Pray for drone wars over the southern border

by Jon Rappoport

April 22, 2022

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Yes, Virginia, Mexican drug cartels are flying drones over the US southern border.

San Diego Union Tribune: “Cartels have not given up on drones at the U.S.-Mexico border, despite the small aircraft’s inefficiency in smuggling meaningful amounts of drugs.”

“In a recent 13-month period, Border Patrol agents reported 21 drone incursions along the San Diego County boundary with Mexico, according to the agency. The unmanned aircraft were carrying drugs in at least six of the incidents — either methamphetamine or cocaine.”

Yes, but this story looks like a limited hangout. Read what Judicial Watch presents. The context and the operation are much, much larger:

“Mexican drug cartels have conducted more than 9,000 drone flights into U.S. airspace in the last year to surveil American law enforcement and security operations in the southern border region, a senior Homeland Security official told Judicial Watch this week. The drones are observing federal, state, county, and city agencies near the Mexican border, including the U.S. Border Patrol, Texas Department of Public Safety, Texas National Guard, county sheriffs and local police. The Border Patrol, which operates under Customs and Border Protection (CBP), has captured about a dozen of the drones, and accessed the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles’ (UAVs) guidance and memory systems to gain intelligence information, according to a high-level official at the agency.”

“Judicial Watch learned about the Mexican cartel drone incursions during a recent visit to the southern border and specifically while interviewing federal officials at the CBP Rio Grande Valley sector in Texas. Judicial Watch is further investigating the matter and has filed a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request with CBP, the 60,000-member agency charged with keeping terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S., for all records regarding the use of drones by criminal organizations operating along the U.S.-Mexico border for the purpose of surveilling U.S. law enforcement officials or otherwise facilitating illegal activity. The federal public-record request includes, but is not limited to, all information depicting the known or estimated number of instances of the use of such technology, as well as all reports, intelligence assessments, analyses, or similar records related to their use.”

“Federal officials on the ground tell Judicial Watch that the cartels use the UAV surveillance flights to facilitate human smuggling and drug trafficking. Specifically, they help identify gaps in border coverage and assist the cartels in overwhelming certain areas to create a diversion for moving sensitive or high value loads through alternate border locations…Brandon Judd, the president of the union representing the nation’s 20,000 Border Patrol agents, told Judicial Watch the drones are also used to smuggle small amounts of drugs into the U.S…”

However you want to slice it, this is war. This is an incursion into US airspace. This is part of the Mex cartel battle plan.

If the US responded by sending its own superior drones into the skies, to take down the cartel drones, the people of America would wake up to the extent and depth of what is happening at the southern border…and how open borders and unlimited immigration are integral pieces of the plan to drown the US in killer drugs.

Then we might see some meaningful action against illegal immigration.

Of course, untold numbers of people living at or near the border might experience chunks of destroyed drones falling into their yards or on their heads. There is that.

So the Pentagon would have to be careful about where the Mexican drones are flying when they’re destroyed.

And what about locating the centers from which the Mex drones are being launched and controlled? What about sending teams of Special Ops soldiers to knock out those centers? Because, again, this IS war.

I’m sure the US news media would cover these Special Ops attacks—waking up people to what is actually going on at the border.

Or is the Pentagon too busy installing LBQTVIUVYTFR+ rules and regs and re-education programs to think about defending America from killer drugs?

Surely, DARPA has come up with ways to disable drones’ tracking and recording and photographing systems. Why aren’t those methods being deployed?

As you can see, the Mex cartels aren’t just a bunch of stupid mules with guns humping cocaine and fentanyl. They’re smart. They’re formidable. They’re, well, a lot like the CIA in certain respects, carrying out carefully planned ops to destabilize nations. Only in this case, they’re destabilizing us.

But we’re not supposed to see that. We’re supposed to believe unlimited immigration and open borders are messianic, are utopian, are reflective of our caring and our sympathy and our good will and our essentially kind nature and our religious values.

We’re supposed to think that ANY attack against the people of America is righteous and justified, because it’s basically our fault.

We’re not supposed to wake up to the con.

