“If there is no virus, why are all these people dying?”

by Jon Rappoport

August 3, 2021

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As my readers know, for the past year I’ve been demonstrating—with much evidence and proof—that the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist.

Some people reply: “So why are all these people dying?” “What is the cause?”

I’ve answered those questions at length. I’m going to answer them again.

First of all, if someone says, “I know a family where three people died, so what else could it be, besides the virus,” the answer is:

I have no idea why these three people died. I’m not doing remote viewing. The person who asked the question has no idea, either.

But because we have no idea, that doesn’t mean it must be the virus. Think it through. It could be exposure to an environmental toxin. It could be the effects of a vaccine. It could be several different reasons acting in concert.

But that person says, “It wasn’t a toxin or a vaccine. They were all healthy until last month.” How does he know it wasn’t a toxin? And again, just because we don’t know, there is no reason to skip from there to: “It must have been the virus.”

Does “we don’t know” equal “the virus”? No.

Does “we don’t know” equal “let’s accept the official propaganda about the virus”? No.

Does “we don’t know” equal “let’s accept the preponderance of opinion”? No.

All right. Moving on—the most important thing to know about so-called COVID is: THERE IS NO SINGLE CAUSE OF ALL THESE PEOPLE DYING.

It isn’t one cause.

I’ve been explaining this basic principle to people since 1988 (the example then was AIDS), and it’s the hardest piece of truth to deliver with success, because…

People are always looking for THE ONE.

They want THE ONE THING.

They’re predisposed (hypnotized, conditioned) to demand THE ONE CAUSE.

“If it isn’t the virus, what is it?”

There is no “it.”

The basic con involves stitching together a quilt of people dying for different reasons, and inventing a story that makes it seem they are all dying for one reason. That’s the game. That’s the trick. That’s the sleight-of-hand.

Now I’m going to list the main reasons “all these people are dying.” I’ve covered each reason, in detail, in previous articles. Here I’m just giving the summary version.

ONE: The relabeling of flu-like illness as COVID. (Estimate—there are 1 billion flu cases a year, 300,000-500,000 flu deaths per year, worldwide)

TWO: The relabeling of pneumonia as COVID. (Estimate—there are 1.7 million adult pneumonia deaths per year, worldwide)

THREE: Relabeling lung infections. (Estimate—there are 3 million chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) deaths per year, worldwide)

Note: Air pollution is a significant cause of death in the above three categories.

FOUR: Writing “COVID” as the cause of death on patient files, when it’s clear the patient died for some other reason.

FIVE: Terrifying (with a COVID diagnosis) and isolating old people who are already ill and frail with a variety of long-term conditions. These people then fold up and die. This is murder.

SIX: Killing old people with devastating and toxic treatments—ventilators plus sedation, and remdesivir.

SEVEN: Prior toxic vaccine campaigns.

EIGHT: The COVID vaccines.

NINE: Note—wherever a person has symptoms that resemble the list of so-called COVID symptoms (cough, chills, fever, lung congestion, pneumonia), a positive PCR test seals the deal for a diagnosis of COVID-19. The PCR test is meaningless, for many reasons, and therefore spits out false-positives like water from a fire house. Since the SARS-CoV-2 virus doesn’t exist, the test has zero validity from the get-go.

In different areas, in different pockets and clusters of people, there may be other reasons why people labeled “COVID” are getting sick and dying. None of these deaths has anything to with a fake virus called SARS-Cov-2.

COVID is a complete fraud. It was a fraud from the beginning.


Who needs a fake virus when we’ve got opioids?

Understand that one of the cardinal effects of opioids is suppression of breathing. During the so-called COVID pandemic, you’ve heard this referred to as “hypoxia.”


The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

85 comments on ““If there is no virus, why are all these people dying?”

  1. DSKlausler says:


    Thank you once again.

    • Ronda Wintheiser says:

      So what are the Covid antibody tests testing for? When they come back positive, what does that mean?

      • Kim Brumfield says:

        Maybe that you have had an unspecified virus?

        • Mika says:

          Viruses don’t exist. See the work of Dr. Stefan Lanka, Dr. Andrew Kaufman & Dr. Tom Cowan explaining the simplicity of the deception of virology.

          • Joel says:

            I can’t find anything about these doctors you mentioned. There aren’t any videos of them on YouTube or any place.

