Antifa/BLM should be protesting against drug cartels and banks

If the CIA admitted the truth about the destruction of society

by Jon Rappoport

March 9, 2021

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This is a work of fiction, in the form of an interview. It presents a thesis about the protection of high-level criminals.

I lay out the thesis in this fashion, because it’s the fastest and clearest way to get to the heart of the matter.

A reporter interviews a former CIA executive who is fed up and decides to spill many beans.

REPORTER: I recently read a report about an elite elementary school in California. Nine-year-old children were being taught to “explore different aspects of their identity”—especially pertaining to privilege…how their place in society gives them an inherent advantage over “disenfranchised children.”

CIA EXECUTIVE: I’m familiar with the situation. In that case, it was Asian kids who supposedly had the privilege. Their higher levels of performance in school were characterized as some kind of “systemic crime.” Usually, this theory is pushed to describe the difference between black and white children. It’s a dead end.

Q: What do you mean?

A: Well, under that theory, you would have to reshape all of society to finally see disenfranchised children rise to their true level. It’s impossible. You would have to brainwash and reprogram everyone. It’s CIA MKULTRA in a new form. Worse, you remove all responsibility from the lower-performing children themselves, their families, their teachers, and their communities. You absolutely refuse to look at what’s actually going on.

Q: What is actually going on?

A: That’s a long story. Let’s take a couple of issues. What is happening in black communities in major cities…police brutality is far from the main problem. Very high up on the list would be GANGS, their violence, their crimes, their shootings, their sale of life-destroying drugs, their recruiting of young children. Gangs make it very difficult for significant investments to come into the economies of those communities. Gangs make neighborhoods and communities into war zones, where people can’t walk down streets without fear. I would advise—don’t talk to men about this. Don’t talk to the men who live in those places. Talk to the mothers who are raising children on their own. Get those mothers to tell you what they REALLY think about the gangs and their effect on people’s lives. Do you ever see that on the news? Many mothers really telling that story as they see it and experience it every day?

Q: How do you solve THAT situation? The gangs.

A: Have you ever wondered why more criminal cases aren’t brought against these gangs? I’m not talking about the prosecution of individuals. I’m talking about big cases.

Q: Such as?

A: RICO cases, which were made against New York mafia families. Cases filed on the basis of “continuing criminal enterprises.” That’s what RICO is. That’s what it’s for.

Q: You’re saying RICO charges could work against gangs? As a wholesale strategy? As a way of breaking them up, imprisoning significant numbers of members and leaders?

A: With enough effort, absolutely. It would be revolutionary, in a good sense. Then you would see tremendous positive change in those neighborhoods.

Q: So why aren’t RICO cases being made?

A: How do gangs make their money?

Q: Selling drugs.

A: Where do the drugs come from? Mexico. Other places. Now we’re talking about drug cartels. Some of these American inner-city gangs are distributors for the cartels. For instance, in Chicago, which has been a major junction for shipping drugs all over the US.

Q: And? So?

A: The Mexican cartels have to launder their cash. Billions and billions of dollars. Maybe trillions, all told. For that, they need banks. Now we’re talking about very high-level criminals. The banks. Also, major corporations that are strapped for cash. Drug money is available to these corporations. Their stock prices depend on that cash.

Q: You’re saying inner-city gangs are protected from RICO prosecutions, because they’re part of the overall drug empire.

A: Yes.

Q: So BLM and Antifa should be protesting against drug cartels and banks.

A: You’re damn right they should. Why aren’t they? Because the money behind BLM and Antifa, and their political connections, are tied into the drug empire. Tied in close enough so it’s “hands off,” leave the gangs alone. Instead, focus everything on protests against the cops.

Q: Antifa and BLM are fronts for the drug empire?

A: Not on the ground level. Antifa and BLM are “diversionary ops.” They’re pushed out there to deflect attention from the biggest problem that’s destroying inner-city black communities: the gangs. And the gangs are left untouched, because they’re part of the massive global drug trade.

Q: We started out talking about the reprogramming of society, on the premise that brainwashing everybody would somehow elevate the performance of “disenfranchised children” and wipe out “privilege.”

A: Right. That’s more than just a diversionary op, but it does serve that purpose. It does deflect attention away from what is literally destroying black communities: gangs.

Q: If you’re right about this, the destruction of inner cities is really an elite program.

A: Well, it is. Of course, the gangs aren’t victims in this plot. It would be a gross mistake to think of them that way. They’re very pro-active. They’re criminal cultures. They aren’t any different from other criminal organizations and mafias.

Q: It’s hard to imagine so many people, including celebrities, are taking BLM and Antifa at face value. No questions asked.

