The Extraterrestrial, the self-important Earth Person, and the Pig

by Jon Rappoport

December 24, 2021

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There was no ship and no landing.

The ET just coalesced as a shining stick figure in the living room of James Smyth III, the chairman of the International Association of Art Museums. It was late in the evening, and Smyth was alone.

The chairman registered no shock. The ET said, “I chose you as my initial contact, because you have connections in politics and media.”

“I might be able to sponsor a conference.”

“I want private talks.”

“Oh. Yes. Of course.”

Then this interchange occurred:

You know, Mr. Smyth, the most significant subject I could broach is Reality.

I’ve often thought about it while walking the lonely halls of an empty museum late at night—

Reality is elastic. But in order to see that, a person has to deploy his imagination. Otherwise, Reality can appear to be a block of steel.

You know, I’ve seen and talked with very famous celebrities. Some of them seem to have a glow around them. Is there a way to change my DNA so I can emit that glow?

Mr. Smyth, if Reality had a plan, it would be to stay where it is and say it can’t change. Reality is a form of propaganda. The deeper you drill into the propaganda, the more you realize the very basics—for instance, space and time—are provisional.

One of our former presidents, Bill Clinton, was very interested in UFOs. I know Bill. I might be able to arrange an event at one of the museums here in New York. The publicity would be enormous. I could introduce you; make a short speech. It would be a charity fundraiser.

Some of the most convincing and oppressive Realities, Mr. Smyth, are built on nothing. That’s what you find at the bottom of your search, if you go deep enough. When you expose this, people have a chance to wake up. The hypnotic trance they’re in tends to dissipate.

I visit my barber every week. I have a standing appointment. My tailor has made several different kinds of British suits for me. But something in my persona is lacking. Are there any tricks you could teach me? I want to convey a sense of…I want people to come to attention when I enter a room.

Humans specialize in Reality-addiction. They’re convinced that what they see and feel is all there is. The One Reality. But there are a potentially unlimited number of Realities that can be invented. The individual invents them.

I once contemplated a run for a seat in the Senate. I had financial backers. But in the end, our team decided I just didn’t have the name recognition. We had Jimmy Carter come in and talk with us. He said he didn’t think I was a good fit for politics. It would have been quite a different career path than the one I finally chose. I think my family was disappointed. Our daughter had taken a tour of the White House as a child, and she was in love with the idea of actually living there…

Some of the biggest discoveries a person makes come from imagining how Reality COULD be, contrasted against how it IS. Seeing both, side by side…then perception and thought change.

Sixty years ago, the Metropolitan Museum bought a minor Rembrandt. It never drew the crowds the Board expected. Now the most important donors want to sell it. They’ve asked for my opinion. Rather than write a report, I’m going to make a video presentation. I’m trying to decide whether to bring the film crew here to the house, or speak against the background of the River and the majestic skyline of the city.

Inventing new Realities causes radically positive changes in chemical processes of cells of the body, hormone levels, and other less-noticed energies. We saw this happen with Rodin.

On the second floor of the Metropolitan, we have a lovely Rodin. I wanted to move it down to the lobby, but I was outvoted. Basically, the Council was launching a little power play against me.

At a deep level, most humans are programmed with crude concepts of symmetry, balance, harmonization, and organization. They automatically reject anything outside those parameters as dissonance and noise. They ignore whole universes.

My good friend Melania Trump came to me with a proposal to launch a traveling exhibition of the history of Western fashion. I thought it was a bold notion. But the political atmosphere was poisonous. We just couldn’t raise interest. The New York papers went after me hammer and tongs. One reporter called me “a fascist in sheep’s clothing.” Can you believe it? We were just talking about hats. Hats and dresses. And suddenly I was Mussolini.

In Tibet, fifteen centuries ago, before the priest-class moved in with their metaphysical baggage and set up a theocracy, adepts lived up in the cold mountains and practiced exercises designed to make them see, once and for all, that universe was a product of mind. From that point on, an individual could alter space and time. He could make a forest disappear and reappear.

