Open letter to Tucker Carlson: the real opioid story

China, Mexico, pharmaceutical companies, Obama, Congress, the DEA…

by Jon Rappoport

November 15, 2021

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You recently had emergency back surgery, and when the other pain killers didn’t work, the doctors gave you fentanyl, an opioid. You said the drug did erase the pain, but it also produced fear and anxiety—which you haven’t felt in 20 years—and temporarily took away any concern about maintaining simple order in your personal life.

So I thought I’d forward you the real facts about the Opioid Wars.




Wuhan is the city where the killer opioid fentanyl is shipped out to dealers all over the world.

The press manages to hide the city’s global role in destroying millions of people with opioids…by claiming the ONLY thing you have to know about Wuhan is “the virus broke out there.”, May 12, 2020: ”Over the past decade, Wuhan has emerged as the global headquarters for fentanyl production. The city’s chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturers hide production of the drug within their larger, licit manufacturing operations, then ship it abroad using deliberately mislabeled packaging, concealment techniques, and a complex network of forwarding addresses. According to a recent ABC News report, ‘huge amounts of these mail-order [fentanyl] components can be traced to a single, state-subsidized company in Wuhan’.”

The Atlantic, August 18, 2019, “The Brazen Way a Chinese Company Pumped Fentanyl Ingredients Into the US,” by Ben Westhoff: “According to Bryce Pardo, a fentanyl expert at the Rand Corporation, the two most commonly used fentanyl precursors—think of them as ingredients—are chemicals called NPP and 4-ANPP. When I first started researching them, in early 2017, advertisements for the chemicals were all over the internet, from a wide variety of different companies. Later, I determined that the majority of those companies were under the Yuancheng [company] umbrella.”

“Posing as a buyer, I answered an online advertisement for fentanyl precursors and was put in touch with a Yuancheng salesman who called himself Sean. We arranged to meet at the company’s main office in Wuhan, in the Wuchang district, near a busy subway station in a blue-collar neighborhood…”

FOX Business, March 31, 2017. Headline: “DEA: Made in China Lethal Opioid Fueling US Drug Epidemic.”

“A homemade designer version of fentanyl, the highly addictive opioid which is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent, has been the center of drug busts across the country this month—with law enforcement pinpointing its origin from underground labs in China. The DEA says the China-U.S. supply is further fueling the country’s drug epidemic.”

“’This [Chinese] stuff is unbelievably potent. It is so powerful that even a tiny amount can kill you,’ DEA spokesman Rusty Payne tells FOX Business. ‘China is by far the most significant manufacturer of illicit designer synthetic drugs. There is so much manufacturing of new drugs, [it’s] amazing what is coming out of China. Hundreds of [versions], including synthetic fentanyl and fentanyl-based compounds’.”

“China only made the drug [fentanyl] illegal in 2015, and at that point black market Chinese labs began increasing production of their own versions, including the one turning up recently across the country [the US] called furanyl fentanyl.”

“’While heroin gets harder to buy on the street or from a dealer, fentanyl comes via FedEx,’ Brad Lamm, CEO of, tells FOX Business.”

“Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced this week details on a mail-order furanyl fentanyl smuggling ring bust. The operation had been bringing the drug — which has been dubbed ‘White China’ — into the U.S from Asia. NYPD Chief of Detective Bob Boyce said that this was the first time investigators have seen this type of fentanyl in New York City.”

“Also this week, Cincinnati Customs and Border Protection agents said they seized 83 shipments of illegal synthetic drugs, including 36 pounds of furanyl fentanyl, from China.”

The Boston Globe [2017]: “An extremely powerful drug used as an elephant tranquilizer has quickly become a new killer in the nation’s opioid epidemic, and New England authorities and health workers are bracing for its arrival.”

“The drug, carfentanil, is a synthetic opioid that is 10,000 times stronger than morphine and 100 times more potent than fentanyl, another deadly synthetic opioid.”

“The Drug Enforcement Administration has issued a nationwide alert about the drug, which its acting chief called ‘crazy dangerous.’ In Massachusetts, State Police have warned their crime lab staff about how to handle carfentanil during analysis. Even inhaling the drug or absorbing it through a cut can be fatal.”

“Law enforcement and health officials believe most users do not know they are ingesting carfentanil, which apparently is often mistakenly thought to be heroin or a mixture of heroin and fentanyl, a weaker but still lethal synthetic opioid.”

“If carfentanil’s trade route is similar to that of fentanyl, the path stretches from Chinese manufacturers to Mexican processors to smugglers who supply dealers in the United States, law enforcement officials said.”

“’There’s no quality control, so when it gets here the distributors don’t know what they have and the user has no idea,’ said Timothy Desmond, a special agent with the New England division of the DEA. ‘That’s where it’s a game of Russian roulette’.”

