Hideous liars lying about guns: what people don’t know, don’t want to know, are too naïve to believe, and are too scared to say

by Jon Rappoport

May 26, 2022

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“After a shooting spree, they always want to take the guns away from the people who didn’t do it. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to live in a society where the only people allowed guns are the police and the military.” — William Burroughs

We’re looking at a grotesque con here. A hustle. And the predatory politicians lying about guns know they’re lying. They’re disgusting. Repulsive. Sane people can smell the stench rising from them miles away.

First of all, 99% of the people who own guns—I don’t care what kinds of guns—don’t shoot other people. They don’t.

So a legitimate politician who has eyes to see and is honest—there are a few—would say this:

“I’m going to show you where most of the gun crimes in America are committed. I’m talking about murder, I’m talking about wounding, I’m talking about armed robberies, and I’m also talking about places where the residents live under constant daily fear of people shooting guns.”

This would clear the air.

It would also put mass spree shootings in proper perspective, since they account for only a fraction of ongoing chronic gun crimes.

So…on a map, what areas do you think this honest politician would circle? Where are most of the gun crimes being committed—not because the guns are going off by themselves, but because actual people are shooting them.

I assume you know. Inner cities. Saint Louis, Chicago, Philadelphia, Indianapolis, etc.

Who are the people doing most of the shooting in those cities?


Which people in those cities are putting residents under the most fear on a day to day basis?

Gang members.

So here’s a unique idea. Go after the people shooting the guns.

Don’t jabber about taking the guns away from everybody—that’s what the predatory leaders are doing…and they KNOW that won’t solve the situation. They know. Which means they don’t really want to stop the shooting and the killing and the wounding.

But the gangs are immune. They have privilege, for several reasons.

One of those reasons is: according to media and most of government, law-enforcement may not go after groups of black men. That’s it in a nutshell.

Doesn’t matter that those groups of black men are gangs who are responsible for an extraordinary number of gun crimes.

Here’s a bonus fact. What else do gangs do that is destroying many, many lives every day? They distribute and sell killer street drugs for drug cartels. Crack, meth, fentanyl.

What do the cartels do with the massive amounts of money they make? For one thing, they wash it through banks.

This is called a clue, my friends. A clue as to why gangs are protected. They’re good for business. Big business.

Black Lives Matter, which has been funded with major white money, has functioned as a front for the cartels and the banks, in the sense that BLM has completely diverted the American people from thinking about ongoing gun violence and massive drug trafficking operated by cartel agents—THE GANGS—and instead has pressured millions of people to focus on cops killing black people.

If you care to, you can look up the statistics on how many black people cops kill, versus how many black people black gangs kill.

But of course, Black Lives Matter will tell you these comparative numbers don’t Matter at all. Just mentioning them is an act of systemic racism.

Sure it is. Right. Of course.

In reality, some black lives matter more than others. The innocent black people who are robbed at gunpoint, wounded and killed by bullets, held in fear of violence in their own neighborhoods—they matter less than black gang members who are doing the robbing and wounding and killing and selling the killer drugs and owning the neighborhoods and filling those neighborhoods with fear.

Consider this scenario: A very large corporation has been shoveling funds to Black Lives Matter. That corporation is operating on very slim profit margins. In fact, it’s heading right into the red. It has to take out a huge loan. What kind of money could it reach for, if it quietly wants to obtain the best possible terms?

Drug money.

Connect the dots.

Who protects that drug money? BLM. It does it by protecting the gang traffickers. It does THAT by focusing Americans on violence committed by cops instead of gangs.

Who knows? In the world we’re living in, you might be working for a corporation that is floating on drug money—or even a company that was launched by a cartel laundering its money.

Those companies are all over the place. Criminal organizations start them all the time.

The companies are brought to you by gangs with guns on the ground in major cities, who are wounding and killing and robbing people, and doing the grunt work of distributing and selling the drugs that make the big drug money for the cartels, who use that money to launch “legitimate” companies.

This is also Culture:

“Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.” Rapper 50 Cent.

The kids love it.

Let me boil all this down by presenting an imaginary Congressional hearing, in which a black ex-BLM member spills the beans:

Why did you leave BLM?

Because I saw what it was really doing.

And what is that?

BLM is making it socially and politically impossible for law-enforcement to go after black gangs who are shooting black people in inner cities. And BLM is essentially controlling public perception. Making the public see only the instances where white cops kill black people.

