An American city is burning on television

by Jon Rappoport

April 15, 2021

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In the city of Poreattle, it was all police lieutenant Eddie Lace’s fault. He dreamed up the scheme during the third straight night of riots, in which two citizens were shot and killed, four cops seriously injured, and more than dozen stores torched and burned to the ground.

Eddie had intelligence reports on local Antifa leader, Martin Jackson. He had met with him several times, and knew Jackson had insights into “the new revolution.”

So Eddie had four of his men go to Jackson’s home, wait for him to return from the burning and looting, and grab him as he was getting out of his car. They brought him to a small cottage on the outskirts of the city.

Guarded by the four men, Jackson sat in the living room, where a hidden camera was already rolling. A live stream was going out online.

Eddie walked into the room and sat down.

—Lieutenant, what am I doing here? Lost your mind?

You’re a smart guy, Martin. I wanted to have a meeting with you, because I hope we can set up some rules of engagement.

That’s not going to work, Eddie. There are no rules.

You’re smarter than that. Two sides can always come up with something beneficial…

You mean a compromise. No dice.

(At this point, a computer tech at a local TV station caught the live stream, quickly alerted the station manager, who, eager for ratings, decided to interrupt a cooking show and pick up the stream and send it out to viewers. A larger network, sensing the possibilities, cut into its own sports talk program and picked up the stream as well and beamed it to its audience.)

Everybody compromises, Martin. Come on. There are certain venues you wouldn’t dare touch, right? They’re off-limits. Your bosses wouldn’t appreciate seeing them burn to the ground.

Bosses? What the hell are you talking about?

You mean you exist on penny-ante donations? Antifa is just doing charity work?

“Antifa isn’t an organization, it’s an idea.”

Good one. One of my men who’s in the hospital right now was hit with an idea. What I was hoping to do, Martin, was set up boundaries in the city. You can operate in a couple of spaces, but nowhere else.

Forget it.

Where did you go to school, Martin? Stanford?


That’s right. It slipped my mind. You majored in animal husbandry.

Journalism and political science, Eddie.

You read the speeches of Martin Luther King.

This isn’t MLK or even Malcolm, Eddie. This is burning everything down. Don’t try to put that civil rights stuff on us. That’s for old men who live in the past. They think we’re trying to earn our piece of the American dream. Useful idiots.

I guess I’m behind the curve.

You’re not even on the map. When we finish off the country, we’ll start over from scratch and build a different one.

From the ashes.

There’s no other choice.

So you’re not going to be making any appeals to Joe Biden.

He’s lucky if he can find his way from the shower to the bedroom. He’s rotting like a banana out in the sun.

When Kamala takes over, maybe you’d like to sit down with her.

She’s just another hungry politician. A better puppet. Wise up, Eddie. We’re doing a squeeze play. A pincer movement. Can’t you see it? Or are you just another dumb cop?

You’re talking about COVID plus your riots.

Good boy. Very good. Lockdowns on one side, riots on the other. Keep people bottled up in their houses. Huddled masses, yearning for food delivery.

The economy’s starting to open up.

Temporarily. But there’s another wave coming. We’re just getting started.

You’re the shock troops. If the courts and politicians don’t fall in line with what your bosses want, you burn down things. It’s an old game, Martin.

Stop with the “bosses.”

Some of the richest people in America are backing your action.

You don’t know what you’re talking about.

A smart guy like you, Martin, and you don’t even know you’re Rockefeller socialist.

This is what you brought me here to talk about?

The men you think you’re bringing down are funding your operation. It’s a joke.

You’re just bitter because your department is being defunded.

Speaking of maps, I could show you fifty big houses in the Roman Hills District—if you attacked them, money would start flowing right back into the police again.

Let me ask you this, Eddie. Who authorized you to make a deal with us? To stage riots in a few select areas.

Chain of command. But the order came down from the Mayor.

The Mayor is willing to sacrifice, say, the commercial area we hit tonight?

Part of it. The low end. Not the expensive shops. Not the box stores.

And if I agreed, my people would be working with the city to destroy a piece of Poreattle.

You could look at it that way. The Mayor wants to limit the damage.

