My HIV/AIDS investigation, and the parallels to the COVID hoax

by Jon Rappoport

March 8, 2021

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In my current series of articles on fake epidemics—Ebola, Zika, Swine Flu—I’ve established that all the symptoms of these so-called diseases can be explained without invoking a virus.

This is a key.

It was my method, when I wrote my first book, AIDS INC., in 1988.

At that time, I looked into the AIDS “high-risk groups” listed by the CDC—Africans, Haitians, IV drug users, gay men, hemophiliacs, and blood-transfusion recipients—and I showed that the immune-system collapse (the hallmark of AIDS) in these groups could be explained without the need to refer to HIV at all.

“AIDS” was not one condition.

It was immune-deficiency caused, in various people, by a variety of factors. The hypnotic medical trick was welding all these sick and dying people together under one umbrella label: “AIDS.”

But the truth was—depending on which “AIDS group” and which individuals you were looking at—you had debilitating medical and street drugs destroying immune systems; you had devastating hunger and starvation; lack of basic sanitation; grinding poverty and war; vaccination campaigns; adrenal collapse…

Likewise, today, with a vast relabeling effort, any patient with any sort of lung problem, or flu-like illness, can be diagnosed and repackaged as a case of “COVID-19.” The loose set of so-called COVID symptoms allows for such fraudulent and deceptive diagnosis.

This is the central con.

Back in 1988, after combing through medical journals, I found that the number-one cause of T-cell depletion (immune-system collapse) in the world was malnutrition/hunger/starvation. Yet, in Africa and Haiti, and even in certain Western patients surviving on junk-food diets, T-cell depletion was routinely called HIV/AIDS.

Suddenly, a virus was invoked to substitute for malnutrition.

In fact, in Africa, the earlier label for AIDS was “slim disease.” That fatuous idea was invented via a deeply flawed investigation in Uganda, where the patients were “slim” simply because they were malnourished and starving, and consequently losing weight.

In New York and San Francisco, some gay men were inhaling a brutally dangerous street drug called “poppers.” Severe lung damage was just one of the drug’s many devastating effects. Profound immune-system deficiency was sure to follow.

In AIDS INC., I lay out a whole parade of immune-system destroyers in the high-risk groups; and none of these destroyers has anything to do with a virus.

—Just as in Wuhan, in 2019, the deadly chronic air pollution hanging over the city and causing pneumonia—the original hallmark of so-called COVID-19—had nothing to do with a virus.

So when uninformed people bleat, “People are dying, it must be the virus,” whether they’re talking about AIDS or COVID, they’re completely off the rails and on the wrong track.

Here is another parallel between AIDS and COVID: the test for the virus.

I’ve spent many articles detailing how the PCR test for SARS-CoV-2 spits out false-positive results like water from a fire hose. A doctor will tell a patient he’s infected simply because the sensitivity of the test is so jacked-up it’ll register positive on a speck of dust on the moon. This is artificial case-number building at its finest.

Well, back in 1988, there was a similar situation. The HIV antibody test was turning out a Niagara of false-positive results. I devoted a chapter in my book to the results of my extensive medical-journal search.

The evidence was undeniable. Both basic types of HIV antibody tests—the Elisa and the Western Blot—were, admittedly, deeply flawed. There was no gold standard for testing.

Cross-reactions were abundant: the test for HIV would come up positive for a whole host of reasons that had nothing to do with HIV, or any other virus. One reason? A person had received the hepatitis B vaccination. Well, in the 1980s, a campaign was launched to recruit gay men into a large study of the new vaccine.

A third parallel between AIDS and COVID: expanding the definition of the “disease” in order to rope in as many patients, and build up as many case numbers, as possible.

The 1987 CDC definition of AIDS, which I printed in my book in full, took up 15 pages. With a bit of rigmarole, a doctor could diagnose AIDS in a person who had almost any kind of bacterial infection.

The CDC definition of COVID-19 allows a diagnosis when the patient has nothing more than a cough, or chills and fever, accompanied by a positive PCR test.

There are other parallels between AIDS and COVID I could list, but you get the picture. In both instances, the hoax is rampant.

A few years after I published AIDS INC., I became aware of a new argument: the very existence of HIV was in doubt. Consulting the independent literature on the subject, I became convinced no one had proved HIV existed. In these pages, I’ve published, several times, an illuminating interview journalist Christine Johnson conducted with Australian biophysicist, Eleni Papadopulos, about HIV isolation. Papadopulos makes a compelling case that, according to rigorous rules laid down by mainstream researchers, HIV hasn’t been isolated.

As my readers know, for the past year I’ve been offering compelling evidence that SARS-COV-2 has never been proven to exist. Researchers twist and reverse the meaning of the word “isolation,” in order to “demonstrate” the virus is real.

The non-existence of HIV and SARS-CoV-2 doesn’t surprise me. After all, the so-called symptoms of both “conditions” can be explained without reference to a virus.