“Law enforcement officials also are concerned that carfentanil will harm first responders. The DEA has warned police not to conduct field tests on seized drugs that might contain carfentanil. Instead, the agency urged officers to secure their samples and deliver them only to colleagues with training and equipment to handle the drug.”


Meanwhile, there are several major pharmaceutical companies who’ve faced heavy exposure for their roles in the opioid criminal trafficking business. For example, Purdue, and Johnson & Johnson. A third one is (Mossad-connected) Teva.

Why can’t federal law enforcement stop all the US pharmaceutical companies who have been trafficking opioids?

Is there some secret we don’t know about? In fact, the answers are right out in the open. I had them confirmed over a year ago, from a source inside federal law-enforcement. But talk about “open—” the Washington Post laid out the sordid story in detail. AND AS USUAL, THERE WAS NO FOLLOW-UP. That’s how major media work. They have a piece of very ugly truth. They expose it. But then it mysteriously dies and is forgotten. In this case (opioid trafficking), a real follow-up would have led the public down into a Hell of evil influence, exerted by Pharma, on the US Congress. Buckle up.


That law is the Ensuring Patient Access and Effective Drug Enforcement Act of 2016, passed by Congress and signed by President Obama on 4/9/16.

And that is the federal government’s role in perpetuating and expanding the opioid crisis.

Honest agents inside the complacent DEA want to have the right to march into a pharmaceutical company headquarters and say, “We know you’re shipping millions of opioid pills to little pharmacies and clinics that, in turn, are selling the pills to street dealers. We’re going to freeze those shipments now, and we’re going to arrest your key executives.”

But that 2016 law raises the bar so high, the whole law-enforcement effort is hamstrung, throttled, and loaded down with legal complications.

In essence, the US Congress gave drug companies a free pass.

And no one in the Congress is admitting it or talking about it.

The Washington Post, on October 15, 2017, talked about it. The article was headlined, “The Drug Industry’s Triumph Over the DEA”: “In April 2016, at the height of the deadliest drug epidemic in U.S. history, Congress effectively stripped the Drug Enforcement Administration of its most potent weapon against large drug companies suspected of spilling prescription [opioid] narcotics onto the nation’s streets.”

“A handful of members of Congress, allied with the nation’s major drug distributors, prevailed upon the DEA and the Justice Department to agree to a more industry-friendly law, undermining efforts to stanch the flow of pain pills, according to an investigation by The Washington Post and ‘60 Minutes’…”

“The law [which was passed with an overwhelming YES count by both house of Congress] was the crowning achievement of a multifaceted campaign by the drug industry to weaken aggressive DEA enforcement efforts against drug distribution [pharma] companies that were supplying corrupt doctors and pharmacists who peddled [opioid] narcotics to the black market. The [drug] industry worked behind the scenes with lobbyists and key members of Congress [to pass the 2016 law], pouring more than a million dollars into their election campaigns.”

“The new [2016] law makes it virtually impossible for the DEA to freeze suspicious narcotic shipments from the companies, according to internal agency and Justice Department documents and an independent assessment by the DEA’s chief administrative law judge in a soon-to-be-published law review article. That powerful tool [freezing opioid shipments] had [previously] allowed the agency to immediately prevent drugs from reaching the street.”

The Washington Post article mentioned there was an attempt to reach Obama (who had signed the law) and obtain his comments. The effort failed. Obama kept his mouth shut.


The fact that no one is stepping up to the plate with a fast repeal is proof that multiple parts of the federal government are, in fact, tacitly supporting the opioid crisis and its devastating impacts on human life.

Failure to act swiftly amounts to collusion in Death by Opioids.

President Obama, the Congress, and key officials within the Justice Department and the DEA are all guilty.

If you speak to people who have a naïve and lasting faith in the good will of political leaders, they will probably tell you that the heinous 2016 law I detailed above was “an unfortunate mistake.” The members of Congress “didn’t know what they were voting for.” And somehow, that lets everyone off the hook. Really? Congress has known what they voted for (if indeed they were all ignorant back in 2016) for the past five years. SO WHY HAVEN’T THEY REPEALED THE LAW? Why haven’t they remedied their “error?” Why have they let untold numbers of people die for years while staying silent? Why hasn’t the whole Congress risen up to squash the “mistake?” They could do it in an hour. Obviously, they don’t want to admit their prior guilt. They don’t want an investigation which, if done with even a vague imitation of honesty, would expose some of their members as WILLING AND KNOWING COLLABORATORS IN DEATH. They don’t want to admit that the pharma campaign money they take is sufficient inducement to fake a blindness to the death they’re assigning to their own constituents and people all over America.

On the condition of anonymity, an insider with intimate knowledge of the opioid crime network spoke with me. He is not a participant or a criminal. He has spent years exposing the network.

My initial question was: how could a corrupt little pharmacy or medical clinic in a small town, in the middle of nowhere, sell, as reported, a MILLION opioid pills a year?

