The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended

At the end of the War, IG Farben executives were put on trial and, despite the efforts of Telford Taylor, the chief US prosecutor, and assistant prosecutor, Josiah DuBois, the sentences handed out were light.

For example, Fritz Ter Meer, a high-ranking Farben executive, was tried for mass medical murder and slavery, and sentenced to a paltry seven years in jail. He was released after three years, and went on to occupy a post as chairman of the advisory board of Bayer, a corporate branch on the tree of the infamous IG Farben, which supposedly had been disbanded…

by Jon Rappoport

October 29, 2021

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I started writing about this subject 20 years ago, when I launched

In this article, I’ll present an overview.

In 1933, the largest cartel in the world, IG Farben, pushed Hitler over the top, enabling him to become Chancellor of Germany.

Farben was a global colossus. Pharmaceuticals, dyes, oil, rubber. It forged partnerships with Standard Oil, Dow, Dupont, Imperial Chemical Industries, Rhone-Poulenc.

US government official, Josiah DuBois, sent on a fact-finding mission to Guatemala, returned saying, “As far as I can tell, the nation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Farben.”

The brilliant Farben chemists were modern alchemists. They were researching and producing synthetics far in advance of products formulated anywhere else in the world.

Their dream was material transformation: the ability to convert any element on the Periodic Table into any other element.

Meanwhile, Hitler was obsessed with another transformation: resurrecting what he believed was the lost Aryan Master Race. Through selective breeding, the elimination of lesser and unwanted human types, and other “scientific methods,” a revival of Supermen would occur. And of course, they would then control the destiny of the planet.

Near the close of World War 2 in Europe, the leading lights of Farben and other German corporations, knowing that Hitler was a madman and a rank failure as a military strategist, decided they would have to redirect their efforts, go underground, remain invisible, and from the shadows carry on their war by other means. They were not done. Far from it. They had money, resources, brains, allies. And time.

But what would this new war look like? How would it proceed? Whose strings would they be pulling, and for what purpose?

Should they align themselves with a political movement?

There was one possibility. Socialism. Communism. It would be a convenient ruse. After all, Europe was devastated and exhausted by the War. The prevailing attitude was: “anything to avoid another armed conflict.”

If the nations of Europe could enter into a cooperative future, link hands, bury long-standing enmities, soften geo-borders, engage in free trade, eventually adopt a common currency…

Thus, over a period of decades, the European Union was created. It was what Hitler had been aiming for: a merged continent.

And Germany assumed leadership, as the strongest economic powerhouse in Europe.

All without a shot being fired.

Socialism was spreading, in one form or another, all over the world. For the invisible Nazi architects, this was further evidence they should temporarily hitch their wagon to that star. After all, what was Socialism, really? Just a label for top-down control. The Marxist ideology was unimportant. Domination of populations was all that mattered.

And yet, something was missing. A method. A means. A non-political force that could gradually envelop the world and subdue it, torture it, assert control over billions of minds.

The Farben chiefs had the solution right in front of them. During the War, they had paid a pittance to the managers at Auschwitz, across the road, to send prisoners every day to their medical facility for “tests.” Experiments. Vile grotesque experiments.

And going back several decades, the Nazi leadership had joined elite American eugenicists—the Rockefeller-Harriman forces—to investigate, promote, and utilize sterilization, abortion, medical murder to rid society of its “unfit members.” Those Nazi-American connections still existed.

A branch of modern medicine was on the rise: psychiatry. This was a perfect opportunity to introduce, through completely arbitrary diagnoses of “mental disorders,” debilitating brain-damaging drugs to whole populations. For purposes of pacification.

In fact, the whole Rockefeller model of medicine—one disease caused by one germ—a preposterous form of reductionism—was coming into its own. This meant massive numbers of drugs to treat patients.

Surely, these drugs could be made into toxic destroyers.

A plan was taking shape. A medical plan. THIS would be the invisible conquering force, flying under a politically neutral banner of “healing.”

Create, in the long run, a cradle to grave system enrolling every human, who would trudge, during his lifetime, along a bleak road of 40 or 50 disease-diagnoses and toxic treatments—each treatment giving rise to new symptoms which would be labeled new diseases, requiring treatments…

As for the rank elimination of huge numbers of people on the planet—depopulation—this was a thornier problem. How to arrange it? How to conceal it?

The choice was clear: so-called pandemics. But how would they be staged? Microorganisms, those that actually existed and weren’t mere fantasies, were notoriously unpredictable. The human body, despite all attacks against it, was strong and resilient.

There was no super-germ that could be released which would wipe out a few billion people. That was a dead end. Researchers in their labs, fabricating absurd tests for fairy-tale viruses, and failing to isolate viruses at all, weren’t a help.

But a story about a virus, a story sold with enough fervor by controlled media and cooperating governments…that had possibilities, because the solution would be a vaccine.

The invisible architects would need a whole parade of these fake pandemics, over a long period of time, in order to convince the world population that such scenarios were real.

One by one, pandemic stories could appear and be sold. And DOCTORS would be the messiahs.

COVID is of course the strongest story to date. And the vaccines will, in the long term, be the most debilitating and destructive of all shots.

But it’s doubtful COVID will be the last pandemic story. If a product is a major winner, sell a variation of it. And another.

When we look at and examine horrific events of varying dimensions—the medical experiments in the Nazi concentration camps; the infamous Tuskegee syphilis experiment; the murder of many live infants aborted to obtain their organs for research; the use of high-dose AZT to kill people diagnosed with AIDS; the vaccine campaigns in the Philippines and Kenya designed to cause future miscarriages in pregnant women; the CIA MKULTRA mind control program…

These are glimpses into an overall medical war aimed at humanity.

The alchemical program of IG Farben is now supplemented with technological advances in the fields of genetics and computer science. The envisioned transformation of humans into Brave New World androids and brain-computer hybrids are medical assaults.

The Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, said: “The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.”

This is the slogan of the Nazi-Rockefeller medical cartel.

The hypnotic power of The Doctor needs to be dismantled and broken to pieces.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

70 comments on “The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended

  1. Sean says:

    And so it is. Nice outline.

    WORLDWIDE WALKOUTS. Scheduled November 3rd. Check it out. Participate.

