Bombshell: FDA knew all along there would be many COVID cases among the fully vaccinated—and buried that knowledge

by Jon Rappoport

August 11, 2021

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First of all, I have to re-emphasize a point I’ve made many times: SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist. I’ve been proving that for over a year.

BUT I don’t stop there. I temporarily enter the official world where people assume the virus does exist, and I reveal many internal contradictions and lies and cover-ups within that world.

Some readers, who possess sub-standard literacy, believe I’m contradicting MYSELF. They think I’m saying the virus doesn’t exist and does exist.


Analogy: People sitting inside a theater are watching a movie, and they believe it’s a real world. They react in all sorts of strange ways, based on that assumption. You’re standing outside the theater, looking through the window. You can just say, “They’re all crazy,” and leave it at that, or you can say, “They’re all crazy,” and THEN walk inside the theater and get a good look at what they’re up to as well. That’s what I do.

That’s what I’m doing in this article, which is about the FDA and their emergency authorization of the COVID vaccine, despite knowing the vaccine didn’t pass muster, didn’t even vaguely rank as effective in the clinical trials.

Because lots of people in the clinical trial became COVID cases after being vaccinated.

In other words, the FDA knew, right from the get-go, that many so-called breakthrough cases would develop. They knew many vaccinated people would become COVID cases.

This knowledge should have prevented the FDA from granting emergency use authorization for the vaccine—but it didn’t.

(Reminder: We’re in the crazy fake theater now, where the virus is real, the PCR test is meaningful and accurate, the vaccine is necessary.)

Here we go.

The document, posted on the FDA website, is titled, “Vaccines and Related Biological Products; Advisory Committee Meeting; FDA Briefing Document Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine.” [1]

It is dated December 10, 2020. The date tells us that all the information in the document is taken from the Pfizer clinical trial, based on which the FDA authorized the vaccine for public use.

A key quote is buried on page 42: “Among 3410 total cases of suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 in the overall study population, 1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group [who received a saltwater shot].”

Those shocking numbers have never seen the light of day in news media.

The comparative numbers reveal that the vaccine was not effective at preventing COVID-19. It was certainly not 50% more effective than a placebo shot—the standard for FDA Emergency Use Authorization.

To make all this clear, I need to back up and explain the theory of the vaccine clinical trial.

The researchers assumed the SARS-CoV-2 virus was spreading everywhere in the world, and during the clinical trial, it would descend on some volunteers.

The billion-dollar question was: how many people receiving the vaccine would become infected, vs. how many people in the placebo group?

If it turned out that FAR FEWER people getting the vaccine became infected with SARS-CoV-2, the vaccine would be hailed as a success. It protected people against the virus.

But as you can see from the numbers above, that wasn’t the case at all.

So now we come to the vital weasel-phrase in the FDA document I just quoted: “suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 [cases].”

“Well, you see, we can’t say these were ACTUAL COVID-19 cases. Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t. They’re in limbo. We want to keep them in limbo. Otherwise, our clinical trial is dead in the water, and we’ll never get approval for the vaccine.”

What does “suspected cases” mean? It can only mean these people all displayed symptoms consistent with the definition of COVID-19, but they’re unconfirmed cases because…their PCR tests were negative, not positive.

However, if their tests were negative, why would they be called “suspected cases” instead of “NOT CASES”?

Something is wrong here. The FDA is hedging its bets, muddying the waters, obscuring facts.

By FDA/CDC rules, a case of COVID-19 means: a person has tested positive, period.

That’s the way cases are counted.

These thousand-plus volunteers in the Pfizer clinical trial were either COVID-19 cases or they weren’t. Which is it?

The official response to that question is obvious: the FDA decided to throw the data from all those “suspected cases” in the garbage and ignore them. Poof. Gone.

Why do I say that?

Because if the FDA had paid serious attention to the “suspected cases,” they never would have authorized the vaccine for public use. They would have stopped the clinical trial and undertaken a very deep and extensive investigation.

Which they didn’t.

This is called a crime.

“But…but it’s not that simple. This is a complex situation. It’s a gray area.”

“No. It isn’t. If you were running a clinical trial of a new drug, and a few thousand people in the trial, who were given the drug, nevertheless came down with the disease symptoms the drug was supposed to cure, wouldn’t you cancel the trial and go back to the drawing board?”

“You mean if we were being honest? That’s a joke, right? We’re not honest. Don’t you get it?”

Yes. I get it. You’re criminals. Killers.

But wait. There’s more. The FDA document also states: “Suspected COVID-19 cases that occurred within 7 days after any vaccination were 409 in the vaccine group vs. 287 in the placebo group.”

That’s explosive. Right after vaccination, 409 people who received the shots became “suspected COVID cases.” This alone should have been enough to stop the clinical trial altogether. But it wasn’t.

