More on the coronavirus that doesn’t exist; and the Pink Demon

by Jon Rappoport

May 21, 2021

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I still receive emails that announce: “So-and-so SAYS the virus has been isolated and does exist.”

On a scale from 1 to 10, where 1 would indicate “so what?” and 10 would rate “well, that’s it, the virus is real,” someone SAYING the virus exists comes in at minus-12.

Then there is the ever-popular, “OF COURSE this virus exists,” which is meant to dispel all doubt.

Below, I’ll reprint my piece in which Dr. Andrew Kaufman [1] analyzed, step-by-step, a typical excerpt from a published study. The excerpt described how SARS-CoV-2 was isolated. Dr. Kaufman tore the description to pieces. [2]

Since I published that article, I haven’t received a single communication attempting to refute Dr. Kaufman’s analysis.

I have received one or two emails stating, “Dr. Kaufman made several mistakes.” No specifics were mentioned. In the world of traditional logical fallacies, that response comes under the heading of “Vague Generalization.” Ninth-grade students used to be able to recognize it.

I’ve seen many articles in which SARS-CoV-2 is claimed to exist and possess various properties—the articles rely on bald statements from doctors or other so-called medical experts. No proof is offered. That logical fallacy would be Appeal to Authority: Because an authority figure says something is true, it must be true.

On this basis, the network evening news tells you all you need to know about reality.

A third fallacy is worth mentioning. We have this implied statement: “Researchers at the Wuhan Institute were weaponizing the virus; therefore, it exists.” That fallacy is called Circular Reasoning: You assume what you’re trying to prove. Many people fall for it.

“NASA scientists are chaining people to Ford trucks, preparing to launch them at faster-than-light speed in outer space; therefore, faster-than-light speed exists.”

What researchers are claiming or trying to do in a lab is not proof that the “thing” they are working with exists. The researchers may BELIEVE it exists, but what they believe doesn’t matter.

You might believe a pink demon with gold teeth from Mars has spread a pandemic across Earth, but even if Fauci agrees with you and has shoveled three million dollars to your lab, you haven’t established the existence of the demon.

A variation on Appeal to Authority and Vague Generalization: For more than a century, researchers have been doing experiments with viruses; therefore, it’s ridiculous to say SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist.

Well, historically, religious groups have claimed their God is the only God. Therefore…nothing.

“Wait. All those virologists couldn’t be lying and collaborating in a vast conspiracy.”

But they could be true believers. They could be pushing distorted science without recognizing their own warped articles of faith.

And with that, here is my article featuring Dr. Kaufman’s analysis of virus-isolation:

Dr. Andrew Kaufman refutes “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2; he does step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation; there is no proof that the virus exists.

by Jon Rappoport

April 21, 2021

The global medical community has been asserting that “a pandemic is being caused by a virus, SARS-Cov-2.”

But what if the virus doesn’t exist?

People have been asking me for a step-by-step analysis of a mainstream claim of virus-isolation. Well, here it is.

“Isolation” should mean the virus has been separated out from all surrounding material, so researchers can say, “Look, we have it. Therefore, it exists.”

I took a typical passage from a published study, a “methods” section, in which researchers describe how they “isolated the virus.” I sent it to Dr. Andrew Kaufman [1], and he provided his analysis in detail.

I found several studies that used very similar language in explaining how “SARS-CoV-2 was isolated.” For example, “Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 from Patient with Coronavirus Disease, United States, (Emerging Infectious Diseases, Vol. 26, No. 6 — June 2020)” [3].

First, I want to provide a bit of background that will help the reader understand what is going on in the study.

The researchers are creating a soup in the lab. This soup contains a number of compounds. The researchers assume, without evidence, that “the virus” is in this soup. At no time do they separate the purported virus from the surrounding material in the soup. Isolation of the virus is not occurring.

They set about showing that the monkey (and/or human cells) they put in the soup are dying. THAT’S THEIR KEY “EVIDENCE.” This cell-death, they claim, is being caused by “the virus.” However, as you’ll see, Dr. Kaufman dismantles this claim.

There is no reason to infer that SARS-CoV-2 is in the soup at all, or that it is killing cells.

Finally, the researchers assert, with no proof or rational explanation, that they were able to discover the genetic sequence of “the virus” they never isolated. “We didn’t find it, we don’t know anything about it, but we sequenced it.”

Here are the study’s statements claiming isolation, alternated with Dr. Kaufman’s analysis:

STUDY: “We used Vero CCL-81 cells for isolation and initial passage [in the soup in the lab]…”

KAUFMAN: “Vero cells are foreign cells from the kidneys of monkeys and a source of contamination. Virus particles should be purified directly from clinical samples in order to prove the virus actually exists. Isolation means separation from everything else. So how can you separate/isolate a virus when you add it to something else?”

STUDY: “…We cultured Vero E6, Vero CCL-81, HUH 7.0, 293T, A549, and EFKB3 cells in Dulbecco minimal essential medium (DMEM) supplemented with heat-inactivated fetal bovine serum (5% or 10%)…”

KAUFMAN: “Why use minimal essential media, which provides incomplete nutrition [to the cells]? Fetal bovine serum is a source of foreign genetic material and extracellular vesicles, which are indistinguishable from viruses.”

STUDY: “…We used both NP and OP swab specimens for virus isolation. For isolation, limiting dilution, and passage 1 of the virus, we pipetted 50 μL of serum-free DMEM into columns 2–12 of a 96-well tissue culture plate, then pipetted 100 μL of clinical specimens into column 1 and serially diluted 2-fold across the plate…”

KAUFMAN: “Once again, misuse of the word isolation.”

STUDY: “…We then trypsinized and resuspended Vero cells in DMEM containing 10% fetal bovine serum, 2× penicillin/streptomycin, 2× antibiotics/antimycotics, and 2× amphotericin B at a concentration of 2.5 × 105 cells/mL…”

KAUFMAN: “Trypsin is a pancreatic enzyme that digests proteins. Wouldn’t that cause damage to the cells and particles in the culture which have proteins on their surfaces, including the so called spike protein?”

KAUFMAN: “Why are antibiotics added? Sterile technique is used for the culture. Bacteria may be easily filtered out of the clinical sample by commercially available filters (GIBCO) [4]. Finally, bacteria may be easily seen under the microscope and would be readily identified if they were contaminating the sample. The specific antibiotics used, streptomycin and amphotericin (aka ‘ampho-terrible’), are toxic to the kidneys and we are using kidney cells in this experiment! Also note they are used at ‘2X’ concentration, which appears to be twice the normal amount. These will certainly cause damage to the Vero cells.”