            This still doesn’t explain why the antibody test is able to determine a positive or negative if SC2 doesn’t exist.

      • Mika says:

        The tests are 100% worthless. There are thousands of videos now about the PCR test inventor Kerry Mullis saying just that. There are also hundreds of videos talking about the cycle threshold used. As Mullis said, you can basically find a molecule of anything in everybody if you run high enough cycles. Even Fauci is on tape saying 35+ cycles is worthless. And we’ve heard tons of videos stating most of the labs were running 45+ cycles.

        My theory is that the labs were using a random number generator (unbeknownst to the low-level techs) that randomly ran anywhere from 5 to 50 cycles.

        There are no viruses of any kind – ever – so we can confidently conclude a test for something that doesn’t exist must be completely rigged.

        • Francine Jarry says:

          that guy Drosten who made it the standard of testing and all the ones who accepted it should definitely be tried for crimes against humanity…amazing how Kerry Mullis dies just a few months before all this insanity.

        • Judy says:

          Common cold? Isn’t that a virus? The ‘flu?

          What do you base your conclusion of no viruses of any kind on, Mika? And if they’re not viruses, what are they?

          • Geo Martin says:

            The claim by the establishment is that viruses cause illnesses. However they never presented you, or me, or anyone else with evidence for this.

            So, why isn’t your question how do they know a virus caused the illness?

            It’s because you took a side and chose to believe what the establishment says without seeing any actual evidence yourself.

          • Carmine says:

            Mika already provided the answer. Research Dr Anwrew Kaufman, Dr, Tom Cowman. Their presentations/explanations are very easy to follow.

      • Joe Kosugi says:

        The PCR tests came back positive when an Austrian member of parliament tested cola(yes, the soft drink)!for covid in front of their parliament. You can search for it. They also cannot differentiate between covid or flu.

      • Maryann Hurley says:

        It means you came back positive for flu antibodies which most of us will.

  2. Paul says:

    & AFTER

    “A lie told once
    remains a lie
    but a lie told
    a thousand times
    becomes the truth.”

    “If you repeat a lie
    often enough,
    people will believe it,
    & you will even come to believe it yourself.”

    “The bigger the lie,
    the more it will be believed.”

    “There will come a day,
    when all the lies will collapse
    under their own weight,
    & truth will again triumph.”

    ~ Joseph Goebbels
    Nazi Propaganda Minister

  3. Shannon Helton says:

    Why are people suddenly not able to breathe? Why is oxygen not getting to their cells? Why is the vent aiding in death and not helping? What causes zinc to be depleted? Why do anti parasitic work? How are all these questions related to radiation toxicity? Why does nebulizing iodine or hydrogen peroxide help in recovery? These are the questions people should be asking.

    • Armand says:

      Thats a good question that i would also like to get answered.

    • Jack Heginbotham says:

      The parasitic Protozoa which cause Malaria, consume the hemoglobin in our RBCs to replicate. Eventually the cells rupture. People would feel short of breath because the RBCs lose efficiency transporting O2. Their lungs were never the cause of being SOB….

      I suggest those looking for Truth in this CoVid web of deception, start by reading up on Malaria.

      Last year I read an abstract about Vaccine researchers in Africa, in the 1970’s working on a vaccine for Malaria. They distilled live Plasmodium Sporozoites from mosquitoes, exposed them to various levels/types of radiation and then injected them into “volunteers”. Who knows???? Maybe AIDS wasn’t initially caused by a mutated monkey virus….

    • Helena says:

      It is postulated by those in magnetobiology that it is non-ionizing radiation by 5G that is causing breathing difficulties.

      In mid-March 2020, when the John Hopkin’s map was being shared far and wide, I was baffled by the fact that the U.S. had approx 100K cases of CV, while Japan which is 11x more densely populated, had only 2K. This makes contagion highly suspect. At this same time, I received an email from Lloyd Burnell who researches EMFs and health, which laid out a hypothesis that 5G was creating the breathing difficulties as was the case in multiple studies of the negative effects of 60ghz and the oxygen molecule. Lloyd pointed out that Wuhan had just turned on 5G in Oct 2019, and that the city was saturated with 10K 5G towers, which was approx what the U.S contained in its entirety. Videos started surfacing on 5G toxicity and CV, and were just as quickly removed from YT and replaced with pro-5G talking-heads. I had just assumed that Japan had also activated 5G, as they are usually so technologically ahead of most western countries, but I found an article from The Japan Times dated March 5, 2020, that said that SoftBank would be the first telecom to turn on 5G in 7 major prefectures at the end of March 2020. I waited for them to turn it on to see if the hypothesis had any meat to it, and sure enough, once those prefectures became activated, CV rose exponentially.