In fact, the FDA document tries to excuse those 409 cases with a slippery comment: “It is possible that the imbalance in suspected COVID-19 cases occurring in the 7 days post vaccination represents vaccine reactogenicity with symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19.”

Translation: You see, a number of clinical symptoms of COVID-19 and adverse effects from the vaccine are the same. Therefore, we have no idea whether the vaccinated people developed COVID or were just reacting to the vaccine. So we’re going to ignore this whole mess and pretend it’s of no importance.

Back in April of 2020, I predicted the vaccine manufacturers would use this strategy to explain away COVID cases occurring in the vaccine groups of their clinical trials.

It’s called cooking the data. It’s a way of writing off and ignoring COVID symptoms in the vaccine group.

And the FDA document, as I stated above, just puts an impenetrable cloud over all the volunteers in the Pfizer clinical trial by inventing a category called “suspected but unconfirmed COVID-19 cases,” and throwing those crucial data away, never to be spoken of again.

I’m speaking about them now. Any sensible person, looking at them, would conclude that the vaccine should never have been authorized.

Unless fraud, deception, profits, and destruction of human life via the vaccine were and are the true goals.

Finally: When you have “suspected cases,” and their ultimate status depends on doing a test, you do the test. You do it as many times as you need to, until it registers positive or negative. Then each “suspected case” becomes an actual case or no case at all.

Perhaps these “suspected cases” in the clinical trial were tested, and many of them came up positive, revealing they were actual COVID cases—but the researchers lied and covered up the fact that they were tested.

Or if you really don’t want to know whether “suspected cases” are actual cases, you don’t test them. You leave them in a convenient limbo and park them, never to be seen again.

Either way, the situation is patently absurd. By official standards, the PCR test decides whether a person is a case or not a case. Just do the test. Saying “we don’t know” is nothing more than a con and a hustle.

I’d love to hear the researchers try to talk their way out of this one. Here is how the conversation might go:

“So you’re saying these several thousand suspected COVID cases couldn’t be adjudicated one way or another?”

“That’s right. Their PCR tests were ‘indeterminate’.”

“That says something devastating about the test itself.”

“Well, sometimes you just can’t tell whether it’s positive or negative.”

“I see. And this ‘indeterminate’ result occurred in more than a THOUSAND suspected cases.”

“I guess so, yes.”

“You know, you could have done something else with these suspected cases. A different test. You could have taken tissue samples and looked for the virus itself in a more direct way.”

“No. That wouldn’t work.”

“Why not?”

“Because…the actual virus…”

“Because no one has been able to come up with a specimen of the actual SARS-CoV-2 virus.”


“So tell me—what does that indicate? I’ll tell you what it indicates. You can’t prove the SARS-CoV-2 virus exists. It doesn’t exist.”

“I have to go. I’m late for a meeting.”

“You’re late for more than just a meeting. Is it true a person becomes a virologist by cutting out a coupon from the back of a comic book and mailing it to a PO Box in Maryland?’

“Absolutely not. That’s outrageous.”

“What then?”

“The PO Box is in Virginia.”



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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

93 comments on “Bombshell: FDA knew all along there would be many COVID cases among the fully vaccinated—and buried that knowledge

  1. NoMoreLies says:

    “The address is in Virginia”. LMAO!!

    More facts that Jon digs up and mainstream criminal media HIDES. The mainstream criminal news people: You’re days are coming. It can’t be stopped!

    I’ve know this whole lie from back in December of 2019. Sensed it. Then, in February of 2020, UCLA Childrens Hospital killed our SPECIAL NEEDS son for the sake of funding, through use of a ventilator, REPEATEDLY, that he did not need. A “3-4 hour surgery” that they intentionally punctured his lung to gain access for funding through a ventilater (at about $40,000 per “activating OF A ventilator”). A “3-4 hour surgery” that kept him and us in that hospital for a MONTH! ‘Then, weeks into our nightmare, abusive stay there, there was suddenly “an unknown virus” and everybody had to wear a gown and a mask. I told many people.., ” There’s a vaccine in the making. Just watch”. They of course, thought I was a little off. As it turns out, THEY were and STILL ARE off!! Lie after lie after lie!! Covered up my the fake news and the drama queens and kings and puppets of main stream news!

    • Sara says:

      NoMoreLies, I am so very sorry for your heartache and the loss of your precious son.

