Rejecting Rockefeller Germ Theory once and for all

by Jon Rappoport

March 25, 2021

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Note: In a number of articles, I’ve offered compelling evidence that the deaths attributed to COVID-19 can be explained without reference to a virus. Furthermore, whatever merits “alternative treatments” may have, I see no convincing evidence their action has anything to do with “neutralizing a virus.”

The entire tragic, criminal, murderous, stupid, farcical COVID fraud is based on a hundred years of Rockefeller medicine—a pharmaceutical tyranny in which the enduring headline is:


That’s the motto engraved on the gate of the medical cartel.

—Thousands of so-called separate diseases, each caused by an individual germ.

“Kill each germ with a toxic drug, prevent each germ with a toxic vaccine.”

In the absence of those hundred years of false science and propaganda, COVID-19 promotion would have gone over like a bad joke. A few sour laughs, and then nothing, except people going on with their lives.

The overall health of an individual human being has to do with factors entirely unrelated to “one disease, one germ.”

As I quoted, for example, at the end of a recent article—

“The combined death rate from scarlet fever, diphtheria, whooping cough and measles among children up to fifteen shows that nearly 90 percent of the total decline in mortality between 1860 and 1965 had occurred before the introduction of antibiotics and widespread immunization. In part, this recession may be attributed to improved housing and to a decrease in the virulence of micro-organisms, but by far the most important factor was a higher host-resistance due to better nutrition.” Ivan Illich, Medical Nemesis, Bantam Books, 1977

And Robert F Kennedy, Jr.: “After extensively studying a century of recorded data, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and Johns Hopkins researchers concluded: ‘Thus vaccinations does not account for the impressive declines in mortality from infectious diseases seen in the first half of the twentieth century’.”

“Similarly, in 1977, Boston University epidemiologists (and husband and wife) John and Sonja McKinlay published their seminal work in the Millbank Memorial Fund Quarterly on the role that vaccines (and other medical interventions) played in the massive 74% decline in mortality seen in the twentieth century: ‘The Questionable Contribution of Medical Measures to the Decline of Mortality in the United States in the Twentieth Century’.”

“In this article, which was formerly required reading in U.S. medical schools, the McKinlays pointed out that 92.3% of the mortality rate decline happened between 1900 and 1950, before most vaccines existed, and that all medical measures, including antibiotics and surgeries, ‘appear to have contributed little to the overall decline in mortality in the United States since about 1900 — having in many instances been introduced several decades after a marked decline had already set in and having no detectable influence in most instances’.”

How the immune system (if it is a system) actually operates is beyond current medical hypotheses.

“T-cells, B-cells, neutrophils, monocytes, natural killer cells, proteins,” are welded into a breathless story about a military machine that attacks germ invaders. Push-pull. Search and destroy.

The notion that THIS is what creates health is fatuous.

Positive vitality is what keeps us healthy.

A few factors of positive vitality are on the tyrannical COVID list of what-should-be-squashed: financial survival; open mingling of friends and family; people looking (unmasked) at people; open communication without fear of censorship.

Nutrition and basic sanitation are key vitality factors, of course.

And then we have Purpose in Life: where are people pouring their creative energies?

Obviously, freedom from harmful medical treatment is necessary for vitality to flourish.

Suppression of LIFE, in order to stop a purported germ, is institutionalized death.

Modern medicine is sensationally exposed in a review I’ve mentioned dozens of time over the past 10 years: Authored by the late famous public health doctor at Johns Hopkins, Barbara Starfield, it is titled, “Is US Health Really the Best in the World?” It was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association on July 26, 2000.

It found that, every year in the US, the medical system kills 225,000 people.

Per decade, the death toll would come to 2.25 million people.

You won’t find that in CDC reports.

In 2009, I interviewed Dr. Starfield. I asked her whether the federal government had undertaken a major effort to remedy medically caused death in America, and whether she had been sought to consult with the government in such an effort.

She answered no to both questions.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

91 comments on “Rejecting Rockefeller Germ Theory once and for all

  1. Nice synopsis Jon. I can use this in emails to others. One additional feature of overall disease I like to talk about are symptoms. When somone says “my friend or relative died of covid”, I say “what were his symptoms?”… and then remind people that when you look at a symptom analyzer on the internet– you can get a list of dozens of causes for THAT symptom.

    • stephen langley says:


    • Isaac says:

      I normally reply back to those people who claim that they’d known a family member, friend, or just knew of someone who’d died from the ficticiously NONEXISTENT COVID-19 disease by saying “There’s currently no medical and/or scientific based testing system available in the world that’s designed to detect viral particles in human tissue samples nor can the PCR (POLYMERASE CHAIN REACTION) TESTS be used to diagnose someone as being infected with a pathogenic contagious viral borne infectious disease period.” Every single one of the “so called” thousands and thousands of COVID-19 positive cases and deaths from all around the world are based on distorted facts, intentional mistruths,and flat out lies told by the hundreds and thousands doctors and nurses who’ve violated their sworn dutiful oaths to saving lives by willfully and knowingly going along with the CDC’s deceitfully corrupted plans to use the PCR Tests as a diagnostic tool to manipulate the statistical “Covid-19 Positive Case” numbers despite the fact that the PCR Tests aren’t scientifically capable of doing so in the first place. Nonetheless, I don’t think that there’s honestly a single sane minded person left in this whole entire world who still believes that the COVID-19 Disease actually exists.

