Behind closed doors: medical research labs

by Jon Rappoport

October 28, 2021

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During the past two years, I’ve made comments about what goes on in research labs. The lunatic “science,” the cruelty visited on humans and animals, who are the test subjects.

My work on this goes back to the 1980s, when I was writing my first book, AIDS INC. After reading renegade and leaked literature at that time, I made the following assessment:

To prove their hypotheses about germs causing diseases, researchers will first do anything to weaken animals, so it then seems injecting them with (purported) germs is infecting them and making them sick.

This “prep work” to weaken animals includes:

Destructive genetic modification;

The injection of toxic chemicals and drugs;

The removal of the animals’ immune systems;

The injection of toxic serums composed of material taken from other animal species;

Exposing the animals to high doses of radiation;

The grafting of material on to the animals from other species;

The caging and isolation of the animals for long periods, which produces great stress and immune-system suppression;

Drilling holes in animals and attaching restraints and sensors to them and inside them;

Berating the animals, treating them as objects;

Conducting research in unsanitary and unclean facilities.

And then, finally—issuing falsified records to support lies about outcomes, in order to prove pre-destined conclusions.

The entire catalog of torture is couched and concealed in dry technical language and euphemism. Medical journals describe NOTHING about the animals’ reactions to this brutal savagery. If they did, the researchers would be exposed as rank sadists, their work would be discredited, and eventually there would be a public uproar.

As for human test subjects, perhaps you’ve heard of the radiation experiments performed on patients in US hospitals during World War 2.

Bottom line: Scientists and government officials decided they needed to know how much radiation would kill a human. After all, workers at The Manhattan Project were trying to build an atomic bomb. They were being exposed to radiation.

So “terminally ill” patients were selected. Informed consent was out of the question. The unknowing patients were secretly injected with high doses of radioactive elements. Tissue samples were taken and analyzed. As it turned out, some of the patients were not terminal. They had been misdiagnosed, or doctors knew up front that they were relatively healthy. The whole study was highly classified, and few people knew of its existence.

From the Atomic Heritage Foundation’s 2017 report, Human Radiation Experiments, here are descriptions of two of the patients:

“Ebb Cade was the first test subject. Cade was a 53-year-old African American male who worked for an Oak Ridge construction company as a cement mixer. On March 24, 1945, he was involved in an auto accident, which caused fractures in his arm and leg. Documents from the time show that he was otherwise healthy. Over the next two weeks, he was given the codename HP-12, with HP standing for Human Product [!]. Dr. Friedell wrote to Dr. Hempelmann at Los Alamos that he had found a primary subject for the plutonium experiment.”

“On April 10, 1945, Dr. Joseph Howland administered a plutonium dose of 4.7 micrograms to Cade, who was awaiting a procedure to set his bones. From 1943-1945, the maximum possible body burden (MPBB) for plutonium had been 5 micrograms, based on limits adopted for radium. Based on animal experimentation, Langham and Friedell had recently concluded that because plutonium remained in the bone for longer than radium, the MPBB should actually be set at 1 microgram. Cade’s dose was nearly five times that limit.”

“Cade was not treated for his arm and leg injuries until April 15, five days after the injection, so that the doctors would be able to biopsy his bone samples. This included extracting 15 of his teeth, which were subsequently shipped to Wright Langham at Los Alamos. It is unclear if Cade suffered from legitimate tooth decay. Shortly after his bones had been set, Cade suddenly discharged himself from the hospital. He moved out of Tennessee and died of heart failure on April 13, 1953, 8 years after the Oak Ridge injection.”

“Another questionable case was CAL-2, a four-year old boy named Simeon Shaw suffering from terminal bone cancer. He was flown with his mother to the UCSF hospital in a US military plane from Australia, apparently under the advisement of a physician in Australia. He arrived in California in April 1946 and was admitted to the hospital. For some time, he was separated [from] his mother, who was only allowed visits periodically. Simeon received a plutonium injection at UCSF under the oversight of Joseph Hamilton and was discharged from the hospital within a month. The Shaws returned to Australia and no follow-ups were ever conducted. Simeon died eight months later.”