    • AMM says:

      That is AWFUL!! I am so sorry you have experienced this first hand and I cannot even imagine what a nightmare y’all are constantly living through. They are going to get what the deserve…and I hope we will see it here on earth soon! They will meet their Maker one day and they will BUTN IN HELL FOR ETERNITY!
      May God bless you and your your entire family during this awful time of DETRIMENTAL LOSS and may his death (murder) be exposed and revealed to all. (And ALL other VICTIMS in this PLANDEMIC! 🙏❤️✝️

    • Barbara says:

      Oh my gosh , I am so sorry for your loss. How heartbreaking that this madness has ruined so many families. My condolences to you and yours.

      These lies are dividing our family also. We believe as John and many other brave people are reporting and some of our family have lined up and taken the shots and in our opinion are following the others off the cliff.

    • Jimmy says:

      So sorry for your loss.

    • ak in vt says:

      God has a special place for all children. Your son is comforted by the Christ himself. I am very sorry for your loss. My brother lost his son to suicide during all of this — don’t know exactly why, but it is very sad.

      Strength to you and a shoulder and helping hand if I could for you and your wife.

      Regards in Christ

      AK in VT

    • Linda says:

      Sorry that you lost your precious son.

    • Amy K says:

      Very sorry for your loss. These monsters must pay!

  2. SpiritTraveller says:

    Mr. Jon, thank you for another insightful and logical layout. I have been an ardent student of yours for over two years! Your insight and profound-logic and years of research and track-record as “Investative-Reporter” is invaluable to those of us who thirst for Truth! Justice! and Cohesiveness.

    May The Greatest Great continues to bless and keep you eternally! Ase!🏔

  3. David L Gaskill says:

    If it isn’t the virus (which you say does not exist) killing people, do you think that what does exist and is killing people is a mutating and unstoppable bioweapon?

    • Researcher says:

      Nothing is killing anyone except iatrogenic murder, DNR and vaccines.

      All case and mortality numbers are generated through a fake test.

      It’s your imagination, believing their fear propaganda.

      • CK says:

        I agree with that. I also think the Graphene Oxide theory is likely true and that GO was added to the flu shots in 2019. If GO is true, then 5G is also a factor and by itself has caused some “cases” and deaths.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          That’s what I was thinking.

          Was a bit leery of Orwell City site at first, but YOW! Kind of hard to falsify ALL of this – and make sure it still looks totally legit.


          Was already suspicious of ALL vaccines anyway. The entire history of their supposed “successes” in ending “pandemics/epidemics” is worthy of ridicule!

          As it stands in America right now:

          The USA has the world’s MOST-VACCINATED population, especially our children – yet – still has the most problems of chronic ailments/illnesses, highest infant-mortality rates, AND highest occurrences of cancers, neurological problems, and a vast array of blood-related/genetics-related disorders and deaths!

          BUT, we have “the most impressive healthcare system in the world” – they keep telling us!

          Something is VERY wrong with this whole picture about “healthcare” and “government-mandated treatments and therapies”!

          TRUE medicine supports Life, and does it NOT by the “one size fits all”-approach!

          • Mishko says:

            Iatrogenic murder -> eugenics
            Test real, results meaningless

            Greetings from Amsterdam, Mishko

          • Mishko says:

            The policy “War On Cancer” announced in 1970 and what followed also tells us all is not what it seems.

            Also the satanic way of inversion sold as legit.

            Up is down, war is peace, heterosexual is latent homosexual and healthy people are merely asymptomatic…

    • JoeG says:

      David, what is killing people are (plural) the same old things that have been killing them for ages, although we’ve added a few more in the ‘modern’ age. Basically, toxins and trauma. Toxins, in the form of processed foods, pesticides, industrial chemicals, pharmaceuticals, vaccines; in general, out toxic lifestyle which adds obesity, poor nutrition, etc. And trauma, which comes in multiple flavors: physical (i.e. toxins), psychic, emotional, and spiritual. It is known that our genetic material can be altered by shocks (trauma). We have recently added a massive shock to most people in the form of fear, in some cases bordering on, if not actual, hysteria over ‘the virus.’
      So, all the old standbys are doing just fine; no new virus needed. Now, a bio-weapon could certainly add to he mix, but you’d have to volunteer for that, but you could get a donut and a gift card for your trouble.
      As for the ‘variants.’ They’re just as unreal as the original SARS-CoV-2 virus. You can’t get something from nothing: No original virus, fake (computer generated) genome, false PCR test, fake cases, phantom variants: a total fantasy. Unfortunately, the deadly ‘vaccine,’ is real and I believe is the objective to which all the foregoing was simply a cover story.

    • LN says:

      Once you have a test (whether it works or not) you have a pretext for treating people if the test says they have the deadly whatever. So the toxic meds are wheeled out, even if they are “free”, somebody pays so Big Pharna gains. It could be the protocols that lead to death. Many drugs will cause inflammation, kidney failure and heart and or BP problems. Most!

