When Healing Meets Marketing

The Perfect Storm

by Jon Rappoport

May 11, 2022

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I wrote this article in 2010. It’s truer now than it was then:

DECEMBER 5, 2010. About ten years ago, I decided that the medical cartel could become the most dangerous of all power groups on the planet. I have not changed my mind.

My decision is based on looking up the road 40 or 50 years and inferring what the picture will look like then.

It’s clear to me that drug companies, as they carve up markets and create new markets, are eagerly anticipating the day when every human, from cradle to grave—actually from inside the womb—has the status of Patient.

A person is born a patient and dies a patient. And in between, he receives 40 or 50 key diagnoses of physical and mental diseases/disorders and takes prescribed drug and surgery treatments.

More than that, though, he is stamped with the label, Patient, and he learns that everyone is in the same boat. “We’re all patients, this is a medical world, and it’s normal to be disabled in some way.”

People become proud, yes, proud to be victims. They wear their diagnoses as badges of honor. If you can’t see this trend, you’re not looking.

And universal health care insurance guarantees continuous treatment all the way along the line.

Every medical diagnosis becomes an excuse not to perform, not to excel, not to pursue big goals with large ambition.

Nowhere in the search to gain recognition as a victim do circumstances conspire so well as in the medical arena. It’s perfect. There’s no argument. The doctor told you you have X disease. That’s that. It’s not political. It’s not agenda-driven. It’s science. The proof is laid out on a silver platter. You ARE a victim.

In the coming future, every move a person makes, every step he takes will come under the umbrella of the doctor.

And, again, the main supporter of this system will be the patient himself. That’s how beautiful the marketing is.

In case you’ve been living in a cave for the last 30 years, drug companies and their researchers can invent any vague disease label they want to—and then they can invent five or six sub-categories of the label—and they can set out rules on how to diagnose each sliver of the label—and of course the doctors will make these diagnoses and prescribe drugs. It’s marketing and “healing” at the same time.

Parents who don’t have a clue will submit their children to this system—especially if the government pays for it—and the children will grow up trained to think of themselves as patients/victims…and the only contest will be: who has the most drastic diagnoses and treatments? Who can most proudly wear the badge of honor as Patient?

“Last month, they had to remove my head for five minutes while they fixed my brain.”

“Wow. Well, they put me in a body cast for three months and I couldn’t move, except for my left thumb.”

Cradle to grave.

If you go back and read Huxley’s Brave New World again, you’ll notice the factor of “patient pride.” It isn’t just that the society is controlled, the citizens are idealistic about it.

That’s where the victim industry is heading.

Against it, we have, what?

A little thing called individual freedom. Which includes the right to refuse medical treatment, no matter who prescribes it under what regulations.

People imagine that this right is some arcane matter best debated in medical-ethics journals. It’s an obscure curio.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

As I’ve been writing, the ObamaCare plan contains the seeds of a future in which, by law, the citizen will have less freedom to determine his own medical fate. The walls will gradually close in.

The Founders knew what they were talking about when they warned of the incursion of government and the loss of freedom. At every crossroad, since then, the issue of freedom has resurfaced as the unavoidable key factor.

Well, we’re at one of those crossroads again.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

35 comments on “When Healing Meets Marketing

  1. Bernardo Paratore says:

    I remember reading the article in 2010 Jon. It opened my eyes WIDE. Thanks!

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    I have steadfastly avoided going to the Doctor. I have learned to contact the doctor within…so to speak. We have great healing power within if we would learn how to tap into it. Trauma surgery and necessary elective surgery is different and is the only good reason for going to the hospital along with serious life threatening illnesses. It seems like the medical profession is hell bent on finding something wrong with us and then getting us on to prescription meds for life. We need a new paradigm for health care that focuses first on prevention and second that treats underlying causes of disease and not symptoms. I have been quite lucky at my rapidly advancing age not to rely on any prescription drugs or over the counter drugs. We need to escape the medical cartel matrix. I have continued to explore alternative health and wellness approaches and it has served me well. Where I live we have a huge hospital system with tentacles throughout the region and they are always finding new ways to generate business. I try to avoid them like the plague.