And how about an added payoff? Could we get a line item in the city budget?

A “take a knee” item?

Sure. Why not? Let’s make it official. Antifa is hired to perform demolition, as phase one of the city’s renewal program.

“Antifa has been awarded a contract to help gentrify older sections of downtown. A new department store bearing its name will be built on the site of former run-down blocks.”

Okay, Eddie, can I go home now? I want to catch the eleven o’clock news.

So you’re sticking with your agenda of razing the whole city.

Wouldn’t you, if you were me?

That’s the thing, Martin. Who are you? Columbia University graduate in journalism and political science. Let’s see—wrote an undergraduate dissertation on the 1968 Chicago riots at the Democratic National Convention. Lived in Detroit for three years. Married a schoolteacher, separated. Questioned but never charged—cocaine possession with intent to distribute, arson, burglary. Then you show up in Chicago on some kind of traveling fellowship from the Taice Foundation. You’re hanging out with hard cases in the Southside Cobras, who distribute heroin for the dregs of the Sinaloa Cartel. You send a few of those boys to Poreattle to set up shop, while you make a quick trip to Hong Kong and Huainan on the Chinese Mainland. You arrive here two years ago, and your Taice fellowship is renewed. Taice is a conduit for George Soros money, and also receives grants from the Human Ecology Group, which was once a front for the CIA. We have local files on your gang pals from Chicago. Seems they’re out in front, leading several riots here in the city. When pressed, they identify themselves as community organizers. And one more dime: the Mayor’s sister sits on the Taice Foundation Board. She’s an attorney. She once helped clear the way for a Presidential pardon of Sally Roth, who was serving a 40-year sentence in federal prison, in Lexington, Kentucky, for planting a bomb in the US Capitol Building in 1986. You’ve met with our Mayor on at least two occasions. The first time was at a small dinner party at her home, last spring.

You’re a busy boy, Eddie. All that amounts to a circumstantial case building up to a charge of nothing.

Just trying to figure out who you are and what connections you’re leveraging.

I’m a citizen fighting for the rights of the oppressed. I came to the conclusion that all the usual channels of appeal run into brick walls.

And those rights will be won after you burn down the country.

If that’s what it takes. I find friends and supporters where I can.

Like the Taice Foundation, a billion-dollar operation. Their main guiding lights come from a few of the richest families on the Upper East Side of New York and Southampton.

As I said, I find supporters wherever—

And you’re using them. They’re not using you.

Why would they use me? They’re the moneyed class. They feel guilty. They give away cash to people like me, to assuage their guilt.

You really think so, Martin? For the last hundred years, people like them have been buying people like you.

That’s ridiculous.

They want more control than they already have. They won the capitalist game and turned around and decided that no one else would win. They want all the power at the top. Call it what you want to. Socialism, Communism, Fascism, the Corporate State. They want to destroy and then rebuild everything below them so they can rule it all from the castle on the mountain. You’re doing their work for them. You’re a foot soldier in the Great Reset.


Somewhere in there, Martin, you might have a few good motives—in addition to being a con artist and a hustler and, now, a career criminal. But you’re a pawn in their game. That’s all. They don’t feel guilt. In private, they laugh at you. Let me give you some of their names. The Moran Graemeness family of Wilmington, Delaware. The Ferry-De Housetelers of Greenwich. The—


The conversation between the two men continued—

Okay, Eddie, suppose I imagine that I’m an agent. I drank the Kool-Aid. I took the bait and the money. Without knowing it, I ended up working for the ultra-rich. What makes you think I’m the only one?

Meaning what?

What about the other side? The extreme right-wingers. You don’t think they’re working for somebody, too? Some of them?

The thought’s crossed my mind.

It should.

In that case, Martin, we would be talking about knowing and unknowing agents planted in the ranks of Left and Right, white and black…

Yeah, we would be talking about that. Let’s say, just for the sake of argument, that you and I are both being fooled on some level.

One of us could end up shooting the other.

I don’t like to imagine this war between us is synthetic, cooked up.

Nobody likes the idea of being caught up in the middle of a con.

A long con.

