Opioids, Obama, Congress: guilt-free criminals

by Jon Rappoport

May 17, 2022

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I’ve covered this before. I’m not letting it go.

There are two routes for killer opioids like fentanyl that are flooding America, killing upwards of 35,000 people a year and addicting millions more:

The China route out of Wuhan, and US pharmaceutical companies engaging in trafficking.

There are several major pharmaceutical companies who’ve faced heavy exposure for their roles in the opioid criminal trafficking business. For example, Purdue, and Johnson & Johnson. A third one is (Mossad-connected) Teva.

Why can’t federal law enforcement stop all the US pharmaceutical companies who have been trafficking opioids?

Is there some secret we don’t know about? In fact, the answers are right out in the open. I had them confirmed, from a source inside federal law-enforcement.

But talk about “open—” the Washington Post laid out the sordid story in detail. AND AS USUAL, THERE WAS NO FOLLOW-UP. That’s how major media work. They have a piece of very ugly truth. They expose it. But then it mysteriously dies and is forgotten. In this case (opioid trafficking), a real follow-up would have led the public down into a Hell of evil influence, exerted by Pharma, on the US Congress. Buckle up.


That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.

And that is the federal government’s role in perpetuating and expanding the opioid crisis.

Honest agents inside the complacent DEA want to have the right to march into a pharmaceutical company headquarters and say, “We know you’re shipping millions of opioid pills to little pharmacies and clinics that, in turn, are selling the pills to street dealers. We’re going to freeze those shipments now, and we’re going to arrest your key executives.”

But that 2016 law raises the bar so high, the whole law-enforcement effort is hamstrung, throttled, and loaded down with legal complications.

In essence, the US Congress gave drug companies a free pass.

And no one in the Congress is admitting it or talking about it.

The Washington Post, on October 15, 2017, talked about it. The article was headlined, “The Drug Industry’s Triumph Over the DEA”: “In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription [opioid] narcotics onto the nation’s streets.”

“A handful of members of Congress, allied with the nation’s major drug distributors, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to a more industry-friendly law, undermining efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills, according to an investigation by The Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’…”

“The law [which was passed with an overwhelming YES count by both house of Congress] was the crowning achievement of a multifaceted campaign by the drug industry to weaken aggressive DEA enforcement efforts against drug distribution [pharma] companies that were supplying corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddled [opioid] narcotics to the black market. The [drug] industry worked behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress [to pass the 2016 law], pouring more than a million dollars into their election campaigns.”

“The new [2016] law makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies, according to internal agency and Justice Department documents and an independent assessment by the DEA’s chief administrative law judge in a soon-to-be-published law review article. That powerful tool [freezing opioid shipments] had [previously] allowed the agency to immediately prevent drugs from reaching the street.”

The Washington Post article mentioned there was an attempt to reach Obama (who had signed the law) and obtain his comments. The effort failed. Obama kept his mouth shut.


The fact that no one is stepping up to the plate with a repeal is proof that multiple parts of the federal government are, in fact, tacitly supporting the opioid crisis and its devastating impacts on human life.

Failure to act swiftly amounts to collusion in Death by Opioids.

President Obama, the Congress, and key officials within the Justice Department and the DEA are all guilty.

If you speak to people who have a naïve and lasting faith in the good will of political leaders, they will probably tell you that the heinous 2016 law I detailed above was “an unfortunate mistake.” The members of Congress “didn’t know what they were voting for.” And somehow, that lets everyone off the hook. Really?

Congress has known what they voted for (if indeed they were all ignorant back in 2016) for the past six years. SO WHY HAVEN’T THEY REPEALED THE LAW? Why haven’t they remedied their “error?” Why have they let untold numbers of people die for years while staying silent?

Why hasn’t the whole Congress risen up to squash the “mistake?” They could do it in an hour. Obviously, they don’t want to admit their prior guilt. They don’t want an investigation which, if done with even a vague imitation of honesty, would expose some of their members as WILLING AND KNOWING COLLABORATORS IN DEATH.

They don’t want to admit that the pharma campaign money they take is sufficient inducement to fake a blindness to the death they’re assigning to their own constituents and people all over America.

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; “patients” are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small clinics and pharmacies obtain the huge number of opioid pills? From distributors. These are legitimate companies. They may distribute all sorts of medicines. It’s their business. They know they are committing egregious crimes.

Where do these big distributors obtain their opioid pills? From pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them.

The manufacturers and the distributors have an ongoing relationship. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know the bulk of the product is going into “street sales.”

The distributors and the manufacturers are drug traffickers.

There is no doubt about this. No one is “making a mistake.” No one is in the dark. No one is being fooled.

When the DEA tries to clamp down on opioid manufacturers, this is not a sudden action, as some manufacturers try to claim. The DEA has already made several prior visits and has tried to convince the manufacturers to stop what they’re doing—to no avail.

