Your basketball god refuses the vaccine; memo to Brooklyn Nets fans

by Jon Rappoport

October 8, 2021

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Desperate times call for loud measures.

Memo to Brooklyn Nets fans: If Kyrie Irving continues to stand his ground and refuses the vaccine…while you’re sitting in the stands this season shout in unison for 10 or 15 minutes at a time without pause, WE WANT KYRIE, WE WANT KYRIE. Try to drown out the television announcers. And since the NY vaccine mandate has emanated from both the governor and the mayor of the city, shout F*UCK DE BLASIO, F*CK HOCHUL. Let the people watching the game at home hear it. Give it your all. Come on. Organize. Hold parties at your house for season ticket holders. Practice shouting in your living rooms. On your balconies and rooftops. In the streets. You’re Brooklyn. Nobody tells you what’s what.

It would be hard to find an NBA player who can perform more magic on the court than Kyrie Irving, one of the three big stars for the Brooklyn Nets.

Kyrie hasn’t said he won’t take the vaccine. He just hasn’t taken it yet. And he wants that decision to remain private.

But it can’t be private, because his team resides in a holy site, New York, a sacred center of the Church of the Mandatory Injection.

No player can play a sport in an indoor NY venue unless he’s vaccinated. So says God.

Therefore, we have an untenable situation. Kyrie would have to sit out all 41 home games and then play most of the 41 road games.

The other day, one of the babbling sports talk-show luminaries compared getting the shot to wearing a seat belt. Therefore, Kyrie should stop screwing around and line up and take the needle.

Forget the fact that reported COVID vaccine injuries in the US have risen above 700,000. Forget the Harvard Pilgrim study that concluded vaccine injuries are grossly underreported, and you should multiply them by 100 to reach a true figure.

We’re talking about BASKETBALL. Let’s get our priorities straight. Winding up in the hospital after vaccination is okay. Dying is okay. But not playing on the court is a mortal sin.

The sports media world, of course, sucks up every edict, decree, and mainstream proposition about vaccines as Revelation handed down on stone tablets from the mountain. Safe and effective. Rare side effects. Minor swelling at the injection site.

Sudden heart conditions after the shots? Blood clots? Miscarriages? Collapse? Death? No problem. Death is Nature’s way of telling us the vaxx is working.

Hey, the Pope says, if you can sip the wine and munch on the wafer, you can take the jab. And he’s wired up to the Deity.

Other ignoramuses say, “What’s wrong with Kyrie? Doesn’t he realize his team has a chance of winning the championship this year? We don’t want athletes among us who contradict everything that makes America great. Kyrie is a ROLE MODEL. We can’t have kids saying KEEP THAT NEEDLE AWAY FROM ME.”

And so we come to this:

Kyrie? Open the door. Let me in.

It’s the middle of the night. Who’s there?

Tony. Tony Fauci.

Oh. Hold on…

Thanks for letting me in, Kyrie. I just want to put a few facts in front of you.

You mean no need to wear a mask? Wear a mask? Wear two? Don’t wear one? Wear one? That sort of thing?

I had to keep adjusting my recommendations.


Because we’re training people like dogs to obey.

So you can set up a dictatorship.

Well, sure.

What about the cycles?

What? How do you know about the cycles?

I read, Tony. You admitted that when labs set the PCR test cycles at 35 or above, the results are meaningless. But labs in the US have been running the test at 40 cycles. So false-positives are pouring out by the millions. Millions of people have been labeled COVID cases for no reason.

This is the kind of thing that gets you into trouble, Kyrie. You’re overthinking.

Meaning I get to the truth.

The truth per se is always shifting. We have to settle on a kind of average message that reaches average Americans.

In other words, Tony, you’ve got more tricks than I have on the court.

Come on, Kyrie. You’re elite. Join us. We’re elite, too.

Good night, Tony. I have to sleep, so I have energy tomorrow for practice, which I’m not attending because NY politicians, following your advice, shut down venues to the unvaccinated outlaws.

I want to get back to this ROLE MODEL business.

“Kyrie is setting a very bad example for the children. They’ll want to refuse the shot…”

The CDC is trying to head in the opposite direction (7/12/21): “Children and adolescents have the capacity to understand and reason about low-risk and high-benefit health care interventions. State laws should therefore authorize minors to consent to COVID-19 vaccination without parental permission.”

