The COVID narrative as an occult work of art

by Jon Rappoport

March 24, 2021

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Readers who have been with me the past year know I’ve dismantled every piece of the official COVID narrative. Factually. Scientifically.

I knew from 30 years of experience—investigating HIV/AIDS, West Nile, SARS1, Swine Flu, Ebola and Zika—what to look for in the fake COVID science.

I also want to look at the COVID narrative as an occult work of art. That is, it embroils the uninformed person in an initiation of sorts, with the promise of a final revelation and rescue.

Occult initiations are mysteries, in the sense that the believer is fed steps and procedures which he can’t fathom, or only partially understands.

This is purposeful. The believer’s imagination is engaged without him knowing it. He attributes meaning to factual gibberish.

But no one wants to find out that the images and speculations he is entertaining are empty and barren. HE PREFERS to think a ceremony is highly charged and, on some level, is important to him.

Thus, at the beginning, when “the virus is discovered,” and the initiation is introduced, the believer’s imagination clicks, and he senses he is on a new track of experience. He is entranced:

This is not ordinary life any longer. This is different. Fear, interest, excitement, anticipation are all available. Which are exactly what occult initiations are supposed to provoke: the magnified sense of possibility. The Ordinary is gone.

“Researchers have found a new virus, which is causing an outbreak.” Found a virus? What does that mean? The virus has been isolated. What does that mean? The virus has been sequenced. What does that mean? The believer can automatically apply his own images and thoughts and sensations and feelings to this mystery.

And indeed, the whole “virus discovery process” HAS been conducted behind closed doors, in high-security facilities, in a sanctum where only the priests can operate. Because they possess the magic.

They have found the enemy.

Next comes a new piece of magic. The test. The priests have devised a highly complex system of amulet arranging and rubbing, in order to detect the presence of the virus in a human.

How did they accomplish this, and so quickly? Through AMPLIFICATION. The essence of the specimen taken from the patient—in itself an initiatory step—is so small, no microscope can register it. But through a successive series of “doublings,” the specimen is transformed into a visible object.

And the believer will take this (PCR) test. Another step on the road.

Minor priests will announce the outcome of the test to the believer. Positive or negative. Now the meaning of “the virus” sinks in: infected or not infected. Either way, the initiation is proceeding.

If infected, there will be potions. “Anti-virals.” Ventilators, to bring what the believer may not be able to provide himself: the breath of life.

And yes, one possible outcome is death. This is no superficial initiation. The stakes are high, very high.

We come, of course, to the mask. The believer’s identity will be protected. Masking makes one an anonymous member of a very large group—all of whom are undergoing the same ceremony and enforcing it on others. Secret society.

Masking, traditionally, is for criminals as well. (The thrill of the outlaw.)

Masking also erases identity. The believer can find (imagine) a new persona.

Masking includes a sense of sacrifice. “I eliminate who I was, for the Cause.”

Masking introduces touches of humiliation, guilt, and pride. All standard elements of initiation.

Distancing provides “necessary isolation,” so the initiatory process for the individual can proceed unhampered. Distancing (like masking) separates the Clean from the Unclean.

The lockdown is further isolation. Removal from the influences of the outside world and its distractions. “The monk in his cell.” Great sacrifice of the means of financial support, in order to attain purity. Renunciation of ordinary work (employment) for a higher purpose; purification.

And finally, rescue and revelation—the vaccine. The injection. The transformation of cells of the body, which now produce a protein that stimulates the action of the immune system; a protein that under ordinary circumstances would never come into being. Miracle.

Immunity and purity are attained. Elite status is won through enduring the whole preceding ritual. A document (wellness certificate) is created and recorded. The initiate can now reenter the world. He is made anew.

If he suffered from the injection—well, that was part of what he needed to endure. If he died, that, too, was “worthy.” A sacrifice on the altar of The Group.

Of course, this COVID initiation isn’t meant to be a CONSCIOUS occult ceremony. The person isn’t meant to know he is in a cult. He senses glimmers and rivulets of ritual. He swims among them. He knows very little, but he FEELS.

As with every occult process, reality is created for him. The whole purpose of the steps on the ladder to redemption is: the quelling of the person’s own creative fire, by which he can invent his own future, freely.

In effect, the cult artists say: “You don’t make your own painting; our painting makes you.”

Through the pretended “science” of virology (fake isolation, fake sequencing) and the pretended “science” of vaccinology (fake immunity), the State—which is already an authoritarian entity—becomes a Cult.

Prior law (the Constitution) is ruled out; it is anathema. It didn’t account for the new great enemy: the virus. “Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty” is replaced: “The eternal virus demands the curtailment of liberty.”

“Science” is the cover story that conceals the occult hypnotic inducement.

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

98 comments on “The COVID narrative as an occult work of art

  1. Leethal says:

    There is a LOT of truth in what you say. We can see this whenever we install a new king. Pomp and circumstance combined with solemness to add mystery we are initiating a “god” right to be bestowed on our god/king leaders.