I suggested to my source that the opioid distributors and their suppliers, the pharma manufacturers, have a “nudge and a wink” relationship. He quickly told me it was far more than that. He left no doubt in my mind that these relationships are undertaken and maintained with full knowledge about the trafficking enterprise these partners are engaged in.

He pointed out that the 2016 law referenced above, passed by Congress, radically changed the conditions under which the DEA could immediately freeze huge and obviously criminal shipments of opioids.

Before imposing a freeze, instead of simply showing that the (criminal) shipment poses an IMMINENT threat of death or grave harm to users, the DEA now has to demonstrate there is an IMMEDIATE threat.

This word game means the DEA must establish that people could die, not next week or next month (imminent), but “right now” (immediate). If this seems logically absurd and intentionally perverse, it is. Obviously, “immediate” is designed to give rise to back and forth debate, legalistic challenges, long court postponements—and ultimately a straitjacket preventing decisive actions against opioid distributors and manufacturers.

The Washington Post reached out to Obama, who signed the 2016 law, and his then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the highest law-enforcement officer in the nation. The DEA is organized under the Attorney General and the Dept. of Justice.

Both Obama and Lynch “declined” to discuss the law. Naturally.

Who played a central role in crafting the law and pushing it through Congress?

The Post: “Deeply involved in the effort to help the [drug] industry was the DEA’s former associate chief counsel, D. Linden Barber. While at the DEA, he helped design and carry out the early stages of the agency’s tough enforcement campaign, which targeted drug companies that were failing to report suspicious orders of narcotics.”


Barber worked against the drug industry while employed by the DEA, and then he left the Agency and turned around and attacked the Agency.

The Post: “When Barber went to work for the drug industry [he now works for Cardinal Health], in 2011, he brought an intimate knowledge of the DEA’s strategy and how it could be attacked to protect the [drug] companies. He was one of dozens of DEA officials recruited by the drug industry during the past decade.”

“Barber played a key role in crafting an early version of the legislation [the 2016 law] that would eventually curtail the DEA’s power, according to an internal email written by a Justice Department official to a colleague. ‘He [Barber] wrote the…bill,” the official wrote in 2014.”

The opioid crime network extends to Congress, former (if not present) DEA employees, medical-drug distribution companies, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and Obama, who signed the horrendous 2016 law.

It then includes medical clinics and pharmacies and prescription-writing doctors.

The murderous network is addicting, maiming, and killing Americans in huge numbers.

—This is war against life. Launched from China and Mexico; launched from major pharmaceutical companies and their distributors.

And of course, given the policy of open borders, the US government has been inviting the enemy to float right into America with so much tonnage of fentanyl that, despite drug seizures, no one can stop the flow.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

21 comments on “Opioids, Obama, Congress: guilt-free criminals

  1. Opie Poik says:

    Another part of this issue, which is unpopular to mention, is the demand side. America is in shreds, from decades of concerted dumbing down, and destruction of the family and the money supply, and many other factors – all of them deliberate. But complicity by the masses is always the key. The few may only rule via mass consent. ‘Twas ever thus, and will ever be. SECEDE.

  2. Paul says:

    What would a Wall Street type suggest investing in, in the near future?

    Fentanyl Rehab Centers.

    Of course, funded by Citizens’ hard-earned tax dollars.

    But don’t complain, for The Book of Matthew states:

    ‘…heal the sick, & get a guaranteed return on your investment.’

  3. Bernardo Paratore says:

    My “family doctor” was arrested last year for prescribing oxycodone and other highly addictive opiods.

    Thanks for your relentless investigative work providing a beacon of light in this corrupt society.

  4. sk says:

    This is a “war” that’s never to be “won”. Legalize the drugs by ignoring them. Federally, there’s nothing in the constitution to restrict it. Being “illegal” is based on statute that doesn’t conform to the constitution. The DEA is not based in the Constitution. Go find it. It was created by statute. Ask yourself why alcohol required a constitutional amendment to make it illegal, and another to repeal the amendment. Our librarians primary job is now to inject Narcan for the fools who inject themselves with narcotics in the bathroom. Let those fools go. Don’t waste my tax dollars. The government is completely corrupted. Fixing that, if it can be fixed, should be the number one priority.

    • JB says:

      People should fix government by turning your back to it and stop honoring it. As Larken Rose said, government only exists in your mind. People give it power, and they need to stop.

  5. Scott McCutcheon says:

    EXCELLENT topic to revisit, Jon!

    Which reminds me, does anybody have any information on where that 25.75 ton shipment, that the Mexican Navy seized back in 2019, ended up? Certainly 51,500 pounds of Fentanyl is a bit difficult to “dispose of”? Then again, through the proper connected channels, who knows?

    Back in late 2019 and early 2020 [before the imaginary and ever elusive COVID-19 virus took center stage] I was asking a few people, with far better connections than I, about this. None of them seemed all that interested. Back then i was asking if this trove of Fentanyl would make it’s way in to the pharmaceutical industrial complex supply chain? Of those that responded to my queries, I was basically told “you’re going off in to the weeds on that one.”

