The Roman Church: a betrayal of trust

by Jon Rappoport

November 16, 2021

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I am not unfriendly to true Catholics who practice their religion with fervor and honor. But I must say this:

Down through history, NO true man of faith, who appeared as a teacher and prophet, was bent on establishing a HUGE ORGANIZATION to house his vision of God.

Such an idea would be unthinkable. A true prophet would immediately know the corruption that inevitably comes with building an empire to house his Word. Indeed, an empire that at points in its history would wield power over entire nations.

Stories of such “passings of the torch” and “keys to the Kingdom” are misinterpreted. Jesus was not urging what amounts to articles of incorporation and the founding of highly complex organizational structures.

For anyone who wants to look, the history of the Roman Church confirms how corrupt a religious empire can become. Declarations of heresy; torture; executions; pedophilia; broad censorship.

These cannot be excused as exceptions to the rule. They are intrinsic to gigantic organizations and how those organizations are run from the top.

The example I’ve been citing recently—the murder of a live infant, removed from its mother’s womb, to obtain kidney tissue for a cell line that would be employed in COVID vaccine testing (article archive here)—is a perverse illustration of the Church hierarchy blinding itself to a crime; a crime that should have made it oppose the vaccine with all its strength. But didn’t.

Instead, the Pope and his closest minions have enthusiastically and authoritatively supported secular authorities all over the world who are promoting the highly destructive vaccine and are mandating it through force.

By what stretch of fantasy is this Papal support representative of the Kingdom of God?

I believe the man known as Jesus was envisioning many small churches who would spread his messages in clear and unmistakable form. There would be no need for volumes of sophisticated canons; no need for frequent edicts; no need for ex cathedra pronouncements. Ceremonies would be few.

The emphasis would be: faith against all risks, even death. And THAT would imply standing up against secular authority seeking to eradicate freedom and impose slavery. Also known as individual CONSCIENCE.

However, in time, the burgeoning organization of the Church exerted a hypnotic effect on its congregation. That duty of conscience was pacified. Standing up became sitting down. Sitting down became bending the knee—and not just to the Christ and God, but to the Church itself. And to secular authority and force.

It is clear that Jesus was speaking about two Kingdoms. One of the Earth, and one of The Greater Life. He certainly did not come forward to bolster the power of the Earthly one. Nor was he saying the two Kingdoms were equal.

In prosaic Earthly terms, he was an explorer who had returned from distant shores. He had found a place whose essential quality offered a gateway into a revolution of the soul, an ultimate rescue from the suffering of the familiar land of every-day life.

But in order to make that journey to the new land, a voyager would have to resist the efforts of familiar leaders to hold him in check.

Was Jesus really saying that by having faith in Him alone, a human could gain a salvation that would then eliminate the need for any action in the world whatsoever?

If He were walking the Earth today, would He support the Pope’s message to take the COVID vaccine under coercion from the State, because “faith alone is enough?”

Might he recite to His followers—those who have been pacified by the Church to the point of hypnosis—the words from Revelation 3: 15-16? “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot. So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.”

Frankly, this is what I believe happened: In ancient days past, the leaders of the sagging Roman Empire looked at their unsustainable foreign conquests and internal corruptions, which were eating the Empire down to tattered cloth and bone.

Over a period of decades, a new strategy for Roman conquest was formed, beyond the budding ecumenical councils: a mega-religion poaching on the teachings of a single man, Jesus of Nazareth. Its goal of capturing the human mind could be achieved, with enough persistence, and with the right people in charge. It could wield power over nations.

Eventually, through the centuries, a merging of banking interests, organized crime, and elite families spawned that totalitarian empire—the Church—vastly superior to any ancient Roman Army.

Millions and millions of humans, seeking The Greater Life, invested their faith in this Church, and the priesthood reflected the power of that faith back at the flock and called it The Word of the Church.

“You hand us your soul, and we’ll return it to you with a bill for services.”

Yes, and also in that return, one element was removed: truly authentic CONSCIENCE. The conscience that provokes men and women to TAKE ACTION against oppressors who destroy freedom and enthrone slavery.