STUDY: “…We added [not isolated] 100 μL of cell suspension directly to the clinical specimen dilutions and mixed gently by pipetting. We then grew the inoculated cultures in a humidified 37°C incubator in an atmosphere of 5% CO2 and observed for cytopathic effects (CPEs) daily. We used standard plaque assays for SARS-CoV-2, which were based on SARS-CoV and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) protocols…”

STUDY: “When CPEs were observed, we scraped cell monolayers with the back of a pipette tip…”

KAUFMAN: “There was no negative control experiment described. Control experiments are required for a valid interpretation of the results. Without that, how can we know if it was the toxic soup of antibiotics, minimal nutrition, and dying tissue from a sick person which caused the cellular damage or a phantom virus? A proper control would consist of the same exact experiment except that the clinical specimen should come from a person with illness unrelated to covid, such as cancer, since that would not contain a virus.”

STUDY: “…We used 50 μL of viral lysate for total nucleic acid extraction for confirmatory testing and sequencing We also used 50 μL of virus lysate to inoculate a well of a 90% confluent 24-well plate.”

KAUFMAN: “How do you confirm something that was never previously shown to exist? What did you compare the genetic sequences to? How do you know the origin of the genetic material since it came from a cell culture containing material from humans and all their microflora, fetal cows, and monkeys?”

—end of study quotes and Kaufman analysis—

My comments: Dr. Kaufman does several things here. He shows that isolation, in any meaningful sense of the word, is not occurring.

Dr. Kaufman also shows that the researchers want to use damage to the cells and cell-death as proof that “the virus” is in the soup they are creating. In other words, the researchers are assuming that if the cells are dying, it must be the virus that is doing the killing. But Dr. Kaufman shows there are obvious other reasons for cell damage and death that have nothing to do with a virus. Therefore, no proof exists that “the virus” is in the soup or exists at all.

And finally, Dr. Kaufman explains that the claim of genetic sequencing of “the virus” is absurd, because there is no proof that the virus is present. How do you sequence something when you haven’t shown it exists?

Readers who are unfamiliar with my work (over 300 articles on the subject of the “pandemic” during the past year [5]) will ask: Then why are people dying? What about the huge number of cases and deaths? I have answered these and other questions in great detail. The subject of this article is: have researchers proved SARS-CoV-2 exists?

The answer is no.







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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

70 comments on “More on the coronavirus that doesn’t exist; and the Pink Demon

  1. Piksil says:

    Thanks for mentioning the ‘work in labs–for years’ part of this scam.

    “Gain-of-Function”….of what? Since no virus has ever been truly isolated, what are they working with?

    I have a secret lab in my basement, where I’ve been working on enriching Goofonium (related to Plutonium, and only available from Disney), to be used by well paying militaries around the globe. I have a multi-national crew of researchers, and receive funding from leading big name foundations and religious groups.

    Our research is peer reviewed.

    Goofonium is being developed to only work on the human mind, and not contaminate the surrounding environment. Our early results rival those of Gain-of-Funcion viral laboratories!

    Yes, we are giddy over Goofonium!

    ( PS: We have applied for a patent on Goofonium; we are trying to get a certain foundation run by an ex-college dropout billionaire to fund the patent, which will have a 2018 date. And a Wikipedia page.)

  2. THX1138 says:

    Well, I guess we all need our memory refreshed once in a while.

  3. Stef says:

    Won’t be long before Jon will be busy disproving the PINK DEMON virus that will be ravaging the globe turning decent god feaing folks into silly savage Satanists.

    Meanwhile…Coming to a pharmacy near you….A vaccine for the PINK DEMON virus.

    • Rebecca Dahl says:

      There are such things as Pink Demons. They’re found in Doom! And a chainsaw does wonders to them!

  4. Paul says:

    After reading your article,
    a subheading might read:

    Stands To Reason

    more than a century,
    researchers have been
    doing experiments
    with viruses;
    it’s ridiculous to say
    SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t exist.”

    So… let’s review…
    just two.

    1. Spontaneous Generation
    compiled, expanded, then synthesized
    various ancient explanations,
    & earlier works of
    natural philosophers.

    SG was accepted,
    as scientific fact

    until Louey Pasteur,
    with pink-swan-neck flask,

    2. Geocentric Planetary Model
    Ptolemy of Alexandria…
    began in the 2nd century.

    Model was generally accepted,
    …for 14 CENTURIES…

    until Nick Copernicus
    smashed it to bits.

    Now that Ford truck…
    is that electric?

    • Tim_2A says:


      I’m guessing that you’ve mentioned that “electric” question, as the
      MSM was all over the
      current WH occupier’s
      “burning out”
      (the way I read it)
      in a Ford E-mobile.

      The little-known, but
      still a D.C. favorite,

      “The ‘If I Only Had A Brain’

      MUST have sponsored
      that lame-ass photo op.

      Does that mean that KH, NP,
      Jill(probably), et al,
      are sharpening their knives?

      I would think that
      threatening a reporter

      ((UP TO

      shows “his state of mindlessness.”

      Nearly thirty years ago (how time flies), a friend of mine, on an extremely foggy night, nearly hit a group of seven or eight
      (it was hard to tell)
      purported ‘pedestrians,’
      but who were actually

      who had been seen walking up and down people’s driveways,
      pulling car door handles,
      and garage door handles, too,
      since the fog was so dense
      (the fabled ‘pea soup’),
      that they were
      practically invisible.

      He came home, and…


      Fortunately, his wife, and neighbors, saw what ACTUALLY happened, because these s***balls tried to get HIM arrested,


      Of course, this was MANY YEARS before today’s super-cheap video camera security systems, or even somewhat inexpensive cell phones with cameras, either, so my friend was fortunate to have witnesses against the crew of ((CRIMINALS.))

      I guess, if HE was the
      land’s highest ranking
      ‘elected’ (CRIMINAL) potentate,
      he COULD have
      run over them,


      On NATIONAL TELEVISION, the ‘Defective in Chief’ pulls his stunt, and nothing???

      How much more obvious does it have to be made that
      JB’s mental circuits
      “burned out”


      “Oh, for f***’s sake, it was an accident, Scooter. Forgive me?”

    • Cristian says:

      Copernicus was a deceiver, he prove nothing.

  5. Sean says:


    What exactly is shown when Dr. Kaufman’s refutes the so-called “isolation” of SARS-Cov-2, in his step-by-step analysis of a typical claim of isolation, that there is no proof that the virus exists.

    A) When was the notice sent out that definition of isolation changed from “Completely separate from” to “Put together with?

