Data Banks and Collective Delusions

by Jon Rappoport

June 7, 2021

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This article is a follow-up to my piece last week, Data Sets, Fraud, and the Future. [1]

Let’s say a minor religion emerges in Ohio. Its basis is a story about a miraculous tree growing in an arid desert.

The only problem is, if the members of this Church bothered to check, they would discover the exact place where the tree supposedly grew was no desert. Instead, it was an ocean. The ocean had been there for a billion years.

But no one bothers to check. They collectively INVENT AND ACCEPT the notion of the tree in the desert. They’re not aware that this is what they’re doing, but they ARE doing it.

They build rituals and ceremonies and art—“data banks”—around the idea of the tree.

The same factors are present in the case of promoting a new virus. In this situation—the virus is collectively dreamed up and accepted by virologists—the “checking” would occur by doing a retrospective step-by-step analysis of what happened in the lab where the virus was “discovered.”

But no analysis is carried out. None of the professionals believes it’s necessary. The traditional methods of virus-discovery are beyond reproach.

And if an outsider, a skeptic demands an inquiry into the process of discovery, he is labeled a sinner. The lab is an inner sanctum. The mere presence of an outsider looking over the shoulders of the researchers (priests) at work would be an offense against the Church.

What we’re left with is a collective idea whose content is: “new virus.”

That’s all.

“Would you like to look at our line of hats that go with your new virus?”

“How about a mutant strain?”

“The vaccine, of course, is free.”

Another collective idea: the 300 official mental disorders, promoted by the American Psychiatric Association. The truth is, the so-called disorders have no accompanying definitive lab tests, for diagnosis.

Collective ideas give rise to data banks and data sets that bolster and expand the original ideas.

“25% of all college students [2] have at least one mental disorder.” Here are the studies and surveys and confirmations from leading researchers—data sets.

“Three major public health organizations have formed a task force to study solutions to the growing mental illness problem among college students.” More data sets will be created and deposited in data banks.

“MIT and Harvard, cooperating in a federally funded program, are developing AI software that will predict future trends in mental illness among college students, in an effort to identify preventive measures which might head off this growing problem…” More data sets placed in data banks—but this time, all the work, and its logic, are hidden behind walls of automatic AI.

Collectivism=collective ideas=data banks filled with supposed confirmation of the truth of the ideas.

The whole op involves creating more and more layers between the data sets and the original collective ideas, until no one considers examining those ideas.

As IoT (Internet of Things), enabled by 5G tech, makes more of the functions of society automatic, successive generations of the populations are pushed farther and farther away from the collective ideas which form the basis of AI programs.

Here is a passage from John Klyczek’s article, “From UNESCO Study 11 to UNESCO 2050: Project BEST and the Forty-Year Plan to Reimagine Education for the Fourth Industrial Revolution,” [3] published at Consider the sheer number of layers, data sets, and AI involved in the monster project Klyczek is describing:

“…UNESCO’s Study 11 was carried out through international public-private partnerships between communist, socialist, and capitalist countries coordinating efforts between multinational telecommunications and computer corporations. Working in concert with academic institutions and national government agencies, Study 11 affiliates lobbied to restructure laws in order to globalize school systems through proto-internet technologies manufactured by Big Tech companies, such as Microsoft, IBM, and Apple, which are now steering the Fourth Industrial Revolution into a new political system of communitarian technocracy driven by a new economic system of ‘stakeholder capitalism’ through ‘community-based’ public-private partnerships that are managed by Big Data.”

“…schools around the entire world are forced to rely on the technocratic IT infrastructure that has been set up by Study 11 and Project BEST through their public-private partnerships with Microsoft, Apple, and IBM. These partnerships are now converting brick-and-mortar schoolhouses into virtual classrooms that digitally data-mine students through computer hardware devices, such as Apple iPads and Macbooks, which transmit video teleconferencing through software programs, including Microsoft Teams, supplemented by adaptive-learning courseware and other artificial-intelligence applications like IBM’s Watson Education.”

