Italy: “ICU wards are overflowing”

by Jon Rappoport

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March 13, 2020 [Note: The day America ‘locked down’.]

Some people, even if they have fallen over a cliff, would, on the way down, shout: “The virus must be dangerous! What else could it be?”

“People are dying! It’s got to be the virus!”

How about this? “The ICU hospital wards in Italy are overflowing. It’s the virus.”

Step back and think. THINK IT THROUGH.

Watching a recent interview with an Italian public health official, I had the impression that perhaps several thousand new ICU patients were burdening the hospital system in the northern part of the country. Several thousand out of a national population of 60 million.

Here’s the trick. Before the announcement of the coronavirus epidemic, people who showed up at those hospitals, with flu, flu-like symptoms, lung infections, pneumonia would be placed in the general wards and treated, or even sent home with drugs.

But now they would, many of them, be called “presumptive cases” of coronavirus, without any tests at all, or after tests which don’t work (see my prior articles on why the diagnostic tests are useless and deceptive). By labeling these patients “contagious coronavirus,” the hospital doctors are forced to send them to the ICU, to “protect others from the infection.”

Thus, these ICUs are crowded and overflowing.

The press publishes pictures of the ICUs and the hysteria factor bubbles up a few degrees hotter.

The press interviews a hospital doctor, and he says, “We’re starting to see a few more children with the virus.” The public reaction? “Incredible! Now even healthy children are getting sick!” I have breaking news. Children do get sick. Like adults, they develop flu-like symptoms. And as with adults, they can now be diagnosed as “presumptive coronavirus cases.”

“But what about people dying in Italy?” As in other countries, people in Italy do die. They always have. Especially old people, who have all sorts of long-term health problems. Labeling them with “coronavirus” at the last minute doesn’t explain the cause of death.

“Healthy people in Italy are dying.” Two points here. First, sometimes these healthy people aren’t really healthy at all. And second, if you were healthy, and you were suddenly diagnosed, for no reason, with a virus you believed was dangerous and even deadly, and then you were isolated in an ICU ward, allowed no visitors, perhaps even put on a ventilator, and then treated with highly toxic antiviral drugs, do you think there is a chance you would die?

The whole aim of stage magic is, as we all know, deflection of attention. The audience is guided to look HERE, while the trick is being executed THERE. Here, a woman is being sawed in half. There, she is escaping from the back of the box.

In the “epidemic,” HERE is where people are sick and dying and diagnosed. THERE is where a fictional reason is being cooked up to explain why.

“But…but…Italy, Italy, Italy, people dying, virus, virus…I don’t get it…”

Yes you do. You’re getting the message the public health officials want to shove into your mind. You’re standing on a street corner watching a pro execute his shell game, and you’re falling for it every time.

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14 comments on “Italy: “ICU wards are overflowing”

  1. Gazza says:

    Back in spring/summer 2020, I was reading and absorbing everything Jon wrote here. He really helped to bolster my initial skepticism and inform my growing understanding of the unfolding hoax. Can’t say enough about how valuable this was to me, and I appreciate his replaying of these greatest hits. A reminder that he was ‘on it’ from the get-go.

  2. Opinionist says:

    I’m responding to the original article and the second publication of it at the same time. As an American who’s lived in Italy for 26 years now and as someone who’s followed your work for a long time, I just wanted to commend you for another article that perfectly explains the situation that was so called “Covid.”

    I’d like to add just one thing. It seems that the Northern Italian city of Brescia really did have some kind of killing episode on top of the “Covid” bs. Older people were said to have been given Midazolam, once in the hospital, so on top of the “Covid” lie, there was also this group of deaths that was perfectly synched with the supposed arrival of the bogeyman illness.

    Granted, I’m writing this off the top of my head, from memory, and my memory is no longer the greatest, but this is what I remember from the time.

    Thanks for this series of articles and for continuing to expose the liars!

  3. AD 1776 says:

    How about when the “media” deceptively chose to use one of these videos, from an Italian hospital, to claim that New York hospitals were similarly “over-burdened”? ? ?

    There again,

    The “media” has quite a history of “borrowing” images and videos from other “events” – to present a false reality of the same (or similar) conditions at a different location.

    There’s FRAUD and DECEIT all over the place,

    But so many STILL bought into all of it!

  4. Opinionist says:

    Please forgive me for writing a second time, but the first time I was sitting outside of my corner café and hadn’t seen a newspaper. Now I have.

    In today’s edition of the Milanese newspaper “Corriere della Sera”, there are HUGE articles about accusations being made against the former government of Conte, who was in office when this bs began.

    I haven’t had time to read it yet, but skimming the articles has shown that there are finally questions being asked here about how certain things were known before the supposed pandemic even existed. The City of Bergamo is investigating three Ministers of the Conte government, and the Court of Ministers in Rome has declared that “In no way can it be said that the pandemic was caused by representatives of the government.”

    I had no idea that this was going on, because I’ve withdrawn due to media overload, but I now know that there’s a gigantic legal battle going on in Italy over “Covid” and everything to do with its arrival and handling in this country. In other words, some people here have FINALLY decided to begin questioning things!

  5. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    The ventilators alone had 97.2% mortality in NYC.

    A nurse from Albuquerque ER told me their survival was 50% on ventilators. Mostly Navajo patients, sedated, then stuck with a 10 inch ventilator tube. Same ventilator, much better survival in tiny Albuquerque than in NYC.

    A friend from Florida wrote her game partner’s son was put in charge of Covid in a NYC hospital…ordered to COUNT EVERY ONE who either walks, or gets brought it, 100% as Covid. Covid paid big money.

