Quiet apocalypse at the school board: when in the course of human events…

by Jon Rappoport

November 9, 2021

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In OhMyGod, Ohio, on a slow Thursday afternoon, Dr. Helmet Von Suit, a career bureaucrat, the president of the school board, held a meeting to discuss budget allocations for the coming year. Sixty parents sat in the room.

Margo Smith stood up and said:

I have two young boys in elementary school. One of them brought me a book from the library which contains pictures and descriptions of oral sex and other sexual practices. I’m going to read a graphic passage from the book now—

That won’t be possible. To read it would be obscene, and we can’t have that at a public meeting.

Dr. Suit, as I said, this is a book from—

I don’t care where it’s from. I refuse to allow—

All right. I’ve copied pages from the book and sent them to a hundred parents in the District. I’m sure you’ll be hearing from them. Now, as to the matter of Critical Race Theory, I have a video taken in a sixth grade class two weeks ago. The teacher is telling nine-year olds that all white people are evil racists, and that would include children. I’ll play you the audio.

No you won’t. What goes on in our classrooms is private and privileged. Taping is a crime.

I see. It’s all right for a teacher to tell nine-year olds that all white people are racists, but it’s not all right for anyone to document the teacher saying that. Good, Dr. Suit. We now have you on the record. So I’ll move on. Four teachers in the District are teaching very young children they can choose their gender. Not only that—and we have audio and video—but the teachers are telling the kids they can take puberty blocking drugs that will help them make a choice about gender. In this folder, I have eight published studies describing the VERY serious adverse effects of the drugs. I want to read a passage from one of the studies.

Out of order. We don’t permit casual reading of scientific literature. Our District public health people make all medical decisions—

Then I’ll say this. I have another folder here with studies documenting the ineffectiveness of masks, and the negative consequences of children wearing them. On top of that, I have 40 studies—

Not permitted—

—That conclude the COVID vaccines are unnecessary for children and carry considerable risks.

You don’t get to decide that.

Oh but I do. A month ago, I started a Zoom group of school parents in the District. We now have 85 parents attending our sessions. The number expands every week. You can either hold real discussions with us or you can suffer the consequences.

That sounds like a threat. It borders on terrorism.

We’re aware the US Attorney General has tasked the FBI with investigating parents like us, all across the country, who are rising up in rebellion against oppressive school boards. We don’t care. We’re willing to deal with whatever comes our way.

Even if it means being thrown in jail?

Especially if it means that. We want the vaccine mandate eradicated. We’re not sending our kids to school if they have to take the shot. We’ll pull our kids out. Actually, we’re in the process of starting our own home school. Free from people like you.

What do mean, people like me?

Bureaucrats who pick up a paycheck on our tax dime and harm our children. By the way, we know your teachers aren’t teaching our children how to read and write. Certainly not at their grade levels. Your teachers are faking grades to make it seem education is going on in the classrooms.

This is outrageous.

I agree. And we’ve had enough. This is a 1776 moment, Doctor.

Another threat of insurrection.

You bet. That’s exactly what it is. Without guns. Without a shot being fired. You’re a bureaucrat who does evil, who passes along evil, who permits evil. You think we serve you, but we don’t. You’re OURS.

I won’t stand for this.

You’ll stand for it or sit for it. Our numbers are growing every day. We won’t back down. No matter what.

Trump is behind all this!

Who? Oh, you mean the former President who keeps flogging his wondrous COVID vaccine that’s caused, by a VERY conservative estimate, more than 800,000 injuries in America? But listen, keep trying to sell that line. Sell anything you want to.

Who are you anyway? Who’s behind you? Who’s funding you? Everything you’re saying is just code for white racism.

Keep telling yourself that, as more and more black parents join our group.

We have hundreds of thousands of people on social media who will drown you out.

Do you seriously think we care about those bobble heads? We’re parents. PARENTS. We would do anything for our children. You’re fronting for an agenda of destruction. We see that clearly. You want to control our kids’ minds. We want to make them free and strong and independent. Those are the terms of the war. Now, seriously, who do you think is on the side of the angels?