Getting the picture? Imagine how many parents are hypnotized and baffled by the total load of data sets which establish this new global education system, vs. the number of parents who will see through the layers of the con to the collectivist root.

Want a parallel? Try the current debate over the origin of the “pandemic virus.” It jumped from bat to human. No, perhaps other animals carried it. No, it was born in a Wuhan lab. Fauci and his agency funded gain-of function research at the lab. Well, perhaps they did, but the total amount of money was really an insignificant pittance. What did Fauci know, and when did he know it? Layer after layer, built higher and higher.

And at bottom, the virus was never isolated (never discovered), and it was never authentically sequenced. It was an idea, collectively concocted. [4]

Every death from, and case of, COVID virus infection can be explained (as I have, over the past year) without the need for, or reference to, a virus. [5]

In the old days, a stage magician would show his empty hands, then start pulling the edge of a colored handkerchief from one closed fist. A whole string of handkerchiefs would appear. But now, the magician presents 12 empty cabinets stacked on top of one another, and he seems to make those handkerchiefs ascend from the lowest to the highest cabinet.

Each cabinet is a data bank, and he isn’t even on the stage. He’s a hundred miles away talking to the audience via Zoom.

And soon, he won’t be a he. He’ll be a constructed image of a human.

And the image won’t be transporting handkerchiefs. It’ll be notifying people they have a disease; and the drugs will arrive promptly at their door.

The drugs will be toxic and won’t heal. The diagnosis will be flawed or completely irrelevant. The standard cause of the so-called disease will be false. The research on which the cause was based will be fake.

Just like now. But the layers of AI data all along the line will transmit a more powerful illusion.







The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

29 comments on “Data Banks and Collective Delusions

  1. john-oranje says:

    I have concluded that the more learned people are, in
    their own specialist subjects, the less likely they are
    to question the supposed expertise and knowledge of
    specialists in other subjects; particularly medicine and
    the more easily they fall for the “trust the science” line
    of ‘scientism’.
    As for those with a trade but no wider education than
    school, they are just suckers for that propaganda tool;
    The television.

    • M.G. says:

      Interesting, in the “more learned people” realm, each considers himself an expert in his domain, and simply cannot phantom learned experts in other domains may be just charlatans, as much TV clowns as for “those with trade” only. It is kind of unspoken fraternity among THE learned.
      Hence, a propaganda coming from credentialed sources (CDC anyone?) is so effective for them.

    • Truth Prevails says:

      Not just the TV, almost everything is an illusion in our modern world… The zionist establishment are a bunch of severely demented individuals, but there is genius behind the madness. The rothchilds family has been controlling the earth for over two centuries, and finally implementing their mass depopulation agenda.

      From space travel, satellites to anti missile systems, viruses and even “dictators”, everything is a lie… It’s all illusions and lies, even the wars and the “reporting” on it. The establishment controls all of the propaganda networks, 100% of it. Every “leader” of almost every country on earth is a zionist puppet, or zionist himself. From Iran to Russia and Palestine, all of them. Look and read into things, it’s insane how absolutely everything is controlled. All based on deception, North Korea is a CIA/Mossad puppet state, and yet they have the world believing some “dictator” has the world hostage with crazy nukes. Illusions run very deep.

      Unfortunately for the eugenics, the germ theory fraud is what is bringing them down. They have a huge network of controlled oppositions globally, but those clowns cannot say viruses don’t exist, and a lot of them are being outed by the average layman. The world is waking up not only to the germ theory fraud, but the entire illusion. Not just really obvious ones like Alex Jones, but deep cover’s like Michael Flynn and Tucker Carlson. Desantis is a hardcore zionist puppet, people are starting to notice.

      The fact that the enemy and their propagandist tools cannot say that viruses don’t exist, makes it much easier for humanity to distinguish who’s on humanity’s side and who’s with the eugenics. Start with localism, rebuilt locally than state wide and finally federal.