All right. If these demented criminals want to go there, then children, “who have the capacity to understand and reason,” can also REFUSE THE VACCINE, even if their parents demand they take it.

It’s only fair.

And with these cognitive skills, the kids won’t be unduly influenced by anything Kyrie does or says or declines to do.

Case closed.

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

39 comments on “Your basketball god refuses the vaccine; memo to Brooklyn Nets fans

  1. 2plus2 says:

    Let’s hope Kyrie keeps the courage to just say NO! We need every person that we can get to stand up to the lying Fauci and this jab madness!

    • Orpheus Owl says:

      Mercola is good for all things against vaccines, but I wouldn’t call that a “Health” website. He knows nothing about nutrition.

  2. Sean says:

    Another slam dunk!

  3. Paul Fassa says:

    I suspect that nationally well-known athletes will be given saline shots to show the public how safe the death shots are. There’s a list I found that shows everyone in the White House, including senators and congressional representatives, are exempt from taking the vaccine. After all, it would be a PR propaganda disaster if any of those people showed up disabled or dead after the shots.

  4. JoAnn Dolberg says:


  5. Need A Ladder says:

    Again God gets it wrong ignoring that even if injected with the genetic modifier experiment they could be getting saline placebo or meningitis vaccine placebo and not the real thing because IT IS IN EXPERIMENTAL TRIAL PHASE and this will not end until January 31, 2023. So in all these VAX/PASS venues there are many many people with PLACEBOS meaning they HAVE NOT HAD THE ACTUAL MRNA PRODUCT AT ALL meaning they are not even remotely “protected” as people are being led to believe, not that there would be proof they were protected anyway as this cannot begin to be determined in any way effectively until that period of the trial end, and thus God needs to repent as do many others in these head positions of this drug pushing game as the entire thing is a total medical marketing farce.

  6. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    Forget the fact that no one can force you to wear a seatbelt, that you don’t need to puncture flesh to wear it, and that even after you put it on, you can take it off at any moment. Try that after you’ve been vaccinated.

  7. Mike B says:

    Go Kyrie! LeBron had been holding off on the jab but recently “they” got to him and he is now on board with the program. As for the reason he had been resisting I have one hypothesis: elites talk to one another. He and Magic talked…who knows where or when, and ‘Bron knows Magic survived HIV-AIDS b/c Magic stopped taking the toxic meds AND that HIV was never a threat to him. That’ll be the interview of the century if someone can get it…get Magic talking about the parallels between Covid and AIDS. Jon?

    • Siouxma says:

      You need to read Jon’s first book, AIDS, Inc.

      Then check out the CDC website regarding HIV, and there you will behold that the Govt/Fauci HIV playbook is nearly identical to the Covid Ruse. There is not a single cause/single source for [non-existent] HIV or SARS/COVID19, just the Fearmongering.

      • Mike B says:

        This is exactly my point. Thank you for stating it more clearly. I’ve not read AIDS Inc but did read a similar account in Heinrich Kramer’s The Silent Revolution in Cancer and AIDS Medicine. Cheers

  8. John P Wenner says:

    So what is going to happen to unvaccinated NBA players from other teams when they come to NYC to play the Nets and Knicks? Will they be banned from the arena and the game as well? Big problem coming! I pray that they stay strong and refuse to comply for themselves and for the rest of us. What great role models they can be for the whole world.

    • Researcher says:

      Don’t believe for one second any of them are vaccinated or unvaccinated. These are fake narratives that are disseminated to sway public opinion and create schisms.

      *If* the players are injected with anything it’s 100% saline. Billionaire psychopaths own these sports teams and they are not going to subject their star athletes to toxic compounds and nanomaterials that have been developed specifically for the purpose of depopulation.

      Nothing on tv or in the media is remotely real and all the games are as rigged as elections.

  9. CK says:

    There are lots of good article today about the REAL reason for the COVID-19 virus hoax.

    Yes, there’s an eugenicist motive- but the main reason so many politicians are on board with this is financial. The US debt is now $28 trillion and is exponentially rising. Printing massive amounts of money has kept the economy afloat since 2008 but it’s finally tanking- which is why they’re trying to do the Great Reset (switch to central banking digital currency). Killing off lots of “useless eaters”- US- is about reducing expenses! Mercola also had a good article that the entitlement programs will run out of money by 2028. Europe is in even worse shape!

    • Larry C says:

      Thanks, CK!

