Thank you, China, you’re wonderful

by Jon Rappoport

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January 30, 2020

(This part-2 of a two part series. For part-1, click here.)

As I predicted in an article several days ago, we were on the cusp of a big THANK YOU, CHINA moment.

It’s here.

From tweets accompanying the live World Health Organization emergency meeting on “the epidemic” (Jan 22, 2020):

“I was very impressed by the detail and depth of China’s presentation. I also appreciate the cooperation of China’s Minister of Health, who I have spoken with directly during the last few days and weeks” — from Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of the World Health Organization.

“His leadership [Chinese Health Minister] and the intervention of President Xi and Premier Li have been invaluable, and all the measures they have taken to respond to the outbreak” — from Dr. Tedros

Yes, all praise to the Chinese government’s “intervention” and “measures.”

Translation: “Their brutal oppressive regime can exert iron control over their population. They can lock down 40 million people overnight in their cities. Wow. Sensational. It just so happens that this is exactly what we, the grateful world, need at this time. Funny how that happens, eh? A ‘raging epidemic threatening the planet’ emerges in a place where the controllers can throttle millions and millions of people. Look to their example. I’m not saying we, in the West, or anywhere else, should rush to emulate the ‘China strategy.’ BUT that day may come. Soon. China has broken the ice. If they can execute these ‘measures,’ so can we.”

As my readers know, I’ve challenged the authenticity of this “epidemic” in several key ways. You can read my prior articles to understand my approach (archive here), and my investigation of past fake epidemics that were duds.

There are presently two major operations going on. One is the lockdown of populations. The other is the coming vaccine. I’ve already written about one experimental vaccine that could be rushed into production in 90 days. It has tremendous potential dangers. And it could be mandated for everyone, or everyone in certain areas.

The present glorification of the Chinese regime isn’t good news. Far from it.

UNDERSTAND THIS: Never before in human history has there been as big a lockdown, taken so swiftly, as in China now. It sets a precedent. It psychologically breaks the ice. It allows people to think, “Well, good. We can do it, too.” I ASSURE you, right now there are people all over the world who are agreeing with the Chinese regime’s actions. They’re nodding their heads: YES.

This is not a good sign. Not for China, not for the rest of the world.

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7 comments on “Thank you, China, you’re wonderful

  1. Sean says:

    I’d say you called it precisely.

  2. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Translation: ‘Their brutal oppressive regime can exert iron control over their population. They can lock down 40 million people overnight in their cities. Wow. Sensational… I’m not saying we, in the West, or anywhere else, should rush to emulate the ‘China strategy.’ BUT that day may come. Soon.”

    People are not free in body and in Life if they are not first free in MIND. People must want freedom and treat freedom of thought and expression and belief as a sacred right never to be violated by anyone or anything for any reason.

    But that’s the thing. Those who have successfully carried out the Campaign To Enslave Humanity realized that if They could capture people’s minds first… then the rest of the outward enslavement would be easy. And They were right. It HAS been easy for Them.

    People who live to enslave others can be very crafty. And if you can erase the DESIRE FOR freedom in someone else’s thoughts… you got it made.

    And now, billions of people WANT TO BE SLAVES. They hate the entire notion of freedom. For them, freedom is not necessary and downright dangerous. They want Big Daddy Deep Dark Vulture State to take care of them like the babies they wish to always be.

    Nice job, Deep Dark State Vulture Predator Class. You’ve done it. You’ve proven that you can so distort people’s thinking that you can make them believe and do anything. You have proven that the human race can be the stupidest damn creatures on the planet.

    And what is Their Prize of victory? A planet of dopes who crave slavery… just as the Predators always wanted.

    You did it. Congratulations. But guess what?

    The biggest Slaves of all are YOU, Vulture Class. You are slaves to very sick and distorted and harmful thinking that you have used to pollute and ruin everything you touch.

    A Planet of Slaves led by the Biggest Slaves of All. Guess you Vultures aren’t as god-like as you pretend to be, huh?

    • LookUp says:

      Those of us who still have free minds are aghast at how quickly our brethren believe absolutely anything if it calms their fears ( another mind thing). My dad was right. Fearlessness really is a superpower.

  3. A Reader emailed me the following comment:


    Hear hear! You are spot on, actually, the pillar which stabilized me the most in my decision not to get the jab (and till now makes me a kind of outsider even in my family), was my daily habit to read your writings. Starting off the news the agiprop on the telly daily in Dec- Jan 2020 I heard the same phrase, ‘das virus breitet sich aus’ (the virus is spreading) for 2 and a half months straight, every single damn evening… even an idiot would have suspected something but the mind control worked all too well.

    Thank goodness the end of the global elite seems now in sight……

    Thank you for your incessant important work!

  4. James Robert Calvert says:

    “All or nearly all identifiable global predators are closely tied to China for their increasing wealth and power, including Fauci, Gates, Warren Buffett, Bloomberg, Klaus Schwab, the Koch family, Biden family, John Kerry, many federal agencies, and many leading Democrats and Republicans” (Peter R. Breggin MD Ginger Ross Breggin, Covid-19 And The Global Predators: We Are The Prey [Ithaca, NY: Lake Edge Press, 2021], p. 472).

    • Bullwinkle says:

      The Global Predators are also closely related by Blood.
      Take a look at the Genealogy sites.
      It is no coincidence that they are related and Ruling is a Family Business Enterprise.

  5. george says:

    Do you know “person of interest” tv show? It was cancelled just when Mr. Global went rogue.
    They even predicted the vaccines and the reason for it in one of the last episodes.

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