Why can’t all viruses be fakes?

by Jon Rappoport

May 27, 2022

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As you know, I’ve spent two years presenting evidence that the discovery of SARS-CoV-2 was a fake.

But I still press on. I examine the reality machine to see why people have such a problem acknowledging the virus—and by extension, all viruses—are nothing more than fairy tales.

I’ve come up with a number of explanations.

For example: DOCTORS.

Rejecting viruses is rejecting doctors. Doctors are security guards around the reality machine.

“Doctors can’t be wrong.”

“I can’t live in a world where doctors are so wrong.”

“I would never be able to stop weeping for the doctors who are so wrong.”

“If I told my doctor I didn’t believe in viruses, he would cut me off, and I couldn’t stand that.”

“I’m a journalist, and my best sources are doctors. The good doctors. And they all say viruses are real. I need my sources.”

“Without information from doctors, the world would spin into chaos.”

“My mind instructs me to believe doctors are only guilty of making mistakes up to a certain threshold. Beyond that, they simply can’t be criticized.”

OK, that takes care of the doctor fixation. But then we have what I call the world-view fixation:

“I don’t want to live in a world where there are no viruses. I would feel lonely and afraid.”

“I need the assurance that this world of ours is filled with tiny invisible killers. When I accept that, I can maintain equilibrium. You know, their threat and our response. It makes sense.”

“I love the idea of tiny killers. It comforts me.”

“I know precisely what to be afraid of in this world. Otherwise, I would start to see ghosts in closets at night again. I remember them from childhood. Those bastards were PERSONAL. They were coming for ME. Viruses are neutral. They don’t know me. To them, I’m just cells. They don’t PREFER me. They’ll take anyone. I like that.”

“Even if viruses are bullshit, they’re sophisticated bullshit. I favor that over some sort of primitive bullshit.”

“Rejecting viruses would equal rejecting my college education. I need that education to assert my superior position against the Lower Ignorant Ones.”

“The ecological chain of life includes viruses. If we remove them from the chain, Nature makes no sense. That’s what I hear.”

“The world is a dangerous place. This is good, because it helps me to explain my problems and lack of determination. Without viruses, the danger factor would be reduced, and I can’t have that.”

“The nature of reality dictates that when you’re right, you should be psychotically nasty about being right. If I’m not right about the existence of viruses, I can’t be as nasty as I want to be. And that would be a tragedy.”

“My father is a doctor, and he is a great man. At least as great as Al Capone.”

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

62 comments on “Why can’t all viruses be fakes?

  1. Eluard says:

    “The nature of reality dictates that when you’re right, you should be psychotically nasty about being right. If I’m not right about the existence of viruses, I can’t be as nasty as I want to be. And that would be a tragedy.”

    That one, of all the other reasons, covers a lot of ground, especially for the “higher” educated among us.

    Maybe this waste dump of human psychology has finally reached its Too Full Can’t Fit No More stage. Aren’t we all tired of the Reasons we use as a shield to keep us from life/death/reality?

    Doctors are really the saddest of them all. They thought they were going into “the profession of professions” and many found out that it’s just another con. Like Wall Street only with white coats and stehescopes. Which Pharma rep. will show up today with delicious food for the staff and tickets for me to the Giants game?

    Wake up, humanity. The entire cosmos is waiting.

    • Kim says:

      I do not disagree. My question is: so there are no viruses. Is it bacterial infection that we get? What is it that we get from other people that is making us ill?

      • Myles says:

        Thats the poison pill Jon is attempting to illuminate.

        You cant ‘catch’ dis ease. There are no viruses, but furthermore, ‘contagion’ is a myth, NEVER, I repeat, NEVER, proven by Science.

        And therein lies the poison.

        Everyone wants to place the blame, and few accept responsibility.

        Dis Ease comes from within. Literally.

        You become what you eat, drink, ingest, inject, and consume.

        The EASIEST explanation for mass sickness IS NOT contagion.