In both cases, the reality, which lights up like a giant neon sign in the darkness, is FRAUD.



The Matrix Revealed

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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

128 comments on “My HIV/AIDS investigation, and the parallels to the COVID hoax

  1. Sean says:

    Yes. If you can not isolate it and prove it, then it isn’t really science is it?

    There’s something else goin on around here?

    • Tom M says:

      Yes, and, real science does Not censor, ban, forbid, gag, bully, shame, shun (cancel Cult-ture….). Real science demands questioning, transparency, verification, public debate. Red flags of fraud all over the place. Censorship cover up fraud and has no place in real science, and it only holds real progress back, but, frauds will tell you they censor to protect you.

      • Thanks for linking AIDS to the Covid con and explaining the test flaws so beautifully, Jon!
        And thank you Tom M for reminding us of what real science is.

        • Jon C says:

          Ive done the same. Its population control propaganda that caused fear and ruined the sex lives of many people. Blame the trash us gov and britain.

    • glenn says:

      If you cannot isolate it you could include all surrounding particles together as a causative agent of disease. And it’s highly likely if you replicate all particles from an infected sample you would produce the same result of infection. However as you could not possibly spread all those particles from person to person you cannot prove transmission and there would be no pandemic.

    • DeQuincey says:

      Scientists identify over 140,000 virus species in the human gut, half of which are new to science.

      • Mos Craciun says:

        And that means over 140000 new “pandemic$” or at least “epidemic$” coming down the road !

        • karla altiero says:

          Covid is weaponized virus. See PLANDEMIC series on ISE MEDIA. Follow the $.

          • Noneoftheabove says:

            Well Covid is not proven to exist. Only the $$$ are proven to exist.

          • DeadHeartDiary says:

            Well in as much as that they’ve weaponized something mythical based on bullshit to do real damage with physically toxic weapons like vaccines, or policies, or medications…

            Yeah…it’s weaponized in that sense.

          • DeadHeartDiary says:

            People believing in “viruses” have NOT been paying attention. OR, worse.

      • Philosophaster says:

        140,000? Do people think “scientists” have actually isolated 140,000 of these distinct “viruses”?

    • karla altiero says:

      Search for THE STRECKER MEMORANDUM -AIDS was INJECTED inti blacks and gay people. Wasn’t Fauci the lead “scientist” then?

    • george says:

      Not only isolate. it has to be proven that it causes disease

    • ZiiNoN says:

      No positive serology test needed to be diagnosed with either aids or covid. Doctor documentation is sufficient.

    • Tim says:

      Can you isolate a ray of light? People believe that various things exist, that they can’t isolate, such as photons.

      Can you isolate a photon?

  2. DeadHeartDiary says:

    I wrote a fairly lengthy post about things (germs, medical, PRS, etc…)

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      Roses are red, roses are blue.
      Fuck you.
      One is covid, the other flu.
      So what are you going to do?
      Smell the difference.
      Because this isn’t merely a clue, nor a haiku.

    • Matteo says:

      I did a quick scan. Already in the first few lines you write something strange: by placebos such as meningitis vaccines, aluminum injections
      This is a key lack of thinking and analyzing discipline because those highly toxic substances (they indeed used in the vaccine trials) ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT PLACEBOS as the term is normally understood and how and why the placebo principle has been created and should be used. So please understand that it’s hard for me to continue to read through your full paper, even though it is quite short.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        Well, those are what they consider placebos in vaccine trials…I don’t consider those placebos either, which is why I point that out.

        • Rico says:

          THANK YOU FOR THIS!. I’m going to sound extremely stupid for saying this but its what made me think of the connection. I was only 10 in 84 so we can say that’s my excuse. The thing I remembered the most about the AIDS epidemic was the story floating around that someone had banged a chimp in Africa and that’s how it started. Remember, I was 10, the mental image alone was something I could not shake. So when I heard the story line of the “Bat soup in a wet market in Wuhan” is the story they were going with I thought “This is as ridiculous as the AIDS chimp story from back in the day”. It wasn’t till month 3 of this nonsense I find out Dr Fraudci was the man running point on the AIDS epidemic! My spidey senses started tingling. Then I remember that after it was all said and done . not only was Fraudci’s initial predicted death count WAY OVEBLOWN but that the drug of choice, recommended by that rat, was AZT which ended up being a situation where the cure was worse than the disease. Why doe s this sound familiar?? You don’t need to have a PHD to figure out that the bad guys went with their top proven grifter who has no problem killing so many without showing any remorse. I believe we call those people PSYCHOPATHS. Now it makes sense why Fraudci is the highest paid government employee. A proven , two time, WMD. Hell, this we can actually find! Nice work guy. Stay safe ad God Bless. . P.S. you may want to add to your email signature that you are happier than you’ve ever been and have zero suicidal tendencies. Just sayin.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        It’s quite ironic that you reckon I have a key lack of thinking considering your plain ignorance and inability to read properly.