      As to your other very well thought out questions, I don’t know why vents don’t work, other than the fact that these individuals don’t have a problem with how much oxygen they are getting, but their inability to absorb it. Vents would flood their bodies with too much oxygen that they are unable to absorb, causing them to essentially drown in oxygen caused by Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS).

      Your question on why HCQ works was one I researched too, and found that HCQ is used for a number of things besides malaria. It is now more commonly used for inflammatory diseases such as R.A. and lupus, but also used for diabetes, heart disease, and adjunct cancer therapies. It’s natural form is Quinine and comes from the Cinchona tree bark, and has been used (written about) since the 1600’s.

      One study I found interesting on non-ionizing radiation involved astronauts. Apparently, close to 60% come down with herpes each time they do a space walk. Turns out, the background radiation they are exposed to which measures below thermal limits, may activate herpes or something that resembles herpes (exosomes?).

      • Helena says:

        Thanks for sharing. It’s amazing how Joe was all over this several years ago. I don’t know if you’ve seen Dana Ashlie’s video from March 2020, but she put together some amazing research on the direct connection between outbreaks and activation of 5G. It is my belief that they knew 100% that this rollout would create illness and Covid is just a manufactured red herring to take attention off of microwave radiation sickness. There are over 10,000 studies that speak to this, most of them government studies.

  4. Richard Williams says:

    What about excess deaths during the Covid period?

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      IF there are any excess deaths, they can be medically induced. The masks, swabs, and medical treatments or lack there of, can be contributing factors, not to mention the stress from isolation. The gaslighting is nonstop.

      • Kelly says:

        Actually our annual death rate for 2020 was slightly lower I thought, than previous years. The lower number can probably be attributed to staying home, washing hands more and the like. I think all the covid deaths were just flu deaths, since the flu all but vanished during 2020.

    • Crys says:

      There were not excess deaths. The CDC’s own “all cause mortality” numbers show that the total deaths in 2020 are similar to previous years. Deaths have been labeled differently to inflate the Covid numbers per CDC death certificate instructions. It’s on their website.

    • Leah says:

      Leah says:

      What about that forbidden word five gee. which is being rolled out everywhere.

    • Diane says:

      What about the accuracy of statistics?

      • Cannabis Indica says:

        Accurate statistics? I trust Jon’s statistics and a few others. In general that statement is an oxymoron.

    • Shira Nahari says:

      In 2020 there were fewer not more, “flu”-related deaths! COVID deaths were highly exaggerated, which even the CDC has admitted.

    • Ilya Ehrenburg says:

      In Britain, there are no “excess deaths”. You sound like an automaton, parroting dull narratives from the journaille.

      In Britain, they have stopped relatives visiting ill family members in the hospitals, then they can be put on Midazolam and rubbed out. They have also stopped treating sick people, let them die, they write ‘Covid’ on their death-certificate.



    • Dave says:

      You may want to look at this video on HQC for possible clues?


    • Geo Martin says:

      If you haven’t thought in 18 months there was anything suspicious at all about the covid story, I’m sorry but you never will.

      You exist in a reality where governments, the UN and a group of billionaires are everything they can to save humanity from a deadly virus.

      Yes, the same ones who say the planet is being destroyed by us being too many and using too much stuff.

    • Maryann Hurley says:

      They were all killed in hospital no one died of covid at home. In hospital their protocol world wide was Remdesivir which shuts down your kidneys and other organs and produces excess water in the lungs. The hospital finished you off with the ventilator which will kill most people that use it. In other words the governments health care and hospitals murdered millions of people on purpose.

  5. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    Yes! Thank you. People act as if no one has ever had or died from respiratory or other diseases before the alleged COVID. Repetitive statements by the lying mass media and their medical cohorts have whipped the public into a frenzy. It seems that every year some people get “that thing that’s going around”.

    There are many things in our environment that have sickened people. Stress is a big factor in illnesses as well.