    B) Even though there was no control experiment described, which is completely necessary, means not only they dont know how to isolate therefor probably way over paid but they dont even know to describe the necessary controls in a pretty important type of study?

    C) If a scientist in a lab misses an important part of the experiment to prove or disprove something, such as actual ISOLATION of the virus they are outright claiming, should they have their heads examined, go back to basic science class and also purchase a dictionary to look up the word Isolation?

    D) All of the above

    • Liv4ever says:

      Yes, like the emperors new clothes. If you don’t agree wth “science” you lose your salary, pension and can’t go bankrupt on your 100k student loan you borrowed to finance med school.

  6. Rick in Phoenix says:

    Rick: I’ll try to find out what Kaufman is saying about the shedding of the spiked protein… He OUGHT to be saying it doesn’t exist if he’s going to be consistent with his original analysis as Jon cites above.

    Jon (article above… quote): A third fallacy is worth mentioning. We have this implied statement: “Researchers at the Wuhan Institute were weaponizing the virus; therefore, it exists.” That fallacy is called Circular Reasoning: You assume what you’re trying to prove. Many people fall for it.

    Rick: George Noori on Coast to Coast repeats this engineered virus idea almost every night to millions of radio listeners.,.. and nobody ever challenges him on it during the call ins. Noori does not have an easy feedback system but I’ll try to create a list of contacts in Coast to Coast I can possibly email blast or even snail mail blast. Jon HAS BEEN A GUEST ON HIS SHOW!— maybe Jon can make another appearance? A bad thing about C2C is that the shows don’t “aggregate” correct knowledge. Noori isolates the knowledge of each guest appearance and never cross references– except on rare occasions for very specific people. Given the situation, we should be treating Jon’s blog and C2C and other alt media with college-level discipline I think. It’s the last chance to fight back.

    • Jeff Green says:

      The idea that this was a lab experiment gone wrong and turned into a bio-weapon is a fraud in order to generate fear in the population that this is a contagious virus, and so, it drives up vaccination rates in the population. Viruses (enzymes) are not contagious. (

      Secondly, the idea that this is a virus that escaped a lab is impossible on its face, for viruses can not escape a lab and infect anyone unless directly via injection of the viral tissues. Only then can you spark some level of unpredictable disease, but it is not through viral infection but through toxin inundation of cells and tissues.

      COVID-19, the supposed virus, does not exist. Coronaviruses exist, but COVID-19 itself is a fiction, fabricated out of whole cloth.

      So-called contagious shedding itself does not exist—it is a fallacy. Everything in nature sheds, including humans, but such shedding is not problematic. See issue #6 of my newsletter, found on my website.

      • john-oranje says:

        Jeff; When it comes to ‘shedding’ maybe you are
        missing the point.
        IF unvaccinated people really are being affected
        by the vaccinated then something must be the cause.
        These vaccines are not the traditional ones and
        if they are making the body manufacture something (whatever it is)could that be picked
        up by another person.
        Maybe pheromones are involved in transmitting
        a message to the unvaccinated.
        In your episode 7 you seem hung up on terminology. Surely it is possible that so called viruses and exosomes could be the same
        things as there is no evidence of ‘viruses’
        invading the body from outside.

        • Jeff Green says:

          Hello John, pheromones do not biologically “send messages” to the unvaccinated. If you listen to what I spoke about in episode 7 of my program, I clearly said it was other people who were hung up on terminology—not myself. See issue #6 of my newsletter where I write about shedding.

          Also, it doesn’t matter if the vaccines are traditional or not. You cannot inject a toxin and cause it to be excreted from the pheromones and have it affect another person. This would be no different than someone with toxic hormones from thyroid cancer putting out toxic pheromones. Affecting another person is not biologically possible under any normal circumstances. Also, toxins from vaccines, whether they are traditional or not, are stored in the body and not readily expelled—this is one of the dangers of vaccines.

          Yes, humans and animals shed, and breathing in large amounts of toxic dander from animals, for instance, can cause respiratory viruses to manifest to cleanse those toxins now in the lungs, but on average, this is not remotely a problem when talking about humans themselves when under any normal conditions. Even then, it would not be from some particular ingredient in a vaccine, but from the breathing out of toxins which you then breathed in that would irritate your own body. Even so, it would not be equal to the act of direct injection into the body.
          There is simply no biological way that these vaccines could act in such a way, no matter what is in them.

          On the topic of exosomes being viruses. Once again, I explained that in my dialogue of the same episode. Exosomes and viruses are different but related agents of the body which I covered in detail in issue #4, p.2 of my newsletter. Viruses do not “invade” anything. They are created within the cells of the body; created from within, not from without.

          • john-oranje says:

            I read carefully your newsletter #4.
            If the word ‘virus’ means anything in the present context, it has to mean an
            external pathogenic entity that infects a living organism.

            If no such ‘virus’ exists but is
            instead a particle of some sort
            manufactured by the cells in the said
            organism, then it has to be a type of
            The terminology is important.
            Why keep calling something a ‘virus’
            when the very notion of viruses as
            outside entities entering the body and
            causing disease is being denied?
            In light of the above it is surely
            correct to say “viruses do not exist”.

        • Jeff Green says:

          The word ‘virus’ doesn’t have to mean ‘pathogenic’ whatsoever. The word ‘virus’ has been redefined to mean different things since its inception. In actuality, you can still get away with calling them ‘viruses’, since viruses dilute large amounts of toxins, and viruses themselves are a type of chemical. I would not refer to them as overt poisons, however. Terminology is indeed important—that is why you must learn the difference between exosomes and viral particles/enzymes. Exosomes are intermediaries between cells and are different from the functions of enzymes whose primary role is to dissolve waste material.

          So no, you are mistaken when you claim it HAS to be an exosome. Exosomes can not both transport fluids for cellular life and dissolve toxins at the same time without forgoing their role as extracellular vesicles—it is impossible.

          I spoke with Andy Kaufman, the originator (to my knowledge) of the exosome theory on the phone last year because we were planning an interview, and when I presented this to him he could not and did not disagree with my assertions. In my view, it is vital that he rethink his theory.

          • john-oranje says:

            OK So, keeping the terminology, it is
            correct to say that pathogenic and/or contagious viruses
            do not exist but that which we still
            call viruses do exist and perform a
            certain function.