      So if the protocol says, isolate, (no visitors) intoxicate (drugs) ventialate (no verbal protest) who is going to recognise that slow murder? Nurses – yes one would hope that they do, many have actually reported this but are not widely seen (censored as dangerous) Undertakers? Yes one, John Olooney, who was originally interviewed on BBC has spoken out bravely about how there was no first wave, but that he has seen the most deaths ever since Vx started. Young people too. This should not be ignored. People are trying to be heard.

    • Haniel Adhar says:

      Didn’t I see you ask this question before?

      Were the previous 8 million answers that you got insufficient?

    • Tom says:

      I think he just wrote a recent article explaining this. Maybe 5 or 6 articles back. Check it.

      • William Clark DeLashmutt says:

        The majority of people that allegedly died of COVID as being the cause had 2.9 co-morbidities. So their death could have been do to stroke, heart attack, cancer or something else but since they were categorized as COVID cases, COVID was listed as the cause of death regardless of what the real cause may have been.

  4. SpiritTraveller says:

    No one can enter nursing program without first ” ID UNKNOWN” in Microbiology lab.

    Yet the people who took oath to “First Do No Harm” are HARMING and even eliminating with their undisclosed expermental-toxic-potion and is NOT LIABLE. How can this be in the Land of The FREE and Home of the BRAVE?

  5. M Brenner says:

    Jon rappoport hardest-working reporter in the business. Possibly the only reporter, a one-man fourth estate. If there is a God and I do believe there is, and a heaven where we our sins are washed clean for deposit into the health savings account of Dr. Fauci, then there’s a special place of honor for truth tellers in the face of the enemy’s lies. Thank you for your hard work I look forward to each new column popping in my inbox practically on a daily basis… hell I even look forward to reading about the Matrix for the 36th time.

  6. Lisa H says:

    Fudged numbers from the get go..just like pharmaceutical drugs..the commercials portray smiling humans dancing through daisy fields..a miracle awaits your symptoms. Run as fast as you can to request our drug. The same is happening here with a poisonous injection. Fear tactics continue…I sadly feel given the bafoon in the White House will only aide in all of this madness. God watches and waits-

  7. Dr. John H says:

    Please explain “1594 occurred in the vaccine group vs. 1816 in the placebo group”.

    So, more suspected Covid in the placebo group, but it sounds like you are saying there was more in the vaccine group?

    • jackieboy says:

      1816/3440 = 52.8%
      100 – 52.8% = 47.2%

      52.8 – 47.2 = 5.6% – difference in number of QUALITATIVELY assessed subjects exhibiting symptoms consistent with “suspected but unconfirmed” COVID-19 – basically rounding error between the vaccinated vs unvaxxed. ESSENTIALLY EQUAL number vaccinated/unvaxxedsubjects APPEARED to have contracted the virus, i.e. vaccine no better than placebo.

  8. h5mind says:

    As dangerous as they are on their own, I wouldn’t put too much focus on the mRNA jabs. The real disaster will begin when they do whatever they have planned to make those largely passive shots go active.

    • sm says:

      Hey hive mind, I don’t belong to the HIVE. I belong to my creator, JESUS CHRIST.. MAY ALL THE HIVES and TRAVELERS within go straight to their HEAVEN..

      Btw, you are correct, “when the passive shots go active”. […]

    • Natalie says:

      Who knows, they might do the opposite of what we think they do and admit the vaxx is killing people… and use any ensuing upheaval to bring about the true martial law. I don’t it’s a coincidence Posse Comitatus was suspended back in 2000s. Some sort of financial/economic disaster is pretty much guaranteed at this point and the war with China is not an impossibility either.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      By activating the Graphenes within them, via “5G” signals.

      I suspect that our 5G systems are running at low power right now, but does not mean that “the real fun” won’t really begin with these 5G systems’ output power being turned UP.

      Only the “insiders” know for sure what will happen, and how widespread the effect will be.

  9. LEONIE says:

    Sydney, Australia: All New COVID Hospitalizations Involve Vaccinated Individuals Except One

    Jul 26, 2021


    BOMBSHELL – Corvelva Releases Next Vaccine Analysis Results

    December 23, 2018

  10. striketheroot says:

    This piece will outrage most people because they beLIEve that the FDA functions to protect the health and well being of American citizens. If one citizen is spared because of the FDA’s action, chalk it up to coincidence. The FDA is a key player in the organized criminal syndicate which includes the medical, pharmaceutical and media industries. It all started way back when, with the I.G.Farben cartel and has over the decades metastasized into a cancer in modern civilization. Truth be known if the FDA didn’t exist, the average life span of Americans would actually increase. As it now stands the FDA is really in the depopulation for profit business.