And make no mistake about it, that conscience is naturally present in all individuals, before they’re subverted.

Separate and apart from many good and honorable priests, and separate and apart from millions of good and honorable and devoted worshippers, THAT perversion was being installed.

So now there is a need for a vast revolution. It will not come from Church leaders. It will come from within the ranks of the billion members of the congregation. And by necessity, it will involve far-reaching decentralization:

The founding of MANY small Catholic churches, wholly independent of the central Church and its hierarchy.

For those who fear that such a breaking away would sever the connection to Jesus Himself and His Church—how could it? Why wouldn’t the breaking away strengthen that connection?

Was Jesus secretly a CEO of an IBM or a Walmart? Is that what He was looking to build? If He walked into the Vatican today, and attended the highest level secret meetings, would he really see a reflection of His teachings? Would He merely suggest a new Pope or a readjustment of certain rules, in order to re-establish His Father’s representative on Earth in honorable form?

I think He would bring thunder.

And after exiting the Vatican, I think He would preach new sermons for the ages.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

49 comments on “The Roman Church: a betrayal of trust

  1. michael Burns says:


  2. dwey says:

    Europen Unon flag is now offically displayed in Vatican.

  3. Arthur Danu says:

    He already came….and brought the thunder…and gave his sermon for the ages….

    Everyone just missed it, being hypnotized by their phones….

    Check it out….

    Happy Tyr’s Day!

  4. Bernardo Paratore says:

    Exactly. The true message of Jesus is hidden in plain sight in John 14:12 but no priest ever mentions it in a sermon. A few years ago, I asked a “pastor” to explain John 14:12 as part of a job screening interview at the church I was attending. I got an email response containing a diatribe of bs that basically turned around the enpowering message of Jesus words into a message of submission.

    John 14:12 – “Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do EVEN GREATER THINGS THAN THESE, BECAUSE I AM GOING TO THE FATHER.” (emphasis is mine).

    The message is: practice my teachings and you will achieve greater things than I have because you have the innate power to do it. You are on your own because they will kill me for pointing that out to you.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      And how many arguments I got from folks when I tried to awaken them with this very same passage!

      It is a passage of self-empowerment, and also supports the saying: “God helps those, who help themselves“.

      This also dovetails nicely with “Jesus’s” retort to a healer who asked him to heal Him: “Physician, heal Thyself!

      I truly believe the TRUE teachings have long been obscured and even totally misrepresented – to hide the reality that “Jesus” truly was a revolutionary and a rebel against the self-assumed earthly authorities. For someone acting under the conscience of the Creator God, would make little sense to preach slavery and servitude to the masses. – The idea was for the People to take action, and help one another – out of compassion, and “love Thy Brother” – rather than through forceful edicts!


      Throughout the Bible,

      There is a constant theme which is repeated throughout its many “books”: ACTION – It takes effort to become a truly Godly man, and walk in the Light of God – to DO those things which are righteous – NOT just talk about them!

      Today’s corporate “churches” are as Godless as the original Sanhedrin of the Roman Empire were!

      It was the non-church-affiliated rebels who sought changes in the system, for a better quality of life for all – NOT the system-owned, self-abasing “church”.

  5. L Garou says:

    I’m Pope Platitude (aka) ManBearPope
    and I do not approve this message.

  6. Paul says:

    Very well written,
    & I completely agree.

    ~ A non-practicing Catholic

    “It is clear
    that Jesus was speaking about two Kingdoms.
    One of the Earth,
    and one
    of The Greater Life.”

    “…he [Jesus]
    was an explorer
    who had returned
    from distant shores.

    He had found a place
    whose essential quality
    offered a gateway
    into a revolution
    of the soul,
    an ultimate rescue
    from the suffering
    of the familiar land
    of every-day life.”


    Hear Hear.

    “My kingdom
    is not of this world,
    if it were,
    My soldiers would fight”

    ~ JC

    I consider myself Catholic for one & only one reason. The power of Exorcism.