Here is the answer my source confirmed: a criminal doctor or doctors are writing 75-100 opioid prescriptions a day like clockwork; “patients” are flooding in from all over the country (many of them flying in once a month); they are sold the opioid prescriptions, and either fill them right there in the clinic, or take them to a friendly pharmacy.

These patients are actually dealers. They return home and sell the pills to addicts.

Where do the small clinics and pharmacies obtain the huge number of opioid pills? From distributors. These are legitimate companies. They may distribute all sorts of medicines. It’s their business. They know they are committing egregious crimes.

Where do these big distributors obtain their opioid pills? From pharmaceutical companies who manufacture them.

The manufacturers and the distributors have an ongoing relationship. They know exactly what they’re doing. They know the bulk of the product is going into “street sales.”

The distributors and the manufacturers are drug traffickers.

There is no doubt about this. No one is “making a mistake.” No one is in the dark. No one is being fooled.

When the DEA tries to clamp down on opioid manufacturers, this is not a sudden action, as some manufacturers try to claim. The DEA has already made several prior visits and has tried to convince the manufacturers to stop what they’re doing—to no avail.

I suggested to my source that the opioid distributors and their suppliers, the pharma manufacturers, have a “nudge and a wink” relationship. He quickly told me it was far more than that. He left no doubt in my mind that these relationships are undertaken and maintained with full knowledge about the trafficking enterprise these partners are engaged in.

He pointed out that the 2016 law referenced above, passed by Congress, radically changed the conditions under which the DEA could immediately freeze huge and obviously criminal shipments of opioids. It’s not a slam-dunk anymore.

Before imposing a freeze, instead of simply showing that the (criminal) shipment poses an IMMINENT threat of death or grave harm to users, the DEA now has to demonstrate there is an IMMEDIATE threat.

This word game means the DEA must establish that people could die, not next week or next month (imminent), but “right now” (immediate). If this seems logically absurd and intentionally perverse, it is. Obviously, “immediate” is designed to give rise to back and forth debate, legalistic challenges, long postponements—and ultimately a straitjacket preventing decisive actions against opioid distributors and manufacturers.

The Washington Post reached out to Obama, who signed the 2016 law, and his then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the highest law-enforcement officer in the nation. The DEA is organized under the Attorney General and the Dept. of Justice.

Both Obama and Lynch “declined” to discuss the law. Naturally.

Who played a central role in crafting the law and pushing it through Congress?

The Post: “Deeply involved in the effort to help the [drug] industry was the DEA’s former associate chief counsel, D. Linden Barber. While at the DEA, he helped design and carry out the early stages of the agency’s tough enforcement campaign, which targeted drug companies that were failing to report suspicious orders of narcotics.”


Barber worked against the drug industry while employed by the DEA, and then he left the Agency and turned around and attacked it.

The Post: “When Barber went to work for the drug industry [he now works for Cardinal Health], in 2011, he brought an intimate knowledge of the DEA’s strategy and how it could be attacked to protect the [drug] companies. He was one of dozens of DEA officials recruited by the drug industry during the past decade.”

“Barber played a key role in crafting an early version of the legislation [the 2016 law] that would eventually curtail the DEA’s power, according to an internal email written by a Justice Department official to a colleague. ‘He [Barber] wrote the…bill,” the official wrote in 2014.”

The opioid crime network extends to Congress, former (if not present) DEA employees, medical-drug distribution companies, and pharmaceutical manufacturers.

It then includes medical clinics and pharmacies and prescription-writing doctors.

The murderous network is addicting, maiming, and killing Americans in huge numbers.

—This is war against life. Launched from China and Mexico; launched from major pharmaceutical companies and their distributors.

And of course, given the policy of open borders, the US government has been inviting the enemy to float right into America with so much tonnage of fentanyl that, despite drug seizures, no one can stop the flow.



The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

46 comments on “Open letter to Tucker Carlson: the real opioid story

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Sometimes when the world all around me gets mean and difficult to understand everything turns to poetry:

    The Grapes of our Wrath

    I thank our MOTHER and our FATHER
    Whose mystical union dreamed up this
    Starry vineyard of the brokenhearted,
    Where the grapes of our wrath
    Turn sweet the vintage soul wine
    Fermented by tempest of star fire,
    Forming the mystery
    Of a living universe,
    Spinning the galaxies
    From the yarns of eternal love,
    Splashing the radiant nebulae
    Across the ancient eons
    Giving us the gift of life,
    As the twinkling stars
    Coyly regale us
    With their tall tales of yesterday,
    Hinting at a triumphant destiny
    Telling of a hero’s odyssey
    Through the mortal maelstrom,
    Hark! I hear thy voices
    In the rushing rivers and streams
    That carry the mystical forest dew
    To the white caps of the stormy sea,
    Thy sacred race of trees
    Speak to us as stout sages
    In a magical language of the forest,
    Playing the sweet song of life
    To those steel steeples of doom
    That brush the skies of our ignorance,
    I thank our woody friends
    For sharing the wisdom of the lost ages
    That tells of a great mystery
    Ever beckoning us
    Beyond the bloody pages of history,
    As ardent hearts
    Beat to the rhythm of the fates
    While the angels brood
    Over a love that always turns blue,
    As Mephistopheles makes his
    Gleeful bargains with mankind,
    Conducting his grim business
    Collecting those blood wages,
    Darkening the hearts of mankind
    Lured by the sirens of selfie love,
    As the poetry of the moment
    Slips away in the shadows of eternity
    Eluding all but the most vigilant hearts
    That hunger for the golden thread between
    Beautiful endings and new beginnings,
    Where the indifferent hands of time
    Measure the sentence of our bittersweet suffering
    With sad pastel reflections
    And through the agony of love’s mortal refrain,
    I will play my given part
    As the wick of life burns down
    Carrying Mankind’s suffering in my heart,
    Gathering all the gifts along the way
    And remake this world anew
    With each day’s glorious start,
    Singing my ode to lonely joy
    Above the Ridges Blue.

    • Blair Davey says:

      Wow – speaks to the soul. Author?

    • John Crowther says:

      Beautiful once again makes my soul want to rise like the phoenix from the ashes your words lift me beyond all this insanity

    • Larry C says:

      RW, if I wasn’t reading your poetry in a public setting, I would burst in to tears…

      “Thy sacred race of trees…” really got through to me for some reason.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        I want to thank you all for your kind words. I think that the greatest gift for a poet lies in being able to touch the hearts and souls of other people. That is the highest and best reward! All the accolades and recognition in the world could not equal that. Yes, of course, the creative process is a joy in and of itself,yet, if one can’t touch other persons with a poem, it is a bit like the beautiful flower that blooms deep in the woods that no one ever sees or appreciates.

    • alison Cline says:

      Reluctant Warrior. You have written some amazing poetry and posted on this website. I would love to have a book full of your words that speak to the human heart and soul. Have you published such a book?

  2. Laura says:

    Years ago I worked at a “legitimate” pain clinic at a large healthcare system in the midwest. The head of the department was obviously writing hundreds of prescriptions to help supply dealers. Hospital administration knew about this doctor’s behavior for years and did nothing. I contacted the medical board and they advised that I needed to make a report anonymously because the hospital would retaliate against me because the hospital system is also profiting handsomely from “dealer” doctors. The medical board gave him a slap on the wrist only to find out he set up shop a few weeks later in a neighboring state. He had previously come from a practice in Chicago where he was doing the same thing – the medical board finally shut him down. Medical boards are not much help, either. It is like what the church does with predatory priests – they feign outrage then pass the priest on to another city or country. The irony is this doctor also taught pain management at the med school.

  3. Paul says:


    Dare I say, that many of The People, who avidly watch your daily show, love you.

    This love, is a sympatico-love shared for Our Nation, Its Formative & Sustaining Values & Mores, of which you inculcate within your commentary & encourage us, each & every day.

    Therefore… with Jon Rappoport’s insightful, thoughtful, & thoroughly researched article, he is freely offering you deep insight into this opioid dilemma affecting The USA.

    You are CLEARLY a family man & concerned father, that is all too apparent. I suspect you raised/teached your own children to bypass illicit drugs, but now, with this reported armamentarium, you can discuss such an important matter on your In-depth Show, for other children & parents, not so fortunate.

    I pray you contact Jon Rappoport. I suspect he would be most generous toward you with this vital information.

    There are not many reporters of his caliber. You possess a sharpened caliber too.

    Help stop the flow. You are a good man of Faith. Use your Media Power.

    I am a man of Prayer & will pray for your speedy & FULL recovery.

    God Bless You & Yours.

  4. Kyle says:

    While there is plenty of guilt to be shared by those involved in the opioid crises, let’s not forget that big pharma and all of its satellite agencies are currently killing and maiming far more people with the covid jabs than with opioids. One can recover from opioid addiction – one cannot recover from permanent damage due to mRNA manipulation and spike protein intervention.

    The crooks and their crimes are laid out here –

  5. John Thomas says:

    There does seem to be a whiff of Malthus in the air. Depopulation is going on apace. Opioids are clearly part of the eugenicist cabal armoury fitting in nicely with ‘experimental’ vaccines, ubiquitous war (including war on cash), ill-health promotions and anything else horrible that’s going on. Plenty of money to be made at the same time! I expect that at the end of the Human Rat Race, the ‘victorious’ billionaire/trillionaire class will be settling down at the Grand Auction of the Earth to carve it all up including who gets any survivors ripe for permanent enslavement. Then it’ll be off to the bunkers to ride out the catastrophe shitstorms.

    On the other hand we might all wake up from this nightmare scenario to take direct action where needed.

