The COVID narrative as an occult work of art

by Jon Rappoport

March 24, 2021

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Readers who have been with me the past year know I’ve dismantled every piece of the official COVID narrative. Factually. Scientifically.

I knew from 30 years of experience—investigating HIV/AIDS, West Nile, SARS1, Swine Flu, Ebola and Zika—what to look for in the fake COVID science.

I also want to look at the COVID narrative as an occult work of art. That is, it embroils the uninformed person in an initiation of sorts, with the promise of a final revelation and rescue.

Occult initiations are mysteries, in the sense that the believer is fed steps and procedures which he can’t fathom, or only partially understands.

This is purposeful. The believer’s imagination is engaged without him knowing it. He attributes meaning to factual gibberish.

But no one wants to find out that the images and speculations he is entertaining are empty and barren. HE PREFERS to think a ceremony is highly charged and, on some level, is important to him.

Thus, at the beginning, when “the virus is discovered,” and the initiation is introduced, the believer’s imagination clicks, and he senses he is on a new track of experience. He is entranced:

This is not ordinary life any longer. This is different. Fear, interest, excitement, anticipation are all available. Which are exactly what occult initiations are supposed to provoke: the magnified sense of possibility. The Ordinary is gone.

“Researchers have found a new virus, which is causing an outbreak.” Found a virus? What does that mean? The virus has been isolated. What does that mean? The virus has been sequenced. What does that mean? The believer can automatically apply his own images and thoughts and sensations and feelings to this mystery.

And indeed, the whole “virus discovery process” HAS been conducted behind closed doors, in high-security facilities, in a sanctum where only the priests can operate. Because they possess the magic.

They have found the enemy.

Next comes a new piece of magic. The test. The priests have devised a highly complex system of amulet arranging and rubbing, in order to detect the presence of the virus in a human.

How did they accomplish this, and so quickly? Through AMPLIFICATION. The essence of the specimen taken from the patient—in itself an initiatory step—is so small, no microscope can register it. But through a successive series of “doublings,” the specimen is transformed into a visible object.

And the believer will take this (PCR) test. Another step on the road.

Minor priests will announce the outcome of the test to the believer. Positive or negative. Now the meaning of “the virus” sinks in: infected or not infected. Either way, the initiation is proceeding.

If infected, there will be potions. “Anti-virals.” Ventilators, to bring what the believer may not be able to provide himself: the breath of life.

And yes, one possible outcome is death. This is no superficial initiation. The stakes are high, very high.

We come, of course, to the mask. The believer’s identity will be protected. Masking makes one an anonymous member of a very large group—all of whom are undergoing the same ceremony and enforcing it on others. Secret society.

Masking, traditionally, is for criminals as well. (The thrill of the outlaw.)

Masking also erases identity. The believer can find (imagine) a new persona.

Masking includes a sense of sacrifice. “I eliminate who I was, for the Cause.”

Masking introduces touches of humiliation, guilt, and pride. All standard elements of initiation.

Distancing provides “necessary isolation,” so the initiatory process for the individual can proceed unhampered. Distancing (like masking) separates the Clean from the Unclean.

The lockdown is further isolation. Removal from the influences of the outside world and its distractions. “The monk in his cell.” Great sacrifice of the means of financial support, in order to attain purity. Renunciation of ordinary work (employment) for a higher purpose; purification.

And finally, rescue and revelation—the vaccine. The injection. The transformation of cells of the body, which now produce a protein that stimulates the action of the immune system; a protein that under ordinary circumstances would never come into being. Miracle.

Immunity and purity are attained. Elite status is won through enduring the whole preceding ritual. A document (wellness certificate) is created and recorded. The initiate can now reenter the world. He is made anew.

If he suffered from the injection—well, that was part of what he needed to endure. If he died, that, too, was “worthy.” A sacrifice on the altar of The Group.

Of course, this COVID initiation isn’t meant to be a CONSCIOUS occult ceremony. The person isn’t meant to know he is in a cult. He senses glimmers and rivulets of ritual. He swims among them. He knows very little, but he FEELS.

As with every occult process, reality is created for him. The whole purpose of the steps on the ladder to redemption is: the quelling of the person’s own creative fire, by which he can invent his own future, freely.

In effect, the cult artists say: “You don’t make your own painting; our painting makes you.”

Through the pretended “science” of virology (fake isolation, fake sequencing) and the pretended “science” of vaccinology (fake immunity), the State—which is already an authoritarian entity—becomes a Cult.

Prior law (the Constitution) is ruled out; it is anathema. It didn’t account for the new great enemy: the virus. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” is replaced: “The eternal virus demands the curtailment of liberty.”

“Science” is the cover story that conceals the occult hypnotic inducement.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

98 comments on “The COVID narrative as an occult work of art

  1. Opie Poik says:

    The jab of the body of the Holy Ghost saves.

    Might be under the shell, now you see it, now you don’t:

    Build up a kindly, avuncular image. Don’t like to hear the word “vampire” around here.

    • michael burns says:

      Burroughs hah…He was so far out he’ll never get back, and I don’t think he cares, “Stand alone and live in silence he says…” and then goes on to say…

      “In the magical universe there are no coincidences and there are no accidents. Nothing happens unless someone wills it to happen. The dogma of science is that the will cannot possibly affect external forces, and I think that’s just ridiculous. It’s as bad as the church. My viewpoint is the exact contrary of the scientific viewpoint. I believe that if you run into somebody in the street it’s for a reason.”

      And after all that is said and done and all that’s left of lunch is the crumbs, “the best thing an individual can do, is, become an individual again”.

      • Rob says:

        The best thing we can do is realize the Most High is totally in control and learn to worship Him instead of these occult pharmaceutical giants:

      • Béla Bartók says:

        Burroughs… he put the most incredible words on page I’ve seen.