Don’t give me that garbage. Children live under the protection of the State. They’re part of the State.

Glad to get that on the record, too, DOCTOR.

You don’t have final say over your children. We can intercede.

You’ve been interceding for a long time. We were asleep. Not anymore.

We’re a duly instituted public school board. You have no license to change what we do.

We’re raising our children. That’s duly instituted on levels you’re apparently unaware of.

The school system and the government behind it are stronger than you are.

We’ll see about that. Ever hear of the phrase, “consent of the governed?”

That consent was given to us a long time ago.

We’re in the process of taking it back. You’re a figurehead, Dr. Suit. As classrooms in your schools empty out, and more and more parents put their kids into home schooling, you’ll see that. When our Union of Concerned Parents starts picketing your—

Union of what?!

Did I forget to mention that? We’re forming a Union of the Dissenters.

You have no power to do that.

Of course we do. That’s what our lawyers tell us.

Your lawyers?

Yes. It turns out that some parents are also practicing attorneys.

Don’t get sarcastic with me.

This is just the beginning of your nightmare. We’re going to squeeze you in every possible way. We no longer recognize your authority. Nor do we accept your judgments.

I’ll have you thrown in jail.

You already said that. We’re ready. We have six local police officers in our parent group. If we’re arrested, they’ll be making video statements which, by the way, will mention you by name. Those videos will be spread all over the world.

That’s illegal.

By what law? Has the 1st Amendment been recently revoked? And how do you think jailing dozens of parents is going to play? Talk to your PR people. Ask them.

You pay us to babysit your children.

Thank you again, Doctor. Another nice statement for the record. Actually, no. We pay you to teach our children to think for themselves, to use their imaginations. To learn the basics. You’re failing on all counts.

I’m warning you.

Warning us about what?

You’ve gone too far.

We’re just getting started. Our theater group—

Your what?

—Will be putting on little sketches all over town. You’re the featured character. Doctor Suit Enforces Mask Mandates on Our Children, But He Doesn’t Wear a Mask in Public. That’s the first one. We’ll be reading passages describing raw sex acts from the book in the school library. That should provoke some interesting reactions. You know—“Here’s how your tax dollars are being spent.”

Sit down.

I am sitting down, Doctor. I’ve been sitting down for a few minutes. You’re the one standing up.

You’re a devil.

I refer you to the members of my church. I’m the head of the choir. On the other hand, your provenance is questionable.

You’re a…Republican.

My status is Independent. I cast my votes in elections on a case by case basis. You…not so much. We have your record during your term as city councilman. We know who donated to your campaign. For example, that “financier for the people,” who lobbied against the bill that would have ordered a clean-up of the lead and other heavy metals in the drinking water.

I’m calling the police now.

We already have, Doctor. We’ve informed them this is a legal and peaceful meeting, and we’re happy to answer any questions they may have. You see, Doctor, we’re prepared. We’re not bumpkins. We try to think things through and anticipate. We want to provide a workable template for other parent groups, so they can do the same. Of course, we’re outraged at what you’ve been doing to our children. But that doesn’t mean we’re flying by the seat of our pants. By the way, we have a request. Your brother-in-law owns a piece of empty land on the edge of the city. Some of our parents who live out there want to turn it into an urban farm. People in the community would grow food for themselves and sell the excess to local markets. We’d like you to help us get permission.

I can’t do that.

Why not?

There is an ongoing negotiation with the city to—

Turn it into a landfill for garbage. Yes, we’re aware. But which would you rather see? People living next door to a toxic dump, or those people growing clean, nutritious, free food for themselves and their families?

This is a PR stunt.

Since when is food a stunt?

I refuse to knuckle under to pressure.

Because you’re bent on control. In your mind, giving people an inch is letting them take a mile. You need basic re-education.

You’re lecturing me about education?