  11. Luther says:

    At any rate, people need to know the current FDA Chair. was appointed during the Obama/Bush administration, simply because he had been on the board of MONSANTO! Monsanto has merged with Bayer who supplied harmful chemicals to the public under the Nazis in Europe! Perhaps, the scene surrounding the vaccines and their usage/contents is becoming more publicised, which will be difficult to bury again.

    • Sonia says:

      mas que diabos está matando pessoas com sangue coagulado? uma doença feita em laboratório ou guerra biológica? mas alguma coisa tira a respiração e coagulantes o sangue.

      but what the hell is killing people with clotted blood? a laboratory-made disease or biological warfare? but something takes the breath away and coagulates the blood.

  12. Kevin says:


    I don’t believe that I have sub standard literacy, because the standard is really, really low these days.

    Anywho, it’s my understanding that the vaccine was designed to reduce symptoms. Thus, this can’t be determined if subjects in the vaccine group don’t get COVID. Perhaps, what they really wanted to know was, of the covid positive cases in the vaccine group, how many displayed symptoms?

    Sick patients with no symptoms can be REAL super spreaders amongst the vaccinated. Then we will actually have asymptomatic carriers.

  13. Graham says:


    Didn’t some of the Pfizer study ‘placebo’ people got a Meningitis vaccine? It was mentioned in the trial data I read last year but they didn’t say who, where, what age or anything else about them. All (dangerous and useless) vaccines have side effects don’t they? I wonder how many of the placebo group that got ‘covid’ were actually vaccine victims too?


    All the best

  14. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon, instead of belaboring the “official world where the virus exists” and risking people being confused over your contradicting yourself, simply call it the covid-narrative. We’ve used that word, “narrative”, long enough now that everyone understands that it’s not reality. Movies and stories use the word too. I think it goes way back in literature history.


    What is narrative?

    Narrative is writing that connects ideas, concepts or events. The definitions below show three important aspects of narration in storytelling:

    It connects events, showing their patterns, relating them to each other or to specific ideas, themes or concepts.

    It is a practice and art in that when we tell a story, we shape the narrative – the connection between events.

    Narrating a story involves shaping events around an overarching set of aims or effects (whether consciously or unconsciously). For example, in a comedic narrative, the overarching aim is to surprise/shock or otherwise lead the audience or reader to be amused.



  15. Jim S Smith says:

    The very same sort of shenanigans and false-hoodery that is employed in MOST of these “scientific pop-studies”!

    Nothing here surprises me!

    When there are BILLIONS in profits at stake, the Truth is shown to the trashcan!

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      One has to wonder how profit-seeking liars thing that truth will never surface and come back to bite them. What do they truth is, anyway? Just something that can be fooled or suppressed forever? Philosophically speaking, they might not believe that truth exists– which is quite amusing in a dark way. This line of thought gives new energy to the phrase “truth seeker”… The phrase “the love of money is the root of all evil” should have a corallary– “the love truth is the root of all good”.

  16. Raven says:

    I was actually studying to become a virologist in the early 1970’s but decided to change majors to Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll. Boy am I glad.

  17. Larry C says:

    Divide & Rule, vs An Interconnected Reality

  18. Paul says:




    “A Study of Gray Weasels,
    scurrying about hedges,
    hiding in muddy limbo.”

    There they go.

    In the REAL-WORLD Theater:

    “To make all this clear,

    I need to back up

    and explain

    the theory of

    the vaccine clinical trial.”

    Wouldn’t it be Wonderful, if Dr. F,
    possessed such a need.

    After all,
    he’s a purported
    Public Servant.

    And the highest paid one,
    at that.

    “Either way,
    the situation
    is patently absurd.”

    WE OWN the patent on absurdity.

  19. Sonia says:

    Monsanto é responsável por nossas mortes lentas por envenenamento nos alimentos. Governos compactuam com isso e ainda alguns acreditam na possibilidade de viver por mil anos

    Monsanto is responsible for our slow deaths from food poisoning. Governments agree with this and still some believe in the possibility of living for a thousand years

  20. Larry C says:

    Divide & Rule, vs An Interconnected Reality

  21. sonia Pimenta says:

    mas que diabos está matando pessoas com sangue coagulado? uma doença feita em laboratório ou guerra biológica? mas alguma coisa tira a respiração e coagulantes o sangue.

    but what the hell is killing people with clotted blood? a laboratory-made disease or biological warfare? but something takes the breath away and coagulates the blood.

  22. Larry C says:

    Test…no message

  23. JA says:

    Today my daughter received a letter from the demented governor of Oregon saying All state employees will have to take the jab as soon as the FDA gives the jab their approval.


    In the letter she states that the legislature and judicial branch in Oregon is exempted from taking the jab!!!!!! All mainstream media reporting on this have failed to clarify the fact that these “esteemed leaders” are not included in the mandate.