        Here is a fragment of Naked Lunch read by him and a scene with actors (DR. BENWAY)

        Also, regarding Burroughs and Foucault, there is an interesting conference by Deleuze:

        Watch from 30:17, where he talks about Societies of Control. Deleuze also wrote in 1990 the text “Postscript on the Societies of Control”. Here are some phrases:

        “Marketing is now the instrument of social control and produces the arrogant breed who are our masters.”

        “For the hospital system: the new medicine ‘without doctor or patient’ that singles out potential sick people and subjects at risk, which in no way attests to individuation—as they say—but substitutes for the individual or numerical body the code of a ‘dividual’ material to be controlled.”


        MICHAEL BURNS: Got any Obi-Wan Kenobi joke lately?

        • michael burns says:

          Oki doke!…that’s my Jedi name BTW. What is Obi Wan’s world travelling twin brothers’ name…

          Globi Wan Kenobi…hah

          What?…Which.. who, is the Jedi and distant cousin of Obi Wan that was a computer genius and invented a Computer App program that the great Jedi master uses to open his PDF files?…wait for it.

          Adobe Wan Kenobi. Hah too funny 😉

        • eckbach says:

          Steely Dan was a steam powered dildo in Naked Lunch from which the band took it’s name.

    • Jeff Carmack says:

      Krispy Kreme is owned by a holding company called JAB.

  2. Sean says:

    a•nath•e•ma ə-năth′ə-mə►
    n. A formal ecclesiastical ban, curse, or excommunication.
    n. A vehement denunciation; a curse.
    n. One that is cursed or damned.

  3. Stevie says:

    Well the way I see it—all engineed for 1 get people use to buying all their needs on line even food 2 for the people to stay indoors and give up their means of transportation 3 give up your Freedom—just my take from a Simple 65 hard working God fearing Man

    • b says:

      Goes much further.


    • Heidi says:

      Recently heard that self driving cars will be programmed to stop for police and unlock the doors.

    • Ame says:

      People have been duped into absolutely loving the online ordering, curbside pick up and all the occult conveniences that feed into their hands. Don’t forget, elimination of paper money and coins – totalitarian control of whether you can buy anything depending on your social status – think, China now. Transportation; working on it right now-global warming!

  4. NaturalWoman says:

    Brilliant insight, Jon. People who have reactions to the shots are being told it means they are working. Yeah, right up to death. Remember Jim Jones and his Koolaide?

    • Zoey says:

      Agree. Also find it suspicous that Kary Mullis, inventor of PCR test died August 2019, 2 months prior to Gate’s Corona virus pandemic event & 4 months prior to CV19’s big debut. It’s highly likely that Deep State scumbags ensured that Mullis wasn’t around to contest the use of PCR test, as the test was critical component to CV19 scam.

  5. Casey says:

    This was brilliant. This put into writing what I’ve struggled to compile and clearly explain to the countless lost souls engaged in the ritual. This is about so much more than the material financial winners and losers, or political shenanigans. Thank you Jon!!

    • Eddie says:

      I have explained and made the same points to people since late March 2020. Jon Rappoport did a great job conveying the facts and covering every aspect of this PsyOp.

      His assessment is concise and eloquent.

      He hits the mark on many crucial points in this Covid Situation. It’s one of the best summaries I have seen.

  6. Haniel Adhar says:

    The vast majority of the population want to believe “in” the virus as if it is some sort of deity. When you deny its existence, they are willing to kill you over it.

    They believe because they want to believe, because deep down in side, human beings are sick, diseased creatures with no real understanding of their surroundings. They base everything on their imagination and rarely in human history do we see logic prevail nearly as much as we think it does.

    The Cult of Covid is upon us.

    • Tom says:

      The system is built on illusions. Without illusions it collapses. The system is the expansion of the ego (illusionary self) that is based on the illusions/delusions of thought. Without illusions the you as you know yourself (ego) disappears. That’s why one (recognized) illusion is replaced by a ‘new’ illusion.

    • Alan says:

      Now you understand, why in the Bible the Jews killed so many prophets (Matthew 23:37)? Because the prophets told them to “repent and stop worshiping idols”.

      COVID faith is faithlessness, idolatry, and blasphemy against God the (benevolent and intelligent) Creator. It is idolatry elevated from the (Old Testament) national to the global level.

  7. Thankful says:

    Jon, your post today reminded me of this post I read a few months back…

    • Dyscontentizen says:

      Thank you for sharing this link Thankful! I was almost giddy to see this post and then to see your link, made me feel part of something awesome. We truly have the power to build something better outside of their imposed boundaries.

  8. Leslie Kasper says:

    Brilliant analogy probably lost on those most needing to make the connection.

  9. Wine of says:

    Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant!!! Have already read this twice and will be returning to it again and again. Thank you, Jon Rappoport, for never averting your gaze.

  10. Grant says:

    Jon I have been following everything that you mention about Covid 19 for over a year now. I am certain many are starting to remove their blinkers and can see all around them that Covid 19 is from World Economic Forum Playbook.

    This is for those who are logical thinkers by basically looking at both sides of a discussion what if Viruses are not as Contagious as we have all been led to believe. What if Viruses is like an army that rids of toxicity in our cells and once is a build up that our bodies need to rid of it in form of Phlegm from coughing and Sneezing and depends on how healthy you are could have symptoms from Coronavirus just like Covid 19. So much more from this Documentary maybe Germ Theory not as black and white as we have thought. Have questions ask them at the comments in the YouTube

  11. “And indeed, the whole “virus discovery process” HAS been conducted behind closed doors, in high-security facilities, in a sanctum where only the priests can operate. Because they possess the magic.”

    “Next comes a new piece of magic. The test. The priests have devised a highly complex system of amulet arranging and rubbing, in order to detect the presence of the virus in a human.”


    And it’s getting better… You are the real artist, man!

  12. Andrea says:

    “Distancing (like masking) separates the Clean from the Unclean.”