  3. Haniel Adhar says:

    You and Peter Duesberg did a lot of work exposing the AIDS fraud, and the COVID thing is using the same playbook they used for AIDS.

    It is pretty sick stuff. We’ve all been so naive for many years thinking this stuff wasn’t happening, and all along it has been…going all the way back to Spanish Flu, and perhaps as far back as the Black Plague.

    Governments and ruling parties use plague and pestilence to suppress the populace and secure their power. They just changed the name from “Plague” to “Pandemic.

    • stephen langley says:


    • Donella says:

      More covid parallels;

      “Nazi physicians rose to power and prestige as they used their skills to treat a supposed “racial” sickness that threatened to contaminate the Volkskörper (body of the German people).

      Cooperation between the Nazis and health practitioners added powerful justification and facilitated a State-run program of forced sterilization and murder that would have been much harder to accomplish without the willing participation of physicians. What began as purification would ultimately lead to genocide.

      A series of recurrent themes arose in Nazi medicine as physicians undertook the mission of cleansing the State: the devaluation and dehumanization of segments of the community, medicalization of social and political problems, training of physicians to identify with the political goals of the government, fear of consequences of refusing to cooperate with civil authority, bureaucratization of the medical role, and the lack of concern for medical ethics and human rights.”

      Am J Public Health. 2018 January; 108(1): 53–57.

      Published online 2018 January. doi: 10.2105/AJPH.2017.304120

      • Darrell says:

        We’ve been lied to about Nazi Germany just like we’ve been lied to about everything else of importance. Do you think any questioning of the official so-called “Holocaust” would be a criminal offense in 20 countries if it were true? Hitler was actually a saint compared to the inhuman monsters Stalin, Roosevelt, and Churchill. Eisenhower too. We, the “good guys” killed more Germans after the war than during it, and during it was bad enough, with terror bombing killing hundreds of thousands of civilians. See and “Other Losses” by James Bacque and “Hellstorm” on youtube or the book.

        • Epicurious says:

          Darrell your ludicrous comments devalue Jon’s site, please desist.

          • DeadHeartDiary says:

            He’s correct though.

            The Nazi germany shit is very obviously false. It’s govt/corporates against citizens, with complicity from the various govts.

            Israel against its citizens, Germany against its citizens. America against its citizens…

            Just like the idea of the “allies” having won the war. You know, and then having degenerate “american” institutions dominated by ex-“nazi” officials.

            You can see the signs of bolshevik capitulation quite clearly.

            The way I figure is that, because they cannot even potentially improve, or improve you, being how should I say, immeasurably degenerate…they constantly have to lie to try buy time considering they have no existence beyond this “life” having sold their souls?

          • Epicurious: commentary devalues?

            As far as the holocaust point — it happened, tragically, but it wasn’t solely a Jewish thing though…and wasn’t just a religious thing.

            And it would not have stopped…

            The Nazis won the war and now we see the results of those long years of the ‘Operation Paperclip Reality Manufacturing Machine’.

            As far as the rest of the comment, its quite true, the Americans starved thousands upon thousands of the surrendering Wehrmacht. And treated a surrendering and defeated Japanese horrendously. Americans and their mob mentality.

            And, the German civilian population were denied help after the war. Just as many German women and children were raped and murdered after the cease fire. The Russians being the bastards that they are, did there fair share of it.

            Churchill allowed the bombing of Coventry to supposedly protect a secret.
            And then in spite and psychopathic anger, he firebombed Dresden, a cultural and artistic center of great works of art. No military value what-so-ever. Just pure unadulterated anger.

            The Dresden firebombing killed 30,000 people in one evening and set the place ablaze with a fire storm; an inferno so hot, that it melted road and stone and the glass in the windows — he should have been shot for that war crime. Many died like newspaper in a bonfire. It was overkill to say the least and a total waste of resources.

            Some 5000 tons of bombs and incendiary devices; 722 heavy RAF bombers; 527 USAF bombers. To a site that had no air raid protection; no flack ground support really, it was of no military significance.

            That inbred psychopathic bastard SOB Churchill was a impotent prick at best. And those deaths were women and children — civilians. Dresden was not a military site. Churchill hated the (Nasi) and all German were (Nasis)…

            I had long conversations with my art dealer over many years — he grew up in a war torn Berlin. He was a ten year old boy when the Russians and Americans entered Berlin. Those were hungry violent years for him. It was surprising what he considered normal. And what was normal at that time.

            Did you drink the Kool-Aid?

            American tested its nuclear capabilities on a thoroughly defeated Japan — there was nothing left at home but mothers old people and children. Teen age boys were sent to war in Kamikaze planes because they lacked any kind of war experience and were far too young to fight seasoned American pilots.

            The bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki were the testing of nuclear capability.

            The move of another American psychopath.

          • Aservant says:

            You have to get a grip…..lord, it is 2021, how in the hell can you still be believing in these absurd, Jewish fair tales?

