More on the missing Biden EO and the missing vaccine mandate

by Jon Rappoport

October 6, 2021

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Yesterday, I wrote that there is no Biden Executive Order mandating the vaccine for all companies with more than 100 employees.

Several readers have mistakenly pointed to the EO that mandates the COVID vaccine for federal employees, federal contractors, and (now) sub-contractors. That’s NOT the EO I’m talking about.

Now I’ve learned that, apparently, Biden (his handlers) are pursuing a different strategy to mandate the vaccine for all employees of companies whose work force is more than 100.

Biden has issued a directive to the federal agency, OSHA, ordering it to frame a set of regulations that would, indeed, compel private sector companies with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine to those employees.

This Biden directive is operating under what’s called an ETS—Emergency Temporary Standard.

Three things to understand here, in my opinion.

ONE: Since OSHA has not yet issued any regulations, there is no binding legal reason, at the moment, for private-sector employers with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine to those employees. Unless those employers are federal contractors.

TWO: As I suggested yesterday, this whole operation smells like a stall on the part of the feds. The stall is already occurring, since OSHA hasn’t issued any regulations, and it will continue after OSHA acts, as various state governments and other parties file legal actions against the government.

Meanwhile, on the ground, companies are folding up and following Biden’s “decree.” They’re falling in line. This fait accompli is exactly what the White House wants.

Legal challenges to the OSHA ETS could take months, even years. If enough companies voluntarily go along with the decree, the feds will win.

The feds aren’t looking for 100% compliance. The mechanics of enforcement alone could be a logistical nightmare. The feds just want MORE. More compliance. More employers ordering their people to take the shot. More needles in arms. More fascism. More tyranny. More power. More control.

THREE: It seems to me that not issuing an EO, and instead going the OSHA ETS route, is less direct, more muddy, and easier to wrangle about in court for a longer period of time. Which is what the feds want.

Meanwhile, back in the every-day world…back under the rule of the medical cartel…the beat goes on. And what is that beat?

For the past 30-plus years, I’ve been revealing, chapter and verse, the devastating effects of pharmaceutical medicine. The huge numbers of deaths, the huge numbers of maimings.

The overall result of this program is the massive debilitation of the population.

In other words, the gross weakening of health and vitality, which translates into the lowered ability to resist the power of the State.

This is fact. This is outcome. This is what, under the surface of society, has been happening for decades and decades.

And now, in the US alone, reported COVID vaccine injuries have surpassed 700,000. This figure is patently false, meaning it represents underreporting. For example, the well-known Harvard Pilgrim Healthcare study concluded that reported vaccine injuries should be multiplied by 100 to arrive at a true number.

It’s long past the time when any doctor, nurse, or public health official can claim they’re unaware of the destruction pharmaceutical medicine is causing. They WANT TO be “unaware.” They WANT TO turn a blind eye. They WANT TO keep their jobs, paychecks, reputations, and status.

So, with that, I’ve republished my piece citing mainstream revelations that detail the amount of human devastation the medical cartel has been creating, for a long time. Consider the possibility that, for the moment, I’m the New York Times which has inexplicably received a heavy shot of Truth Serum.

power outside the matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

37 comments on “More on the missing Biden EO and the missing vaccine mandate

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    “Since OSHA has not yet issued any regulations, there is no binding legal reason, at the moment, for private-sector employers with more than 100 employees to mandate the vaccine to those employees. Unless those employers are federal contractors.”

    I think this is the nub of the matter at the moment. OSHA may weigh in but with the virus in clear retreat I think it is going to be hard to maintain that this is an emergency. That is worrisome in that the Masters of the Universe have not been shy about creating false flag emergencies. So hold on to your hats I see trouble up ahead.

    In our governmental system we have something called the separation of powers. This is to guarantee that one branch of government does not overstep its authority. It is a vital aspect of checks and balances. In the courts ‘we the people’ can initiate challenges which is being done and should continue to be done with great gusto. Unfortunately the congress is so divided I don’t think they are able to stand up for our rights.