    The next time I am asked to pull my mask over my nose (often!!!), or to move back, I will ask the person if he/she (it’s mostly women) is insinuating that I am unclean.

    Thank you Jon – just thank you.

    • Shep says:

      Just never wear a mask unless you want to Rob a bank. It’s bad for you, ignore them. They will not rescue you when you pass out due to hypoxia etc.

  13. Laz says:

    Amazing work! It all fits so neatly into a mind control framework.

  14. Berit says:

    How can anyone ever dream of writing as eloquent and clear-minded pieces as you do? I am in awe of how you present truth.

  15. Eluard says:

    A synchronicity here, two days ago I was watching Jon’s video clip of the Nazi plans as a work of art, similar to what he’s saying in this article.

    Jon’s a brilliant thinker and this idea certainly is very insightful. I don’t disagree with him on this fundamentally, but I would qualify it, strongly.

    Art, to me, is a positive, life-giving force, even if it portrays tragedy, sorrow and defeat. It is a liberating reality that opens far more doors than it closes. What we are seeing in this covid ritual, and others like it, is a massive distortion of art’s true meaning and signature. This obviously is about confusion, fear, entrapment, enslavement. A Limiting of possibilities.

    So these “artistic” projects of theirs are distorted mirrors to what we do as artists and human beings. It’s a Copy of true art, because that’s all they can do. David Icke speaks to this, that “they” have no originating creative power in themselves. Why? Because true creativity comes from the heart, from love. Proceeds from life. This “art” comes from and goes back to death.

    A ritual for sure. A highly twisted, Distorted facsmile of art, okay, perhaps. Jon thinks from an artistic point of view. They think from somewhere else.

    • michael burns says:

      ” [..]art’s true meaning [..]”

      Art can’t be defined, its about being, in that moment then its gone and a new one arrives and then its gone…if you’re an artist your living in your own created world. Imagining and creating dark and light.
      shadow and the real.

      Oh these people are artists alright, their dark and seductive and convincing to the individual that has not discovered their own individuality as yet. Or who hasn’t the courage to follow that individuality.

      They got all those people living in their reality, singing their songs and buying their crap.
      Crawling through sewers of shit and abuse and witnessing sexual atrocities to buy their narrative of the universe and be the next one on the rocket to Mars. And live forever in trans-humanism, and conquer nature and the universe and make it their own property. And live forever…
      Fuck noooo!

      I’m an 1954 model and gladly this meat suit is starting to fail, and then its back to my own galaxy, the renovations that I left there and came here for, should be finished and then…dundun dun.

      It seems Opie made Burroughs the artist of the day, and his quotes run parallel to my understanding of a life lived as an artist (painter).

      “Nothing exists until or unless it is observed. An artist is making something exist by observing it. And his hope for other people is that they will also make it exist by observing it. I call it ‘creative observation.'” — William Burroughs

      You don’t think they are making all those folks ‘creatively observe’ their creation? Of course they are, bitterness is the kiss of death to any artist.

      This whole world is made by ‘their’ Reality Manufacturing Machine.

      Oh their artist alright!

      • Eluard says:

        Apparently you didn’t fully grasp what I was saying because you were so eager to leap ahead to make your “William Burroughs” point.

        You say “art can’t be defined” then you go on for a couple hundred words defining it. That’s fine, but I don’t buy it. Just because something is “created” by someone and “believed in” by someone else doesn’t make it art. Were the A bombs over Japan art? Was 9-11 art? Is covid-19?

        Just because Jon Rappoport says it is, I ain’t gonna agree with it. Occult b.s., yes. Ritual, yeah. Art? For me, nah.

        • michael burns says:

          No, noooooo… that’s not it Eluard!

          A couple hundred words? Your exaggerating! It was maybe a couple of sentences about a personal understanding of what art could be…

          It was your words, ‘massive distortion of art’s true meaning’. That revved me up It was like sandpaper on my back. A sharp needle in my eye. Eyah…art can only have a personal definition, I would would presume, at least for me anyway, and that I have been chasing my whole career. I still have not defined it.

          You have, defined art

          How many times I have heard phrases such as yours — ‘art’s true meaning’. That Eluard is a lie.

          Art’s true meaning, is the existentialism of a human standing in cave with a piece of burned charcoaled wood in his hand, some 35,000 years ago, vigorously drawing on a cave wall and expressing the terrible beauty he has experienced of the cave bear that he recently met which wanted to eat the artists’ ass.
          That’s as close as I can come to defining art.

          The Nazi’s were singing that phrase of yours, art’s true meaning when they destroyed modern art in their bonfires, when they threw Picassos and some 600 works by Ernst Ludwig Kirchner on the bonfire…thankfully he was prolific.

          COVID-19 if you have been paying attention is the largest and greatest piece of collaborative performance art ever made, and deep down in the minds of those who are the most faithful participants; collaborators of the work? They know…they know it is a fucking lie.
          When they are alone at night, they ponder the lie, the cognitive dissonance of the whole thing, but still they allow the hypnosis and aid in that effect and fall in line and chant the song, and praise the praises of the total work as they move forward towards their global technocracy gripping as tightly as possible to the fucking narrative.

          You don’t think a A bomb going off in this atmosphere in a huge and magnificent mushroom cloud 15 miles high is a piece of the most beautiful and terrible art ever created.

          Of course it is…its perverse, but its art.
          What do you, call art Eluard? A canvas of black velvet with dogs playing poker?

          • Eluard says:

            What I find most interesting about your last post–and your attitude in general–is a marked lack of maturity. You’re sixty-seven years old having a discussion about art, presumably from your own point of view as an artist–and you dish out cheap little attacks because my viewpoint “scraped” you or “needled” you. Comparing me to Nazis and condescending my taste in art (doggie poker). Sad.

            You keep saying you are not “defining art” yet you go on, again, with a whole cave man existentialism thing. I don’t blame you, humans Define things for themselves. But face what you’re doing. Defining, no matter how “comprehensive” you claim it is.