        It has many holes – like so-called ‘immunity’ (there is nothing to be immune from!). People dont have stronger or weak ‘immune systems’ – the Human body is constantly detoxifying – the difference among folks boils down, simply, to burden. The overburdened, toxic individual must use stronger modes of detoxification (what we call ‘disease’) to return to homeostasis. If the individual lacks adequate clean water, fresh air, stress free environment, or paramountly – a species appropriate diet of FRUIT, leafy greens and some seeds/nuts – the Individual becomes oversaturated in toxic waste and the Body seeks health (heal’s thyself) by ITSELF, CREATING ‘disease’, merely another form of detoxification.

        Think of pustulates, the body removing toxins.
        Cancer, the Body removing toxins from the blood and organs and ‘quarantining’ the toxins to a specific location.
        Sneezes and coughing, the Body rejecting and removing toxins.
        A Fever, a sign the Body is working very hard to remove toxins.

        The list goes on..

        ALL with the exact same goal. Removing toxins.
        Just like sweat, urine, feces, ear wax, eye gunk, etc etc.

        And so, there is no ‘bacterial’ infection. Unless you mean, a toxic burdensome stress on the Body (poisoning) where Bacteria is only present to CLEAN and remove the toxins.

        Laslty, math.
        The Birthday Paradox.

        Of every 76 or so Humans you meet, 1 will be born on the exact same calender day as You.
        But wait you say – there are 365 days in a year! Wouldnt the simple answer be 365?

        No. In fact, it is 99.9% likely of every 76, 1 is the same as you. The typical human mind has trouble ‘realizing’ that mathematical fact.

        Therefore, with 99.9% of Humanity eating inappropriatetely, and burdened with stresses, truamas and toxins, what is the likelyhood that someone you know, would be DETOXIFYING (‘ill’ or ‘diseased’) at the same time as You?
        Hint: the chances are very near to 100%.
        Everyone is detoxifying all the time. Particularly in the winter months, when the Human body seeks homeostasis by preparing for the species inappropriate climate of the North.
        (Humans are fruit eating tropical animals, every single physiological trait undeniably proves this, for instance, we love brights colors!)

        So, instead of the typical individual understanding the mathematical certainty that those around them are extremely likely to present ‘symptoms’ are the same time periods (all the time basically) we revert to ‘pattern seeking’.

        Indeed, not only is the Universe formed via patterns, but Humans are adept and *naturally* prone to seeking them.

        Be it in the garden with beautiful colorful patterns, in our perception of ‘looks’ (ie being symmetrical), in our society organizationally, in our work attitudes, in poetry and art etc etc.

        We seek patterns.

        And what easier patterns to seek that ‘contagious’ ones.

        ‘Oh I must be sick becuase little Johnny at school is sick too’

      • Jim S. Smith says:


        “Toxic energies”.


      • Andia says:

        Kim, get the knowledge from the KING of no viruses theory dr Robert Young. He is the master of all masters in this field. Dr Andrew Kaufman or Dr Tom Cowan, supporting no virus theory, are just fledgling children in comparison to dr Young. Check it here:


      • paul says:

        nothing, no such thing as transmission of disease.

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I think our entire model of ‘infectious’ diseases is wrong and by trying to create a more sterile world we are actually doing more harm than good.

      • darrell says:

        That looks like a great site, thanks! I’m no fan of Voltaire but his quote there is worth remembering:

        “Doctors are men who prescribe medicines of which they know little, to cure diseases of which they know less, in human beings of whom they know nothing.” – Voltaire

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Agree! Thanks for your comment.

    • Kim says:

      I do not disagree. My question is: so there are no viruses. Is it bacterial infection that we get? What is it that we get from other people that is making us ill?

      • Kim says:

        Also, when I became ill, and lost my sense of taste and smell, which was really bizarre! I didn’t have an explanation for what I got or how it happened.? I am just looking for answers

        • darrell says:

          Sounds like symptoms of the mRNA “clot shot.”

          I think 5G and other radio frequencies can do stuff like that too. The Fullerton Informer, Joe Imbriano, covers that kind of thing pretty well, although he’s mistaken in his Protestant beliefs.

        • Meredith says:

          Has anyone done a study to see if fasting brings back the sense of taste and smell? Losing taste and smell is fairly common in other sicknesses (not just the most recent trendy one). I’m wondering if it’s your body’s way of getting you to stop taking in what is making you sick (i.e. encouraging you to detoxify). I feel like my sense of taste and smell has intensified lately.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Kim: What is it that we get from other people that is making us ill?

