Coronavirus: how a rational CDC scientist would think, if one existed

by Jon Rappoport

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March 13, 2020 [Note: The day America ‘locked down’.]

In a recent article, I explained why the diagnostic test for the coronavirus in a patient is worthless and unreliable. The implications of that fact are enormous.

Here, I want to make further comments on fake science.

A rational researcher, at the CDC, if one existed, would say, upon hearing of a possible outbreak in the city of Wuhan: “Let’s see the proof that a new virus is responsible, is the causative agent.”

What kind of proof would he be asking for?

First, he would want to know, “Do researchers there have an actual biological specimen of this new virus? Do they have the real thing?”

And if the answer came back yes, he would reply, “We’re sending in one of our Wuhan people so he can confirm that.”

But how would the confirmation work? You can’t just lay a specimen of a virus on a table and shine a light on it. It’s far too small to see.

There is a traditional method of observation. It’s called an electron microscope photograph (an EM). Certain established procedures exist for obtaining an EM from a patient’s tissue sample. The CDC scientist would want to make sure the Chinese scientists had carried out this process correctly.

He would say, “Let’s have a look at the Chinese EM.” He wants to confirm there are many identical particles of the new virus in the EM. Let’s buck the odds and imagine he does confirm it. So far, so good.

But there is more. And here is where the rubber meets the road and the failure factor is very high. I need to back up a bit to explain.

When a clinical trial of a new drug is done (and here I’ll make a gigantic leap and assume it’s done correctly), is it carried out on one patient?

Is the result of giving the drug to a single patient then extrapolated to mean everyone will react the way this one person did? Of course not. That would be absurd. In a clinical trial, sooner or later, researchers are dealing with a large number of volunteers. A thousand or more.

So, in the case of a new coronavirus, in China, the rational CDC scientist would say: “I want to see electron microscope photographs derived from five hundred patients who have been provisionally diagnosed with the new disease.”

I myself ask, where are these photographs? Where are the completely necessary photographs? Because the Chinese scientist would tell his CDC counterpart, “Oh, we didn’t carry out the EM procedure on five hundred patients. We carried it out on one. Two. Maybe three. I’m not sure.”

At which point, this fantasy rational CDC scientist would blow his stack. He would say, “You’re declaring a new epidemic based on two or three photographs from two or three patients??”

Of course, I would need rock solid proof that, at the CDC, there is a rational scientist who would ask for EM pictures from five hundred patients, and explode if he couldn’t find them because they were never done. Show me such a rational CDC scientist. Bring him forward. I want to interview him. I want to find out how he feels being ostracized by every other scientist at the CDC.

Consider this likely scenario—which explains why researchers only did the EMs on two or three of the patients. If someone actually performed the electron microscope work on 500 patients diagnosed with the new disease, he would find some indication, in the photographs, of a coronavirus in maybe nine patients.

At which point, in Wuhan, they would shrug and say, “Well, wow, that didn’t work out. What a flop. Our hypothesis of a new disease based on a new coronavirus collapsed. We should have been able to see lots of the virus in the photos from ALL 500 patients, or at least the overwhelming percentage of the 500. And we didn’t. Back to the drawing board. Let’s see. What’s the primary sign of the new disease? Pneumonia? Come to think of it, about 300,000 people in China die of pneumonia every year. How about we look at some studies on the air quality here in Wuhan? I think my colleague down the block has a pile of them. Let’s walk over there. Anybody have a searchlight so we can see the street through the fog of pollution? Let me get my oxygen tank and breathing helmet.”

And that would be the end of that.

Back in Atlanta, the rational CDC scientist would say to his colleagues, “That Chinese outbreak wasn’t a virus. How about we spend the afternoon going through some of our own studies on vaccines? I know the fraud is rampant. Let’s get it out in the open.”

Sure. Happens every day over at the CDC.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe someone has done electron microscope photographs derived from 500 patients diagnosed with the new epidemic disease. LET’S SEE THE PHOTOS. SHOW THEM TO ME. We’ll have a few non-conflicted experts analyze them.

Otherwise, don’t talk about science. There is no science going on.

Talk about fakery. And liability. And prison.

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9 comments on “Coronavirus: how a rational CDC scientist would think, if one existed

  1. Michael Baird says:

    Are you aware of the microscope invented by royal rife?

  2. Grazyna says:

    It’s so surreal.

    Buck-thirsty Big Pharma uses its “scientists” to develop a vaccine to kill a virus, which was not isolated.

    This must be magic! Satanic, as souls in millions are being sacrificed on its altar. Only their spirits escapes to Heaven(s)…

  3. Generate says:


  4. Julian says:

    I need help with this. YES I DO lean towards those addressing a no-virus theory, but when challenged like I have been by a very arrogant person who claims medical qualifations etc and has hijacked my FB post with long rants, I do need help. I am always a questioner: Here is part of his latest comment. What are your thoughts with this:

    “I recently posted on FB about where Dr McCullough is being interviewed and openly claims viruses are very real etc. Though I do not have medical or scientific qualifications, I have tended to lean towards the bo-virus argument. Now, there is a VERY person who is all over my post with many many comments some very long and he is savagely attacking what he calls the “Cowan cult”. He calims to have medical qualifications. Anyhow I thought I would quite what I see as his main view about viruses existence.