  2. Rick in Phoenix says:

    It’s a medical tyranny as Jon describes… but it must include big-tech and 5G as well as corporations buying into something called technocracy. Maybe the Nazis took over technocracy? It seems to me that when I first looked at technocracy, it was all about time-motion studies for production, as one element– which was a good thing. Now, they’re trying to fulfil the Brave New World vision of Huxley. Patrick Wood describes technocracy as the meeting ground for all the NWO plans. It’s too bad things had to go this way. I used to have a high regard for higher institutions and professions…. but now its as if they’re inherently anti-human. Godgevlamste on youtube shows how this could be an invasion of an alien hive-mind species from Saturn, not far away in a crater on Greater Earth. I’m tending to favor that theory lately.

    • FriedEggs says:

      God Bless you Jon!

      ‘We will now describe these four conditions so far as we need this for the explanation of the Apocalypse of John. When with spiritual vision we go back to the ancient Saturn existence, we come to a remarkable planet. This ancient Saturn is a heavenly body upon which is to be found nothing of our present minerals or solid earthly substances, no animals or plants, no water or fluid substances, no current of air or gas. If you were to imagine that with the present eyes — which did not then exist — you were somewhere in space and approached this Saturn,’ Rudolf Steiner Apocalypse of John…Lectures

    • Rick in Phoenix, Thank you. I always appreciate reading your comments!

      Since modern “medicine” is essentially technology, and yes, 5G is part of their control system, “technocracy” is a fitting word. In addition to experimenting on humans and other living beings in horrific ways, with chemicals, MK-ULTRA and other torture, they’ve be using radiation and manipulating Earth’s frequencies for over a century now. This is what many researchers believe either started or exacerbated the so-called Spanish Flu of 1918-19.

      I agree that Saturn plays a massive role. I wrote and posted an article on my blog that explores this idea. The part about Saturn begins several paragraphs down, but the set-up is important.

    • George McFetridge says:

      Humanity as always envisioned is finished; computer culture IS culture. Feel like you have no place? It’s so.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Actually, George, we have two systems of photon patterns… one leads to digital hive minds and the other towards organic male/female. The current attack on humanity qua humanity– with pineal gland and emotions and genders– is being attacked by a hive-minded female-insect/reptoid thing from Saturn. We thought computers were great, and they are– but the end result is A.I. or Super-autonomous A.I. which is what the insectoid species is using to destroy us now. I realize this sounds crazy, and I know I’m on my second beer– but I can truly defend my theory here. Yeah, it’s wacked. But look at what’s going on– with transgender de-modification of genders and so-called supply chain problems even with our computers. We… are… under… attack… by… an alien species. DO NOT VAX. Stay away from 5G. Get RF meters and avoid high RF areas. They ARE trying to FINISH HUMANITY OFF. Computer culture is NOT human culture. Aasimov’s rules for robots apply to computers/AI. I’ll make a copy of this post in case Jon decides to not approve it but this is a crazy crazy thread. I’ve never seen one like it here.

        • fat boyz says:

          Where do you come up with this stuff? It’s satanic full stop. Saturn, robots, reptilians, what are you smoking?

          • Rick in Phoenix says:

            A good place to start is youtube: search for “godgevlamste”. He’s very big lately among the flat earth crowd, of which I’m part of.

        • Marlyn says:

          I would really like to know where you get your information. I do believe that elements of what you’re saying are true. I’ve thought for some time now that the alien explanation makes the most sense. Otherwise, how could all the countries on this planet agree to the same agenda, especially when we know the virus has never been isolated so the health authorities can label anyone who dies as. Covid death.

          • Geo Martin says:

            There is no ‘aliens’, there are other dimensional beings that are good and bad, literally angels and demons.

            We know this is the fallen world with Satan as its prince and he directs these fallen angels.

            We are creative beings as God made us in his own image, that’s what it means, but we fall into the temptations of this world and Satan and his minions use this against us.

            Satan wants to prove God wrong by subverting us and make us rebellious against God. That’s why technology can be turned evil to corrupt our souls and eventually lose our souls. By technology I include modern medicine which is nothing but fancy and sciency looking witchcraft.

          • TruthSeeker says:

            They are actually fallen angels like “Geo martin” explained BUT can take the physical form and appear as “aliens” or even as humans. So yes, “aliens” exist and either name is appropriate, but underneath the facade they are fallen angels.

        • Olly says:

          Seriously? You can dream away all truth and fantasize as much as you wish – however that doesn’t make it truth. If you really want to see what is going on, search ‘What’s up prof’ and watch from episode one. Each episode builds upon the last & it is all backed up with 100% proof (unlike the fantasy stories I am reading from some of you). Then you will see where all this will end up.

      • Peter Harter says:

        Humanity was never about sustaining ourselves on Earth. It was always about the spiritual advance to the next station.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      Most likely, the implementation of “technocracy” was never meant to be a “good” thing for humanity and only for the ones implementing it. In order to obtain our consent for them to avoid karma, it had to be introduced as something “good” for humanity. Most likely, the “Nazis” (or rather those who control them) objective has always been a world introduced to us in “Brave New World”.

    • Julian says:

      that for me is just a cop-out. it is a modern form of scapegoating. Scapegoating is when you point the finger at some cause of evil, be it real or imagined, and imagine that by destroying the scapegoat you will bring peace to the community or yourself. Now it is true that there ARE groups and individuals who DO need bringing to justice, etc, but IF you are not aware of the generalized problem which causes the extreme forms then you just get caught in a loop. it is usually people who first of trust and accept tyrants for example. And put their hope in people like Trump EVEN when he exposes his real intentions.

      Example, take the Christian Inquisition, The scapegoat there was ‘witches’ and heretics representing evil, but in the persecutions the ones doing that BECOME evil themselves. Women were tortured, hanged, burnt alive. The REAL cause was the very belief system people were dogmatized in which is dualistic demonizes others!

      So FF to now and we are faced with evil, and people assume it is SO evil it must be alien to the human race, However, if you look into the past, and to mythology in general, and philosophy, you find the REAL problem is THINKING. Not thinking as a process, but when it becomes totally irrational and cut off from nature. It is when people get silly, and very destructive ways of thinking, and especially with the invention of writing such ideas get writ down and then pushed on generations which ingrains these ideas. So children born into such cultures imagine that the resulting society is normal, and they can become alienated.

      We are mostly all alienated from nature! This is because patriarchal mythology and philosophy denigrates nature, and this includes one’s own nature, and embodied being.

  3. Paul says:

    “World War Two never ended…”


    For anyone wondering if what is elucidated within this article is too-far-reaching, review the TV series by Bob Baer (ex-CIA) televised a few years ago.