Here’s something else to think about, Martin. We’ve got “defund the police.” We’ve got the Southern border of the country operating like a sieve. We’ve got the COVID restrictions for the past year. All those people locked up in their houses, going a little nuts. What do they want? Drugs. Who can come across the border like it’s a walk in the park? Drug traffickers. Defunding the cops means it’s a lot easier to sell drugs. The Antifa actions against the cops—what’s that distracting attention from? Gangs in the black communities. What do those gangs do? Sell drugs for the cartels. Drugs are a trillion-dollar business. Who makes out like a bandit besides the cartels? The banks that wash the drug money. Who are the ultra-rich connected to? The banks.

So…like they say, who benefits?

And like they say, follow the money.

This is why you brought me here, Eddie? To talk about this?

I hate you. You hate me. We go to war. The big money makes more money. The country goes down the toilet. You want to be a hero, I want to be a hero, but we’re pawns on the board when we step back and look…

I want to go home and get drunk and forget all about this conversation.

But you’re too smart to forget.

So what do we do?

We keep talking. We put more pieces together.

Something’s not right.

Or left.

Something’s playing both sides against the middle?

It’s an old game. It wouldn’t be the first time…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

35 comments on “An American city is burning on television

  1. Opie Poik says:

    He’s usin’ ya, kid . . . the all-seeing Eye of Sauros [sic].

    Yuri Bezmenov Deception Was My Job

    Useful idjits.

  2. john-oranje says:

    Once the names of the real puppet masters start to be
    mentioned, shut it down quick.
    Keep the people focused on the orchestrated war.
    Stoke up the fear of more ‘deadly variants’.
    Get them all lined up for the shots. People crave them.
    Wow ‘they’ must be amazed at their success.
    Medical led tyranny really does work.
    Now they’ve bumped up the case numbers in Sweden so that
    we can be told what a big mistake the Swedes made in not
    locking down properly.

    • stephen langley says:

      It is all so fantastical (“Alice In Wonderland Programming” mass mind control) that any descrepancies and obvious falsities are simply explained away with yet another absurdity of which the lazy-minded accept as the “official explanation”.

      “Thinking is hard; most people just judge.” ~ Carl Jung.

  3. Opie Poik says:

    Brave New Math (vid):
    This school minus you equals tomorrow. You’ll be assimilated.

    Diversity Bridge will be built on ideology and collapse, instead of on rebar, concrete, and observable reality, which stand the test of time. Psychopathocracy.

  4. sue says:

    I would like to get drunk and stay that way, till they finish destroying the world.

  5. Bert Powers says:

    This is good. Followed you on Gab too.

  6. Opie Poik says:

    I feel ya, sis – a few Buffalo Trace ‘n’ Cherry Wheat boilermakers would go great right about now – but, don’t do it. It’s exactly what the enemy want, is for us to not resist and to weaken and distract ourselves. Stay strong and resolute. Don’t dull yourself. Party joyously if you want, but not in despair. Despair is aid & comfort to the enemy.

    “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” ― Edmund Burke

  7. stephen langley says:

    Divide & Conquer is painfully obvious… but would be more so to the majority sans their embracing of the equally obvious mass mind control.

    “It’s easier to fool people than it is to convince them that they have been fooled.” ~ Mark Twain.

  8. Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

    Brilliant! It’s all about stepping back and getting a wider view. To the degree we do this is to the degree that sanity will prevail. We have to SEE the long con for what it is! And it goes ever-deeper, and “longer” the more you widen your view….

  9. Paul says:

    “Guarded by the four men,
    Jackson sat in the living room,
    where a hidden camera
    was already rolling.
    A live stream
    was going out online.”

    “(At this point, a…

    …and beamed it
    to its audience.)”

    This must be that live-feed
    I heard about.

  10. Eluard says:

    This piece reminds me of this other one from June of last year:

    I thought that one was the best thing I’ve seen Jon pen–and still believe it.

  11. Jon, a local mobile testing unit here in Phoenix says they do “antigen” testing as well as “anti-body”…

    Vincere offers Covid – 19 Antigen and Antibody Testing. Antigen testing is identifying the virus particles themselves, while antibody testing is identifying the IgM and IgG antibodies produced by our immune systems to the virus particles. Both tests are beneficial as described below.