      • Marlene says:

        Your first sentence is incorrect.
        I have heard no one say that it was a lab experiment gone wrong.
        Fauci and Peter Dasheck and Collins are being accused of being complicit in the Purposeful gain of function experiment that went Right! It was purposefully released.
        You are correct that Covid 19 the virus does not exist, because your nomenclature is incorrect.
        According to what we are being told…SARS Cov2 is the virus…Covid 19,is the disease it causes.
        That is why With regards to,the vaccine, Fauci said the vaccine is effective against Covid 19. He did not say effective against SARS Cov2.
        This way he can claim he wasn’t lying. You can still get SARS cov2, but your Covid 19 symptoms will be less.
        It is all of it a circle jerk and we are all having our chains pulled by maniacal maniacs in every institution and system.

        • Jeff Green says:

          “I have heard no one say that it was a lab experiment gone wrong.”

          I have. Turn on the news sometime and listen to what they are saying, especially at places like Fox News. They have been pushing that narrative for months now.

          To clarify: SARS-CoV-2, the specific virus associated with the disease they call ‘COVID-19’, does not exist, nor was it released from a lab to serve as a bio-weapon contagion as you seemingly have claimed in your comment.

          The lab in Wuhan was experimenting with coronaviruses in order to manufacture vaccines. The rest is a cover story promulgated by the media to spread fear that this is a contagious and dangerous virus. If anything did escape a lab, it did so from a test tube directly into your arm in the form of a vaccine.

        • Marilyn Shepherd says:

          The so called sars2 was a theoretic genome posted on social media that Dr Drosten assumed without evidence was a new corona virus and then he invented a test without any.

  7. Lise from Maine says:


    Yesterday, May 20, 2021, I discovered Dr. Robert E. Willner, MD, Ph.D’s book “Deadly Deception” regarding the HIV virus and the fraud surrounding that. Dr Fauci is mentioned as one of the “aids gang.”

    It cost over $900.00 on Amazon but it is available in PDF format. I have it, and I am currently reading it.

    It contains many similarities of today but much worst today.

    I also viewed the video yesterday pertaining to Dr. Willner and the truth of the matter at hand.

    Thank you!

    Lise from Maine

  8. Pisces says:

    For those who are new here…

    You’ve been told through the media that there is a new virus out there that’s infecting and killing people all over the world, and they make it sound like it is so frightening you have to take the vaccine they’re promoting.

    But in reality…

    “Covid-19” is only a deception that’s being used as a scare tactic so they can tell you what to do after they put you into “panic mode”. So-called SARS-CoV-2 that allegedly causes “covid-19” had never been proven to exist.

    It is only a theoretical virus that can be explained as an imaginary box that contain many different types of pre-existing diseases (pneumonia etc.) caused by many different factors put in together into that imaginary box (labeled as Covid-19) and these many pre-existing diseases are now, they say, caused by a new virus called SARS-CoV-2, but the problem is that there’s no evidence of so-called new virus. The medical institutions could and still can easily prove it if there’s a new virus that’s causing a new illness. But they can’t do that because so-called SARS-CoV-2 is only a THEORY.

    The script-writers of the plandemic hoax conveniently stacked some symptoms together and made it seem like there’s a new disease called “covid-19″ caused by “a new virus”, which was NEVER been scientifically proven to exist because you have to isolate any germ or a virus before you claim and say it really exists. But what they did to prove the existence of SARS-CoV-2 is the exact opposite. They claim it exists before they even attempt to isolate it, but then couldn’t isolate it because they can’t find it! It’s not real. And that’s the simple fact that most people can’t think through because of their fear, which reduces their ability to think clearly. But don’t let fear distort your way of thinking and do research on “both sides of the story”.


    The PCR test kits are meaningless when it comes to detecting SARS-CoV-2 because it was never isolated, purified and verified according to a simple scientific method called Koch’s Postulate. So PCR tests can’t be used as a confirmation for the existence of a new virus just because they can show “positive” or “negative” results. Nope! Doesn’t work that way.

    “But why are people dying?”

    Flu-related and other causes of deaths are now being deceptively relabeled as “covid-19” deaths, and that’s where the illusion of “people are dying of covid-19” BS comes from. People were dying before the covid hoax. People will die during the hoax. And people will die after the hoax. Of course, people are dying, but “SARS-CoV-2 is NOT the cause because it doesn’t exist.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I like how your write in whole paragraphs. Would you try your hand at putting some prose together in a few paragraphs about the shedding of spiked proteins by vaxxed people and the women whose menstrual cycles are being thrown off by the spiked protein– which doesn’t exist either?

      Jon debunked the spiked protein a few days ago but all this stuff bears repeating in a way that adverstising repeats in various ways…

      I got caught up in the spiked protein idea until Jon snapped me out of it.

      • Pisces says:

        I haven’t done any research on spike proteins shed by the vaxxed, as you put it. So I haven’t yet come to the conclusion regarding that topic.

        But currently as I’m writing this… I think they’re just trying to scare people into fearing other people again. This time, people who know that the virus isn’t real are given a reason to fear other people. The “shedders”.

        If you can’t find a definitive scientific proof of women’s menstrual cycles being disrupted by a so-called spiked protein, then you’ll know the cause is something else other than a spiked protein.

        Honestly, I think the “evil spiked protein” is just another bullshit story… But I could be wrong, and I’m still open to change my mind about this because I haven’t looked into ‘both sides of the argument’. I can change my mind only if I can find any real scientific evidence that proves the existence of that spike protein that is harmful to humans… not just theoretical ones.

        • Pisces says:

          *not just theoretically*, I meant.

        • Dave M says:

          “Spiked protein” is a real threat. It’s one purpose of the injection (not “vaxxine). Also, lets recall Bill Gates began (supposedly) in computer software, which involves things called “viruses” if I’m not mistaken. How does this correlate with his jump from this field to “genetics”. My guess is he didn’t change fields at all. He is also Reptilian souled, and I’m aware (as usual) people will discount this as “conspiracy theory” and shelve it with the rest of the clutter they’ve managed to ignore. This is where the psychopathic lack of compassion comes from, he is not a human soul to put it simply. I couldn’t resist saying this. Also, human beings can’t get rid of these predators that have enabled themselves to the top of the heirarchy in society. I suppose they’ve been permitted to achieve all of this to serve the higher purpose of creating a challenge in the “soul school” that our world is. Whether or nor anyone chooses to believe this, I care not, I only care that they wake up from their daydream and realize that their ass is being cloned and manipulated to high hell. Please f’in figure it out already.

  9. Pam says:

    We know they do gain of function experiments with viruses to make them more contagious or deadly. Considering the evidence that the 2020 mortality statistics are similar to other years, and the falsified reporting on death certificates – we have no basis for believing in covid 19 at all. This is one big hoax that too many have bought into. That said,they’re pushing us to inject something toxic, they created, which is harmful to us via injection but not harmful through the usual channels of infection. Whatever nasty exists, it exists in that syringe.

