The Great Walkout is starting; against the vaccine mandate

by Jon Rappoport

September 13, 2021

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Children’s Health Defense: “Thousands of Parents and Educators Plan to ‘Walk Out’ To Protest Masking, Vaccine Mandates. We have launched a nationwide ‘Walk Out Week’ starting on September 13 in response to mask and vaccine mandates in schools and businesses around the country. Parents, educators and concerned citizens across the U.S. will participate in the coordinated week-long event focused on peaceful non-compliance, to remind government officials that individuals should have the final say when it comes to their health and that of their children.”

Nny360: “In a letter to [New York] Gov. Kathy Hochul and state Health Commissioner Howard Zucker, the GOP lawmakers warned the [vaccine] mandate could lead to massive resignations and firings of health care workers who refuse the shot.” “Increasingly, health care facilities in Wisconsin and around the country require their employees to be vaccinated. Yet in long-term care facilities such as nursing homes — where residents are highly susceptible to severe illness and death from COVID-19 — some workers refuse the shot.”

“As of late August, Wisconsin’s rate of fully vaccinated nursing home employees was around 60%.”

Bloomberg: “Right now nearly 1 in 8 nurses are neither vaccinated nor planning to get a shot.”

“And in some parts of the country, hospital administrators say only about half of their nursing staff are vaccinated.”

Stat News: “Millions of unused Covid-19 vaccines are set to go to waste as demand dwindles across the United States and doses likely expire this summer, according to public health officials…”

“Currently, states have administered 52.36 million fewer doses than have been distributed to them, according to federal data.”

“A significant tranche of Pfizer doses is expected to expire in August… Given waning domestic vaccine demand, those doses are unlikely to be fully used before they must be tossed.”

“’We’re seeing demand [for the vaccine] falling off across all the states,’ said Marcus Plescia, chief medical officer at the Association of State and Territorial Health Officials.”

Frank has his weekly appointment with his therapist.

Doc, I had a very disturbing dream.

Well, Frank, you know, during the pandemic and the lockdowns, the subconscious is swinging into high gear. Many people are having uncomfortable dreams.

That doesn’t make me feel better.

I could write you a prescription for Depoxywraparound-3-x.

What’s that?

Doesn’t matter. You won’t dream anymore.

Really? So in the dream, I was at a small rally in a country town. Biden was talking to a few people. Then I was standing with him alone, off to the side, next to a tent. I handed him an ice cream cone. He went at it like it was his last meal.

Could you see his teeth?

I don’t know. Why?

Teeth could be symbolic.

So I asked him, Do you really know what you’re doing with this new vaccine mandate? It affects a HUNDRED MILLION people.

What did he say?

He kept gobbling up the ice cream. Between bites, he said, “That many people? That’s good. I want to force everyone.” Why, I said. He said, “Because it’s standard. We have to have a standard. Otherwise people go off on their own. That would be dangerous.”

And his comment disturbed you?

Yes. When he said go off on their own, he meant…he was talking about anything they might do that wasn’t regulated. Anything at all.

How do you know he meant that?

I could tell. In the dream, it was obvious.

You could have misinterpreted him.

No. I saw something in his face.

What was that?

A desire for revenge. He was suffering and he wanted to blame everybody else. There was blankness in his face. As if he was acting under orders.

That’s a pretty large interpretation. You’re assuming a great deal.

I’m not assuming. I SAW all that.

In the dream you were telepathic?

Haven’t you ever had a dream where you just KNEW what was going on?

I don’t dream.



Don’t you think that’s odd?


Why don’t you dream, Doc?

Several reasons. I’ve resolved, in therapy, many of the issues that would cause my subconscious to work overtime while I’m asleep. Also, several years ago, I participated in a contract with the Department of Defense.

What contract?

We studied automatic reflexes. The training involved using physical inputs to change the responses to stimuli.

You lost me.

Let’s say when a person hears the sound of gunfire, he feels fear. We want to change that reflex. We want a soldier to feel nothing, or a sense of excitement.

How is that possible?

Through inputs. Certain frequencies.


You could say that. So continue describing your dream, Frank.

I said to Biden, This is has never been done in the history of America—telling more than a hundred million people they can’t work at a job unless they take a vaccine. It’s UNTHINKABLE.

Did he answer you?

Yes. He said, “We’re at that stage now. We have to do unthinkable things.” Why, I said. He said, “It’s on the schedule.”

That’s interesting.

It was as if there was a schedule, and Biden couldn’t do anything about it. He accepted that.

In life, there ARE certain things we can’t change. It’s a sign of maturity when we come to terms with—

No. That’s not what I mean. Biden was a disabled old man saying that. He knew what was going on, and he was…

He was what?

Beyond despair. He had already felt despair, and he found out it didn’t do any good. Years ago. Do you see? He’d totally surrendered to something.

You’re making all sorts of assumptions again.

No I’m not. In the dream, what I’m telling you…it was as clear as day.

You know what your problem is, Frank?

Tell me.

When you go to sleep, you dream. That’s the basic issue. I see I can’t talk you out of your own interpretations of these dreams. So you just have to stop.

Stop dreaming?


That doesn’t sound good.


I don’t know. It sounds like surgery. If I stop dreaming, will I be different when I’m awake?

I would say yes. You won’t be as emotional. You’ll have more balance.

Like Biden in the dream? I’ll be blank? You know, he kept eating ice cream. The cone didn’t run out. There was always ice cream in it.

That alone should tell you…in your dream, you obviously weren’t talking with Biden. It was your version of him.

I’m not so sure.

Come on, Frank. You can’t believe the man in your dream was like the actual Biden.

Why not?

Let me write you a prescription. Try it for a week. You’ll stop dreaming. If you don’t like the effect, I’ll wean you off the drug.

By then, it might be too late.

What do you mean?

In my new state of mind, I might want to keep taking it.

And what would be so wrong with that?

Biden was under…he had given up his…he was under the control of other people. He knew it. Way back in the past, he had fought it, and he lost.

There you go again. What do you want to change about your life, Frank?

Right now?


I don’t know.

You want to be happy. You don’t want to be bothered and distracted by troubling things. Doesn’t that sound about right?


You come in here with a dream—sure, I could analyze it for you, but it’s just a dream…

He was talking to a Chinese official.


Biden. He was sitting in a chair in an empty auditorium. A Chinese officer was standing over him, lecturing him.

We’re back on that again. Why don’t you call the White House and tell them about your dream, Frank? Lay it out. They’ll put you on a long list of nutcases. Is that what you want?


Will you take the medicine I want to give you?


All right then…was Biden eating cherry vanilla?

What? Yes, yes he was.

With sprinkles?

Yes. How did you—

He was wearing a gray suit, and a blue tie?


The place where you were asking him about the vaccine mandate—there was a tree, a large oak tree. You were standing in the shade. There was a tent nearby.

How do you know that?

The ice cream cone. It was a dark brown.

That’s right.

A small boy rode by on a bicycle.

How do you know all this?

I’ve had ten patients in the last two weeks who’ve had the same dream.

That’s impossible.

I’d agree with you. Except for the ten patients.

How can you explain it?

I can’t. Actually, it’s more than ten. I’ve spoken with several colleagues. They’ve all had patients who had the same dream.

Someone is putting the dream in our minds?

I don’t think so. I think it’s an organic event.


People are staging a rebellion, internally. That would be my interpretation. The vaccine mandate is going too far. The shared dream is the first wave of the resistance. A new level of resistance.

What’s going to happen next?

I don’t know.

There was something else I said to him in the dream.

I know what it was, Frank. You said the whole country is going to stage a walkout. The whole country is going to stay home from work. In protest against the mandate.

That’s exactly what I said.

Every patient, in his dream, told Biden that.

So let’s do it, Doc.

You’re including me, Frank?

Come on, Doc. Don’t you think I know what’s going on? You had the same dream, too.

It’s the first time I had a dream in ten years.

How did it feel?

The next morning, I remembered what it was like to be happy.

Here’s the thing, Doc. It’s already started. We just don’t know about it yet.

What’s started?

The walkout. The nurses, for instance. They’re leaving their jobs because they won’t take the vaccine. More nurses than we know about. Many more.

You know, Frank…my cousin was killed in Vietnam. His mother had a dream about it, before it was reported to her. The Army stalled the report, because her son was killed by friendly fire. She actually had the dream after her son was dead, but before it was reported…

That’s why we’re dreaming, Doc. Because the walkout has started, but the news doesn’t want to report the extent of it…

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

27 comments on “The Great Walkout is starting; against the vaccine mandate

  1. Paul says:



    That’s my wife talkin’.

    Sans any RX,

    She Thanks You.

  2. Sean says:

    These Walkouts and their Great Walkout is the best news ever!

  3. dnomsed says:

    Lovely piece. Thank you. Cheered me up.

  4. Siouxma says:

    Healthcare workers, direct care or not, have to be inoculated each year for the Flu and this has been going on since the Swine Flu Scamdemic of 2009-2010. Their Medicare reimbursement is docked based on % non-compliance. All part of the Glorious Obamacare/Affordable Care Act.

    I am sure Biden’s Team already figured out how to spread the financial and accreditation penalties for this new Crapshot Mandate. I am done with them – No more Rockefeller Medical Mafia services for me. Trust is gone and no chance to ever be regained.

    • Fact Checker says:

      This is exactly right. They need shot quotas to get their $$$. Found this out years ago about the flu shot where my spouse works at the local hospital.

      Also, Obama”Care” is what helps merge with the UN WHO agenda and the medical coding system that also changed during that time period.

      Crazy story: When pot was legalized in Oregon, my spouse asked how that affects hospital employees (he was concerned about employees being high while treating patients). The boss responded by saying, “We follow the UN rules, so not legal for an employee to be able to smoke pot.” I realized THEN that we had been taken over and the USA is NOT sovereign!

  5. Joz Lee says:

    “Millions of unused Covid-19 vaccines are set to go to waste as demand dwindles across the United States and doses likely expire this summer, according to public health officials…”


    BIDEN, FAUCI, PELOSI, Surgeon General Vivek H. Murthy, OSHA…..Mandating vaccinations….&..NOW vaccinated are spreading, contaminating others even Gorillas at the ZOO.


    • Marie says:

      Plenty of expiring supply of pharmakia but no demand. We paid for it and we want our money back via a tax holiday of several decades or forever, funded by the recipients, not .gov. If they go out of business their upper echelon gets asset stripped good and hard wherever they’re hiding in the world and Nuremberg trialed (at least they’ll get 3 squares and a room). Political leaders and lackeys, same thing. Reverse prosperity. For them. The states are untethered to the federal parasite and the property can be used as a resort / insane asylum, including Mar a Lago and a certain manse in Delaware. There are other properties. Gates can be hired to pull a plow on his very vast agricultural boondoggle at the crack of dawn until the rooster crows. They have their utopian dream. I have mine. Dream on.

  6. AJ Nappi says:

    Just today, read about teachers and parents staging a weeks walkout against masks and vaccinations. So again, Jon right on point. UK just removed vaccination passports. Why?

    Always publishing covid death lists, variants deaths and more. Again, no one states in these death articles that this plandemic hoax mystery disease flu cannot be proven by science to physically exist. And that the pcr tests, 50 different pcr test approved by FDA, are total failures. The truth seems to easy to ignore. But it won’t go away!

  7. AJ says:

    This walkout will grow around the world. And it is going to be attacked with physical force to stop it and cause fear to do more. Stand up or neel down. Your choice.

    • Rico Debiase says:

      Absolutely. & the same bag of terror/bullying tricks will be used on us…unless we let go of the fear & terror & shove it up the posteriors of the TERRORISTS & BULLIES

    • Epicurious says:

      Sadly it won’t happen in Australia, the worlds largest open air prison. Most Aussies are lying down begging for their shots and treating those who have the brains not to take them, like the intellectuals and Jews who were rounded up by the Nazi’s in the 1930’s.

  8. Sarah says:

    Aww, first time Jon Rappaport has ever put a smile on my face.
    Thank you.

  9. Corinne Coster says:


    Yes it’s happening everywhere. In France, they installed the pass for restaurants, guess what? French have decided to picnic in front of the said ‘restaurants and cafes’. They have boycotted the big supermarkets and have made stands in Hospital halls (Because the pass in hospitals deny care to non-vx unless it’s an emergency).

    More and more people are realizing they have to draw a line in the sand and just say no to the mega BS going on, because ‘they’ will not stop. ‘They’ are going for the kill and will keep pushing. ‘They’ have exposed too much of their cards to withdraw. We are in to the finish line, once someone realizes this, peace can be made inside and more momentum is given to stand one’s ground.

    May All Be Well and Happy! (This is a helpful mantra, the Brahma Viharas for those interested)

    • Anne says:

      This evening on a French TV news, France 2 I think, apparently ambulance private companies are suddenly short of ambulance drivers. Why? their ambulance drivers who are forced to get vaccinated are just quitting their job…

  10. senorena peepers says:

    goose bumps

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    We are all being so mean!

    Why, the Leader of the Free World is… (drum roll please)… “Losing Patience!” with us.
    Oh God no! Not that! There’s nothing worse in this World than Losing Patience! We all know that.

    Why are we being so mean as to cause others to… (another drum roll please)… “Lose Patience!” with us. Where is our sense of decency? Have we no shame? Why are we so insensitive?

    Why, the worse thing in life we can do to another person is have them… Lose Patience! with us. And, Lord knows we’d never want to experience someone Losing Patience! with us. That’s the worst kind of agony and betrayal.

    I think we need to do some serious soul-searching here. Why, They’ve all been SO PATIENT with us so far and all we do is now cause them to LOSE PATIENCE! with us. We need to go deep inside and learn why we are being so mean.

    In the meantime… in hospitals and clinics and nursing homes and in private dwellings in all corners of the World.. the World is LOSING PATIENTS. That’s real flesh-and-blood humans. Real lives of valuable souls. Fathers, mothers, sisters, brothers, friends, co-workers… real people who were leading real lives until… until…

    Someone decided that THEY lost patience with US. And then They found a way to do something about THAT.

    • THX1138 says:

      You misunderstood what he was saying. What he said was “We are losing patients.” And considering more deaths than all other vaccines combined, he is correct.

  12. Rico Debiase says:

    This is REAL NEO-NAZISM…The States across the country & of the so-called “Developed World”. These Mayors, Governors, Ministers, Bureaucrats, & Technocrats are the 21st Century NEO-NAZIS

  13. Arby says:

    “Stat News: “Millions of unused Covid-19 vaccines are set to go to waste as demand dwindles across the United States and doses likely expire this summer, according to public health officials…””

    We can’t have poison going bad now Can we?

  14. CK says:

    I’ve been hanging around investment blogs lately. The consensus seems to be that COVID-19 is definitely a Plandemic and it happened because the global economy is tanking due to massive debt and printing money. Negative interest rates and digital currency (getting rid of cash) are going to become the New Normal.

    I’m trying to use cash a lot more and I’m taking money out of my Vanguard account (since they’re evil). I looked into buying bitcoin but changed my mind since it’s possible the Govt created Bitcoin in order to get all of the bugs out of their planned digital currency.

    So we must avoid the shots- ZERO doubt about that- but even if we “win”, we lose because the economy will likely collapse into a Great Depression. If that happens, at least Gates, Schwab and the rest of Davos will go down as well.

    • sm says:


      Look into kinesis and lode, they’re digital backed with allocated, segregated physical metals. Also buy physical metals and use cash to buy things. I also am taking from vanguard and buying hard assets.

      Good luck, we need it and faith.

    • sm says:

      You are correct, ck. Keep in fiat, ONLY that which you can afford to loose.

  15. Need A Ladder says:

    Fauci gets job as 1st responder and has to follow his own guidelines. You have a heart attack, he is more concerned with checking your vaccination status to save you than saving you, telling you it’s for your safety. You had a heart attack because Fauci killed your gym and your job. It’s about “keeping you safe from harm”. He keeps looking for your proof of vaccination from 6 feet away as you gasp. He won’t touch you until there is proof. You die in front of his wiry smile. He blames the virus. Hustlers In Virology (HIV) rule.

  16. sm says:

    Our CREATOR works all the time and in strange ways, so it seems.

    Don’t fear those that can control a 1st death. Fear HE that controls the 1st and 2nd deaths.

    Do not destroy his Temple, your body with man’s evil.

    God bless the walkouts.

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