A: Now you’re getting into deeper water. Now you’re getting into a more fundamental level of reshaping society. I’m referring to the overall culture of victimhood. People are programmed to elevate supposed victims into automatic heroes. This means: find a victim and then blame the wrong group for the victim’s plight. Remove every single shred of responsibility from the victim himself. In that way, cripple him. Make him think he can’t rise, he can’t advance, until his oppressors take their hands off his neck. That’s a dead end. Look at the whole college system of education these days. Where is it headed? Every student is programmed to believe he is either a victim or an oppressor.

Q: This would be a new level and scope of the CIA’s MKULTRA program. The mind control program.

A: Yes. Instead of trying to reprogram the thought processes of one individual, do it all at once. For huge numbers of people. It’s based on the premise that you can get many people to feel guilty about SOMETHING, if you harass them long enough. And you can get many people feeling good about being oppressed, if you tell them the oppression is the sole source of their problems. The one thing you leave out is: any individual or group can rise up through their own efforts. Once you go there, the whole mind control program begins to fall apart.

Q: Suppose BLM and Antifa really did begin to protest against drug cartels and banks?

A: Their money would dry up, that’s for sure. It would have to be a bootstrap operation. Very little press coverage. Celebrity supporters would get nervous. And if you brought China into it, and their business of selling opioids to the West, those celebrities would claim total ignorance and run for the hills.

Q: So the oppression of these inner cities, by the gangs and the drug cartels and the banks is very real.

A: Of course it is. But at the same time, you need the premise that any person or group can and must rise through their own efforts. You correctly nail the real criminals who are doing the bulk of the oppression, AND you also teach people that the way out of their great troubles is through their own efforts.

Q: The role of gangs in the drug empire, and the failure to prosecute them through RICO cases…the CIA is aware of this?

A: For a long time, clandestine units of the CIA have facilitated drug trafficking. But many players are aware. In one way or another, they feed at the money trough. They view inner cities as profitable breeding grounds for drug-cartel foot-soldiers. Gangs.

Q: This overall re-programming of society you mention. The cult of victimhood. This is a CIA op?

A: It’s much, much wider than that. As just one example, the entire education system of the country has been enlisted in this op. Think “big government.” After all, who is portrayed as the “rescuer of all the victims?” Government. Right now, in the COVID fraud, who is positioned as the savior of the entire “victimized population?” Government. We’re looking at a long-term power grab, by the government which, by its sheer size and power, has gone light years past what the Constitution permits. And then you look at government, and you see where it’s heading. Toward a global management system. The usual players are involved. World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller forces, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, major banks, Big Tech, etc. But their plans depend on their ability to sell the victim-oppressor model, especially in America. That model debilitates the natural human impulse to live and work on the basis of individual freedom.

Q: And the black and Hispanic communities?

A: Designated pawns in this lethal game. Starting with Lyndon Johnson’s War on Poverty, in 1966, those communities have gradually been portrayed as victim-heroes, in order to expand the re-programming of society. In order to turn everything upside down. But again, it does no good to look at one’s self solely as a pawn. People and communities have to rise up through that. Another function of Antifa/BLM: to keep victimhood front and center…

The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

45 comments on “Antifa/BLM should be protesting against drug cartels and banks

  1. Sean says:

    So good to learn that I live on a planet that requires little creativity or freedom or law and order, if any. Just a bunch of competing total control freaks and their supporting cast, manifesting my reality for me day in and day out. Great show. Most impressive. So powerful. So wonderful. Thanks. Keep up the great work. What would I do without all of you. Let me know my next move.

  2. DryasYounger1 says:

    BLM, Antifa and gangs – in the glaring light of truth.

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:


    Our system has done much to destroy the human immune system and now it is trying to finish it off with a vaccine. Antifa, BLM and all those groups are protesting about the wrong thing and against the wrong people. The destruction of the human immune system continues apace without any consideration for race, creed or color.

    • stephen langley says:

      ????… with this caveat: Methinks there is much “consideration for race, creed [and] color”, i.e. as targets …people of color and faith are primary targets of the cabal. The intent being destruction of the “folk soul” of the different races and their various cultures that align with their respective spiritualities.

  4. BS Detector says:

    What is truly astonishing is how the technofascists have managed to hack the collective mind of the left to support these corporate power plays that are anything but liberal or progressive in any genuine sense.

    If BLM had its priorities straight, it would be waging a full-on offensive against today’s equivalent of the Tuskegee experiments, these poisonous COVID jabs and protesting how these lockdown policies have destroyed black-owned small businesses. I was about to say “decimated”, but it’s actually far worse than 1 in 10, more like 1 in 2.

    The positive side-effect is that as people wake up and smell the bullshit, an authentically liberal and progressive movement in the tradition of Abe Lincoln, TR, JFK, RFK, MLK, and now RFK, Jr. is arising.

    • BS Detector: strange irony in your name as compared to your comment, and you can’t tell the difference between shit and shinola.

      Authentic? Progressive?

      We’re in no man land!

      But, but… but…

      He is still an elite. Born a platinum spoon in the mouth elite.

      He is still a Kennedy!