“The physicians involved [in the entire project] knew that the procedures had no therapeutic benefits and would be detrimental in the long run if the patients lived. Human experimentation was justified by the claim that the patients were terminally ill; however, this was not true in all cases. Repeated errors in diagnosis, procedure, documentation, and research were made, ultimately calling into question the efficacy of the experiments themselves.”

The doctors and bureaucrats didn’t even have the ethics or common sense to make their reports usable.

Nothing has changed. The COVID vaccines are injuring and killing huge numbers of people all over the world—and governments and media insist on covering up and twisting the facts about the largest grand experiment in human history.

From government leaders in scores of countries, down to decrepit pundits like Noam Chomsky, the word is out: the unvaccinated are lepers and must be isolated from the rest of society.

But sometimes the test subjects rebel and break out of their cages. When they do, they aren’t good little boys and girls.

Then they’re called insurrectionists and terrorists. But the truth is much simpler.

Living beings don’t like to be tortured.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

30 comments on “Behind closed doors: medical research labs

  1. Donella says:

    Jon’s reports are distressing but there’s no way to make these barbarous acts of cruelty more palatable, whether they’re performed on human beings or animals. They are just that horrific.

    Hiding my head in the sand is no solution, although I admit I’ve tried to at times. I’ll keep spreading this information as long as possible. Surely somewhere there are still many ears to hear it and eyes to read it, no matter how dismal the hope. For myself, it’s only way not to succumb to despondency.

    • Donella, yes, it is so horrific that we want to repress knowing about it. This is what trauma does to us.

      Like you, I will get past the sick feeling in my entire being and take right action, which is, as you say, to tell others. We can’t force them to see the awful truth, but we can use our voices to speak up and out.

  2. Sue says:

    Thank you Jon, for covering this subject. It really is the bigger picture that we have step back and take a look at. Now that more of people are realizing we are part of a giant experimental depopulation and control plan, some are finally paying attention.

    I wanted to be a veterinarian but had to re-think it after being told to participate in horrific cruelty. I walked out. Years later I met two others who dropped out because of the torture they were being required to perform. What does that leave us in the veterinary field? People who are comfortable with performing torture?

    Since then I have, as an antivivisectionist, seen the most unbelievably vile mutilations and torment taking place, which most people have no idea about. When I first saw them, I wept. It is beyond description, and it is pure evil, being conducted with OUR tax dollars.

    There are a lot more demons in the world than I ever would have thought possible. And it’s disturbing that many of the rest of the human population are behaving like compliant zombies and Nazi brown shirts, ready to pounce on and report their neighbors for not going along with the agenda.

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Sue, I appreciate your comments. I had not considered what you stated about veterinary school, at least in decades. It seems it is time to teach medical students of all kinds more ethical ways of learning their particular disciplines.

      I commend you for saying no to torture of innocent animals.

      I have to have a really good reason to ever take my pets to the vet and it certainly isn’t for vaccines.

      The articles from Jon detailing abortions was sometimes too hard to read.

    • Opie Poik says:

      War is mass human vivisection, too.

    • Mac says:

      May want to note also the vaccine con that continues to be done on animals. The same way supposed vaccine does not do anything to help people and is negative interference with our bodies it’s the same wtih animals. They conjured scare tactics over a long time to push strangers jabbing us with poison, knowing that getting people to do it to animals reinforces doing it to people. There is no such thing as vaccine to prevent either tetnus bacteria or rabies bacteria. Example how they confuse on supposed ‘medical’ page about tetnus says – ‘vaccination with one of the standard tetanus vaccinations helps your immune system fight the toxins. Antibiotics given either orally or by injection, may help fight tetanus bacteria.’