  2. “Kill each germ with a toxic drug, prevent each germ with a toxic vaccine.” and create a pharma paradise with endless mutations of each germ.

    • stephen langley says:

      What a perfect “business plan” ! Calls to mind Ronald Bernard, a once (relatively) high level international bankster servicing the satanic-death-cult’s enterprises who revealed that the entire world-system’s “business plan” is explicitly/formally: misery, suffering and death… and this, according to his experience (being invited to but not attending) include ritual child sacrifice, sex magik and all the predatory evils we find so hard to fathom… and rise to the challenge of eliminating.

  3. Opie Poik says:

    Charlatanry and Charlatans in Medicine: A Psychological Study

    When any sick to me apply,
    I physics, bleeds and sweats ’em,
    If after that they choose to die,
    Why verily! I Lettsom.


    “He has been a doctor a year now and has had two patients – no, three, I think – yes, it was three; I attended their funerals.” ~ Mark Twain

    “Be careful about reading health books. You may die of a misprint.” ~ Mark Twain

  4. Paul says:

    the immune system
    (if it is a system)
    actually operates
    is beyond
    current medical hypotheses.”

    The first step towards Wisdom, is a gentle & thoughtful one, toward True Knowledge.

    And then its Applications.

    “…people looking (unmasked) at people…”

    One day, you’ll be PROVEN correct!

    The Sun ???? shines Its Rays.

    At skin’s surface,
    Its Rays,
    Activates Vit D.

    (It should be duly recognized, that during certain regional months, only the facial skin, is “open” in public climes.)

    The Humans…
    Project Powers Untold,
    From Their Faces, &
    Beam Vitalities,
    In All Directions.

    “Positive vitality is what keeps us healthy.”

    ???????????? ???? Thanx Jon.


  5. Sean says:

    I like The Robert Scott Bell Show

    And Rosanne Lindsay

    And Jon Rappoport EXIT FROM THE MATRIX

    And others as the way I reject Rockefeller Germ Theory Once And For All.

    I do not want to be another dead sucker chump from the Medical Industry that is held so high in the minds of people and a Government that facilitates it to do so is utterly disgusting.

  6. john-oranje says:

    Fraudulent medicine pre-dates Rockefeller pharma and the
    1910 Flexner Report.
    Pasteur’s fraud and influence, in contrast to Bechamp’s
    careful research, paved the way for the modern ‘fight the
    germs’ paradigm of main stream medicine.
    See “The Dreams and Lies of Louis Pasteur” by R.B.Pearson

  7. VictorBorge says:

    In the non-germ theory of disease, is the flu also not a real virus like Covid?

    • keppy m says:

      nope. it too has never been isolated and never shown to cause flu symptons.
      other factors cause illness called flu.

    • Tom says:

      No, it is a method for the body to get rid of dead stuff and toxic material.

      • CE says:

        Would love to know why entire families come down with flu at the same time then. Or one kid gets it after hanging with another kid who gets it and then their family members get sick too.

        • ak in vt says:

          They share the same environment, food, water, etc… They breathe the same air, have the same dreams and anxieties.

          Another answer in a question format:

          Why don’t they always all get “sick” of the cold in the same household or friend to friend at school?

          There is a lot of good thinking in this blog that challenged me and has led me over the past twelve months to research and think and come to a different conclusion to what I had always believed!!!

          The same happened to me when I began investigating in more detail evolution. That rocked my world as I had studied to be a zoologist (gave up for travel business) and was deeply “scientifically” into evolution at the time.

          Things are not always what they appear to be.

          Paradigm shifts are hard to swallow.


          AK in VT

        • Twinklo says:

          Ran a busy pub in Uk in 1980. Got Flu bad, 4weeks. Wife slept beside me, never caught it. My two daughters never caught it and neither did any of our barstaff or customers. No masks, no social distancing, just plenty of liquids and sweat it out. Explain that one!

        • CB says:

          There’s ample evidence that so-called viruses, or exosomes, or exo-genetic excretions, or whatever you want to call them (all terms used in cutting edge science on the matter) are both used to detox toxins, and to signal to others in the species about those toxins. So if someone nearby picks up this signal and other complex factors confirm for their body that they need to undergo the same detox, they may. Or if their body decides they don’t need it, they won’t. If they do, however, this is not “contagion” of an infectious pathogen. It’s sophisticated signal sharing enabling a population to respond rapidly to environmental toxicity.

    • george says:

      Flu is a cleaning process. This is why it works the same each time for a person and it is different from person to person.

      You can avoid flu by doing skeduled cleanings. Water fasting 48h is more effective than flu and easier to go trough.