      Did you know that John F. Kennedy stole the election and had help, and made a deal by taking Johnson as his running mate against all logical advice even from his brother and close advisors. It was bad enough being a Catholic, but now he had labour against him. There was no other reason to take LBJ than a fix…and Hollywood was right there with him. And we know Hollywood is run by the CIA, and has been for quite some time.

      Kennedy was the FIX.

      And then Robert Strange McNamara. That like have the fox guard the hen house. The Irish mob ran politics for too long during that era…

      Are you serious? RFK jr…just a different shade of red, BS. Considers himself even an elite liberal; a classic liberal.

      He is a beard concealing the long truth that he has known about his whole life, like who runs the country and the pecking order. You think he is a man of the people, he makes a fortune doing what he does, because he is allowed too, and he is recognizable and a Massachusetts lawyer. One of their own. He more than anybody knows what happens when you go against what you have been told to do.

      You think he is some catholic martyr that will give it up for you….hah?

      Why are you still looking to pols to correct the world?… they fucked it up.
      Using the same thinking to correct a problem each and every time is a sure sign of insanity…are you insane?

      They own the plantation and that what counts, how much money and power you have and nothing more. And they won’t share. They believe they rule by divine right.

      Your taking up their oxygen and they want you gone, you and missus BS and all the little BS’ers.

      RFK Jr is and always will be a Kennedy, and they, the Kennedy’s remain Kennedy not opposing the establishment. They are the establishment. Dyed in the wool, blue-blooded-establishment.

      JFK jr’s only saving grace is he is autistic, an Asperger from the top drawer, a system thinker that is solution driven, but he not fucking stupid.

      The fix has been in decades and decades and decades and decades ago…

      Wake up, your still dreaming.

      • 333 industries says:

        Awesome story Jon and great points Michael. The only name in that list above that was possibly more than a lying, dirty, tool of the tribe is Abe. TR, JFK, RFK, MLK, and now RFK, Jr. are exactly what you said. The silver lining to all of this though is, we are all merely energetic frequencies of light in a holographic matrix reality program.

      • ReluctantWarrior says:

        JFK was killed because he was anti-establishment. His Dad was establishment but both JFK and RFK went rogue on him and believe me they had many serious fights over it.

        JFK and RFK believed that we could build a better world and that irked the powers that be. Read JFK’s commencement Address at American University in June of 1963 and you will understand why they killed him. He was laying down a new vision for the world because he realized as did Mr. Khrushchev that nuclear weapons changed the game and threatened the very survival of humanity. JFK was in a constant state of war with the joint chiefs. Curtis LeMay, for example, wanted to nuke Cuba during the Cuban Missile Crisis but JFK nixed the idea rather harshly. One day while leaving a meeting of the Joint chiefs he quipped sarcastically to Ted Sorensen “And these Generals call themselves human beings.” JFK was perhaps the most anti-establishment President we have ever had. That is the way I see it.

        I have, therefore, chosen this time and this place to discuss a topic on which ignorance too often abounds and the truth is too rarely perceived–yet it is the most important topic on earth: world peace.

        “What kind of peace do I mean? What kind of peace do we seek? Not a Pax Americana enforced on the world by American weapons of war. Not the peace of the grave or the security of the slave. I am talking about genuine peace, the kind of peace that makes life on earth worth living, the kind that enables men and nations to grow and to hope and to build a better life for their children–not merely peace for Americans but peace for all men and women–not merely peace in our time but peace for all time.”

      • Tim says:

        You kinda contradict yourself concerning JFK and RFK, unless you believe it was just some unconnected/random wacko’s that assasinated them.

        There are levels and degrees of submission to evil, none of us is operating from perfection in this world, except intermittently maybe, there is also the idea of changing one’s mind, “repentence”, so, for me anyways, and in view of JFK’s freindship with McCarthy, I don’t believe he was fully aware, as few were, at the time, of the depth of the deceptions in and of this world, he and his brother found out though…
        ps; I’m not in to politics, govt is not my “savior”.

        • ReluctantWarrior says:

          I don’t think that I contradict myself at all. Please show me how? I think basically what I am saying is that the CIA was the central locus of the Assassination plot. In 1963, as they are today, they were the heart of the Establishment. Kennedy threatened to break them into a thousand pieces and scatter them to the wind. So I am actually saying that it was a well orchestrated Government/Mafia plot to kill Kennedy and that there was nothing random about it.

    • stephen langley says:


  5. Brad S. says:

    The new cartel is the Vaxx industry lead by Gates. It will eclipse the drug cartels because it will be mandatory and funded by governments.

  6. Jim S Smith says:

    Jon, though you call this a piece of “fiction”, it is apropos to the maxim: “Truth is stranger than fiction.” Our entire “legal system” is ALL BASED ON FICTION.

    Classic case in example:

    The legal term, “person”:

    – “. . . includes any company, group, association, organization, entity, . . .