    It is possible with all the nonsense going on in the world that we are standing today on the verge of a great awakening among the myriad populations of the world. The rising world tyranny is going to take a lot of people down with it. I am interested in finding ways to live that are under the official radar screen. We have the power to fend for ourselves without government assistance. We need to form our own communities off the grid where we can grow our own food, live in harmony with nature and enjoy the simple pleasures of life. Can we not establish this baseline for ourselves? Can we not exist separate from the mad masked Covidians as they march on to doom? Is this just a pie in the sky wish?

    • Helena says:

      Reluctant Warrior,

      I completely agree with you about finding alternative ways to live. In 2013, I had a reoccuring dream of the need to build intentional communities that focused on self sustainability. I started doing research and found that co-housing was a big deal in Denmark, and that they have even worked out that “60” people per community seems to be the magic number for harmony. is a great website to search for exisiting or forming communities, but the focus really needs to be on self sustainability, which some of these more elitist urban co-housing communities don’t seem to care about.

      Michael Tellinger’s Ubuntu Movement is also something to consider, as he has some really out of the box ideas of how to create a society that no longer depends on money.

      This short video explains his concept:

      • Larry C says:

        Very intriguing concept, Helena:



        • Helena says:

          So true Larry C!

          Tellinger’s research shows that “money” is really a modern concept, and as we know, indigenous communities never had any need of money prior to colonization. We really need a shift in perspective!

      • Jena says:

        I love Michael Tellinger. His book The Slave Species of god is amazing.

        • Helena says:

          Same Jena! There is a great series on Gaia streaming channel called Ancient Civilizations that really delves into the slave race Anunnaki theory that Tellinger writes about. It’s fascinating!

  2. Bud hancock says:

    Jon, does OSHA have the legal authority to even mandate something which appears to be in the process of becoming ‘law’? If so, why do we the unwashed masses even need Congress? In fact, even if OSHA has this power, why do we need Congress? Anyone with the IQ of a gnat knows that Congress has been irrelevant, and even destructive, for many years. If Biden’s directive, using OSHA as a law-making body stands, will every other bureaucratic body in the US government then also become ‘lawmakers’? If so, then we need to have Congress abolished.

    • Myra Melamed says:

      Rather than abolishing Congress, we need to actually insist (sue) so that only legal laws remain “the law”. Laws are only created by a legislative branch of our government. OSHA does not consist of members which are voted on by the public and therefore cannot legally create laws.

      Please watch the YouTube channel of “The Healthy American” who breaks down the actual laws of our country which are supposed to function in order to protect our inalienable rights. If we are ignorant of our laws, we are doomed to obey illegal “mandates”.

    • ZiiNoN says:

      It’s called fascism

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        In this case however, OSHA calling the shots is bureaucratism… or something like that. I forgot the word that denotes rule-by-gov-institutions. I think of fascism as a rule-by-corportions-colluding-with-govn’t. Corportatism is rule by corporations. Help on this appreciated.

  3. nikkieagle says:

    There’s a great video floating around bitchute from a business owner with 138 employees. He fired all those who had gotten the bioweapon shot, bringing his numbers to below 100 with a big f.u. to Mister Global.

    • THX1138 says:

      “I fired every mother fucker vaccinated employee we got”

      • sean says:

        I get what he did, I wouldn’t have told the world that one. But that’s cool.

        He sounds southern. I hope not Texas, Idaho or Georgia. I just passed my Masters Plumbers Test to start a new construction business in Texas. And I just discovered today, that all Licensed individuals are mandated to get fingerprinted to see if we are criminals. They go to the Dept of Public Safety and the FBI. If it was just one or the other, perhaps no problem. But it is both the state and the federal. That means the two will be working directly together and that is obvious collusion to tie a state citizen to the federal jurisdiction, binding you to follow federal dictates and the Texans do whatever they are told out of respect for authority, it is shocking. And if you don’t, well ya know, you can not contract because they take your license away. I currently disappointed in Texas of all states to be doing this. And I will not be a plumbing contractor here. Or living here now. Dont think Texas even knows whats happened to them. Im out. Best wishes for Texans.