  8. Will says:

    There is an alternative theory, untouched by Pasteur fraud and Flexner/Rockerfeller fake science, regarding “somatids” (pronounced “soma- tides”)

  9. Jim S Smith says:

    I CAN see an over-population of a certain (or more than one) “pathogen” contributing to or exacerbating an existing health problem, but causing sickness all by itself has never been satisfactorily proven.

    Dr. Linus Pauling was one of those bright minds who made the “not-so-popular” position that: Over 98% of our health problems – start with what goes in the mouth.

    • Alan says:

      We had that in Chinese idiomatic wisdom:
      Disease goes in through the mouth.
      Out of the mouth (spoken) causes trouble.

  10. Linda Rose says:

    There is an alternative theory, untouched by Pasteur fraud and Flexner/Rockerfeller fake science, regarding “somatids” (pronounced “soma- tides”)

  11. JesusSaves says:

    Check out the URGENT warning to stop the Covid “vaccine” by Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche. The “vaccine” gene therapy will irreversibly destroy the immune system.
    Then check out Dr. Lee Merritt, Bio-Weapon and Weaponization of Medicine Amid Covid. Many of the videos have been deleted but this site, “Our Greater Destiny” provides a written transcript. She say’s those who receive the vaccine can die from a different strain 4-14 months from now.
    Now, take a look as who has been required to take the gene therapy… Military, First Responders, Nurses, Doctors, politicians (which they either took a placebo or didn’t get the shot)… 80% of the Israel population as of March 20, 2021. When “they” let loose another strain, look who will die first. Countries will be paralyzed.
    This will leave a perfect opportunity for the Anti-Christ to step in and bring the whole world together. Rabbi Kanievsky, around 2002, claims he was in direct contact with their Messiah (The Christian anti-christ). We are so close to the tribulation, the revealing of the anti-christ, the harpazo (rapture, the snatching away) #GetReady

    • Tom says:

      Geert Vanden Bossche says that the ‘vaccines’ are dangerous for non-vaccinated people as he claims that real viruses are produced by the vaccinated persons.
      As viruses don’t exist (as caontagious disease makers) you don’t have to be afraid.

      The bible is used as a script, so if you believe in it you will be duped. The “Jewish’ Messiah lives in the UK at the moment. He claims to be ‘King David’. The Vatican and other people seem to accept him.

      • Sm says:

        Yes Tom, you are correct. The same evil that has given us vaccine theory has also given us the rapture theory. I am a Christian that knows history of the bible. 70ad with destruction of Jerusalem and Judaism.

        • ak in vt says:


          Revelation was written prior to 70 AD. It is a coded/apocalyptic hope given to those in the 7 churches suffering under the persecution of not only Rome, but also from the Jews.

          But, Messiah did return “in the clouds” which has always been the Biblical description of God”s judgment on a people — not a literal in person return.

          Three and a half years Jerusalem was “encircled by the armies” (see Luke) with a break in between when the people who believed in the Christ’s warning “fled from their rooftops and fields” to Pella and like areas outside of Judea from the “wrath to come.”

          Josephus’ (he did NOT believe in the Christ) History of the Jews is an excellent writing describing what happened to the Jews between late 66 AD and 70 AD — about 40 years (one generation) after the killing of the Christ.

          Best regards to all

          AK in VT

    • slandermen says:

      Geert van den Bossche is a charlatan who’s using a subversive tactic. Remember, he’s VERY involved with devloping, promoting vaccines.

      Essentially, while it is true you should avoid the covid vaccine (and any others, in fact)…what van den Bossche espouses is fundamentally fraud, by virtue of clinging to the idea of viruses and vaccines being useful AND what worse, trying to project worse “contagion” which he tried to peddle MORE vaccines for.

      All you have to know is he’s worthless and spent his life involved with genocidal shit.

      He gets ripped apart in this article and in the comments (enormous amounts of info in the comments, including things like HIV, prions, protozoan relationships, functionality of double strand breaks, repair mechanisms, etc):

      • Sm says:

        I think you are right. It’s very easy to forget the illegitimacy of a pcr magnified anti-bodies “virus” when wanting to warn all against a toxcine that may alter your NK cells with synthetic ink cells and overtake them, along with attacking your own friendly cells,resulting in organ failure?

        Man can only destroy what our God/creator “perfected”.

    • Joe says:

      Interviews with Dr G Vanden Bossche are available at He has a history working for GAVI and other vaccine related orgs. He’s not an “antivaxer”

      • Sonia H. says:

        The idea I guess is that he had repented and that is why he is considered some kind of hero to anti-vaccination. I really don’t know either way. I do think there’s bound to be infiltration into this crusade.

  12. Lewis says:

    Israeli Rabbi Chananya Weissman’s 31 Reasons Why I Won’t Take the Vaccine

  13. Sonia H. says:

    Indeed. Even a lot of “nature” doctors believe in the one disease/one germ theory. Even they rant on and on about this magic thing called an Immune System as if it’s an army that’s a-gonna attack and kill That Nasty Germ That’s Making Poor Little You sick.

    • michael burns says:

      But it is an army…

      You don’t believe in an immune system?