I hate to cut this short, but I have to take a call from Japan. We’re bringing over several Hokusai drawings next month. The minister of culture is an old friend of mine. His son and my daughter went to Princeton together. But anytime you’d like to come back—

—The extraterrestrial made a slight motion and changed Mr. Smyth into a large pig.

The pig wandered around the room sniffing the furniture.

The pig said, “I forgot to mention that one of President Biden’s advisors on foreign policy is a former member of the Museum Association. She has a summer cottage just outside Brattleboro. Perhaps I could make arrangements for you two to sit down and have a chat. Many years ago, when she came to work for us, I mentored her on fundraising and prestige. Donors want be connected to their gifts in a variety of public ways.”

The extraterrestrial dropped an ear of corn on the floor and vanished.

Several months later, after appearances on Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and the PBS News Hour, the pig announced he was running for a seat in the US Senate. His opening poll numbers were through the roof.

However, since he was on the ticket as a Republican, New York Democrat party leaders were alarmed. Kamala Harris flew up from Washington and huddled with PR pros at the Rockefeller Institute.

Two days later, Anthony Fauci retired from public life, and President Biden offered the pig the vacant position of White House chief coronavirus advisor.

Pledging to serve the nation in a time of crisis, the pig accepted. He told reporters, “I follow the science, just as my good friend Dr. Fauci did. The vaccine is remarkably safe and effective. It’s the only way out of the lockdowns and the trough of government bailouts. It’s how we get to herd immunity…”

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

18 comments on “The Extraterrestrial, the self-important Earth Person, and the Pig

  1. Opie Poik says:

    “Man is the only animal that must be encouraged to live.”
    ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

    Sentience is inescapable:

    [1971 novel] . . . The Dice Man, in which the protagonist tries to live by the roll of a dice, thereby eliminating conscious choice from his life, but of course this method of living does no such thing. First, the protagonist has chosen to try to live this way, and second, the alternatives between which the roll of the dice “chooses” at random on behalf of the protagonist are themselves chosen, there being always an infinitude of possibilities. Then, of course, he has to choose whether or not to carry out the dice’s supposed dictates. Therefore, however much we should sometimes like to escape the responsibilities of choice, we cannot—short of brain disease—do so.

  2. Paul says:

    “Some of the most convincing and oppressive Realities,
    Mr. Smyth,
    are built on nothing.”


    TV talkshows & gurus.
    The WH press corps.
    Screaming AD men.
    Leading, & rank & file, scientists & politicians,
    & their speak.

    Time to turn the page.
    Begin anew.

  3. Rick in Phoenix says:

    CDC claims to have isolated SARS Cov II virus..

    How do I respond to people who post this in other forums when I point to Jon’s proof that it has NOT been isolated?

  4. AJ says:

    Activist Post, article by Julie. Beal re: proving a virus exists. The article has no many elabrate facts, big words, and long. It states basically that because you cannot scientifically prove a virus exists it does not prove it doesn’t exist.

    The article is well written to confuse common sense. And the vaccines are beneficial too. More written documents released by FDA on Pfier’s vaccine studies exposes that Pfizer had knowledge of the numerous side effects in their vials of death. Also many died during these tests.

    And reports keep multipling daily on disabilities and deaths from these vials of death vaccines.

    Most doctors will not attribute the disabilities and deaths to being vaccinated. Even when they appear coincidentally within immediately, hours, days, weeks after vaccination. I believe Germany did 40 plus autopsies and related over half caused from vaccination. So which science do you believe????

    Bad move for Pres. Trump advising all to get vaccinated!!!!

    • CK_ says:

      My guess is Trump is being bribed/blackmailed or threatened to endorse the clot shots. Perhaps they’ve threatened to release his tax returns!

  5. Jim S Smith says:

    I would think the reverse is more like it:

    Transforming a pig, into a politician! LOL!

  6. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Reality is a form of propaganda. The deeper you drill into the propaganda, the more you realize the very basics—for instance, space and time—are provisional.