    And in some sections of “the law”, the defined “person” also includes the individual. “Person” is a legal construct, a fictional entity – for the purposes of applying the “law” thereto. – Most people do NOT understand this, because they are taught nothing about the true meaning within the law (unless you are well-connected enough to attend one of the prestigious “law schools”).

    Another huge problem, when trying to refer to the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES as the rights-defending “law”:

    IF the Constitution is taken out of context (from what it originally meant – ref: “The Federalist Papers”, “The Anti-Federalist Papers”, Thomas Paine’s “Common Sense”, Frederik(sic?) Bastiat’s “The Law”, etc.) – then the Constitution becomes a usable weapon by those who decide what it says.

    The clause about “the public welfare” was one such misconstrued usage,

    The Fourteenth Amendment clause “debts not to be questioned” is another misconstrued usage,

    Using only a partial reading of the First Amendment, as deliberately misconstrued, that became the basis of the misapplied “separation of church and state” false-argument (which was used to remove ANY public affirmation or practice of religion),

    The deliberate mis-reading and misconstruction of the Second Amendment – in trying to support the flawed argument that only a “well-regulated militia” (their thinking: “government-regulated militia”),

    And the huge list goes on and on.

    The psychological manipulations, together with the complete re-write of our history, our dictionary definitions (under political overtones), our education curricula, and the entirety of any part of the sphere of public discussion – have ALL contributed to what the ultimate plan has become today.

    THIS has all been a “long march”, over the course of several thousand years, at least. – And YES – much of it has helped along with the introduction of the politically-powerful “CHURCH”! – When I personally discovered this, through some fantastic revelation upon deep thinking and meditation – the whole of human history become so much clearer! MOST of “recorded” human history is utter trash, and completely at odds with what we see as our true, present reality!

    This especially goes out to all those who insist on “NAZI-Germany”, et al. (which Germany was NOT really “NAZI” at all. Just a handful of control-freaks – like we see around us now.) Most folks refuse to come to terms with the idea that the two “world wars” were the GLOBALISTS wars upon humanity! – After the failure of the “LEAGUE OF NATIONS” – because our own US SENATE refused to ratify the binding treaties to it, was what became the springboard for starting the process of “World War II” – in which the UNITED NATIONS would become the result, and the “progressive” push to a one-world government.

    This could not have been achieved in plain sight of the public. It had to be achieved in stealth, and with the attendant dis-information campaigns and “illusion-crafting” for it to progress to where we are today.

    It’s pretty bad when even the “globalist” planners are now openly calling for the enslavement of humanity – and hardly anyone in the public is listening, let alone aware of such! ! !

    So, I’d say the psycho-manipulation/programming has been a smashing success, and we are NOT beating the globalists at the present rate! – Mr. Alex Jones needs to own up to his part in misleading and even “domesticating” the populace into doing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING SUBSTANTIVE NOR ACTIONABLE to the advancement of their and all humanity’s survival!

    So, we have the psycho-programming going on, equally, on BOTH sides (if there really were “two-sides” to begin with) of the issue. Until WE reassert our own sovereign authority, and be willing to defend it – even to the death if need be – we will all continue to descend down this darkened path!

    Our DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE did NOT have an expiration date! ! ! It was a duty upon us all – to enforce the government’s compliance to the will of the People, in strict adherence to defending the natural birthrights of the People.

  7. DeadHeartDiary says:

    They should, but since they’re essentially statist agents, that won’t happen.

    Here, let me explain. We got these obvious corporate hierarchies (“pyramids”), obvious as in they project their superiority, have huge amounts of marketing, require your support etc. /\ You know?

    So imma tell you a “freemason secret”. You notice how they have more leverage over people who use common law? Well, that’s because they use private corporation.

    So I’m saying \/ . To counter their monolithic obvious pyramids where their heads carry no weight, we have to do the opposite, with communities of opposing private corporate hierarchies.

    With my private corporation, I started a society, btw. It only associates, by my rules. And you are free to associate with me, or to allow me to associate with you, though I will say, if you are an asshole, I ain’t providing sunlight.

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      That is to say, their direction is up, they need massive amounts of support, they market a lot, they’re kakistocratic and kleptocratic.

      So, are you tending to the ceiling of hell, or the floor of heaven?

      I ask, because coz hell is a place where the ceiling keeps on getting lower.

  8. Hyden says:

    Ive had enough with some people, total zombies. Time for some more knuckle sandwiches, oh that’s right cannot do that anymore either being a man is a big no no these days, you have to be a girly bitch and bend dover man and be a good obeying citizen, and then worship people with any bit of authority, cause that’s who I am in the world a goody two shoes complying with everything.. but really they evil in disguise as good.

