There is still a huge lack of basic understanding about the RNA COVID vaccines

by Jon Rappoport

November 27, 2023

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In ADDITION to everything I’ve written about the horrendous RNA COVID shots, here are factors very few people are discussing.

First, remember we are dealing with VERY, VERY tiny particles (nanoparticles). The vaccines ARE these nanoparticles.

The particles present unique problems, which open the door to all sorts of errors.

Researchers in the lab create very small quantities of these particles. When you scale up to manufacturing tremendous quantities of the particles to make up the vials of vaccine, quality control is an awesome challenge.

All sorts of things can go wrong. The number of nanoparticles in each dose can vary. The physical placement (location) of each element in each particle can change. Meaning the structure changes. Meaning the human effects change.

These are not small issues. They’re gigantic.

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Jon Rappoport

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