        • JJ says:

          100% correct, sir. The holocaust myth od about as real as Covid-19 plandeki or global warming. Blatant propaganda at its finest

          • buddy says:

            THEY DID HAVE AIR RAID SYSTEM,problem it was used 500+ times, false alarms, so no one went to shelters. i think allies wanted to destroy all the older than us buildings . like during US civil war, and all the city see old world architecture look at the 1800s world fairs.

    • karla altiero says:

      Globalists at WEF did covid simulation EVENT 201 weeks prior. This is an attempt to crash economies for the NEW WORLD ORDER, Great Reset, Agenda 21 Covid tests were sent to countries in 2018.

    • You mean “panice” demic.

  4. DryasYounger1 says:

    All of these #FakeCrisis that are difficult to prove or disprove like #FakeCovidCrisis and #FakeClimateCrisis have one purpose, to establish a centralized government over all Nations yet controlled by one nation. This is the UN entirely subverted by the CCP.

    Like classic airport robbery scheme, they get you focussed on a crunched up bill on the floor while they are robbing your luggage.

    Many are able to see the bigger picture of what is going on on our planet.


  5. God bless you Jon. I opened my eyes last year and I continue to learn all the time.


    How do you explain the death of Arthur Ashe who died from AIDS due to a contaminated blood transfusion? He was certainly not malnourished.

    • Tom M Culhane says:

      Arthur Ashe was “treated” with AZT, a DNA chain terminator (stops your body from producing new cells). You turn into a skeleton and die. Same with Freddy Mercury, lead singer of Queen, and many others. The hoax was obviously planned from the beginning, just like Covid. But people never learn.

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      “…Ashe who died from AIDS due to a contaminated blood transfusion…?

      And medications, treatments, protocols?

      You know how easily medicine can cause aids, coz it’s entirely toxic garbage for industrial profit?

    • stephen langley says:

      Perhaps all these bioweapons are “binary” , i.e., various triggering combinations dependent on everyone’s unique “epigenetics” ?

      • karla altiero says:

        Gates funded “DNA mining” from tests. BTW ivermectin cures 83% of cases, You can get it at America’s Frontline Doctors.

        • DeadHeartDiary says:

          Ivermectin is unnecessary toxic garbage deflecting from essentials for degenerate corporate profit.

          • Jim S Smith says:

            Used it safely for de-worming horses for years!

            It’s only that bad, if you overdose – just like anything else.

          • DeadHeartDiary says:

            Jim, in what way is it essential?

            Is horse deworming anything like supposed covid respiratory issues, usually related to severe deficiencies and such (like vitamin D)?

            Besides that, is it the best thing or even good for horses? Or is it just another product that seemingly works and causes more problems […]?

          • Joe F. says:

            Ivermectin has been used safely to treat scabies. It is not even a big deal to use it…

            I had friends years way back that got scabies traveling internationally. Ivermectin is typically used, and no one bats an eye.

            So, no, it is not “toxic garbage.”

            Very odd comment from “DeadHeartDiary,” indeed.

    • TMgreen says:

      His internal systems malfunction and were thrown further off balanced due to introducting incompatible blood. Ashe’s already deteriorated state also contributed to the negative effect of blood that could not be correctly absorbed. Viruses not being invaders does NOT mean that taking in foreign blood or spit WON’T harm you. It’s not the viruses, it’s the process of absorption of foreign substances that goes wrong and interrupts vital functions that kills you.

  7. Paul Harvey's ghost says:

    Listen up goy. Yes, you.

    YOU are “expendable”.

    And the white european christian goy in the west, the BANKRUPT west, well, you are more then expendable. +99% of you are OBSOLETE.

    While you were “partying” these last 50+ years, the engineering required to eliminate you was being installed. While you were occupied with your own personal narcissism, you “elected” leaders as sick or more then you.

    And now you wake up from your life long stupor and wonder how it has come to this ?

    Look in the mirror, goy.

    The answer you search for is staring you in the face.

    “And now you know the rest of the story….GOOOOOOD DAY.”

    • stephen langley says:

      ???????? But in all fairness,’people are innocent and genuous and could not imagine anyone doing such things. “All this world confusion and chaos was inevitable and no one is to blame.” ~ Meher Baba (1894-1969). …well, a few are to blame but certainly not sleeping humanity… BUT it is time to awaken !

  8. Misha says:

    On our website you can find all documents backing what JON writes and had investigated.

    The site is

    Season 1 is the AIDS fraud and in Season 5 the COVID fraud.

    Each Season has a video and a Document section.

    Also this list of ref doctors, scientist and researchers agree with most of what JON Rappoport has being writing and spoken about for more than 35 years of work.

    Keep and research this list, this is a moment to study them, you Will end with the same sad conclusion that Jon wrote here.

    COVID is practically a 100% copy fraud of AIDS in the way IT was orchestrated. But now IT toke all the world, so please wake up, for our children.