    “You are either not reading my posts or you are not able to understand. Massey’s FOIA’s are completely irrelevant. Sanger sequencing does not produce viral isolates. It produces a sequence. There are also no gravity isolates or atom isolates, etc.

    The idea that Koch’s Postulates are somehow necessary conditions of science here are COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY FALSE. Worse than false, they are ludicrous.

    Tom Cowan knows as much about science as he does about squirrels: nothing.

    Massey was unfortunate to have latched on to Cowan and to have wasted so much time looking for something that any virologist or geneticist would have told her 1) does not exist and 2) is irrelevant. Does she imagine that paternity testing or species typing creates genetic isolates, perhaps in the form of dried crystal?”

    He also claims that noone in the ‘Cowan cult’ will dare debate with real virologists.

    • Julian says:

      not one response?

      • Sean says:

        Looks like to me that people just need the 1 thing that is the cause of all things.

        These elders are depressed and sick. Covid. This child took a bad mrna vaccine and died. Covid. He is strung out on street drugs. Covid. His antibiotics aren’t working. Covid. Can’t breath. Covid. Copd. Covid. Cough. Covid. Fever. Covid. Missed a meal. Covid. Because I sound confident and smart. Covid. Low immunity. Covid. Covid. Covid. Covid. Covid. Covid. Covid.

        Pneumonia has been renamed covid. A tiny fraction of Pneumonia has been recorded compared to before covid scam. How was Pneumonia cured with no effort at all? Covid.

        It’s not a bat. Nope it’s from a lab.

        One very lousy medical protocol pushed to assist in your death if you are so lucky to get to participate.

        Only one thing that can save you, a very nasty and deadly vaccine.

        Until you isolate what you claim is causing my sickness, under strict transparent video by inquiring supervision to prove your claim, then you can be as smart and popular and sway millions to your bs, but I know you are in lala land.

        These “Covid Greatest Hits,” shows the con game in near real time. Wow, how does he do it? Been there over and over and over.

        It’s created and so many get on board with it and it is kept well fed and alive.

        This reminds me of a sincere man standing in line behind me at a busy grocery store. He was so taken by me not wearing a mask and as I was leaving asked me, How do you get away with not wearing a mask? I turned and looked at him snd said, When you’re ready, just stop wearing them.

        Normally I say loudly, I never wear masks during fake pandemics. That’s what I always told the bouncers at the front doors at stores when I go in. And was never stopped from shopping. I didn’t vaccinate. I didn’t die. And I traveled a lot. Now wherever I go, I know nearly everyone I see are the same people that acquiesced, masked up and thought it was a bat. Now they’re told it’s gain of function. So that is it.

        • Sean says:

          I would like to also add this.

          I was stressed. I could not believe nearly everyone was going along with this new invented creature. I think if you were one that was going along you stressed less than me that was worried how to survive seeing contract tracers coming, people I know falling prey to the ventilater death trap from the heros in the medical industry, rejecting temperature readings at work, rejecting masks at work, rejecting vaccines, not flying because I won’t wear a mask or show my papers to the Nazis to go to a stupid mass concert or football game. Worried about family falling for all this crap. My point is, I tired, I stressed, I was virtually unsupported, truly concerned. I would suppose that not being able to purchase the healthy foods and vegetables didn’t help my health either. And yet, with a worldwide deadly virus that leaked from a lab as the cause of death everywhere, I would think that I would have caught it and died. I know the vacs people wished that on me too. Point is, voodoo from them and all, I would think with me not being near 100 percent, I would had caught IT and died. Mysterious. Kind of.

  5. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    if they were to isolate a “virus” (that doesnt exist because god never created such a thing) then it would have to be studied to understand its functionality as to being harmful in the body or not. they dont. they in some obscure or lousy way point at something that could be anything, call it a virus and say thats the problem causing disease.

    • Julian says:

      The guy who I quoted the comment from is ‘a man or WORDS’–sophistry, and brags medical qualifications. He hates what he calls the ‘Cowan cult’ because, he says, it lets the likes of Fauci, Gates, etc off the hook, and allowed to walk free in their role of the ‘lab leaks. Absolute nonsense. He dismissed all the work Christine Massey has done sending FOIs and recorfing how none can prove not only isolation of the ‘sars cov 2 virus’ but ANY virus, because according to him it is all about Sanger sequencing now. Isolating viruses is soo passe dahhhhling. But I showed Christine has comment about her, and she joined the discussion and asked him for his evidence, and he just ignored her!! This person uses two names on Facebook, pretending to be two different people. and unlike most people on both sides of the argument keeps himself hid. Refuses to do zoom debates.

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