  10. Richard Brown says:

    Hi Jon,

    I have been following your blogs for the last few months and value them for the insight they give.

    With regard to today’s post entitled “More on the coronavirus that doesn’t exist; and the Pink Demon”, I thought I might usefully draw your attention to the podcasts of a neurologist, Dr Kevin Mccairn, that claim to debunk Kaufman’s thesis. If you are not already familiar with these. you can find them here:

    Here are two papers he has cited that demonstrate that Sars Cov-2 has been isolated according to the Rivers version of Koch’s postulates, which I understand were formulated specifically for viruses:


    As you’ll no doubt gather from his podcasts, McCairn does not fall into the “zombie scientist” mould. He believes Sars Cov2 is a bioweapon and that there are nefarious forces at work.

    I’d be interested to learn whether you think Kaufman’s argument still holds water. Perhaps the subject of a future blog?


    Richard Brown

    • Mos Craciun says:

      What McCairn is doing is named “controlled dissent ” ( controlled opposition). He is misusing ( abusing) the Rivers postulates , in order to validate the existence of “the” virus-ghost , let aside the shameless ad hominem done versus Kaufman’s credentials .

      Here is the key in your comment : ” He believes Sars Cov2 IS a bioweapon …” — he got a meaning already for something not proven to exist. Others, of the same fabric, will offer other “meanings” for the ghost — all of them are controlled dissent . Attractive indeed, but baseless.

      If and when Jon will decide to adress this topic ( issue) of controlled oposition , we will have an opportunity to debate at large.

    • Jimmy says:

      Who would create a bio-weapon that has a 99.98% survival rate? The ‘bio-weapon idea’ is silly and bogus (and so played out). A real ‘bio-weapon’ would kill tens, hundreds of millions of people.

      • Marlene says:

        According to many, having people dropping dead in the street would be a seen as a direct of“attack” by China which would result in a declared war.
        The “vaccine” is the real killer and destroyer (death, blood clots, strokes, inability to maintain pregnancy due to placenta issues, possible sperm reduction, auto-immune disorders, screwing up immune system to over-react to challenges…killing us slowly and reducing births)
        Since the 70’s, the CCP has killed 400,000 babies in the womb…they have no regard for life. But What is the point of world domination if there is no one in the world left to dominate? Plus who will be their slaves?

        They were able to TEMPORARILY disable America’s economy and tamper down our people. Now it seems 1/3 have taken the experiment, 1/3 will never take it, 1/3 are waiting on the fence to be convinced one way or the other.
        The Leaders in the CCP did not want to do what the Japanese had done “awakened a sleeping giant”
        Direct conflict with the US right now would be a mistake.
        Plus we have so much intellectual property they could steal from us, which they are doing. And they have infiltrated our university science labs with the help,of Dr. Fauci.
        Their goal was not to wipe us out all at once.
        But then again, there is no virus so I have no earthly idea.

        • anon says:

          “china china china”
          Omg, it’s called New WORLD Order, not New China Order.
          (((They))) aren’t based in a single country or ethnic group.

        • CapMatifou says:

          “Since the 70’s, the CCP has killed 400,000 babies in the womb…they have no regard for life.”

          Check that number again, 400k they must score in ca. a single month.

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      Hi Richard,

      I appreciate your comments and links. I watched much of McCairn’s videos and I found him to offer opinions and Wikipedia articles as “proof”, which I find concerning. He is verbose and imprecise, as well as insulting. Ad hominem remarks are used when the user has little actual data to back up their own comments.

      I have watched a very interesting video of Dr. Kaufman compare endosomes and exosomes side by side with what is being labeled as coronavirus, and his logical conclusion is that there is no visual difference between them. Specifically, What are being labeled as coronaviruses are actually endosomes and exosomes. Those are normal parts of cells that fight off pathogens and when inside of cells they are called endosomes and when the cell is under attack or is damaged, those objects are released outside of the cell and are then called exosomes. These are considered parts of your immune system. Perhaps when your health is diminished, your cells produce fewer endosomes and exosomes? I do not know, but I am curious to know if that is true or not.

      Now McCairn shows a picture that he finds available on the Internet via Google, which demonstrates his confirmation bias. Anytime you use a search engine to “prove” something you believe, you are using confirmation bias. To escape confirmation bias, you have to ask the right questions. In today’s world, we have been taught to seek confirmation bias, so asking the appropriate questions is not as easy as it seems.

      What Dr. Kaufman does do is ask questions about what he sees and he compares the information to see if there is something new or different or that confirms anything about the official story. Just showing an image of something that someone declared, “There! I just showed you a picture and you have to take my word for it that it is what I claim it is.” Ummmm, no. I could not distinguish anything in the image that looked like the little “machines” that are claimed to inject virus particles into a cell, called phages. How can one claim this object can do anything just by the fact that they possess that image? The image itself is quite fuzzy and we are left to just believe that what we are told is true. In other words, assume that it is true. This is not science.

      Displaying an image might be useful IF you can also demonstrate that this image is provably something novel, that it was taken from someone who was actually sickened by this “thing” and that you can reliable demonstrate that it is a dangerous object. You prove this via isolation, purification, and rigorous testing to confirm that this object does in fact sicken anyone who has it in their body and that it is in sufficient quantity to easily find, isolate, and replicate. Anyone sick with identical symptoms but does not have that specific object in their body negates the claim that the isolated object is the cause of illness.

      Without the procedures for isolation, purification, replication, and testing (Koch’s Postulates) the picture is just a picture, meaningless except for its usefulness in deceiving the public in believing that they are going to catch it. McCairn never mentions this. No one has, as far as I have learned, performed Koch’s postulates on any virus.

      We have been told over the years that a virus: is non-living; has to have a host to reproduce; can be killed and used in vaccines; makes people sick; bazillions of them exist in your body; keep you well; reproduce outside of your body; mutate every year; and so on. The most ridiculous one is that a virus can jump from one species to another, including from birds to mammals. Nature is that careless? Much of the stories about viruses are contradictory.

      So, which side is correct? I can’t say Dr. Kaufman is 100 percent correct, but I think he presents a better argument than McCairn. I’d say there is a lot of contradictory evidence given about viruses, and they are far too often implicated in illnesses and deaths that can be explained by toxic waste in the environment and other causes. Malnutrition is a major factor and we have learned that by increasing Vitamin D levels, zinc, and other nutrients diminish your chances of getting these symptoms. These inconvenient truths go a long way to discredit germ theory.