    Dr. Kary Mullis
    Dr. Nancy Turner Banks
    Dr. Peter Duesberg
    Dr. David Rasnick
    Dr. Rodney Richards
    Dr. Stefan Lanka
    Dr. Christl Meyer
    Dr. Ettiene de Harven
    Dr Eleni Papadopulos-Eleopulos
    Dr. Val Turner
    Dr. Claus Koehnlein
    Dr. Harvey Bialy
    Dr. Henry Bauer
    Dr. Heinrich Kremer
    Dr. Heinz Sanger
    Dr. Alfred Hassig
    Dr. Andrew MANIOTIS
    Dr. David Crowe
    Dr. Marco Ruggiero
    Dr. Alessio Pisani
    Dr. Juliane Sacher
    Dr. Joseph Sonnabend
    Dr. T.C. Fry
    Dr. Robert O. Young


    Neville Hodgkinson
    John Lauritsen
    Janine Roberts
    Joan Shenton
    Gary Null
    Liam Scheff
    Celia Farber
    Robert Scott Bell
    Djamel Tahi
    Christine Johnson
    John Lauritsen
    Lluis Botinas
    Jesus Garcia Blanca
    Jon Rappoport
    Torsten Engelbrecht

    Thanks Jon for bringing light once more.

    Misha from

  9. Katherine H. Koenemann says:

    Great article Jon. If only more people would look into this. Most around me only believe mainstream propaganda. They refuse to look at any other info.

  10. Joz Lee says:

    The AIDS just does not want to go away. No matter how many have written about it, that it has not been isolated. Amazing. There are two books on AIDS.

    * “AIDS: What the Government Isn’t Telling You” — by Lorraine Day

    * “Ending the AIDS Myth” — by Andreas Moritz

    Dozens of prominent scientists working at the forefront of the AIDS research are now openly questioning the virus hypothesis of AIDS. Find out why! Despite common belief, there is no scientific evidence to this day that AIDS is a contagious disease. The current AIDS theory falls short in predicting the kind of AIDS disease an infected person may be manifesting, and there is no accurate system to determine how long it will take for the disease to develop. In addition, the current HIV/AIDS theory contains no reliable information that can help identify those who are at risk of developing AIDS.

    On the other hand, published research actually proves that HIV only extremely rarely spreads heterosexually and cannot be responsible for an epidemic that involves millions of AIDS victims around the world. Furthermore, it is an established fact that the retrovirus HIV, which is composed of human gene fragments, is incapable of destroying human cells. However, cell destruction is the main characteristic of every AIDS disease.

    Dozens of prominent scientists working at the forefront of the AIDS research are now openly questioning the virus hypothesis of AIDS. Find out why! Ending the AIDS Myth also shows you what really causes the shutdown of the immune system and what needs to be done to avoid it! Why are ‘they’ holding on to it? Shame.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      AZT was a big, very profitable treatment back then.

      AZT killed far more people (like “chemo” does to cancer patients) than it actually helped (cured???)!

      AZT is also one of the substances that was found to have immuno-suppressive activity. So, many of the people with “AIDS” died AFTER an AZT regimen, due to a complete immune system collapse – and resulting opportunistic infections.

      You can also chalk-up the “contaminated” HEP-B vaccines that were widely pushed on America’s Gay community! In Africa, it was mainly those who received the TB vaccines who got the lion’s share of “AIDS”.

      – Once again, Rockefeller “medicine” strikes – always after each and every “mass-vaccination” campaign – do these kinds of “mysterious” plagues appear!

      (This was also the case of the 1918 Spanish Flu “epidemic/pandemic” – It all happened after and en-loco to the mass-vaccination campaigns!)

    • karla altiero says:

      Fauci’s first fraud-AIDS on yt voicetvnigeria

  11. Timothy Julian says:

    Kaposi’s sarcoma (KS) was a predominant hallmark of Gay-related Immune Deficiency (GRID) back in the 1980´s (1/3+ of all cases).

    KS was only ever reported in gay,s never IV drug users or any other sub group.

    Pneumocystis pneumonia / Pneumocystis jirovecii (PJP) another hallmark of GRID (1/3+) was only ever reported in gays.

    As far as I know, there was never a single case reported of PJP & KS outside the gay scene.

    Dementia was another key feature of GRID. There was never one reported KS, HIV-AIDS case reported in Africa, despite KS being a seriously big cancer in Africa.

    Let´s not forget GRID, got its name changed to AIDS for “cosmetic” purposes!

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Enhanced affliction of Candida albicans is also a very common hallmark of an immune-compromised body. Many who have taken lots of antibiotics for repeated and/or long durations often suffer from C. albicans infections.

      Even though Candida albicans is always around us, and is always present in the body (especially as part of the body’s biological defenses and digestive functions), it is held in check by the other resident symbiotic microorganisms. When you throw off the proper balance of these other microorganisms (as is common with antibiotics usage), is when you can expect the C. albicans (yeast, if you will) to run wild and become a big problem.