    Through careful research, WW II paperwork, interviews with people who coordinated or witnessed Nazi movements to South America & his own team visits to mountainous SA sites, etc., Baer’s investigations & synthesis made a solid argument that Elite Nazis fled to & set up shop, in a number of SA countries.

    Nazi architects were masters of concrete construction (underground bunkers, etc). Baer showed mountainous sites where enormous structures were poured in cement. Some possessed Swastikas.

    Where, in these rural SA settings, did ALL the raw materials (sand, cement, gravel, steel reinforcing rods) for these concrete pours, come from???

    Nazis are technical wizards. Disciplined. Ruthless. Their psycho-spirituality provides an endless energy stream to bolster their aims.


    Note: Nazi should NOT be confused with German. One need not be Germanic, to be a Nazi.

    • Carol says:

      Nazi is the deep state. So who is Hitler if he felt he had to take his own life being an accomplish to them. In the end he knew he could not get them under control anymore. His body is never found because the deep state had planned to make a possibility of the story that he had escaped to S.-America to avoid the the War Crime Trials.
      The deep state arranged many look alike Hitler crimes. The occult stories are also performed by the deep state.
      Hitler knew about this threat to the world and wanted to save Germany from becoming their victims.
      Their were no gas chambers and no exterminations. It is an invented narrative by the deep state. And they have made it a crime to doubt their narratives.
      Of course deep state infiltrated every research labs and did their own experiments without Hitler’s knowledge, or he missed to persecute them, because they were protected by other masters. These other master came from secret societies in UK and US, which Hitler even tried to forbid because of the infiltration by them everywhere.

      Why are everyone surrendering to this old narrative being repeated over and over again through the alternative media as well as the main stream media.
      I think most in the so-called True News media are just trolls or shills seemingly trying to direct attention on some truths and hide other things. The PTB have not concealed their intentions to reduce the world population, so no surprise they have started the process already. Quick and clean even so making it certain it is our own fault also.

      We believe all they say, so also the ww2 narratives.

      • Tim says:


        World conquest was not the National Socialist idea. It was about Germany attempting to stop the destruction and absorption of Germany and Germans into the Globalist Gulag.

        The corporate global entities like IG Farben sold out, and deceived it’s internal enemies(Germans and the nation). The war instigated and started by the “Allies” is the reason and cause for the extreme misery.

        Then there’s the the easy way,,, to judge someone(Hitler-Germany) from a standard of perfection…that simply is an impossible expectation in this obviously flawed and corrupted “world”.

        The Germans were the least evil and hypocritical of the govts involved in that war. The Germans were the most honest and effective defense against the globalist abuse and exploitation and destruction of their legitimate nation and culture—THE RESULTS OF THE WAR PROVE THIS TODAY.

        It also proves that violence against the enemy of humanity will not work.
        Exiting this world is the Final Solution. There’s no reason to come back. Let it shrink and shrivel back into the nothingness whence it came.

        • Jake hoek says:

          Ohhhh? great comment, but it shows u are told lies! I lived trough those years and know who started WW2. Hitler Hess Goering etc. were live characters to me and not pleasant to say the least. Hitler and Mussolini Himmler,etc. were living spooks to me and started a ruthless war. After invading Poland some Nazies in openly said “We will come in Holland Belgium France and England but thankfully did not invade England. Be cause Hitler chose to conquer Russia first. Thankfully the Lord prevented it.

          • Carol says:

            Hitler tried to make peace with England several times, but over and over again England refused and continued even harder each time to attack Germany and targeted especially the civil populations in their districts of cities becoming totally surfaced. Each time Hitler answered with a proposed peace plan. In the end Hitler had no other choice than to retaliate with their long range missiles and air attack on London.

            Had it not been for the US, Hitler would have saved Soviet from the Bolshevik regime (the deep state). The Russian populations, which the German army met on their way to Moscow, welcomed them and supported them by meeting up in the streets with flags and hurray-shouting. But of course the US (and the UK) could not let that happen in danger of losing their own control over Soviet, which they themselves had created in the first place.

            Living at that time, all were of course propagandized from UK an US, who turned everything upside down, and have since protected their lies and threatened everyone trying to expose them.

            Their are plenty of evidence that no gas chambers existed. No smoke emissions from body burning furnaces were observed above the cities where they should have existed. Air photos from that time exist, which shows the burning not to have happened. And no traces of the poisonous gases used in the alleged chambers, are found.

          • Geo Martin says:

            ‘I lived trough those years and know who started WW2. Hitler Hess Goering etc. were live characters to me and not pleasant to say the least.’

            How old are you may I ask?

            What you’ve written was said over and over by the media and govts throughout the decades. Do you believe everything they say, like about covid for instance?

            What do you think history books will say about covid? It was a deadly pandemic, and people will look at the heavily manipulated internet databases only to find people wearing masks and media versions of events.

            The dissent and the truth will be buried, only revosionists will tell it, but like today, they will be called pandemic deniers, just like holocaust deniers. I don’t know exactly what happened but what I do know is the govt and media spread all lies.

      • George McFetridge says:

        All of your verbiage reduces to ‘accept no authority’.

      • Jimmy says:

        “Their were no gas chambers and no exterminations.”


        • Jake hoek says:

          We must now believe Jimmy and Lee, because hardly any spectators are alive yet. Sorry but there are some! But many are not as gullible as you. Seems you are trying to change ignorance as a virtue. Just don’t comment when you deny the God given TRUTH! It happened, I was there!

      • Lee says:


        It is refreshing to see that you and at least a few are “picking up what I’ve been putting down” for years. I’m sick and tired of so many (most) people who want to chime in on this subject to regurgitate blatant LIES against what Adolf Hitler and the true aims of the Third Reich were about.

        […] Adolf Hitler loved and was loved by the majority of the German people. Not because he was preaching “hate and intolerance”, but because hew was “preaching” self accountability, honor – something the rest of the World was rejecting in seemingly mass psychosis of following a Marxist/Socialist (Communist) ideology. This is absolutely evidenced by the UK, US, and the rest of the ALL-LIES having to absolutely CRUSH the spirit of the German peoples by the genocide perpetuated against them at Dresden and the like.

        There were NO gas chambers at Auschwitz or any other Concentration Camps until the Soviets built them after the war.

        • Carol says:

          The Soviet Bolshevik regime slayed the German army with the help from the US. After the war they used Soviet to reconstruct buildings so they could look like having been serving as possible gas chambers that Hitler had used.