    We can predict the behavior of tyrants. They let off the attacks for a bit but next phases of their scheme will be even more draconian. We’re at war and we are the target. They don’t declare war so we can’t easily fight back, but this is a war against humanity. The virus STORY is a weapon.

    • JustSayNo says:

      You are spot on! Now the question is, what are we the people, going to do about it? Our leaders sure aren’t going to save us.

      • Maryann Hurley says:

        For starters resist everything your government comes out with. People should have woke up as soon as they shut us all down. You dont shut in healthy people in a real pandemic you shut in the sick. The minute you let them do that you gave them unpresidented powers. All those who ran for the jab due to threat of job or imprisonment gave in to tyranny. Once you give in to tyranny you dont get your freedom back so now we will have to fight like hell to regain freedom.

  6. Ronda Wintheiser says:

    So what are the Covid antibody tests testing for? When they come back positive, what does that mean?

    • Mika says:

      Absolutely nothing. It’s the same as an HIV test coming back positive.

      It’s pretty safe to say that when someone is sick, the body is detoxing, decaying, removing dead and damaged tissue, etc. such that it would be pretty simple to design a general test to read “positive” for “sickness symptoms” like these.

  7. Dana says:

    Thanks, Jon for your answer to the question. I can see clearly now the fog is gone. I found you on Dr. Mercola’s site in one of a poster’s comments. I never believed the whole scam…no jab for me.

  8. nikkieagle says:

    And also don’t forget that chronic mask wearing has a tremendously deleterious effect on the immune system from oxygen deprivation, elevated cortisol levels, and blocking carbon dioxide waste from being expelled by the body. Not to mention all the toxic chemicals that are being inhaled from the masks. This imo has been the number one cause of the “excess” deaths in 2020.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I think chronic mask wearing and the effects are part of an increase in irritation and anti-social behavior too. Some masks are becoming downright frightening to even look at… from an artist’s point of view. Blue medical masks are one thing, but giant hood-like black full-nose-mouth covers– that I’m seeing appear to me to be monstrous looking– I can’t stand looking at them on others’ faces. There is a psychological effect on me and its getting worse.

      • nikkieagle says:

        I agree completely and for me, it was a psychological horror show right from day one. I can’t stand the sight of faceless people wearing muzzles, there is a psychic scream that is resonating out from these people that is so, so painful to absorb. They don’t even seem to be consciously aware of it but for those of us who are energetically sensitive, it is absolutely traumatic 🙁

        • JustSayNo says:

          I totally agree. When I go out anywhere, I can absolutely feel the negative energy everywhere and it feels very scary.

        • Geo Martin says:

          This reveals how many people were already in a dark place in their hearts.

          I believe they are demon possessed in one degree or another, this has been documented throughout history in every culture so it’s not only a Christian belief.

          The most cunning trick of late is to have made people think these things don’t exist, that’s how evil can get away with so much today.

      • Kelly says:

        Me too. From the beginning of all this, I’ve never liked seeing masks on people’s faces. Its affected me greatly.

  9. carol says:

    Why did India have a high death rate until they started using Ivermectin?

    I have questions about Dr. McCullough who have treated many patients with HCQ or Ivermectin & his cocktails of drugs.

    The Doctor from N.Y. on the news at the beginning treating people.

    Why are we going after China & Dr. Fauci if there is no virus?

    I’m still confused somewhat. I do believe the virus was never isolated & the PCR test are fake, but there are Doctors out there treating people with these drugs & people are getting better. American Frontline Doctors,FICCC alliance, AAPS & many others who are not fake. If it is the Flu why all of a sudden are we using these kinds of drugs?

    It seems one day I don’t believe in covid and the next day I do. I wish I could make up my mind.

    • Dave says:

      HCQ is toxic in high doses, and it’s what this man says was given to patients at the end of March and beginning of April 2020…


    • Geo Martin says:

      Poor diet and pesticide ridden food. Air pollution in overcrowded cities. Overuse of medications and other drugs. Alcohol and tobacco abuse. Stress, fear, worry and emotional problems. Poverty and squalor. Multiple vaccinations. Sugars overconsumption. Over exposure to chemical from disinfectants, house repairs, cleaning products, fire retardant fabrics. Etc.

      Nah, forget all that. It must be a virus that causes all illnesses.

      • JS says:

        @Geo Martin: ALL those things you’ve mentioned have been around for DECADES. Why wasn’t there a huge rash of deaths in a short period of time (as there was with covid) with THOSE things before?

