The Great Forces within the Individual

by Jon Rappoport

July 20, 2021

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From my notes for The Underground: “Whatever the core problem of The Individual might be, DATA is not the answer. A system is not the answer. Neutral sanitized language is not the answer. These modern affectations eat away at the electric forces of the soul…”


This is not a power that never existed before. This is not new for the individual. This is what has been sidelined and lost and forgotten and buried miles below the surface.

I’m talking about towering creative power, not “doily power” or “Easter egg decorating power.”

In Jonathan Swift’s novel, Gulliver’s Travels, Gulliver is captured by a tiny race of Lilliputians. In modern society, Gulliver voluntarily shrinks himself down to the size of a Lilliputian.

Contrary to the weak flaccid and madhouse principles of modern psychology, ACTUAL psychology would deal with two towering impulses within the individual:

Creation and destruction. The impulse to create and the impulse to destroy.

Modern civilization has the hidden goal of wiping out both of these impulses; instead, substituting top-down control. CONTROL.

The individual today is viewed by The Manipulators as a social construct, to be profiled, grouped, poked, tested, subjected to stimuli like a dog in a lab, re-engineered.

Indeed, many abject individuals see themselves as cogs in a social apparatus, and approve of the arrangement.

The preeminently successful hundred-year-plus program for embedding control is medical. I have exposed the details of the program for the past 40 years. You could sum it up as toxification and pacification and technological chaining of the body and brain.

CONTROL is the elite solution to the twin impulses of creating and destroying. Wipe them both out. Bury them. “They resist organization. They’re wild cards. They cut through all the rules and regulations of society.”

If you want pictures of creation and destruction in action, above the level of ordinary civilization, look to the stories co-opted by religions; the battles among the ancient Greek gods, the Egyptian gods, the Norse gods, and so on. This is creative and destructive power unleashed, on a grand scale, and at some point it became unacceptable. Instead…

Modern civilization developed. Modern society. Modern culture. Modern behavior. Modern organization.

Submission. Freedom granted by governments as “liberty,” meaning limited freedom within the context and constraints enacted by “the people’s representatives.” A whole host of fictions arose. “Worship the god we tell you to worship.” “Believe only in power that exists ELSEWHERE.”

Consciousness is a placid lake, some theorists claim. Lie on your back, float in the collective infinite. As if THIS would erase the twin towers of creation and destruction in the individual psyche. Pathetic.

Two things are now happening across the whole world. The expansion of top-down brutal control, and the emergence of the destructive impulse coming to the fore like a common currency.

The creative impulse is buried so deep in most individuals, they wouldn’t recognize it if you put it on a plate and served it for supper. They wouldn’t know what you were talking about. They certainly wouldn’t understand that a creative renaissance was absolutely necessary to offset what is happening in the world now.

If you referred them to giants like Michelangelo or Da Vinci or Beethoven or Mahler or Melville or Whitman or Goya or Stravinsky or Charlie Parker, they would think you were reciting the names of creatures from another planet. They might suspect you were trying to tear down God from his throne (the very God organized religions tell you is the True One).

Here is a clue. The most successful entertainment organization in the world, Disney/Marvel, has been producing one epic after another featuring mythological characters come to life as super-heroes and villains engaging in planetary and galactic battles of creation-and-destruction; millions of people watch these special-effect tales on screens, mesmerized and energized by the scale of the conflicts (very much like the Olympic gods at war with one another).

It’s no accident that humans crave these movies. They reflect (however cartoonishly) what is going on in the human psyche; the impulses of creation and destruction. The movies unearth what has been buried.

Under hundreds of layers of conditioning, the real psychology of the individual has everything to do with how these two towering impulses are dealt with BY the individual himself.

“Oh no, I’m not involved with those…impulses. I’m a card-carrying member of society. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I’m small, I’m trying to fit in, unless I’m against fitting in, in which case I’m dedicated to rejecting the proposal to install a traffic light at the corner of Main and Broadway…”

SMALLNESS is the overriding proposition. Every problem and solution has to be defined and worked out within a shrunken strangulating context.

Therefore, you can see all sorts of grotesquely played-out melodramas that unconsciously give vent to creative-destructive- impulse leaks from the individual.

The bloviating businessman who peddles cheap crap for a living parades around as if he were a living pillar of charity in his community, while he turns the screws on his employees by paying them a bare living wage and, privately, delights in their misfortune. Small stage play of creation and destruction.