I see. So that means—

That means the gangs are given a free pass. And the gangs are killing far more black people than cops do. It isn’t even close.

Hmm. But—

That’s not all. Aside from shooting and killing black people, the gangs are selling and distributing drugs for the Mexican cartels. Making huge money for the cartels. The cartels wash that money in banks.

Wait a minute. We aren’t here today to talk about banks.

Oh yes we are. BLM is by proxy working for those banks. The banks need the gangs to stay free of major prosecution. Because the gangs make money for the cartels and the cartels wash that money in banks.

Stop right there—

No I won’t. You people say you want to stop gun violence in America. But you won’t lift a finger to bring RICO cases against the biggest source of gun violence in America, the gangs. And I’m telling why you won’t.

I’m calling a recess now. This is getting way off track.

It’s exactly on track.

We’re in recess.

—And that’s the end of the hearing.

And news outlets report the hearing as a minor story for one day and it never surfaces again.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “Hideous liars lying about guns: what people don’t know, don’t want to know, are too naïve to believe, and are too scared to say

  1. Jim S. Smith says:

    MOST of your “gangs” are also coddled by the CIA.

    It was the CIA who created the “MS-13”, one of America’s most notorious gangs in present times. THIS is just a prime example.

    The banks get launder all the money they want, because they are also a source of funds for “government”.

    The “Federal Reserve System” (our country’s OWN privately-owned, central banking system) is OWNED by its member banks. It doesn’t really “regulate” the member banks – like so many other businesses are regulated by “government”. – Therefore, these banks are also who lend money to “government”.

    The “Iran-Contra Affair” was far more than what the “media” reported. IT is another prime example of how “government” (with the backing of the banks) laundered funds from international drug-running – through weapons purchases (much of which ended up in the hands of the gangs).


    There was former US Attorney General – Eric Holder’s “Fast and Furious” gun-running, which also saw many of the seized guns and firearms – end up going to cartel gangs. The very same cartel gangs who were doing business with “government” – on the matter of drugs.

    By far,

    The largest culprit behind “gun-deaths” in America, is our “government”, and there are plenty of visible trails – all of which lead right back to “government” (again, with much funding from loans from the banks).

    – JSSmith

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Hidin Biden was once the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee (I know it is hard to believe) that is charged with examining nominees to the Zoopreme court and for confirming members of a President’s cabinet. As a lawyer who served in such an important position he, above almost anyone else, should know that the 2nd amendment is absolute unless 3/4 of the states vote to overturn it. There is no wiggle room. One of the reasons this was considered an important amendment was in the event that a tyrant took control of the government and so that WE THE PEOPLE could defend ourselves and throw off the yoke of tyranny. Now do we understand and appreciate more than ever why this is important. I hope that the Feds do not make the stupid mistake of coming for the guns that would be fool hardy and a bloodbath. Perhaps it makes more sense to encourage local school districts to invest in good security systems with well trained security guards.

  3. Marcella Butler says:

    Thank you, Jon. Sanity prevails in your writing. It’s a safe haven for weary brains.

  4. bmseattle says:

    And why do the inner city folks need to go to “gangs” to buy their drugs?

    Because the government has determined that they can make it illegal to buy and take these drugs.

    So, not only are the gangs now “criminals” for selling them… but the people who want to take them are “criminals”, as well!

    Here’s a truth: People are always going to want to take drugs.

    Personally, I believe that people should be free to ingest anything they want into their own body… and not be labeled a criminal for doing so.

    If these drugs were legal, people could buy them legally, and the need for “gangs” to sell them would go away.

    All this inner city violence is a by-product of the fact that these drugs are made illegal by the government.

    Spend all this money from the “drug wars” on education, and detox programs and we’d come out ahead in money and lives.

    • Marten says:

      Are you kidding me, to spend that money on “Education” what kind of “education” the horrible Govt Skool System ????

    • Debbie Johnson says:

      What a load of nonsense. Yeah people should be able to ingest anything they want, but that comes with a price.

      A normal healthy person who has a business or a good job does not travel to the inner cities to buy drugs. They’re too busy making honest money, raising their families and being a good spouse and neighbor.

      These junkies are not just buying weed. They’re buying meth, angel dust, oxy’s (many of which are now contaminated with fetanyl) and other dangerous drugs.

      The person who’s traveling into the cities isn’t using HIS/HER money to buy those drugs. Nope. They’re already ran out of money. They’re either using a stolen debit/credit card OR they’re stealing that money via armed robbery or home invasions. They’re stealing Grandma’s new TV and pawning it to buy a rock of crack.

