Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

by Jon Rappoport

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March 30, 2020 [America in ‘lockdown’: Day 18.]

Nailed them, with their own words.

In this article, I’ll present quotes from official sources about their own diagnostic test for the coronavirus. I’m talking about fatal flaws in the test.

Because case numbers are based on those tests (or no tests at all), the whole “pandemic effect” has been created out of fake science.

In a moment of truth, a propaganda pro might murmur to a colleague, “You know, we’ve got a great diagnostic test for the virus. The test turns out all sorts of results that say this person is diseased and that person is diseased. Millions of diseased people. But the test doesn’t really measure that. The test is ridiculous, but ridiculous in our favor. It builds the picture of a global pandemic. An excuse to lock down the planet and wreck economies and lives…”

The widespread test for the COVID-19 virus is called the PCR. I have written much about it in past articles.

Now let’s go to published official literature, and see what it reveals. Spoiler alert: the admitted holes and shortcomings of the test are devastating.

From “CDC 2019-Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) Real-Time RT-PCR Diagnostic Panel” [1]:

“Detection of viral RNA may not indicate the presence of infectious virus or that 2019-nCoV is the causative agent for clinical symptoms.”

Translation: A positive test doesn’t guarantee that the COVID virus is causing infection at all. And, ahem, reading between the lines, maybe the COVID virus might not be in the patient’s body at all, either.

From the World Health Organization (WHO): “Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) technical guidance: Laboratory testing for 2019-nCoV in humans” [2]:

“Several assays that detect the 2019-nCoV have been and are currently under development, both in-house and commercially. Some assays may detect only the novel virus [COVID] and some may also detect other strains (e.g. SARS-CoV) that are genetically similar.”

Translation: Some PCR tests register positive for types of coronavirus that have nothing to do with COVID—including plain old coronas that cause nothing more than a cold.

The WHO document adds this little piece: “Protocol use limitations: Optional clinical specimens for testing has [have] not yet been validated.”

Translation: We’re not sure which tissue samples to take from the patient, in order for the test to have any validity.


“…The SARS-CoV-2RNA [COVID virus] is generally detectable in respiratory specimens during the acute phase of infection. Positive results are indicative of the presence of SARS-CoV-2 RNA; clinical correlation with patient history and other diagnostic information is necessary to determine patient infection status…THE AGENT DETECTED MAY NOT BE THE DEFINITE CAUSE OF DISEASE (CAPS are mine). Laboratories within the United States and its territories are required to report all positive results to the appropriate public health authorities.”

Translation: On the one hand, we claim the test can “generally” detect the presence of the COVID virus in a patient. But we admit that “the agent detected” on the test, by which we mean COVID, “may not be the definite cause of disease.” We also admit that, unless the patient has an acute infection, we can’t find COVID. Therefore, the idea of “asymptomatic patients” confirmed by the test is nonsense. And even though a positive test for COVID may not indicate the actual cause of disease, all positive tests must be reported—and they will be counted as “COVID cases.” Regardless.

From a manufacturer of PCR test kit elements, Creative Diagnostics, “SARS-CoV-2 Coronavirus Multiplex RT-qPCR Kit” [4]:

“Regulatory status: For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.”

Translation: Don’t use the test result alone to diagnose infection or disease. Oops.

“non-specific interference of Influenza A Virus (H1N1), Influenza B Virus (Yamagata), Respiratory Syncytial Virus (type B), Respiratory Adenovirus (type 3, type 7), Parainfluenza Virus (type 2), Mycoplasma Pneumoniae, Chlamydia Pneumoniae, etc.”

Translation: Although this company states the test can detect COVID, it also states the test can read FALSELY positive if the patient has one of a number of other irrelevant viruses in his body. What is the test proving, then? Who knows? Flip a coin.

“Application Qualitative”

Translation: This clearly means the test is not suited to detect how much virus is in the patient’s body. I’ll cover how important this admission is in a minute.

“The detection result of this product is only for clinical reference, and it should not be used as the only evidence for clinical diagnosis and treatment. The clinical management of patients should be considered in combination with their symptoms/signs, history, other laboratory tests and treatment responses. The detection results should not be directly used as the evidence for clinical diagnosis, and are only for the reference of clinicians.”

Translation: Don’t use the test as the exclusive basis for diagnosing a person with COVID. And yet, this is exactly what health authorities are doing all over the world. All positive tests must be reported to government agencies, and they are counted as COVID cases.”

Those quotes, from official government and testing sources, torpedo the whole “scientific” basis of the test.