      Just so you understand how deep the illusions run, the Iron Dome anti missile system in Israel that supposedly intercepts missiles from “hamas”, is a giant fugazi. They have their sirens blaring when “incoming” missiles are approaching, people run and find shelter in little safe rooms. People hear a couple of loud bangs, sirens stop, people come out and voila! The Iron Dome strikes again, everyone is safe…

      Some Israeli’s were skeptical and asked for proof in real time to see how it operates, government replied it was classified and could never show it in operations… They were quickly silenced and never heard from again. Everyone in Israel believes the Iron Dome is real. The lies never end, not just with “science”, but with almost everything. Can you imagine their reactions when they actually find out, all those years of them running into their safe rooms when the sirens rang, that there was absolutely nothing happening and it was all a hoax, every single time…

      Keep up the good work Jon! It might not look like it right now, but humanity is starting to win this war against the eugenics.

  2. “But no one bothers to check. They collectively INVENT AND ACCEPT the notion of the tree in the desert. They’re not aware that this is what they’re doing, but they ARE doing it.”

    Therefore it so important that everyone watches Dr. Lanka’s video:

    “Dr. Stefan Lanka destroys infection theory, virus theory, virology, epidemiology and the corona lie with a single video” – (use translate option if necessary)

    In another video he says the following:

    “I tell the story of how it developed so that you can understand how a fraud developed from an error, a crime from a deception and, in the industrialization of this crime, this madness which threatens all of us, all of humanity.”
    – Dr. Stefan Lanka – “Dr. Stefan Lanka – Pandemic Theater (2009)” –

    • michael burns says:

      Can’t do it Corona…Don’t do YouTube CC, they are celebrating Pride and the LGBTQ..rsp…and nuv…wxyz gender rainbow this week.
      And unicorns are all my screen when I click that site.

      And as we all know and YouTube has stated emphatically on it banner right across the top. That community — they don’t label and so are celebrating diversity in gender this week on YouTube.
      And quality counts CC, the more colors, the bigger the rainbow.

      And as we all know the feminist driven Intersectionality analogy framework, qualitatively shows quite well how the different modes of discrimination work to create privilege.

      Good ole Kim Crenshaw has laid it all out; gender,sex, race, class, disability, sexuality, religion, physical appearance and height, your nose size and your ass size, the color of your eyes, or dimples on you’re ‘you know’. It doesn’t matter if you are scritcher or a bog pilot, an Alloromantic or a Greysexual, a gynosexual or a Spectrasexual.
      YouTube is celebrating your difference, your are fucking diverse.

      And so being white and a man, and old man, and at the very tip top of the privilege ladder. I emphasis and use my white privilege and say “Fuck you Google you’re too fucking weird and I won’t watch your shit anymore, I’d rather sleep naked in a bed full of cornflakes”.

      You celebrate labels and tweakers and yet censor speech.

      So Corona Coronata —what an interesting name — why not put it on LBRY or Odyssey, or anywhere else freedom reigns, where men are men, and women are just better men and bossy and want the garbage taken out and must be listened to…

      Ya know normal!

      • Tim_2A says:

        Bravo, Michael!

        I agree 100% with your way of greeting ‘G’ and their disgusting way of destroying everyone and everything that was once truly “normal.”

        (What the hell’s a “greysexual?”
        An ‘alien’ lover?)

        I’ve been using for a few years. No tracking, no predictive searches, no collection of personal information. Works for me.

    • Sharon Jones says:

      Any clues on how to see it with a translation?

  3. Paul says:

    “But no one bothers to check.”

    This should be screamed into the ears of your fellow (TV) professionals.

    I was being unduly kind.

    With the words fellow & professionals.