        Rick: We do not get anything from other people, if we adopt the Beauchamp terrain theory of disease, which contradicts the Pasteur germ-theory. A major factor in illness pertinant to the covid-crisis over the past few years has been the introduction of 5G and even 4G electropollution around the world. Jon points to other toxins that I agree with too but IMO, the 5G intro & anomalous illnesses is consistent with “Invisible Rainbow” book that traces the history of electropollution and the cover-up of resulting illness using “virus” theory.

        Subsequent vaxxine injections have made people ill and dead, creating a second wave of illness. A third wave will result when 5G is ramped up and delayed-action covid vax shots do their intended damaage. Orwell.city shows how vax contains graphene oxide. The graphene revolution started in 2003 and is easily researched. Graphene oxide injections disguised as covid-vaccine cut and slice internal microtissues. Much more to be said but this is all the short answer to your basic question.

        I try to follow events here…

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Requiem for the end of day

    Each new day, a bloody blossom born
    Where sun and shadow dance,
    Where in between the sunbeams
    Heaven and hell fuse
    While angels and devils make romance
    Creating their ephemeral sculptures in time
    Waking the eternal muse,
    For out of oblivion we are born anew,
    To be given life is an incredible miracle
    Even as love turns blue
    Where did we come from?
    And though nothing new is under the sun
    Tell me this, oh wise old bard of the river stones
    How did something from nothing come?
    Is that even possible? Mystery of mysteries!
    We are wisps stardust and mud
    Eternal incisions in time
    Where the roots of hell’s passion,
    Nourished by our acceptance,
    Produce the glorious bloom of the present
    Where past and future elope
    Conceiving the specters of eternal delight
    How did we even come to be
    Here now in this place?
    What mad perturbations of the titans produced
    My sacred meeting today
    With a wide eyed jackrabbit
    Hopping nimbly across the road?
    And what of his startled regard for me?
    I feel deep within my tortured being
    Gratitude for having such a day,
    To be caressed by the sun
    And swaddled by the fresh mountain air
    Is a feeling beyond expression
    And a joy beyond compare,
    As eternity’s shadows grow long
    In the fading light of day
    I hear the murmurs of Hades
    As evening vespers begin to play
    And as the sun sets behind the Ridges Blue
    I revel in those pastel reflections
    Heralding the arrival of twilight’s firefly circus
    While having sad thoughts of losing you
    As my heart aches with parting sadness
    Like two gypsy lovers kissing for the last time
    And as sol retreats behind the piney ridges
    Plunging the world into the fecund womb of darkness
    With its luminous dreams of a new world to come
    And as the dark shroud of night covers the land
    I hear the gods whisper ‘go to sleep darling’
    Till the sun rises again.

    • Courageous Lion says:

      Nice. Did you write that?

    • darrell says:

      Beautiful and powerful! The ultimate question in it:

      “Why is there something and not nothing?”

      That anything should exist is incomprehensible. That nothing should exist is incomprehensible.

      Even the unaided reason can arrive at the certainty that there must be an Infinite Necessary Being as the cause of Finite Contingent Being.

      St Thomas Aquinas, arguably the deepest thinker ever, explains Five Ways (there are others) one can have certainty of the existence of God in his Summa Theologica (which contains much philosophy), Part 1, Q.2, art.3: https://www.newadvent.org/summa/1002.htm

      But he also explains why reason alone is not sufficient, and why Divine Revelation is needed to supplement human reason in the very first question of his monumental work:


  4. Tim says:

    Ego disguises and projects itself as “enemy” outside, to keep it’s host from noticing the counsel it gives internally is self-defeating and the real cause of all conflict, suffering, and destruction.

    All it is is an artificial idea of self, and is the means to have a virtual experience of the unreal and insanity.

    The “enemy”, the “problem”, “the solution”, is always “out there”, “him”/”her”, “them”, “it”(like “viruses”), “they” are the “guilty ones”, “dangerous”, nevermind “they” don’t really exist in Reality/Truth, they’re made up in our minds as we co-miscreate with an artificial imaginary “self”.