      You have little single cell critters living in every part of your body, as well as not so microscopic animals eating the wax in your ears.

      Its hard to tell what is human and what is Commensalism or Mutualism, in a human being, as these organisms interact with each other on the micro level.

      The wax in your ears not only aids and lubricates you ears but, is loaded with cholesterol and long chain fats that feed commensal lifeforms that protect the ears from such things as fungi and bacterial growths and infections and keep the wax from building up too much.

      Every single day millions of bacterial lifeforms that have come to a detente with humans millions of years ago and are now beneficial to both lifeforms and are the first line of defense against all those things that want to ride your transformer and maybe fuck it up.

      From the digestive processes in your gut which use non human bacterium to fix calcium upload vitamins to the correct place, and aid in the production and protection of serotonin a vital brain operating chemical — to the excretion of waste; to the lubrication of your eyes and eyelids and the cleaning of such and protection from contaminants and fungal infection.

      They are busy quietly performing their tasks, as you feed them.

      Under your finger and toenails, armies of bacteria fight for your, and their survival in this game of Mutualism against a world overpopulated with fungi.

      Fungi outnumber us some 3.8 million to one.

      What?… you think your doing it all…hah. There are more non-human cells in you than human.

      You are a country with a mega-mind on top and a sympathetic, and parasympathetic nervous system that monitors the minuto — made up with colonies of organisms that are living in mutual respect of each other and have evolved to this point over a long period of time using you spinal cord like an Internet, and chemical and electro-chemical messengers zip the details of an ailment to the right agents to perform a specific task.

      Your body is a fucking magically wonder, a miracle happening every day.
      You don’t believe in an immune system, well you should be glad it believes in you.

      • tommo says:

        praise and thanks be to God.

      • RegretLeft says:

        Very well stated! – just what ARE we? -… one point you missed is re: the large intestine: wondrous organ (subject to much defilement) – the very structure consists of an intricate winding with sheaths of millions of dead bacteria – the large intestine IS (mostly) dead bacteria – amazing – they provide the simultaneous rigidity and flexibility required for the organ to function – very little of your large intestine is actually you – i.e. human cells

        Thank you.

      • Larry Gilson says:

        I agree with your metaphor of the body being a country, Michael Burns…in fact it’s very close to not being a metaphor at all,but the true nature of the situation.

        The brain, very much like our fed government, has a very simple task…to help insure the means and conditions for the body to thrive and to monitor external conditions in order to insure security. Unfortunately, like most of our government, the mind has a tendency to become enamoured with itself and obsessed with it’s powers, and forgets it’s basic responsibilities. Caught up in it’s own creations and repitation (80% of what runs through our minds is repeated endlessly) it disconnects from the body it is supposed to serve and health issues result.

        Eckhart Tolle talks about a practice he refers to as “inner body awareness” which can be very beneficial to both individuals and those who serve them. The practice involves laying quietly and focusing one’s attention on individual portions of your body–beginning with the feet and moving upward area by area till you reach the scalp, then moving back downward…focusing on everything you can sense about each particular area…pressure from the bed/floor, flow of air across the skin, any aches or paid, etc. Once you become well-focused, he suggests you speed up the up and down sweeps until your attention feels like a wave running up and down your body. This practice and the awareness arising from it could have tremendous benefits in terms of our individual health AND the well-being of our country!

      • Sonia H. says:

        Some Dr. recently said that the much-used term “immune system” should rightly be called the regenerative system. “It” is not constantly fighting those fungi, etc., it’s just part of a system (as you partly describe) that wants to set things right according to the creator’s plan.

        But “immune” kind of has the stench of vaccine theory. It is used and misused by the educated and uneducated alike. This is their “immune system” view – this magical thingy that’s busy warring on your behalf.

        I endlessly hear anti-vaccination, pro-natural-health people saying they don’t need any vaccine because “My strong immune system protects me!” As if that’s all there is to it: the rest of you is coming apart at the seams but you still have a “strong immune system”.

        A good dose of classical Chinese medical theory might send people in the right direction – instead of thinking that The Immune System is all there is, all separated from the rest of you. SMH…

      • Myles says:

        There are no ‘non human’ cells within the body.

        All bacteria within the body – is created (comes from) the body.

        All foreign bacteria/material is automatically rejected and wasted. There can be no other way.

        There is no immune system — because there is nothing to be immune from. Dis ease comes from within. Bacteria/fungi both are created by the body.

  14. stephen langley says:

    Methinks, we are on a trajectory towards realizing that the so called “placebo / nocebo effect” is the greatest determinant of DIS-ease… and of course healthy physical factors of clean air, water, foods and copious sunshine. The last in that short list being under attack by the world-wide weather modification geoengineering programs… lately, for every day of sunshine we are dealt approx. seven cloudy days (I’m keeping track roughly)… all blamed on “runaway climate change” being ridiculously blamed on an inert gas that is necessary for aerobic life… and that is the revealing giveaway that exposes the power-structure-death-cult.