Your PhD is in social psychology. Aside from teaching one semester of plane geometry and algebra in a private junior high school, you’ve never dealt with students face to face. After the school let you go, you flew out to California and convinced a rich friend from college to cut you in on a winery he was launching. You’ve been serving as an administrative assistant in that operation for many years. As far as we can tell, your job involves studying in-house reports and liaising with a law firm. Recently, you spoke with your friend about bankrolling your run for mayor of our city. You have your eye on that office, as a stepping-stone to the governorship. We don’t think that’s going to happen for you. We think you’re dead in the water, Doctor.


I’m what, Doctor? My name is Margo Smith, and I have two young children in public school in your District. Today, I pulled them out of school. They’re never going back. The perverse show you and your board members are running, which you call education, is a blight. It’s a disgrace and a crime. You’re a grifter with a degree next to your name, that’s all.

You’re making this personal. You’re digging into my private life. That’s out of bounds. It’s illegal.

Really? If you’re going to throw your hat in the political arena, Doctor, you’d better get used to it. It’s called opposition research. I’m trying to prepare you. You should be thanking me. For instance, remember the cute beagle your family used to have? Sonny? For some reason, you gave Sonny away. But not to another family. Not even to a shelter. You donated him to your old friend, Jim Murdock. Jim owns an animal testing lab. Sonny went into a cage. To test an experimental antibiotic, lab techs cut away pieces of Sonny’s body, leaving open wounds, to study “infection rate and treatment.” The experimental drug, used for bacterial infections, was redundant. There were a dozen antibiotics just like it on the market.

I never knew about that until it was too late!

We don’t think that’s true. We’ve been talking to Jim Murdock.

That son of a bitch!

A few years ago, you gave him advice about a biotech stock. You told him you had inside information. He bought shares, and it tanked. He wasn’t very happy about that. —I see the police are arriving. A bunch of us are leaving now, Doctor, to chat with them. Carry on. Discuss how you’re going to spend our tax dollars. We’ll see you around. Soon and often. We’ll pass along your regards to your ex-wife. A few of us are having tea with her later this afternoon. Should be an interesting conversation.

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

27 comments on “Quiet apocalypse at the school board: when in the course of human events…

  1. Low Voltage says:

    The mind controllers want us to acknowledge the abuse and consciously submit to it. The vaccine injuries are starting to remind me of the high-profile 9/11 truth movement. They wouldn’t let the “righteous” keep their head in the sand, so everyone would participate in evil.

  2. Jennifer Arnold says:

    I homeschooled – actually unschooled my four , who are now all amazing functioning thriving and striving adult now – I highly recommend creating small circles of community members and immersing in the growing and learning life – it works !

    Kids do not need to be spoon fed , kids do not need to be coerced , or run through the athletics mill , which is selective anyway to discover their strengths and grow up . Excellent writing , I liked this one a lot –

  3. Excellent article! Go to makeamericansfreeagain.com for such groups to find to get these despots out of schools. Better yet, let’s defund these schools and after they’re gone, start up authentic ones.

    • Zenit08 says:

      The most necessary step to genuine education reform is repealing all compulsory school attendance laws. In addition, states must remove all mention of education from their constitutions. Those laws and provisions are based on the evil premise that children are government property, as Dr. Von Suit obviously believes.

    • Walkintherain says:


  4. A nicely packed rebuff of the matrix hooks!

    If only more could read it, it would surely give many minds the step by step areas of life they need to get properly covered in order to pull out of the matrix.

    Thanks for this awesome short story, and may God make it true very soon!

  5. John, Very funny and informative. You hit a home run with this!

  6. stephen langley says:

    Aahh ! the soothing balm of imagination as precursor to visualization and finally manifestation. Thanx, Jon. Have an imaginative day, everyone !

  7. Diane says:

    Another riveting blog to post and an excellent template for parents to use… thanks, Jon!

  8. Marcella Butler says:

    Very well played.
    Sharing this all over!
    Thank you!

  9. Karen says:

    No room for alternative discourse in Canada! Just blocked for posting a link to an article showing that vax for kids is dangerous. Read the comments–Canadians are soooo brainwashed.