          But the Soviets Bolsheviks did not use them. They put their Polish genocides into mass graves instead.

        • Jan says:

          Hitler and the National Socialists were also admired throughout the colonized regions of the Middle East, East and South East, amongst all religious groups, for the freedom fighters that the National Socialists were. Britain, in particular, was a rival industrialised power to Germany, and was failing, so had to crush the competition.

      • Christine says:

        I was thinking all the same things you said …Why does Rappaport always go back to believing the jew story of history, in other words, their propaganda. It may be because he is of a Jewish background and does not want to believe they conceived the idea of control and domination of the world in many of their blueprints such as the Protocols of Zion, not Hitler as I see it this far… He never seems to mention the Rothschilds control of all of this or that their the controlling elite, so called Jewish elite…. He himself is still in the matrix of lies he claims he is out of but it is not true. Who after all controls the money? The long held Jewish banking cartel the Rothschilds controlling the money of 192 countries.

    • George McFetridge says:

      You speak only of the surface of the world disorder. Wake up, even if it’s too late.

  4. Sue says:

    Thank you for continuing to educate. The takeover has been insidious, orchestrated very cleverly, so people develop beliefs based on a steady drip, drip, drip of corporate propaganda.

    Most students going to medical school have no idea that it is indoctrination. They’ll proudly and authoritatively point to their degrees in “immunology” (if you reject their vaccinations) and say, “When you get YOUR degree, then we can have a conversation.”

    Yes, that happened to me, and I replied to the doctor, “All that piece of paper means to me is that you have been successfully brainwashed.”

    • George McFetridge says:

      Dr Andrew Kaufman has discussed how medical school teaches you not to think, whereas his pre-med period at MIT stressed thinking.

    • miker says:

      Excellent. It’s all in ‘degree’s’ no? (see: “slow-boiling-frog”). What they can’t deal with is the “truth and love”…it’s indefatigible.

  5. michael burns says:

    And one more point, if you please. It’s a long, long story of death and destruction of the environment and water but I’ll make it short.

    After the War and the Nuremburg Trial. I.G. Farben was broken up – the six corporations (BASF, Bayer, Hoechst, Agfa, Chemische Fabrik Griesheim-Elektron, and Chemische Fabrik vorm) that made up the huge Farben conglomerate where also banned from doing business in the United States.

    Now Bayer had a formula for a line of chemicals called polyurethanes, which it knew was a road to an ocean of money; Styrofoam insulation and foams. New paints and adhesives, foot ware and hard plastics used in electronics. Flexible plastics and cast and injection molding…the list is endless.

    So, a marriage made in hell between Bayer and a little-known corporation which dealt in agricultural chemicals and food additives called Monsanto.

    And so Mobay was created, a trillion dollars enterprise that brought power and fortune to both corporations, and Bayer exercised and used a lot of what it discovered using concentration camp inmates as guinea pigs in Mobay and another such venture with Miles Laboratories, new lines of drugs and anti-depressants came from that venture.

    And so, when Monsanto was having such a bad time in the United States – lawsuits (one in California was for over a Billion dollars) and protests, bad publicity and was banned from doing business in Europe forever, Bayer an European company, still based in Germany and the lead hand in the I.G. Farben conglomerate and clusterfuck of the second world war came to the rescue; a favor returned for the that 1954 venture of Mobay.

    These bastards introduced,indestructible foams and plastics into the world, agent orange, PCB’s L-Dopa, Round-up and a host of chemical drugs and vaccines which kill and maimed humans.

    By the way most of those senior chemists and engineers and scientists came into the U.S. under operation Paperclip.

    • George McFetridge says:

      Knowing the structure and history of suicide is empty in itself. The thing about suicide, which humankind is now in, is that it’s the act of it that counts, not its analysis. There are some who say this a time of transition [optimism]. I hope to be wrong in saying ‘I don’t believe it’.

  6. CMP says:

    I’m no genius but things must make sense to me. Always I have asked the question, WHY? since I was a girl in 5th grade Catholic school. I am old enuf to see the transformation in our school industry. I can see now, quite clearly, that I was educated at a level far exceeding college graduates of today by the time I finished grammar school. I find that astounding. That animus instilled in me by the sisters of St Joseph is still alive. To seek the truth, to make decisions based on facts, not emotions, therefore I find myself still asking why, and alone in that quest based on all the people around me who believe exactly what they are told as gospel from God. Quite tiring, I assure you.

    It is difficult to be around such ignorant people, stifle myself and go along with their inane conversations. Don’t upset the apple cart so to speak, don’t distress anyone with the truth. Whomever said “the truth will set you free” (I do know who said that) doesn’t live anywhere near me. “Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you”.

    So here I go, meaning no disrespect to anyone. This ubiquitous analogy comparing our world circumstance with that of the Nazi’s/Hitler to drive home the scope of this tyranny is, IMO, a false one. Having studied 20th century wars for a mere 17 years now has given me the opportunity to see the world as completely opposite to what we have been told and taught.

    When one discovers the tribe of people who are and have been responsible for nearly all the atrocities of the 20th century to say nothing of the immoral behavior that has enveloped society and become the norm erasing all perversion while these same tribal leaders are now perpetrating the worst genocide in humankind, comparing that to Hitler is like comparing a serial killer to an altar boy. I believe a better analogy and certainly more succinct would be the Bolshevik revolution of 1917. That was the most bestial slaughter of innocents in world history that can compare to the planned extermination of today. Adolf Hitler? Not even a blip on the Richter scale.

    • Roundball Shaman says:

      CMP says…

      “WHY?… all the people around me who believe exactly what they are told as gospel from God.”

      Many people have simply never developed the ability to think and reason. It has been carefully bred out of them by rapt attention to the 1950’s Idiot Box, parents that never taught their kinds how to think or how to think for themselves, harmful school programming that discourages questioning and coloring outside the lines, social institutions that used to teach and lead people like organized religion that became fully impotent custodians for the State, generations born after the JFK years that learned to disrespect elders and disregard wisdom from the past, crushing peer pressure that begins in the schoolyard and now that has graduated to institutionalized bullying on anti-social media platforms, emboldened Karens and Kens that live to find fault within others and to find ways to tear people down rather than trying to build them up, governments of every stripe that have amassed vast powers and controls over the citizens, corporations that view people as solely carcasses to be picked by the corporate vultures for profit… and other reasons.