  6. Liv4ever says:

    Great work, Jon… ! For me personally, the real opioid crisis was the day they found my 20 year old nephew cold dead on the bathroom floor with a needle in his arm

    • teo toon says:

      My nephew (mid-twenties) was found the same way in NYC shortly after he got off a plane in NYC, found a dealer, and shot himself up in an available restroom.

  7. David HILL says:

    WE have a problem Huston, our government is complicit with deadly killers, no not our military, but those nice guys in the pharmaceutical industry.

    But they are killing just as many as all our bombs I can assure you. Can we stop them, no they are our boys doing their damnedest to reduce the American population – haven’t you heard of the Great Reset or something? Get real !




    And then a comment from your normal guy – when I look at this world now as it is, it makes me think of Hell, as those in power just want to eliminate anything that is good and feed off their remains.


    A normal Joe with a brain


    If religion had any meaning therefore we would not have a world like we have and where it shows that all who are in powerful position, whether it be politics, business, institutions or religions, don’t give a damn and the whole entire system from top to bottom is overriding corrupted now, not by the people who are unknowingly involved, but by the evil ones from on high and where even our religious leaders are silent about the whole sorry state of the humanity and what is going on now and in every facet of life that involves mere breathing. For if this is not the case, why have we all this pure and destructive evil throughout the world driving the new global agenda is the big question and what in reality people should be asking themselves?

    As they have always said, “God likes a trier”, but since Covid emerged and the open advent of the Great Reset, the majority have just laid down and not even tried… and to say no to all this tyranny by just simply obeying orders…but things my friend will get far worse if you did not know, as the future holds no sanctuary for those that just do nothing and as world history has shown us quite clearly if you were ever looking.

    “Human Extinction and the Death or Survival of Humankind – what will and is continually destroying human existence and what will provide Human sustainability if ALLOWED and MADE to HAPPEN by Political Leaders and Global Corporate Leaders, BUT I DOUBT IT ! – Part 1.”

    • David HILL says:

      Typo error – should have been Houston, but I am sure people will recognise this and errors are built in at birth for us all to make mistakes. A Nobelist expert in the field at a UN conference once told me and where the person who does not make mistakes has not been born yet. Therefore those who state that they don’t make mistakes, are mistaken.

    • Larry C says:

      “…the future holds no sanctuary for those that just do nothing and as world history has shown us quite clearly if you were ever looking.”

      A very important observation!

  8. Tammy Malik says:

    To both Tucker and Jon-

    The REAL crisis is the CIA which created the illegal drug trade.

    The other victims are the millions of people in the USA alone who have now been denied medication that once made their pain bearable.

    Temporary pain is not the sane. When pain is permanent there is no quality of life possible under opioid prohibition.

    The war on drugs failed to stop the cartels so the DEA and MSM have taken it to the doctor’s office and fulfilled a lot of their eugenics goals as well since patients without pain relief often commit suicide. No MSM will report on this. Not even indies are.

    Chronic pain patients are alone

    • Cooter says:

      Tammy is correct.
      After four back surgeries, the surgeons have told me there is nothing that be done for my pain, outside of opiates.
      And it gets harder and harder to get that medication for relief.
      And the pain is NEVER gone, only somewhat eased.

  9. Bentley says:

    Jon says:

    “Why can’t federal law enforcement stop all the US pharmaceutical companies who have been trafficking opioids?”

    Here is one of the answers:

    Back in 1990’ tobacco documents leaked that led to multiple lawsuits and more documents. Journalists (not to be confused with MSM), got wind and did their own research and came up with this report documenting Philip Morris et al smuggling their own version of (legal) drugs.

    Key word is : “black market peso exchange”.

    If you have suitcases of cash from selling in USA, you buy full shipping containers of GE refrigirators, laundry machines, you name it, and ship it back. You both exchange money and launder at the same time, and it is safer to cross borders unnoticed.

    This is going on an entire planet. (Above report, BTW, resulted in additional lawsuits over money laundering.)

    After that report, US Attorney (a.k.a. federal prosecutor) in Miami summoned all the money laundering US companies involved (GE and their competitors/friends) to a close meeting and gave an ultimatum to stop the practice. BTW, I sense that it was the very same prosecutor who gave Jeffrey Epstein a sweetheart deal some years later, because order came from “someone above my pay grade”.

    So short answer to your question Jon will be: it takes two (or more) to tango. Thus, at this point, Freeway Ricky and his handlers come to mind.

    • Larry C says:

      “If you have suitcases of cash from selling in USA, you buy full shipping containers of GE refrigirators, laundry machines, you name it, and ship it back. You both exchange money and launder at the same time, and it is safer to cross borders unnoticed.”

      Right. Just don’t expect a prompt delivery… something to do with ‘supply chain problems’…a real head-scratcher, that one 🤔

      • Bentley says:

        You just cannot waltz into sales office of Philip Morris, GE, Pfizer or any other, put 5 million $$ cash on the desk and provide a shipping address of your choice.

