WHAT REALITY IS. The sheer weight of the details is supposed to make you throw up your hands and surrender. Because that’s what doctors do, after all. They don’t have time to read everything, and they go along with their own system—and then they manage to sound like they’re wizards when they tell you what’s needed and what you should do.

When I was running for a seat in Congress in 1994, against one of the staunchest defenders of the medical apparatus (Henry Waxman), my launching issue was health freedom, your right to make your own choices, no matter what the experts or the government tells you. In that regard, nothing has changed for me. Except this aspect of freedom has, in the interim, become more and more a co-opted part of the political correctness universe.


Which means people need better information, and they need to stand on it.


A lot of what I read these days doesn’t make it into print in my articles, because I have my own subjects backed up from here to the moon. But I have to tell you (and I know this doesn’t come as a shock) the sheer mass of criminal behavior in our society is increasing geometrically, from top to bottom. From the White House and Congress and boardrooms all the way down to the street.


No matter at what level the crimes are being perpetrated, the criminals have all sorts of stories to explain their actions. Reasons, excuses, denials. And they have colleagues who rally to their “cause,” who will lie at the drop of a hat.


The idea that a person should be responsible for his own actions seems to be on the way out.


One of the greatest repositories of such crimes and such irresponsibility is the medical system. Children are being shoved into debilitating drugs for imaginary reasons, and they’re being changed for the worse. They’re being drafted into ongoing-patient status. They’ll receive new diagnoses and new harmful drugs for the rest of their lives. And they’ll become crippled and incapable on many levels. And doctors and their masters will NEVER admit fault.


Those of us who can still think and reason need to understand this wholesale transformation that is taking place before our eyes.


Being nice about the whole thing” as a “spiritual stance” isn’t an answer at all. It’s bizarre and it’s useless. It’s another form of surrender.


I continue to work from the premise that people have eyes and they can see, and if they can see they can make choices and stand up for those choices. They can go against the tide, if necessary, and protect their own. They can refuse all the temptations to sacrifice their freedom and give in. They can become more intelligent and better informed, and they can operate in the world with confidence and even power.


They can share what they know. They can achieve victories.


When I was growing up, I was given one vaccine for smallpox. That’s it. The Centers for Disease Control now recommends 16 different vaccines for chkldren. According to, a child can receive 21 vaccines before the age of six and six more before the age of 18. Some vaccines, like the DtaP, are delivered more than once. DtaP is given five times. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia states that a child is given 24 shots by the age of two and five shots in one visit. If you think this incredible medical intervention needs no rational and extensive debate, you’re whistling in the dark.


Jon Rappoport

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