    Until one stands in the midst of THAT phenomenon, one hasn’t a clue. Talk about guts, yaozza!

    Modern psychologists can yammer on until the cows come home. Modern historical records of exorcism, both written & tape recorded transcripts, often reveal attending modern doctors (usually, at least one is present) of them leaving the conflagration ashen faced & most perplexed, as to the goings on, that they are made witness to, in sight & sound.

    The righteous, fear not, thunder, nor lightning.

    Spittle is indeed a waste product.

    Warring Angels abide.

    • Judith Pehco says:

      The Church does not do the exorcism. A deeply devoted connected man who knows Jesus Christ and gives his whole life to developing a belief so deep that Satan cannot get past him. If we all had such devotion and conviction maybe we could cleanse this church, but that will neve happen. We need to see that the church needs to be purged of all the evil working for Lucifer who occupies the soul of the Pope who violates and murders children. He is the Heretic. He worships Satan at a special altar built for him that is now hard to find on a searh of the internet, hiding their crimes. Using the money of poor souls who were forced to buy forgiveness to get into heaven when they die. So much blasphemy throughout the ages. Jesus accepted Mary Magdalene but then the present church bans those who divorce a battering marriage, excommunicating the victim from the love and support she/he so deeply needs driving them away from their daily worship and communion with Christ. I am a former Catholic and will not step into another Catholic Church, as it smells of Satan. I was a child under their Child Catholic Social Services where they stole my mothers insurance money, likely sent to Rome for a priests advancement, and I was made me live like a beggar in strangers homes who had no warmth, that was not a necessary ingredient.

  7. Marie says:

    The reformers were onto the papacy and referred to any occupant of that office as the man of sin. It was as bloodthirsty then as now. Just richer. The Roman Empire never fell. It morphed into the Holy Roman Empire. The gods became the saints. Feast days became holy days. Child sacrifice. Control. Money.

  8. Tim says:

    Basically, Jesus’s purpose was to end this thing. This dream of delusion/separatism.

    He was/is The Voice of Sanity= Spirit of Reality= Truth, The Greater part of the consciousness not bound up(believing untrue ideas) in this fantasy-world, aka; egoMatrix.

    Meaning; the man, the personality, was only an instrument through which to communicate to those that would listen and hear and remember The Real. Activating-Realizing.

    Anyone that joins with 1 or more in That Spirit is “church’.

  9. Martin Cosentino says:

    Jon, I have been reading you for many years, and your article on the Roman Church has touched a raw nerve. As an ex-Catholic, but still a witnessing Christian, and deeply versed in the Petrine legacy, it is critical that the Church continue its fragmentation into the ‘small churches’ you referred to in your article. A central principle of Jesus’ teachings is the sovereignty-before G-d- of the person.

    The divine evolution Jesus taught has been brought right to our doorstep with the revelations of quantum mechanics- Jesus being among the Prophets who fully understood this ‘science’ thousands of years ago.

    Look for the publication soon (2022) of the astonishing theory that provides the tangible evidence of a transcendent intelligence at the origin of the universe, and the confirmation of the.New Testament principles.

  10. Kyle says:

    Jon – As I’ve mentioned before in comments here, the church was FOUNDED as a hierarchical institution. It did not become corrupted over time. In other words, it was designed from the get-go to be answerable to Rome. The two councils of Nicaea, which begat the Church, were all about forming an INSTITUTIONAL religion with a central hierarchy with dictates flowing from Rome. The church’s purpose was to create a pseudo Christian institution that could dictate it’s own dogma and doctrines, ones intended to overshadow the radical, anti-centralized power, diverse, independent, Gnostic, teachings of Jesus.

    I think were in agreement that the latter are all badly needed today.

  11. J.Barlow says:

    Jesus threw out the moneylenders from the temple, I dare say he would likewise throw out the venal vaccine peddling poisoners too.

    “For I am the LORD who heals you.”