      Nonsense. Supposed vaccines do nothing to ‘help immune’. They are not probiotics or vitamins. The treatment if you get a wound with rust exposure, bacteria, is the antibiotics, not ‘vaccine’. Same with rabies. Any supposed vaccine would do zero to prevent either if you get a wound and the bacteria. Supposed vaccine is a rip off and to continue pushing the vaccine con in people.

      Think how many cats and dogs, and chickens and other animals jabbed with poisons. Someone with chickens once said to me they ‘had a problem then later after vaccinating didn’t have a problem’, which I said was faulted assesment, you have to consider every relevant input, such as moldy feed, or lack of sun problem in housed or only part outdoor animals, and every other factor. We shouldn’t be ‘vaxing’ animals either. If something in my post reasonates suggest make note, paper pen better than copy paste. Facts do no good only sitting in our heads, if we don’t also spread to those around us so they know and can also do that, it makes no difference.

      In any case agree with Opie on wars, and the other comments.

  3. BDBinc says:

    Well said, the cruel torture and murders of living beings are part of a collective insanity that only the sane can see.

  4. Paul says:

    “Berating the animals,
    treating them as objects…”

    “Medical journals
    describe NOTHING
    about the animals’
    reactions to
    this brutal savagery.”

    ~ JR


    I saw a short film depicting a lab. The scene opened with the sound of intense punctuated crying & bleating of animals.

    A white coat lab worker, wearing goggles, was squirting large doses of a black liquid into the eyes of tiny white rabbits.

    He grabbed roughly from a large wooden bin a clean rabbit nestled together (somewhat nervously, I suspect from the surrounding sounding cacophony) with others of its kind.

    He squirted the black substance & tossed the now squealing & wriggling bunny into another bin. The bunny landed roughly against the wooden bin floor, still bleating, streaked with black.

    The lab “worker” remained utterly nonplussed throughout.

    He was testing mascara.


    I heard Whitley Strieber tell of this account. During one of his encounters, he feels the aliens are mistreating him, as they perform their various genetic experiments on him.

    He screams at them,
    “You have no right!”

    The alien stops his procedure, squares his face to Whitley’s, eye-to-eye & hits him hard with a powerful telepathic message.

    “WE DO.”

    Sowing & Reaping

    How to extricate ourselves from that cycle?

    That is the question.

    • Tim says:

      We made them up. We give the illusion (egoMatrix) power.
      And the feedback loop continues.
      This dream amounts to a mass-psychosis.
      The way we got into it is the same way out. Truth was rejected, Reality denied.

  5. The procedures Jon describes are similar to what victims of MK-ULTRA programming endure. The perpetrators get off on torture, it’s just that simple. The world — out front and behind the scenes — is being orchestrated by psychopaths and their puppets. We must find ways to not only take down the veil but to help people who are so deeply traumatized that they won’t be able to handle the truth when they see it. And I think those revelatory days are upon us. Remain courageous!

  6. Tom Bernard says:

    Thinking about all the “news and developments” since covid began; I’m dismayed by the pattern of piling one new story after another with no resolution… And because we have been programmed to learn nothing through this montage of snippets, the world gets worse rather than better… And with that said, it’s seems imperative we, (all of us) find a way to keep these recent articles by Jon alive and visible… They represent horrific truths, and a frightening view into the minds of those presently at the wheel of our planet… Jon has drawn a line in the sand, and we must all, (especially the religious) be careful not to cross it… It is time to say, “enough…” and I desperately pray we will… I will continue forwarding the articles to churches, (etc,) and am open to new motivating ideas… We may feel fairly useless individually, but together we can become an extremely loud voice toward restitution.

    • jacqueline grace says:


      I just want to say how much I appreciate your post. Thank you.

      I agree 100%.I have been posting as many places as I can and talking about it to whoever will listen. It’s frustrating as some appear to be mind-controlled beyond comprehension.

      Some theories exist that the jab is cutting people off from their Source, Creator, God. That would be most evil and the consequences from that could make for a hell on earth.