  5. Rhonda says:

    CONGRATULATIONS JON! Hello Jon! Great News! George Carlin called, and yes, Jon Rappaport, George decreed his new “International Anti – Bull Shit Truth in Reporting Journalism – Life Time Achievement Award goes to you! In honor of being this years recipe Jon, we are presenting here for you, videos of George’s length of thoughts on… “The Big Virus” & “Bull Shit Junction” “Question Everything!” 😉




  6. Rhonda says:

    WATCH: Dr. Nagase (Canada) reviews images from COVID vaccines, shows no ‘elements of life’


  7. William R Hall Jr says:

    They have forsaken GOD to worship the virus.

  8. Tike says:

    Spot on! Lots of laughing out loud here…. thanks Jon.

  9. Barbara says:

    Thank you Jon , beautifully and thoughtfully said ! I wholeheartedly agree!

  10. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    I gave up on the virus cult. People want a boogeyman to blame for anything that makes them feel unwell. I think a large part of it is due to the prevailing lack of responsibility for one’s health as well as the constant machinations by the “healthcare” industry. Who is in charge of your own health? What is more precious than your own health?

    It’s been shown that much illness is caused by malnutrition, contaminated water, pesticides, and more. But emotional trauma, stress, and beliefs have a huge impact on health. But nah. “Take a pill for that” mentality is today’s diversion from cleaning out the emotional cobwebs and healing ourselves. Ain’t got time fo dat. Don’t want to know about it, either.

    I have read enough debunking of viruses over many years that made me realize that there is an appalling lack of evidence for any virus. I have yet to see any virus nor has anyone else I know. Just show me the EVIDENCE. Change my mind by providing scientific evidence.

    Chicken Little was written to teach us that repeating a story does not make it true and and what we are so sure has happened may have a better explanation. Don’t believe everything you hear.

    People seem to confuse evidence with statements made by their designated authority figures. No need for hard data. A story will suffice. Hey! I’m busy, k? Just tell me what I need to repeat.

    How does a piece of DNA that has no living parts such as those found in cells have a motive and an agenda? And a tape measure, a calendar, a watch, an eye on who you wandered close to, etc? Why can’t we see videos of this happening? How about at least a real photo? Why show us only computer generated images? We are told they are real illness-inflicting pathogens, not a computer virus. Some verification that it can cause illnesses please? Why do we have to rely only on the words of others to confirm that they exist as claimed?

    Just repeat after me. Viruses are real. Viruses are real. Viruses are…


    • Need A Ladder says:



    • Kim says:

      Okay, so I am looking for answers, I for the most part I’m very healthy, that came after a long line of autoimmune diseases and illnesses, I have 2 an organic diet much of it is vegetarian, not at all, no Dairy no wheat, no GMOs. I’m not perfect, but for the most part very healthy. From time to time I do get sick, the plandemic I did end up with extremely difficult respiratory illness, I lost my sense of taste and smell. Absolutely no vax! Don’t believe in it never will not even for my animals. Have been living this lifestyle for many years. If I did not have a virus, viruses are not real, which I really want to believe, exactly what is it that I had that everybody else also had? Just trying to find some info. Thank you.

      • Reality Chick says:

        Energy Sync. We are connected. Many reasons for some people to feel it when others don’t. Environment, nutrition, exposure tolerance, etc. Asymptomatic versus symptomatic.

      • paul says:

        nutrient deficiency because of your lack of animal protein and fat

  11. Benjamin Martin says:

    Have a feeling the report of ‘Monkeypox’ cases is a total balls-up-con-gone-wrong…

    Spread by ‘men-on-men’ (as opposed to gay) sex, but isn’t, because there’s ‘no evidence’ that it isn’t caused simply by any two people getting a too close. And if you suggest the former you’re a homophone, got it? No no, it’s caused by little brown poor ooga-booga Congo children, and that’s not racist at all. Albeit that it’s a variant, you see. Why yes, it doesn’t spread in the same way at all, this strain. But it’s definitely Monkeypox, because it’s not shingles, or any other type of rash, and we have a brilliantly successful vaccine to prove it…

    No seriously, I think they put the cart before the horse with this one big time, and got so consumed with their own ‘we can make anything conform to reality’ fantasy that they’ve determined to contrive a vaccine-related illness into a non-related African disease for which they can then administer a web-coated vaccine that (brilliant!) is bound to ‘work’ because there is in actual fact no Monkeypox strain anyhow.