    This seems to me to be a new twist in the ongoing campaign. Is there a concise way to shoot down their perspective?

    • Lyn P says:

      Seems to me they change the definitions of anything and everything in “virology” to suit the cannon of the year/month/week. Dr. Cowan has spoken of this related to his early med days and noticing a backflip on what finding an “antibody” signified.

      It’s easy – it’s ALL hogwash. Not to mention what the heck “virus particles” are they even talking about?? Fully sequenced viruses have been done for amoebas, but otherwise we’re talking random genetic waste/junk.

      • I actually emailed a virologist at U of AZ asking about cycles, based on Jon’s explanations, but his (the virologists) long winded answer seemed designed to make me think it was designed to make me THINK he answered my critique but actually did not. So the use of language itself is being employed to spin us in circles.

        In direct emails to experts on this issue and others where I’m careful to state a question concisely and precisely, I get crickets.

        I take pride in myself for not honking my horn at the local mobile test site I did a month ago and then shouting “covid is a hoax!”… but then maybe I’m afraid someone will spray paint my car. The motley and variously dressed (no uniforms) group of tester-people of various ages at the testing tables at this particular testing site was pretty disturbing. There’s a reason why we want to see medical personnel, even pharmacists, dressed in uniforms: It says “I’m a professional”.

        When these mobile covid testing crews DO dress professionally, they look MORE disturbing– like they’re rehearsing for a scene in one of the 200 movies Jon cited about contagious disease attacking a population.

        As opposed to the “it’s all good” quip that some people have taken to using, I think I’ll turn it around and start saying “it’s all bad” when I can.

        • HeyJude says:

          And remind people that repeat the “we’re all in this together” refrain, that NO, we are all in this separately, apart, and mostly alone. This meme is repulsive and subversive.

  12. Sean says:

    I met like minded dude on the job last year near the beginning of the you know what. My first day, his first day. We hit it off very well because we had so many things in common, read some of the same books, and are freedom minded. This doesnt happen just everyday. I thought we would be friends for at least a couple more life times. Such an upbeat situation and we decided to work as a team and I couldnt be happier. Then he said, ya know, the problem is that it is white privilege. I let that one set for a few minutes and then I said to him, you know, I have no idea what you are talking about. I said I can see how it may look that way, but I have been scanning for a while today trying see how thats true in my life. And I have no idea what you are talking about.

    We were up on a sky lift about 30 feet and I told him please dont throw me off. But I have no idea what youre talking about. My take on it is there must be some truth in what is being promoted because even though I thought we would become great friends, disappointingly, that was it. The second day I just quit the job because I had just learned that the building I was working on was being built for the DoD on 3m property to manufacture masks. I cant work at a place like that, no way. And my short lived friendship died up, because I didnt know what he was talking about, and he was unwilling to further the topic and educate me on it. I have met other likeminded people since and their seems to be a tinge of the same thing and I just tell that story to them, my disappointment and sure enough, they dont reject me because I have no idea what that means. Still keeping in touch too. So Im glad about that.

    • Lyn P says:

      It would have been nice if your brief friend would have given his own theory a chance.

      And kudos for refusing to be part of the Great Mask Polluting of the Planet.

      • The latest on masks being covered by Mike Adams and others on youtube is that they’re infused with some type of microscopic living worm-parasite. I saw a medical waste company van the other day and it occured to me again, as it did last year, that old masks qualify as medical waste– and that if they’re being disposed of carelessly, that that could lead to lawsuits. Of course, waiting for that to happen has been a disappointment- and it seems that anything I think makes sense, anymore, is ignored. Still, its true. Used masks qualify as medical waste.. but worse, it appears they’re infused with microparasites.

        • Sean says:

          Well at least we know what’s going on and what will have to be dealt with. Thanks for the good work you do Rick.

        • Tim_2A says:

          What I understand is that ‘morgellon’ is the name of that “worm-parasite.”