      The other thing I am doing is collecting the hard evidence, documents, things of that nature. I am sure many others are as well. It’s important to print and or save on a memory card or disk. They can shut everything down on the internet. Or change it. Did you hear that they changed the meaning of the word vaccine in the Merriam-Webster dictionary? Crazy. […] We must especially do something to protect the children.

      God Bless

  7. Irene Bateman says:

    It is important for society to know how torturers are made. The attitude of not caring or indifference is not now believed to be inherited but handed down from parents to child – and encouraged by many of our institutions and treatment of children – including creches, nurseries, schools – where bullying is accepted and ignored and no time allowed for children to converse naturally, instead of the stilted teacher-dominated atmosphere.

    Children want to learn but what they are interested in and when they are ready – otherwise they like to talk and play. This respect for individual rights is the beginning of democracy – as described by Yaacov Hecht in Democratic Education or any of the books by Dan Greenberg about Sudbury Valley School. Thie sort of education produces a strong self and respect for others which is desperately needed now.

  8. Roundball Shaman says:

    “From government leaders in scores of countries, down to decrepit pundits like Noam Chomsky, the word is out: the unvaccinated are lepers and must be isolated from the rest of society.”

    OK, let’s give them what they want! PLEASE! Separate the unvaccinated from the vaccinated. That would be the greatest thing that could happen to this World.

    Let the deluded ones all live together somewhere and take all the toxic crap in pill form or injectables into their bodily systems as fast as Big Pharma can conjure the crap.

    And let those who just want to be left alone and away from this insanity have a dedicated territory somewhere on this Earth where they can live in peace and away from the massive toxic soup that will consume the high and mighty deluded ones who believe in Satanic Pseudo Science.

    This time, listen to the ‘experts’ who want to separate out all the uninjected of the World. Please… DO IT NOW.

    • Researcher says:

      Not going to work, when they come for your property. Your freedom of movement. Your livelihood. Your ability to buy or grow food. Your right to collect water. Your right to breath air without being masked. Your right to assemble or congregate. Your right to free speech.

      Have you read Agenda 21? Or Covid19: The Great Reset?

      Breaking off into two societies (vaccinated and unvaccinated) and pretending the psychopaths who seized the countries, land and rights of individuals unlawfully and deceptively through these hierarchical authoritarian infrastructures called “governments”, will not ignore individuals or groups who won’t go along with their global governance model, their program of technocracy, medical tyranny, biosecurity state, mass surveillance, tracking and tracing, and the physical and digital enslavement of every living man, woman and child.

      They will come for you, your property and everyone who resists.

      • Roundball Shaman says:

        You are correct in that ‘They’ would never respect the rights of a separated society seeking freedom. They respect nothing but their own deluded sense of self-god/demon-hood. But a Separate Society would be the ideal to allow both sides to exist on a single planet.

        They have been trying to herd eight billion people into one single controlled cattle pen. And They may (and have) succeeded in that to a certain extent.

        BUT… the innate drive within the soul of humans to be free will not be easily extinguished. That is the reason why They want so badly to merge humans with tech. If They can do this, then we can be programmed into Their deviant image of us. As long as we refuse to be the slaves of technology run by psychopaths and vultures, we have a future.

        People simply do not want to be part of ‘ONE’ Anything. Nor should we. Diversity and difference has been bred into us and remains a vital part of who and what we are.

        We don’t look the same. We don’t think the same. We don’t want the same things… nor should we. If Universe wanted us to be the Same Thing, we would be. That we are different is fundamental to Life.

        That we celebrate our differences while also have communion with each other in our shared humanity is the essence of Life as it was intended. When we try to erase our differences or not seek any form of communion with each other is when we go badly wrong. And what are They pushing? Make us all the same and make us hate each other. Sort of tells you where Their heads are.

  9. STARR Rebecca STODDARD says:


  10. Deanna Johnston Clark says:

    Please know that Donald Trump, the first week, banned all investigations into slaughter house and agricultural cruelties.

    I gave a chunk of inheritance to the Beagle Freedom Project because they were saving laboratory animals and exposing the savagery. So I took it personally and haven’t trusted him since.