    • Tom says:

      According to Dr Ryke Geerd Hamer trauma’s and fear play an important role. His theory is called the German New Medicine (neue Germanische Neue Medizin).

    • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

      As well as geoengineer- Biden in his presser just now- referred to uncapped methane wells– I just looked it up and sure enough, it’s a huge problem. I wonder what breathing methane in our air does to us?

      This reminds me of Jon pointing to another researcher who points †o Trump’s lighter regulation on fracked oil refining which releases more cyanide into the air.

      Maps of methane and cyanide air pollution would be good to cross correslate with “covid cases”, so called.

      • michael burns says:


        • Rick Potvin in Phoenix AZ says:

          Aerobic methane oxidizing bacteria (methanotrophs) have the unique ability to grow on methane as their sole source of carbon and energy. They are ubiquitous in the environment and play a major role in removal from the biosphere of the greenhouse gas methane before it is released into the atmosphere.

          That’s amazing. Good project possibility for figuring out how to use up excess methane in a practical way.

      • Paul Jury says:

        It’s been long noted that Methane is a much greater Greenhouse gas than CO2. That presupposes that CO2 is even responsible as the prime mover and not the provable cyclical nature of the sun. Methane being released from the melting Permafrost regions should be a bigger worry for AGM believers than any amount of CO2.

        As for any link between Cyanide and CV, my guess would be that given that CV is primarily a respiratory sickness, than any noxious gas would be a candidate. I keep on banging on about our own atmosphere with pollution from termite, spider, roach, carpet and furniture treatments, personal care products, gassing off floor coverings, new furniture, (glues, foam, veneers), of course exhaust fumes from vehicles, cooking, planes, trains, and the big one, hidden away, way out at sea, dirty, lowest grade oil burning mega ships. And that’s only the beginning of the toxic burden we deal with in big cities. Thousands of untested new chemicals are added every year.

        • Sonia H. says:

          Kind of makes you wonder what on earth can be done about all this. Looks like our friends at the World Economic Forum are going to fix it up for us… by killing us all with only them surviving.

    • michael burns says:

      Placebo/Nocebo is precisely were they have built that frozen immovable energy sucking symbol they call COVID. If you listen you can here the androids droning…COVID COVID as they circle it.

      ” […]lately, for every day of sunshine we are dealt approx. seven cloudy days (I’m keeping track roughly)… all blamed on “runaway climate change” […]”

      Have noticed that myself in the last several years…

      I’m in the north and winter — winter is a market rather than a season here, and it is being prolonged this year as the planes rolled in and snuff out what was a advancing spring and warmth and bright sunshine.
      And, as they predicted snow; and it snowed last night and covered the exposing areas up again.

      With albedo, the warmth will not stay in ground, but they need people to turn their furnaces up and burn some more natural gas and break out that winter jacket that was just put away for the season.

      And maybe, buy that new snow shovel now instead of waiting for next year. And stay inside instead of going outside and enjoying the advancing spring. And a few more snowmobile rides and burn some more gasoline…and oh look at that, snowmobiles are on sales this weekend.

      If you notice there is a relationship between that and the spring items slowly showing up in the big box hardware stores. They still have a huge amount of winter stuff to sell.

      But yet this fake snow holds no moisture, and the snow mold this year is badly out of control.

  15. stephen langley says:

    Another great and most insightful article. One that points the way FORWARD !

    “Positive vitality is what keeps us healthy.”

    One name never mentioned by the medical-death-cult is Florence Nightengale. A mere nurse who saved the lives of thousands of dis-eased WW1 trench soldiers by simple remedies of sanitation, fresh air, sunshine, proper nutrition (including fasting), music, recreation and copious positive human interaction and care… in a word: Love… we have all we need to be healthy. But the source(s) of DIS-ease must be removed… so homeostasis can NATURALLY function. We’ll not be able to COMPLETELY achieve that naturally Hygenic state as long as the current power structure continues spewing out both physical and psychic toxins, which it/they won’t as long as their psychopathocracy remains.
    Nevertheless, until they finally do themselves in (that seems what will most likely happen ??) those who cultivate all the qualities of Love, both human and Divine (the Divine Natural order of Creation and the Moral Order that governs it… again Love !) will be the heathiest, happiest and most equipped to carry humanity forward into the coming era of “The New Humanity”.

  16. Arby says:

    Lol. I’m listening to playlist on my winamp right now. What’s playing? I’m listening to Dionne Warwick sing “I’ll never fall in love again.” She instructs us about a few things that you get when you fall in love and they include ‘enough germs to catch pneumonia’. I’m quite prepared to forgive her for that. Until March 11, 2020, I was as stupid about Rockefeller medicine as most people.

    I’m sure Wikipedia’s list is incomplete. I don’t keep track – it would be a daunting, distracting task – but just based on my own experience of watching movies, the list is certainly longer than Wikipedia’s. Wikipedia is awful by the way.

  17. Plam says:

    Jon, this is BY FAR THE most important article you have EVER written. Well done, you are a modern hero!

    The germ theory is the foundation of the scam and without exposing its fallacy when can never turn the tide and start the collective healing.