    • Need A Ladder says:

      Beware the illusion that prevention is the better path as this is exactly why the fake pandemic happened. The Centers For Disease Control added PREVENTION to their title decades ago, prior it was just about handling disease and their title was merely just Centers for Disease Control (CDC). They are kind of scamming us by not updating the acronym and this change has lead us into the dystopian pandemic preparedness we just endured as an entire world as the Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CFDCAP) used this a founding principle over freedom. It did not matter that testing does not find “the virus” nor did it matter how disrupting to normal life, it was about PREVENTION, testing out their pandemic prevention strategy, at whatever cost, with no real liability to them, with added methods to grab what more they could using fear tactics, models, to con government into endless streams of cash.

      So I would say first we need FREEDOM and repeat that term over and over and over again incessantly. Next repeating that the responsibility is always on the person for their own health, not blaming that person for allegedly infecting others even when not sick or having the slightest of symptoms.

      Prevention will not get us out of this mess! The CDC is PREVENTION and look at the recommendations they made whereas the alleged PUBLIC SERVANTS did what they were told not what the public wanted. The CFDCAP (Centers For Disease Control And Prevention) is the Devil wearing prada.

      What we need to do is defund all these Pfaucist run medical cartels for our health.

      • Walkintherain says:

        I think you are confusing the issue. The Harmaceutical Industrial Complex and its bureaucratic minions (CDC etc.) have been allowed to co-opt and redefine prevention as “medical treatment” which in truth slams a wrecking ball into the immune system, such as vaccines. That’s not to be confused with self-driven healthy actions that support the immune system like exercise, consuming non-GMO foods, food without toxins, and organic plant based rather than synthetic vitamins.

    • Leesy says:

      perfect plan!

  3. JB says:

    That’s why we need to step up as a society and stop living in fear.

    • george says:

      It is over. The sheeple are unable to understand what is happening. And the very few that can are scared to do anything. At leas few hundred years of dark ages will follow.

      A meteorite, global flood, a supervolcano can stop it.. but in no way the sheeple will do something.

    • Geo Martin says:

      Society did step up and went to take the injections by the millions. The follow the new pagan religion called scientism. Like in older pagan religions they offer human sacrifice in the form of abortion for baby sacrifice, that’s why with the covid ‘vaccine’ a few were sacrified for the many; so only a small amount of those contents were tainted causing death and serious injury, and the rest were water, a sick death lottery to appease the gods of science.

  4. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Hymn to a New Day

    Welcome, my dear old friend
    Beautiful face of a new day
    With your bloody beauty born
    From marriage of earth and clay
    Miracle beyond measure
    And how often do I miss
    The glory of thy radiant treasure
    In your first sweet kiss,
    With skyward wisps of pink and gray
    As intoxicating olfactory sensations
    Of honeysuckle and lavender
    Accompany the rising hymn of birdsong
    Heralding the arrival of the new day,
    Swathed in the heavy mountain mists
    Escaping the high meadows
    Before the sun peeks out
    From behind the Ridges Blue,
    While stout pines are shivering
    Under a coating of cool morning dew
    And Gaia shudders with
    Remembrances of her
    evanescent midnight dreams
    In the restless hours
    Right before god’s of dawn scream
    And the moon and morning star
    Look lovingly down
    On an awakening old sot
    Passed out in the corner bar,
    While all creation
    Waites breathlessly for
    A fresh new world
    Like none other before it,
    Born this day
    Beckoning us to
    Embrace the eternal mystery
    As a wondrous joy grips the soul
    And bids my spirit take wing
    As a rising forest hymn echoes
    Where the murmuring tree nymphs sing
    Calling us home again,
    Let the celebration begin
    As great sol rises from his sleep
    Dancing between the piney ridges
    Illuminating the passionate orgasm of life
    Awakening thy sacred race of flowers
    Blossoms exploding with joy
    Dancing in the wind
    With such fragrant seduction
    Attracting winged kin
    Who steal her fruits
    Bringing them home
    To make sweet treasures
    And in the depths of my trembling being
    I have taken my last full measure
    And freed myself from
    Urizen’s nets of obedience,
    Awakening from the dream
    Whose bloody nightmare
    Gives way to the wonder and awe
    Of life’s miracle mystery
    That reaches beyond time’s gestation
    And closes the book of history,
    Now my forgotten self
    Has found its way home
    Straight through the gates of hell
    For in the joy of all alone
    On love’s sword I fell
    And rising from the grave
    I offer my bloody rose
    To the brand new day.

