One cheese glob, indivisible, with deception and takeover for all

by Jon Rappoport

March 31, 2021

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SF Weekly, 3/14/2012: “[During the Cold War] The L-shaped [CIA] apartment boasted sweeping waterfront views, and was just a short trip up the hill from North Beach’s rowdy saloons. Inside, prostitutes paid by the government to lure clients to the apartment served up acid-laced [LSD] cocktails to unsuspecting johns, while martini-swilling secret agents observed their every move from behind a two-way mirror. Recording devices were installed, some disguised as electrical outlets.”

The CIA comes to town.

The Senate Committee for Public Trust held a secret hearing, to determine whether the White House and, indeed, the Congress, had violated the separation-of-powers principle enshrined in the Constitution.

Had the traditional walls between the states and the federal government been violated beyond repair?

Late in the afternoon, the Chairman of the Committee introduced a surprise witness, James Williams, a CIA executive.

—Mr. Williams, you understand we’re focusing on a bill currently before the House, which would increase federal COVID assistance and economic stimulus. Several trillion dollars are at stake.

Yes, Mr. Chairman. I’ve read the bill.

Since the CIA plays no role in this issue, please explain why you’re here today.

I received an order from the Director to engage with this Committee.

Again, why?

Because my Agency would like a piece of the action. We feel we’re underrepresented.

Piece of the action?

Yes. This bill before Congress is a landmark operation. It gives federal money to the states at levels no one has ever contemplated before. Money for COVID testing and vaccination, for education, for highway construction, bridges, tunnels, for paying off state debts, including giant budget deficits and pension fund shortfalls. There is money in the bill for colleges and universities, churches, foster homes, prisons. There is money that would allow poverty-stricken families to buy homes. There is money for sports teams, clubs, non-profits, farmers. Money for expanding Welfare so it applies to every citizen. Money for medical research institutes, for libraries, animal rescue facilities, insurance companies, data processing corporations.

We get the idea, Mr. Williams. You can stop now.

And the amounts of money are staggering. The federal government is pouring a Niagara of cash and credit into all 50 states.

Yes? And?

It’s clearly an effort to federalize the states. To bring them into the fold of the central government. To erase what’s left of their independence, once and for all. It’s a gigantic bribe, a payoff, under the cover of parading as a COVID relief and stimulus package.

Well, I wouldn’t exactly—

But we at the CIA are getting NOTHING. You see, Mr. Chairman, we’ve operated, since 1948, as an independent Agency. We’ve ignored subpoenas from the Department of Justice. We’ve refused to appear in federal court on charges. We’ve trampled and traipsed all over the world, doing exactly what we wanted to do with no federal monitor on our actions—and we’ve screwed up badly on dozens of occasions. Frankly, we’re a failure. We take most of our intel from public sources, like newspapers. Now we want to be swallowed up by the federal government just like the states. We want you to take us over. We’re looking for money to seal the deal.

That’s absurd.


First of all, your budget is enormous, and most of it is secret. Congress has no idea how you spend the money. Second, we’re not running a peace treaty conference here. This bill is about funding for the STATES. The CIA is not a state.

You want to eat and digest the states with enormous forced bribes, so they don’t exist anymore. There’s a provision in the bill that would force the states to submit to federal control of all elections—how they’re run, who runs them, who counts the votes, who can vote, mail-in and Internet ballots…the whole nine yards.

We want to ensure vote integrity.

Don’t kid a kidder, Mr. Chairman. Anyway, I’m empowered to offer the Congress full access to the CIA’s books and records. The details of every operation we’ve conducted since our inception. You can do anything you want to with those records. Expose them, hide them, burn them, blackmail people with them. The Agency SURRENDERS to the federal government. We’re total screw-ups. We want in. We want the kind of money you’re giving the states. We want to be Welfare recipients. Big-time.

You’re telling this Committee the CIA wants to get down on its knees and lick our boots and humiliate itself for money?


How much money?

We want three trillion dollars up front and another three when our surrender is complete.

Plus you offer a full secret statement admitting the CIA has done far more harm than good for the past 80 years?

Yes. Not a problem.

