Just in case China calls THIS a new pandemic

See the circle of orange cones on the street? That’s me standing inside, digging below the surface

by Jon Rappoport

November 24, 2023

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China…new mystery outbreak…

Gateway Pundit:

“An unexplained pneumonia-like sickness is reportedly swiftly spreading through schools in China, leading to a surge of hospitalizations of children.”

“Over the past few weeks, numerous schools in China, predominantly in Beijing and Liaoning province, have reported a rapid increase in children presenting with severe symptoms. These symptoms, including high fever and lung inflammation, are eerily similar to those of pneumonia, Daily Mail reported.”

“However, what sets this illness apart is the lack of common respiratory symptoms like coughing. This unique symptom profile has led health professionals to label this as an ‘undiagnosed pneumonia.'”

“Note that this peculiar symptomatology has reportedly baffled health professionals, who are struggling to categorize and understand this new illness.”

Mystery? Baffling? Eerie?

I don’t think so. They always give you: “This has no explanation”—just before they magically announce they’ve found a new virus.

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