    This now looks like an impossible task considering that millions are true believers in “one germ, one disease” but all great ideas start up small.

  18. Plam says:

    There shouldn’t need to be a debate about vaccines when we understand bio-terrain theory. For over a century at this point, the principles of pleomorphism as an expression for self regulation of ones internal condition (terrain) have been known but buried and ignored. It’s gone on long enough for this insanity that viruses cause disease, which is the exact opposite. Viruses are solvents, plain and simple. Bacteria are natures garbage collectors and are used to break down and process damaged, dying and dead tissue. We get viral expression due to excess toxicity in the body, which can result from a very large number of possibilities.

    Get over it people, viruses don’t cause disease, never have and ever will. The vaccine therefore in it’s fundamental nature cannot be for your benefit as there is nothing to vaccinate against. Stop with all these ridiculous statements about this and that about what the vaccine will do to you. Find unity in this simple point. VIRUSES. DO. NOT. CAUSE. DISEASE. The vaccine cannot be for your benefit.

    At the root of all conditions are toxicity, our inherited weak organs and glands, the body’s imbalance and a very acidic environment (a stagnant, backed-up Lymphatic system), non-filtering kidneys and clogged bowels.

    Symptoms exist. Diseases do not.

    “Diseases” are labels assigned by the current medical modality to a set of symptoms to legally treat with chemicals and other (often harmful) treatments. People who are obsessed with eating healthy have one they have christened, “Orthorexia.” It’s designed get you to stop focusing on healthy eating because when you do (except for the ER or occasional necessary surgeries) you won’t need them anymore.

    All “disease” is SYSTEMIC. How do we know this? Because of detoxification. When you clean out your body’s gigantic sewer system, your Lymphatic system, your diseases and conditions cease to exist.

    It’s hard to imagine in this day and age, but very little is actually known or understood about the body’s Lymphatic system. The Lymphatic system is almost three times larger than the blood. It is the system where 99% of all pain, inflammation, diseases and conditions originate. It is your body’s gigantic sewer system / immune system / lipid carrier system / lubricating system.

    Lymphatic fluid carries a host of substances that need to be removed from cells, as well as substances that are used to protect the cell. They include (but are not limited to) parasites, yeasts, fungi, warts, viruses, bacteria overloads, worms of all types, flukes, molds, metals, sulfur accumulation, spirochetes, damaged cells, gases and toxic metabolic wastes, ureas, salts and ions, fats, glucose, excessive unused proteins, hormones, steroids, enzymes, chemical toxins, chemical medications, dying body cells, unused nutrients …esp. artificial vitamins, etc.

    It’s not about the bacteria, the parasites, the virus, or the spirochetes. It never was! Like mosquitoes to a swamp, it’s about what they are attracted to …a backed-up, stagnant, sewer system. It’s about the condition of your own body’s inner terrain.

    Clean the terrain and heal thyself!

    Pasteur admitted, at the end of his life, that he was wrong about germ theory and that what truly matters when it comes to infection and disease is the TERRAIN.
    And yet, western medicine bases everything on the germ theory. Think about it. There is far more profit in society being sick and dependent on drugs & vaccines to create a false sense of health. There is no profit in prevention – creating a healthy terrain (immune system).

    A healthy (awake) population is bad for business in the mainstream medical system.

    • Epicurious says:

      Plam, thank you for a detailed monolog, very interesting. Do you have a science background or are you self taught? You raise some very interesting points on which I’d like to delve further. Can you provide any references for further study?

    • slandermen says:

      Here’s a supportive adjunct for your sentiments, with some direct details:

      If you look at some recent articles in Offguardian (past few months or so), there’s a lot in the comments section.

    • slandermen says:

      Common damage to the lymphatic system:
      1. Lack of Vitamin D.
      2. Lack of Iodine.
      3. Fluorine/fluoride.
      4. Chlorine/chloride.
      5. Magnesium and Potassium deficiency vs Sodium and Chlorine excess
      5. Vaccines.
      6. Synthetic hormones, xenoestrogens, GMO phytoestrogens, agricultural toxins (repurposed chemical warfare agents).
      7. General endocrine disruptors in society, prevalent in cosmetics, sanitation products, packaging, etc. BPAs, PFOAs, etc.
      8. EMF.
      9. Pharma medications in general.

  19. george says:

    To be perfectly healty is very easy. I did it for almost 20 years after taking medications for a long time.
    The only info that made me think was “there is no illness in an untouched forrest. Not for plants or for animals”.

  20. Paul says:


    As I watched today’s briefing I was waiting for this question:

    “Uncle Bumout, recent reporting states the Mexican-South American drug cartels are making a cool $14 million each day. Since “we’re all in this together,” have you contacted them & asked them to defray the costs piling up on The People due to your border policies?”

  21. Shirley says:

    I say “Live a free and happy life, believe in the holy scriptures, attend and support a bible-believing church (not a perfect one, after YOU walk in!), think positive, and know
    that there is only ONE perfect. . . AND THAT AIN’T any of us so we better stop Criticizing and judging (leaving that to our Creator and letting His l
    ove flow to all. Hope to see
    ya all in Gloryland.