            By your definition (or my interpretation of it) it seems anything could be art, including decimating large populations or enslaving bodies or minds. Yet, oddly you parallel my view to the Nazis burning “degenerate” art works. Well, well…you’re leaving the Nazis out, Mike? Isn’t THEIR “creation” art too? Why should their destruction be left out of the art world, Mike? If A bombs are fine, what’s 600 works of 20th century art?

            You needn’t teach me about the covid spectacle. I do read Rappoport after all. I know the profound mind control happening. I just don’t aver that it’s art. I adhere to what Keats said about Truth is beauty, beauty truth. Cornball? Think what you will. And recall what De Kooning reportedly said to Warhol: “You killed art.”

      • Kit says:

        Pay no attention to Eliard. I appreciate everything you wrotw..

  16. Brett Morgen says:

    Amazing insight, Jon. This society has been turned into a disgusting place promoted by a disgusting lie (a “chinese virus” that’s in every building, every town, everywhere, worldwide, and its too small to see! And you could have “it” and not even know! What a DESPICABLE HOAX).

    And this disgusting society is being not only tolerated, by promoted and enforced, by mask wearing, mindless sheep. Going on a full year now, with no end in sight.

    Thank you Jon Rappoport, you are truly doing God’s work.

  17. Gordon S Watson says:

    a masterpiece of a precis

  18. Jim S Smith says:

    The very basis of establishment-oriented/favored “initiations”, is most certainly one of causing the individual to question his own power, and grant another power over him. This is exactly how 99.8% of the “churches”, “circles”, and other similar “occult groups” operate: By denying that the individual possesses power within himself.

    OCCULT: Hidden, obscured, unknown, . . .

    This is also a major part of the falsehood in what are referred to as: “The Revealed Religions”. The only thing “revealed” within them, is the hierarchical system of “authority” and power, that the “follower” is beneath.

    In virtually ALL case examples,

    “Individuality” and such things as “self-reliance/sufficiency” are denied, and even persecuted to the extreme. The “collective” is most important in them.

    Another aspect to this “miasma”:

    The deliberately-engineered “ignorance” of reality and truth. The thousand years’ of the “European Dark Ages” was encouraged and reinforced through deliberately-enforced mass-ignorance, where even in some areas – the serfs were forbidden, by edicts, from possessing any reading or writing materials. All knowledge was limited to the highest of the priest class, and dispensed as “crumbs” to the masses. Even the sciences, philosophy, the arts, and in general – all useful and productive scholastic pursuits by the “ordinary people” were forbidden to them – “by law”.

    We are steadily approaching this condition worldwide!

    We are already seeing (for a number of years), the gradual and “progressive” watering down of our educational systems and subject curricula, being replaced by “social justice”, “environmental sciences”, and other such “go-nowhere” subjects. The subjection of natural human learning and existence to the political whims of the “establishment” (namely, those who control it) – is as a “long march” toward feudalistic totalitarianism, owned and controlled by commercial enterprises and entities.

    Our very own “legal system” is all based on the premise of “public policy”, masquerading as “law” – while not truly being organic law itself. It is just as occult, as with everything else. Gee! Don’t all of our “judges” also wear “priestly robes” too? ? ?

    Everywhere we look, we find the visible remnants of the old (but still exiting) occult system at work. Just look at every “graduation” ceremony where robes, and other priest-like effects are worn in attendance. The various grades or “degrees” being awarded, what those recipients are required to wear as part of their “official recognition” of status. (This also includes all of those fraternities, sororities, etc. – All descended from the various occult “groups” of individuals who have a common goal.)


    To those who insist that this “new world order” only dates back to 1900’s, 1800’s, etc – YOU are missing the whole of human history preceding the invent of the Gregorian Calendar (which itself is an abstract, occult idea). Humanity has been “under the occultists’ spell” for a very, VERY long time!

    Now imagine having to try to undo thousands of years’ worth of “social conditioning”? ? ? It MUST start with recognizing the power of the individual mind, or all other acts will be meaningless and an utter waste of effort!

    – Jim S.

    • Kika says:

      Thanks for your comment Jim S. and another thank you to Jon.

      These occult steps are how advertising works too.

      I will keep this article, Jon, on file and would also like to share it if I may. Very important information and thanks again.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Advertising was actually one of the earlier areas of study concerning “human behavior” and “predictive analysis”. The TAVISTOCK INSTITUTE was the origin of many of the various studies, whose results were used to design advertising campaigns, as well as virtually all of the political campaigns.

        It is all only “occult” because most of it is “hidden in plain sight”, and most of the people have no idea that it is there – right in front of them! THIS was all by design by the early “social-engineers”. This has all been a huge project, developed over the course of many centuries’ worth of study into human affairs, cultures, governments and other similar systems, as well as the “religious” belief systems.

        That is why so much of this system of control, was built very slowly, and “tweaked” a bit here, a bit there – resulting into what we see here today. Most are completely oblivious to the fact that they are a large measure and contributor to the their own, as well as “society’s” downfall. Getting people to submit themselves – and even SUPPORT and DEFEND – this system of mental slavery is an astonishing achievement that could not have happened overnight.

        It all took many, MANY years to develop and “evolve”.

        • Bricius the mad says:

          And I suspect that their great project is starting to fail – sin of pride perhaps? Or all the sins – everywhere in every country I see signs of rebellion. Even if it’s just being tired of wearing the damn mask. They made a bad miscalculation on that one. The mask is worn during the ceremony/occult initiation. But in order to extend the ritual to global proportions, they had to enforce a constant wearing of the mask – reducing the power of the intitation ritual in two ways: enforcing the wearing of mask during ritual with only a few people, while also usually performing trauma ensures near total control of the subject – thus in their minds, that energy of being is truly given to whatever dark force they are cleaving to. And that’s the second part. Instead of a few dozen/hundred or thousand (one can build up large numbers of intitiated adherents by performing many rituals with a few dozen people)they’ve now spread that energy very thin. The gods always demand more. Or if no gods, the corrupt humans always think more sacrifice needed. Not that it hasn’t been, for a year, a highly effective occult ritual/con – but we are growing and evolving out of it. This BS has been around a long time – the Aztec priests, in control of society thought of their own people as little more than animals, and at one point, had killed 80,000 plus of their own people. There has been, for thousands of years, them and us mentality. That’s changing.