Ditto for the grifter-politician who swears dedication to the groups he’s creating for the betterment of his people, knowing these causes will lead to further impoverishment and crime and, ultimately, submission and surrender. Create and destroy.

I could name and describe hundreds of small accommodations and expressions which attempt to mediate between the creating and destroying impulses within the individual.

Their smallness is just a cover for the Niagara-forces these impulses actually embody.

“If I shrink myself down, my impulses will shrink, too.”

It doesn’t work that way.

The impulses never shrink.

This is the problem. The titanic trying to become tiny.

Creation and destruction make up an existential situation within the individual and his psyche. How will he approach the situation? Not with easy answers, I can assure you. Not with a quick 10-minute fix—the favorite remedy-style of the modern age. Not with a pill. Not with grass-fed beef. Not with a medical mask. Not with a fear of germs. Not with meditation. Not with a group. Not with algorithms. Not with computers. Not with a brain-machine interface or nanoparticles or organized human anthills of the 21st century. Not with churches.

With CONTROL taking center stage in new forms, and on the march, the first great undertaking is the recognition that CREATIVE POWER has always existed within the individual. And that power needs expression. On a scale that reflects its magnitude.


Fortunately, in the work of artists I mentioned above, and in the work of many others of the same size, there are worlds to explore. These artists are not dead. Their work isn’t dead…

You want to know the beginning?
You’re sitting on top of a grassy mountain
And you know you could build a city in the valley
You could destroy a city in the valley
You could do both
You know it…like a boiling pepper in the mind, like an ice cube in the liver, like a steamroller, a traitor on trial, a saint in a cave, a god with his sword, a tiger pacing in his cage
You’re going to approach these two forces inside you
You’re going to walk around them and through them and sniff titanic waves and sink to the bottom of lost ships and come up out of the foam
You’re not going to run away into a little box and read the law for the next thousand years and join the society of obedient babbling idiots wearing thin lips
You’re going to burn away the strangulating false fronts
You’re going to know you can invent a city or destroy one
You’re going to come to grips with that
You’re not going to automatically jump ahead and say you’re a citizen of the realm
You’re not going to say there is nothing you want to destroy
You’re not going to remain two-dimensional for the next thousand years

Coming to grips with, and seeing the impulse to destroy within yourself is completely different from giving vent to, and enacting that impulse. The people who go around destroying are not coming to grips with anything.

On the other hand, imagine an innovative architect who is designing buildings no one has ever seen before. In his sketches, in his plans, he creates and destroys. He looks at his work in progress, and he decisively obliterates whole sections that don’t fit his vision and his instincts. He creates new wings of a building in his drawings and wipes some of them out. By the alive process of creating and destroying he arrives at what he wants to make real in the world.

I’ve known many aspiring artists who stall at the gate and never get off the ground, because they’re afraid that, if they put words on the page or shapes on the canvas, those words and shapes will have to remain there forever. To put it another way, they can’t conceive of destroying what they create. They believe “destruction is bad.” So they never create anything.

I’ve known painters who look at what they’ve put on the canvas for days and months; they keep looking; they’re not satisfied; but they’re afraid to wipe out a whole section. They’re afraid because they don’t realize they can create endlessly. They don’t realize that destroying half of a painting will lead to a new painting.

Civilization and society have always tried to define the limits of the creative process, as in: REDUCTION. Boil it down. Make it less. Make it smaller. Hem it in. Summarize it. Claim the individual creator should, first and foremost, be a citizen. A creature inside the system. This is a sick joke. And every artist of reality has rejected the joke with a mere dismissive glance.

The prescribed default position of the modern individual is: “I neither create nor destroy; I’m neutral; I adjust; whatever real power is, it resides outside myself; there is no larger context in which I can conceive of ACTION; if I feel deficient, I join a group.”

And people wonder why they have problems they can’t quite put their finger on. They wonder why their energies seem to be diminishing.

Consider the case of Nikola Tesla. The popularized story has it that he could see, in his imagination, all the complex moving parts of the energy devices he was inventing before he even made a preliminary sketch, much less a working prototype. It was all there in his mind. Magic. Genius.

I guarantee that was the not the whole story. Whether in his mind, on paper, or in prototype, he created and destroyed many models, before he arrived at one he believed would work to unleash and harness awesome amounts of force and energy.

He didn’t have an iota of worry about destroying what was unworkable. He wasn’t looking for a compromise or a shoddy but sellable piece of goods. He was focused on the far shore. Nothing less than the redirecting and transforming of Nature’s Flow.