    But…there’s a problem, because the vaccine-induced illness will nonetheless ‘spread’, and so the web-coated vaccine may then be shown that it cannot prevent any such cases of fake Monkeypox. And so, for the time being, all such ‘cases’ are, you know, ‘being treated’ in private, so very private, because it’s a matter involving men-on-men (but not gay) sex, and isn’t, and we’ve got photos of little African brown poor children (which isn’t at all racist imagery) to prove it, plus some lesioned fingers, how dare anyone say otherwise…

  12. MikefromOH says:

    I know scientists cannot isolate any virus to prove it exists. But I have good data from a life of experience the we pass things that we call a cold or the flu between us. You have had these experiences, too. If these things are not viruses, what are they? And don’t tell me they have all been in my imagination or caused by lack of Vitamin D.

    • john-oranje says:

      Unless you can prove contagion there are no ‘things’.

      Experiments, during the 1918 flu, to pass the disease from the sick to the healthy, all failed.

      • Walkintherain says:

        Hi, John-oranje, what’s your source for “Experiments, during the 1918 flu, to pass the disease from the sick to the healthy, all failed.” Just wondering.

    • Alan Kwan says:

      So on what grounds are you claiming that those things are viruses? And why can’t lack of vitamin D cause it (among other things)? Because of your fixation, exactly as Rappoport pointed out?

    • Jeff says:

      Yes, contagion is real but do you ever think about if the virus is not really the thing that contagious? What if something else from the sick person triggered the healthy person to be sick?

    • Taylor says:

      Howdy MikefromOH,

      I completely hear your frustration and I want to suggest semantics and perspective as being a very real or genuine issue when it comes to what creates “illness”. At this time, I think it a misnomer and counterproductive to say that viruses don’t exist because of the alluded to process in your comment we have all experienced. It is likely more beneficial to say viruses are incredibly misdescribed, which I hope will help to unite more people in this conversation.

      There is no question that “Germ Theory” is what has consumed the allopathic medical approach for over 100 years. This model of healthcare has been weaponized and is a detriment to society. Yet, too many still revere the barbaric practices of allopathic medicine and would not dare question the white coat. After all, repetition is key to successful indoctrination and brainwashing.

      Jon points to a number of doors through his writings and has dismantled “COVID” with undeniable evidence. Personally, it is this blog that kept me locked in throughout the latest biological parlor trick with a catchy, addictive and cult inducing name. While not new to the overall hustle (Tuesday, September 11th, 2001 was my wake up moment), the topic of what really makes us “sick” is not one I ever deeply questioned until 2020.

      The following is a quote I learned early during COVAIDS-1984 programming that I now consider when thoughtfully approaching the topic of health and our biology: “If the germ theory were true, there would be no one alive to believe it.”

      We ought not call when we don’t feel well disease, but rather, dis-ease and embrace it as healing. I agree that we all experience anything from minor discomfort to all out pain physically when in a state of dis-ease. However, it seems much more likely that we create this phenomenon rather than us catching something or a microorganism attacking us from the outside. In other words, how we approach life and the decisions we make, determines how many ailments we suffer.

      No different than we see with snakes shedding their skin or trees dropping leaves in the fall, detoxification processes are activated seasonally in humans. If we do not take care of ourselves in every sense of the word, then we are more prone to experience such a process, especially in today’s world. A substantial factor in health begins with how we think and this is why psychological attacks are so frequently utilized. FEAR = False Evidence Appearing Real: this has been the number one ingredient to run operation “Coof” since late 2019.

      As for what is called contagion, bio resonance is something that makes a whole lot of sense. We see this with women who live together and sync up their menstrual cycles. Anecdotally, in order for my children to attend a two-day a week educational program, the one protocol enforced was a temperature check. More times than not, the three attending the sessions would possess an obscure but identical reading and this occurred each time with at least two of the three. Who is to say that when groups of people “come down” with a cold or flu, that their bodies aren’t simply signaling “hey, it’s my time to cleanse, does anyone else want or need to join?” If contagion as described were true, then there wouldn’t be those that go unscathed during any given detox season or the varying types and severity of expressions witnessed in those that do fall ill.