      In short, people gave up on thinking and turned to following the pack. They lost their ability to develop inner strength and courage and they fear standing up on their own In fact, they fear… EVERYTHING.

      They learned to seek the riches of money and power and influence and they turned their backs on spiritual truths and rewards. They began to view everything through the distorted glass of ‘ME! ME! ME!’ They began to devalue the lives of others and began to see other people as threats or just obstacles on the way to indulge themselves in personal gain.

      People went from being real human beings and they became automatons without soul or spirit or conscience. A ‘Thing’ rather than a Life Force.

      “It is difficult to be around such ignorant people, stifle myself and go along with their inane conversations.”

      The answer? DON’T be around such people. They will bring you down with them. Once you’ve tried to reach them and failed… get as far away from them as you can. Find a like-minded soul or two to have communion with that you can give and get support from. Pray for all the lost souls who don’t even gave a clue that they are lost. You can’t save them. And they probably will never save themselves nor want to.

      You are given one life. Don’t waste it on those who don’t even value their own.

    • michael burns says:

      I on the other hand was taught by Augustinians. Men who would not suffer the lie, especially in a child in his learning. There was no such excuse as “I’m tired; that offends me; I’m micro-aggressed?”

      The whip and the lash for such indolents. I use to think I was abused; I wasn’t I was lazy, and was gifted with a great mind and talents and the holy fathers where not going to tolerate my insolence and thus… animus you say, lol.

      I found you comment interesting. I can see your thinking, granted the money behind Hitler was some of that tribal money, but that modern money never really existed until Rothchild purchased it. And that Rothchild favor was granted under Francis the first. A Holy Roman Emperor.

      An amount coming in from Wall Street and wherever, was used, but a majority of that Nazi financing was from the 1st Nazi’s, the old ones who came from that Teutonic order back to the last Holy Roman Emperor himself Francis II ruling Austria and king to how many countries?

      That world view that we speak they have dominated until recent times and the real rise of the totalitarians, China and Technocracy.

      The six million was a publicity scheme dating back some time. Real world depopulation did happen under Stalin and Mao in secret while the world slept. Somewhere around 100 million between them.

      But the Nazi’s were doing it in South America in 1800’s under the old Habsburg rule.They exterminated and extincted tribes of Indians right to Tierra del Fuego.

      The Soviets — barring a few gifted thinkers (Velikovsky and few others) — and the Chinese never invented a thing, they stole everything from the Germans. The first rule of Stalin was the death of creativity, it was considered a mental illness by that knuckle dragger.

      This modern world, is a truly German invention, technocracy in the making; a German invention. It was around long before Howard Scott even had inkling. That twit couldn’t find his feet in dark.

      The idea has been around since ancient times. The Romans were really technocrats, and the Nazis fancied themselves a higher form of Roman. The Nazi’s being obsessive of mind were relentless record keepers and everything was system thinking, this modern world is, simply a bi-product of that thinking.

      In actuality the Holy Roman Empire never really died, it became an empire of the mind and spirit and polluted the Habsburg world.

      We are now being trained to be good and atheistic and dumbed down Chinese Technocrats. As the real Nazi’s are the elite. God help us…

    • George McFetridge says:

      The astonishing pervasiveness of bad, anti-life, anti-human behavior today I think derives from information culture/digital culture takeover, which Hitler didn’t quite have in the 1930s. The effect of this is a dilution of what is considered human or organic. These last are the most hated factors now. It used to be Art that was hated intensely, now it’s the human entity itself.

    • Sergey says:

      Very true remark that my own family experience over the last 100+ years of living in the Soviet land (that ignorant and/or stupid people still call Russia, which, in reality, ended in 1917 and was totally buried by the Red victory in WWII)can corroborate plus similarly rich personal experience of our relatives and acquaintances. There would have been no WWII as we know it and no modern psychopathic world as we see it today without the Bolshevik conquest and destruction of Russia (Lenin’s own words: “We have conquered Russia”), whose material and human resources they used to implement their global totalitarian agenda, supported by their numerous Communist “comrades”, who sprung up all over the world right after the 1917 Bolshevik takeover of Russia, like mushrooms, and later succeeded in conquering a great many other countries, including China (where “comrade Mao” became such an inspiration and a role model for David Rockefeller and his psychotic friends) and Eastern Europe.

      A very informative and fully documentary study on the subject would be “Victims of Yalta : the secret betrayal of the allies, 1944-1947” by Nikolai Tolstoy. It shows how many Russians (millions, actually) were on the German side during the war and were later horrified by the prospect of going back to the Soviet Union. And not because they liked Germans (many were indeed no more than slaves and forced laborers in the Reich), but because the Soviet side was even worse. It was a choice between two evils, and Germany seemed a lesser evil to many (including some of my own Cossack relatives – the Cossacks were in fact exterminated by the Reds and no wonder they preferred Germans for want of a better alternative).

      A lot of people have been brainwashed so much over decades that they simply do not even suspect, how much the world they live in today has been shaped by the Reds in the 20th century. The Nazi feats are next to nothing compared with the Red exploits. Goebbels was a mere pupil of Communists. And the transnational psychotic shitheads trying to subjugate the world right now under the flag of “covid” are merely carrying out the old Communist agenda – destroy the whole old world and create an entirely new one according to their insane specifications, just like it goes in the Red anthem “The Internationale”, which is actually a political program that has really been carried out literally in many parts of the world and is now being implemented on a global scale by comrade Mao’s admirers and successors.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      You have at least TWO Holodomors to contend with.

      The first one happened during Lenin’s reign.

      Then the second one happened during Stalin’s reign.

      This puts the total deaths to over twenty-five million Russians and Ukrainians.

      THIS was what Hitler was worried about!

      There was no formalized “plan” to exterminate Jews out of existence, and there was NO such “plan” for world domination by Germany! – This was all fluff, smoke, and mirrors by the controlled media – and military psychological warfare operations!

      Even the term “NAZI” was invented by the world’s Zionist movement(s) – together with the invention of the term “antisemitism” by Marxists.

      “NAZI” was simply just another word to use to demonize ANY opponents to their developing “world system”!

      “Antisemitism” was invented to label anything or anyone an “antisemite” for simply criticizing or investigating WHO were behind all of the communistic acts to subvert the world’s nations and states – and convert them to communism. – Basically, if you do NOT agree with the pogroms, and/or identify WHO are actually behind these worldwide pogroms – gets you labeled an “antisemite” – without any basis of being racist or against any specific tribe of people!