And with each progressive step, there were spontaneous unexplainable insights that allowed him to move forward. His vision was Promethean. He wasn’t “neutral” or “objectively scientific” like some mechanical-minded little lab researcher trying to squeeze out a tiny extension of what was already known in order to publish a paper and secure a job.

The irony is, if Tesla had produced a working prototype that tapped into the Earth’s power and brought energy to every person on the planet, how many people would have said, “I want to operate and EXPRESS the great forces I have, as Tesla did,” versus…

“Thank you, Nikola, for the free energy. Now I can receive these gifts and sit back and enjoy them…I don’t have to look inside myself and see what is there…”

“I’m a Gulliver who is opting to be a Lilliputian.”

“Does anybody have a drug I can use to forget what I really am? A drug like Alice took to shrink down, outside the little door to Wonderland?”

Yes. It’s called modern civilization. You can go through the Clockwork Orange door. The DARPA mind control door. The medical-drug and vaccine door. The street drug door. The education system door. The media door. The good behavior gold star on the blackboard door…

Exit From the Matrix

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

25 comments on “The Great Forces within the Individual

  1. Patrick Perry says:

    Every day you open the door to my cell just a bit more, thank you. Charlie Parker, yes!

  2. Mia says:

    In those heretical Satanic Verses, Salmon Rushdie wrote: What kind of idea are you? Are you the kind that compromises, does deals, accommodates itself to society, aims to find a niche, to survive; or are you the cussed, bloody-minded, ramrod-backed type of damn-fool notion that would rather break than sway with the breeze? – The kind that will almost certainly, ninety-nine times out of hundred, be smashed to bits; but, the hundredth time, will change the world.”

  3. Roslyn says:

    This exactly what I needed to read this morning. I am finally painting again. I am working on a larger painting than i have been working on in a very long time. The critic is alive and well, however, not as strong after reading your blogs and listening to Power Outside the Matrix. But this reading was perfect! I use to create and destroy all the time. I was in the creative flow. I had forgotten about destruction and how equally important it is. I will enter my studio as a God, a Shaman today! How do I find others who are in your camp? I am in Oregon. Thanks!!

  4. Eluard says:

    I would add “alternative” media door to that last paragraph.

    But…okay. We see the problem. The individual and his/her creativity has been buried for a very long time. So long it’s almost in the genes now–don’t step outside, don’t reach for the heights, don’t “destroy” that section of the painting to make room for more ideas. Got it.

    Not only that, when an individual does step out often she is vilified for her risk taking. Occasionally “celebrated,” but often he is marginalized or trivialized for following his own path.

    Okay, we see that. Ionesco saw it. In an interview he too pondered “How can we help these people,” meaning those who wouldn’t or couldn’t take those steps into the Imagination and start to take off. It has to be Education. Most children from the age of 4 or 5 now are in state run factory schools. The squelching starts there and goes on and on. At home mom and dad are too tired and jaded to counterbalance it. Maybe they get some piano lessons. The rare few will push through on their own and if VERY lucky they’ll encounter a teacher or mentor who’ll say “Yes, keep going, do this, apply to that school.”

    By the time they hit their early twenties they’re buried in their gadgets on tech-addictions. You know what I think the real problem is? Not that everyone is not creating “art,” writing poems and painting. It’s that they don’t know how to think. THINK. And by “think,” I mean NOT think too. I mean how to deal with themselves as individual spiritual beings on this planet, in the cosmos. What do people really feel about themselves? How many truly love and accept themselves? Can they let things go, resentments, disappointments, move on after setbacks? I don’t mean “psychology,” I mean the awareness of how to flow with life in Time. To keep flowering. We all have profoundly individual signatures if you will, our own soul-compass that COULD guide us if we only knew, were taught, how to listen for it and follow its promptings. As Jon lucidly adumbrates, not only are we not shown this, it is purposefully concealed from us.

    If mama and papa don’t know, how can little one find out? That’s why there are so few who at least try. We clawed our way through. But then you find out you didn’t have to struggle so hard. That’s also part of the illusion. Yes, we have to work towards it–but it’s all GIVEN to us. If we know. Our lives are the work of art we’re to keep creating.

    • Invisible Man says:

      “Not that everyone is not creating “art,” writing poems and painting. It’s that they don’t know how to think. THINK. And by “think,” I mean NOT think too.”