    • Lyn P says:

      Don’t know if you will come back and see this but what works for me is:

      – No virus causes disease. Never proven.

      – People have reactions, widely variable, from toxicities. I am sure you have seen discussions of this

      – High “Viral load” means extra body effort to get well, NOT a super proliferation of bad virii !
      – Vaccines are a sure source of toxicity, one theme in 2020 was that the 2019 flu vax resulted in higher likelihood of illness later! Again, toxicity not viiirus…

      – Useful drugs affect and treat various bodily processes and can help they body in a supportive fashion to recover. In no way are they fighting a virus or illness from a virus.

  10. Yaniece Kennedy says:


    • Shira Nahari says:

      Gigi Raphael, [03.08.21 21:37]
      [Forwarded from Dr Jane Ruby (Dr Jane Ruby)]
      BREAKING: Freedom Fighter Court VICTORY! Ends Masking, Shots, Quarantine in Alberta!
      Stew Peters Show Aug 3, 2021

      COVID IS OVER!!!! Freedom fighter court victory in Alberta Canada is the template!
      Experts admit THERE IS NO SARS COV 2 VIRUS!!!!!

      WE CAN WIN! Patrick King is a proud father of 2, Freedom Fighter and Patriot who took on the powerful government in Alberta, and WON!
      We can ALL learn from this, and we MUST battle this in every single city, every single county, every single state, every single NATION! The fight for freedom is a worldwide effort, and WE CAN WIN!

  11. Marilyn Shepherd says:

    I keep getting told I am cruel when I point out that people over 80 dying is normal, in fact we all die.

    Then I am told they hope I get the non existent virus and die. Well I have had three friends die since this started 1 from mesathelioma the good old chemical company jazz that keeps on killing from asbesotos, he was 67. 2 a massive heart attack and no heart doctor around, he was 56, 3. my best friend of 42 years died of brain cancer, she was 61

    • Francine Jarry says:

      Perhaps you will feel differently when you reach 80 in good health…as I am and certainly not ready to kick the bucket yet… I just wish that my next 10 or 20 years won’t be living under these insane conditions…I’ve never had the swab or the jab, don’t wear a mask and have never stopped seeing my family especially my grandchildren.

      I have also lost 8 friends & family in this past year alone none from this so called virus but from cancer and perhaps from lack of attention and proper care.

  12. MSSR says:

    From early on, some started thinking that this was a way to clean off the medicare, medicaid, and general insurance eaters from the related rolls. Horrible to think that way, but the idea has been hard to ignore as I’ve watched the individuals I know (pardon the term) die-off.

    Then I’ve read how some postulate that this is a way to get everyone’s DNA on file – for whatever reason(s)- e.g. development of medicines, allopathic medical structure, mind-control technology, even more bizarre targets – whatever makes the big boys money. Enter the trans-humanism argument.

    Whatever it is, they have succeeded in using the world masses in a ginormous experiment. We are their test rats.

    • MSSR says:

      Oh, and don’t forget the 5G theory.

      • JustSayNo says:

        right, and it seems very plausible since there is graphene oxide in the jabs. I’ve seen lots of videos where people have magnets stick to them after getting the jab and even a case where someone’s blue tooth would come on in all his devices when he got close to them. There is also the theory going around that the areas with the most 5G have the most cases. I have also read that the variants are named after 5G companies. StewPeters.TV has a video with a former Pfizer employee who says she is 100% confident that there is graphene oxide in the jabs. If anyone just looks at the research that’s going on with biotechnology, is hard to deny that Transhumanism is where we are heading.

    • Geo Martin says:

      There no doubt in my mind this is their biggest experiments to date, aided by mostly everyone holding an internet connected device in their hands at all times.

      I believe from a statistical and observational standpoint that there are different types of ‘vaccines’. No matter the brand, some may contain graphene or other conductor type nano particules, some may contain a regular flu vaccine or the lie, while others are placebos.

      This explains the variety of reactions and reports. But of course everyone reacts slightly differently to foreign substance exposure in their systems.
      So, it’s a huge data gathering operation never seen before.