Did you kill JFK?

Allen Dulles handled that individually. It was his op.

What about RFK?

We used cutouts. They screwed up, and we covered for them. We leaned on the LAPD, who were investigating the murder, and they cooked the evidence.

All right, listen. Yes, this bill before Congress IS, in fact, an effort to erase the states. We shower them with so much money they give in and go along with every single federal program we saddle them with. We unify the country. Nebraska does exactly what New Hampshire does. Kansas does exactly what New York does. Florida does exactly what California does.

That’s what the so-called pandemic was FOR. Right, Mr. Chairman?

Financially speaking, yes. The country had to be brought to its knees before we could get this bill passed. The economic picture had to be so dire, the states would cave in and trade what was left of their independence, in return for major money. Money the likes of which they’ve never seen before. This bill isn’t COVID relief. It’s a mob payoff. Only in this case, we’re the mob and we’re making the payment. No skin off our nose. The money is invented out of thin air. As usual.

Well, Mr. Chairman, that’s what we, at the Agency, thought. We were blown away when we realized it. You’re pulling off the kind of operation we could only dream of. You make us look like pikers. Amateurs.

Coming from a man like you, Mr. Williams, that’s high praise.

Not really, sir. I could tell you lots and lots of stories about our failed ops. Blown covers. Agents we thought were ours who turned out to be doubling. If we had anything to recommend us, it was our enthusiasm. We enjoyed subverting governments and staging revolutions and assassinating enemies. It was fun. But we were always short on smarts. And after the Cold War was over, we were screwed. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

The CIA is already part of the federal government, of course. So what would this takeover look like, Mr. Williams?

As far as the public is concerned, nothing would change. But under the surface, we would take our marching orders from Congress, from a special committee that tasks us with specific operations inside the US. For example, as you erase the 50 states, we’ll pitch in. We’ll help bring their legislatures to heel. We’ll infiltrate the governors’ offices and make sure they’re toeing the federal line. The money you’re laying on them is the key, but a lot of details will have to be worked out. State officials aren’t all going to fold up overnight.

I don’t know, Mr. Williams. The FBI and the Justice Department aren’t going to jump for joy when they see CIA people carrying out domestic ops from Alaska to Florida.

That’s the thing, Mr. Chairman. We see what you’re doing as part of a larger merger.

Meaning what?

Look at all these federal agencies. How many are there? Does anyone know? They cooperate with each other in some ways, but they also compete and protect their turf. They’re very inefficient. The whole federal government should be merged, like a giant cheese glob. From the top. From the White House and Congress.

Don’t just eradicate the states. Combine all the federal agencies as well.

Exactly. We could help there. We have dossiers on hundreds, if not thousands of federal officials. We could apply pressure.

What about the news media?

Mr. Chairman, we’re already very well positioned inside the news business. But with your backing, we could tighten up that sector, too. Make their relationship with the federal government even closer.

Big, big picture? You’re talking about something on the order of a 20-year plan, Mr. Williams. This is a complete overhaul of the nation.

Yes, sir. That’s how we see it.

You want to climb on our bus and ride it all the way with us.


It’s quite a vision.

Thank you.

Just out of curiosity, who at the Agency came up with this idea?

A Russian defector we’ve been keeping under lock and key for 50 years.


He has a lot of time on his hands.

There’s another way to go, Mr. Williams. We could just surrender to China. They’re much better at organizing than we are.

We thought of that, but we don’t believe their methods would be acceptable to the American people. They come down all at once on the population with tremendous force. And they’ve been holding a grudge against the West since the Opium Wars.

The first problem I see, Mr. Williams, is the Pentagon. They fancy themselves as a separate Empire.

Sure. But you’re already making great progress there. You’ve got them installing so many social justice programs their heads are spinning. It wouldn’t surprise me to see them build a transgender Special Forces outfit based in San Francisco.

We could increase their budget, with strings attached.

Absolutely, Mr. Chairman. Double it, on the condition they merge with CIA, NSA, and the State Department. I admit, it would be tricky, but over time, with the right people in place, wonders can be achieved.