    • Kit says:

      Thank you, Jim! The power of true belief, sometimes called ‘faith’ is finally coming into the light of our knowledge.

    • Andy says:

      Thank you indeed Jim. You’ve definitively encapsulated what I have – perhaps only recently – become extraordinarily aware of. I’ve been aware of it for some time, but the events of the past year or so have, shall we say, enhanced that understanding and awareness. Yes, we have been under the sway of the Occultists since – dare I say? – the fall of man (Adam & Eve). I believe that we are heading towards a culmination of…something. My own (very recent) personal experience has finally made me realise that we are on the precipice of entering The Great Tribulation. You know – the MASK of the beast – cannot buy and sell without the MASK of the beast, etc. It is the mask-wearing (or mask-bearing, really) that has really hit it home for me that all previous major Occult attempts to gain control of the entire world are nothing compared to what’s coming. I guess it’s not called The Great Tribulation for nothing.

  19. Alex says:


    The rise of the 21st Century ‘Koolaid Drinkers’!

    The Jim Jones Cult has been resurrected… The “Jonestown Massacre” occurred on November 18, 1978, when more than 900 members of an American cult called the Peoples Temple died in a mass suicide-murder under the direction of their leader…

    Heaven’s Gate… On March 26, 1997, the bodies of 39 men and women were discovered in a mansion in the gated, upscale community known as Rancho Santa Fe in San Diego. The bodies were later identified as members of the Heaven’s Gate religious organization, considered by many to be a doomsday cult. The suicide coincided with the passing of the Hale-Bopp comet.

    The Moonies Cult… Founded by the late Sun Myung Moon, the Unification Church is classified as a “new religious movement” — and the same group is also referred to as the “Moonies,” and labeled a cult. With a worldwide following of 1-2 million people…

  20. Silvana says:

    Thank Jon for all you brilliant work. I appreciate you ????

  21. Silvana says:

    Than you Jon for all your brilliant work!! I appreciate you ????

  22. stephen langley says:

    Oh yeah ! Science / “scientism” has been most accurately described as “modern superstition”. Your piece here eloquently illustrates the cult mentality and affective (emotional) indoctrination, i.e. black magik, mass ritual spell casting that few, thus far, have been able to detach from. It is not a hyperbolic literary device to identify the propaganda as “occult” art. It is very artfully done and it is hidden, “occulted” in plain sight… easily done now after several generations of technotronic legerdemain mass mind washing,

    • Larry C says:

      “It is very artfully done and it is hidden, “occulted” in plain sight… easily done now after several generations of technotronic legerdemain mass mind washing,”


      And our task is to awaken by every means possible.

  23. MICHAEL JOSEPH says:

    it has been awhile since i have read your blogs for obvious reason and am hoping you were not de platformed

  24. Plam says:

    Beware the PCR test swab are disinfected with ETHYLENE OXIDE, a carcinogenic chemical.

    Try to avoid both the test and the vaccine.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Does not surprise.

      There is NO accountability anymore. The People’s health is back-benched for the sake of huge profits and social control.

  25. Benjamin Martin says:

    Magnificent piece of writing and insight, Jon. I thought to lend it an historic compliment, offered by Gibbons in his Fall of the Roman Empire. Quite chilling:

    ‘Those rebellious spirits who had been degraded from the rank of angels, and cast down into the infernal pit, were still permitted to roam upon the earth, to torment the bodies and seduce the minds of sinful men.  The daemons soon discovered and abused the natural propensity of the human heart towards devotion, and, artfully withdrawing the adoration of mankind from their Creator, they usurped the place and honours of the Supreme Deity.  By the success of their malicious contrivances, they at once gratified their own vanity and revenge, and obtained the only comfort of which they were yet susceptible, the hope of involving the human species in the participation of their guilt and misery.’

    • Dyscontentizen says:

      This was perfectly placed. Great of you to share! I think I’d like to read Gibbons Fall of the Roman Empire. Were you moved/impressed with it? The reason I ask is I have been learning more and more about the powers behind the scenes, that for ages have been working with the rise of empires with planned obsolescence in mind. Revolutions are used to shape human societal direction, specifically with regards to how socioeconomic martial arts are used to push agendas and manipulate the herd to utter confusion.

      Anyways, I am absolutely confident that is why our government is complicit in infinite money printing, so the public sees bitcoin and cryptocurrency as a safe-haven, but the masses not understanding that is the entire plan all along. I will ask Jon what he thinks about this, but does he ever interact with others in the comments?

  26. Paul says:


    Are you Revealing their

    Smash & clast,
    The iconography!
    Baptize with
    Hoary fire.
    Sweep Their
    House clean.

    Ever lifting-the-lid.

    “Eternal vigilance
    is the price of liberty”…

    We Must Desire,
    With All Might,
    To See.

    This Beginning…
    Of An Antidote.

    Further Recognition,
    Is Required.

    One would think
    It would be all too easy.

    Minds & numbers
    Numbers of minds
    Bound in bondage
    Like outstretched
    Crabs, in a basket.

  27. Roundball Shaman says:

    What is “Art?” It is something to take you beyond the ordinary. Something that transforms you and carries you to another place.

    Art is not just a painting on the wall or a hunk of metal in a town square. Art can be almost anything. Why? See above definition.