    List of vaccine induced ailments – learning disabilities, blood clots, cardiac arrests, autism, Alzheimer’s, irritable bowel disease, Crohn’s disease, colitis, food allergies, shaken baby syndrome, sudden infant death, diopathic seizure disorders, Gulf War syndrome, Gardasil adverse reactions, schizophrenia, Tourette’s syndrome, chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, expressive aphasia, impaired speech skills, attention deficit disorders, silent ischemic strokes, obesity, idiopathic thrombocytopenia purpura, Parkinson’s disease, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

  12. Arby says:

    “Indeed, an empire that at points in its history would wield power over entire nations.”

    “One of the seven angels who had the seven bowls came, and said to me: “Come, I will show you the judgment on the great prostitute who sits on many waters, with whom the kings of the earth committed sexual immorality and earth’s inhabitants were made drunk with the wine of her fornication.” – Revelation 17:1,2


    Organized religion, globally (“many waters”) and all denominations, is symbolized in the Christian Bible as a harlot called Babylon The Great. In ancient times, Babylon, east of Jerusalem, was a long-time enemy of Jehovah and his people. The actual city sat on many waters, incidentally. But that could be coincidental.

    Jon gets a lot right. Jehovah’s Kingdom (the central message of the Christian Bible, not Christmas and Easter and pagan beliefs like the trinity), however, is not (or not only) a condition of the heart or something. It’s real. It exists as long as God exists.

    The unique crime committed by the first human parents, egged on by a spirit creature who abused his free moral agency (all which indicates that there was no other intelligent, physical, life in the universe at this time), raised issues that the God of light would not lyingly cover over. Summed up as The Issue Of Universal Sovereignty (Is God’s way of love good or is there an alternative? Is Jesus’s golden rule worthy or is Satan’s black rule of ‘riches for the strongest’ an equal, or better, alternative?) and is an issue in need of settling (taking time), and a court case in need of adjudicating (needing time and evidence to be brought forth).

    God is sane. This has to happen – before the eyes of the universe, so that God can officially state that a crime has been committed and so that he can disallow a system like this one from ever again developing. We will always be free to rebel, but in the future individuals who rebel won’t have the freedom to influence the wider society. They’ll simply die in disgrace.

    God’s Kingdom is about to extend, visibly and tangibly, to the realm of earth with Jesus Christ as deputy king in God’s Kingdom, ruling jointly with God. You can also call the earthly realm of God’s Kingdom Jesus’s Kingdom, which the Bible does. And that is how this world is, for now, ‘ruled’ by Satan. It was only ever a temporary, necessary arrangement, meant to lead to grand correction.

  13. Bosco says:

    Never conflate st Michael with Lucifer.

  14. Sharon Schwirian says:

    You hit the nail squarely on the head here. Professing Christendom wouldn’t recognize Jesus Christ if He came walking down the street with a red hat on. That explains why, in the Day of Judgment, Jesus is shown as disavowing “many” who will protest their piety to Him, as they DO NOT enter into His kingdom.

  15. Agnes says:

    This is prompted by the blog at

    I think the blog at the above link is a good start in revealing that the Catholic Church and its offspring (Protestant religions) are misleading their congregations. I’m sure that most of the priests and pastors in these religious organizations are also deceived and unknowingly facilitating the deception that is leading their congregations to eternal damnation through the worship of Jesus (Satan’s impostor for Yahusha) on Sunday or Saturday (Satan’s replacement for Yahuah’s 7th day Sabbath). \

    Following are some links that give additional information to support my beliefs:
    a) Consequences for changing Yahuah’s original laws set out at


    I pray that many eyes will be opened to Yahuah’s Truth before our Savior/Messiah Yahusha returns.

  16. Another great writing, Jon. I penned an analysis of the cross and the cube that may be of interest to some of your readers. It’s here on my blog:

    Thank you for all you do. I purchased your “Power Outside the Matrix” package and find great wealth in it!

  17. Thomas Palm says:

    Jon is spot on; reform won’t come from within. As a non-Catholic, I understood that from the writting of the brilliant Jesuit, Fr.Malachi Martin, who attained the rank of “Vatican Insider”, got a good look, and departed posthaste.