      Art, in all its varieties, is the principal medium by which people can learn how to think about complex moral, ethical, social and political problems. Great poems are not just pretty word salads, but attempts to explore the most difficult and overlooked problems, and to expand the human imagination. So I don’t think what you’re saying is so very different from what Rappoport is saying. However, I would agree, at least in the beginning, it’s more important to read poems than write them. You can’t write a good poem yourself or really explore your own creativity till you’ve studied how some other people have done it, and done it well.

      “Our lives are the work of art we’re to keep creating.”

      Yes, I agree, but I think you’re underestimating the importance of the (official) arts in helping us turn our lives and our world into (unofficial, spontaneous) works of art. And also underestimating how much harm is done to the human mind and soul when people fill it with trash. If guys gorge on brainless action movies and idiotic superhero fantasies and girls gorge on bad soap operas and romance novels and The Kardashians show, over time, over years and years of that it can really rot your brain and make you unable to understand what’s really going on in the world.

    • Peter says:

      Don’t forget the hi/her door

  5. Paul says:



    “Horror has a face…
    and you must make a friend
    of horror.
    Horror & moral terror
    are your friends.
    If they are not,
    then they are enemies
    to be feared.
    They are truly enemies!

    ~ Captain Kurtz (Brando)

    The sea
    has never been friendly to man.
    At most
    it has been the accomplice
    of human restlessness.
    To the destructive element
    submit yourself.
    A man is a worker.
    If he is not that he is nothing.
    This magnificent butterfly
    finds a little heap of dirt
    & sits still on it;
    But man
    will never on his heap of mud
    keep still.
    You shall judge a man
    by his foes
    as well as
    by his friends.
    A caricature
    is putting
    the face
    of a joke
    on the body
    of a truth.

    ~ Joseph Conrad


    A rush of wind
    Opens a door…

    This film video is simply metaphorical. It is NOT suggesting violence in any manner. But its verbiage suggests a deeper path of INTERNAL insight which all men should undertake to better understand the Workings of the Human condition. I am a peaceful man.

  6. Jim S. Smith says:

    Not to mention that Tesla was also unbelievably advanced in mathematics!

    Imagination is the beginning,
    Mathematics was theoretical framework,
    The finished product was the result.

    What was one of Tesla’s greatest attributes: He could take a mathematical formula, conceptualize it in his mind, and picture his intended innovation operating on the principles of that formula.

    And “they” say math is racist! ! !

    Without math and theory, many dreams and ideas never make it off the ground.

  7. george says:

    Create your own reality : Satan is dead. Globalists are defeated.

    Replace the false reality.

    • Sm says:

      absolutely . There’s only one deity on this earth and that’s our Creator, the father, Son and Holy Ghost. ALL else is of mere man. That includes the illuminati and its cults. They are nothing more than sick little misguided men. Just as the BEAST of revelations was NERO or NERON. STAND UP THESE LITTLE men!

  8. David HILL says:

    What can we say?

    “CONTROL – The Most Powerful Word in the World and What Corporate Leaders and the Political Elite Crave For to the Extent of Being Psychopathic in ‘Their’ Thinking and Actions Against the People”

  9. Invisible Man says:

    Another great interview with Dr. David Martin, exposing the hoax, this one with Stew Peters. Much easier to understand and less technical than the one he gave to Reiner Fuellmich:

    This is a must listen.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Yeah, I made it a point to watch that this morning… in about 4 sessions… while doing breakfast, checking the weather and doing errands. I took notes… I tried to make it into an article but ended up just drilling down further. Best news of the day– in a dark way of course but at least we know more about what we’re up against.

      Here’s what I think is my own take away: Dr. Martin would not say anything about the graphene oxide due to his fact-based approach… but on graphene oxide he would not even speculate-for-fun like he did for other things.

      We’ve got great context here with “Stew”… and Dr. Martin– but as far as the cutting edge of this puzzle goes… it seems to me that Dr. Martin’s failure to comment on graphene oxide/5G… makes this entire great interview a “false oppo” again.. or a “mis-direction” or “limited hang”… in what I understand is intel-speak.. because when he points to, for example, interlocking directorships, I’m thinking like.. yeah.. so I knew that years ago. What else is actually “new”?

      Now Stew headlined this as “just ended covid” but no… it did not. Because graphene oxide antidotes really do.. as seen today on with Delgado. Stew is impressive but without the antidotes pointed to I just cited… we’re still going downhill. I’d hate to think of Stew as false oppo. Expletive deleted in advance.