    The Covid Narrative is an ongoing Art form. It has shoved us all out of our ordinary lives and into a foreign, dissonant realm. It has changed our finances, our ways to make a living, where and how we worship, how our children are manhandled by State education, the onslaught of Media propaganda and social engineering, how we gather (or aren’t allowed to gather), where we can stand on the floor, how we view and treat each other as people… on and on it goes. It was/is a Nuclear Bomb that was dropped upon us when we weren’t looking and in the flash of an eye and its aftershocks continue to pollute us and further estrange us from each other, from ourselves, and from a world of sanity.

    As a Work of Art, the Covid Campaign has been a absolute masterpiece. It could hardly have been a greater success by any measure. The architects and creators of this Artful Atrocity know they have knocked this one clean out of the park.

    Art can widen your cosmic viewfinder… or restrict it. Art can add value… or destroy. Art can inspire… or degrade you. Art can build you up… or tear you down.

    One of the functions of Art is that is DEMANDS a reaction from you, the viewer and experiencer of It. First, it works on you subconsciously and plants a seed deep inside just below your regular awareness. Then, it swells up to fill your consciousness and calls (demands) for you to react to it. Do you love it? Hate it? Doesn’t do anything for you? Makes you think? Makes you happy… or sad? Simply, it DOES THINGS TO YOU.

    The Covid Campaign is a powerful Art form hatched and painted from the demented minds and dark spirits of those who seek to permanently pollute and degrade the human soul and social contract. And… it has been a smashing success in the process.

    What might appear as grotesque and ugly to any sane person will be a thing of utter beauty to the insane… including those Artists who created it.

    • carrie says:

      And the insane Artists who created it – will one day see TRUE beauty and SANITY,
      from an everlasting very hot perspective. Welcome to HELL!

      Thank you Jon right on target, most excellent piece of research!

    • Andy says:

      Very well written. Spot on. It made me think about all the “artistic” face coverings (masks) you can see images of on the internet. It’s become a bit of a craze. Mask madness.

  28. Paul says:


    I just saw a “reporter” on the TV boob thing, wearing, what looked like, red panties on his face. What these TV types wanna do on their own time is none of my business & I wish they thought similarly.

    He was “reporting” on “vaccine hesitancy.” He described such people as “rural-conservative-white.” He “reported” that these types choose to be this “way” due to their “anti-government” leanings.

    I have yet to see (I could have missed it) a dude or dudette, sans mask, report: “In NYC today, a bunch of non-questioning conformists, believing whatever they were told by someone claiming authority from whole cloth, mindlessly mimicked the actions they were subtledly commanded to perform. They demonstrated anger & feigned-outrage at those who choose otherwise.

  29. lamberth says:

    What a great piece this is Jon, IMO your best yet.

    Fully agree, what we’ve witnessed over the past year is a ritual, a magic show to permanently alter humanity.
    Just as nine11 was a ritual, and one could go on going further back in history and see this pattern repeat over and over.

  30. Peter says:

    Thank you Jon for all your great insight i pray that you will be protected from all evil forces who are eliminating all who can think and use their minds eyes to see the great covid con job..i also use this opportunity to say condolences to the family of the late tanzanian president .who was brave enough to deify illogical lockdown order from covid high priests and also to open the eyes of the Tanzania population to the con of taking a vaccine for a virus that is not proven to exist…i would also invite your audience to listen to Bob Marley song mr Brown ..its about a coffin on four wheels driving itself with four vultures each time it was announced to be at a certain location in the cities as soon as the crowds arrived it was said to be in another city that coffin was never seen by anyone but the creator of the propaganda and his cohorts….send the fool a little further…the covid virus isolated so where is the virus…listen to Bob Marley song mr Brown try to get the picture. Think people think.

  31. Charles Webb says:

    Top drawer Mr Rappoport!

    I’ve been struggling to understand why the press nearly went into melt-down in 2018 when a teenage girl ate a Pret-a-Manger sandwich containing sesame seeds and died from the subsequent anaphylactic shock versus the stony silence when it comes to the numerous deaths from the “experimental injection”. Your article has shed much light on this phenomenon.

    This cabal and its cult are masters of turning the social body against itself just as they turn the body in on itself i.e. an unstoppable auto-immune response. My fear is that we have a self-augmenting death-machine here. Meaning that any further ramped-up ‘outbreak’ could cause society to ‘jack-knife’ whereby the now hysterical cult will ‘force’ the so-called authorities to ‘take action’ on the unclean. I mean, unvaccinated.

    Is anyone else reminded of Lenard Cohen’s ‘The Future’ where he sings “I’ve seen the future baby,

  32. Lewis Papier says:

    Jon this has to be your best piece yet. I was just waiting for you to discuss the inner psychology behind the Covid madness. As I believe you point out, all the actors here get vicarious thrills as participants. But there’s no real danger at all. It’s a made up danger. Like you say it’s that they enjoy the thrill without actually having to get themselves sullied. Imagine if the Covidiots were suddenly transported to Wall Street on 9/11 and the dust plume was heading toward them after the towers collapsed. Yeah they would be running for their lives like everyone. But there’s no running for your lives with Covid. It’s a game of imminent threat by proxy. None of these “believers” demand proof of anything. To them, only the high priests backed up by the consensus of “science” are a legitimate source of information. No one questions why people are dying—it can only be for one reason. Covid is like a cheap soap opera. The villains and heroes are all defined to the tee with no shades of gray.