    • darrell says:

      Thomas Palm,

      The brilliant Jesuit, Fr. Malachi Martin, who attained the rank of “Vatican Insider”, got a good look, and departed posthaste, was a double agent in the well-paid (and protected) service of the Judeo-Masonic powers seeking to destroy the Church from the inside. He was also a notorious womanizer. There is personal, first hand confirmation of all this and more in a crucially important series of interviews with a man who knew Martin, communicated with him, spent time with him, and ended up being threatened by him.

      For those interested in the role Fr Malachi Martin played in the undermining of the Church and overthrow of the papacy, previously unknown facts about him (since Gary Giuffre had personal dealings with him which he shares) are included in Part 1 of this interview around the 46 minute mark;
      Part 2 from about the 47 to the 52 minute mark and from about 56 to 58 min.;
      Part 3 from 1:46

      Martin turned “white as a ghost” when he unexpectedly heard Gary Giuffre explain to him how Giuffre knew about the overthrow of a legitimately elected pope at the 1958 conclave, and just a few days after that Siri was dead and Martin sent Giuffre a thinly veiled death threat.

    • michael burns says:

      Malachy and papal predictions a yarn as old as McGinty, never mind his goat.

      Ach, but didn’t Martin along with some four other brothers become priests and that’s a real Irish cliche narrative.

      The Irish take that as a sign of familial insanity.
      Some have priests and nuns in same family, the pious and self-righteous.

      The celtic church was the last church to give up Latin…Romans through and through.

      Jesuits: they are initially counter-reformation; spies,torturers, murderers–always clandestine and at any means that are deemed necessary.

      “If they won’t convert, burn them and let God figure it out…”

      Jesuits are the CIA/KGB/MOUSSAD….MF’ers on the highest order of spookdom, they, have been at since Loyola, Francis and Faber.

      That’s close to 500 years — in fact they invented the idea of a good Shephard, the CIA’s blueprint is what I’ve described.

  18. Lauran says:

    Beautifully done, Jon………..I have sent this around to a few ex-Catholics, like myself. Jesus never meant his teachings to be part of a corporation full of greed and wrongdoing.

  19. Ort says:

    Jon, you’re in full Prophet Mode lately.

    Please don’t vanish in a whirlwind just yet, though. You’re still needed in this vale of tears!

  20. ReluctantWarrior says:

    The Roman church betrayed humanity by making ‘original sin’ the centerpiece of its religious beliefs. Guilt became a tool with which they controlled the faithful. They spent many years trying to eradicate pagan beliefs in a Goddess because it did not fit the ideal of a mail dominated patriarchy. They worked hard to destroy Celtic civilization that believed in the sacred nature of all life forms. To be born into this world was the only holy grace one needed to fulfill one’s human destiny. The church sought to become the sole mediator of God’s will on earth. The Celts knew that this was not true and that the light of the divine shined through all of creation.

  21. theRocksBelow says:

    Wow. Thank you for that. I’ve been thinking the same thing. If Jesus were to walk into a church service today, and no one knew it was him, and if he started talking….he’d get kicked out! Loving it! Thank you! He was a REVOLUTIONARY- not some weakling suffering from idiot compassion.

    • Judith Pecho says:

      Weakling suffering from idiot compassion. Never heard that term. Are there really such real persons or only those who are in costume, like pedos. Cannot understand evil and been trying to grasp ow people become evil. Does that mean some who are compassionate are weakling idiots?

  22. David HILL says:

    The holy truth Jon if I can say it that way and the way that the masses are constantly misled…just like governments do and all powerful entities as we know. For control is the most powerful word in the world.

    “CONTROL – The Most Powerful Word in the World and What Corporate Leaders and the Political Elite Crave For to the Extent of Being Psychopathic in ‘Their’ Thinking and Actions Against the People –

    But where even the Church fell into the trap of hypocrisy and power by becoming a partner as we know over last two thousand years after Christ and where vast generated wealth over time is the ultimate corrupting influence of all.