          A video from bitchute (about an hour-and-a-half long), that another commenter/reader gave a link to some time back (unfortunately, I’ve misplaced it, or the link would be here), showed an interested party putting two of the “test swabs” obtained from a ‘health facility’ of some kind up against each other, where THE FIBERS ACTIVELY FOUGHT EACH OTHER, which made the maker of that section of the video comment that they were OBVIOUSLY NOT cotton fibers.

          She had experience with “morgellons,” as her body was infested with them ALREADY, so she was horrified that they were being introduced into other people’s bodies OBVIOUSLY without their consent.

          Dr. Tom Cowan was at the very end of the video, which may help you to find it, if you’re so inclined.

          Those PARASITIC WORMS are being placed in close proximity to the thinnest bone in the human skull, and they presumably are meant to INVADE OUR BRAIN from that area.

          I hope another interested party can re-post the link to that video, as I can’t find it again.

          If brain invasion’s something that blows sunshine up the sheeples’ skirts, then they can have it!

          Actually, ‘they’ probably don’t even notice it.

      • Sean says:

        Thank you too Lyn P.

  13. Mark Weatherly says:

    Interesting parody. The true winners are the elites, who end up with the largess and throw the scraps to the losers. They use organizations like Antifa, BLM, and perhaps The Proud Boys as foot-soldiers to help clear their way for the real reboot. The only weapon most people have is to keep broadcasting the truth as much as possible.

  14. Citizen Quasar says:

    Another good one. Thank you for posting it.

  15. Paul says:

    playing both sides
    against the middle?

    It’s an old game.
    It wouldn’t be
    the first time…”


    Could it be too fantastical to imagine that both “middles” could co-operate for the highest & best good for all concerned?

    Could each “side” realize what’s in their best interests & choose with wisdom.

    Imagine if parted-sides united.

    Why would Lace’s Dream need be untenable? Interwoven gossamer strands are strangely tough & resilient.

    First some imagination (dreaming), then through our focused intention (demands).


    “And underneath
    A bridge of stars
    We dream in safety’s keeping

    Soaring, with the seagulls

    Astride the backs of eagles
    Something…haunts us all

    In mighty arcs of sound

    Yet all the ragged souls
    Of all the ragged men
    Looking for their lost homes
    Shuffle to the ruins
    From the levelled plain
    To search among the tombstones

    Something…haunts us all
    * * *
    These are my feet
    These are my hands
    These are my children
    This is my demand
    Bring down the angels
    Cast them from my sight
    Never want to see
    A million suns at midnight
    Your hands are empty
    The streets are empty
    You can’t control us
    You…can’t…control us…anymore…

    Peace & Love

    Joy To All Mankind!”

    ~ Sting (from The Soul Cages)

  16. Greg says:

    All the riots will be in rezoning districts. Look up the files in your city clerks office. Tens of millions of dollars, sometimes more, are going to these areas for gentrification purposes. Nobody needs to die or get hurt. It’s all organized and controlled. But on television it’s shown as real. They’ll have the streets closed off so you won’t be able to get inside to take photos or videos.

  17. Not So Free says:

    Truth as satire.

  18. Dr. W! says:

    SOHO/Not A Space Agency channel –

    Dr. Kakoo: “About a mile from now – wait no, here on planet earth we move through space at more than 24,000 mph. Actually I’ve heard approximately 26,000 miles per hour. Hmm, I don’t feel like extrapolating, estimating and doing all of the math this morning. Moreover, it gets really tricky. Since we cannot be absolutely certain since the rate of earth’s flight is not necessarily constant, etc. Plus, (so forth and so on.) Let’s just say 10 to 20 years from now …. (??**)

    Mr. Goober Dinkus – “So, your science is telling us that the Sun will soon take a nap and … .”

    Kakoo – Yes, Dr C. White and Major Happlesgood had most of this pretty well worked out decades ago.

    Goober Dinkus – “Hmm, well yes I seem to recall a lot of that being reported on our local Public TV station during the 1960’s but I have heard nothing of it since the early 1970’s.”