We’re supposed to stand aside, while millions of people here at home are hooked on the drugs flowing up through the border, and their lives are ruined and many, many of them die.

And we’re supposed to vote for politicians who don’t have the balls to fight this war, who back down, who give in, who say it’s no use, who at best make noises about open borders but do nothing in the long run.

We’re supposed to send weapons to the Ukraine, but nothing to our own border.

While we’re already at war. HERE.


The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

19 comments on “Pray for drone wars over the southern border

  1. Paul says:

    Well, well, well…

    I reckon, The 4th Estate
    Isn’t totally dead.

    Whether, or is it weather,
    In San Diego,
    Or Dallas,
    J.R. Lives !

    Borders & Barriers,
    War On The Home Front.
    Skies & Eyes.

    Drugs & Jackasses.

    We take to the seas.

  2. Lauran says:

    We are now as corrupt as any third world countries are!….so much for being the world’s leader!……..sad!

  3. Paul says:

    “It’s a tough situation
    and it’s only getting worse.”

    “It’s just Evil,
    Pure Evil.”


    ~ WarRooms’ Ben Bergquam


    The FLOW of thousands,
    & It’s not stopping.

    [i.e. ‘our’ Administration]
    The Osmotic Pressure.”

    ~ Michael Yon, with a flowing River behind him

    {Reporting On The Massive, Unrestrained, Unchecked, Influx, of who knows who.}

    And still,
    This Administration
    Does nothing !
    To Protect
    We Citizens
    & Our Fair Nation.

  4. Opie Poik says:

    How come no one ever talks about that vast undefended NORTHERN border? All those snowbacks, skulking through the great north woods, over ice and under cover of darkness, to steal all those hockey goal-tending jobs Americans refuse to do even for star athlete long green and lithe groupies, stopping only to beat up fully-assimilated, patriotic Somali-American Minnesotans along the way. And Biden keeps busing and flying them to rinks around the country at taxpayer expense. Where’s the outrage? So emasculating. Pass me the fentanyl-laced, black market Oxycontin, please, bruh.

    Happy last Friday before WHOmageddon, people! Nothing left to do but smile, smile, smile.

  5. Courageous Lion says:

    “And we’re supposed to vote for politicians who don’t have the balls to fight this war, who back down, who give in, who say it’s no use, who at best make noises about open borders but do nothing in the long run.”

    Who are taking under the counter BRIBES and PAYOFFS from these drug cartels. So in the long run they are doing what they are being paid for.
    And if this is not what is going on, then they sure don’t have any balls.

  6. Kyle Young says:

    As one of those people living near the border who might have ‘a drone fall on my head’, I have to disagree with much of your portrayal of this issue.

    First of all, when did we start believing everything the DoD, the Border Patrol, the Pentagon and “federal officials” tell us?

    Secondly, lest we forget, the Pentagon invented drone technology and sold it all over the world. Another case of shooting ourselves in the proverbial foot.

    Thirdly, fighting a war to solve a problem has never worked. Using superior technology to defeat and inferior one just leads to an endless spiral of death and destruction.

    Fourthly, why are you touting war when there are much more effective solutions that are less harmful to those of us living along the border? Like legalizing drugs, going after the banks that launder the money for the cartels, seizing cartel assets and so on.

    Fifthly, I have to say, you sound like a typical ill informed ‘Middle America’ American who has never spent any time along the border and gets all border news from prejudiced sources.

    Keep in mind the border patrol is part of the US military industrial complex and their goal is to make money by instilling fear, the same program as big pharma. You have just played right into their preferred official narrative very nicely.

    Living 12 miles from the border at my present location for the past 24 years (two other locations near the border for another 25 years) I can tell you I’ve never had to deal with a cartel person. However, on a weekly basis I have to give up my constitutional rights to go to town for groceries or the bank because I have to drive through a BP check point, get questioned by a border patrol agent and have my vehicle searched.

    On a daily basis I have to listen to BP drones fly overhead as they “supposedly” watch the border, even though they often fly directly over my farm 12 miles from the border. I also have to deal with being stopped by border patrol agents who, for whatever reason, don’t like how I look. All of this has much more in common with Nazi Germany than it does a free and open US.