      Those who have very little responsive immune system function left, will often also develop massive Candida albicans infections (IE: “over-population”) – which also can lead to various other serious health problems (even towards “cancers”).

      The same could be thought of with several variants of the Escherichia coli (“E. coli”) bacteria. They are also always present around us, and within us. These bacteria serve as part of our body’s digestive processes too (mainly in the large intestine). However, if they become too numerous and aggressive (again, because of a disruption in the balance of the microbiome) – these E. coli can become a very serious health threat too!

      So virtually ALL of our non-natural “modern” medicine is in reality – POISON, because the current medical modality is about “disease-management”, not healing nor curing diseases! (As well as the very flawed conclusions of “Germ Theory”.)

      We NEED our resident bacteria, yeasts, fungi, and other microflora in a naturally harmonious balance – to help us to maintain an optimum level of health. THIS is where most of our Natural Immunity comes from! ANYTHING that disrupts this beneficial harmony, causes us more harm than good (by design, that is). Most of our illness symptoms arise from the severe disruption in the balance of our microbiome, NOT from any external “virus” (which mostly have not been proven to even be any kind of active agents towards illness).

      This why a life-long diet of sterilized, pasteurized, “homogenized”, or in any other way – artificially-altered foods has had the disastrous consequences that we are seeing more of now! – THIS, together with a commercially-controlled system of “medicine” that actually kills far more than it helps.

      – “TRUE medicine supports life, and supports healing. Today’s ‘medicine’ kills life (ANTI-BIOTIC) and will NEVER bring healing or good health. (It’s all POISON!)

      We can all call this John D Rockefeller, SR’s nightmare on America and the world, and a “war on human health”.

      • Diddno says:

        Candida inbalance is cured fast, cheap and effectively with Kerosene and yes sugar, look up Kerosene therapy with Dr. Daniels, works well also on all cancer forms if started relatively early.

        Anti biotics = against nature, who want’s that?

        • DeadHeartDiary says:


          How about just having a good diet?

          In what reject mentality does your body tell you you need to combine kerosene and sugar (because there’s such a lack of that)?

          That [stuff] will wreck havoc on your hepatic system.

          • DeadHeartDiary says:

            Oh, and your gut too. Sure it’ll kill candida, and it’ll also kill your system.

            Again, rather drink rose, avoid excessive process carbohydrates, antibiotics. That sort of thing.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          BEWARE of where you source your kerosene! ! !

          Linseed Oil used to be a very effective medicine in its day. Unfortunately, because of all the BS propaganda, medically-usable Linseed Oil is nearly impossible to find.

          Castor Oil was another great home medicine.

          Would rather use one of these two, instead of kerosene.

          • Diddno says:

            Jim S Smith.
            Have you read dr. Daniels view on kerosene ?

            Linseed oil is inferior to real flax seeds because they oxidise fast, try to grind flax seeds with a special mill just before comsumptin, they contain b17 ( hydrogene cyanide, can only be activated in a disfuctionig cell) like apricot seeds, bitter almond, mung beans, apple seeds etc.
            This is natures way to get rid of malfunctioning cells, without side effects, please consider the herxhimers reaction, take it gradually so the internal organs can keep up with the waste.
            Agree with the commentator abaut the right kerosene, the flame should be between 100-140 C.
            Look it up and try to find the Russian dr. that worked at the Baku oil fields, NONE of his 3000+ patients developed any type of “cancer”
            They were drenched in oil and its deratives whole day long, vodka related problems is another matter.
            One teaspoon of good kerosene on three sugarcubes once a month makes you ” cancerfree” it’s OK to quit bad habits like Mc. D.cheep GMO bellyfillers, Wifi, additives etc. etc.etc.

        • Joe F. says:

          Some really strange ideas floating around here… Perhaps people are joking, though.

          No, kerosene is not recommended against candida.

          Candida can be caused by eating too much sugar and wheat, along with taking antibiotics (at least this might be one cause…)

          I recommend cilantro and probiotics (preferably in the form of non-sugar yogurt) and maybe kimchee or sauerkraut. Anyway, one can try some greens, improve one’s nutritional balance, cut out sugar, grains. Improving/lowering its prevalence can be done…

          Curiously, it might be that candida thrives due to emf or 5g. The implications/effects of that should be looked into, too. I’ve also read that candida can step in and absorb/protect the body from mercury toxicity.

      • Also Staphylococcus aureus, which has become highly virulent and hard to control due to over use and abuse of antibiotics. It was prominent in pneumonia and respiratory infections that became uncontrollable.

        And I would add is a factor in the apparent conflated COVID crisis.

        The cruising lifestyle and the poppers and drugs of the day were deflating and dismantling immune systems and multiple infections resulted, compounding finally in the collapse of the immune system.

        Staphylococcus aureus is usually commensal, but with compromised immunity and cormorbidities it is deadly.