  4. Pisces says:

    It’s true that the so-called new virus is only a faith-based idea “religiously” believed by many virologists, doctors, etc… I wish it was that easy to make people see the truth about this “new virus” deception that’s forced upon us. And it would’ve been impossible for the hoaxsters to succeed in “injecting” their narrative into people’s minds if they didn’t work together and use the media to fool them. Imagine only one “globalist” trying to fool the world with his “new virus” theory to implement his agenda to the whole world. Haha! But they succeeded in fooling the whole world because they did it collectively, and they already have the authority to make people think that anyone who contradicts their narrative has no “credibility” because the “experts” say that SARS-CoV-2 is real…

    …It’s interesting that you connect psychiatry into this article because it is kind of a psychological warfare against people who think outside the “mainstream” narrative. And it’s made easy for psychologists and psychiatrists to “diagnose” individuals with made-up illnesses to discredit them and poison them with their destructive treatments if they don’t have an “accepted” mindset that fits the expectations of the status quo. And that’s one of the main reasons for what psychiatry is used for. To steer an individual into the collective mindset, “accepted” by the “normal society”.

  5. Eluard says:

    This is one of Jon’s articles you bookmark. I have a dozen or so from last year in a folder on my browser. They’re good for turning people on to the lightning revelations of his work since they cover SO MUCH in a few hundred words. Most of the ones I turn on don’t seem as “turned on” as I. 😉

    But besides that they’re like a marker along the road. Of where we’ve come and where we’re headed. This is “heavy shit.” A heavy article. Jon’s on Gab where he has a decent 4,500 followers. The joke is that the others who supposedly learned from him have 45,000, 100,000. Whatever. Pearls are not for everyone.

  6. Paul says:

    I remember, as a child, always being excited when a Magician was going to appear on Ed Sullivan. I always watched carefully to figure out “how they did it.”


    “But no analysis is carried out.
    None of the professionals believes it’s necessary.”

    And on “the outsider” chance
    that real inquiry,
    or examination
    are performed…


    Game, Set & Match.
    And you can Bank on that.

  7. Jim S Smith says:

    Confirmation Bias“:

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or supports one’s prior beliefs or values. People display this bias when they select information that supports their views, ignoring contrary information, or when they interpret ambiguous evidence as supporting their existing attitudes. The effect is strongest for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply entrenched beliefs. Confirmation bias cannot be eliminated entirely, but it can be managed, for example, by education and training in critical thinking skills.

    ALL of these “scientific consensus” operations, as commonly employed by government agencies/contractors, ARE a grand form of “confirmation bias”.

    • john-oranje says:

      Well said. If you question the narrative to a true
      believer in the ‘pandemic’ or the ‘virus’ or the
      vaccines, they will likely refer you to

      This site is the gospel of the true ‘scientism’ as
      it deals with all things medical.

  8. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Jon’s post today reminded me of deChardin’s and Vernadsky’s noosphere which I read through around 2007-2012… maybe it’s time for a review. Here’s a quick and fair summary by wikipedia– not that I trust wikipedia for much but its just a quick start…

    Noosphere – Wikipedia › wiki › Noosphere

    The noosphere is a philosophical concept developed and popularized by the Russian-Ukrainian Soviet biogeochemist Vladimir Vernadsky, and the French philosopher and Jesuit priest Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Vernadsky defined the noosphere as the new state of the biosphere and described as the planetary “sphere of reason”. The noosphere represents the highest stage of biospheric development, its defining factor being the development of humankind’s rational activities. The word is derived from the

  9. Kerry Boytzun says:

    Look no further than “Religion” for something that exists because it’s been repeated a zillion times by a zillion people and endorsed officially.

    Religion is a STORY. the mind LOVES a story. Jesus is a HERO…seriously. Root for the hero vs the bad guy.

    Nobody knows and few will admit that Christianity was sold at the end of a sword–not because some magical man walked on water and turned water into wine. Never happened.

    the ZEAL of the followers is the same as the ZEAL that follow the Kardashians, or the Vaccine Religion.

    Look no futher than Ralph Ellis to REDPILL the Jesus motiff:

    The Covid thing was modelled after a religion (story) on purpose. THIS is why you have people throwing themselves onto their CROSS (vaccine of virtue).