    COVID patients defend Dr. Bartlett’s ‘silver bullet’ medicine regimen

    Sammi Steele 7/8/2020

    Health officials concerned after maskless Super Bowl celebrations; Florida…

    Republican Senator Shelby Says He Won’t Seek Re-election

    KWES Midland/Odessa logo COVID patients defend Dr. Bartlett’s ‘silver bullet’ medicine regimen

    The inhaled steroid Budesonide is being hailed by one West Texas doctor, Richard Bartlett, as the ‘silver bullet’ for COVID-19. ‘Few people know how much individual power and leeway is given to the physician, coroner, or medical examiner, signing the death certificate.  How do I know this?  I’ve been filling out death certificates for over 30 years. More often than we want to admit, we don’t know with certainty the cause of death when we fill out death certificates.  That is just life.  We are doctors, not God. 
    “How many people have actually died from COVID-19 is anyone’s guess … but based on how death certificates are being filled out, you can be certain the number is substantially lower than what we are being told.  Based on inaccurate, incomplete data people are being terrorized by fearmongers into relinquishing cherished freedoms.”
    Maybe those epidemiological modelers can be forgiven for scaring the bejeezus out of Americans.  Epidemiology is not, after all, an exact science, as its practitioners sometimes acknowledge. But those who have force-fed modelers skewed data that led to the terrifying death forecasts that stampeded governors into pushing the nation down the road to totalitarianism need to be held to account.

  14. Tracy Kolenchuk says:

    “They were all healthy until last month…” is a convenient confusion. People who are “healthy” don’t just die. When someone “just dies” we need to look deeper, or, we can choose to remain ignorant and grasp for straws perhaps shiny steel straws with sharp points to protect us from the demon.

  15. Francine Jarry says:

    Hi Jon… thank you for listing 9 good reasons not related to the virus why people die…I will print it and pass it on to the nest person who asks me that question…first thing I did when this all started (intuitively not believing any of it) was to check yearly death stats — amazing how there are almost no flu deaths for the past 2 years…I have lost 8 friends & family in the past year and not one from this so called virus…all of them from cancer…this has been a fake PCR casedemic — people need to wake up NOW! with sincere appreciation…

  16. The only pandemic is the lack of attention folk have given to yearly rates of death by influenza . . . had they been paying attention they would know not only that the death rate was down in 2019 but also the many millions that die of malaria & Dengue fever alone every single year. Wheres their publicity??

    Thanks as always Jon, you’re a legend! Blessings of joy from Eire.

  17. STARR Rebecca says:

    Truth does NOT wear a mask and health does NOT come in a vial of poison. This write up is TRUTH. We are being poisoned and have been poisoned all our lives by Mommy Medicine and Daddy Government via pills, potions, and poisons all cloaked as pharmaceuticals to treat the ailments, when it’s the treatments and the “cures’ that are causing the sicknesses, diseases, and chronic illnesses, which keep us lifelong consumers of a very insidious medical business. Viruses occur as a result of systemic toxicity (tainted/laced food, air, water and foreign materials like metals and chemicals being injected into us), not because the body has been invaded by some external threat. That is the medical fraud we’ve been spoon fed by the system, in which the medical profession relies upon to justify the use of vaccinations.

    When the body becomes too toxic, cells will conspire to cleanse themselves by manufacturing specific non-living solvents know as viruses, which break down and disassemble those substances into particles to be expelled out through the skin, mucus, and bowels.

    Thank you, Jon, for always spreading the Truth.

  18. malliksharma says:

    Virus might not have been isolated but still it exists. Not all deaths may be due to Corona virus but it may be acting as an aggravating factor for other comorbidities and hastening the deaths of so affected people. Bland denial or sheep-like acceptance are both wrong. But I agree that there was absolutely no need to rush manufacture of these vaccines contrary to usual procedures and authorize and widely propagate/advertise their sales in the name of “Emergency Use Authorization”. Also so many thousands of deaths reported after vaccines taking, even if only 10% of them are really due to vaccines, make it imperative for the authorities to at once stop vaccination. It is better to concentrate on curing drugs like HCQ, Ivertmicine etc.

  19. Haniel Adhar says:

    Question: “If there is no virus, why are all these people dying?”

    Answer: Bad Medicine. And I am not talking about the Bon Jovi song.

    The US medical system kills the third most people of all causes of death, and this doesn’t include “complications from…” things like cancer, heart disease, etc…

    No one is dying from anything except the treatments for diseases in which they are diagnosed.