    • sk says:

      Can you supply a link?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Will only fly until “they” move the “goal posts” again (as is always the case with regulatory-creep).

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Moving the goal posts reminds me of a Monty Python skit….

        “Yay, we scored!”
        “Sorry… you didn’t”
        “Yes we did, because clearing the ball is in the net”.
        “No it’s not” (Moves the goal-net back and off to the side”.
        “But you just moved the goal posts!”
        “I did NOT”
        “Yes you DID. I just saw you do it”.
        “No you didn’t”
        “Yes I did… look! Here are the marks where the old goal posts were”
        “Those are just scuffle marks from soccor shoes”.
        “But look! They’re actually round holes”.
        “So they are but that doesn’t prove anything”
        “Yes it does!”
        “No it doesn’t”.
        “We’ll take it to the soccor ruling committee”
        “They won’t listen to you”
        “Why not?”
        “I’m head of it”

  4. Paul says:

    “Now I’ve learned that,

    (his handlers)

    are pursuing…”

    Oh, ya got that right !

    And they say The NYT
    don’t tell the truth.

    “In other words,…”

  5. Wally says:

    “BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus”

    • Rico Debiase says:

      I read it, watched it. It’s literally raining “bombshells”, which’s likely why the PR Operative pretending to be a Facebook “whistle-blower” is strangely calling for the break-up of the company(into “7 sisters”) along with TOTAL CENSORSHIP in the name of “protecting the children”

  6. Anon says:

    Somebody should call the bluff and sue Biden and OSHA. The Court would dismiss the case because the order, decree, mandate, etc. does not exist. I suspect the government would even file a motion to dismiss on this basis. This dismissal would be picked up by the alternative press and would show the bluff.

    • Jim S Smith says:


      We should already know that the “court system” is corrupt and works AGAINST the People.

      No sense expecting ANY organ of “government” to ever restrain itself from reaching for more control.

      This is why (s)elections no longer work!

  7. sk says:

    The Executive branch has learned to use business for what the Executive branch doesn’t want to directly or can’t do. It’s no different than the legislative branch using the administrative state to set up and execute authority that the legislative branch should via law. The judicial branch weasels out of their responsibility by the inappropriate use of standing or just not desiring to hear a case.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      It is said that there are 3 branches, Exec, Judicial, Legislative. But are not We-The-People a branch? The MSM? The Alt-med? The big-tech, big-pharma and the rest of the pyramid of power? We got locked into a concept by the education-branch, brainwashed by the tv-branch and toxified by the food-additive branch and the water-fluoride branch. There are so many branches that it seems absurd anymore to think of just three. The religion branch too. NASA is a big branch.

  8. Sean says:

    Yeah, this article makes sense.

    This ploy could sadly succeed to get the results they want. There are probably tons companies that are totally onboard with it and are happy to weed out their enemies, the folks that investigate vaccines and see the maiming and death directly cause by vaccines and know something about medical tyranny. Happy days for them I guess. And so forth.

    700,000 x 100 = 70 million. I’m extremely uncomfortable with the partially reported 700,000 Covid shot injuries.

    This medical facade is obviously backed by the our federal government.

  9. MICHAEL says:


    I work for a hospital. I was told that Osha does not have the authority to enforce anything that is not written into their laws or rules (whatever they call most of their crap they try to enforce; and, believe me, as a hospital employee, a lot of it is crap).

    But if hospitals keep doing what they want then……. Here in Michigan, a group of hospitals has mandated and lost a lot of staff. They are actually bringing in Canadian nurses and shutting down wings.

    At my hospital (which is another big hospital group) they were already down 1000 staff positions so they are not mandating as of right now.

    But, at least in the hospital field, they are trying to make rules (the Hospital Association that oversees all hospitals) that if you take care of Medicare or Medicaid patients (and besides the older retired people this also includes the military who has Medicare Humana that oversees their health) then you have to mandate the jab. Not sure what authority they have besides making the hospitals run scared.

    In NY the dumb gov is saying the National Guard can replace their medical staff that got fired but being a veteran myself in the medical field, there are not a whole lot of people who can do that. The medical field in active duty military and retired military has always been short (that is why they try to give bonuses for people to join in that field of speciality)

  10. Bullwinkle says:

    At any time, the Congress could take from the President the authority to make such Executive Orders.
    The Congress gave FDR (President) the authority in early March 1933 just days after FDR was inaugurated.
    What Congress gives, the Congress can take away.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    “…the devastating effects of pharmaceutical medicine. The huge numbers of deaths, the huge numbers of maimings. The overall result of this program is… the gross weakening of health and vitality, which translates into the lowered ability to resist the power of the State.”

    Someone should long ago have done a deep study of the pathology and deviancy of the subset of the human population that has a compulsion to act like a wicked false god over humanity. These are the creatures who so devalue human life (except for the own and their lackeys and slaves) that they view humans not a sacred expressions of the Divine, but as things to be used and abused and nothing more. A true corruption and opposite of what the human family was intended to be.

    These false god deviants have been around since the beginning of time. And yet, there doesn’t seem to be enough investigation over the many years of how and why these creatures appear within the human family and what can be done to rein in and minimize their intended reins of terror and abuse. That’s all they seem to live for. That’s all that seems to fully occupy their grotesque and malformed souls. Self-deification and self-enrichment at the expense of everyone and everything else. A true deep sickness that is off the scale.

    One would think that this is an important study for the Planet to protect the health and welfare of the majority of the human race. And yet, as centuries have passed, no one seems to have taken this on. Is there anything of greater importance to the health, welfare, and future of humanity than learning about this deviancy within the human family and developing effective ways to control it (at the very least)?

    Run-of-the-mill studies about narcissism and oversized ego don’t go far or deep enough.
    If humanity does not look deeply at this and arrive at ways to negate it, then humanity will soon be subsumed by these counterfeit, false, dangerous, wasteful, harmful, arrogant, grotesque malformed excuses for human beings.

    Instead of getting at the root of the problem, we have built out a social and institutional structure that rewards these monsters and punishes the majority of the human family. What the hell is wrong with us? And why haven’t we ever done anything about it?

    • 'Tween Heaven & Earth says:

      Some of this has been done. See, for example, The Sociopath Next Door. If the numbers are correct, then one of 25 may be sociopaths (possibly more in the U.S.). These are people who have no conscience and who, typically, use pity to create empathy for themselves, even though they have no empathy for anyone else.

      I think a lot of the “globe runners” are part of this clan of socio- or psychopaths and, as people, because they lack conscience and imagination, are so easily bored that they take pleasure in setting up games (cons, if you like) to play the rest of the people—play them off against one another, mock people and laugh at the destruction. And long before that game dies or subsides, they’ve moved on to some other one. I suppose they do have imagination because maybe they can plan far out for this sort of thing, decades, but it’s not the kind of imagination I think of or intend when I use that word.

      The answers to this actually are already with us. Jon‘s blog and your post offer plenty of evidence of this. It’s a matter of how many people are willing to look, read, sit with, think about, research and understand these dynamics—and how they make their own contributions to them. These contributions may come in the form of fears that cede self-authority or allow trust in some outside “expert”. From a time and mass standpoint, this work has to take place within each individual, which takes a long time, can take lifetimes. And it can be slow work because it does not come all at once, typically. Epiphanies may lead to further questions and the path goes deeper.