      No more money on education or detox programs. If you’re that stupid to ingest this garbage, then you should live with the consequences, of which one is death.

  5. Opie Poik says:

    Bad guys always have arms, so good people must, too.

    Why people need to keep and bear firearms:

    Witness: Police Stood Outside the School While Mass Murderer Salvador Ramos Went on Killing Spree – Armed Police Pinned One Man to the Ground (VIDEO)


    Justices Rule Police Do Not Have a Constitutional Duty to Protect Someone

  6. Sue says:

    Some are saying, and I tend to agree, that these mass shootings are generally staged by people in power. Notice that the shooters are predominantly young people with mental issues. Perfect pawns for the job.

    And what ignites the public’s emotional response more than harming and killing children?

    Is this done only to try to force people to give up their guns? That’s a major motive, but I think it’s also (along with various other dramas pushed by mainstream media) a major distraction from important issues that those same people in power don’t want citizens to think about or investigate.

    • Adria says:

      Mark Anderson, journalist at American Free Press in Texas cites that the massacre has attacked the first and second amendments. Texas has taken opposition to Homeland security with respect to immigration and the disinformation board. On UK Column news interview 5/26, Anderson questioned whether the DHS ‘ministry of truth’ has been dissolved or paused. Hardly seems coincidental that the state that threatened to deposit immigrants in DC has devolved into this chaos…?

  7. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Hideous liars lying about guns: what people don’t know, don’t want to know, are too naïve to believe, and are too scared to say”

    There is no freedom without the physical means to back that up.

    Governments are not about the business of fostering freedom. Governments exist solely to take freedom away.

    Guns are tools like a hammer. A hammer can be used to build a homeless shelter… or they can be used to do serious damage to someone’s head.

    So do we take away hammer next because somebody went nuts with one? (Sure They would if They could get away with that).

    We detest the taking of human life. But we also detest wars. And is anyone really interested in telling the Dark Predators that we won’t allow wars any more? Didn’t think so.

    Guns can be used for purposes ranging from horrid to the preservation of basic freedoms. It’s not the ‘car’… it’s the NUT BEHIND THE WHEEL.

    Just like the Dark Siders have the same answer to every question… ‘Take away more of our freedoms!’… They have the same answer about guns. You surrender your weapons… and WE WON’T.

    The same old, sorry, worn-out song that repeats every chance it gets. The sickly song in playing in heavy rotations in the halls of ‘Leaders’ and their State Media lackeys in endless loops over and over.

    Guns are not the problem. Problem PEOPLE are the problem. And what is being done about them? NOTHING.

    Mental health issues in the World are getting worse and worse as people are becoming more stressed and crazy every day with the pressures of Life as it is being foisted upon us being tightened like a vice. People need help… all kinds of people. Regular people, troubled people, sick people. Everyone needs help. And what is being done about that? ABSOLUTELY

    In our society, being ‘normal’ is under full-on attack from many directions. Being ‘abnormal’ is celebrated. Legacy values such as hard work and virtue and working to excel in Life has all been CANCELLED.

    We now celebrate the bizarre… the sordid… the troubled people trying to out-do each other on Anti-Social media every moment in celebrating their sick need to commit worse and worse behaviors to gain a pathetic form of dark attention to themselves.

    No, guns are not the problem. The problem is much deeper than that. The problem is a SICKNESS OF THE SOUL.

    The modern spirit is perverse… dark… twisted… seeking deeper and deeper levels of atrocity. We celebrate death in this Society and look to extinguish Life. No, not many of us of course. But WAY the hell too many are doing just that on this troubled and wayward planet of fools spinning around in a dizzying fog of lost moorings and long-erased innocence.

    If one wants to ‘solve’ the ‘gun problem’… then They have to look much deeper. Deeper… into a level They do not dare look at.

    Going after guns is the easy way out. Solving the deeper problem is very hard. And no one in ‘authority’ wants to go there. Not even close.

    When someone says to you, ‘Give me your guns!’… the proper response is… ‘OK, if guns are BAD, then YOU GET RID OF YOURS FIRST. If You are a ‘Leader’, then LEAD on this issue. And then watch Their reaction. Like a completely befuddled someone with a stomach ache before They yell back at you… HELL NO! WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? I’M THE BIG SHOT HERE!

    Yes, They are the Big Shots. In more ways than one.