    It reveals just how braindead most humans are. (It’s not that you even got conned…it was that you were totally unaware of it).

    The person who is under conformity trance isn’t aware that it exists.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      A very notable historic example of the “convert-or-die” mentality: Look into WHY the establishment “Catholics” revere Charlemagne.

      The whole idea of converting all of Europe into the “Holy Roman Empire” was done by horrendous acts of war and destruction, including kidnapping, torture, and outright mass-murder of the peoples – to coerce them to convert from their native Nature-based spiritual beliefs – over to the alien “religion”.

      The devout Heathens (really has become something of another “religion” these days) forever scorn King Olaf Tryggvason of Norway (995 – 1000 CE) as a “blood-traitor” to the “Old Norse Ways” – for his heavy-handedness in forcing his people to convert to the “new religion”, and abandon the spiritual beliefs of their forefathers.

      The Old Testament of the “Holy Bible” has plenty of historic examples where “God’s children” were supposedly TOLD to invade other lands, and wipe out the existing population – to make it their own “holy land”.

      Many, many great wars were fought ostensibly in “the name of (their) God”.


      MOST of the so-called “conservatives” are really not so different from the so-called “liberals”, in that – they still support some form of authoritarianism and “government authority” over the lives of the people. This is even supported in some of the later rewrites of the “Holy Bible”, to notably include the infamous Book, “Romans” – whereby the often-cliched theme is: “Obedience to government, is obedience to God“!

      After looking back to what I used to find and research on, I can honestly conclude, based on my own findings, is that virtually ALL established, “cohesive” religions – are based on the perception that “the people need to be controlled”, and the “authorities of the church” are supposedly “God’s appointed rulers”. – This has also been a notorious excuse for rampant abuses of the People by the early monarchs, purportedly because they have “the divine right to rule”.

  10. BDBinc says:

    The age of misinformation.

    Record demands for “Data scientists” .
    Creating algorithms for human programed computers with the already decided and desired political outcome. The trend is to make the data say what you want by lying about it.
    The world is rife with ignorance… data fudging , data manipulation and then mis-interpretation is what is happening.

    And the reason why they have so many different conflicting media lies about where the fake “virus” (existential threat) came from this is to confuse people and so confused people don’t even think about questioning the existence of the still un proven “virus” itself.

  11. Roundball Shaman says:

    “…promoting a new virus. In this situation—the virus is collectively dreamed up and accepted by virologists—the ‘checking’ would occur by doing a retrospective step-by-step analysis of what happened in the lab where the virus was ‘discovered.’ But no analysis is carried out. None of the professionals believes it’s necessary. The traditional methods of virus-discovery are beyond reproach.”

    Truth is not necessary for a person (or a group) who prefers delusions. Facts are enemies of lies that are held aloft and exalted as ‘This-Is-What-Is-And-Don’t-You-Ever Question-That—-EVER.’

    Lies are then built on top of lies. Falsehoods are added along the way to buttress the lies that undergird the Faux Framework of False Reality that was the original demon seed of this sick manifestation.

    Group-Think madness is essential to promoting and maintaining the foundation of lies that is at the heart of Societal Mass Delusional Deviancy.

    Whole doctrines and lifestyles are fashioned around the lies that form the twisted heart of a corrupted culture.

    Not many dare to question any of the lies and falsehoods and delusions. For to do so, the entire structure of their false reality comes crashing down like a fallen House of Cards in a messy heap of disarray. So the lies must be repeated… re-enforced… re-energized… all while tamping down and snuffing out anything that might challenge the Sacred False Narratives that we worship with our thoughts, words, texts, Tweets, and deeds.

    And then… we have an Age when humankind gets so technically sophisticated as to create a small box of dancing pixels that spews out the Lies and Falsehoods twenty-four hours a day without a moment of pause in a World Wide Web of Deceit so that the false foundation of shared delusions does not crack or show the strain of doubt of any heretics who might question the whole sordid construct.