    ‘Reality’ is a shape-shifter continuously morphing into what We see it to be.

    “Some of the most convincing and oppressive Realities, Mr. Smyth, are built on nothing.”

    Actually, EVERYTHING is built on nothing. Nothing but belief, that is. It is nothing not in a sense of being valueless, but nothing in the sense that there is no substance to anything in the so-called material world. It is all just energy taking on forms as seen by We the Observers.

    “I once contemplated a run for a seat in the Senate… “Our daughter had taken a tour of the White House as a child, and she was in love with the idea of actually living there…”

    The ‘beauty’ of the White House is only skin deep. Once you’re in there you realize what a prison it is.

    “Several months later, after appearances on Face the Nation, Meet the Press, and the PBS News Hour, the pig announced he was running for a seat in the US Senate.”

    But after the announcement, the pig sat in on a session of Congress one morning. The swine could barely breathe because the smell was so bad in there. And the big egos who sat there and spent other people’s money with wild abandon didn’t even notice the stench. They got used to it after a while.

    And the pig walked out of there and thought, ‘And THEY CALL ME a pig?! Damn, The Pen looks better…’

  7. Tim_2A says:

    “If you choose not to decide,
    You still have made a choice.”

    -Rush, “Freewill”

    In case it wasn’t on your mind, happy pagan celebration day!!

    (Read your Bible, also, for the answer to your new question.)

  8. BDBinc says:

    Merry Christmas Jon (and readers).

    May human beings become more conscious (*wake up) in 2022 and may we overcome the insanity of the collective hive mind with its obsession with the thought form “covid” lost in a state of fear and ignorance.

    On a positive note in 2021 so called “conspiracy theory” became mainstream. Never before have so many known about the central banksters economic and political monopoly and the expanding media-verse unreality.

    Thanks for your good work in spreading the truth about the “virus” hoax.

  9. Helen says:

    Speaking of Reality (TM), here is Christmas 2021 Diversity Guide:

  10. TJ says:

    DJT cannot retain any following since his tour with O’Reilly followed by his gushing in appreciation of Biden complimenting him. The proof of the man’s ego/his need for constant applause exposes what he is. Funny thing is that he is such an egomaniac that he really doesn’t need the affirmation of the masses – he just wants the masses to witness the affirmation of his inflated self.

    I am so repulsed that I actually voted for the man twice. However, I must say I criticized him constantly during his “reign”, especially as 2020 erupted on us. Not much of a vindication but at that point, I figured the alternative was worse. But it wasn’t, really.

    So now I will await….will the fawning Magaturds continue to write the script of what the Chessman is doing or will they be shocked into reality?

  11. Thomas says:

    Breaking News, Boston Mayor nodded “yes” live on camera that she… will take personal responsibility for all vaccine injuries and deaths caused by her vaccine mandate.. Lol

    Jon, please write and article about this.. this is major news!!

    tiktok @freedomlovescompany #medicalfreedom #mapoli

    pregnant (police) officer speaking up on what boston vax mandate is doing to her family

  12. Opie Poik says:

    “Children Must Be Told: This Is Not Normal”

    “Recently I’ve found it necessary to tell 8-10 year-olds that the things they see around them are not normal.

    “Consider an average nine year-old: Her active memories go back only about four years. And so, the mayhem of 2020 and 2021 comprises half of her mental life. We cannot allow our children and grandchildren to accept the past two years as normal, but if we don’t make the point very clearly, they will.

    “Here are things to tell children of an appropriate age, though probably only a few at a time:”

  13. AJ says:

    Report from England by UK Health Security Agency, UKHSA, that the vaccinated are dying 4 to 1 to unvaccinated. This report contradicts how save and effective these vials of death vaccines really are.

    And more countries continue to force vaccinations and concentrations camps on their citizens. Ask why the following are openly exempt from manadaory vaccinations: white house staff, congress and their staffers, US Postal Service.

    Are state and federal judges exempt?

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