  33. Mac says:

    Would agree the covid con is structure of ulterior motives, no claim or dictate is for freedom. The ones who direct, continue directing because there’s not enough people directing selves. Lot of cons/ In our face in everything. why www , and https and // . three w’s , or is it six v’s , 3 and 6. 666. . and 11. why. why not just ww. world web or ww and htps . period. why two t’s. or eleven. what it is about eleven. who made nine eleven ’emergency’, then same date as con ‘nine eleven’. why not two eleven for emergency. eleven appears to brain as positive. so is used a lot. nine strikes the brain harder, also six is striking number. nine and eleven puts strike number next to positive brain number, to mess with brain.

    why. who are the many dictating symbols or words. obviously not only one or two or handful. takes many thousands doing smiley cons,. why not more people use personal strength and choose future. share with others who are same. they train from birth, shoot vax in babies, but, who lets them do it. doctors are strangers. half lawyers are con gang. when I see politic sign someone trying to be govrmnt ‘vote’ for them, what I vision under the name is word predator. anyone who votes for gov/state and predators is mental case. the few exceptions don’t matter. never did. can notes from comment to if something reaonates. paper pen better than copy paste. who knows how long sites or whatever will be on web. why censoring. Why is anyone anywhere able to tell others what to think or not.

    Anyone being a censor should be censored by each person, and not be in any position to censor mass people. they can shut down web. already crap now to search. why. who. many cons baited people to be on fones and web, now, will shut down. was used as scam trap. – of course realize this is on web, but also say should focus where live. most my energy is where live, not on web. life is trees, and clean water, and fighting scum, and sharing, and grasses, and living oceans and choosing create for a free future. Agree with Jon oc-cult types benefit by the covid con. could say covid is oc cult satanic con and turn it aroud on the cons. be smarter then they are.

  34. Phil Till says:

    What’s killing so many people, their imagination, their naiveté, their programming, their followable personalities,their weak minds, their tv watching, what? I think there have been many more “sickness” deaths the past year than usual regardless of the diagnosis. It’s REAL. It was made in Ft. Deitrich Md., taken to Wuhan to look like the Chinese did it (clever), exposed military athletes at the sports games, infected the airliners, and probably a lot of chemtrail spraying.

  35. MG says:

    Thank you, Jon, for the compendium.

    And the three refuge elements are present: teaching — THE virus, teacher — the learnt Fausti, fellow practitioners — the woke/normies/[your favorite moniker for them here]. Bravo!

  36. jenny says:

    Really appreciate the piece JR, reading a review and looking at the narrative as you call it puts it in perspective. Things kept going and keep going. It would be good it there was another planet, but, no such luck on that one. Thanks for the article.

  37. eceres says:

    Still can’t believe the masks, freaking me out to be plain about it. This list out of different things they get away with reminds me of other things controller types have been doing, on one hand pander to women, but men didn’t react, while other media infers men are tough because they ‘watch sports’, but most people haven’t been tough about this, neither gender.
    I read the middle part of article about masks and think about mentality, are go-along types arrogant, or don’t know how to want freedom.

    Starting to think people should have raised kids both male and female to be more masculine, not femy, or more people would be saying no.

    There has been a lot of steering, false ‘strength’, same time the system rewarding scammers, vile males and females get away with whatever because good people don’t support each other, gang up on crust types or stop system that rewards crap people, courts reward scammers, and jail good people, and ‘free bad criminals, and goverment are the same. Very backward.

    The scam types busy ripping people off, and general ignorant types haven’t been hit by scammers yet so don’t care about anything or freedom, but soon everyone will be hit no matter what they think they ‘have’, but, by then too late to care about masks, or freedom, or scammers taking over, whether state scammers, or people you come across who focus on greed.

    I think there’s more than we know that don’t want to wear masks, but do because don’t realize how many others don’t want to either. Lots of people know the masks don’t do anything and that vaccs aren’t good.

    potions roil boil and bubble, wrap in tiny bottles and call it official, or is that o fish ul, definitely very fishy.

    They say fish goes bad in three days, maybe not if dry it like jerky, or put it on ice or on cold river rock, but anyway it’s been a year now people wearing them, whole year. A day was too long, imo.

  38. Tim says:

    Cuts through all the high and mighty CRAP.

    ps; I appreciate this little refuge of sanity you are sharing here, Thanks

  39. Benton says:

    How many ways does it take to spell hoax. PCR hoax, fauci says masks don’t work, then says wear two, hoax. The vaccines changing people’s genes doesn’t appear to be a hoax though.

    The vaccines angle to prod people around has always been bad, this is a whole other level. I agree they use many types of brainwashing, scaring or baiting people, very planned it seems.

  40. Béla Bartók says:

    Very good one, Jon.

  41. george says:

    There are few ways to end this craziness: global flood, supervolcano, nuclear war, big asteroid.. that will stop parasites from leaving earth and infecting other planets.

    Sheep waking-up is not an option. it has zero chance of happening.

  42. TMgreen says:

    Let’s say the viral genome of Sars-Cov-2 is 100% correct and PCR is 100% as they use it.

    Does the amplified particle collected using PCR have any infectious capabilities?

    No it does not. Not without the whole genome and protein.

    If the particle is proof there is the rest of the genome somewhere in the body can the rest of the genome infect?

    No because it is incomplete since we are in possession of one of its gene thanks to PCR.

    Can fragmented virus particles reassemble itself in the body?

    No it cannot. Only lab technology can reassemble nucleotides and create missing parts to reform a full viral genome.

  43. Pam says:

    Well said! This is what I’m observing also – people are enjoying the drama, they won’t let go of it. It’s like we’re all in some stupid reality show.

  44. Greg C. says:

    Remember that scene in Close Encounters of the Third Kind where the scientists keep telling Richard Dreyfuss to keep his mask on or he will die from Anthrax? At the end of the scene, a helicopter takes Dreyfuss away, and as soon as he is out of sight, the scientists take off their masks. We have no excuse – countless mask authorities have already been caught not wearing a mask and breaking their own rules. Based on that alone, no one should believe.

  45. Cam says:

    They believe their power is unstoppable now. They are no longer covert. When was the counterfeit pope of the NWO installed….on 3/13/13.

