Epidemic: 30 trillion cases, and that’s a low estimate

by Jon Rappoport

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January 31, 2020

Now that the vaccine-promoting PR agency called the World Health Organization has declared a coronavirus global emergency, we move into a serious phase of the “case numbers” game.

Hold your hats. There are all sorts of categories and terms that pop up. You’re not supposed to understand them. You’re supposed to let them wash over you and submit to the idea that we’re all potential victims being sucked into a giant vortex—and the only hope of escape depends on the rush-rush-rush deployment of an experimental vaccine.

What are these terms and categories? There are “confirmed cases.” There are “infected people.” There are “carriers of the virus.” There are “mild cases.” “Asymptomatic cases.” “Projected cases.” There is “the probability that many cases have avoided detection.” There is “tested positive for the virus.” There is “computer modeling of case estimates.” “Virus spreaders.” “Exploding too quickly to track accurately.” “Ate an infected bat.” “Ate a snake.” “Extra-terrestrial alien cases”—oops, wrong article.

Interesting factoid. In 2003, there was another coronavirus pandemic called SARS. Then, as now, experts at the World Health Organization (WHO) predicted a dire wildfire of global cases. Then, as now, a state of emergency was declared. WHO issued an advisory, telling people not to fly into Toronto, because that city was “infected.” When all was said and done, the official number of deaths from SARS?


Out of 7 billion people.

But no matter. The pros are still calling SARS, in retrospect, a serious epidemic. A more proper technical term would be: dud.

In prior articles in this series, I’ve detailed how the US Centers for Disease Control lied at an astounding level, about case numbers, in the so-called Swine Flu epidemic (2009). The overwhelming percentage of US blood samples sent to labs, from Swine Flu patients, were coming back with no sign of Swine Flu or any other kind of flu. Sharyl Attkisson, a star investigative reporter working for CBS News at the time, exposed this fraud. Yet, the CDC eventually went on to claim that, at the “height of the Swine Flu epidemic,” there were 22 MILLION cases in the US. I kid you not. These experts are big-league liars. They’re champions. They’re in the Hall of Fame.

If you’re working for a major public health agency, cooking up case numbers and exploiting fear are part of your every-day arsenal. They have to be. Otherwise, you could be caught with your pants down. “Sorry, folks, that world-ending global pandemic we were telling you about last week? It didn’t pan out. Most of the case are mild, on the order of a bad cold, and a lot of cases we pretty much made up. We got carried away. After all, we’re basic salespeople for the vaccine industry…”

Remember West Nile, bird flu, Zika, and way back, the Swine Flu scare of 1976? They were all hyped to the sky. They were all predicted to sweep across the world. They were all connected, by some people, to “engineered viruses in biowar labs, against which we don’t stand a chance.” And they were all duds. The case numbers—when the smoke cleared—were miniscule. That’s called a CLUE.

But you see, there is a thing called The Church of the Virus. It’s quite amazing. People simply hear the word VIRUS and they fall down on their knees. Some of these people were, up to the moment when an epidemic was declared, saying that building up the immune system through basic natural means was a fine defense against germs, BUT—all of a sudden, they’re paralyzed and hypnotized by The Word. VIRUS. Now they’ll go the World Health Organization one better. That Agency is saying there may be 10,000 cases? The paralyzed members of the Church will say, “No, there are a hundred thousand cases. Probably a million by nightfall.”

So my strategy is to get out ahead of the Church. I’m saying: there are 30 trillion cases of the Chinese epidemic, we’re all locked down, we’re all dead already. Okay? End of story. It’s been told. NOW, let’s look around. Are there still people? Are we still here? Are there trees and animals and clouds and sky?

I work from clues and history and pieces of evidence. In prior articles in this epidemic series (archive here), I’ve laid out the best evidence I can find. I’ve raised uncomfortable and unpleasant questions and answered them. I’ve explained likely motives for all the lying and fabricating. I’ve detailed cover-ups. I’ve described who benefits from so-called epidemics.

At a high level, the macro-level, this Chinese “epidemic” is supposed to connect all the people of Earth, and not in a good way. It’s yet one more strategy to execute a stage-magic Collectivist trick. To make us think there are no nations, no sovereign entities of any kind on the planet. No individuals with a right to choose. We’re all the huddled masses, yearning to be vaccinated. We’re marching, when told, according to orders from above. We’re all victims. We all depend on a congealing global super-state. We should all thank God for China. It’s shown us the way. The locking down and quarantining of millions of people is a fine and just and proper thing. It sets an example we may soon have to follow, with good cheer and faith.