    Now please explain to me why they are exempt and why that is not discrimination. Are they better than the average working Joe or do they KNOW the truth about the deadly jab.

    Also I believe communist Kate has prior knowledge that the FDA is set to give that approval very soon.

    • Kat says:

      This declination has been successful! The idea being everything is a contract your daughter is being offered a product she has the right to refuse. Crrow777’s radio has interviewed the author of this declination 3 times. Information available to anyone! The declination can be customized for each individual. Refuse their offer, on paper.

      Statement of Declination for Offer of Influenza Vaccine Product

      1. YOUR NAME, a living woman retain and reserve all of my God-given rights including sole possession and sole use of all my biological materials which are granted to me by my Creator.

      My employer and location of employment have offered an influenza vaccination product to me pursuant to and satisfying the requirements of YOUR STATE Health & Safety Code COPY AND PASTE INFLUENZA HEALTH AND SAFETY CODE HERE.

      I retain the right to decline all attempts to access, influence and or otherwise alter any and all of my God-given biological material and or biological systems which are unique, flawless and original design and craftsmanship of my Creator and of which my Creator has granted me sole possession, proprietorship and use of.

      I require that any and all product offered to me by my employer or workplace be both entirely retrievable from and also removable in its entirety from my body, person, and womanhood at the conclusion of each and every work period and or work shift and also and again at the completion of my contractual obligations with my location or employment, and or employer.

      Pursuant to my above statement, I decline the offer for influenza vaccination product.


      All Rights Reserved

  24. JA says:

    Today my daughter received a letter from the demented governor of Oregon mandating that ALL government workers for the state of Oregon will take the jab as soon as the FDA approves the jab.

    However….the letter exempted the legislature and judicial branch of the government! In my research on this subject on the web NO mainstream media mentioned these exemptions!!!

    Now why, pray tell, would these “lofty officials” be exempted from this jab? Let me guess….they KNOW what the ingredients are and they KNOW what the truth is behind the jab.

    Also, because commie Katie is in the know. the FDA approval is on the way.

  25. ak in vt says:

    Well, the CDC recommends the following should take the shot:

    1. immuno-compromised
    2. pregnant women
    3. children between 12 and 16

    The FDA paper you have cited, Jon states:

    1. immuno-compromised: page 49 Quote: “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine…”
    2. pregnant women : page 49: Quote: “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine…”
    3. children between 12 and 16 : Quote: “There are currently insufficient data to make conclusions about the safety of the vaccine…”

    Let’s not forget the bottom of page 42 of this FDA paper which states that no pregnant women were allowed to be a part of the trial and anyone who was found to have become pregnant during the trial was kicked out of the trial. Yet, our new CDC monster states pregnant women should get the “shot.”

    Good luck!


    AK in VT (possibly soon to be “formerly in VT”)

  26. John Payne says:

    Shared with thanks Jon.

  27. Andreas says:

    This article should be sent to Rand Paul. He would use his megaphone to expose criminal and fraudulent actions of corrupted to the core FDA. Moreover, FDA should be abolished and its directors prosecuted, put on public trial and eventually executed. There is a death penalty in USA.

  28. Mike B says:

    Amazing catch. These numbers dwarf the headline numbers in the trial…Pfizer and FDA used 8 and 162, respectively, to guide the public perception (8 Covid cases vaccinated, 162 placebo), with a vaccine effectiveness (VE) claim of 95% (=1-(8/162)) to further market the vaccines. This is all on a base of roughly 43,000 total study volunteers. Given this new information, those numbers – 8 and 162 – would be so sensitive to any small change in the treatment of the Suspected But Unconfirmed Bucket as to render them meaningless. The cumulative incidence graph on page 30 would also look quite laughable if it were redrawn according to this new data.

    I agree with Jon’s analysis but am still puzzled by the vagueness of this category – Suspected But Unconfirmed – I’ve read the document several times and can’t gain further clarity …those paragraphs just kind of pop up out of no where and twist in the wind. If anyone else can I would certainly welcome further insight. Were these all symptomatic but negative PCR? Or were they symptomatic but not tested? What made them suspected cases and why include this category at all, if you’re the FDA?

  29. Larry C says:

    “Reminder: We’re in the crazy fake theater now, where the virus is real, the PCR test is meaningful and accurate, the vaccine is necessary.)”

    Excellent metaphor!

    • Larry C says:

      The crazy fake theatre: mainstream news; social media platforms; talk shows; tv commercials & ad placement; films both streaming and in movie theatres…

  30. sm says:


    Why don’t you state the obvious:::: ” the TOXCINE is and always was the reason for the fake covid-19 virus and Pcr testing .