      Once enough people finally start to realize how much of our history is mostly LIES and distortions, is when the solutions start becoming important.

      IF we are not even allowed to criticize nor point the finger at who are the ones subverting our governing systems and cultures, then we are on a path to destruction!

      Mind you,

      I DO NOT see the blame fitting to all who call themselves “Jews”! ! !

      The problems are within the corrupt and criminal leadership who claim their roles as “Jews”!

      Once we all can grasp THAT reality, THEN – we can start with the real solutions.

      This constant bandying of “NAZI’s did this, and NAZI’s did that, . . .” – are losing, dead-end arguments – that distract from the real truth: That of WHO are the real culprits – who have successfully gotten wars perpetrated that result in whites killing other whites, and nations against nations! – This is one of the oldest tricks in the book of humanity: Getting your adversaries to kill off each other – while you lend to them both – and reap the rewards of collecting on those “war debts”! ! !

    • eric says:

      Dear CMP
      You are so close to the true authors of all the horror. Your educators are expert in teaching you to be forever learning and never coming to a knowledge of the truth. You are just a lightening flash away from full comprehension.
      Here are quotes from a deviant cross dresser which may help you.
      “The individual comes face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous he cannot believe it exists. The American mind has not come to a realization of the evil which has been introduced into our midst. It rejects even the assumption that human creatures could espouse a philosophy which must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”
      J. Edgar Hoover

      • AntiSoof says:

        “It even rejects the assumption that human beings could adhere to a philosophy that must ultimately destroy all that is good and decent.”

        That’s the point.

        Normal people can’t think that badly. Bad people take advantage of that.

        Besides. I think developing your thinking is like studying the piano or learning football.

        When I was very young, I chose to turn thinking into a ‘hobby’. So I developed thinking.

        So my conclusion is that most people don’t have developed thinking.

    • miker says:

      Thank you. Keep asking ?’s! I can relate to much of this by simple observation. I have much more to say about our common enemy who’s mastery of deflection, distortion, and overall demented purpose requires a much larger library. “Truth and love” is all we have and all we need.

    • Christine says:

      Agreed CMP….those happen to be my initials also. And they were Jews who led the Bolshevik Revolution. It has to be said and understood these extreme communist Zionist Jews were butchers. Jewish history is always hidden yet they were exactly who Hitler was up against trying to keep them from overrunning Europe when he turned his efforts to the Soviet Union they created killing over 66 million in the most atrocious ways.Let’s get real and tell the truth. I can go on …they also highjacked the Bible which is all on Jesus Christ not Jews. The Jew word was inserted first appearing in 1611 in the King James Version. Their diabolical masters period as now.

  7. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Nazi medical plan for control of the planet; World War Two never ended”

    World War Two as a military conflict did end. But the side that actually ‘won’ WW2 is NOT the side that really won it or the winner as taught by history books. A short look at current events reveals who really won World War 2. And World War 3, 4…

    “The Nazi doctor, Josef Mengele, known as the Angel of Death, said: ‘The more we do to you, the less you seem to believe we are doing it.’”

    And today’s motto? ‘PLEASE, PLEASE do MORE to us! We want more EDICTS! We want more RULES! We love… ORDERS! We want to believe in you MORE! We love and worship you… you ‘EXPERTS! of ‘The Science!’

  8. ReluctantWarrior says:

    “The hypnotic power of The Doctor needs to be dismantled and broken to pieces.”

    This is key and it is up to each one of us to dispel that hypnotic power. We can do this by taking our own healthcare back into our own hands and by understanding that sound nutrition is the cornerstone for radiant health even into our senior years. It might be good to team up with a holistic MD and learn about disease prevention and how to combat the elements of modern life that tend to promote disease.

  9. Mika says:

    Nuremberg trials were a kangaroo court sham, beginning to end. David Irving was considered “the greatest WWII historian, without peer” for 20+ years, right up until he testified to the fact that there were no gas chambers in the Ernst Zundel trial in 1992. After that day, his life, reputation, income and career were summarily ruined. This is what happens to people when they tell the REAL TRUTH.

    Winners write the history. “Nazi” is a smear word that the black hats created, as is “fascism”. The “National Socialists” didn’t call themselves “nazis”, but the cabal commies that were raping, pillaging and murdering their way across Europe did. Everything they did, and a thousand times more, these cabalastic commies blamed on “The Nazis”. And it’s all easily provable.

    Mussolini’s fascist party was a harsh reaction to said commie destruction running wild and unchecked across Europe, infiltrators everywhere.

    The commies invented the IDEA…..the IDEA that “Fascism is the joining of forces between the state and corporations.” Well, since there are no “states” or true “governments” anywhere in the world, only CORPORATIONS, that definition falls flat on its face. Besides, what fake national government wouldn’t “partner” with big corporations when fighting an invasion of black hats anyway?

    Jon – you’re playing into their hands by continuing to affirm the nazi/fascism “evil axis” propaganda. It’s pure projection, just as they are doing today. Nothing has changed.

    Now, did Germany do nothing but perfect and wonderful things during WWII? Of course not. Maybe 5% of what the masses believe today is true however. Maybe 5%.

    Na-Zi = National Socialists + Zionists. Funny how we never hear about what that “Zi” meant, eh? The latter group being the ones who were responsible for the vast majority of death destruction in Germany – by a landslide (albeit, numbers far smaller than popular myths). The self-same zionists that are still running the show today – everywhere.

    Happy to share mountains of evidence to support my position if you’re interested.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Good points there Mika… so I’ll add that I’m convinved that the Spanish Inquisition was hijacked by those alien-neantherthals as well, turning a valid inquisition into a horror. We’re waaaaayyy off topic here so I don’t expect Jon to ok this post, but then maybe he will!

  10. earl r kitover says:

    Congratulations, Jon:

    This is pure genius! What a mind you have! I’ve never seen any academic put these pieces together! I subscribe to your links and it’s my greatest disappointment that you’re not advisor to a leader that can get the free world behind this….

  11. Bullwinkle says:

    The so called “Civil War” never ended either.
    The Leiber/Lieber Code created at that time is still in effect.