As I’ve been saying and writing since 1988, MEDICAL covert operations are, long-term, the most successful on the planet, when it comes to controlling people. Why? Because the medical cartel flies no partisan or political banners. It announces no political agenda. It is neutral. It claims to do nothing but heal. Its offshoot, The Church Of The Virus, is sensationally popular. Yet, at the same time, for the public, there is nothing to see in the chapel. Viruses are invisible to the naked eye. It is only the expert priests who can tell us about them. We’re not permitted entrance to the inner sanctum, the holy of holies.

Backed by the press, governments, and thieving mega-corporations, medical priests can show us photos of thousands of starving people, without water, stumbling across a cracked arid plain that resembles the surface of the moon, and they can tell us that these people are being destroyed by a VIRUS, and most of us will believe it.

Backed by the same forces, the medical priests can show us rich and verdant forests and prime farm land—all of which have been stolen from the people living there by those corporations—and most of us, when told, will believe the only problem is the presence of a VIRUS that is killing the natives.

Backed by the same forces, the medical priests can show us ripped up and plowed under farm land that is now being used by one of these corporations—and we can see pools of steaming chemicals flowing out from the new factories and strange bubbling yellow streams adorned with hundreds of dead floating fish—and on the now barren grounds of the corporation, we can see natives stumbling about and falling down—and, when informed by the medical experts, most of us will believe the only problem is a VIRUS.

We can see footage of foul brown foggy air drifting across the mega-city of Wuhan, and people wearing masks, and people moving out of their apartments with their belongings, and desperate protests in the streets against one of the most dangerous and repressive governments on Earth, and citizens checking into hospitals with lung problems from the execrable pollution—and, when told, most of us will believe the only problem is a CORONAVIRUS.

In these times…case numbers? 90-plus percent of everyone is a case number, meaning: CARD CARRYING MEMBER of the befuddled melted cheese glob collectivist entranced entrained audience watching the stage magic sleight of hand show on glowing screens…

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10 comments on “Epidemic: 30 trillion cases, and that’s a low estimate

  1. Mike in PA says:

    In retrospect it’s amazing Jon wrote this in Jan 2020. At that time I was laughing at the whole thing and not taking it seriously yet….

  2. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    I demanded the right to be tested to show I have anti bodies to the CONVID and then I will use this as logic to defy the sheeple

    I will not have a test to show I have anti bodies to the spike as that is un natural as its not the CONVID spike

  3. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Swine flu
    I caught swine flu from the military’s forced vaccination program while serving in the US Army in the late 70’s. I crawled like an infant too sick to walk, I thought I was gonna die for 3 days and no one did anything. Vaccines are a good idea with the right science but not when we think we can be like God and write DNA/RNA etc! There is an end game, population control is the agenda and ultimately vaccines will be the tool to kill off 6 to 7 billion! At least that’s their delusional dream. Not part of God’s plan, that’s written 1000’s of years past but proven with prophecy over and over again. I’m taking that to the grave but even there is just a beginning. Life changes form, science proves that but the Bible said it long before science proved it. Have a Blessed Life but don’t over look eternity!

  4. Loredana Linden says:

    I caught a severe ‘flu’ off a collegue – my co-driver at work, after he’d got ‘flu’ from his ‘winter flu jab’. I was very ill and still have symptoms 5 weeks later. According to medical sources many people are given live (laboratory manufactured) virus in these jabs. That means they’re contagious. Have heard of loads of people who’ve been very ill after having this winter flu jab.

  5. Roslyn Riley says:

    You are a voice to behold. I think all the people who value your writing are truth seekers. We can’t settle for anything less. AND, we know it to be truth by using a combination of logic and naturally born instinct or as I like to refer to it as-inner knowing.

    That there are so many people who do not use logic

    And natural instinct or inner knowing befuddles me to no end. Smart people parrot the news!

    I don’t understand, because it is so in our face what is going on. I guess it it a serious case of Denial. The media has been creating fantasy worlds for us to aspire to since Edward Bernays. Hard to shake it off. So few people want true independence it seems…

    Thank you Jon Rappoport!