    There is no balm in Gilead, folks. Trust not in princes….

    • Sue says:

      On the other hand, he tried to massively cut the budget going to vivisection, but Congress threw a fit, and the media went bonkers. The site “ISideWith” gives the politicians’ positions on various issues.

      On the subject of vivisection, the question was asked: “Should researchers be allowed to use animals in testing the safety of drugs, vaccines, medical devices, and cosmetics?”

      BIden: Yes, but not for cosmetics
      Newsom: Yes, but not for cosmetics
      Obama: Yes, but not for cosmetics
      DeSantis: Yes
      Trump: No

      He also signed a law to make cruelty to animals a Federal felony.

      So there you go. No one is going to be perfect.

      • Researcher says:

        If you don’t understand that both sides are one side (good cop/bad cop) and have been since the inception of parties and governments, then you are as much a victim and a dupe as those who believe Biden is competent and compassionate.

        Govern = Control. Ment = Mind.

        Government is mind control.

        Donald Trump is an actor.
        Joe Biden is an actor.
        Nancy Pelosi is an actor.

        Ronald Reagan was an ACTOR.

        Do you understand yet?

        It’s not real. None of it.

        It’s theater for the saps who watch the mind control *programming* on the black box and believe they should give their personal autonomy and individual rights away to Masonic psychopaths who promote scams of mass poisoning by injection called “Warp Speed”.

  11. L Garou says:

    These demons make the Island of Lost Souls seem like Disneyland..

  12. Tim says:

    Thank you for your work.

  13. vakzine macht frei says:

    Most Americans and Europeans are brain dead anyway. They can do anything. there will be no reaction. They can take their kids, no reaction, their freedom, no reaction. They can be injected with anything anytime. Their movement can be restricted. You can even make fun of them, make them wear a muzzle.

  14. Yvonne Blasy says:

    In short, stay away from allopathic medicine.

  15. Brian James says:

    October 26, 2021 Student Loses Leg after Second Cross-jab, then Dies

    “A student who developed blood clots after getting her second Covid-19 vaccine shot and her left leg was amputated has since died of a haemorrhagic stroke after brain surgery”.

  16. Moona Lisa says:

    So let me get it straight: I can call myself a “scientist”, and as long as my fellow phychopaths who call themselves “scientists” too, pat me on the back I can exempt myself from animal cruelty laws? Both federal and state.

    Am I missing something here?

    There should be a criminal case brought (via private attorney general type of action) against “dr” Fauci for torturing animals. Including revocation of his medical license. It would force addressing the issue in public. Note that MSM is silent on Fauci torturing animals.

  17. Moona Lisa says:

    War criminal of Hiroshima fame Leslie Groves ran Manhattan Project. In height of Cold War, he and his “twin” and fellow psychopath A. Dulles, planned to dump 200 nukes on European part of Soviet Union. Apparently, all they had on hand at the time.

    Injecting black worker (likely illiterate) with radioactive material is peanuts (no offence to poor fellow).

  18. Ron Hollis says:

    Rappoport says: “This ‘prep work’ to weaken animals includes: removal of animal’s ‘immune systems’.”

    I ask How? I can recognize a weakened or compromised immune system but I can’t imagine how they physically remove an immune system. This defies logic. Could he possibly mean they destroy the immune system?

  19. Lorna says:

    “Chloroquine is a potent inhibitor of SARS coronavirus infection and spread”

    August 22, 2005.

  20. jacqueline grace says:

    I have been against all animal testing since I first heard that it existed. People called me radical, accused me of hating people because I cared about animals.

    There is no reason to ever do this to animals. Because after the animal tests they still have to be tested on people. It just ends up prolonging the lifesaving medication to the humans that are dying. There are plenty of volunteers in this situation all that want to be tested to find a cure.

    Nice to see others here that know how special animals are. Children and animals need protecting they cannot defend themselves.

    Yeah , and the jab is just the evil NWO torturing and sacrificing the humans especially children. Don’t let them.

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