  9. Antifa, BLM are all CCP run operations meant to subvert and disparage any semblance of common sense and to keeps everybody’s eye off China and its many many sins, and the assistance of their investment Joe Biden, whom they invested in becoming the POTUS and still are investing heavy into…Joe will open up the economy to them. And they have blackmail big time on Popeye, the man is obviously sick. And the truth is Kamala is actually the one.

    China aims for a race war and with Big Tech aiding in this destruction of America, the virus and all the other shit storms of adversity they pile on the west, they are the enemy, a dark cancer that has taken over China and aims for domination of the world.

    And these traitors like BLM and Antifa should, be shut down and arrested everyone of them, they are responsible for that staged event at the capital and are criminals now a fully operational and financed fifth column of the Chinese communists in the United States.

    • stephen langley says:

      Can’t argue against any of your comments. As we all know by now things are not what they seem. While it all appears most dire on the surface the powers of light are also in play… all occulted by media and our own negative victim mentality programming… so hard to break yet that is how simple the solution really is. It starts and ends with every individual and therein lies the problem: Not enough folks have awakened to form a critical mass… and not everyone will survive the process. Most still only find their power within these controlled opposition groups, BLM et al. The only real power is power over one’s self… the monumental task for all of humanity… a species of sovereign individuals in process of outgrowing the group/mass/hive/fear- based mind.

      • There is a clear and distinct difference between ‘Woke’ and ‘awake’ and that confusion is not by accident. There is a purpose to the confusion and its manufacture.

        And most who think they are awake are not and are neck deep within a systemic hypnosis and self hypnosis.

        Waking: one finds themselves in the middle of the Pacific ocean adrift in a hurricane and strangely feels at home and not afraid.

  10. stephen langley says:

    THANK YOU ! Well said, especially “asserting our individual soveriegnty” as the key… the way out of their Matrix. I am convinced that is where we are all headed. After all the efforts of the last few milleniums the psychopathic control freaks have reached the limits of their power. It was always done in the shadows but now they have to come out in the open in a desperate attempt to pull it off. They are way behind their own timetable and have not been completely successful in all their efforts. And most importantly humanity is not forsaken by the Creator.. we have been given all that we need for humanity to emerge stronger, wiser and more resolute than we’ve been programmed to believe. That being said, it’s gonna have to get real ugly for a critical mass to awaken. America is the key to their success or failure. I have faith we will rise to the task. “…be certain of one thing: America is destined to lead the world spiritually.” ~ Meher Baba (1894-1969). …and to date America has not completely fallen under their control… keep standing strong, brother !

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      Asserting “sovereignty” is only going to get you all kinds of fucked up.

      Remember, if you “declare sovereignty”, in “legal” fantasy land, that means you’re open game.

      As in, imagine would would happen to say, a small community in america that “declares sovereignty”, it’ll just be taken over because laws don’t apply then.

      That’s why I mentioned the communities of opposing pyramids, instead. You know, with fundamentally different principles, and those communities associate with each other…

      • Jim S Smith says:

        And there, you fall for “their” twisted mindgame!

        You ARE a Spiritual Sovereign. To be sovereign – is to be indivisible. Try to live your life “divided”?

        The sovereign is a thinker, and a do-er, creative and destructive, innovative, active and proactive, the sovereign is a mindful being. Anything else, is just another shadow of slavery!

        So let’em come at me! Most of “them” haven’t the courage to come face-to-face with one who has found and declared him/herself as sovereign before the eyes of their Creator!

  11. stephen langley says:

    More to come in that “interview”, Jon… me hopes !

  12. Not So Free says:

    **Antifa/BLM should be protesting against drug cartels and banks**
    They only “protest” who, when and where they are ordered to.

  13. Opie Poik says:

    Once you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the answer.
    ~ Sherlock Holmes

    Whether or not you believe in numerology, Homo Davos-Pathologicus Sapiens does – and acts on those beliefs.

  14. DeadHeartDiary says:

    As Dean Clifford says, if govt is derived from the people, any supposed law they use, is derived from you.

    So…that means, in essence, you make the law, or remind them that those laws they suggest don’t apply to you. *BUT*, they’ve been delegating without your informed consent, the creation of supposed laws. Those laws, are YOUR laws. Change them.

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      Though, see, with VOTING for them, and supporting them…you kinda implicitly allow some of that.

      Essentially, omission is what’s used to lie to you, and delegation is the means which they use to get YOU to do things they want.

      They try to distance themselves from their malice, understand?

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        Inherent with that, is the use of money, for abuse.

        Money cannot create anything, it is itself a derivative, at best a thought. It requires something REAL to even represent it.

        Thus it is FUNDAMENTALLY destructive. The more it is used, the more entropy results.

        I can take an apple, and I can derive an abstracted concept of money (which needs something to represent it, too) FROM that apple. But I cannot make an apple with money.

        Now, in a transformative sense, money isn’t necessarily horrific, but due to the delegation related to it, it is similarly omissive regarding realities of what it involves.