    The variants we see now are real and a planned product/result of the TOXCINES.. ITS THAT SIMPLE.

    5G,,,that’s the true killer of the masses. This is NOT global depopulation, but it is most certainly all of NATO countries.

    • Natalie says:

      I’m not so sure about the 5G health dangers… what if it’s a red herring while the actual danger is the way they enable the Internet of Things (aka Skynet) to control us)? Not saying you should live close to the towers if you can avoid it.

      • sm says:

        What if I told you that 60ghz is the optimal frequency of 98% absorption of oxygen (02) . Suppose that I told you that 60ghz, +/- 5ghz would starve you of 02… suppose I told you that insurers such as Loyds of London will not insure 5g carriers??
        Ps- there’s no difference between Bush/Trump and Obama/Biden.. they are all of the same coin.

  31. CK says:

    At my workplace, I’m surrounded by people who still fervently believe the vaccine protects you from “infection”. My employer doesn’t require masks for vaccinated people but I know many vaccinated people who wear a mask all day long (and are probably breathing in a lot of Graphene Oxide). It’s incredibly depressing because I used to consider some of these people to be way smarter than me. I guess they are- in terms of “book smarts”- but they’re WAY STUPIDER than me in terms of common sense.

    I became a virus “denialist” late last year after doing a lot of research, which included reading Jon’s blog. I try to spread the word on other sites that NONE of the infectious viruses are real- but 99.9% of people, including many who are anti-vaxxers, don’t believe that: certainly, Mercola, RFK Jr and Del Bigtree don’t believe that.

    To me- the ULTIMATE reason to be an anti-vaxxer is that infectious viruses don’t exist- so why should anyone take a vaccine that can only cause you harm?

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      After 17 months of this covid-mania, I still have not had or taken the time to investigate the academic area known as the science of “infectious disease”. Searching on that term yields innumerable high level research departments, institutes, universities and agencies– yet they ALL got this covid thing wrong… and continue to do so. And it’s not just SOME of them, but ALL of them! It reminds me of the phrase “money is the root of all evil”… not just “some evil” or “most evil”… but “allll” evil!

      So CK, when you say “infectious viruses don’t exist”, I agree. However… we’re faced with “infectious disease” agencies that address MORE than “viruses” and I think to flip this covid-war on it’s back, we’ll have to address that. I’ve hinted at that before here in Jon’s useful blog but we have not hit the nail on the head yet.

      Bacteria from bad meat on a dirty cutting board, for example, can transfer into the human gut and cause illness. This micro-organism… salmonella, I believe, is real. That’s why I wash my cutting board thoroughly and wash my hands before handling raw chicken. But I have not seen this point addressed by virus-deniers like me or you or even Jon. What if we were to REWRITE the “textbook” of “infectious disease”… in a manner of speaking? That would be a gargantuan effort– possibly impossible. I’m just brainstorming at the moment.

      It may very well be that the VIRUS is the ONLY micro-organism that does NOT exist… that it is the IMPOSTER microorganism among others that DO exist but which entities have LIMITED range… and LIMITED and well-defined capacity. It reminds of the TV show “To Tell The Truth”… “will the REAL fake micro-organism please stand up?”… at the end of the show– and it’s “Mr. Virus”. All other micro-orgs exist, but the VIRUS was slipped in there under the radar as the only entity that does NOT exist…

      • Raven says:

        Excellent point. The words “infectious disease” were chosen specifically to hide exactly what you just parsed out. Certain bacteria (ex: probiotics) are essential for life, other bacteria can kill you quickly. Lumping those in the “infectious disease” category is nothing but “magic word spelling”, with “spell” meaning an occult spell. We are all taught spelling in school!

        There are some great videos on YouTube and other platforms that show thousands of examples of how language has been used to trick us, like the greeting “Hell-o” that we fling at everyone. Most people don’t realize the universal consciousness we all are a part of does not recognize a negative, so the Ten Commandments, like “thou shalt not kill” is really commanding the exact opposite in terms of what is being emitted into the collective consciousness of humanity.

      • cusfo says:

        What? Now hear this: “THE LOVE OF money IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL”. Your ‘quote” is misleading and deceptive. Is it willful or carelessness?

  32. dnomsed says:

    Excellent article. Thank you.

    In every science experiment an estimate of experimental uncertainty has to be developed *before* the experiment begins. Essentially, if the experimental outcome falls within this experimental uncertainty, it would be treated as useless – noise.

    Did these toxic liquid trials ever estimate the experimental uncertainty? I have not seen any reference to this.

    The minute so-called medical signals of benefit for the Pfizer Phase 3 trial, would certainly lie well within a decent uncertainty estimate. In other words, the results amount to little more than experimental noise. As such, they are useless – nothing more than a toxic placebo.