  5. This is a fabulous article. It puts into words the very thing we have all seen develop over the last two years. Scary. The victim mentality seems to make people comfortable. They have an excuse for their mediocrity. In fact, they have an excuse for everything.
    How can we fight this? I don’t believe in being in the system, but too many people do. How can we show them the way out?

  6. Paul says:

    “In the coming future,
    every move
    a person makes,
    every step
    he takes
    will come under
    the umbrella
    of the doctor.”

    True Then,
    Truer Now.

    “Oh can’t you see…”

    ~ Sting & other Seers


  7. cynthia says:

    Yes…just speaking of this last night at dinner with my husband. The perfect excuse for a person to under and not perform in life…after all ‘I have blank’…and yet simultaneously they ignore and dismiss you with Lyme or jab adverse reactions (designed and released) with a ‘depression’. And now it’s about to be ramped up world wide…TOTAL CONTROL! PLEASE WRITE ABOUT THIS!…EVERYONE!


  8. Al X says:

    Wow! No wonder I never see Jon Rappaport on TV in the USA. Our nation’s loss…

    • eceres says:

      – teevee is our enemy. nothing less.

      It was not made for you, it was made to control and steer masses.

      The same true of the ‘internet’ and ‘smart phones’. Of course it’s good to connect with the few such as Jon, the problem is people are too connected, and fail to make effort in real life, where we live.

      Supposed ‘shows’ ‘exposing’ this or that are only to keep dupes watching, until govmt media dictates their orders over us.

      teevee and radios exist to take our place, they smile in your face, all the time they want to take your place, the backstabbers

      or maybe that was an ojay’s song, but can’t help noticing the facts.

      These things exist to stop people from connecting, to stop cons, and make the future ourselves. Same with their fake groups.

      In any event I also appreciate Jon, so agree with that point. And, if we lived differently, we would have ways to communicate without the controllers.

      If want some inspire for a connecting song, love train by ojays is good.

  9. Lewis says:

    A prophetic article! Thanks Jon. Check out my music video “My Way or The Highway Disease” which chronicles the current attitude toward medical treatment in mainstream medicine. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TBsG3oYeU7I

    Get free eBooks containing free download links to all my songs and videos at https://turfseermusic.com.

  10. Jim S. Smith says:


    “Fractional reserve banking” has been THE consistent and most persistent danger to humanity since times ancient.

    The drug cartels benefit immensely from such a corrupt financial system, as ALL “corporations” in some way do.

    “Governments” benefit from the incredible political power that is further enhanced through such financial corruption. That, and such corrupt financial systems are very effective in BUYING more political power (“Every man has his price”) – which further enable governments’ corporate-proxies to get away with MORE horrendous crimes against humanity.

    Once you tackle and defeat fractional-reserve banking and all that it enables, you defeat globalism – AT THE ROOT!

    – JSSmith

  11. Paul says:

    “I wrote this article
    in 2010.
    It’s truer now
    than it was then:

    DECEMBER 5, 2010.
    About ten years ago,
    I decided that
    the medical cartel
    could become
    the most dangerous
    of all power groups
    on the planet.

    I have not
    changed my mind.”

    ~ Jon Rappoport

    “It’s a Massive Packaging Of
    The Elites Attempt
    To Basically Control
    All The World’s Resources
    And All The People
    In The World…

    … It’s Really That Simple.”

    ~ Michael Rectenwald
    {Google Archipelago}

    “Amendments to an existing Treaty, whereby The World Health Organization, can work on problems like pandemics.

    It’s called the International Health Regulations Treaty.

    The Biden Administration has offered Amendments that would actually transform, MUTATE beyond recognition really that Treaty, and give the power, of all things, give it to this guy Dr. Tedros, a Chinese Communist Party shill, who may a complete hashup at their direction, of the Covid-19 pandemic, THE AUTHORITY TO DICTATE, to EVERY NATION IN THE WORLD, including Ours…

    …What Is A Public Health Emergency? And What Must Be Done About It.”

    National Sovereignty? Anyone?

    ~ Frank Gaffney

    See Morning WarRoom

    …Fighters & Rallying Points…

    That’s No Vague Euphemism.