        You buy a smartphone, it’s very convenient. It certainly wasn’t so convenient for the slaves that had to construct that, so that someone else gets more money.

  15. Greg Gerdes says:

    And who perfected this culture of victim hood?

    Here’s a hint: The same people who are behind the major media outlets, the World Economic Forum, the Rockefeller forces, Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, major banks, Big Tech, etc.

    Come on, you know the answer.

    Just say it.

    Say it.

  16. L Garou says:

    We’re the NSA, NIA, NRO, DHS, DEA, DOJ, FIB, (cia) and we know nothing! Nothing!!

  17. ReluctantWarrior:

    JFK was a movie star…he hung around with the rat pack and all that Hollywood garbage crowd coming out after the war and the fast fifties. It reported he even tried acid…he played the part that reality programmed him for and he never missed a meal in his life or did without a single thing. And a certain kind of arrogance arises from that Buddha like life that was provided — but his dad, financed every bit of it, and being blue blood, he was groomed for the position of the ruling class since birth — well actually his brother Joseph Patrick Kennedy Jr was the prodigal son, and the main man for his father’s dream.

    Joe Jr was the apple of his father’s eye and he died prematurely he was his dad’s pistol, but John was a warrior as well. And second up to bat, and when an old man, an old Irish man gets something in his head about leaving a legacy…

    Joe Sr was establishment of the Irish mob, way back, a man who dragged himself up and out the of street business of it…he made many deals during the boot-legging days of the 20’s and thirties and wanted a son as the president of the United States. It was a pinnacle of his success to have a son as a president. He made money in Hollywood and the rackets. And had fierce contacts and business partners in Wall Street.

    Actually, all blue bloods want a president for a son. When your son becomes president, the whole family is enshrined in that opulence and importance – it’s a thing above money, truly the brass ring to be grasped and Joe Kennedy used all his means to make that happen. He made deals with the devil and all his demons and the mob to make sure JFK made it. They stole the election point blank, and labour helped – Unions talked and Union workers voted and expected. But when Kennedy shifted and he was forced to shift his position because of the deal made…he knew about this, it was a blood contract and then he reneged and shit hit the fan.

    His brother appointed by him became a bulldog and knew nothing of the deal and attacked the mob, as if he was bullet proof. Especially attacking jimmy Hoffa, and Hoffa was a made man, the mob’s man, and they’ll never find that guy.

    They had the Unions sewn up tight and the Kennedy’s spouting glamour and love and peace and flowers and the end to war, “WTF, do they know how the world runs?”

    And JFK he failed to go after Cuba, and the mob wanted it back, what was their property and he was balking and speaking to the world, of peace and freedom for all, a privilege he had forgotten or refuse to acknowledge he had as a blue blood through privilege. Instead of paying attention to his what his handlers were professing. The people who made him president. Not the people, the people have always done what they are told or what is in their financial gain.

    His father talked, and JFK refused to listen as the second son he was above his fathers wishes and now it was his turn. He was tired of playing second fiddle, a part of him knew he was always second choice. JFK was a fated man.

    He thought he above it all and, untouchable as POTUS. “What are they going do…shoot me?” his failure was to understand to truth of that matter, even Caesar fell victim to the same ignorance.

    Hollywood was run by the CIA and Joe Sr knew this, and information coming in from who Kennedy was hanging out with and it looked like Kennedy had decide to become a loose cannon and break the blood contract, and do his own thing.

    Dulles threatened him and told who was actually running the world, the fucking corporation, and so he decided to break the CIA in a thousand little pieces. And now he has really screwed the pooch and they’re not having it, so they attack his squeeze — Marilyn’s death was a warning “See, motherfucker, we can throw away even the most beautiful woman in world. You think you are above this…”

    He didn’t listen and decided he wanted it his own way, the mob sent Frank to get him fall in line and bingo, bango, bongo the most complex contract to kill a person was made between the CIA, the mob, Big oil and a pissed off Russian and Cubans and a band of evil fucking leprechauns.

    And you quote me the Do you know who runs that library and pays for it?

    The library and museum are part of the Presidential Library System, which is administered by the Office of Presidential Libraries, a part of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). And that’s the people who write fucking history, and also the people who commit the electoral votes from the electoral college to the congress. Regardless if the vote was fraud or not.

    A Warren Commission couldn’t get it right why would you think NARA would?

    History is owned and written by the victors, always has been, always will be.

    You fail to understand that Kennedy was like his time, a president of his time and all those kids who voted and got their hearts broke never survived that fateful day, they lost their souls, and the CIA even took a hold of that assassination that crisis and spun it into sixty years of conspiracy theories. And a mind fuck that most are still lost in…

    You want to understand what and who was behind it all read the David Talbot’s “The Devil’s Chessboard”.

    The Nazis won the war and ‘Operation Paperclip insured their place in the building of this technocracy and all that bullshit that has set us on this path to world government.