  23. Donella says:

    Jesus was such a fearless dissident. True, he may not have been the CEO of IBM, but he was the Boss’s son and a lot of people resented that. But the good news is not only did he say he was the Boss’s son, he said everyone was (is) and we could do even greater things than he. So wouldn’t it follow that as creators we, too, can bring thunder…and escape this godforsaken matrix?

  24. conspiration theory no. 456 says:

    In Atlantis they tried to create the perfect communist society, also known as borg. They were stopped in time with the price paid by whole humanity. great flood. Some escaped. Their path can be traced to Egypt, Rome. Paris, Amsterdam, London, Washington..

    Until now there were only a few of them. The borg part was reused when one died. Now they can make as many as they want.

  25. Ivan says:

    Dear Jon,

    I can fully understand your disappointment and provocation.

    You are right with the conscience.

    But I must say that your writing on this topic has major logical fallacies, as it seems to me.

    You have a certain metaphysics of Unity and if you want Singularity. 🙂 No concentration point possible, need, even distructive.

    This might be right, totally wrong or a construct.

    This refers to your first reflexion concerning the kat-holicism of the (Catholic) Church. (It is, by the way the program of the same Pope you are questioning, on the current topic, I question too.)

    Too much truth in the corruption history of the Church..

    I only say: “Behind me, Satan.” and “You are Petrus, and you will..”

    Its a great temptation and fall and I hope, he better wakes up….

    For his own sake.

    Mind that the church is the community of the communication/communion of the body of Christ.

    Just as a note.. And because of this body, blood and flesh, they better wake up! Yesterday!


  26. Greg C. says:


    “And call no man your father on earth, for you have one Father, who is in heaven. Neither be called instructors, for you have one instructor, the Christ.”

  27. Roundball Shaman says:

    “I am not unfriendly to true Catholics who practice their religion with fervor and honor.”

    There is a great tragedy for billions of honest, faithful people who have the need and desire to express real faith in a higher intelligence and power. Famous theologians have noted that we humans all have a ‘God’-hole (in our spirits) to fill. And we need to find something to fill that big gap.

    But the sadness comes when we realize that billions of people have chosen to put their faith in people and institutions that are no longer the dwelling places of The Almighty
    (if they ever were). Or they choose other false gods and beliefs.

    These institutions have become spiritually empty and morally silent and bankrupt and they have failed the faithful People in deserving of the sacred trust that the People put into them.

    People want to believe that ‘their’ church and faith is sound and righteous. But wanting does not make it happen. The institutional church and those who claim to be spiritual leaders in that church must earn that faith from the people.

    Jesus said that we will know a tree by its fruits. Well, look at some of those fruits today and it won’t take long to see how rotten and spoiled they are. Or, the tree is fully barren.

    The Church has been co-opted as the major social tool for controlling people, both in a spiritual and political sense. It is the most effective and powerful tool from before and then following the current Covid Delusion.

    But the Church cannot reform itself because forces within the Church will not allow it. Real change and reformation is impossible because the organization is self-satisfied in its state of decay and does not and will not allow the light of regeneration to be lit.

    So what are People to do? Go to Church if that floats your boat. But be honest about what you are doing and why you are doing it. Don’t believe the Church is something that it isn’t. For if you persist in not seeing the empty void of the Church where true dynamic spiritual power should dwell, you are simply worshiping something other than the One True God.

  28. John says:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci said the way his Jesuit education stressed intellectual rigor and the importance of service to others helped prepare him for his work.

  29. peter daley says:

    I like your writings.
    Regards today’s you might like to read what Jesus had to say in “The TWELVE BLESSSINGS”.

    • michael burns says:

      Malachy and papal predictions a yarn as old as McGinty, never mind his goat.

      Ach, but didn’t Martin along with some four other brothers become priests and that’s a real Irish cliche narrative.

      The Irish take that as a sign of familial insanity.
      Some have priests and nuns in same family, the pious and self-righteous.