  46. RAFO says:

    Yes… very few realize we’re dealing with genuine died in the wool Satanists here. EVERYTHING they do has an occult ritualistic meaning… even the dates and time of day they do something has significant meaning for them. Now that millions are knowing or unknowingly in “The Cult”, where does it go from here?? Answer… this, and perhaps future events similar to this, is a warm up for the ultimate cult… swearing allegiance (either knowingly or unknowingly) to Satan and taking the mark of the beast. There is NO HOPE for those who take the mark, so why start the process with a Covid jab or two (or three, or four, or five as time goes on)?? Turn your life over to Jesus… HE IS OUR ONLY HOPE AND REFUGE!

  47. Larry C says:

    “But no one wants to find out that the images and speculations he is entertaining are empty and barren. HE PREFERS to think a ceremony is highly charged and, on some level, is important to him.”

    I find myself wondering lately, whether our Entire Culture – such as it is – is not empty and barren.

  48. Bobbi says:

    If you all knew what I know and had been thru the Hell I have, you would realize just how spot on Jon is.

  49. Ame says:

    This is yet another example of how You spell it all out Jon, for anyone to understand. Many commented on your brilliance – simplicity AKA genius. Those who suffer must are the conscious when they are corralled with the virtue signalers.

  50. Leethal says:

    There is a LOT of truth in what you say. We can see this whenever we install a new king. Pomp and circumstance combined with solemness to add mystery we are initiating a “god” right to be bestowed on our god/king leaders.

    Some who were rapist, of all things. Others, snotty little cheats. But the show must go on…..

  51. Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

    Just want to say that I appreciate this brilliant writing by Jon, and also all the comments.

    Thanks for always being on target, Jon!!!!!

  52. Tom Jackson says:

    From Dr. Steven Hozi at:
    who states: “The so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine at all. It is an experimental gene therapy…does not provide the individuals who receive the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19, nor does it prevent the transmission of this disease…does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. It does not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the disease. By referring to this therapy as a ‘vaccine,’ the pharmaceutical companies are attempting to shield themselves, because vaccine injuries or deaths are exempted by law from any product liability lawsuits…These ‘vaccines’ were approved without any published animal studies and without any long-term human studies…”

  53. Jimmy Thunder says:

    “…the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by an endless series of hobgoblins – most of them IMAGINARY”
    – HL Mencken
    He was known for reporting the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trail (with Clarence Darrow) It likewise held out similar occult ‘final resolution & rescue’

  54. john killen says:

    Killer article!
    Again your brilliance and accuracy amaze me and I thank you Jon R.

  55. Ed_bcn says:

    Excellent article.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and I really want to thank you for your persistence.

    I come back to your blog regularly to feel less isolated, and it works.

    I’ve been reading a lot about hypnosis during the last few months and that has changed my look on how to deal with this “reality” (monolyth) on a daily basis.

    This article also reminded me of an old Youtube video where you talk about secret societies, I love how mock a guy at home saying “hey, that’s reality…”

    Thanks for keeping up the fight, I wish there were more brave men like you.

  56. MagicBullet says:

    I called Dr Eimi Nakayama, Asso. Prof. Dept Microbiology at Osaka Univ

    She was lead researcher on an NHK special called “closing in on seeing Corona”, showing “viruses” surrounding cells on a big screen moving at time-lapse speed and destroying 4 cells. […]

    ME: How did you confirm these cells on the TV video were Covid?

    HER: We didn’t, but other cells we infected with the Kanagawa strain, which were diagnosed by nasal swab and PCR

    ME: Did you isolate this virus?

    HER: Yes it was from Vero cells and genotyped. This batch wasn’t isolated by density gradient, but others have been.

    ME: OK do you have a research paper showing gradient isolation?

    HER: No but there’s many out there.

    ME: Yes, I’ve read many of them, they show culturing, gene sequencing, and E-M photos but no density gradient.

    HER: They’re out there, but density gradient isolation itself isn’t enough to get a paper published.

    ME: To make public policy and vaccinate the whole world there should be isolation right? Is there an isolate to buy?

    HER: You can buy an isolate from here:

    ME (later): This heat-inactivated isolate was based on one-patient from this CDC paper which only did a cell-culture and genome, no isolation:
    Article: only cell culture and genome:

    HER: You can ask BEI Resources, we often buy Covid isolates from them.

    ME (later): I wrote to BEI Resources about their NUMEROUS covid “isolates”, they replied:

    None of these products are really purified. Each of the virus strains are provided as cell lysate and supernatant. They definitely will not have been separated into density gradients and this is not something we would have tested for during the course of the normal QC and Authentication testing for these items.


    BEI Resources
    Customer/Technical Services
    Administered by ATCC
    10801 University Blvd
    Manassas Virginia, 20110-2209
    Email: […]
    Phone: […]

    I have the 20 min discussion in Japanese with the Dr. recorded.

  57. Joe Biden says:

    This was explained almost 1 year ago by someone else
    May 19, 2020

  58. Cindy says:

    Jon. I am puzzled.

    If the covid does not exist then why are inmates in prison spreading it (they say), along with states that are showing an increase. If it is not covid the please what is it??? Or is all of this fake news?? Do we have covid or not???

    I don’t believe in the masks or vaccines never had one except when no fault of mine when I was young had not choice that’s what they did but never had another oh yea hepatitis shot because I had to for for my CNA now I wish I had not,

    Please can you tell me if covid is real or not if not then what is spreading in all these places they say.

    Thank you

    • Andy says:

      Cindy, I’m not Jon, but the answer is “no”, the entire thing is manufactured, fabricated, staged, an illusion – and a very good one at that, at least until you’ve seen through it. I was caught by surprise, taken in, fooled, asleep, for about 2 to 3 weeks before the cognitive dissonance became so great that I had to start resolving it, which involved a heck of a lot of research, and soul-searching. I was awakened by the 9/11 theatrics but fell asleep again over the past few years. I’m wide awake now and have every intention of never letting my guard down again. All the best to you.

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