    The Kennedys are an institution, a foundation of rich blue bloods, and RFK Jr is making bucks and stroking his ego as an autistic like Bill Gates.

    The guy behind the curtain? He decides who lives or dies.

    JFK Jr is playing the part assigned to him.

    JFK quotes is him blowing smoke up hippy asses, they all make promises and but never, ever keep them.

    Since that time the CIA take the newly elected president in the back room and show him ‘their’ film of that day in Dallas and say “Do you understand asshole?”

    The Kennedys have always known about the CIA and JFK connection and have held a grudge, have been arch enemies but they are not stupid. They know what side their bread is buttered on…

    Do you know how many Kennedy Foundations there are now, and as we all know a foundation is a super way of making money and avoiding taxes?
    Bill gates made close to $30 Billion with his…
    The Childrens’s Health Defense is a cash cow, in the millions.

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      RFK isn’t an antivaxxer, so that automatically means he’s subversive.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        Personally, I appreciate some of the dangers he’s pointed out. But he keeps projecting the vaccine safety game. He’s a peddler peddling.

        One of his quotes was something like “I believe all americans should have a full vaccination schedule”…

        Something like that. Anyway, that means I can’t uh, be on his side.

        • DeadHeartDiary says:

          I did mention it’s judgment time, the other day, so. It’s a bit late to try and get through now.

      • RFK is anti-VAX…he’s a lawyer and knows quite well that vaccines can never be guaranteed as safe. Big pharma have stated that publicly long ago.
        That is why the laws changed so a pharmaceutical company could not be sued for damages caused by vaccines — the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (NCVIA) of 1986.

        The new line of mRNA jabs are not vaccines by definition and so therefor…they are defined more as Pro-drugs. And in a court of law can be defended as such.

        Knowing that, he makes a lot of money of, knowing that…

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      President Kennedy was a flawed human being. But his Presidency changed him and he came to understand that with the advent of nuclear weapons we stood on the threshold of self-annihilation. In the end he demonstrated great courage in accepting his fate because he knew that it was worth the risk. He had passed on to us a new vision of a better world….not a perfect world but he knew we could do better. His untimely and violent death planted a seed in many of my generation. It was the beginning of an awakening and a process of learning to question authority and the assumptions upon which our society was based. Our hearts may have been broken but in the shock and horror of that day we began to find the wings of our true freedom.

      • What came out of him was this ridiculous new Green Democrat, an environmentalism, a left leaning idiot that can’t see the forest for the trees. A technocratic idiot who believes the new religion of scientism is the way out of all this…and we’re all in this together holding hands and what not…

        He was a Catholic, do you know Catholics? Irish east Boston Catholics? They’re assholes and gangsters.

        “He had passed on to us a new vision of a better world…”

        Kennedy was contaminated with the jargon of Rachel Carson and his Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall who exercised the great possession of land for the federal government under the guise of creating national parks. Stewart Udall had no problem appropriating that land from the owners. Which continues now with “I might fall off the stage Biden”
        And Udall contaminated him with the bullshit of Passamaquoddy. Which they also wanted to reclaim as park land to stop all the mountain of legalities that would have ensued if the project went forward.

        The Kennedys are New Englanders and believed they had the right to stop the contamination of land and water after their investments from years past had profited them for “just that very thing”, and did all this damage. And now no one else is allowed to make a fortune like their old man did on Wall Street.

        So nice to be unconscionable after your fortune is made for you…

        Jon has spoken about Passamaquoddy Tidal Power and Kennedy, it was an environmental nightmare that would have devastated the area. Devastated fishing and the rights of decades old Canadian and American fishing families and the natural tidal process of flooding. Shellfish and the small sea life would have ceased after a time and the place would have become a virtual dead zone.
        It was pork belly meant to feed the Democrats in the region and that one world purpose.

        Wings of True freedom? You might clue me in on what you think that is…from my POV freedom, it is nothing left to lose, Reluctant?.

        Kennedy like all blue bloods was a Technocrat of the highest order, who believed in all this bullshit ‘Brave New World’. “Going to Moon and back…its not what you country can do for you, its what you can do…”.

        Yeah okay.

        What would be a great first step forward for mankind, instead of the Moon or Mars, is that every single pol in world got exactly what Kennedy and his brother got…a fucking bullet.
        The only good politician is one with little crosses on his eyes.
        They are all immensely rich liars and psychopaths and are in it for only their own gain. They will figure out your emotions and tell you exactly what you want to hear. And anyone who votes for a President deserves what he gets…

        Kennedy blew so much smoke up the ass of your generation, it will take you six lifetimes to rid yourself of the karma.

        Now you might think what I say is harsh and cruel and without any feeling, but let it sink in for while and don’t knee jerk and that true freedom you talk about might just come to surface and a light will start to shine on how fake this fucking reality is, right down to the guys you think are on your side.

        When was the last time a Kennedy bought you beer, or had you over for supper.
        The only one on your side is you…the only none who can recognize and make you free, is YOU.