        About a half a million a year contact Staphylococcus aureus, just from hospital infections, it is a breeding ground in fact. And roughly 50,000 deaths a year are linked to Staphylococcus aureus infections.

        But we don’t close down economies for that reason.

        • Jim S Smith says:

          The dreaded MRSA (Methicillin-Resistant-Streptococcus-Aureus) – that you are most likely to encounter, in all places, HOSPITALS.

          • Sorry to correct you but its…

            Methicillin-resistant (Staphylococcus) aureus

            Streptococci split along single axis therefor forming twisted chains and are closely related to Lactobacillales (lacto = acid tolerant)and many streptococcal species are commensal in humans. But under certain conditions like comorbidity and immunity weakness are deadly and infectious.

            Staphylococci split on multiple axis and are created in clusters, form clumps of bacteria. They can be commensal and they are part of the soil biome and heavy industry and medicine has done wonders in the mutation of this…amazing what you can create with chemicals in the ground.

            I think you are referring to Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and what isn’t related to this:

            Bone infections, skin infections, flesh eating infections, respiratory infections, brain abscesses, ear and eye infections, organ infection and nervous system infection, contaminated human implants, high virulence in hospitals, jails and all this was unreported for decades and decades, piling more and more forms of antibiotics on top of antibiotics to where it is highly resistant to any form of treatment and when it enters the lungs and infects causes a pneumonia, it could be called COVID.

            But of course it is a gram positive bacteria that can be seen under a microscope and that has been changed by industry and science and corruption of the land and the human species unlike a virus — the invisible enemy which cannot be proved to exist at all, except what ‘They say’.

    • DeadHeartDiary says:

      Very important, good mention.

      The other thing is, what CAUSES that? If you go consider all the excessive endocrine disruptors, fluorine related shit, EMF, xenoestrogens, bastard phytoestrogens, vaccines, you know…toxic shit, it RESULTS in hormonal dysfynctions, developmental problems, mental problems, “immune” problems, that sort of thing.

      So it’s not that AIDS or GRID isn’t an issue, but societal, excessive industrial slavery shit CAUSES that to result.

    • ZiiNoN says:

      If a doctor diagnoses someone with the above mentioned diseases, they are automatically assigned aids code on the medical record. No aids test needed, those aids related diseases are sufficient.

      • Jim S Smith says:

        And hence WHY the entire AIDS-scare was all BS, just like this BS “COVID-19”.

        “Science” has become more of a quaint idea to label anything the experts claim, as “scientifically-based”, even without any supporting evidence!

  12. Roger Welsh says:

    I wonder at what stage, ref Christine Massey, can we say that this sars COVID 2 virus does not exist?

    If it cannot be isolated in an ill person, then who is ill from this virus?

    Where is the scientific fact?

    • Jim S Smith says:

      If you don’t even have a properly isolated, purified, and identified sample (as in, a “control group” sample) – then HOW are you even going to find it within anyone’s body, or even know what to look for? ? ?

      All of these PCR “tests” and the like suffer from a huge problem of not having a sound and solid “control”, as in a “standard” by which other samples can be compared to, measured, and assayed with.

      IF all the “experts” did was “isolate” some fractured and partial protein chains (whether they are legitimately pieces of RNA, DNA, or even just fractured parts from dying or dead cells, bacteria, etc) – and then use a computer “model” or simulation to craft the remainder of the supposed “viral RNA” and then call it “the virus” – ANY TEST OR EVALUATION BASED ON THOSE “ISOLATED” SAMPLES OF DUBIOUS ACCURACY – ARE ALSO DUBIOUS AND UNRELIABLE! In science, you MUST have a proper, stable, well-known “CONTROL-GROUP” by which to compare ANY experimental results or evaluations to. If your CONTROL-GROUP, which is an established “standard”, is shaky or dubious – then ANYTHING compared to it is also going to be dubious. You MUST have a stable standard, else your results in comparison to it, mean NOTHING.

      BTW: All those supposedly “isolated” protein fragments – are NOT unique to the “coronaviruses”, but are also commonly found in hundreds of other species of microflora, AND are also present in over ninety percent of human genetics! Also, those fragments only represent barely 5% of the total RNA chain that is ascribed to this variant (or any other for that matter) of “coronavirus”! The “coronavirus” is supposedly composed of anywhere from 25,000 to perhaps up to 33,000 codons. The protein fragment “isolates” only number about a small, few thousand codons.

    • stephen langley says:

      My latest thinking is that causes and triggers are multiple and dependent on individual “epigenetic” factors… a “binary weapon” ?!

      • Jim S Smith says:

        Always a thought.

        You could say the very same thing about the other con-current causes to the decline of human health.

    • karla altiero says:

      Plandemic series on ise media documents on how it is bioweapon. Francis Boyle international human rights lawyer and author of bioweapons act agrees. However when the CDC patented the 2003 sars to weaponize it the measurement and testing of it was also patented. No one can find out. Of course the PCR tests don’t test for it.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        You know, all that […] is MADE UP, SYNTHESIZED? That’s why they have patents on it.