      • john-oranje says:

        Rick; The graphene and 5G are separate although
        clearly related subjects.
        Perhaps Dr. Martin doesn’t wish to speculate on
        things about which he hasn’t explicit knowledge.
        Surely what he has exposed, along with the
        testimony of Drs Kaufman, Cowan and Lanka is
        enough to negate completely the supposed pandemic.
        Hence there was never any justification for the
        ‘vaccines’, whatever they contain and we know
        they have caused deaths, unlike any of the deaths allegedly caused by a non existent
        pathogenic virus.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Update: It turns out SOTN pointed out that Dr. Martin could be false oppo…

      • Abigel says:

        I agree. Him, and many more don’t want to talk about rGO and the 5. G connection despite that there are several studies.
        If you click on the image, most of the studies are English.

  10. Roundball Shaman says:

    “A system is not the answer.”

    A ‘system’ is just some person (or group of persons) idea of how something should work or be organized. Who are these people? How qualified are they to make such decisions? Who did they design this ‘system’ for work best for… THEM? Did these people know YOU and what works best for you? Do they always have your best interests at heart? The answer to all this would be HELL NO.

    “CONTROL is the elite solution to the twin impulses of creating and destroying.”

    ‘Control’ is the elitists (they are NOT elite) solution to EVERYTHING. They are not very creative in themselves. They have but one operating principle: More power and authority and control for US and NONE of this for YOU. A related central doctrine: WE are Everything and You are Nothing.

    “The most successful entertainment organization in the world, Disney/Marvel, has been producing one epic after another featuring mythological characters come to life as super-heroes…”

    And this mind-controlling organization is a prime believer in Control (for Them) and lots of money (for Them) and getting people engaged in Their Stories and Narratives rather than people tapping into their own creativity and energy and saving their money for a much more useful purpose. In other words, keep people passive… and CONTROLLED.

    “It’s called modern civilization. You can go through the Clockwork Orange door. The DARPA mind control door. The medical-drug and vaccine door. The street drug door. The education system door. The media door. The good behavior gold star on the blackboard door…”

    It sounds like ‘modern civilization’ is not so modern and definitely not civilized. Welcome to Dark Ages 2.0.

  11. Sean Garrisson says:

    Create. Destroy. Stop being stuck. Create. Destroy! Destroy. Create! Got to go. Bigger spaces now. Boom and booom and booooom…..

  12. Tim says:

    I’m in the process of destroying this world in my mind. Really I’m just letting the illusions be dispelled by Truth.

    Eternal Infinite Creativity straight ahead! Never boring, never lacking, never stupid, never diabolical, never limited…(the qualities of this pathetic dream).

    Any Loveliness in this world is not of this world, so what exactly am I giving up except the shit? The fake? Nothing. The worthless.
    “They” can have it. I’ll be giving them a big fat fuck you to their arrogant spoilesd brat predatory/parasitic selves.(poor babies…).

    And just have to trust the rest will wake up when they’ve had enough too.
    The Truth Sets Us Free

  13. Benjamin Martin says:

    Absolutely, all of it.

  14. SegFisch says:

    You describe the creative process of the architect. Modern society squelches that via Building departments and ‘Building Code.’ I just designed a house. It was maddening, because you have to figure nearly everything out before you submit for permit. This kills the creative process, because building a house should be a voyage of discovery, where you step back from time to time and reassess the situation from your new perspective which integrates what you’ve learned from the building process so far. Going through the permitting process takes most of the fun out of creating a new building and yet, it has become nearly impossible to legally build a new structure of any signficant size anywhere in the U.S. without abiding by this process. In this way, bureaucrats violatingly dictate the flow of our creative process. Rappoport doesn’t mention the connection of creation to our creative core, which is our sexual core. Our creative energy stems from our sexual nexus, yet we live in a culture which shuns healthy sexuality and a functional relationship to one’s creative source.

    • eceres says:

      Thanks that’s a best, worth transcribe on paper, vid doesn’t have slow button but since short if pause after five or six words can manage it. Core like Jon’s work this week, bests on bests.

  15. Build Back Botter says:

    Capitalism makes slaves of us all, especially the capitalists, forced to exist in the tight cell of narrowmindedness, lacking the sunshine of mental integrity, the water of humaneness, the food of nourishing love, encumbered by the heavy chains of their Profit Master.

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