And now, I’ll add another, lethal blow: the test has never been validated properly as an instrument to detect disease. Even assuming it can detect the presence of the COVID virus in a patient, it doesn’t show HOW MUCH virus is in the body. And that is key, because in order to even begin talking about actual illness in the real world, not in a lab, the patient would need to have millions and millions of the virus actively replicating in his body.

Proponents of the test assert that it CAN measure how much virus is in the body. To which I reply: prove it.

Prove it in a way it should have been proven decades ago—but never was.

Take five hundred people and remove tissue samples from them. The people who take the samples do NOT do the test. The testers will never know who the patients are and what condition they’re in.

The testers run their PCR on the tissue samples. In each case, they say which virus they found and HOW MUCH of it they found.

“All right, in patients 24, 46, 65, 76, 87, and 93 we found a great deal of virus.”

Now we un-blind those patients. They should all be sick, because they have so much virus replicating in their bodies. Are they sick? Are they running marathons? Let’s find out.

This OBVIOUS vetting of the test has never been done. That is an enormous scandal. Where are the controlled test results in 500 patients, a thousand patients? Nowhere.

The test is an unproven fraud.

And, therefore, the COVID pandemic, which is supposed to be based on that test, is also a fraud.

“But…but…what about all the sick and dying people…why are they sick?”

I’ve written thousands of words answering that question, in past articles. A NUMBER of conditions—none involving COVID, and most involving old traditional diseases—are making people sick.

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6 comments on “Corona: creating the illusion of a pandemic through diagnostic tests

  1. mike rafone says:

    ive known this for a long time but couldnt find the right words to explain it or links to source material in their own words to back it up, thanks for putting it together in a concise package. i wish we could get it up on billboards worldwide.

  2. Paul says:

    I believe the inventor of PCR, not notably keen on giving Interviews, did in fact give an interview, & stated that PCR, was not designed for, nor should be utilized in, a diagnostic capacity.

  3. Luther says:

    These diagnostic tests mentioned above were incidentally not testing for the virus! That’s what made whole scam complete: First you name a pandemic due to one virus, then you announce a test for that virus, which doesn’t really test for the virus.

    By now the entire world is fearful of a virus that has never been isolated, thus the virus does not technically exist! This is fraud on an international scale, and the perpetrators of this fraud must be brought to justice. That’s the only way the fraud can be exposed for the lie it really is.

  4. Sean says:

    Frankly i dont get why this is so hard for people to understand. And how they could get awau with it.

    Though i wonder when they make disclaimer type statesments if it isnt some kind of legal mechanism that they do purposely to get them off the hook for their actions.

    Like when Fauci predicted there would be a virus breakout during Trumps aministration. Like a public notice.

    I asked the hotel clerk why do you have that sign on the wall No Drug Use on Premise. She told me the cops wouldnt do anything until the sign was posted. Public notice.

  5. OzzieThinker says:

    Always an excellent read, Jon.

    I can add this. According to other sources, until the 1980’s bolstered anti-bodies was considered a positive sign healthy immune systems were fighting disease…..then everything changed and pharmaceutical “science” decided the reverse was true….surprise, surprise.

    Another interesting tidbit I picked up was this. Apparently, respiratory complaints were only EVER targeted with nasal sprays (again up until the 1980’s), because it was believed that MEDICATIONS DELIVERED INTRAVENUSLY WOULD BE TREATED AS VIRUSES BY THE BODY’S DEFENSE SYSTEMS. Well, we know now that V1 planned to wipe out 50% of the immune system, V2 take out 25% more, V3 to finish it off and V4 to deliver a super virus to finally neutralise any useless eater daring to breath.

    If I understand the tech correct, the whole idea of bio-transmitters stemmed from replicative study of the effects of bovine encephalitis (mad cow disease). These scientists are real “nice guys”!!!!!

    God, it turns out, is cleverer than these fake yahoos…..thank goodness.


  6. PAULA CORREIA says:

    Your article is absolutely brilliant. Every aspect of your analyses is totally plausible. It just proves how powerful propaganda is. Intuitively I never believed in any of the trumped up plandemics. I grew up a very sickly child in Switzerland. Twice I almost died of pneumonia. No drugs, Just mustard plasters applied by the village nurse. When I was forced to leave my home at 16 (at war with my mother), I became healthy and realized I could heal myself through my positive thought process (as the American New Thought Movement proved 150 years ago). I had a very difficult time believing in the total evilness of the global elite and the gullibility of the people. I was born fearless, and I will stand up to my last breath to these demonic beings. Thank you for your unflagging dedication to reveal the truth.

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