        That would cannibalize their own market, which is meticulously built and nourished. You will be checked, and if proven safe, become a business partner, to ensure that new stream of revenue does not infringe on existing markets. Even provided cover of local advertisement to disguise the racket. That is how Mansurs and British American Tobacco operated out of Aruba. So does every other big entity.

        Notice, how Pfizer viciously fights Canadian pharmacies selling directly to USA. Same drug costs 10 cents in Mexico, 1 CAD, and 23 USD. Coming from very same factory, and even batch. Pharmacies ruin that arrangement.

        Downside is, that large smugglers are always well established crime organizations.

        GE never got charged for their part in Aruba.

        BTW, Freeway Ricky in LA was provided drugs on credit with free delivery and operated only on the margin (some $600 million in total). That part required protection at federal level. Despite of being semi illiterate, he turned out to be a superb CEO. Until a nosy local reporter named Gary Webb came along and begun analyzing strange prosecutor’s deferrals for smuggling Ricky’s drugs by former Honduran military men.

        BTW, after Epstein non prosecution deal with same prosecutor back in Miami, he was charged under Florida state statutes, and immediately on first day started serving his sentence with work release program. Bill Gates’ business partner would be driven to his own house in the morning, guarded by privately hired sheriff’s deputies, who would not be allowed inside the house for an entire day. Whole year.

  10. Space Cowboy says:

    All the while Obama was lying about the Michael Brown, Trayvon Martin, and George Floyd deaths with the intent of inflaming racial tensions he was facilitating death. Floyd overdosed on fentanyl which Obama provided, but Derek Chauvin, who tried to help Floyd survive his stupidity, is in prison.

  11. michael burns says:

    The DEA seized some 1.9 million fakes pills ” […]712 kilograms of fentanyl powder […].”, “Additionally, DEA seized 4,011 kilograms of methamphetamine and 653 kilograms of cocaine.”

    And that Fentanyl and Meth is enough to make tens of millions of lethal pills.
    Deep fakes laced with Fentanyl and Meth coming out of Mexico.

    In a TWO MONTH period. 810 dealers arrested…

    These numbers has become exponential from month to month…and is somewhere in the region of 9.5 pills sold in last year. Expected to easily double in 2021.

    As of 2020, two out of every five pills sold in America are deep fakes. That 40%!
    They will overtake regular prescription drugs!

    There is even an Fentanyl transdermal patch, keeps you going up to 72 hours. Wow, what will they think of next?

    Oxycontin, Percocet, Vicodin, Adderall, Xanax, these are some of the deep fake brand names, and four out ten fakes tested contained lethal doses of Fentanyl.

    These deaths, along with massive jump in suicides because of the increasing mental health issues around the lock downs and the scamdemic and general clusterfuckey of modern living in the New Normal. Are the greatest of shames in this world gone mad.

    A Youboob video on ‘China In Focus’ the other day spoke on the point of “Is China Gearing up for War”.


    I’m here to tell you that the CCP have been waging war against the west for 100 years and as the technology increases so do their methods — they have weaponized everything from social media to prescription drugs. From widgets to gadgets. From how to do business in the material world to the making of Hollywood movies, and Hollywood has no morality…

    As Ricky Gervais stated ” If ISIS started a streaming service, you (Hollywood) would call your agent, wouldn’t you?”

    Shit for brains Zuckerberg rebranded his company the other day and aims to create a meta-verse — a place you can live in instead of the real world. I’m saying that as soon as you walk through that door, the one who will meet you on the other side is a CCP, weaponized avatar. It will become a perfect communist technocratic state. Cause that son of ah bitch sold out…

    And so you can stick you dermal patch on and ride the dragon to hell in the CCP ‘MetaVerse’.

    Or…may I suggest the more reasonable ‘Icelandverse’, much much better and without the dermal patch…

  12. Siouxma says:

    China’s retribution for the Opium Wars lives on!

    Imagine my shock to find out that fentanyl is used routinely in epidurals for delivery of babies.

    • hyden says:

      Was going to say that, its revenge time, from the European opiate wars that forced Qing dynasty china to submit to European opium trader dealers.

    • hyden says:

      The problem was that the Chinese would not buy British products in return. They would only sell their goods in exchange for silver, and as a result large amounts of silver were leaving Britain.

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… the US Congress gave drug companies a free pass.”

    Why does Congress give drug companies a free pass? Who ever wants to talk back to and confront their Boss?

    “This is war against life.”

    It doesn’t take much to see that there are multiple wars against life going on right now.
    The human race is under attack like never before in human history. And much of humanity seems to relish in their collaborating with the enemies.

    Plus, you know what these drugs also help to destroy? Human IMAGINATION. That magical core that makes our species special and divine-like. Go after Imagination and you empty out the core of being truly human. Which is, of course, the objective.