    Notice how NO ONE is “dying” from “covid” except in hospitals?

    It’s the Usual Suspects, and modern day Blood-letting is the ICU wards at Hospitals where they intubate perfectly healthy people and wind up giving them fatal fungal infections, as John Rap implied many times here…

  20. Genevieve Migeal says:

    Autant j’estime depuis le début de la “pandémie” que ceci est une mascarade, un virus CRÉÉ, une opération bien organisée (par qui ? je ne crois pas à un nouvel ordre mondial, mais par des intérêts concomitants) intentionnellement et donc, un crime contre l’Humanité.

    Mais nier l’existence de ce virus est une erreur. ET SURTOUT NE PAS INDIQUER SES SOURCES EST TOUT AUSSI SUSPECT DE MENSONGE !

    J’AI EU ce virus et l’ai guéri avec des remèdes naturels, je refuse tout vaccin, quel qu’il soit !!!


    [Google Translate tool: https://translate.google.com/%5D

    As much I think since the beginning of the “pandemic” that this is a masquerade, a created virus, a well organized operation (by whom I do not believe in a new world order, but by concomitant interests) intentionally and therefore, a crime against humanity.

    But deny the existence of this virus is a mistake. And especially do not indicate its sources is just as suspicious of lying!

    I had this virus and healed it with natural remedies, I refuse any vaccine, whatever it is !!!

  21. Lynne says:

    My beautiful mother, who lives in Cape Town SA, at the age of 94 had a mild second stroke. She was hospitalised and true to form was not allowed visitors.

    Daily the nurses asked her why she is not dead yet.

    Mum fortunately realised the loads of extra medication was not her normal ones and never took them. She hid them.

    Likewise her GP was astonished when she walked into his surgery a week after being discharged. Prayers and good sense kept her alive.

    She will God willing celebrate her 96th birthday soon.

  22. fatima says:

    it is a stupidemic not a pandemic
    thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaank you deeeeeeeeeeeear jon
    with you for ever

  23. Jack Heginbotham says:

    ALL myths must have a beginning.

    I suggest the CoVid-19 story began on paper in the form of a patent. However for the gullible, viral-phobic masses, it began with another mystery disease out of China which was killing old people in Italy and non-Caucasians in NYC.

    The Myth needed real people who died horrible deaths to grow roots. Western Media made certain that the old people dying in Italy, were eye witness proof for millions of viewers, that a deadly new virus really existed…

    Dr. Cameron Kyle-Sidell described the bizarre symptoms of NYC CoVid-19 victims who presented with healthy lungs and no acute respiratory distress. They kept talking and breathing up until they were drugged and put on ventilators to die. He described the symptoms to be like altitude sickness.

    I suggest the symptoms he described sounded more like advanced, untreated MALARIA. The symptoms of many of the geriatric Italians included cerebral edema comas, fever spikes at night, blood clotting issues and kidney failure. For some reason??? Nobody questioned how/why a respiratory virus would cause so many non-respiratory symptoms.

    FYI, I looked this up: It is very easy to distill & then inject malaria causing Plasmodium Sporozoites.

    It would also be very easy for the godless vaccine manufacturers to contaminate a few thousand flu vaccines and make certain that they were only given to geriatric patients….

    Who would suspect Malaria, in the Winter, in Italy or NYC? You can’t see the microscopic critters without using specific stains.

    People have short memories but some must have noticed that EVERY SINGLE successful “CoVid-19” cure in Europe, Asia & Africa was also a cure/treatment for Plasmodium Protozoa infestations. Maybe the AMA banned HCQ treatments until they were certain that all of the malaria victims were dead?

    Maybe the initial AIDS [HIV Myth] victims were injected with a mutated protozoa which consumed white blood cells rather than the hemoglobin in RBCs?