    Jon, if you ever want to see what’s really happening along the border, you’re invited to come and spend a few days here at my farm.

    “Those who would trade a little freedom for a little security deserve neither.” Benjamin Franklin

  7. Vakzine Machst Frei says:

    in few years, few sane Americans will run to Mexico.

    A bill introduced in the Rhode Island legislature would require every eligible person who resides, works, or pays taxes in the state to take a COVID-19 vaccine.

    Anyone who refuses will be fined $50 per month, AND “shall owe twice the amount of personal income taxes as would otherwise be assessed.”

    The state will DOUBLE your taxes if you don’t comply.

    This also applies to parents who refuse to inject their kids.

    Any medical exemption requires the signature of three different doctors, with each document notarized.

  8. Yvonne Blasy says:

    So, the Reconquista, prelude to the Crusades, was across the pond. Yet it’s been called that as well by some who say this is happening at our SW borders, as Mexico stakes its claims here to take back portions of the USA it has long viewed as its own. But who’d have thought it would be like this with drones and drugs? I may be way off from the target, but just a thought offered… Probably combined with a globalist thing. Who can say for sure? Everybody wants a piece of the USA pie. Or maybe the whole pie.

  9. Opie Poik says:

    “The West detests the actual Mr. Putin for systemically and doggedly having to correct the mischief that the USA set in motion there in 2014 — putting out a dumpster fire we kept feeding for eight years.

    “Mainly we hate the Russian president for doing what he said he would do, acting like a man, literally having to set boundaries for the unruly children, like Daddy used to do. America hates daddies. To America, all daddies are monsters (rapists!). That’s why America wants to turn all daddies into mommies. Anyway, we barely remember what daddies used to do. The context for daddies — the family — has been obliterated in America by every agency and institution in the land. The only role available these days is the chimerical creature known as a “baby daddy,” which is as much a baby as a daddy, developmentally speaking. Real daddies are men, which is to say: not babies. Mr. Putin acts like a man, especially having to do a dirty job that needs doing, without complaint. America can’t stand that.”

  10. Opie Poik says:

    There’s a new sheriff in town. Heeeere’s First Dad Vlad:

    Vladimir Putin takes Oleg Deripaska to task:

    This mook even tries to steal Putin’s pen.


  11. L Garou says:

    As the drug war on the competition, errrrrr I mean war on drugs continues apace..

  12. LookUp says:

    Well, they could fill my house to the ceilings with the stuff and I’D NEVER USE IT. We are the root of the problem. We keep buying the stuff all the way to our graves. They don’t have a flourishing market elsewhere, now, do they?

  13. Paul says:


    Recently, you took to lighted stage & tilted reflecting glass and cautioned Our Fine Nation, about the Nether World of conspiracy theorizing.

    You drew Steve Bannon into the fray, & aligned him to such.

    I have watched Steve, his krewe, & his thoughtful guests, for some time.

    I must say, Steve barely touches the edge of conspiracy theory.

    But I reckon, his WarRoom, could be seen, by some, as a political threat.

    Christian theology teaches that this Earth Realm, is a venue for nefarious or glorious activity.

    And Man, stands within its threshold.

    Clearly, the field of politics, can be been seen as a means for positive or negative advancement.

    I hope you read the following book, & theorize with Wisdom, on its contents.

    Trance Formation of America
    Cathy O’Brien & Mark Phillips

    [ISBN #: 0-9660165-4-8]

    And as a father, and previous serving Senator & President, of this Fine Nation, offer us Insight how with previous experience within the political realm, you would address these two Authors claims.

    As I read their words, I reckon, this tale tells of no mere theorizing.


    Cathy was treated terribly by both mother & father. As well as others, powerful.

    Cathy spoke elegantly & thoughtfully of other girls & boys, like she.

    She yearned to do more.

    I call to YOU !
    With All Your Might.
    Place The Children
    In Your Power & Sight.
    To Their Wounded Plight.
    & To Those Also Wandering
    Who Have Taken Flight,
    Caught WithIn
    The Darkened Curtain
    Of Unlit Night.

    Don’t let “the shades go down.”


    I once saw you, Dear Sir,
    Sing an old Spiritual.