  6. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Stay AWAY from hospitals!!!!

    • Opinionist says:

      Now I’ve had a chance to read the articles I mentioned and they confirm my decision made many years ago to stay far away from all corporate media and 99.9999% of alt media.

      The articles all spoke of “Covid” as real, which I should’ve realized before I bothered to read a paragraph.

      Regarding staying away from hospitals, this is a story that’s way too long to tell here, but my late husband was coerced into taking “HIV therapy” (before I’d begun to open my eyes even a tiny bit) and was dead of cancer less than two years later. He’d been in PERFECT health, despite having been tricked into believing he had something called “HIV.”

      As if that hadn’t been bad enough, he was literally murdered at what’s known as the best private hospital in Milano, where that awful Silvio Berlusconi goes every time he’s sick, and the LITERAL killer of the situation is that the head doctor of the ICU told me that he was going to be “given a shot to make his passing easier.” My husband was eating, talking, reading, laughing, and was in zero pain whatsoever. I threw an absolute fit, got it stopped, and he was fine for another two weeks until I had to go home to take a shower and had no one to take my place that day. They gave him the shot while I was at home for an hour. In other words, it was taking him too long to die, so they got rid of him.

      Point being — boy are you RIGHT about staying away from hospitals!!!

      Since I can’t find a way to delete comments, I’d like to “erase” what I said in my second comment. The one about the articles regarding the Italian government. I’ve been around long enough to know better than to pay any attention at all to media and governments, so please forgive me. The articles did speak about what supposedly happened in Brescia and Bergamo. The event is even treated as true by people who know that Covid doesn’t exist. Who knows though?

      Thanks very much for your patience with me!! Next time I comment, I promise that things will be totally different.

  7. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Yup, for those not wanting or not able to see/think clearly this was the birth of the fear that drove them straight into the lions mouth.

    Very sad and even more sad that as of today Mar 08-23 the C D C site is still promoting the next round of killer juice for all 6 mos and older. They start off with the 75 and older group as the highest at risk but manage to plant the kill seeds even in the face of actual scientific proven irrefutable facts.

  8. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Amen Jon. I was nearly a victim I had a dry cough my kids begged me to go to the hospital I gave in when I got there they wanted to do the swab test up I to my p gland I said no they said if I didn’t take the test they wouldn’t treat me.

    They shoved me in a room wouldn’t let my daughter in. Geared me up with all their junk I broke out into a sweat soaked my bed it took the hours to come and change the sheets they never offered me a clean gown I had to ask for food which came cold they mostly ignored me then the great remdesivere was introduced my kids said they made it sound really good for COVID I didn’t have that fake illness just a dry cough I took one dose of it they said I needed 5 treatments one per day i said no I’m not staying here five days and be treated so bad well I guess you might call it no treatment just ignored I wouldn’t comply to their crap they suddenly discharged me as they knew I wasn’t about to become a victim I’m 80 yrs young to my knowledge I’m very healthy I take no Poison big pharmaceutical drugs.

    I’m very angry that they got even one dose of remdesivere in me imo all I had was a seasonal flu and had no flu symptoms only a Dry cough for a day and a half the bill was over I think 20 grand but they couldn’t collect their bribe money to count me as a covid death


    I just had to tell some that understands the horrible scam this all is

    I love your info


  9. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Perhaps it was another fictitious disease followed by ‘well documented’ covert euthanasia. All my family were covertly euthanised even before the virus! 🙁

  10. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Fear mongers even tried to make a connection between Milan fashionistas and their pesky suppliers in China.
    Very early on, an Italian health minister was amongst the first to question the ‘died with’ as opposed to ‘died from’ cause of death:

    “The way in which we code deaths in our country is very generous in the sense that all the people who die in hospitals with the coronavirus are deemed to be dying of the coronavirus.”

    “On re-evaluation by the National Institute of Health, only 12 per cent of death certificates have shown a direct causality from coronavirus, while 88 per cent of patients who have died have at least one pre-morbidity – many had two or three.”

    – Prof Walter Riccardi, DailyTelegraph, 21 March 2020

    Italy: ageing population, many of who are smokers; overstretched health system; rolled out mass flu ‘vaccines’ in late 2019.

  11. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Reading through this got me thinking about the Italy example. You stated that, in Italy, people die…they always have. When Covid hit, and it was used as the reason many people were dying, the numbers of Covid deaths spiked. This fed the narrative and gave the media/governments leverage over the people, via fear, to coerce them into submission. But as Covid deaths rose, did deaths by other reasons fall? It’s worth considering that if there was a trend to call everything “Covid”, that there might have been a reduction in deaths by other cause.

    In other words, hypothetically speaking, say Italy had an annual average death rate of 1000 people, by any cause. After Covid landed, did that number go up? Was it substantially? If it stayed generally the same, and half of those deaths were blamed on Covid, the deaths related to other causes would go down. Have you ever seen a study that looked at this, whether Italy or elsewhere? Seems to me that you could easily see manipulation this way. On the other hand, taking the Italy example, if the annual rate increased by 50%, and the death rate by other cause stayed stable, then perhaps the Covid deaths were real. This would be a fascinating reveal.

    The same principal could be applied to Covid versus traditional Flu. From a non-scientific viewpoint, I watched Covid diagnosis go through the roof, while Flu diagnosis plummet. Curious indeed.

  12. 22sojourner says:

    … and how many years has Jon told us vaccines were horribly wrong … ???

  13. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    LET’S NOT FORGET THE 5G ROLLOUT AT THAT TIME IN ITALY — it mimics the “virus”. They did the same thing in Wuhan – 5G rollout.

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