    Revisiting this topic, am I really? Particularly knowing we now have a death-vaxx being distributed all over the World in an attempt to fight that imaginary and ever elusive COVID-19 virus.

    If anybody has any thoughts on the whereabouts of that missing 51,500 pounds of Fentanyl seized by the Mexican Navy back in 2019, I’m all ears.

    • Toni says:

      Like your comment here, Steve; agree with your observations. Also, reminds me of the current $$$B to Ukraine, that many predict,based on US prior m.o., will be funding, by one channel or another, lots of arms to the black market. Over many decades the US “gov’t” has become so adept at doing this in various arenas.

  6. george says:

    “Bullshit is the glue that binds it all together” G. Carlin

    It is the best description for the empire of lies

  7. Brett says:

    They think they are so sly, but so am I!

  8. Tammy says:

    In fact, the only “killer opiod” is the illicit fentanyl coming from China via Mexico. Medicine needed to treat pain is not a major contributor to overdoses. Please do some research on this. Patients are being tortured

    • Kaatje says:

      Absolutely Tammy. 10% of suicides are caused by chronic pain. I have intractable, incurable pain from spinal meningitis, many patients from other serious conditions. Legit pain patients actually have great difficulty obtaining medications since the Feds are on an opiate hysteria rampage. Most “opiate” deaths are from mixed drug use such as mixing alcohol, opiates, and illegally obtained valium. Besides, today, 95% of opiate deaths are from illegal fentanyl.The “pill mill” situation described already didn’t exist when Obama signed that law. Besides, how would seizing shipments get pain medication to legit patients and hospitals? Every provider and pharmacist now checks a patient’s Scheduled Medication through every state database, and even this didn’t help combat mixed drug use overdose deaths. The lockdown of course, has also worsened liver damage from drinking, isolation increased illegal drug deaths. Fun fact: Pain patients especially those over 50 are at less risk of addiction.

  9. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Opioids, Obama, Congress: guilt-free criminals… This is war against life… the US government has been inviting the enemy to float right into America…”

    Why do some people (especially those in High Places) do whatever They please without a care in the World of worry or consequences? BECAUSE THEY CAN.

    And why ‘can’ They do that? Because there ARE NO CONSEQUENCES FOR THEM. Ever.

    It must be nice to do anything you want and not have to care about ever facing up to what you are doing.

    And then there is We the People. You know, most everyone on the entire Planet who is now labeled as… ‘Menacing” (or worse). Or ‘potentially’ This or That.

    We the People might not do anything wrong. Most of us don’t. And yet, we are accused and blamed and watched and labeled and worse.

    Two sets of ‘rules’. For two sides of the ‘Being Held Accountable’ gaping-wide gap and divide that separates the Predator Class from the People.

    We don’t have ‘America’. We have at least TWO Americas, and probably many more. We don’t live in the same space. We don’t have the same rules. We don’t have the same rights and privileges.

    The ‘Keepers’… and ‘The Kept’. And no one watching so see that The Rules are being followed.

    Those are the Real Rules of the Game. Those who are Held Accountable. And those who
    laugh at such words.

  10. William R Hall Jr says:

    Throughout history painkillers and war go hand in hand.

    People in pain need painkillers and people on painkillers make the best killers, just threaten to take away their highly addictive painkillers.

    Addicts are easily manipulated.

  11. Nobody says:

    Makes ya wonder if they can liquify it and add it to the “vaccines” huh?

    I tossed this together today… might be useful, might not. Thought I’d share anyways.



  12. Tim_2A says:

    I sincerely hope that it never happens, but I think that the ‘accidental’ poisoning(s) of (a) border patrol agent(s) (with some of that fentanyl, since they don’t have enough Narcan) might serve as an alert to TPTB that there’s an immediate threat.

    I wonder if Congress would act, then?

    The Border Patrol Association, at least, would be able to have some serious discussions with We, The People, and get the ball rolling on getting back our REAL BORDER.

  13. The Watchman says:

    Good one, Jon. The two routes; the US pharmaceutical companies engaging in trafficking, which Obama helped take care of with the act you mentioned, and the China route out of Wuhan, which basically comes across the border from Mexico, which Biden has left wide open. You should have gave Joe a little more credit in the fundamentally changing of the country!!!
    Linking as usual @https://nothingnewunderthesun2016.com/

  14. Toni says:

    Like your comment here, Steve; agree with your observations. Also, reminds me of the current $$$B to Ukraine, that many predict,based on US prior m.o., will be funding, by one channel or another, lots of arms to the black market. Over many decades the US “gov’t” has become so adept at doing this in various arenas.

  15. Carl says:

    The story is missing a large amount of facts.. the dea and other government organizations went after all doctors that prescribed opioid medications.. so now legitimate pain patients can’t getting access to the medications they need. And it’s another reason why we have a fentynl problem in this country…not a prescription opioid problem.

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