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      A Poem I wrote several years ago:

      The Eternal Flame

      We are like a mote of dust floating in the morning sky
      Tiny teardrop that the Angel of starlight cried.
      Adorning a frosty Arlington hillock burns the Eternal Flame
      Lit by the Archangel Gabriel in Heavenly Father’s Name.
      Burning with love and undaunted courage
      Defender against iron tyranny’s awful scourge.
      Beneath this proud and mighty flame
      Rest John Fitzgerald Kennedy’s mortal remains.
      Bravely did he master the tiger of oppression’s ride
      Becoming a martyred son of freedom’s pride.
      With the devotion of an Angel’s chore
      He sought an end to a perilous cold war.
      Our Thirty Fifth President gave his life
      So that the world might see a new birth of freedom’s light.
      ‘Rejoicing in hope, patient in tribulation’
      He passed the torch of liberty to a new generation.
      He saw peace as our sacred responsibility
      For without the dream of peace what is liberty?
      Proud we are of our ancient heritage
      Orphans of a touching celestial marriage
      Where love eternal betrothed to mortal strife
      In the falling tears of his lovely wife.
      For in the depths of her loneliness
      God’s hand reaches out to us in holiness.
      As Eternal Flame burns proud and sure
      We remember the promise of Camelot’s investiture
      The President began anew the quest for peace
      Before the dark powers of destruction could be unleashed.
      For thirteen days in October of Sixty-Two
      Humanity was trapped in annihilation’s final queue.
      With love’s legacy the President stood strong
      Opposing a desperate and warmongering throng.
      And communicating with peace and grace
      Began a dialogue with the descendants of Peter the Great.
      With great courage, vigor and zest
      The President wrote to Premier Khrushchev.
      They spoke of the tribulation of a hard and bitter peace
      And that life on Earth deserved a brand new lease.
      Both understanding the ancient truth

      ‘That the wicked flee when no man persueth.’

      And in the hearts of these two men
      Was born a peace that only our better Angels tend.
      Then the President did with loving apprehension
      Say a prayer for our troubled Nation:

      ‘Oh thou God that heard Solomon in the Night
      I cannot guide this Nation without thy light.’

      Our President lost his very own life
      Because he raised the torch of wisdom’s light.
      And knowing he too had a rendezvous with death
      Fought for peace until his very last breath.
      On film it seemed as if all time froze
      In awful cluster of bloody rose
      And in the purifying furnace of affliction
      Is wrought democracy’s beautiful benediction
      As long as God’s light lives in our hearts
      From freedom’s promised land we will never depart.
      For under mortal strife’s mystical dominion
      We gather in the sheaves of holy freedom.
      And under fading shadow of Eagle feather
      Let Mankind’s love burn together
      To share an intimacy heaven sent
      Softly kissing the blushing present.
      For though Camelot’s dream is no more
      Follow the tearful trail of her lost lore
      And peace will don your gentle heart
      Giving all mankind a brand new start.

      In the name of the heavenly host
      Bless your servant John Fitzgerald Kennedy
      In the name of the Father, Son and Holy Ghost.

      Thank you Mr. President

      • God that awful… I’ll never get that time back. Your poem sucks big time and taste like treacle poured over sugar with a topping of syrup. A color by numbers version of what should be real art.

        If your writing your feelings as lines of prose…well, ask yourself what has John Fitzgerald Kennedy done for me personally.
        Feelings are not poetry, it is a form of anti-poetry.

        Ask yourself questions that push you into alternate realities, was I angered by his death or maybe I was pleased? Was his death the result of his double cross of those who gave him power? What was positive about the event, maybe there was a purpose? Was this a recreation of the crucifixion in our time, was ceasar, playing his game again? Was there a unknown purpose? Maybe if he had lived, we would all be hearing the sound of droning windmills everywhere and we would be stuck in a world were all language was like what you have scribbled out here on this electronic paper. And all elections would be stolen.
        Maybe we would have what we experiencing at present, but, fifty-five years earlier?
        A world government, entrenched and all-powerful forever.

        Gabriel didn’t light the flame, we did and it burns eternally as a ‘natural gas flame’ — I find that a bit ironic — a hydrocarbon flame that burns and puts life feeding carbon dioxide into the atmosphere until the Green religion finds out about that, and converts it to a solar power generated, electrically driven and flickering imitation of a real fucking flame.

        Camelot? Camelot is a fairy tale. Are you still stuck in that mind fuck… I hope poetry isn’t your last option? I have partially read your previous work here..You seem to like the cliched attachment of some words put together; hackneyed phrases that’s not poetry, it’s a type of verbal kitsch…a kind of generic word salad.

  18. Mike T says:

    Jimmy Hoffa assumed another identity and moved to Queensland Australia where I met him in the 1980s. He enjoyed a quiet lifestyle until his death in the late 1990s

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