      The PCR test is a whole other topic which can be thoroughly debunked for use in diagnosis. That lab procedure is entirely inappropriate for diagnosing anything, so every positive or negative test is utter nonsense.

      Those who have done due diligence in pursuing verifiable proof of an isolated SARS 2 CoVID virus have come up empty-handed, and a fat cash prize of 250K Euros is yet unclaimed.

      I was waiting for McCairn to actually debunk Dr. Kaufman, but I heard nothing convincing for me to believe that the official story has more credibility than what Dr. Kaufman has analyzed and concluded and shared. So, until that happens, I remain skeptical of the virus myth.

    • Alan says:

      Did you read the two damn papers McCairn cited? Or only their headings? They are both clearly scientific fraud.

      The first paper is the same monkey science Kaufman and co. have been criticizing all the time: virus “culture” without purification, and “whole genome sequencing” assembled by “alignment” using the result you want to get as the template (the “reference genome”).

      The second paper is an animal experiment done with no controls, and results mostly confirmed by PCR tests and culture CPE rather than real disease symptoms. (“No overt clinical signs were observed in any of the infected animals, except for a serous nasal discharge in one aged animal on day 14 post inoculation.”)

      With no purified virus (to sequence nor to inoculate animals with) and no controls, the experiments prove nothing, except that virologists are frauds.

      • Liv4ever says:

        And let’s not forget Dr. Nancy Turner Banks, and Dr. Stefan Lanka, and Dr. Tom Cowan, shadow banned or outright censored by the media moguls. McCairn sounds like an escapee from Mythbusters !

  11. Dr. W! says:

    What Ifs?: Alright folks, here are a few “What Ifs” items for conjecture, and comment. For our first example, what if the laboratory workers are very much or entirely already possessing much greater knowledge of this ‘virus’? Moreover, Gain of Function studies done in labs at University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill would have necessarily been accompanied by reports and probably also all sorts of other notes, and documentation. So, what if “specimens” from other research done previously at locations such as Fort Dietrick were transported to Laboratories perhaps at Plum Island, NY? There may also have been ‘information and specimen’ input whch could have come from any number of other labs both inside and outside of the US.

    Later, after the B.Obamba ‘command’ that all such research be discontinued, – maybe most or all of said information, specimens, etc. – Had Already Been Transferred – outside of the US? Perhaps to Vancouver, Canada or Wuhan, China or wherever else? Meanwhile there is a team or possibly even teams of scientists tasked with and intensively working to develop as much information as they possibly can about this new ‘Pathogenic Chimera.” Without even having any “Samples” on hand they have already garnered a whole lot of information about these pathogens – whatever they are? So. perhaps the fine folks at NIAIDS (or whatever Mr.A.Faucci’s business is called) did utilize CRISPR technology to mash the Pathogenic Chimera together. It could be that they know exactly what they put into this monstrosity and thus have a very accurate estimation of the full genetic sequence. And now that it is released upon the world, and also appears to be doing a nice job – why bother to spend the time, effort, and funds to get all of the specific details. Their project has already advanced beyond the stage which might make expenditure that needed! Or, perhaps they already had most of such detailed information before the ‘package’ was delivered to Wuhan or Northern Italy or parts of Spain??

    Or, to ???

    Meanwhile, a whole lot of the ‘what if’ scenarios above could have taken place in a somewhat random sting of events. Much like the Chinese Horseshoe Bat/ Pangolin/ Civet theories. (Yeah, right.) Or, maybe there were “Guiding Hands” involved. What do you think, dear readers?

  12. BDev says:

    Maybe this qualifies as Circular Reasoning: The medical profession 100% assumes Germ Theory is the only valid theory re: infectious disease causation. IMO, Germ Theory is very easy to refute, or at least relegate it to a minor role. But the medics buy it hook, line and sinker. They are not only completely wedded to this being the cause of disease, contagiousness and epidemics, they also have multi-billions of $ hanging on that theory. So, they will fight unto death to maintain its belief and its position as sacred. Until enough people believe otherwise, this is a VERY difficult battle to wage.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      I might differ with you on “very difficult battle”… because I’ve been reading “Catastrophe Theory”: Woodstock, David, 1976 and they present a compelling argument that many phenomena can change abruptly and suddenly– not smoothly– and they show how to consider the variables leading to that.

      I would surmise that human cognition works the same way. For example, when we have an AHA! moment… or a “EUREKA” moment… that’s catastrophe theory too in a way… it’s a sudden abrupt change that was building up…. but it can work in a good direction too… I might call it an anti-catastrophe theory… or just a theory of abrupt change.

      Jon did that a few days ago for me when I went down the transmissible spiked protein rabbithole, complete with pine needle tea and fennel seed cures. When I read his piece, he wacked me on the side of the head. Suddenly my cognition shifted to accomodate what he’d been proposing since the start of this– that existence of the corona virus has not been demonstrated.

      So it may SEEM that the battle is difficult. However, we may be experiencing the sub-threshold period just before society’s sudden shift of realization that we’ve been had by the elite.

    • Pam says:

      So true and well put.

  13. Alex Radcliffe says:

    In case anyone needs a quick 35-minute review of Koch’s Postulates by Dr. Andrew Kaufman, Here is the link:

    Dr. Kaufman also shows here that Rivers’ 6 Criteria are different and he reviews them and successfully shows what is missing from Rivers’ material… there is no DNA or RNA mentioned in any criteria!!!

    NONE of the four papers claiming they isolated what they are calling the Sars-CoV-2 [COVID-19] per Rivers’ first three of the six criteria actually performed any of the first three steps to prove a new virus. Quite damning actually. Are you beginning to see any Red Flags?

    In summary, through additional testings for the last three of Rivers Six Criteria, none of those criteria were met either. Thus ZERO out of Rivers’ Six Criteria were met.

    ALL of the papers claiming COVID-19 exists are fraudulent because they could not and did not provide for following Rivers’ Criteria. There is no evidence to back up any of the claims.

    What we have are nothing but RUMORS and LIES!

  14. Brad says:

    Proof of a virus via isolation is not required in order for the manipulation of its genetics. The other method, and this was used to to piece together the human genome, is to gather pieces of the DNA, like pieces of a puzzle and begin to assemble the puzzle by overlapping the matching pieces until completing the puzzle. While this took some time originally for the human code to be assembled with tech advancements it now takes very little time to completely piece together any genome. And this is all the genetic manipulators need to begin their works like adding segments of HIV and an ARRA amino acid complex to a corona virus spike protein allowing the spike to more easily open up a human cell to invasion. I would argue that having a completed genome is tantamount to an isolation technique as differing methods arriving at the same place.