Now you’ve got MY head spinning. The federal government is so large. Trying to reconstruct it as one massive integrated unit…I don’t know. I wouldn’t want this to degenerate into some kind of clown show.

We believe the key is the Department of Justice, Mr. Chairman. That’s where the overall plan would go. Into creating Justice for All. By our definition. With the right slant on propaganda, we could bring every social justice program under that roof.

“The federal government is all about securing real justice for every man, woman, child, and the other genders.”

Correct. All federal roads lead into and out of the Department of Justice.

A new dawn.

Fifty years from now, Mr. Chairman, no one will be able to recognize the America we’re experiencing right now. This America will be gone. In its place, a much different operation. What you and I would consider the absurd upper reaches of preposterous propaganda about WHAT PEOPLE DESERVE AND WHAT IS RIGHT FOR THEM TO HAVE…that will be par for the course, like having a stove or a TV set.

Mr. Williams, something in me rebels against what we’re envisioning. It DOES seem as if we’re clowns describing our new circus.

Believe me, at the CIA we know all about clowns. We’ve cooked up and launched operations you couldn’t imagine. From a distance they were so crazy, you’d think we were living and working in an insane asylum. And yet…some of those operations succeeded. And when they did, they transformed governments and people’s states of mind. That’s the key. CAN YOU CHANGE PEOPLE’S MINDS SO THEY ACCEPT LUNACY AS NORMAL?

Well, can you?

Look at America these days. It’s happening under our noses. Government officials and news outlets are saying and doing things that, 15 years ago, would have been laughed at and ignored, as the ravings and psychotic outbreaks of madmen.

I guess that’s reassuring. Or very disturbing. I’m not sure which. Just the other day, I read an article about a court backing a six-year-old child’s “reasoned decision” to take puberty blockers…

Actually, Mr. Chairman, you could trace that all the way back to the 1960s. We had an op we called CK. Crazy Kid. It was a long-term program based on the premise that children were wisdom creatures, the most intelligent members of society. What kids saw and wanted was what adults should follow and provide. Let me lay out the general pattern for you. You get various groups to believe they need all sorts of rights and rewards—the weirder and more outrageous, the better. It’s clear that only one entity can provide these rewards—which are characterized as necessities. And that entity is the government. The government is positioned as the leading edge of a multi-front social revolution. And we’re back at JUSTICE. That’s what everyone wants and demands. So you give it to them. But you convince them that the specifics of Justice are completely foreign and bizarre, contrasted against traditional norms. This is how you create a new society. And it IS a clown show. It’s designed that way.

That’s frightening, Mr. Williams.

It looks frightening until you’re in the middle of it for a while. Then it seems normal, like the latest fashion, or form of music. Which takes us into another old propaganda op called Cultural Relativity: There is no single standard. Every culture or group has its own practices, and we must respect them. That was one of the first modern clown shows. People call it Marxist, but it’s really TAKEOVER. That’s all. Doesn’t matter what you call it. Somebody’s got to run things, Mr. Chairman. May as well be us.

Now I’m suddenly feeling confused. Listening to you, Mr. Williams…I don’t know…I’m torn…maybe we should vote DOWN the bill before Congress, and instead preserve what’s left of the independence of the states.

Why would you want to do that, Mr. Chairman?

I’m not sure I want my children and grandchildren to have a president who says he’s three different genders at once.

But, as I say, your grandchildren will believe that’s NORMAL.

Then I have an obligation, now, to try to protect them.

That would be a losing proposition, Mr. Chairman. You’d be fighting against the tide of history. And by history I mean propaganda.

This vision of yours, Mr. Williams. Remind me? Why would we follow it?

For the same reason you’re trying to erase independent states. CONTROL. Control over the population.

And we achieve that by—

By controlling minds. By planting in minds the idea that all sorts of rights and all sorts of forms of justice are absolutely essential. Bizarre forms, to be sure. Group A has the right to bring their miniature genetically engineered pet zebras to work every day, because in their native country, zebras are sacred. Group B has the right to obtain, free of charge, a surgical procedure that places an ornamental third eye in the middle of their forehead—because they came to America from a country where the third eye is the religious symbol of wisdom and the god Ooblahdee.