  24. mary-lou says:

    the comments section is amazing, a good counterpart to Jon’s articles. thank you all, GB

  25. Andrea says:

    Dr. Fauci mandated that all hospitals in the US prescribe remdessevir for all covid treatment . I just heard an interview with a Dr. Bryan Ardis . He started digging when these people started dying in New York from kidney failure , blood clots . Sepsis and hypotension. Not typical viral symptoms . Lo and behold he found out these were the side effects of Remdessevir! Guess who has a huge stake in this drug ? You guessed it . Fauci ! Why should anyone be surprised by this . So someone goes to the hospital with flu like symptoms , get a covid , test positive of course , get admitted and no family member or friend is allowed to come in with them , so hospital can do whatever they want to the patient . Either vent them which most surely will kill them or give them remdessevir which will kill them too! A perfect scenario . Hospital makes tons of money and patient dies and friends and family think they died of covid when it was really the vent or remdessevir. When is Fauci going to oat for all these crimes against humanity? I am so sick of this and now they want to blame the new Delta variant on the unvaccinated so they can make this look like it’s all our fault when in reality it’s the vaccinated shedding the spiked protein on people causing illness . When will this nightmare end ?

    • Lyn P says:

      Thank you – so poignant. Non-jabbed but I fear I may have a life-altering heart condition that completely did not exist prior to 2021 and came on in accelerating inflammatory fashion like a reaction to something… I.e. – shedded spike proteins (toxins). Can’t prove this but can’t come up with any better etiology.

      Regarding Dr. Ardis, do you refer to his interview with Reiner Fullmich? One of the most important I think Reiner has done. It is worth the time to find and watch. I viewed it as a post on bitchute – VladTepesBlog channel, 7.30.21

  26. Gary says:

    They have been lying to everyone right along ! And it is time for those involved to pay for their crimes against humanity ! Keep your eyes on recent legal filing they are calling Nuremberg 2.0 !https://www.bitchute.com/video/OZABUNGHbuGH/

  27. Fanny Adams says:

    The tragedy is that the medical industry has been spruiking germ theory for the last 100 yrs causing a spurious mindset that says that illnesses must be caused by a germ/virus.

    This is frankly false information that the medical people spread around because they don’t know that the body needs to be cared for or it will DIE.

    This means good nutrition, clean water, rest and excercise.

    Yet those medical allopaths will continue to poison the blood stream of innocent patients with toxic pharmaceuticals that the body has to get rid of, exhausting the endocrine system, especially
    The adrenals.

    We are not meant to be plundered with chemical poisons when we are sick. We need rest, right nutrition and respect for nature.

    If the body is struggling it will suffer with frequent detoxification to attempt to right the body to normal, but sometimes it’s all too late and people succumb to death.

    Not A virus, not a germ but a system completely run down.

    All we have to do is understand how to care for ourselves the right way…take a leaf out of the wild animals rule book…

    Dr Robert Morse is very helpful with good health advice BTW…

    • Marlene says:


      I hope. you read this, thank you for recommending Dr. Robert Morse. His information has been extremely timely for me in relation to my husband. I am forever grateful!!

  28. Nan says:

    Thank you. I’ve also checked all the alleged “facts & stats”; percentage-wise and totality of illnesses that led to death.

    Have looked at Ireland, Australia and South Africa numbers. This is all about control and money. Despicable. And sheeple take the easy route. Go figure. How can we expect a population of people who’re being paid to buy into the masking and stay-at-home mandates to want to see the truth? We can’t unless we offer something of equal or greater value.

    A desire to get up, dressed and leave your home for work needs be re-instilled.

    And stop sanctioning essentials. They took a degree, a course, a certificate in a field mainly to earn money. Making them neither villains nor saints. Period.

    Let kids back in school. Let us visit our elderly, our infirm, our new babies. Burt our dead and mourn them.

    Let student athletes back out on the field. Ad infinitum. People, UNITE against the BS. Come together as humans.

  29. jackieboy says:

    Some people, including the medical examiner where George Floyd died, have averred that that the proximate cause of his death was depressed breathing due to the presence of three times the fatal dosage of synthetic opioid fentanyl in his system.

    Of course, the jury determined that this was wrong, and that the police officer Derrick Chauvin kneeling on him caused his death.

  30. BobPhD says:

    Excellent. However most of the people reading this are on the higher end of the IQ curve. In other words, most of us have higher level biology studies and or degrees. We know this is a hoax even if we did not understand the biology, the inconsistencies and outright lies were more than enough for most of us to deduce and conclude a hoax. The big question is how to explain all this to the general public that don;t know an exosome from a hole in the wall. What we need is a face to the tyranny. We know some of the Deep Sate parasites but we need a face to consistently point to and use the repetition method of convincing people that the bad guy doing this is that ONE entity and not Fauci, Gates, Rockefeller, or worse the general term THE DEEP STATE. It will take more than education, it will take psychology.

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