  33. Saguaro Speaks says:

    The biggest Con in my lifetime, COVID-1984. A virus which is a complete fabrication, perpetuated by constant distractions in the fear porn news cycle to keep the populace confused and terrified. Tune in to your local sock-puppet teleprompter reader regurgitating the official narrative and you’ll hear about “Cases” on the rise, lab leak or natural, the unvaccinated are killing Grandma, wear your ritualistic mask of obedience, better get your jab it the “Patriotic” thing to do…danger, danger, danger tyranny is our only way out. Is it any wonder why vital information was suppressed, there’s billions of dollars to be made and control over the populace to achieve.

  34. Paul Blanch says:

    Jon – your theory about the FDA muddying the waters about covid positivity is easily refuted.

    The CDC and FDA have now admitted that the PCR tests for covid were fraudulent and did nothing other than show exposure to ANY corona virus. As such, all covid tests are no being recalled. So covid positive doesn’t mean you have covid – and they knew this all along. Fact is we’ve never isolated the virus responsible for covid and NO none actually has the virus. We have a suspect genome but no ACTUAL virus.

    The whole clinical trial was bogus given they had no idea who actually had covid and who didn’t.

  35. Larry C says:

    In fact, the FDA document tries to excuse those 409 cases with a slippery comment: “It is possible that the imbalance in suspected COVID-19 cases occurring in the 7 days post vaccination represents vaccine reactogenicity with symptoms that overlap with those of COVID-19.” ‘

    “reactogenicity”…. If the FDA can roll out seven-syllable words from their armamentarium, how will we (deplorables) ever prevail?

    Lawdy, Lawdy! 😷

  36. sm says:

    Re-writing of history,,,,
    About the same time a group of 5 people in England re-wrote biblical history, Rockefeller changed holistic medicine , to an oil-based , man-made medicine.. this all happened around 1900ad +/-… it is the “LUST” of money that is the root of all evil. Not money in itself.

  37. Haniel Adhar says:

    It’s the Kovid Zombies that are contradicting themselves, not Jon.

    I love the “then what’s killing all these people?” people.

    These are the same people who think George Floyd didn’t drop dead of a drug overdose. The “presence” of the cop was blamed as the cause, just as the “presence” of “DNA” in a “test” is the “cause” of the guy who was killed in a motorcycle crash.

  38. Bob Mazza says:

    Thank God we have Jon Rappoport. He is constantly working to bring out the truth about this pandemic. I hope he continues to do this. I personally need to read something from Jon Rappoport every day.

    • AlexKx says:

      But who in the general public are seeing this and this information?! Is there any question that the public are clearly not getting this information?!

  39. Keith says:

    I’m confused.

    In this publication, under figure 3, they show 29,903 base pairs for SARS-CoV-2 genome:

  40. Jim Standish says:

    How do they get from 1600 vs 1800 cases on page 42 to tables that show appx 1 case for every 19 cases? It doesn’t “add up”!

  41. Peter Halligan says:

    the FDA also knew that tens of thousands would die and millions would be injured by the injections.

    why not ask “how many deaths from vaccines would disqualify them from EUA – and how many injuries?”

  42. CP says:

    I am so tired of spin on the covid issue and everything related to it. Both sides. Truth is dead. Opinion is king. Confirmation bias reigns supreme.

    Notice a statistic cited. X number of people got covid within four days of receiving the vaccine. Sensational news! Problem is that the vaccine didn’t provide any protection until 10-14 days after administration.

    People, I am not an advocate of the vaccines, I vehemently oppose masking, and I will not comply with a single mandatory vaccination or mask edict coming from any government entity.

    What sickens me is the lunacy that has taken over our society, on both sides, when the truth should suffice. When facts should be enough. Both sides are spinning enough BS to cover the planet ten feet deep. Stop it!

  43. beafrank says:

    Excellent article exposing the world’s largest experimental test trials.

  44. Rudy Yarbrough says:

    This is one more federal agency that I no longer trust. I have reached the conclusion that after so many years in the DC swamp, most employees of our federal agencies have become corrupt. Maybe not for money but ideology. If I discovered a major crime that involved a DC kingpin, I don’t have any idea who I would report it to out of personal fear of violence.

  45. Michelle Guidry says:

    Jon, you are a bright light in a very dark world right now. I do not wear a mask or believe in this fake virus. […] I’m in Louisiana, people won’t listen to me I don’t know what to do. Any suggestions?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Concentrate on those who WILL listen, and let the deniers to their own fates.


      You may have to relocate further away from the “crowd”, for your own survival, BUT – That’s the “Nature of the Beast”.

      – “To Thine Ownself be True.

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