Mr. Williams, I’m leaning the other way. I think you’re arguing against yourself. You’ve gone over the edge. We should reject your offer of CIA surrender. You’re terrifying. Controlling people and their minds—there must be a limit on that.

Me. Chairman, I think you’re too late.

Why do you say that?

Because, if the world is to be made over into a New Normal, you can’t have one highly visible nation that still has significant freedoms and values which elevate THE INDEPENDENT INDIVIDUAL. Especially not America. We have to drive all Americans crazy.

And who is this WE?

The CIA. And its associated partners. That’s why I’m here today, Mr. Chairman. To tell you that you should go along with our plan…

A plan to produce sheer widespread insanity.

Insanity that, in time, will look entirely average.

Mr. Williams, if Congress erases the 50 states and brings them under total federal control, and if people like you are the leading edge of federal government, then I would want to leave all the states to their own devices—in the hope that they will somehow preserve the America envisioned in the Constitution.

Well, Mr. Chairman, in that case, this is a war. A culture war. So my question to you is: how much money—or other inducement—is it going to take to bring you over to our side?

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

24 comments on “One cheese glob, indivisible, with deception and takeover for all

  1. Larry C says:


  2. james alan says:

    I enjoyed your article on One Cheese Glob, indivisible … In it you made reference to the “government” giving cash and credit to all 50 states in order to federalize them. This happened a long time ago and is a done deal, but not to the states–to the States.

    I believe the word ‘state’ with a lower-case s is the dejure state. State with an upper-case S is de facto, being an alias for the District of Columbia (Buck Act). The STATE OF … has already been captured by DC. I believe that the states of the union still exist, but very few people live in them.

    Talk about a matrix, the entire corporate government service organization is an illusion. It exists only in our minds. The UNITED STATES is a corporation and uses admiralty maritime laws (the UCC). The Constitution only applies between people; corporations are authorized through charters. People wonder why they don’t honor the Constitution. It is because the US is a corporation, just like Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

    They interact with PERSONS, not people. If you think that the ALL UPPERCASE NAME they address you with is you, you are lost at sea and presumed dead per feudal code.

    Thank you for the great work you do. Sorry for my rant, but I get frustrated with a lot of those who attempt to see through the fraud, but who cannot see the elephant in the living room. That elephant is the Act of 1871, which created a corporation instead of restoring the union as promised.

    • Massimo says:

      Thanks for your rant James. I’ve heard bits and pieces of this information several times. I want to know more, I want to know the big picture in order to grasp the whole understanding of it. Which will help us all reclaim sovereignty. Any suggestions on a reliable place to start this investigation?

    • Benton says:

      Putting names all caps wasn’t that long ago only thirty forty years or so, I think. Beside claiming ownership is at base, yelling, all caps is yelling. In doing it to name, gov or lawyers that do that is symbol, also psych shock tactic. Those with agenda constantly make bogus arguments, such as ‘avoids mistake spelling upper or lower case’, which is nonsense because can just as easily use all lower case letters instead. ~ massimo, could try search, name capital letters and word constitution or something. To me identity is for each to dictate for ourself, and shouldn’t let anyone dictate who we are or not or do whatever they want with name in yelling caps.

      Using caps should rare, at most one word like THANKS for article Jon, or sentence or two out of a whole article as Jon sometimes does. Sparingly, no reason for doing to a name. ~

    • stephen langley says:


  3. Richard A Kean says:

    Anyone else envision CIA’s Williams as George C. Scott’s Gen. ‘Buck’ Turgidson from Dr. Strangelove?

  4. Jim S Smith says:

    Though this article might tie in nicely:

    When talking about deception, faux-reality, etc – “It is those who control the flow of information, who control what the public believes.

    Been spending a little time on Joseph Mercola’s site also. LOT’s of “vaccine” info!

  5. Paul says:

    Philosophers, of myriad schools, tried to call Man to Reason, to obtain Knowledge & then behave rightly.

    Religions, with the assistance, of their many gods, asked for obedience, to lead to the path of right action.