      The Off-Guardian article cuts through the Official Narrative, like a hot knife through butter, and now I FINALLY understand why some FIVE-HUNDRED THOUSAND containers are lying idle off our west coast waiting to be unloaded.

    • face says:

      I skimmed through articles and watch videos but I fail to see anyone give a solution. Is there a solution to this problem or is what were reading just more fear propaganda?

      • Ragtime Reggie says:

        What I’ve been saying for years. I protest by not using any corporate companies I can avoid and encourage others to do the same.

        Jon is another propagandist/fearmongerer albeit a good one. Man never sleeps with all the writing he does! 😉

      • John Crowther says:

        Yes exactly just what I’ve been saying for ages it’s just constant negative scaremongering with not one solution offered in how to change the whole situation for the better

  10. Lewis Papier says:

    Listen to Church of the Pandemic Mind:


    Verse 1: In the mirror I can see
    Everything I want to be
    This lonely world it must suffice
    We’ve all been called to sacrifice

    No longer should we ever pout
    The demon’s back, he’s all about
    Who knows how long, that this will last
    You must obey, just wear the mask

    Chorus: I submit for I’m redeemed
    I’m sanctified, or so it seems
    I’ll be good and so divine
    Praying in the church of the pandemic mind

    Verse 2: I’ll shout aloud to all my peers
    No shame at all to live in fear
    Those condemned, yes they’re the fools
    Just be good—play by the rules

    The demon’s here to fill the void
    Leaving me quite paranoid
    But I will never lose my faith
    The men in white, will keep me safe

    Chorus: I submit for I’m redeemed
    I’m sanctified, or so it seems
    I’ll be good and so divine
    Praying in the church of the pandemic mind

    Bridge (1): No more darkness, no more sin
    Eternal life, it now begins
    My savior’s here, I’m now fulfilled
    With my vaccines and my little pills
    They’ll keep me right, and will sustain
    All my beliefs, that keep me sane
    No more doubt and endless pain
    Within the herd’s—where I’ll remain


    I’ll be good and so divine
    Praying in the church of the pandemic mind

    Bridge (2) : I’ll report you, an easy feat
    If you don’t comply and start to cheat
    They’ll be no place for us to meet
    You’ll now be walking down that lonely street
    If you don’t believe, you’re a snake
    We’ll burn you now, at the stake
    The danger’s clear, it’s all around
    The demon’s here, he’ll strike you down

    (coda) yes the demon’s here, you can pass him on
    If you’re not careful, we’ll all be gone
    Now make your mark, and sign in blood
    Or else your name—will be dashed in the mud

    Verse 3: Now it’s time for me to fold
    I’ll do whatever I am told
    This is how I feel within
    Satisfied with all the spin

    Across the street I see the hearse
    The numbers now keep getting worse
    Science saves me from the gloom
    While I stay inside my lonely room

    Chorus: I submit for I’m redeemed
    I’m sanctified, or so it seems
    I’ll be good and so divine
    Praying in the church of the pandemic mind

  11. Douglas Goforth says:

    Excellent article. I agree totally with you that the Democrat agenda is NOT anyone’s health or protecting the public from anything. In fact you agree as I do that the sickness is coming from those in power: lust for power.

    I get so sick and tired of hearing how Covid is getting worse while the numbers are going down. I even get sick and tired of hearing how a government organization (CDC) which is SUPPOSED to oversee health related issues now sees gun violence as the greatest threat in our society.

    Just like in the Chucky movies: give me the power, I beg of you….and he, like they, repeat the chant to their god over and over……

    • M - says:

      People are stoopid. I’ve been keeping track of statistics (via Johns Hopkins) and the % of US citizens who have contracted CV-19 and DIED is 1.61% (.0161).

      People are stoopid. They could look up this information themselves – it’s online – but they are too stoopid and lazy to do it.

  12. FriedEggs says:

    God Bless you Kyrie and Jon!

    Keep shinning the light and exposing the darkness.

    ‘Resist. Rebel.’ -J.R.

  13. AJ says:

    REALITY! It will not stop until they have total control!!!! And we are all slaves or dead. About the same for freedom patriots. Courts are mainly useless. We will be another Australia in a few months. Have you seen their “re-education”, for protestors! There is no future for fair elections. We have to do something very soon before the 2nd Amendment is totally violated. Freedom requires ultimate sacrifice. Your choice slavery or freedom! Choose wisely. You will may never again in your life time have this opportunity.