  12. Jbtc says:

    I read your articles, daily, but this one grabbed my attention like few others. I learned about the I.G. Farben conspiracies from the book, The Crimes of I G Farben, before lawsuits and intimidation had it buried and removed from library shelves. The copy I read was “borrowed” from a library and never returned, because the librarian told the borrower it was to be removed and destroyed upon checking it in. He simply paid the fee for a lost book and shared it with me and others.
    I have been saying that the Nazi, Marxist, or whatever you want to name have the same goals, n matter what the name and am regularly chastised by “degreed experts” that they are different and I am wrong. This article helps make my point. So whether Farben, Alphabet, Pfizer, Meta or whatever their names are, the playbook is the same as before.
    Thank you for this. Now I need to go back and re-read some more of your articles.

  13. Jim S Smith says:


    I’m VERY DISAPPOINTED and even APPALLED – that YOU, of all well-educated people, would help to continue the LIE about WW II “history”!

    All of this, is simply a continuation of the HUGE, VERY successful LIE of “history” – that is here today – to lay them blame for all of the world’s ills on white people! – THAT is the basis of the WW II fraudulent telling of history!

    IF it were NOT for nationalist Germany, of those times,

    The world would have been far worse off – twenty or more years earlier – with the expanding threat of JEWISH BOLSHEVISM – which was responsible for tens-of-millions of deaths of innocent Europeans (at least TWO Holodomors in Russia/Ukraine to credit).

    ALL of the fictitious “NAZI-atrocities” are just THAT: FICTIONS – pushed forward by well-payed LIARS, and amplified by CONTROLLED MEDIA, helped even further with the most sophisticated psychological warfare operation upon the world’s people – of those times! ! !

    There is good reason why actual, DOCUMENTED facts and evidence were NEVER permitted to used in the defenses at the NUREMBERG TRIALS which should have NEVER been conducted the way they were!


    NO ONE ever wants to talk about the huge number of atrocities that were done against the European civilians, by “the allies”, who had NO part in any of these wars! – Let’s not even broach the subject of how many don’t even talk about the cruel things that were done to many of the German, Austrian, French, and Italian civilians – again, “BY THE ALLIES” – AFTER WARS’ ENDINGS! ! !

    There are MANY very good, detailed video documentaries on the REAL war crimes that only picked up pace – after the defeat and mass-slaughter of Europeans! – The only real winners of those wars, were the banking cartels themselves!

    There were NO gas-chambers for mass-murdering people ever proven!

    There were no mass-crematoria in any of those camps proven to exist!

    There were NO programs to mass-murder “jews” during the wars, and there were even executions of German military soldiers who ever abused and/or wrongfully killed any prisoner of war.

    Even Simon Wiesenthal, the famous “NAZI hunter”, concluded that there were NO DEATH CAMPS – and any such claims about their existence were BASELESS and NOT PROVEN!

    Even Gen, George S. Patton saw serious problems with how the “de-NAZIfication programs” were being conducted. He opted to resign, rather than retire – because he would not have been allowed to publicly express what he saw – had he taken retirement!

    World “Jewery” were the ones who initially declared war on Germany in 1933 – long before any mass round-ups even began! This was heavily reported in virtually all of the controlled press of the times, to include Time, The Mercury, and virtually all Jewish-specific publications!

    – “Judea declares a holy war on Germany“, common headlines of 1933 newspapers.

    * * *

    IF we continue biting into the PILL of a corrupted and falsified telling of “the history” of those wars, and NEVER truly identify who the REAL hidden culprits behind the decimation of humanity, as well as see actually WHO are the ones pushing this program of globalism – WE WILL NEVER DEFEAT THIS GLOBAL PROGRAM, BECAUSE WE WILL CONTINUE TO BE MISDIRECTED TOWARDS A PHANTOM “ENEMY” THAT IS NOTHING MORE THAN A DISTRACTION – AND A CONDUIT TOWARDS THIS CONTINUED “HATE-WHITEY” CAMPAIGN – That seeks to exterminated whites from the world completely!

    Hitler’s Germany rightly feared the progress of the Bolshevik brand of communism (“Marxism”) , and the fact that those who controlled Bolshevism – also had major influence upon the policies of most of the Western world – to include the USA, Great Britain, and “liberated” France!

    Please, for the sake of the survival of all our peoples –

    Do some more in-depth research into the REAL causes and factors behind the “world wars”! ! !


    1. “EUROPA: The Last Battle”,


    3. “HELLSTORM”,

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Yeah, right on Jim haha (laughing darkly– dark humor because I can afford it at the moment but apologies to others who cannot). A really entertaining, er… DARKLY entertaining exposee site I found is There some crazy crazy things going on and this site is excellent on exposing the truth-that-cannot-be-made-up. I wonder, Jim, if you would be able to go further out on a limb and entertain the notion that we’re dealing with another species.. I’m serious here so don’t think I’m pulling-your-leg.. a species from another planet? I’m very serious– and have the blog to prove it. Not all Jews are bad– but the ones that are pushing the agenda are connected to those aliens. At this point, I don’t car anymore about calling attention to this if Jon will approve my message. I really ought to stop drinking, haha.

  14. George McFetridge says:

    C-19 is close to the perfect crime. Those questioning its false tenets are unable to arrest it. A real study in momentum of a juggernaut. I appreciate having this blog to express this. My thanks to all thoughtful participants here.

  15. The Watchman says:

    Great history lesson for those who were unaware, Jon.
    Will be definitely linking this one today @

  16. Lois says:

    A brilliant piece of writing. I wondered about the IG Farben story. Thank you for spelling it out.

  17. Firestarter says:

    Hitler modeled his eugenics program on the US blueprint…

    Adolf Hitler was funded by the (Zionist) elite of the Netherlands, France, UK and US. Including Rockefeller, Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands (who controlled the “Thyssen” BHS bank) and the Bank of England (with governor Montagu Norman the buddy of Hitler’s economic adviser Hjalmar Schacht).

  18. dnomsed says:

    Thank you very much, Jon.

    The medical profession, as we know it, has lost all credibility and trust. Their hospitals are modern-day killing fields. Their patron Saint (Fauci) is headed […]. It seems to be an end of an era.

    Will we see a move back to traditional, herbal, ‘alternative’ (original), healing methods?

  19. Tom Bernard says:

    Everyone reading these articles understands Bill Gates is a monster… but he is also a huge problem for, “his team.” The Pandemic could have been a slam dunk for the sadistic elite if they simply jumped in and saved the day with real treatments and honesty; which would have instantly created global trust; opening the door to universal medical compliance… but instead, (due to Bill Gates desire to be remembered as the greatest eugenics satanist in the history of the world…) He hastily pushed forward without fine tuning extremely vital details, which has led to the education of multi millions of people… and now; thanks to Bill Gates and his ego; the world is quickly waking up to the horrifying facts of everything we have all just finished reading in Jon’s article… and the resistance is growing… So, yes… The final death count might be in the millions, but nothing compared to what it could have been if Bill Gates was a team player.