    Love your sense of Humor!

  6. maria says:

    You’re right on track Jon. It’s a make believe world.

    What’s not working in people’s heads? No shields. They allow strangers to manage their intimate sphere.

    People who are normally distrustful or extremely cautious when ordinary ‘others’ are around? After all, most folk do lock their front doors at night.

    It’s strange stuff. The ‘mass media’ overrides safety concerns and gets a free pass right into thought processes.

    The whole system is running on a passive willingness to believe lies – and the wish not to have to think about any it.

    It’s always been about teaching us to do wrong instead of right. Or doing wrong while at the same time saying it is right.

  7. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… we’re all potential victims being sucked into a giant vortex—and the only hope of escape depends on the rush-rush-rush deployment of an experimental vaccine… there is a thing called The Church of the Virus. It’s quite amazing. People simply hear the word VIRUS and they fall down on their knees.”

    The Wonderful Globalist Big Pharma Harm-ah Medical Mafia Cartel.

    Just like how They treated us again today…. Thanksgiving Day. A day when America follows its sad cultural ritual of watching That Big Store in New York’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (Parade of MARKETING TO YOU, that is). Followed by the holy Shrine of American Life, the NFL. Mental Conditioning at its finest.

    First, the ‘Parade’. That’s a couple hours there. Then the three Thursday Nationally-televised NFL Circuses (part of the ‘Bread And’ recipe). That’s ten more hours there. Total? At least 12 waking hours of our Great National Day to ‘Give Thanks’(?).

    And what happened to us during those 12 hours? A mental and emotional assault led by Big Pharma Harm-ah and Big Telecom. Hours of mind-numbing commercials depicting numerous mixed-race couples and plenty of clueless 20-somethings intending to get you to take harmful substances into your body and mind. And guess what? They’ll do it all again during the Saturday College games and the Sunday Church-of-the-NFL Services (another 10 hours on Sunday).

    The utter failure of organized religion to be a useful force in people’s lives created a vacuum in the hearts of people that must be filled with something. Enter… the Dark Religion of Anti-True-Science Pharma and the Peddling of Social Breakdown and Death as Their Gospel of Human Erasure.

    People have an essential need to believe in something… and give Life meaning. People also have a basic need of self-preservation.

    Put those two things together and you get: People RIGHT NOW have a need to choose MUCH BETTER THINGS TO BELIEVE IN.

    And for those who choose Life-affirming things to believe in… then and only then will you really have something to be Thankful for.

  8. William R Hall Jr says:

    The virus racket has probably been part of the big corporations playbook for a long time.
    A fictional virus is framed to take the blame for the sickness caused by industrial pollution!
    That’s premeditated murder.

  9. Zoltan says:

    Good article. Unfortunately, useless.The people in the west are dead. braindead. and insane. They are bringing pedophiles in schools and everybody is happy. They are all in awe of the insanity. Not a single one does anything to stop the insanity.
    There is not a single person under the age of 30 in the west that is not insane. It is game over.

  10. A Reader emailed me the following comment:



    Make that 31 trillion cases! 

    I, by myself, have had fake covid 1 trillion times. I mean, all of my furniture, my phones and computers, my clothes, my shoes, my floors, my walls, my doors, my bathtub, my shower, my commode, my mirrors, every drawer in every bathroom and all kitchen cabinets, the drawers in my bedroom dressers, my trash cans, my eating utensils, my plates, bowls, forks, spoons, knives, all of my food, my refrigerator and stove, my truck, the porch and walkway to my truck, every blade of grass, every leaf on every shrub and tree, the driveway and the roads I drive on, every single building and house I pass, going both to and from all have fake covid.
    Now, I can even cause others to have fake covid just by thinking it, or by looking at them, whether they look at me or not. I am here to tell ya, this fake covid trash is really serious, fake business.
    Hey, if you want some fake covid, let me know; I can hook you up! And of course, that comes with all the fake fear and paranoia fake covid can muster.

    Man, am I grateful to this fake covid trash; if it had not been for fake covid coming along when it did, I would have never amounted to anything. But, just look at me now. I am the fake covid king of this entire planet!!! How ’bout them apples!!! And just think, if not for this lie of all lies, I would have lived in anonymity, unknown and unfamous to the world.

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