    Yes, there IS a horrible virus out in the World. But it’s not the one the deceivers are currently peddling.

  12. Billy Hill says:

    I bet you carry around and use a cell phone.
    If so you lost your whole point.
    A cell phone is a data maker device.

  13. Paul says:

    Off Topic:

    What the hell happened to Robert Plant?

    “In a tree by the brook,
    there’s a songbird who sings

    And a new day will dawn
    for those who stand long
    And the forests will echo with laughter”

    ~ Plant/Page

  14. Wrusssr says:

    “COVID deaths” began as normal annual hospital admissions and deaths from influenza, pneumonia, polluted lungs, smokers lungs, pulmonary complications, obesity or combinations of these and other illnesses. All deliberately mislabeled as “COVID 19 deaths” at the beginning of this faux “pandemic” in order to generate a “body count boogeyman” they could point to, and from which they could lay the ground work for, “. . . the necessity of a global shot to save humanity” that , in reality, is looking like more like a genocidal shot aimed at reducing the human population ( – FWIW – see 20-24 mark)

    All coupled with a massive disinformation and propaganda campaign about the sudden appearance of a deadly “COVID virus” (planned and funded in advance).

    Over the decades, the public was prepped with “possible pandemics” like the Swine flu lie to see if it would fly after months of disinformation and propaganda, including government-written notifications (Swine flu “news” releases that a pandemic was coming) were regularly mailed to “journalists” and millionaire tv “news” anchors with a gift for looking dead on into the camera and lying without blinking. Only a few in alternate media asked the question: “How do you know a pandemic is coming two years in advance?” Then came Ebola, Zika, etc. at timely intervals.


  15. Tim_2A says:

    Jon, once again, you’ve nailed the truth to the door, for all those who have eyes to see.

    I have to admit that it’s now more obvious to me than ever that the parallels between the ‘virus’ and the most-recent American ‘election’ are glaring.

    Now, we need to nail ‘eviction notices’ on the doors of ALL the government offices, if we’re even allowed near them amymore, that is.

    The truth can be painful to learn, but thank you, yet again, for deploying your own style of “Clockwork Orange” eyelid holders, for all of us.

    • Tim_2A says:

      Another damned typo: “…near them ‘anymore,'” I mean.

      I’m glad I went back and re-read my comment.

      A few more words:

      See the ‘elected’
      Behave like they’re royalty.
      THEY want loyalty??

      The ‘entitled’ scum
      Say, “No bearing of firearms.”
      DO NOT COMPLY. Clear?

      Tyrants are so smug.
      Their arrogance, laughable.
      Unrepentant, all.

      They’re accountable,
      Their positions are NOT safe.
      We’ve built them gallows.

      Free-swinging hinges.
      Hand-knotted neckties, fitted.
      A simple process.

      The handle is pulled.
      A watching crowd’s murmurs, lulled.
      The despot, anulled.

      WE are judging THEM.
      The TRAITORS, the transgressors.
      Committing treason.

      Their ‘reality?’
      It’s tarnished, poor quality.
      Unpolished, ugly.

  16. Barry T says:

    The Collectives dismissal of Jon as a wordsmith is mere folly. Truth is Jon’s weapon, and he wields it like the sword of a proverbial gladiator. It’s refreshing to learn there are people who still care about our planet and what’s at stake. It’s reminds us that without love in the dream, it will never come true. Keep the faith.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      “Critical Thinking” and logic, then, are then means of delivery of that truth.

      Jon possesses BOTH in spades and clubs!

  17. Arby says:

    The ‘collectivist’ angle was a bit muddled. I might have gone with something else, like ‘gang’. I realize that the label isn’t necessarily the thing, but, if the label comes from a certain bias, then explaining ‘the thing’ might be fumbled.

    • Barry T says:

      I agree, a bit muddled. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Perhaps the Power Structure, Deep State, the Elite, etc,. Those that hide in the shadows and pull all the strings have a weakness, truth.

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