  14. Roundball Shaman says:

    “Your basketball god refuses the vaccine… Kyrie hasn’t said he won’t take the vaccine. He just hasn’t taken it yet. And he wants that decision to remain private.”

    Two big problems here. Personal choice? That’s not allowed anymore! You Veeel Follow All Awwwdaaahhs! And to remain private? Why, he could be dangerous! Keep us safe, dammit! Monitor everything we do and say. Please Daddy, protect us! And tell us another good fairy tale as you tuck us into our slumber.

    “The sports media world, of course, sucks up every edict, decree, and mainstream proposition about vaccines as Revelation handed down on stone tablets from the mountain. Safe and effective. Rare side effects. Minor swelling at the injection site.”

    Professional Sports has been used as a social engineering tool now for decades. Think back to the first Gulf War. USA! USA! All the national anthem frothing and nationalist slogans on the jumbotrons and all the ‘heroes’ being trotted out for the demanded adoration. And it has only gotten worse in all the major sports leagues (and into college sports as well)
    since then with pushing social causes on a routine basis and its companion virtue signaling to the paying and watching suckers who must be told what to worship and what to fear and how to keep safe from the chosen promoted fear of the day.

    It’s well documented that the NBA as a corporate League and individual NBA players now always side more with that great big Asian place than with the USA. Why? Big lucrative markets and the big paydays that this provides while the US market stagnates. Who knew? That big money throws out any form of personal and corporate ethics? Shock city.

    For basketball purists, the NBA has been a joke for years. They do not play anything resembling real basketball and have not since Michael Jordan retired. It is a star-promoting PR machine with glitter and glam and ‘attitude’ and the way the game is played is an atrocity to real ballers who have the guts to admit this to themselves. Real defense? Good passing? Well-designed plays? Playing without preening and parading around like crazed peacocks for a simple play that goes right?

    Naw… let’s just freelance and either shoot nothing but Threes or get that big video-generating monster slam. Whoopie! That a large man can slam a ball into a hoop and it goes in! Who knew?

    The NBA and the other major sports businesses have deteriorated just like the rest of businesses and conditions around us. They seek riches elsewhere and turned their backs on the land and people that fostered and grew their very business. And sadly, they are not alone in this as this is the same story for other American businesses that tossed aside the American Dream years ago.

    In other words, the NBA has fouled out. And they are guilty of ‘traveling’ (toward distant lands). The courts are now empty of anything real and the strutting peacocks play up to themselves and the cameras and the New World Audience who now welcomes their theater and their pandering with amazement that large men can slam a ball into a hoop with little resistance from the opposing players.

    There is a big virus loose in the sports world. Yes there is. And it damn well ain’t Covid.

  15. Researcher says:

    The whole point of controlled opposition is they *pretend* to take the shot sometime later. I don’t think there are any genuine people in sports. They are all Masonic shills. I wouldn’t spend five minutes of my time watching someone else play sports. That being said, I also don’t believe his alleged stance or his story.

    He’ll probably announce he’s taken the vaccine and so become an example to the brain dead masses who spend their time watching others do things on the black box of stupidity, to take the injectable poison when all he’s had is a saline shot.

    We don’t live in a world of reality. We live in a world of Masonic mass delusions.

  16. Margery Guill says:

    “Sudden heart conditions after the shots? Blood clots? Miscarriages? Collapse? Death? No problem. Death is Nature’s way of telling us the vaxx is working.

    Hey, the Pope says, if you can sip the wine and munch on the wafer, you can take the jab. And he’s wired up to the Deity.” ===>> Pure gold!!

    Blue ribbon, trophy, charger, laurels!!!!!

  17. eceres says:

    This is neat, and would add it’s good to think of communication precepts in what message is most effective. Such as if there were opportunity to chant something, chanting – no mandates, which applies to everything, everywhere, in every state, would be most effective and reaching. In advertising, which is messaging, the rules for most effective message are, keep simple as possible, and apply to as many as possible.

    In any case what’s neat about this is the energy people experience, which we are being dictated away from, connecting of energy, it’s soul enriching and energy reinforcing to chant together this way. Neat article.

  18. dallasTEXAN says:

    In the end…all they will do is inject him with a saline solution at a news conference saying he now agrees with the vaccine…. that way its win, win for all parties…. he lives and they – the wolves – still get their mass vaccination/extermination continued and publicized.

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