    And doesn’t that frame a complex issue and make it crystal clear what Their real agenda is?

    You’ll never solve a problem is you refuse to ask the right question first. Just like They want it today.

    • JB says:

      1. Working to excel in life? Most people are coerced into working by the 1%. No job, no money, no place to live. That is wrong, and we need to stop putting up with that.

      2. A big problem is that people believe in human authority. Also, moral relativism is another big problem. Right and wrong aren’t subjective:


  8. Coral says:

    SAME in New Zealand. This erstwhile (evil) PM jacked up a pretend small-time ‘massacre’ – which she claims to be “NZ’s blackest day” – only consideration being ‘in her lifetime’ – NOTHING before that counts! Followed by making guns illegal. Totally predictable in this woke, UN, WHO, Schwab, Fauchi fake current World.

  9. The Watchman says:

    Very good, Jon
    This is never discussed or intentionally ignored. But then again, that’s probably by design!!!
    Will be linking tomorrow @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

  10. RevJack says:

    Extremely well said Jon! So refreshing to read some truth on the internet every once in a while! Thank you Sir!

  11. Tim says:

    “My Kingdom is NOT of this world”.


    Because this world is generated and ruled by an artificial consciousness detached from,and hostile to Truth.
    Fear, pride, and ignorance rule this farce they call “reality”(don’t make me laugh, it’s the opposite of “real”).

    I Am The Truth. And I Rule Reality. We/I Am are/is inseparable. Indomitable.

    Take it or leave it…

  12. Opie Poik says:

    Uvalde Shooter Fired Gun For 12 Minutes Outside School Before Entering

    ZH comments section is an additional website unto itself. This was another FBI gun-grab narrative enhancement ploy. Nothing about it adds up, like Sandy Hook, etc. Remember the zillions-dead Lost Wages, NV shooting years ago? Where’d that one go? Abolish the state. Arm the citizenry. Help is NOT on the way. Food shortages imminent: the world has a few days of wheat in stock and extremely little coming.

  13. bleak says:

    I second the comment by Jim S. Smith “MOST of your “gangs” are also coddled by the CIA.”

    It’s “trickle down” orders from the above who… “arrange” (there’s my best euphemism for today) all kinds of shit from narcotics distribution to mass murder events. Gary Webb wrote Dark Alliance about the 80’s crack epidemic. He lost his job, his family (because he had to distance himself for their protection) and his life. To suicide? I don’t believe that for a second. He had kids he loved. Webb placed high-level CIA associates like Adolfo Calero INSIDE the oval office with Reagan and North. Webb documented Calero’s ties with Norwin Meneses Cantararo (high level Nicaraguan cartel boss) with photos to prove they knew each other. There isn’t even a wikipedia entry for “Norwin Meneses Cantararo”. That’s how 1984’d the story goes.

    Some shooting events have an occult aspect. Anyone can deny/’debunk’ bla bla all they want and it can’t be proven either way but from all I’ve read and heard, it’s real. Human sacrifice is part of the high-level government dark occultist’s MO. The 40 day period between March 22nd and May 1st is the “season of sacrifice” (aka “Walpurgisnacht”). Soak the earth with blood and make it fertile. It’s as old as paganism from ancient times.

    Yet another neglected angle are people under MK Ultra mind control. Real-life Manchurian Candidates. Again, it can’t be proven either way but use a little intuition based on documented history. Who is “Payton S. Gendron” (recent Buffalo shooting) for example? Has anyone really dug into his history at an intelligence agency or private investigator level? I haven’t seen anything remotely close.

    And so it goes on and on and on.

  14. Kin says:

    Sound weird to me read from you that cite from Burroughs…Wellcome. The heir of the pharma, now GlaxoSmithKline, and with and active Trust.

    Also I miss the cite to the effect of the psycchoactive drugs or whithdrawal on shooters.

  15. Opie Poik says:

    “The Meek Have Inherited the Earth”
    by Theodore Dalrymple

    ” . . . psychology is the handmaiden of soft authoritarianism, it teaches people their vulnerability.

    “The more vulnerable people can be induced to believe themselves to be, the more they need assistance to keep themselves going. Such assistance (which is self-justifying, though never sufficient, or indeed even partially effective) requires a vast legal and other infrastructure, put in place and regulated by the government. The government is the pastor, the people are the sheep.”