      The celtic church was the last church to give up Latin…Romans through and through.

      Jesuits: they are initially counter-reformation; spies,torturers, murderers–always clandestine and at any means that are deemed necessary.

      “If they won’t convert, burn them and let God figure it out…”

      Jesuits are the CIA/KGB/MOUSSAD….MF’ers on the highest order of spookdom, they, have been at since Loyola, Francis and Faber.

      That’s close to 500 years — in fact they invented the idea of a good Shephard, the CIA’s blueprint is what I’ve described.

  30. Waynemackenzie says:

    Pope Francis is a globalist. I am a practicing Catholic but his globalist views resemble nothing to do with the true teachings of the church

  31. Faith says:

    Please actually study the history of the Catholic Church and stop believing all the of the lies that you have been fed from the enemies of Jesus Christ and his Church. Research Vatican 2 and what happened to the papacy and the Catholic Church in the 1960s. Look up the BBS production about what REALLY happened at the Spanish Inquisition. Yes, Francis is an evil, evil man. He is neither a Catholic, nor a pope.

    Jesus Christ did not come to establish 15,000 separate churches that have a million different opinions. He came to establish one church, one unified body. There is only one Truth. How can all of the different Christian churches be the right Christian church (the one that gets you to heaven) if they can’t even agree on anything. When people such as Martin Luther, Calvin, and Henry VIII broke away from the Church, they began the unending violence and division between Christians.

    Just as you all have found out the truth on many different issues, when the mainstream narrative tells you the opposite. So it is with the Catholic Church. Your opinions are built on lies spread by the enemies of Jesus. Do your research.

    Why do satanists have “Black Masses” instead of “Black Protestant Revivals?” Because we have the true body and blood of Jesus Christ in the sacrament of the eucharist, and Satan wants to be worshipped the way Jesus is worshipped. So he tries to immitate the True Church.

    • darrell says:


      It’s refreshing to see at least one other person here who believes in the divinity of Christ and in the Catholic Church He founded as the “Ark of Salvation.” Lies about the Church are in the very air we breathe. It’s been that way for centuries, but now worse than ever. We know it’s our venerable “elder brothers” who control publishing, media, almost everything, and Protestantism is to a great extent Judaized Christianity.

      But it is understandable that so many are greatly scandalized, since what people have seen as “the Church” for close to 60 years has been a counterfeit version of the traditional Church, a great scandal indeed, since the Church underwent a revolution that mirrored the revolution in the culture at large, both revolutions orchestrated by the usual unmentionable suspects. This was also after many years of communist-Masonic-homosexual infiltration into seminaries to help destroy the Church from within. Bella Dodd recounts her role in this operation in “School of Darkness,” also on youtube. See my other comments for more info. There’s a deep rabbit hole one must enter to get to the bottom of what happened to the Church after the 1958 papal conclave, another good source on that being “The Siri Project” channel:

      The 1994 BBC (not “BBS”) show you mention, “The Myth of the Spanish Inquisition” is linked in this good article on the subject:

  32. Ron Chapman says:

    G’day Jon,

    Luv ya work.

    Thank you for your service.

    My take on how the Pharisees did it is at: ‘Judaism and Christianity – Two Thousand Years of Lies – 60 Years of State Terrorism’—Two-Thousand-Years-of-Lies—60-Years-of-State-Terrorism.shtml

    Peace and Blessings,


  33. Bryan says:

    Jesus Christ would have nothing to do with the Roman Catholic Church. It has never been a Christian organization. Only an evil imposter run by the great deceiver himself.

    • Arby says:

      And that’s what Jesus himself prophesied. He referred to many self-identified Christians to come and called them “workers of lawlessness” and said “I do not know you!” (Matthew 7:21-23)

  34. darrell says:

    The often lauded “message associated with Jesus” was taught by His apostles, including St Paul, with the authority and inerrancy given to them by the Holy Spirit (the 3rd Person of the Blessed Trinity), first received by them 10 days after Jesus ascended into heaven, as described in Acts 2. They and their successors were never promised to be exempt from sin but exempt from teaching doctrinal or moral error when teaching together in union with the successor of St Peter, the first pope. Some, like the infamous Borgias, were immoral, but still they only taught and handed on what they had received.

