Dispatches from the Culture War: DESTRUCTION IS ALWAYS A PLAN

And, the useful idiots who line up to support it

by Jon Rappoport

July 20, 2023

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In this case, I’m talking about the flood of illegal immigrants coming up through the southern border.

What do we have there? Enough humped doses of deadly fentanyl to kill everyone in America 10 times over.

Drug cartels taking cash from migrants all over the world to smuggle them into the US. And this operation includes females who are turned into sex slaves.

Foreign countries releasing prisoners so they can come to this land of plenty.

Government services all across America collapsing under the weight of trying to accommodate these migrants.

On top of all that, we have the federal government handing out perks to the illegals. The perks amount to welfare. That’s quite an attractive inducement.

So…is all this a plan for destruction of American cities and towns?

Let’s assume, for the purposes of discussion only, that it didn’t start out as a planned operation. Nevertheless, because the government officials running it aren’t completely stupid, THEY EVENTUALLY SAW THE EFFECTS.

How could they not?

And they continued their course of action anyway.

That makes it a plan.

Get it?

THEN, to boot, you have millions of people, with stars in their eyes and rainbows and marshmallows in their minds, who see the migrant flood as the culmination of what America is all about. The caring, the welcoming, the humanity, the love.

These are the useful idiots.

They’re clots in the bloodstream of public life.

And their universal love turns to boiling hate the second anyone challenges their vision of utopia.

They act as massive publicity teams glorifying open borders—as if Jesus Himself is standing at a checkpoint with His arms spread wide in divine joy at the incoming flood.

They act as screamers and accusers on God’s own social media platforms, when they spot a naysayer and a critic.

As I’ve written before, President Trump was on the verge of officially declaring the Mex cartels terrorist organizations. He was only a day or two away from making the announcement.

Then he met with Mex President Obrador and backed off. He said Obrador was a good guy he could work with.

Obrador, in fact, had said previously that his innovative approach to the cartels was “hugs, not bullets.” Yes, he actually stated it. And Trump conveniently forgot that.

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