What someone once said to me about vaccines, echoing Bill Gates

Dispatches from the vaccine war

by Jon Rappoport

July 19, 2023

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When I think about what piece to write next, or when for the moment my tank is empty, I come up with VACCINES. That’s the subject.

It’s been that way for a long time.

I could be accused of having a grand obsession, but this isn’t the case. I’m responding to the civilizational obsession with vaccination.

At the same time, it IS personal. Because of the outrage I feel, watching medical storm troopers who have been on the march for more than a hundred years.

Watching their arrogance, their blunt stupidity, their “rational” madness. As they keep marching and invading.

If we were living in an absolute monarchy and I were King, there would be hell to pay. The troopers would pay, dearly.

Over the past 35 years, I’ve written countless articles on vaccination. I’ve run down the evidence from all the angles. Now I’m left with the feeling when all the data detailing crimes have been exhausted. I’m at the end of that trail.

It’s not THE end, though. Not by a long shot.

The troopers and their allies represent, for me, everything that’s insane about our society—especially the bland acceptance by the willing victims. The silent majority.

Including, of course, the educated classes, who proudly wear their badges of science, the ultimate virtue signal. They live in a harsh bombed out desert and think it’s a pretty garden.

Some of them watch their children go crazy from the shots, suffering massive brain damage—and still these parents won’t admit what happened.

They refuse to see what they saw.

—It might have been after a talk I gave. I had mentioned the fact that improved sanitation and nutrition in the West accounted for the decline in all sorts of illness—not the widespread introduction of vaccines.

The person said, “But for children who still can’t get nutritious food, vaccines protect them.”

It was a mindless “save the children” remark.

Of course, when the body’s defense is chronically deficient, a vaccine isn’t going to pump it up. Because there isn’t anything THERE to pump up. That’s a ridiculous fairy tale. And a vaccine isn’t food.

Bill Gates tried to pull off the same sort of nonsense, when he announced with great personal fanfare, that he’d just read a book about contaminated water supplies in the Third World—as if he’d just discovered what everyone else had known for 50 years.

So he said something like this: I saw that bad water accounted for horrific chronic diarrhea, a killer. We have to clean up the water. But meanwhile, my anti-diarrheal vaccine will help.

No it won’t. The sick child, who is wasting away, has no immune system left. The vaccine won’t build up what isn’t there.

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