    • Rick in Phoenix says:

      Interesting explanation here but it seems to me that the human genome was already pre-assembled and identified a long time ago by Watson-Crick/1959. They didn’t have to piece it together because it’s already there, in each cell, it is said.

      They proved the existence of the complete human DNA genome because they isolated it as far as I understand it. They didn’t “gather pieces” of it.

      Brad do you have a website where you blog or expand on other issues? Because your post here seems to me to be somewhat of a grasp at straws with the appearance of having some background. The whole idea you expressed kind of makes me laugh… it’s my first belly chuckle of the day actually.

    • anon says:

      Why do you quote falsehoods from Wikipedia at us?

      You fully well know that just because one chunk of RNA ends with the same pattern with which another begins, that doesn’t mean they belong to a longer chain.

      No complete (in one piece) viral genome was ever found, and no synthesized genome based on those hypothetical “complete” RNA chains was ever shown to infect anything.

      Here’s a good lecture with some pictures that explain even to a complete moron why fitting pieces together is not proof that they belong together:
      Dr Andrew Kaufman – Live Lecture discussing the ‘science’ behind Covid

  15. Richard says:

    In today’s Lou Rockwell article titled, “Physicist and Nuclear Cardiologist: Covid-19 and the Covid Shots are Man-Made Bio-Weapons” By Ginny Garner he writes:

    4. The claim the virus was never isolated because Koch’s Postulates were not fulfilled is not correct. (Editor’s note: This assertion has been made mostly by terrain theory proponents including Drs. Tom Cowan and Andrew Kaufman, investigative journalist Jon Rappoport, researcher/writer David Icke among others.) The virus was identified by piecing RNA and DNA together and matching the parts like a puzzle.

    This sounds rather fishy to me.

    • Alan says:

      Of course, there is no proof (not even any control experiments, which is arguably not a very good proof for this case even when performed properly) that the “pieced together” genome is actually housed by any particle in the analyzed sample.

      Stefan Lanka had conducted the control experiments and disproved the fraud. There are two ways one can control for the alignment process: either use a sample from a healthy person, or use an unrelated genome (from a “virus” for an unrelated disease) as the template.

      • Rick in Phoenix says:

        Wasn’t Dr. Frankenstein’s creation in Shelly’s novel the result of piecing parts of bodies together? Kind of ironic wouldn’t you say? Corona virus is the “Franskenstein monster” of our day.

        Recall the phrase by Dr. Frankenstien “it’s aliiiiiive!”…. after zapping the monstrosity with lightning during a storm, complete with claps of thunder applauding the “success”. If indeed a “frankenstein virus” was pieced togther from RNA/DNA puzzle-parts, one can image today’s doctors shouting the same thing.

        Of course, the frankenstein-corona-virus is as fictional at Frankenstein, but the horror-story works! It has legs! The “story” is “alllliiiiiive”! Mwaaa hahahahaaaa! Thunder roll on BBC. Crackling of lightning on CNN. Screams heard down the hallways of empty hospitals. Death from all causes attributed to… the monster-virus, the varients, and the “spiked” proteins shedding all over the place. What shock! What awe! What horror! Run! Hide! Stay home! Mask up! and by the way– inject mRNA to create spikes proteins to fool your immune system that it’s now compromised so it reacts… before the real monsters come and get you.

        I better stop– I’m scaring myself.

        • Dave M says:

          The horrid aspect of your comment is you’re closer to the truth than you realize. Obama (Barry Saetoro, it’s “human” name) I’ve heard is a conglomeration of different alien raced “pieces”. He is a constructed creature. You can view different photos of his head only and begin to see the various scars from surgery to implant technology in his skull to make “him” work and think. He is a very real Frankenstein’s monster. This, of course, sounds like absolute nonsense, but my own belief is that it’s even worse than what I’ve been shown. The “government” has been experimenting with humans much longer than anyone realizes. Imagine the greed and malice involved in trying to control the human race in more ways than can be imagined. ELF signals, chemtrails, HAARP, GMO’d foods, Fluoridated water, Industrial waste in our air and groundwater (some believe this benefits the environment and humans apparently), and other psychotronic devices that are all but undetectable. No one trying to influence anyone?

  16. Benjamin Martin says:

    ‘But they could be true believers’…

    This really is the main point, albeit that it’s always a hard one to swallow given that one is almost hardwired to think that sufficient expertise in the medical sciences must preclude the possibility of practices that would blatantly contradict sound scientific research. But remember: there has never been a shortage of professionals who only want to read and believe the good that is written about them, and in turn – the reverse side of the same coin – develop a terrific hostility to criticism.

  17. CK says:

    Jon, thank you for all of your work. I hope you can write a book about this or perhaps incorporate it in a 3rd edition of your AIDS book.

  18. Opie Poik says:

    Here’s the actual corona-vagueness pink dragon:

    Handful Of Black COVID Survivors Experience Massively Enlarged Tongues

    Photos trigger warning: not the Onion nor Babylon Bee.

    Davos Pharmaceutical Torture Corp. is gonna kill us, but first, they’ll make uncountable masses of people manifest their fever dreams in the flesh. Straight out of an H.R. Giger eros/tech Borg fantasy.

    • Dave M says:

      Almost all so-called “convid” survivors (I can barely suppress a grimace) are suffering from side effects from the “vaxxine” (read injection) or some other form of medical malpractice, as there is no “corona-virus”. This is a very cleverly engineered scam to create a useful panic among society. The endgame is to implement a 5G satellite network which will serve to construct copy of each person’s consciousness to control their thinking at a level that is all but imperceptible. They won’t even know they’re being controlled. A psychopath’s dream of a soulless society to blaspheme the Creator. And it appears society feels obliged to go along with the “program”.

  19. messianicdruid says:

    I believe this:
    “Well, historically, religious groups have claimed their God is the only God. Therefore…nothing.”
    is known as a strawman.

    • Dave M says:

      And then there’s the “strawman” known as Creator-Source. We seem to have forgotten about that. Something came from nothing of course. I don’t even know where to begin with the logic. A 747 Jet being assembled by a hurricane blowing through a junkyard would seem more probable. But, we’re all “open” to possibilities in our mysterious universe.

  20. Sumer-Babylon says:

    Yeah here few points from Lanka and others: So no isolation and no control experiments.

    To date, virologists have not been able to isolate a SARS virus from a patient, bat, other animal, or in the laboratory, nor have they been able to detect an intact and complete genetic strand of a SARS virus.