  12. Eluard says:

    This is what I felt from reading your stuff in 20 and 21. Didn’t realize you were on this theme in 2010.

    I tried to tell people, in fact, in 2020 that they are “making patients of all of us.” Just a matter of time till we’re “under their care.” (I mis-typed patents above–I’m sure that’s involved as well).

    We can’t let them win. Which means we don’t get bogged down in negativity. We just see RIGHT THROUGH them to the good, the creative and the beautiful.

  13. george says:

    In a newly released video clip, Biden disinformation czar Nina Jankowicz demands that “trustworthy verified people” like her be given the power to edit other people’s tweets…

    It is worse than Soviet Union. I do not understand how Americans become so dumb so quick. IQ must be well under 70.

  14. Opie Poik says:

    You can dream the American Dream
    But you sleep with the lights on
    And wake up with a scream
    You can hope against hope
    That nothing will change
    Grab a hold of that fistful of rain

    Grab a hold, grab a hold, grab a hold
    Grab a hold, grab a hold, grab a hold of that
    Fistful of rain

    When your grasp has exceeded your reach
    And you put all your faith
    In a figure of speech
    You’ve heard all the answers
    But the questions remain
    Grab a hold of that fistful of rain


    And when diamonds turn back into coal
    Grab a hold, children, grab a hold
    When the mountains crumble
    And you’re ready to rumble
    And roll like a runaway train

    In a heart there are windows and doors
    You can let the light in
    You can feel the wind blow
    When there’s nothing to lose
    And nothing to gain
    Grab a hold of that fistful of rain

    ~ Warren Zevon, “Fistful of Rain”

  15. Tom Bernard says:

    Why aren’t these articles quoted on the multitude of “podcasts for freedom” littering youtube? The research and clear thinking behind these posts is invaluable…

  16. Roundball Shaman says:

    “People become proud, yes, proud to be victims. They wear their diagnoses as badges of honor.”

    People today are proud to be victims of many types. ‘Being-a-Victim’ has become a Lifestyle. Something to aspire to and market yourself as. Make a living off of. Construct whole organizations around this idea. Peddle this as a Philosophy of Life.

    ‘Oh…poor…woe is ME. You OWE me. I’m a VICTIM. I’ve been WRONGED… by YOU. And if you think you haven’t harmed me in any way I’ll FIND ways that you’ve wronged me. I become the innocent one and you become the guilty. That suits my sensibilities. This gives me power over you and the National and World agenda and disempowers you in the process. I have rights… and you don’t! Do what I say and take care of me!’

    People used to aspire to be responsible adults. They used to endeavor to do great things. But no more. Now, people want to waste away the hours safely in their jammies all day while peering endlessly with a blank empty stare into the Sacred Little Box Of Dancing Pixels In Their Hand. They do not dream. They have no useful desires. They do not want to grow up. They do not want to leave anything of value for future generations. They live for… ME! They just exist… without purpose.

    The Medical profession and vast Pharma Industrial Complex is but one aspect of the idea of Victimhood. The Medical Mafia wants to turn you into a lab rat for life for fun and profit and be the Victimizer for those who seek the medical form of victimhood. For those adolescents of adult age who beg for Mommy and Daddy government and medical cartel to take care of them… pat them on the head… tuck them in at night… and tell them bedtime fables of how good and beneficial the kill shots are for you and anyone who might tell you otherwise is a disinfo agent or just a loon.

    People who seek to live the Victim Lifestyle have given up. They’ve given up on Life… on their true nature… on their real power… they’ve given up on themselves. There isn’t much anyone else can do for such a person.

    But there is something important that we can do. Never, ever become one of them.

    The opposite of Victimhood is Power. Personal power. Creative power. Energizing power. Power destroys victimhood. And personal power can destroy the dark evil plans that the Medical Mafia Industrial Complex Cartel has for us.

    Maybe the next time you see your medical professional, instead of saying ‘Yes, Doctor!’ you might need to say, ‘Sorry doc. Go suck on a bag of lemons…’

  17. Siouxma says:

    Obamacare of 2010 also resulted in tying Medicare reimbursement to Employee compliance with getting the Swine Flu Jab. This applied to Hospitals, physicians, clinics and was a huge Quid Pro Quo to BigPharma, specifically GlaxoSmithKline and Merck, as I recall. I protested it vehemently at the time, but submitted rather than be fired. I regret my compliance to this day, and look where we are now. No one in the Rockefeller Medical Mafia gives a hoot about good health, speaking from experience– just the opposite. I will no longer be a “patient” – I am free at last!