    The Scientists, now clear-eyed & self-knowing, with laboratory accouchement in-toe, favored a detached independence from the misty past & pointed to their Ivory Consensus, as means to Rationale & Living.

    With what means,
    does one utilize,
    to convince otherwise,
    those ones such,
    a Mr. Williams?

    For such as he,
    now owns,
    The Town.

    Veni, Vidi, Vici.

    Pray tell.

  6. Roundball Shaman says:

    “… this bill before Congress IS, in fact, an effort to erase the states.”

    If America is not allowed to have true and real regional independence (States Rights), then old State boundaries on maps that allow for multiple State bureaucracies consisting of a few people who do the actual work and a majority of other “workers” who are just there as patronage or otherwise dead weight on the system… is wasteful. State boundary lines only have meaning when there is some self-definition within them. Otherwise, it is a legacy indulgence left just to satisfy egos of local yokel politicians that waste public funds and who like to rule over their tiny fiefdoms.

    This is also the case at the county level. Way too many separate counties now. Having a county seat close by used to mean something when you had to ride a horse and back to get there and you didn’t want to wear out your horse and get back before dark. But few people today ride horses to their county seats. There is too much waste and duplication in country government that could be solved by merging counties into useful groups under a streamlined governance. But… this would cost jobs for politicians and their lackeys so this will never happen.

    There is so much ERASING of so many things today that people are becoming numb to it all. People are just trying to hold on with their fingertips for dear life to a few things that they know and care about before The Great Contemporary Wrecking Ball comes down the street to wipe it all away.

  7. Citizen Quasar says:

    Definition of a Right
    by Ayn Rand

    A right is a moral principle defining and sanctioning a man’s^1 range of activity in a social environment.

    A corollary of the definition of a right is the principle that a man must never initiate the use of physical force in human interactions.

    The validation of rights is that rights are necessary for man to use his faculty of reason as reason is man’s sole and most fundamental natural tool of survival.

    Rights derive not from Divine Law nor from Legislative Law but from the Law of Identity, man is man.

    Rights are not self evident but are rationally demonstratable.

    ^1 A more accurate term instead of “man” is “conceptually thinking life form,” which is the actual distinguishing characteristic in question.

  8. Noneoftheabove says:

    This is a great read with worthy comments, but I found this especially funny:

    “…There’s a provision in the bill that would force the states to submit to federal control of all elections—how they’re run, who runs them, who counts the votes, who can vote, mail-in and Internet ballots…the whole nine yards.

    “We want to ensure vote integrity.”

    “Don’t kid a kidder, Mr. Chairman.”

    Thank you!
    But scary.

  9. BDBinc says:

    Indeed for the rising of sanity involves the seeing of the insanity.
    With attention we can see how the mind conditioned masses work as a hive mind and the central bankers govts are a literal manifestation of all the collective insanity . Fear and criminal insanity roads that lead to the town fascism( a collectively unconscious time =nazi redux). But there is hope, people are seeing the insanity.

  10. Tim_2A says:

    As always, an excellent, provocative, and imaginative foray into the semi-fantastic, Jon.

    For more on the continuing stories of our main characters, some time after the hearing, we open on Act II:

    “Good evening, and welcome to Fock’s News. Our shocking, albeit confusing, lead story tonight concerns the honorable Mr. J. Joseph “J.J.” Ziggedy, a one-time appeals court judge, newly-minted Democrat (*aka turn-coat Republican) from Rhode Island, and fiery Senate committee chairman, who apparently had a long and undisclosed history of manic depression and underlying heart disease, and was found in the home of his alleged girlfriend’s mistress (?), early this morning, dead of an apparent suicide.

    (*In reality, and definitely not disclosed: He was securely bound to a steel-framed chair, which was bolted to the floor, he had a small caliber gunshot wound to the back of the head, along with many bruises, cuts, and compound fractures, and was discovered in a forensically ‘sanitized’ crime scene. Even “Monk” would be at a loss.)