    The investigations of the five people documented in the two publications relevant to the corona crisis, did not investigate the possible presence or history, signs, mechanisms and effects of these known causes of atypical pneumonia. Excluding the mention of atypical pneumonia proves a serious medical malpractice and prevents correct treatment of patients.

    Neither he, nor the virologists of the CCDC, nor others have demonstrably carried out these necessary control experiments to this day and if they have, they have not published them. For these crucial control experiments, short gene sequences of the metabolism of healthy individuals must be used to sequence them. These short gene sequences, like the gene sequences from sick people, must be assembled with the same computer programs to form a long genetic strand of a virus. This experiment was either never carried out or never published. There is not even a mention of this mandatory control experiment – resulting from the laws of thought and the logic of virology – in order to consistently control one’s own results. The moment this attempt is carried out and published, the Corona crisis is immediately over.

    The other control experiment resulting from scientific logic is the intensive test, by means of the developed PCR procedure (real-time RT-PCR), with clinical samples from people with diseases other than those attributed to the virus and using samples from healthy people, animals and plants to test whether these samples do not also test “positive”.

    • Brad says:

      “or never published” as the patent holders of modified genetics as proprietary ingredients?

      • Sumer-Babylon says:

        No If they did carried out control experiments that would prove it’s all b.s. so they would bury it.
        Lanka destroyed measles virus via control experiment so same could be done for covid.

        “We have carried out these control experiments as part of the “measles virus process”. The results prove that the conditions that Enders established in 1954, starvation and poisoning of cells, lead to cell death without “infection” having taken place.”

  21. Henry Barth says:

    There are two virology research labs in Wuhan.

    Wuhan Institute of Virology

    State Key Laboratory of Virology (WHU).

    You will note that Fauci is very careful to deny CDC involvement with the first, but the second?

    “Sen. Rand Paul and Rd. Anthony Fauci clashed once again during a Senate hearing Tuesday on efforts to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, this time sparring over whether the National Institutes of Health funded risky “gain-of-function” research at the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China.”

    • Lin says:

      rand paul is a zionist puppet, fauci is a zionist puppet and you are a propaganda artist… The gig is up, a good portion of people already know viruses don’t exist, and soon the whole world will know!

      In Germany, the government is in mass panic now… They very recently admitted that close to 30% of the population no longer believe viruses exist. Other countries have been seeing the same amount of numbers as well.

      Looks like the nail in the coffin for zionist control of earth was virology, kinda ironic really… Live by the virus, die by the virus, huh shalom? Lil putin and other zionists know the game is up, they will have to go full tyrant and mass vaccinate in order to fulfill the depopulation agenda. Too many remaining survivors means too much people fighting back.

      Establishment puppet trump calls himself the king of vaccines, Americans patriots need to start fighting back with more then words very shortly or there will be nothing left of it once the zionist are through with it!

      Keep doing your thing Jon, you’re blog has been invaded by propagandists but don’t stop.

  22. lamberth says:

    Thanks Jon.

    A highly recommended book on the ‘science’ called virology is “Virus Mania’. It effectively tears this pseudo-science to shreds, going back to the 19th century.
    Co-authored by German, Italian and New Zealand medical professionals.
    The 3rd edition that was released this year includes an 85-page chapter on K0V1D-19.
    The book confirms everything Jon has been saying for years, going back to the HIV/AIDS scam beginning in the 1980s.

  23. john-oranje says:

    Reference my post about names and ‘viruses’.
    It should be obvious that when I refer to external
    possible pathogens I meant only those that are called
    ‘viruses’ and not bacteria or fungal spores etc.

  24. john-oranje says:

    On the subject of possible transmission of disease, there
    is clearly a difference between contagion through air or contact and infection from eating and drinking.
    One example is ‘Kuru’ the brain disease that was found in
    the 1950s among a tribe in New Guinea.
    This was said to be caused by eating the brains of dead
    The main victims were the women, who ate brains, while the
    men ate the flesh.
    This is said to be caused by ‘prions’ and is thought to be
    the same mechanism that resulted in BSE and CJD.
    CJD being the human version of ‘mad cow disease’and caused
    by eating infected beef.
    Is this all delusion and the real cause some kind of toxin?

  25. Jim S Smith says:

    Hot damn, Jon!

    It takes so much effort just get the truth out there, when there is so much money being devoted to keep alive the lie.

    This is a rockin’ article, as usual!

    – “Much Wow!”

  26. Hladini says:

    So what about radiologists, pulmologists etc? Early on last year, they had never seen such symptoms on the lung scans of those with supposed Covid19. Couldn’t there have been some sort of outbreak affecting a small portion of elderly with underlying illness?

    I have no medical or scientific background btw, I’m just someone with a critical mind.

  27. Rubicon says:

    Jon notes: I want to emphasize the underlying propaganda message. It’s very important to understand that message:

    “As more and more people are unable and unwilling to employ logic and rationality, those qualities diminish in importance, and you should abandon them because…they don’t serve you. They aren’t useful.”

    There’s much historical precedence behind this quote.

    We know that WHEN Hegemonic States begin to crumble, every sort of human behavior in that state starts to protrude in various manners. We have observed in US society, an astonishing rate of none critical-thinkers, a near total absence of interest in important issues such as in politics, the economy, and the near reversal of social norms here.

    What’s ironic is the underlying P, pulverizing the US with total nonsense, all the while admitting to us how American society is beginning to die.

    • Dave M says:

      In a lecture in Berlin in 1912, Rudolf Steiner stated that there would come a time when men would seek to eradicate the soul and the interest in spirituality, labeling it as “insanity”. He would create a virus to achieve this result. This was a century ago, and here we are. Looks like someone was right on time.

  28. Dave M says:

    lets recall Bill Gates began (supposedly) in computer software, which involves things called “viruses” if I’m not mistaken. How does this correlate with his jump from this field to “genetics”. My guess is he didn’t change fields at all. He is also Reptilian souled, and I’m aware (as usual) people will discount this as “conspiracy theory” and shelve it with the rest of the clutter they’ve managed to ignore. This is where the psychopathic lack of compassion comes from, he is not a human soul to put it simply. I couldn’t resist saying this. Also, human beings can’t get rid of these predators that have enabled themselves to the top of the heirarchy in society. I suppose they’ve been permitted to achieve all of this to serve the higher purpose of creating a challenge in the “soul school” that our world is. Whether or nor anyone chooses to believe this, I care not, I only care that they wake up from their daydream and realize that their ass is being cloned and manipulated to high hell. Please f’in figure it out already.

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