    You sang with a lovely, rich voice.

    Sing again.

    This I pray.

  14. Ernest Martinson says:

    We could end the war on drugs from which people are fleeing. We could also end the war on other countries which create refugees. The ending of these wars may await the end of the empire.

  15. SpceCowboy says:

    The CIA has been financed by drug and weapons trafficking since its inception. Doug Valentine documents many of its foul deeds in The CIA As Criminal Enterprise. It’s present day antics are reflective of the Viet Nam War pacification programs. After WWll they made an incestuous deal with the French mafia to bring us the French Connection. They trafficked opium from the Golden Triangle during the Viet Nam debacle. They profited from massive involvement in South American cocaine production. They put Billy Clinton in office as quid pro quo for his facilitation of Iran Contra cocaine for weapons exchange. Am I to believe they have no involvement with the current cartels. What never gets said is this: there could not possibly be the ubiquitous relatively open drug trafficking that exists in the US without the aquiessence and involvement of government on every level .

  16. Paul says:

    The war can only end with more war

    Sacrificing Ukrainian youngbloods for the western war machine

  17. JB Mikel says:


    When one has gotten over the initial excitement of possibly making American history and doing good work for the glory of the LORD, one begins to take an analyst’s assessment, as I did in the early years of developing AmericaAgain! (later to form our action mission, Tactical Civics™). Here is that assessment:

    Washington D.C., our ‘target’ and servant/responsibility from the Founding Fathers, is the most ruthless, powerful, lawless city/state in human history;

    D.C. is thus the ‘deal capital’ of the earth, whether one deals in financial, military, nuclear, biological, or human contraband;

    D.C. skims America’s payroll accounts (using the IRS scheme) to cover its counterfeiting (and much larger derivatives) operations in the banking/finance sector;

    D.C. uses the name of the American People, collectively, in all its lawless (unconstitutional) domestic resource plunder and global ‘military’ (armed theft; extortion; mercenary to oil/gas/mining) activities, with ‘war’ as the cover;

    Many, many former CIA and NSA operatives have written books, papers, and delivered speeches on these subjects and there is no shortage of corroborating evidence;

    Criminologist Donald Cressey wrote Theft of the Nation in 1969, pointing out in great detail how the Mafia had for decades already grown into local (big cities), state, and federal government (Cressey provided names);

    W. Cleon Skousen (former chief of police and FBI agent) wrote The Naked Capitalist on this subject and was totally accurate. The criminals personally destroyed him (a key skill of the ‘intelligence’ gangs) but his more fundamental problem was that he had an irrational ‘solution’ (writing new constitutions for other countries; similar to what G. Edward Griffin did, and similarly failed) and he developed no support/action network;

    To sell books, hundreds of conservative authors and circuit speakers also perennially rail about the ‘enemy’ (criminals) without offering a solution (and thus have a vested interest in the ‘crises’ continuing);

    God’s universe may be massive and inscrutable, but it is rational, and it is in His control;

    In Scripture, God clearly explains His process of divine justice: His judgment and man’s only ‘solution’ (repent!) to restore ourselves to His grace;

    Since well before the Marx/Lincoln/Darwin generation, Christians in America opted for European ‘Enlightenment’ and gutted most pulpits, leading the People even further from God while maintaining a mask of godliness;

    The only hope we have is sincere, life-changing REPENTANCE that goes to all of life; that is not an act or a facade;

    To logistically and strategically execute on our massively ambitious objectives, and to make ourselves impervious to the criminals’ counteroffensive(s), we must be a very large network of at least tens of thousands, well-trained;

    As jihadists are deeply committed to their mission, ruthless billionaires are committed to their opulent lifestyles; their power is very real when considered only on the human scale. But!!…

    The LORD God of Creation is not to be messed with.

    Even the most superficial study of Scripture, history, and astronomy/cosmology (in that order) will convince any rational person that Point #15 is the first and last consideration in any assessment of America’s ‘problem’ (sin), and solution.

    There! What took me years of reading, summarizing, and putting ideas into logical sequence, you just received in about two minutes.

    Copyright 2022 AmericaAgain! Trust

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