    To live is pain and to die is gain!

    • Paul says:


      Growing up Catholic, I was always being told “God is so smart, He knows everything.”

      Being long-in-the-tooth, & getting longer each day, my favorite hobby has become, “What went wrong with my body today.”

      In full sunshine, with my advancing poor eyesight, I lurch around unseeing, like Quasimodo on a bad day.

      Well guess what!

      The reason why everyone’s near-vision becomes reduced is because rod-like proteins made within the lens lose their function, over time.

      BUT…these proteins remain within the lens because God failed to make an escape hatch for them.

      Then new proteins are made to replace the worn-out ones & this crowds the interior of the lens & it becomes less-pliable, so the lens can’t change shape easily & near-focus diminishes.

      Thanks God!
      Nice Work.

      • Tim says:

        Except, this “world” and the principles governing it is not GOD’S doing.
        Anything loving/lovely present or expressed in it is not of this world, though the imposter god(ego) of this world attempts to take credit for it, or serve up a counterfeit version of it.
        This world is the result of looking away from Truth and The Known, and Reality, and looking into the opposite of that.

        Communication and awareness was temporarily interrupted by a dream not of Truth, but The Truth never leaves, It just waits for remembrance and awakening, and operates through those open and willing.

        So now we’re(or I’m) in a state or condition where the Known, Reality, seems like the unknown, that which Was and Is Eternally TRUE I have forgotten, and immersed myself in a (ego)miscreated “world” of lies. Deception and distortion being natural “here”. Along with predators and parasites—the nature of the false-god of this world.

        The Truth Sets Us Free. From Never Never Land.

        If one knows what is operating below the surface of this thing, and it *is* being revealed, the only conclusion that is reasonable is it is a deceptive nightmare. For someone, somewhere is experiencing hell.

        Hell = perceived(believed) disconnection from Source/Truth, and perceiving-believing= worshipping an imposter– the opposite nature of The Real, with the resultant seeming “reality”. EgoMatrix.

        The only thing this world is good for is to demonstrate safely what “reality” and GOD would be like if Reality and GOD was not as Reality and GOD IS. In Truth.
        Illusions, fantasies, and dreams of untruth have no real consequence or effect in Reality, aside from a very, very brief moment of tuning that out.

  22. Fanny Adams says:

    The allopaths got away with their fraudulent germ theory methods in the same way that Covid lies took hold.

    If anyone thought about it…how could the poisons that are administered in the name of medical treatment actually target the symptoms that the patient complains of?

    If anyone dared to question their doctor, would they get a pure truthful answer that explained the mechanism of “medicines”?

    • Fenwick says:

      My older dear brother died four years ago of a glioblastoma. He was a bright, funny, gifted engineer who loved to play his trumpet and had a beautiful family. Before he died he told me that, if he had to do the treatment again, he would only have the surgery to remove the lesion to buy some time, but would not have the chemo or radiation. During the last months, they put him through four “advanced” treatments at a cost of $10,000 a pop… he suspected they were just trying to get as much money as they could before he died. He told my oldest brother, “If anyone ever tells you they have a cure for this, spit in their eye!”

      I often wonder what caused this cancer in his brain. He lived a very clean, responsible life… but I don’t know if he took regular vaccines such as flu shots. I miss him every day.

      • Jake says:

        Glioblastoma, mesothelioma, lymphoma and other cancers. All possibly caused by Polio vaccines given between 1958-1963. They also contained SV40 virus (that is found in cancer tumors in large quantities during biopsy), by chance or by design. Look into it, 90 millions Americans were given these infected vaccines and more around the world, during experimental process.

  23. peter daley says:

    After all that, there are still bacteria which may kill you and antibiotics which may save your life.

    • slandermen says:

      But have you looked at the enormous amount of underlying causative factors involved in giving rise to such bacterial excess?

      And yes, there are many good antibiotics…usually from plant matter, but very fundamental things that have been marginalized and maligned too, like iodine.

      Personally, I absolutely refuse to use pharmaceutical antibiotics, ESPECIALLY if they have chlorine and worse, fluorine in them. They are NOT necessary and people in general have no CLUE what sort of damage that causes to their system. Often irreversible (like nervous system damage).

      Here’s an example:

    • Amy says:

      Don’t think so. Bacteria are our friends to begin with. They are with us since birth as part of the immune system, working together when in balance. It is toxins like antibiotics plus chemicals and stress that kill the “good” ones, causing an imbalance which manifests as warnings (symptoms) to detoxify, which we call dis-ease.

  24. Eluard says:

    If any of you are interested, there was a poster named J.B. who I believe has not posted in a long while. He has immense knowledge about viruses (or fill in your word) and their function in the body. Last March he posted after many of Jon’s articles and they were chock full of detail, incredibly educational. Search last March’s pieces if you want to check them out.