  14. Larry C says:

    “The Washington Post reached out to Obama, who signed the 2016 law, and his then Attorney General, Loretta Lynch, the highest law-enforcement officer in the nation. The DEA is organized under the Attorney General and the Dept. of Justice.

    Both Obama and Lynch “declined” to discuss the law. Naturally.”


    Sidestepping this deadly issue is yet another example of how to reinforce *learned helplessness* in the populace.

  15. Ihavetomanynames says:

    Uh…just saying…

    Their retardation is too predictable…just a reminder…they don’t have imagination, they’re not capable of it.

    Jan 25, 2020
    I would suggest you shouldn’t use staged and engineered “epidemics” such as that to like, sell crap.

    So yeah, that virus is completely separated from, say, me. No idea where it is.

    Just today, maybe as much as a thousand people definitely died from opioid overdoses around the world. And maybe even more than 10x die due to toxicity from that, leading to other systemic issues and their resulting somewhat misattributed deaths.

    Jan 25, 2020
    I’ll try to explain as concisely as possible.

    This is the PRS cycle.

    So here is how that works:
    1. “Problem”: You take something, anything (preferably beneficial) that isn’t really a problem, then, you suggest it’s a problem. That demonization causes confusion and doubt.

    2. “Reaction”: You focus media projections, “expert views”, etc on that particular topic (though diverting from meaningful data or considerations) to cause fear, as fear breeds contempt and such. That means you’ve just engineered a suitable reaction.

    3. “Solution”: The solution MUST be more damaging than the problem, as that is the basis of “functionality” of the PRS cycle. So as to provide new “necessary services and products” as well as civil/social imposition. Otherwise it wouldn’t make sense in financial terms.

    Surely you’ve noticed this by now with Co2, Tamiflu (Bush, Rumsfeld), Vaccines (assholes and idiots in general), Zika (florida was sprayed with toxins to “suppress Zika” that caused those symptoms).

    Jan 25, 2020
    How’s my math ability these days? I mostly base it on about 100% magic with a dash of instinct and ontology, other than like geometry, physics, biology, observation and avoiding “science”.

    Jan 25, 2020
    As proof, as I’m posting this, the first 10 articles (on linking to medicalexpress are about that virus.

    In the mean time (in the time I spent posting these few comments), another 100 people died from opioid overdoses and maybe 1000 as a result of significant contribution from opioid toxicity.

    You do THAT math. “

  16. D. Smith says:

    This is why I worry about school children. I mean, a little bit of this stuff on a doorknob or a pencil or whatever – – that’s all it would take.

    No one will listen when people try to warn them of the dangers, and of course NO ONE wants to read about it either. So they believe the dopes on CNN who play it down as if it were just someone’s pipedream, and not reality. Those people will burn in hell someday soon. One can hope, right?

    I wear gloves whenever I go to the grocery store or the drugstore or anywhere I need to use a cart. You have no idea who used it last and what they left (or put)on the handle.

    For the mere fact of letting in 1.7 million illegals SO FAR, biden oughta be strung up by his toes. Those people are bringing in all kinds of this stuff and going undetected because there are not enough people to work border patrol. I always thought drug dogs should/would be used down there, but I guess that’s too much “inconvenience” for the border hoppers so ol’ joe said “nah, we’re not gonna put them through that humiliation”. He’s more worried about these people’s rights than he is about the rights of our US citizens.

    I suppose he has an interest in the Wuhan (CHINA) part of this scenario – – that’s all I can think of that makes sense. Otherwise we should be turning all of those people away, sending them back to Mexico and let MEXICO deal with them. Not under joe’s watch.

    Scary times to be a’livin’.

  17. Nancy says:

    How is Portugal doing with it’s decriminalization of drugs? Seems it’s the criminalization that pushes the price up and provides bank reserves. Loretta Napoleoni has written about this forever.

  18. Tim says:

    “…where the streets have no name…”

  19. Firestarter says:

    President Donald selected heir to the Johnson & Johnson billions Woody Johnson for UK ambassador. Woody’s wife Suzanne (Ircha) is the close friend of Melania (Donald’s wife). President Trump also pressured the FDA to emergency approve the experimental J&J COVID vaccines.
    The following video is mostly about J&J trying to turn as many Americans into opioid addicts as they can.
    Other “current” stories on the drugs trade that don’t get nearly enough media attention, include…
    – In the wake of 9/11, invading Afghanistan to turn it into a narco-state, after the Taliban had cracked down on the poppy fields.
    – Turning heroin addicts into methadone addicts (why would one be worse than the other?).