        If you recall, you can’t patent nature. Get it? Those things simply DON’T EXIST as claimed. They are suggestions.

  13. Lise from Maine says:


    I just attempted to post this article on my FB page but it was blocked.

    Surprise anyone?

    • ZiiNon says:

      Why do you support that platform? By continuing to use platforms that are censoring information you are as guilty as they are. To think you wont get censored on such topics as this article is pure insanity.

  14. Jim S Smith says:

    Just to show you have bad things have gotten with the massive Stockholm Syndrome,

    I presented a link to a mind-blowing article:

    And it seemed all I was going to hear was that, “I was getting my information from ‘echo chambers’!” – REALLY?!?!?

    I thought the idea on which venues were the “echo chambers” was self-evident: IE – When virtually ALL of the establishment-blessed “news channels”, “news print”, and all those “fact checkers” were saying, almost word-for-word, the very same thing – at the very same time!


    One of the most currently-pushed narratives: “Attack the source. DON’T go down the rabbit hole!(IE: Don’t check out the basis of facts for yourself. Just believe what the “official sources” tell you.

    And THIS all happened on my local Telegram communities! ! !

    I matters NOT how much evidence of fact you have, nor how clearly and plainly you present them (even when commonsense comes into play) – the brainwashing con-job has done its work, and done it well! – There are so many folks who wish to see mask mandates applied to absolutely EVERYONE, ALL THE TIME, and AS LONG AS THERE STILL IS A “VIRUS” RUNNING RAMPANT!

    I am exhausted by the total denial of reality that so many want to keep playing along with.


    • hhi says:

      Spot on.

      From my point of view, my tiredness comes also from continuing self talk about how to go about my life.

      On the one hand it is imperative that I stick to my ideals but on the other I must adapt to an unfortunate “reality”.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        Well, I’m not as hopeful (or ambitious, motivated, etc) as you so I’ll stick to my ideals and not adapt to an unfortunate reality. I’m okay with rather being dead.

      • Jim S Smith says:


        Being that I have new dog in the household, that particular Sunday afternoon was bright and sunny enough to take us both on a long walk around town. – That’s what it took for me to de-stress!

        I am about totally finished with trying to educate anyone else! All have been programmed well to reject certain “sources” outright, without even digging into what is being presented, and how.

        Thank you, and a big F-YOU to the NY TIMES for their ingracious little “opinion piece” – “Don’t go down the rabbithole


        I feel this mentality has been in the works for a number of years already. It’s called, “Attacking the source (or messenger)”, and also “Ad Hominem”.

    • george says:

      The sheep are the enemy. it is very hard for most humans to accept this. But the sheep are the army of parasites. Parasites are weak, they hide behind the curtains. Without sheep, they will not exist.

      • Joe F. says:

        If by sheep you mean the common people, no they are not “the enemy,” they are us. None of us would be on this forum if we weren’t ordinary people (well, except for the CIA shills, of course–except that they are ordinary people, too. Hate to break it to them, though…)

        People are not each other’s enemies. Who are our friends if not each other? We all need to go back and read the New Testament. Governments lie, but Jesus did not.

  15. No More Lies says:

    CDC says vaccinated people can visit others without a masks. What a load of horse#*%!.
    Again, “want your freedom back, take the vaccine”. No F*#¥*! way! Dolly Parton making a STUPID video with her lame song Joeline changed to “Vacciiinnne”. Her recordings are in the trash can. What a sellout. Including EltonJohn. Entertainment industry would sell their souls. As you may see, now, already have, to a virus that hasn’t been proven and a BEC vine that has not been tested. Oh, wait…, they’re testing it on humans, especially elderly, and legalizing their asses out of responsibility of damages.

    • karla altiero says:

      Newsmax reported CDC was only about 2% effective in preventing transmission. That should be repeated, Also Pfizer and Moderna don’t prevent infection or transmission. So those vaxxed without masks can harm me just as much as I can harm them. Ivermectin cures 83% cases. See AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS.

      • DeadHeartDiary says:

        I happen to have no respect for an institution named AMERICA’S FRONTLINE DOCTORS.

        Ivermectin is non-essential and toxic.

        Ivermectin cannot and does not address essentials, deficiencies such as vitamin D, selenium, zinc, magnesium, etc. Those are the issues related to the actual health problems.

        “Covid” does not exist, the PCR test is meaningless. So, even if it “cures” covid, it means it cures something non-existent!

        It matters absolutely nothing if your positive covid test result is now negative, if underlying HEALTH is not improved.

        So unless you have intestinal worm problems, and you don’t know of any antithelmintics (and many many plants of antithelmintic properties) maybe consider it.

        If you believe ivermectin is going to fix your pneumonia from say, severe vitamin A and D deficiency, you are simply mistaken.

    • