The Human Heart, Not Vaccines

by Jon Rappoport

August 24, 2021

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“Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since that is our only reality experience.” — Joseph Chilton Pearce

Imagine a child brought into this world who has two loving parents close to him. The mother breastfeeds him. The child is free to play. He has friends. He eats fresh simple food. The immediate world around him contains no every-day ominous human threats.

In this setting, his health and vitality expand.

The idea of vaccines—even if they did safely prevent disease (they don’t)—would be absurd.

Vaccination would be an interruption of life.

It would force the child’s body to deal with an unnatural and unnecessary intrusion.

Any sane person looking at the ALIVENESS of the child, day after day, would immediately understand the insanity of a vaccine.

Likewise, the notion that a child who is born into a threatening, cold, and unhealthy world could benefit from a vaccine is also insane. What needs to be changed is the immediate world the child is born into.

The quick fix of a vaccine is no fix at all.

In the same way, if a person who is exposed to toxic chemicals in the environment therefore develops cancer, no amount of prior fiddling with his genes would have prevented the cancer. The environment needs to be changed.

Ivan Illich: “The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.”

To say that modern medicine has made an overreach would be a vast understatement. Every negative blip the environment imposes on a child is viewed as a symptom of a disease which must be treated.

Another interruption in the flow of life.

And when scientists decided they had to find the tiny organisms causing these negative blips, they eventually focused on a concept called VIRUS. They invented a closed system for discovering these viruses—a self-fulfilling prophecy. A claim of virus-isolation that was no isolation at all; a claim of sequencing the genome of the virus which was nothing more than a simulation of possible cobbled-together genetic information. In other words, nonsense.

The basic human immune system is HEALTH. VITAL LIFE FORCE.

It isn’t a germ-killing military machine inside the body.

HEALTH overrides illness.

And the first test of that health, for a baby, is the warm love of two parents. Is it there or isn’t it? If it isn’t, the baby immediately has to make unhealthy adjustments.

As I’ve detailed in other articles, the vaccine-induced “absence” of a typical childhood disease, like measles, is no sign that a child is healthy. Odds are, the absence is a bad sign. It means the toxic vaccine has derailed the child’s ability to produce an energetic outpouring of health/vitality…and then the so-called “clinical signs of measles” never appear…but the child is less powerful. Less free.

Now we come to another form of vaccination, so to speak. The modern education system. Its basic purpose seems to be the prevention of unique individual vitality. Vitality, of course, is viewed as a disease.

John Taylor Gatto: “Our form of compulsory schooling is an invention of the State of Massachusetts around 1850. It was resisted — sometimes with guns — by an estimated eighty percent of the Massachusetts population, the last outpost in Barnstable on Cape Cod not surrendering its children until the 1880s, when the area was seized by militia and children marched to school under guard… [M]andatory public education in this country … was useful in creating not only a harmless electorate and a servile labor force but also a virtual herd of mindless consumers. In time a great number of industrial titans came to recognize the enormous profits to be had by cultivating and tending such a herd via public education…Years of [school] bells will condition all but the strongest to a world that can no longer offer important work to do. Bells are the secret logic of school time; their logic is inexorable. Bells destroy the past and future, rendering every interval the same as any other, as the abstraction of a map renders every living mountain and river the same, even though they are not. Bells inoculate each undertaking with indifference…It takes maybe 50 hours to teach reading, writing, and arithmetic. After that, students can teach themselves…Whatever an education is, it should make you a unique individual, not a conformist; it should furnish you with an original spirit with which to tackle the big challenges…”


I offer a revolutionary book for your consideration. It was written 60 years ago by AS Neill. It is called Summerhill, which was the name of the boarding school Neill founded, in the 1920s, and ran in England. It shows a way out of this education lunacy.

When the children did learn at Summerhill, they did so in rooms where no coaxing was necessary, where no teacher needed to make lessons fun or interesting. Because when children at Summerhill went into the class room they wanted to be there.

Summerhill was a school that was based on PLAY and THEN LEARNING. The teaching was straightforward, competent, minus social frills and aids.

A little child might play with his friends (no adult supervision) on school grounds every day until he was 10 or 12; and then decide he wanted to come to class for the first time in his life. He then learned to read, write, and do arithmetic…

Schoolwork was not compulsive. It wasn’t a framework forced on to the spirit of the child.

School-learning was waiting for the child to choose it. In freedom.

AS Neill was no New Ager. He was a no-nonsense tough character. In the book, he tells the story of a boy who, at 16, having never attended a class, walked into his office and said he wanted to become an engineer. In no uncertain terms, Neill told him he’d have to apply himself in the classroom every day—the boy said he was ready.

In two years, starting from scratch, the boy graduated from high school.

Later, the boy, now a young man with a degree, was working for a company in London. The boss called him into his office and asked him: “Why are you different from all my other employees?”

And the young man immediately answered: “Because I’m not afraid of you.”


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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

34 comments on “The Human Heart, Not Vaccines

  1. ReluctantWarrior says:

    “James Hillman so eloquently put it, ‘It was only when science convinced us that nature was dead that it could begin its autopsy in earnest.’ A living, aware, and soul-filled world does not respond well to autopsy.” — Stephen Harrod Buhner,

  2. David Evans says:

    Jon, your story of the young man’s response to his boss reminded me of what another remarkable young person once said. She was a student in a rather unique school in Costa Rica. The school was part of an intentional community that was formed as an ecovillage. The people in the ecovillage had learned to be self-reliant, to grow their own food, to generate their own electricity and recycle their waste products. A camera crew had come in to study the progress the community was making and then went to the school and asked a young lady of about 10 years old what was the most important thing she had learned. Her answer: ‘I have learned that I can control my own destiny.’ That answer blew me away in one so young.

  3. Andrew says:

    That last part. I’m different because I’m not afraid of you. That is Howard Roarke John Galt stuff. Sums it up

  4. Eluard says:

    The possibilities are endless, they truly are. I think we can get on that road if the wetiko is lifted from this planet. I believe we have help now, in a massive way, from realms we have forgotten.

    I remember reading a book of correspondence between AS Neill and Wilhelm Reich. Neill even went through some of Reich’s “Vegeto-therapy,” which was his then current name for his new body type therapy. His descriptions of his school were so enticing I longed to be there, in the past, myself. An “ordinary” visionary. Like we all are. Or can be.

  5. marlene says:

    Spiritual, vital, healthy, powerful – the unique journalist…A brilliant article. I will print it and make copies. It will heal those that vaccines can’t cure – and they’ll know why.

  6. Paul says:



    E DUC E RE

    “The inner fire
    is the most important thing
    mankind possesses.”

    ~ Edith Södergran

    Love springs from the inside.
    It is the immortal surge of passion,
    and vitality,
    that nourishes,
    extends and protects.
    It possesses
    an external objective – life.

    ~ Ogwo David Emenike

    how one person
    can saturate a room
    with vitality,
    with excitement…”

    ~ John Steinbeck
    (Travels with Charlie:
    In Search of America)


  7. Frances Vankuiken says:

    A good wise article to read for everyone, with Common Sense!

  8. Sean says:

    I believe Summerhill would produce very powerful, intelligent individuals as advertised.

    Before I started school I lived on 50 acres in the Ozark Hills in Oklahoma. Never a boring day for very long, if ever. Then the advent of preschool and child care and then school. All of it was not for me. I absolutely hated it. Almost everything about it. I sensed a military dictation running through it all. And I rebelled from day 1. Me getting paddled was frequent. Teachers behaviors toward people like me, can be physically abusive, fingernails in neck, fist fight with 5 grade principle, shoving, physical threats.

    I believe there has to be good strong people out there that see what you are laying down here is their personal magnificent obsession as totally necessary to be brought into fruition from henceforth. Or if it exists then a flood more of it. If anything needs organized at all, there it is.

  9. Ort says:

    When I was in high school, c. 1971, for some forgotten reason I decided to do a term paper about “alternative education”, and got very caught up in reading about various “free schools”.

    I was particularly impressed when I discovered AS Neill’s book about the Summerhill School– which as Wikipedia notes, “is an independent British boarding school that was founded in 1921 by Alexander Sutherland Neill with the belief that the school should be made to fit the child, rather than the other way around”.

    I was unpleasantly surprised when, in the course of blathering on excitedly about the utopia of “free” schools to my fellow “freak” schoolmates, a couple of my fellow pot-smoking, Woodstock generation, contrarian proto-intellectual friends sharply took issue with my high praise and approval for Summerhill– and, by implication, any alternative school that treated students equally and encouraged them all to follow their own curiosity, interests, and dreams.

    FWIW, we were all roughly “middle-class” white teenagers– I was urban, they were suburban, but I don’t know if that detail is crucial. Anyway, they calmly but firmly pointed out how dumb and idealistic it was to assume that everybody should be encouraged and enabled to freely pursue their own individual intellectual and philosophical interests.

    These critics instinctively made the (pseudo) pragmatic objection that I was unwilling or unable to see that society could never function unless there were a lot of docile, incurious drones around to do all the grunt work.

    Besides, the “free school” approach wouldn’t suit or benefit mediocre minds and complacent Normals only seeking or requiring the basic cognitive skills, training, and structure necessary to pursue a secure and productive occupation and lifestyle. They guessed that many of the products of free schools like Summerhill would crash and burn once they left their exotic free schools and had to cope with making a living in commercialized societies that were not geared to fulfilling individualistic intellects and free spirits.

    (They didn’t put it quite that way, but these paraphrases accurately capture their attitude and arguments.)

    They allowed that free schools might “work” for people like us, of course– we were Honors Class (aka Advanced Placement) material. But somebody had to sweep the streets, clean the toilets, and do the bookkeeping while the qualified (i.e. innately privileged) people followed their dreams and became self-actualized. If regular schools were somehow magically transformed into “free schools”, they opined, it would be a disaster.

    I don’t know why this passing discussion stuck in my mind, but it did. Looking back, I do give my friends credit for seeing things I was too idealistic to take into account at the time– namely, that there was and is indeed a fundamental conflict, or disconnect, between “free” education and the demands of an authoritarian, commodified culture. But they definitely weren’t buying my grandiose rebuttal that even if they had a point, it was “society” that was wrong, not the free schools.

    They shut me up pretty well, though. I was outnumbered, and dumbfounded to boot– but I still get outraged when I think about it.

  10. Bernardo Paratore says:

    The definitive thoughts on this mad world.

    “The basic human immune system is HEALTH. VITAL LIFE FORCE.”

    • Margery Gull says:

      Yes!!!! (The western plundrrers have co-opted this word and leveraged it as a sterile quantification of utility, and reduced its range to “does it work?” Or even, “Does it work to specifications?”) The rejection of Mystery, and the depraved drive to take all, inventory al, control all is counter-human, nihilistic. A powerful, moving, and important essay. I am for the Summerhills. I did not know this history in Massachusetts and its maritime community despite being from there. Many thanks.

  11. M says:

    Wow! Well done. As a homeschooling mother of ten, I concur.

    • David S. Knecht Sr. says:

      Homeschooling mother of ten,

      This homeschooling father of ten affirms that the Summerhill model sounds a lot like homeschooling.

  12. Mary C. says:

    Hi Jon ,, Amazing article .

    You have been keeping me sane through out all this craziness.

    I’m 70 years old ,, and ,, I remember your great work on CBS .

    YES ,, VITALITY !!!

  13. Gwyneth Cann says:

    Germ theory (note the word theory) and its concommitant pharmaceutical weaponry has been used and continues to be used to camouflage the ongoing poisonous assault upon this planet and humanity.

    It is the terrain, both inner and outer that matters, not viruses or bacteria. They are simply the clean up crew in a toxic environment.

  14. Rachel says:

    So let’s say we want to extricate ourselves from the system. I’m desperate to give my children a life filled with meaning and vitality, as you so eloquently put it. But I’m stuck – I’m not sure where to go. If it was up to me, I’d sell it all and teach my children on the road, giving them experiences in the classroom of life amongst peers who actually make a difference. But the hubby thinks I’m crazy, of course. Well… maybe not crazy, but he’s definitely slower at coming out of the Matrix, so to speak. He thinks we need a safe place to shelter in the coming storm. I’m attempting not to live through fear, but I must admit that these are scary times. It’s much harder being the lion than it is being the sheep – although I wouldn’t give it up for the world. Thanks for opening our eyes, Jon.

    • Sherry says:

      Rachel: Don’t give up! We stumbled into Montessori Schools when my son was young. It is more an open class room environment where children are encouraged to play and follow their interests as opposed to a structured Public School setting. A couple of years after he began school, we went sailing…living aboard and sailing abroad. I homeschooled…actually, UN schooled him. He loved to read, explore, navigate, cook, care for strange critters like hermit crabs, etc., see the cultures of the islands of the Caribbean, and so much more. When he returned to the States and school, he tested beyond his peers and continues to be one of the most unique people I know.

  15. Mike Mootart says:

    I have had somewhat unique experiences in being able to socialize with the upper-tiers and see first hand the way they see the world as opposed to one, like myself, has to earn a living. And I will state that the “depopulate” mindset is a real sentiment and not to be discounted. These people truly have zero compassion for the non-elite as they do not see a ‘face’ as when they interacted with me but just a abstract population needing reduction.

  16. Greg C. says:

    Forcing children to wear masks is doing untold psychological harm. Not seeing facial expressions on everyone all day prevents normal social development. For adults too! There was one checkout person at the grocery store yesterday who was not wearing a mask, so of course I chose her. We both smiled bigly and appreciated the warmth of each other’s smile in a world where smiling is being obliterated.

  17. stephen langley says:

    It is so simple… do what comes naturally ! Be in service to one another as unique individuals. Much Love, Jon… and All.

  18. Roundball Shaman says:

    “The Human Heart, Not Vaccines”

    But we DO a vaccine. But only one. And only for those who have lost their own ability to heal themselves. And it must be an all-inclusive vaccine that negates tyranny and grotesque over-reach. It must void all group-think and stupidity. It must restore one’s common sense and compassion and sense of true humanity. It must inoculate against lies and deceit and trickery and brainwashing and propaganda and gas-lighting and cult-worship and herd mental madness. It must render powerless the predator for-profit medical establishment that seeks to destroy the physical, mental, and spiritual health of the World. This is the only vaccine we need, now and evermore.

  19. Larry C says:

    “Ivan Illich: “The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization.”

    In the year 1900, 90% of all foods consumed by the city of New York (population: 3.4 million) were grown/produced within a 10 mile-radius of the city. Presumably, all of it was grown organically.

    With modern “food” production being consolidated into the hands of ever fewer corporations, it’s time to return to small, organic growing operations to return control of our food to the people, while guaranteeing high nutrition.

  20. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon’s first quote is of interest to me as it relates to the latest discoveries about the covid-injection of nano-graphene-oxide and how it becomes an internal alternative nervous system…

    “Once this meta program of culture becomes dominant, it shapes our experience into an arbitrary and parallel counterfeit of that which is real. Once this meta program takes over our perceptual apparatus, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens we can’t question our culturally conditioned state, since that is our only reality experience.” — Joseph Chilton Pearce

    Rick continues– That quote speaks to the “normal” education/propaganda/media transformation of man but I would like to point out that there are many articles popping up that point out that graphene-oxide is THE most important ingredient in masks, swab-tests, “vaccines” and “booster”… because it gets into the brain and creates Elon Musks “neural lace”– a layer of material that acts as a reciever of 5G signals.

    To restate the above quote in neural-lace-GrOx-5G terms… “Once this neural-lace-5G-activated program takes over our brain, it is the only mode we have for interacting with reality. Once that happens, we become zombified-slaves.”

  21. Orpheus Owl says:

    Beautiful article. From the cradle they teach you to fear — fear authority, fear being different, fear disease, fear death. They even teach you to eat death, corpses of other living sentient beings. Time to break out of the public school system and change how we think, just for starters.

    • TrustNoOne says:

      No, they actually promote veganism (meat free days, eat your veggies full of anti-nutrients). Everyone needs some animal/fish food, especially children with their growing brains. There’s a reason fish oil and brains and egg yolks were given to children in every healthy culture (see Weston Price Nutrition and Physical Degeneration).

      New World Order Diet

  22. Duke Walters says:

    What is the logical explanation that the current status of Covid contagion and deaths is allegedly much worse now than during the peak days of the supposed pandemic in 2020? How is that explained in terms of real science, if there is even such a thing these days? Also, for the past several weeks, I have counted 20 – 30 daily internet news articles reporting on how someone allegedly died of Covid, often before some important life event like a few days before getting married, or before their daughter was going to get married, and such. And they make it very clear in the articles that the person was unvaccinated. There are dozens of those stories reported daily on internet news outlets. If you research this, you will see what I mean.

    • Larry C says:

      I heard that the federal government will soon be in the market to hire a large number of behavioral psychologists.

      The apparent motive behind this plan is to cunningly persuade people – via various media platforms – to take the vaccinations….In other words, It’s All Good! 😡

  23. TrustNoOne says:

    Some time ago, I read every book by Gatto I could get… they’re all great and opened my eyes on a lot of things wrong with the public schooling (John Holt is another good choice). That said, I feel he didn’t dig deep enough. He went with the official story that compulsory education started in Prussia, but the true masterminds are, as always, the Jesuits (they’re actually considered to be the “great educators”). They started with Prussia because they hated it due to its Protestantism so they knew the best way to take it back is to enslave the young minds. Then they exported the model to everywhere else (every government was complicit even back in the day).

  24. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    It’s not a vaccine, it’s the sloppy administration of a poorly tested toxic drug called a spike-protein.

    It’s functionally equivalent to:
    1. Manufacture the spike-protein drug. We know how to do that. Purify it. Add some fillers to aid injection.
    2. Randomly inject different amounts into individual patients, keeping no record of how much drug each patient got.
    3. Do no active monitoring of positive or negative effects on individuals, only studying statistical preventative effects with regards to COVID.
    4. No placebo control group.

    The above scenario is equivalent to the injection of mRNA as a vaccine. The exact same drug is produced with no control over dose or the duration of its production bt the body. No useful measures of toxicity of the drug.

    If any doctor tried to inject the spike protein into their patients they would lose their licence to practice medicine. If the consequences for any patient were severe, the doctor and probably their clinic could be sued.

    But, because it’s called a vaccine, there are none of the standard scientific requirements of testing a new toxic drug.

  25. NoMoreLies says:

    Every human should watch this:

    Biotech analyst says FDA approval is “CHECKMATE” for Pfizer

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