      Biology is far different than chemistry and the latter definitely impacts the former. We observe this with how people suffer from a chemical weapon and the demonstrable uniformity in symptoms. “Virus” is just a word ascribed to an individual not feeling well as a result of any number of toxic insults from life on Earth; the term literally means “poison” in Latin. This is why Jon cites everything from what we ingest to environmental criminal activity for why people become dis-eased. But hey, we can always just blame a newly discovered “virus” for the why, right? Indicate it’s biology when in reality chemical infractions are occurring.

      I will concede that we experience “viral illness”; it is an enzymatic response (solvent creation) to which our typical clean up crew (bacteria) cannot approach due to the level or type of toxicity. But to state unequivocally that it is infectious or that somehow what I eat, makes you shit is absolute absurdity. We have lost personal responsibility as a result of our reliance on this “Beast” system. So much has been hidden from us and our health has likely taken the biggest hit as a consequence.

      Jon is simply exploiting that belief is the enemy of knowing and ego is the protector of any belief. His documentation and analysis of this latest Globalist health scare has, at a minimum, placed a gigantic light on the reality that a discussion concerning microbes of all kinds and their role in our daily lives must occur if we as a civilization are ever to get out from underneath the scariest tentacle, the Medical Cartel, of the Cracken.

      Nature doesn’t lie, but men do. Make no mistake, this is an all out attack on Creation and that is why inversion and half-truths are a primary tool used to cultivate mass perception. We witness apoptosis everywhere in nature; this is what constitutes decomposition. Decomposition is a result of microbes doing exactly that for which they are designed.

      Blaming invisible, yet incredibly beneficial, aspects of life for our health woes is akin to saying the firefighters are at fault for the inferno they are attempting to extinguish. Contradictions do not exist, only false premises. It’s time to admit we are off, if not completely wrong, when it comes to germ vs. terrain and need an extreme shift in our paradigm with regards to health and biology as a whole.

      With Gratitude,

      • Piksil says:


        Just. Awesome!

      • DL says:

        Well stated! We can test for viruses in other ways than just the PCR method, such as serologic testing of antigens and antibodies that can identify markers of various hepatitis viruses for example, in transfusion medicine. IHC, immunohistochemical detection of HCV proteins in lymphoma tissue can be used as a tool (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3663591/). So don’t tell me viruses do not exist. Indeed they do! The understanding of how and why they exist is another great discussion to be had! 😉

        • DL says:

          Oh I forgot, we do VIRAL Cultures too…just takes longer…

        • Walkintherain says:

          The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) was created to duplicate DNA. It wasn’t designed and it can’t be adapted to determine if illness is present.The PCR was created by Kary B. Mullis who won a Noble Prize for the process. Look it up, there’s even a video of him explaining why the PCR isn’t suitable for disease detection. To say it can be used to detect illness is plain old fraud.

          • DL says:

            That is correct. The PCR only picks up a lil piece of RNA or DNA, not whole virus. As Mullis stated, it is really a manufacturing technique. It is not meant to be used w/o the entire clinical picture of the patient with symptoms (such as folks lined up at the tents to get swabbed/tested, as was the case during the scamdemic). In addition, we have never relied on 1 lousy lab test to make huge decisions like ‘they’ did resulting in lockdowns/masking/social distancing/jab, etc.

            My point was for the virus-existence-deniers. There are other sorts of testing that detect the presence of any given virus…

      • Jim S. Smith says:

        “Virus” = “venom”.

        Nailed it!

    • Jim S. Smith says:

      * * And don’t tell me . . . . or caused by lack of Vitamin D. * *

      And WHY NOT? ? ?

      Vitamin D is called a “Vitamin” (IE: “Vital to life”) for good reason!

      Being that regular exposure to sunlight is one of the most profound sources of Vitamin D, then WHY is it – that most illnesses, by numbers, occur during the times of year of shortest amount of sunlight? ? ?

      Sounds to me like you are desperately grasping at straws to keep a meme going.

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… why people have such a problem acknowledging the virus—and by extension, all viruses—are nothing more than fairy tales.”

    People have been trained not to think.

    People have been trained not to reason.

    People have been trained not to question.

    People have been trained not to do their own research.

    People have been trained not to come to their own conclusions.

    People have been trained not to trust themselves.