  20. Verbum Vincet says:

    Conservatives always claim to be staunch advocates of limited government and personal responsibility, yet time and again we see so-called ‘limited government conservatives’ rabidly cheering for Prohibition, unconstitutional agencies like the DEA and for still more money to be burnt in our utterly failed trillion-$+ Drug War! It’s a given that Neocon-addled Fox News never met a war they didn’t like (but fighting one? Screw that noise!) but I was (somewhat) surprised to see this piece on ‘anti-state’ Lew Rockwell but then again, I’ve grown accustomed to the hugely hypocritical ‘Drug War exception’ from conservatives who merely pay lip service to ‘limited government’ and ‘personal responsibility.’ Despite all the evidence, conservatives abjectly refuse to acknowledge that the decades-long ‘War on Drugs’ has done more to destroy our nation and liberty than just about any other federal leviathan, with the possible exception of the ‘War on Terror.’ Seriously, it’s no coincidence that the first gun control laws arose at the same time as Prohibition!

    FWIW, I’ve seen many sides of our disastrously failed War on (some) Drugs. After watching my sister spend years in and out of jail and endure farcical, unconstitutional ‘Drug Courts’ that financially bled us at every turn and ‘suspended’ her 4th Amendment rights (and by virtue of her residing with us as we tried to help her, suspended OUR 4th Amendment rights!) We ultimately lost her to an OD of counterfeit Oxycontin pills, but she still always managed to secure drugs and the entire decade-long experience irrevocably soured me on government’s purported ‘solutions’ to individuals’ addiction problems! NOBODY can ‘help’ or even coerce an addict to quit – be it booze, food, sex, or pills, it doesn’t work! Drugs are cheap and readily available in every nook and cranny of our nation. We can’t even keep drugs out of prisons, for crying out loud!

    On the other hand, I’ve watched legitimate pain patients like my now-dead grandmother, needlessly suffer while being forced to jump through endless hoops just to try to limit the misery from several spinal fusion surgeries. All so some bureaucrat in D.C. could feel a little better at the delusional idea that by restricting law-abiding citizens from ‘bad’ drugs, some criminal somewhere might not get as high as they would have otherwise! (Sounds a lot like the Left’s specious arguments for gun control, huh?)

    Why don’t we see Jack Daniel’s and Jim Beam shooting it out in the streets, like Al Capone did in 1920’s Chicago? Alcohol is addictive and a literal POISON that kills tens of thousands of Americans every year and costs taxpayers untold billions. Yet, we no longer prohibit its sale to adults. Why is that? Why is it that we can drink ourselves to a stupor, as long as we don’t victimize another person? How many times must we learn the lessons of the inherent failures of Prohibition? At best, the ‘cure’ is invariably worse than the original illness. At worst, it creates a vicious cycle of dwindling liberty, unsustainable levels of imprisonment and increasingly potent drugs without any regulation whatsoever. Heck, unlike Prohibition which WAS Constitutionally sound via the XVIII Amendment, the Drug War enjoys no such Constitutional foundation, unless an absurd stretching of that great federal catch-all, the Interstate Commerce Clause, counts!

    Liberty, personal responsibility and adherence to the non-aggression principle are the only hope for eventually turning this nation around. More government and more money burned will not solve what is fundamentally a spiritual and psychological illness – but just as importantly – an economic matter of SUPPLY and DEMAND. Blame China all you want, but perhaps if Americans were left alone by our ‘leaders;’ perhaps if we were truly free and self-reliant and had hope for our future, all the Fentanyl in China wouldn’t be worth a tinker’s damn because no American would want it!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      A most succinct monologue on the very CRUX of today’s “governance” failures!

      Thank you for that!

      “Laws” to “prevent” crimes become more of a burden upon ANY society, rather than actually punishing the criminals to the level of the gravity of their crimes.

      “Preventive policing” and legislating in support of such policies – has ALWAYS been more akin to using a sledgehammer to kill a fly!

  21. L Garou says:

    There never has been a war on drugs.
    There always has been a drug war on the competition.
    (the Sacklers and Purdue Pharma are the new Sassoons)

    • Rick J says:

      Well said. The drug war is one trillion dollar per year theft, the largest armed robbery in history. All that loot goes to Big Pharma and their enforcement goons, the police-prison industrial complex who give a few billion to the armies of substance abuse “experts” and “recovery specialists” who provide the velvet glove that hides the iron fist. Rick aka Freedom_First(at)verizon(dot)net.

  22. Fritz Groszkruger says:

    There is some way to control supply?

    This article seems to speculate that that is the case. So far I’ve never met anyone who quit dope because of lack of availability.

    Maybe this article is about our involvement or our guilt, not solving the drug abuse problem.

  23. roger mason says:

    verbum vincet is right. ALL DRUGS SHOULD BE LEGAL FOR ADULTS.
    it was never a War on Drugs- it was a war on FREEDOM every
    drug should be legalized. if someone commits any crime under
    the influence of a drug the penalty should be doubled.

    it’s an open secret mexico legalized opiates years ago and
    they have no “crisis”. yes, you can buy cheap opiate in the
    farmacias, but no one wants them. it’s boring because it is
    not prohibited, not banned. america lost it’s freedom in 1913
    with the onerous Harrison Narcotic Act.

  24. Anne says:

    Absolutely great, and funny…. Many thanks

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