    “What Really Really Hurts?”
    by Capt. Randall

    “What people fail to realize is the seriousness of psychological stress inflicted by divisive shaming, humiliating surveillance and peer-enforced correctness. While media messengers keep the public worried, that anxiety becomes an unrecognized physical vector of obesity, depression and all disease! From the threat of mushroom clouds to pandemics to mass shootings to unrelenting economic pressure to rumors of scarcity to insidious social engineering via niggling neo-wokeism; these things eat at a man’s mind, body and soul. Understand that for every mental health problem the architects of these conundrums create; a physical illness follows. Isn’t that the plan?”

  16. Rhonda says:

    BRAVO JON! “Cops Forced to Return Over $1 Million for Organizing Armored Car Heists, Robbing Innocent People” – Activist Post


    “GNC UTCANCER CENTER… “List of US Companies Secretly Owned by China: Tesla, Microsoft, GM, Uber”,… – Prepare For Change

  17. Saeger says:

    Would agree it has been and continues to be many sets of vile deceptions. They brought in the gangs, immigration, which people ignore some such as irish cons and gypsys, not only brown people, and to think of the many destruction angles, the pharma cons, ssri’s to tranquilize people, fake solution to depression -caused by chemicals in food, and ignorance, causing more weakness. Then increasing social pressure from too much population, and govrmnt oppression, same time bogus ‘anti drug’ laws to steal people’s cars or boat or house over a joint, to turn police state and steal from people -beside ‘tax’ extortion to pay for their theft and police schemes. Same pot of vile.

    By now most should suspect the ‘constitution’ is a con, the ‘amendments’ are nonsense, read second amendment, nonsense. It’s two different subjects rammed in one sentence. Which in the seventies the ‘nra’ phony group cons wanted to keep people following fake groups, so the fake ‘courts’ said the second amendment applies to individuals, but that means little next to the drones they’ve been collecting, while people ignored ‘wars’. The wars have been here, fake pharma cons, gmo food destruction cons, media cons, skool cons, police cons. People have been very ignorant about the con of ‘courts’, ‘lawyers’ and ‘judges’. In any event because of covid con more people seem to be becoming more aware, though important to share info and energy around us. Sharing helps strength.

  18. Cris M. says:

    Real facts for sure, the predators are given passes while they dictate to the rest of us to sit by for more. Need to see it clearly. Appreciate the article Jon.

  19. Frank says:

    I see all this time i thought the person shooting was the criminal. I hope they give the gun life in prison without parole and place it with bubba. Just like with Online sexual predators, its the computer causing harm not the weirdo dude. Drunk drivers, too, have it bad, it was always the car causing havoc at 2am after bars close. With Wildfires caused by cigarettes thrown out a window,the cigarette should be controlled better and only been able to purchase with a DOJ license. Cheating on spouse, it was the cellphone. And so on…

    The dirty corrupt pathetic politician are beyond stupid and will begin showing their true anti-freedom anti-american face. They are coming fast after our weapons.

  20. AJ says:

    Each new mass gun massacre, created, fabricated or real, is to stress that more control is needed. Also to divide, disrupt, create chaos to make you believe to accept more control. They want you to doubt your stance, knowledge and reasoning. Same with the fake viruses, fake pandemics, deadly vaccines. If you even begin to doubt your sanity and start to believe the lies they have succeeded and you will become complacent and a useful fool. Hard to find the real truth but the fabricated facts always are compromised. Never stop searching for the truth. It will keep you free.

  21. billy says:

    “Some are saying, and I tend to agree, that these mass shootings are generally staged by people in power. Notice that the shooters are predominantly young people with mental issues. Perfect pawns for the job”

    Yes. About MK Ultra mind control see the “Greenbaum speech” by D.C.Hammond . also see the article Hypnosis comes of Age by george Estabrooks :excerpted from science digest april 1971. both articles can easily be found online! together they can explain how all these “lone” nuts come about!

    the globalists r desperate now to take away guns so we wont be able to defend ourselves or go after them for what they hav done and r planning to do in future!!!!

    this insanity is also the result of many decades of social engineering to deliberately get us to this juncture! problem reaction solution! all brought to you by the oligarchs/rulers/psychopaths.

    see the boston bombing deconstructed by dave McGowan at center for an informed america or at whale.to. He shows how these (I’m not sure all are casualtyless) are totally orchestrated theater.

    Also: George Estabrooks, Sick Godfather of Hypnotic Mind Control at http://www.winterwatch.net

  22. Opie Poik says:

    Half Cocked: Why Most Of What You See In The Media About Guns Is Wrong

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