    Kakoo – “Correct. Right around that time the USA had gone ‘bankrupt’ again and the WMT (World Management Team) had several very big, and also very private meetings. Plans were mad, ooops, I meant to say “made.” “For starters they commanded a changeover for All of the grains processing mills, first in the USA and USSR, and then everywhere else – to switch out an iodine based salt solution to a bromine based salt solution. The WMT folks already knew from previous research that this would ultimately lead to most of the population plan the WMT has in mind, and !”

    Director shouting – “CUT, CUT! What in the he-double hockey sticks is wrong with you two? This is PBS and we cannot possibly let this information get out on our stations all around the world. Did you forget to take all of your meds today? Or, have you taken too many? Those words are not on the script! Are both of you secretly angling for a leave of absence or some dream vacation sabbatical?!”

    (Director – more calmly asking,) “Now, what’s this about Iodine and Bromine solutions? What have you two been up to? Were you out there ‘Havin’ a few dabs’ during the break again this morning?”

    Dinkus – “No, none at all, and nothing like that, Ed.”

    Kakoo – “That’s the truth Ed. I was telling Goober about a discussion I had after dinner last night with my little brother Charlie – you remember him don’t you?

    Ed – “Yes, I recall meeting at the Christmas party you had the year before this one just past, before all of this ConVid-19 Hocus Pocus nonsense. He was a Chiro, right? Not a real doctor but he kept emphasizing that he was “Dr. Charlie.”

    Kakoo – “Yes, he is like that, nearly all of the time. I keep telling him to cut it out with the “Dr.” claim but he won’t do so, no matter what I say.”

    Ed (the director) – “All right, I see that the script says 3 to 4 minutes – ad lib. So, everybody on set – Take Five.” “And you two!” (Pointing at Kakoo and Dingus) “You ‘ve got to stay on the topic of this program, got it?”

    Both of them nodded as though to say Yes, OK boss. And, right away both Kakoo and Dingus were thinking their own versions of ‘Our director Ed knows so very little about science. It’s too bad because we intended, even planned to weave this into the subject of Solar Winds and the material output of new and differing elements over the course of time. Oh well, it is the audiences’ loss. But, we have to do what the boss says if we want to keep this job, or ever get any more Grant Money.”

    (On cue, the musical piece “Take Five” by Dave Brubeck begins playing quietly in the background of the set.)

    Ayiii! Jesus, Mother Mary and Joseph! Will they ever learn? Dear readers at just about the moment of the (??**) I heard the door open, so I went down to see what was happening. A minute or so thereafter along comes older sis with much older hubby in tow. The hubby smiled and proudly said “I have just gotten my second (‘Jab’ ie. Covid-19) Shot.”

    A neighbor’s nephew (‘T’) had told me the same just a short while earlier. ‘T’ looked puzzled when I responded “I’m not one bit worried. I am ‘pre-nocculated.'” I then said that the word ‘Doctor’ comes from a much older word that means ‘Teacher.’ Didn’t your doctor tell you anything about that?” Then, ‘T’ looked at me with a really strange look. ‘T’ left a few minutes after that and I took the opportunity to explain what I meant to the neighbor who is about 82 years old, and hasalready gotten both jabs. Many of these folks who’ve gotten ‘jabbed’ for the ConVid-19 have made their statements with an air of pride. Some with a look as though to say – “Don’t you wish you had yours too?” Actually, No. Never once in my adult life have I voluntarily gotten a “Flu Shot.”

  19. Mac says:

    The article good contemplating, much to reflect, small notes and larger things, the article is rich, down to the end lines. One thing thought of maybe would add is wouldn’t mind if big cities were gone, same with mass apartments, and cities are where bankers and lawyers hide in the buildings.
    Thing about cities is about food, also enviro, sewer systems ruin natural cycle, homes should be on septic systms. Maybe spread out lower profile type buildings, three or five stories with a couple dozen people could be ok, sort of tribal if was on five or ten acres, though really should have been everyone with land, and most food should be within fifty miles or whatever. If that was the standard couldn’t overpopulate, and probably wouldn’t have any govermnt. Seems one thing leads to another. I like some aspects of socialis, food sharing or trading, meeting spots, though not same as cities. Anyway, sometimes skim through articles but this one going up to read again. It’s like a real bowl of stew with some corn bread. ~

  20. Brad says:

    Spot on! enough said.

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