    Re- some lies: The Crusades were a good and noble endeavor, as was the Inquisition a good and noble institution, about which many lies are told, as are many lies told about Catholic history in general. Such is to be expected by those who reject and even hate Christ or else have come to believe that the “Bible alone” and “faith alone” is sufficient.

    The papacy was taken over at the 1958 conclave, thus beginning the Rothschild & Co. owned popes of the modern era, or more precisely, “antipopes,” as documents. The traditional Catholic Church exists today independent of apostate Rome. A good example of fidelity to authentic, traditional Catholic teaching is Bishop Donald Sanborn (on youtube). the Vatican was colonized over many years, especially by means of “foot soldiers” in the cause of destroying the Church entering seminaries, and in great numbers after Stalin in the early 1920s ordered all the communist parties around the world to recruit young men to do so. Bella Dodd, involved in the recruiting in the US, gives a good account of the very successful operation in her book, School of Darkness, which is described also in a video on youtube and elsewhere.

    “Catholic” means “universal,” but it involves a “globalist agenda” only in a supernatural sense. The Apostles Creed includes the words, “I believe in one, holy, catholic, and apostolic church.”


  35. Rick says:

    No man was bent on creating a hierarchical church structure. It is still possible that this was God’s plan. Again, there are two standards on the battlefield of life. You either choose one or accept the default.

  36. Alan Kwan says:

    > Was Jesus really saying that by having faith in Him alone, a human could gain a salvation that would then eliminate the need for any action in the world whatsoever?

    Of course Jesus never said that. Those were mainly the words of Paul and Co., and taken out of context and its meaning twisted by the ”church”.

    Jesus said he is the way, because *in that context*, the alternative was organized Judaism, which had values quite different from Jesus’s teachings. Paul & Co also, had to emphasize ”faith” in Jesus, because *in that context*, the alternative was rejection of Jesus (seeing him as a heretic!) and persecution of his followers – which was evidently an evil act.

  37. Lisa Franklin says:

    ‘Let everyone be subject to governing authorities for all authorities are established by God’ blah blah blah etc. etc. That’s a quote from, guess where, oh ROMANS 13. Utter BS.

    IN 325 AD the bloodthirsty Roman Emperor Constantine held bishops under duress until they came up with a new religion to control the masses — had to get Romans 13 in there, essential reading for the people along with the Nicean creed to tell you what YOU MUST believe.

  38. Sean says:

    I bet he is enjoying heaven. And leaving it up to us to figure out that we are allowing ourselves to be played. Because we are chickens***.

  39. vakzine macht frei says:

    Why all “health” officials that promote covid injection look dead?

  40. T.V. Weber says:

    I believe the Church, which Jesus Christ has established, and you are trying to describe is what is known as the Holy Orthodox Church. It has taught the exact same faith as the Apostles for about 2,000 years now.

    What’s confusing to most folks in the west is that a very low percentage of the population here are practicing Orthodox Christians. So, many people don’t even realize that there is an Orthodox Church.

    This is problem is exacerbated by the indisputable fact that ALL ROMAN CATHOLIC apologists are pathological liars. The faith taught in the Orthodox Church is as far as the East is from the West what the Roman Catholic Church teaches. Yet, EVERY ROMAN CATHOLIC apologist (stared with the nun who taught my first grade class) insists that the two faiths are more of less the same.

    Of course, I am offering a whole-hearted apology to any actual apologist for Roman Catholicism who has the brain power to know the difference between the two faiths and the integrity to admit the vast irreconcilable differences. I am hoping to meet one of them some day. But I won’t be holding my breath.

    (BTW, I’m very familiar with all the RCC excuses, such as the so-called “Eastern Rite catholics.” If there are under Roman they teach an extremely different faith by that very fact alone).

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