    • yerba buena says:

      J.B. is very knowledgeable on these themes, and there are some
      links to a video called Viral Misconceptions by Jeff G., who
      is AKA J.B., as well as a transcript. Easy internet search…
      I remember watching the video last spring, and that gave a
      view that really resonated in sympathy with how I have been
      intuiting la corona hoaxola in the brave new world order
      theatre of the mind, now playing ’round the third stone from
      sol. Thank you, Eluard, for bring his wisdom into remembrance.

      • Lyn P says:

        Thank you! I watched the Viral Misconceptions video last March around the same time as Dr. Kaufman’s original wuhan investigational video. I would not have linked Jeff G. to the J.B. here.

        Early matrix-breakers like Jon though many of us wish we had smartened up on the matter pre-co-hoax.

  25. Jon, the more I read your work, the more I appreciate you. I’ve purchased your three Matrix packages.


  26. Paul says:



    Humans can be rather inventive & self-sufficient, wouldn’t you say!

  27. Lloyd Miller says:

    Rejecting the idea of invasive organisms is going too far. Nature is “red in tooth and claw.”

    However, there is no doubt that Big (Rockefeller) Pharma over-emphasizes contagion to the exclusion of nutrition, lifestyle, etc. which determines terrain.

  28. Amy says:

    I was woken up to germ theory being a con after reading Dr Robert O Young’s book called Sick and Tired.

    Last night I watched an interview that Sacha Stone did with him recently and he said exactly what you do. It is the (weakened by poisons) terrain reacting to a toxin (physical or emotional) that causes “dis-ease”.

    Thanks Jon for your courage in sharing your knowledge so as to wake us.

  29. waverly jaegel says:

    They create the enemies they need. War=$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Banks and war, war and banks.

  30. Juliano says:

    Great article, and very interesting comments.

    One thing I haven’t heard mention of is the healing potential of psychedelics! As anyone must be aware there has been a war on psychedelics way before the 1960s. In fact throughout patriarchal history this is so. A great book which explains this is titled The Birth of the Patriarchy and the Drug War. Summarized it has been the parasite class throughout the ages demanding most of the people be their slaves, and to do this they must control their bodyminds with myths/narratives stories. And the perennial theme running through all of them no matter hos diverse they may on the surface seem, is the aim to dis-connect the believer from nature, and from their own embodied being.

    This is included in the current myth of materialism. Now, unlike earlier disconnecting myths of old where it was said nature and the body was a trap of the ‘spirit’, and that there had been a ‘fall’ of nature owing to disobedience to ‘God’ by his first created beings and thus nature was corrupted and not to be communed with in any spiritual sense otherwise that would be diabolical. NOW we are told nature is mechanical as dead, and ourselves ad other species are machines, and consciousness is a fluke of evolution, and only the .most important highly evolved people, and their ‘experts’ have superior consciousness and we must obey them.

    As one of these why psychedelics are not allowed and they will proclaim ‘they have no medicinal value’!! In fact the UK #Minister of Health’ literally emailed me that cliche after I asked her opinion about them. No medicinal value….. ANYONE who has ever had psychedelic experience will surely no that the feeling is ecstasy. healing for body and soul. But this is not understood by computer heads who support a massive corrupt medical model which seeks to incite diseases in order to profit from them. This is both true in the ‘normal medicines’ and in psychiatry.

    THIS is why they do not want the commoners having access to psychedelics, like they don’t having access to other forms of natural healing. In fact there is have a strange spate of deaths amongst natural health practitioners. And whistle blowers who have warned about the pharmaceutical industry’s holy grail, vaccines, and the corrupt companies making them, like did the late Brandy Vaughn, who was a young healthy woman, mother of a boy,have also mysteriously ended up dead. But the likes of Fauci and Schwab seem to live on and on and on!!

  31. Joe says:

    ‘Thus vaccinations does not account for the impressive declines in mortality from infectious diseases seen in the first half of the twentieth century’.”

    Dr Sue Humphries has a powerful graph consistent with this on her site. half way down this page

  32. robert lafoy says:

    I wonder if any reporter has followed the hotspots of covid outbreak and compared them to the installation of 5G networks. Is there a commonality? One of the unspoken issues is that 5G (a “shorter” wave) is affecting biological life forms in addition to 3 and 4G frequencies which are longer cycled waves.

  33. Stephen Simac says:

    Gary Null, et al published their findings on iatrogenic- medically induced deaths in the U.S. almost two decades ago- using the Medical Monopoly’s own guesstimates (they don’t even bother to accurately count their cull). At the time, they showed that from 300,000 to one million Americans were killed by medical treatment yearly. Your quarter million figure is from a 90’s era study. This doesn’t even include hazardous nutritional advice. Citations are in my e-book Save Trillions with Universal Health Care, or you can find Null’s paper online if it hasn’t been scrubbed.

    • Lyn P says:

      All good except no government body should EVER run healthcare, and that includes on the payor side.

      (I should like to opt out of Medicare IN ADVANCE and make a better choice with my healthcare dollars saved.)

      If available for opt-in, those going the public route route will experience the same perversions we are discussing here, and it will have been their choice.

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