      The irony is that these “malformed excuses for human beings” may truly deserve our pity, though giving that is a huge waste of time and energy. They are slaves themselves, but maybe they cannot see that, whether willfully or otherwise. I do not think we can “control“ this dynamic. What we can do is work on ourselves to work with whatever we fear, to develop inner strength and excellent boundaries, to deal with our own boredom, if we suffer that, to develop the sight required to spot these people (because after all of the current conundrums have faded, there will be more and they may be even more devious than what we see now). Life on Earth seems to evolve this way. Individuals or humanity passes an evolution point, then the next challenge comes along.

      That you can see what they cannot already puts you far ahead and maybe you can help others awaken. I see that in Jon‘s work and in many of the posts of people here. And this is just in the form of pixels. What happens in the medium of one-on-one conversations with family, friends and strangers is likely even better.

      • Roundball Shaman says:

        You make some excellent points.

        Yes, some scholastic work has been done over the years but this problem of being dominated by psychopaths has not lodged deep into the minds of regular people who live under the tyranny of these narcissists every day in schools and workplaces and family situations everywhere. They may say, “My boss is a (fill in your chosen expletive)”. But other than giving fleeting relief by expressing one’s frustration in a one-liner, the vast numbers of humanity need to develop every-day real-life strategies to put these (expletives) in their place so we can get on with the business of having good lives. This needs to go deep into the consciousness of the human family.

        These “malformed excuses for human beings” are not deep thinkers. They have one single default system for living and that is, “I am everything and you are nothing.”

        And yes, ultimately “these malformed excuses for human beings” do deserve our pity. But one can’t offer that while on the battlefield with them and they are attacking us in every way that they can. And it is They who turned this into a battlefield. They first declared war on us, not the other way around.

        We can offer pity and understanding later after these negative forces have been restrained and no longer threaten the human family.

        But your words of encouragement about how we can work on ourselves and help others is exactly the path needed to put our civilization back on the road to offering positive and meaningful lives for us on Planet Earth.

  12. Larry C says:

    “The feds aren’t looking for 100% compliance. The mechanics of enforcement alone could be a logistical nightmare. The feds just want MORE. More compliance. More employers ordering their people to take the shot. More needles in arms. More fascism. More tyranny. More power. More control.”


    Silly me…I thought this was MY life.

    In the final analysis, it comes down to our acquiescence to whatever deadly demands The Elites place on ALL of us.

  13. Jim S Smith says:

    Silly rabbit!

    Didn’t ya know that anything said by the “media”, is as good as “law”? ? ?

    Ministry of Truth and Accuracy

  14. The Watchman says:

    Thanks for clarifying, Jon will link this at
    as I linked your original article yesterday, and like to keep my readers up to date, I link most of your articles anyway, as I am sure you know. I also appreciate some of your readers going to my site for additional info on Covid. Hopefully, some day I won’t have to link so many articles about Covid, but since it is a part of the “Big Picture”, I will continue to do so for now. As always, keep up the great work!!

  15. Zeus8bk91 says:

    From Jon’s writings it appears that the pcr test is merely a magic 8 ball, where someone randomly tests positive, hence asymptomatic.

    However, if this is the case why does the positivity rate varies from country to country and from time to time?

    Thx in advance.

  16. somefool says:

    virology debunked, bitchute. WTFU tards

    thanks jon for all your work

  17. Dan says:

    There doesn’t have to be a law, people just have to think there is a law, or pretend there is a law just like they pretend there is a virus, so they can wear those booger barns over their mouths and noses without having to admit they do it so as to fit in and not offend anyone else who wears one to not stand out as an individual.

  18. Mark says:

    An executive order is a directive handed down directly from a president or governor (the executive branch of government) without input from the legislative or judicial branches. Executive orders can only be given to federal or state agencies, not to citizens, although citizens are indirectly affected by them.

    A presidential executive order (EO) is a directive issued to federal agencies, department heads, or other federal employees by the President of the United States under his statutory or constitutional powers.

    Giving direct orders to people as citizens, or even non-government corporations is an abuse of power.

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