    People have been trained not to challenge their shallow and tiny World view.

    People have been trained to seek answers outside themselves.

    People have been trained to be lazy.

    People LIKE being lazy.

    When you ‘trust’ someone or something outside of yourself… you think you have freed yourself from responsibility. It becomes, ‘Well THEY said so and if THEY are wrong I’m just an innocent victim and They are at fault!’

    And People can be safe and secure that things we not Their fault. Safe and secure… all the way to their trip to the undertaker.

    And one last reason: PEOPLE LIKE FAIRY TALES!

  14. Courageous Lion says:

    If the GERM THEORY were TRUE, no one would be alive to believe it.

  15. Aron says:

    Blaming an external enemy is the most convenient lie one can use to avoid looking inward and live in absolute truth as it comes with hard work and hard choices. However, it is truly liberating. I thank the fake virus for nudging me closer to embracing ultimate truth.

  16. Opie Poik says:

    “If they wore hoodies, we’d call them murderers, but they wear lab coats. This is not medicine nor science, it is premeditated murder.” (quote approximate)
    ~ Att’y. David Martin:

    https://forbiddenknowledgetv.net/dr-david-e-martin-gives-explosive-jaw-dropping-information-in-canadian-zoom-meeting/ (12 min.)

  17. John Thomas says:

    I believe viruses are fragments of DNA otherwise known as exosomes. These are the result of the malady and not usually the cause although I will accept that some of these exosomes can themselves cause damage if they are able to interfere with normal cellular function such as connecting with & blocking receptors in cell walls elsewhere in the body. In general these exosomes are the result of malady & not the cause.

    It’s also worth mentioning that these ‘viruses’ are NOT alive. They don’t respire, have the power of locomotion, can’t absorb nutrients, excrete waste, or reproduce on their own. The only thing they have in common with all living organisms is a strand of genetic material.

    • john-oranje says:

      On a related subject ie the ‘vaccines’ to counter the
      non existent virus.

      Followers of Alex Jones need to be aware that his Saturday
      broadcast opened with and repeats a totally falsified
      video extract of what Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer,said
      in an interview with Klause Swaub.

      What Bourla actually said, starting about 2min 50s in,
      “the goals for the next 5 years and one of them was by
      2023 we will reduce the number of people in the world,
      who cannot afford our medicines, by 50%.

      I think, today, this dream is becoming reality”.

      Here is the link to that interview.


      I hope A.J. will correct this.

      His video is still the same at the time I am posting

      • john-oranje says:

        Further to my last comment;

        I think it very possible that Bourla himself set up
        the possibility of a convincing false edit.

        Notice the unusual phrasing.

        He says “reduce the number of people in the world
        by 50%, who cannot afford our medicine …”.

        Rather than saying ‘reduce by 50% the number of
        people in the world ….’.

        Also notice that he holds his hands the same way
        throughout the whole quote.

        Here is the link again to the real video.


        • john-oranje says:

          Sorry to be a bore but I misquoted Bourla in
          my first post.

          He actually said “.. by 2023 we will reduce the
          number of people in the world by 50%, who
          cannot afford our medicines …”.

          This makes it clear how he could be edited to
          appear to be saying what Alex Jones and many
          others believe he said.

          Very likely Bourla was aware of this when he
          said what he said.

          • Meredith says:

            Thank you for this comment. I saw the edited video and immediately dug around to find the original source. It made me mad that someone would put the edited one out there. I didn’t even think about the fact that it was intended from the beginning. But that makes sense because the intent was to make us look stupid.

  18. Opie Poik says:

    Biden Crime Family to reap massive profits from monkeypox vaccines

    Smallpox, Money Pox and The Vaccines They Will Try to Frighten You into Getting

    New Government data confirms it can take just 5 months for the Covid-19 Vaccinated to develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    Your Government is trying to cover up Covid Vaccine-Induced AIDS by inventing a Monkeypox Pandemic; here’s the evidence…

  19. Opie Poik says:

    Monkeypox Biowar Smoking Guns?

    An incendiary conversation with HelenOfDestroy


    All I want for Christmas is Nuremberg 2.0.

  20. Jim S. Smith says:

    Life is impossible – in a completely sterile environment.

    The “medical machine” is a tool, in the “War against Life”.

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