    Some who were rapist, of all things. Others, snotty little cheats. But the show must go on…..

  2. Caroyn Gutman Dey says:

    Just want to say that I appreciate this brilliant writing by Jon, and also all the comments.

    Thanks for always being on target, Jon!!!!!

  3. Tom Jackson says:

    From Dr. Steven Hozi at:
    who states: “The so-called COVID-19 ‘vaccine’ is not a vaccine at all. It is an experimental gene therapy…does not provide the individuals who receive the vaccine with immunity to COVID-19, nor does it prevent the transmission of this disease…does not meet the CDC’s own definition of a vaccine. It does not provide immunity or prevent transmission of the disease. By referring to this therapy as a ‘vaccine,’ the pharmaceutical companies are attempting to shield themselves, because vaccine injuries or deaths are exempted by law from any product liability lawsuits…These ‘vaccines’ were approved without any published animal studies and without any long-term human studies…”

  4. Jimmy Thunder says:

    “…the whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed and hence clamorous to be led to safety by an endless series of hobgoblins – most of them IMAGINARY”
    – HL Mencken
    He was known for reporting the 1925 Scopes Monkey Trail (with Clarence Darrow) It likewise held out similar occult ‘final resolution & rescue’

  5. john killen says:

    Killer article!
    Again your brilliance and accuracy amaze me and I thank you Jon R.

  6. Ed_bcn says:

    Excellent article.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a year now and I really want to thank you for your persistence.

    I come back to your blog regularly to feel less isolated, and it works.

    I’ve been reading a lot about hypnosis during the last few months and that has changed my look on how to deal with this “reality” (monolyth) on a daily basis.

    This article also reminded me of an old Youtube video where you talk about secret societies, I love how mock a guy at home saying “hey, that’s reality…”

    Thanks for keeping up the fight, I wish there were more brave men like you.

  7. MagicBullet says:

    I called Dr Eimi Nakayama, Asso. Prof. Dept Microbiology at Osaka Univ

    She was lead researcher on an NHK special called “closing in on seeing Corona”, showing “viruses” surrounding cells on a big screen moving at time-lapse speed and destroying 4 cells. […]

    ME: How did you confirm these cells on the TV video were Covid?

    HER: We didn’t, but other cells we infected with the Kanagawa strain, which were diagnosed by nasal swab and PCR

    ME: Did you isolate this virus?

    HER: Yes it was from Vero cells and genotyped. This batch wasn’t isolated by density gradient, but others have been.

    ME: OK do you have a research paper showing gradient isolation?

    HER: No but there’s many out there.

    ME: Yes, I’ve read many of them, they show culturing, gene sequencing, and E-M photos but no density gradient.

    HER: They’re out there, but density gradient isolation itself isn’t enough to get a paper published.

    ME: To make public policy and vaccinate the whole world there should be isolation right? Is there an isolate to buy?

    HER: You can buy an isolate from here:

    ME (later): This heat-inactivated isolate was based on one-patient from this CDC paper which only did a cell-culture and genome, no isolation:
    Article: only cell culture and genome:

    HER: You can ask BEI Resources, we often buy Covid isolates from them.

    ME (later): I wrote to BEI Resources about their NUMEROUS covid “isolates”, they replied:

    None of these products are really purified. Each of the virus strains are provided as cell lysate and supernatant. They definitely will not have been separated into density gradients and this is not something we would have tested for during the course of the normal QC and Authentication testing for these items.


    BEI Resources
    Customer/Technical Services
    Administered by ATCC
    10801 University Blvd
    Manassas Virginia, 20110-2209
    Email: […]
    Phone: […]

    I have the 20 min discussion in Japanese with the Dr. recorded.

  8. Joe Biden says:

    This was explained almost 1 year ago by someone else
    May 19, 2020

  9. Cindy says:

    Jon. I am puzzled.

    If the covid does not exist then why are inmates in prison spreading it (they say), along with states that are showing an increase. If it is not covid the please what is it??? Or is all of this fake news?? Do we have covid or not???

    I don’t believe in the masks or vaccines never had one except when no fault of mine when I was young had not choice that’s what they did but never had another oh yea hepatitis shot because I had to for for my CNA now I wish I had not,

    Please can you tell me if covid is real or not if not then what is spreading in all these places they say.

    Thank you

    • Andy says:

      Cindy, I’m not Jon, but the answer is “no”, the entire thing is manufactured, fabricated, staged, an illusion – and a very good one at that, at least until you’ve seen through it. I was caught by surprise, taken in, fooled, asleep, for about 2 to 3 weeks before the cognitive dissonance became so great that I had to start resolving it, which involved a heck of a lot of research, and soul-searching. I was awakened by the 9/11 theatrics but fell asleep again over the past few years. I’m wide awake now and have every intention of never letting my guard down again. All the best to you.

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