  10. Brilliant dialogue, Jon! Here was my LOL Truth moment:

    “We’re raising our children. That’s duly instituted on levels you’re apparently unaware of.”

    The Satanists and Luciferians (S&Ls) actually DO KNOW that we are Divine Sparks of God; they hate that and that’s why they manipulate us into perceiving otherwise. They want to lower us to be their slaves through their 7 Ds Agenda: destabilization, demoralization, dehumanization, debt, destruction, despair, and death.

  11. Paul says:

    “You bet.
    That’s exactly what it is.”


    The present presence of prologue.

  12. georgee says:

    As long you are nice to them it will get worse each year until you are complete slave.
    The thing started to get worse when we stopped hanging traitors.

    you have been brainwashed to think that being nice is good. it is not. it means death. if your body is nice to parasites and cancer cells it fill die. simple as that. western and american civilization will die. simple as that.

  13. Roundball Shaman says:

    “In OhMyGod, Ohio…”

    Which is just across the border from, ‘Yougottabekiddingme’, Indiana. And not far from, ‘Lookwhatwedonetothisstate’, Illinois.

    It might be easier just to ask these school ‘authorities’ what IS allowed for us to do.

    And once it becomes clear that the only things we are allowed to do is NOT ROCK THE BOAT and keep QUIET about everything They are doing to our kids, we’ll all get along just fine.

    Once people finally realize that ‘their’ kids are actually property of The State, then all of this becomes clear. Why wouldn’t our kids be property of The State? Aren’t ALL of us property of The State now? Not with inalienable rights, but with very narrow privileges based upon how quiet and compliant we are?

    Just as you can’t tell the local County officials how to run their offices, you can’t tell State School Youth Programming Centers how to teach your (actually Their) kids.

    The Youth is the future. And since They (the big ‘They’) have designs on controlling every aspect of Your Future (and that of your kids), you have to get the little ones thinking in the twisted fashion that The State demands of them.

    In the Star Trek franchise there is ‘The Borg’ who declares that ‘You Will Be Assimilated’ and that ‘Resistance Is Futile’. So it appears that members of The Borg are fully running the school systems and heading up all our classrooms and turning our youth into useful Build Back Better Borg-ers.

    This is a race between Sanity and Insanity. It’s an open question which will prevail.

  14. pete schnapp says:

    Hmm, Ever thought of writing another non-fiction

  15. L Garou says:

    The Bureaucrat Plague is the worst plague, ever.

  16. Rick in Phoenix says:

    I don’t understand the problem with schools because any school I went to had either a “course catalog” describing courses in detail with required text books.. or in earlier years, there were “teacher’s guides” that did the same thing. So why do parents have to attend PTA anymore with internet-accessed teachers’ guides and course catalogs? It’s hard for me to grasp the idea that parents didn’t know what kids were being taught. To wit: Every school has a course description & book requirements. If parents don’t like the CRT “textbook” for K to 12… then just say that. Right? These raucous meetings & secrecy by boards is unbelievable but nobody has yet put forth a Third grade course catalog for state of AZ for example. Maybe I’ll look for that in coming days. And in AZ we have lots of “charter schools” where public-policy is not in effect– I’ve taught music at those. They’re great!

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I did a quick search of a third grade course catalog and found this… http://cavaelementary.weebly.com/uploads/5/5/2/0/55209757/19-20_3rd_grade_classroom_guide_and_course_catalog.pdf

      I have not drilled down on it… only scanned it… and my initial review is that it’s more akin to something from high school, not third grade with kids aged 8 or 9… but that’s another issue. I found, in teaching piano, that little kids were being given college level material which is very disconcerting. I have not looked into it. There’s nothing there on race theory. It’s just an example of what I sort-of expected to see- but what I’m seeing is not third grade level material. The idea that the CRT course is distributed nation-wide by the son-in-law of the AG Merrick is beyond rediculous conflict of interest… and merrick should have been forced out long ago for this. I’ve yet to see a crt k-12 “course” description.

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