    • NC says:

      Of course they don’t care about Health…al they study is disease!. It’s not a “Healthcare” system but a system of disease maintenance…for profit…

  18. Gavin says:

    I left the western medical sickness system. I was on different toxic medication for hypertension and blood clots. Now I am completely free from their poison and having acupuncture and on Chinese herbal medication, plus detoxification medicine. I have never felt better. The so-called medical practise I went to stopped me from going in their because I hadn’t taken the toxic fake vaccine so I had to seek an alternative and that was actual health. I have never looked back.

    • NC says:

      TCM is holistic and looks to treat root cause(s). Allopathy knows nothing of root causes and is not interested. The last thing they want is a “cure”…

  19. will iam says:

    you are never a victim

    live your life with that knowledge from this moment on

  20. Amy says:

    Just go to the health forums to see the illness/medication bragging!!!

    Many people have as their signature……the list of all the medications they are on!!! Mind boggling, the blindness and need for group approval!!!

    Even after radical 💉 side effects they proclaim their trust in the “system”. Must be all the chemicals in the food +++ that has destroyed brains and thinking capacity. Poisoned bodies have poisoned minds!

    God help this planet!!

  21. BDBinc says:

    The (Freemason) founders of the Central banskters US corporation and the of democracy dogma?

    The Freemason Founders used great words( spells) and used non sequiturs to lull people into wanting a govt to rule them . To tell them to register their vote with the govt and to … vote when the govt ( corp)legally partially owned and controlled their vote.

  22. Curmudgeon says:

    I think it is necessary to separate the principles of universal health insurance from the corruption that often arises.

    The original purpose of universal health insurance – going back over a century – was to prevent medicine from becoming massively for profit, and saving the lives of those who could not afford necessary medical care. In some countries, it is not just modern (((Western))) medicine that is covered. It is the lobby groups that have corrupted the original purpose. In the US, my cousin physicians, long before “Obamacare”, pointed to the Health Maintenance Organization Act of 1974 as the beginning of the end for US health care, stating that the insurance companies had ruined the system. Complaints about non-payment for procedures deemed most appropriate by them were frequent. In their view, managed care was pre-determining care. It is no co-incidence that “health care reform” in the UK, France, Canada, Australia, and elsewhere became the rage around the time the HMO Act was passed. The lobbyists from what is now KPMG were selling the same line of bs everywhere. I worked in the healthcare system in Canada and saw the enormous bureaucracies being created with “reform” and how doctors were being frustrated at every turn with more and more policies infringing on how they were to practise.

    Doctors are like every other profession. Some are worth their weight in gold, some aren’t worth their weight in manure. The new “reformed” system rewards those not worth their weight in manure.

  23. Cris M. says:

    The article is important in that it goes to seeing past the facade, which, to see the intent of such a large group of cons, from the ones making poison to those pushing it, makes it undeniable that of course there are conspiracies, which the longer they’ve gone on as people ignored, that only hands them more power. Was thinking of words also, many words are conjured, to dumb down what is, and some so obvious, have to recognize the number of cons involved are many, an example to think of, the bogus word

    First, there is no reason for ‘ph’ when there is f. That alone should make people think. Why ‘phone’ instead of ‘fone’. Because no electronics were made for our benefit, phones have always been tapped, and easier with ‘wireless’, so they use ‘ph’ to dumb down the look of the word, same with ‘pharmaceutical’, then on that also, note ‘pharm a’ they used the sound ‘farm’ to put in people’s brain, so same time say or hear the partial ‘pharm’ people stupidly ‘intake’ as ‘farm’ as in positive.

    now look at the rest, and phonetically – or fonetically,

    ‘pharma suit a cull’.

    Beside dumbing down is a slap in the face. People need to wake up. The many cons have been at their schemes a long time. Suggest make note. I don’t comment because nothing better to do, but so others may share, off web, focus where we live. Sharing info in person, whether casual in passing or more serious, is what we used to do, before the con’s false ‘systems’.

    Appreciate the article.

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