    “A cryptic note, in the Senator’s distinctive flowing handwriting (once described as being evocative of Thomas Jefferson’s), which was found onsite, contained the phrase, ‘”I believe a person’s ‘choice’ towards poly-, or pseudo-, genderism should not just be allowed, but also encouraged, fostered, and ultimately required, as an expression of the collective’s necessary desires.”‘ Police are baffled as to the meaning of that strangley specific term in the note, and, ‘truth’ be told, the note itself, but multiple investigators (*government psy-entists) are hard at work at decoding its possible hidden meaning, or meanings.

    “The mistress, and her girlfriend (??), were not available for comment, having been found at a location (*in a bullet-riddled, nearly molten, burning car) just a short distance away, probable further victims of a (*clean-sweep operation) suicide pact.

    “In the wake of this terrible (*the only kind) tragedy, Senator Ziggedy’s family asks that all correspondence or donations to suicide prevention or advocacy organizations, now affiliated with the Office For Future Federal Unity (O.F.F.F.U.), now shortened to F.U., for convenience’s sake, be addressed directly to Mr. Williams, District of Columbia. No first name was given.

    “The address is: F.U.
    Mr. Williams
    District of Columbia

    “All condolences and contributions are gratefully accepted.

    “We’ll give you more details as we receive them.”

    (*Information that’s ‘not fit for the narrative.’)

    “All the world’s a stage.”

    Such great theatre!

    • Tim_2A says:

      Not “strangley,” it’d be just ‘strangely,’ instead.

      It was a ‘suicide,’ after all.


      A haiku-

      -Then, again, maybe…
      -“strangley” is NOT a real word?
      -One ‘you’ never heard!

  11. Hyden says:

    There power is to great, how long will it last nobody knows but this maybe the new norm for the next couple centuries, until something else happens we have no power over.
    This situation would not have happen in first place if people didn’t vote there masters in.
    How many times through history has some greater power came along and changed the balance of things that we have no power over as certain individuals. Life beautiful as it, is still a cruel bitch especially Jacinda Ardern, Merkel, oh and Thatcher what bitch’s

  12. Arjan Kuiten says:

    CDC Real-World Study Confirms Protective Benefits of mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines

    Study involved health care personnel, first responders, and essential workers in six states

    could you please (i bet you will) dig into this nonsense article?

    • BDBinc says:

      Its not a vaccine its unlawful medical experimentation.

      Oh and the CDC are one of the global banking cabal’s criminal orgs profiting of this virus hoax and the fraudulent use of the PCR test as it is being misused to diagnose disease/infection.

      I would flush any and all of the BS studies the CDC releases down the toilet where they belong.

  13. Ricardo D says:

    This’s the template & logical conclusion of The BRITISH EMPIRE (which still exists in different form), & The HOLY ROMAN EMPIRE of CHRISTENDOM. I mean, who brought us The OLYMPICS, The WORLD’S FAIRS, The WORLD WARS, The League of/United Nations, NATO, The current Middle East configuration? The list goes on…as long as we understand it’s The CITY of LONDON, The VATICAN, & (to a slightly lesser extent) WALL STREET, a clearer picture emerges

  14. Saeger says:

    One cheese glob indivisible with deception and takeover. Ignorance glob, no way to freedom. Bothers me when people say we –about other people they don’t speak for, who says –we- have to be lumped, or I’m not divisable from ignorant people or robbers etc, it’s a dumb thing to say, that everyone is the same group. Same when media says ‘all americans’ this or that, like when boris what’s his name in england supposedly got the phony covid trump said ‘all americans are praying for boris’ –which was ridiculous nonsense.

    Anyway when these goverment people or media claim all or some group or another, I don’t understand how people let them keep saying who the rest of us are when they don’t know us. It’s like they say whatever then some believe it, robot types go along, but not all of us are robots, the anti-bots just aren’t vocal enough. Need to divisable myself from people who are ignorant, and from medias.

    – now I get it, the article title is quasi pledge alegiance, reminds of a video, obedience train –
    think I’d rather pledge to myself and like minded freer people.

    including Jon, who sometimes includes phrase such as – lick our boots in article, or the word boom sometimes. Some things should be said more, or turned around, or both.

  15. stephen langley says:

    Most excellent illustration: The imaginary dialogue plausible. The state of affairs empirically described !

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