  20. Lee says:

    It warms my heart and gives me a bit more faith in humanity when I see that there is an increase (albeit gradual) in people posting here that “get it” concerning the whole “Nazi/German/Hitler” lie we have been force fed for over a hundred years. I have faith that the rest of you will eventually “catch on” when you start using Logic, Reason and Critical thinking skills that seem to lie dormant in 80% or so of the population. Thanks Carol, Mika, Jim S Smith, and others who are not afraid to question the big LIE.

  21. Curmudgeon says:


    Until Marx, who was related to, and worked for the Rothchilds, hi-jacked the socialist movement, the socialists were anarchists closer to libertarians. They wanted government, the church, and the banks out of the economy. They were not opposed to private ownership of business, only corporate type of ownership to business. A co-op is a socialist structure. Marx took the view that only revolution and obliteration of the upper classes could do that. Unwittingly, Mikhail Bakunin compared Marx’s communism to a private central bank and noted that with a central bank, Jews would prosper at the expense of labour. Yes, socialists were virulent Auntie Shem-ites.

    As for Hitler, can you ditch the Aryan superman bullshit. Hitler youth were sent to Japan to learn Japanese culture. Hitler openly admitted Japanese and Chinese had ancient cultures that were,in some ways, superior to their own. Do you really think 600,000 people from across Europe and North Africa volunteered to fight on the Eastern Front because Hitler thought they were inferior?

  22. Arby says:

    Yes, They stuck the label of ‘socialism’ (communism?) onto the Nazi Party for marketing purposes, just the way the Chinese political leadership today (whatever their history) embrace the label of ‘communist’, despite being fascist. (Then there’s the label of ‘democratic’ attached to the Corporatocracy’s police State governments.) But Jon’s Conservative sensibilities here trip him up a bit, in my view, in the way that he makes that point. It just seems off a bit.

    Telford Taylor was a dog. Noam Chomsky (well before he sold his soul) gave a good account of Taylor in “For Reasons Of State.”

    “…The Nuremberg Trials ruled that the German admirals should be subjected to no criminal penalties for their violation of international law, because the laws in question “had been abrogated by the practice of the belligerents on both sides under the stress of military necessity.” … Taylor concludes that “to punish the foe – especially the vanquished foe – for conduct in which the enforcing nation has engaged, would be so grossly inequitable as to discredit the laws themselves.” …

    “From such comments we can derive the operational definition of “crime of war” as conceived at Nuremberg. Criminal acts were to be treated as crimes only if the defeated enemy, but not the victors, had engaged in them. This option, which Taylor does not mention, was not adopted by the postwar tribunals. They chose instead “to discredit the laws themselves” by restricting their definition of criminal conduct so as to exclude punishment of the victors.” – page 214

  23. Arby says:

    “But it’s doubtful COVID will be the last pandemic story. If a product is a major winner, sell a variation of it. And another.”

    I’m a Christian (outside of fake, mainstream Christianity) and I don’t believe that this toilet world has enough time left to it for pulling off more covid 19s. I’d be surprised if it lasted beyond covid 19. We truly are at the end of this cruel, perverted system of things. The lesson that our first human parents decided, wrongly, to learn, namely Is God’s way of love and the golden rule good? Or is Satan’s way of ‘riches for the strongest’ better or at least an equally good alternative?, is fairly settled. When the crime is established, the precedent will be set and a system like the one that we, good and bad, have all chafed under will never have to arise again. (Individuals will always be free to rebel, but they won’t be free to influence the wider, peaceful, society that we will build.)

    God, our Judge, had to let the evidence be presented and now it has. We’ve created tech and we’ve experimented with all manner of political systems (with money always being a feature) and to what end? We now have hell on earth. We are entering into a global biosecurity police State and new feudalism, meaning freedom for the few predator-parasites at the top and enslavement for the vast majority of humankind, forever – ‘if’ there’s no God.

  24. Betonamu Jin says:

    In Vietnam they are started to vaccinate the children. Our child is 11 yrs old and we decided to not let him take the jab. Almost all of his friends and his teachers will take the jab. We don’t know if this decision is right or not.

    In Vietnam we use various of vaccines and not limited to Pfizer like yours on the US. We feared our child could get COVID from his vaccinated friends and teachers since I heard the vaccinated could spread the virus much easier than the unvaccinated. If this is what will going to be then which would protect our child from being infected?

    At least parents have children vaccinated could have some hopes that their child is already protected by the jab, even if they could be infected then at least it will be not as serious as the unvaxxed. We have none of such hope.

    Please let me know if our decision is right or not. We are really confused.

    • Doodlenut says:

      Your child most likely will not suffer from Covid due to their natural immune system, however vitamins C, D and Zinc will help protect.

      Generic drugs – Ivermectin / Hydroxychloroquine – will prevent infection of adults and children. Suramin (pine needle tea) flushes put Spike protein (pathogen), and Chlorine Dioxide is a remedy for most issues.

    • Steve says:

      Look at the statics of deaths from Covid by age. The risk of the disease for anyone under 30 is minimal, and it gets significantly lower the younger you are. The risk is virtually nonexistant for kids. Vaccinating an 11 year old kid is completely unnecessary, and in most cases is done purely because of the fear generated by the MSM.

      If you absolutely MUST vaccinate, then avoid all genetic mRNA or vector vaccines. If you can get a traditional-based vaccine, choose that one. No experimental products. The risk of myocarditis will be higher in your kid than covid will ever be, if you go with the mRNA vaccines.

    • TruthSeeker says:

      As a retired RN of 27 years, I concur with “Doodlenut’s” statement and recommendations. The risk of a child acquiring a major, serious illness from taking the vaccine far outweighs the risks from covid, especially for children.

    • Jan says:

      Please stay away from any “vaccine” for yourself and your child, including the ones being touted for “covid”.

      There is no covid pandemic because covid does not exist — it is a scam perpetrated on a global scale, to make people who have been fooled rush to inject these toxic “vaccines” into their bodies.

      Many people of all ages have died or been seriously harmed soon after being injected. Others who were jabbed will face an unknown future of harm to their health and continued harm from the “boosters” and other “vaccines” being promoted.

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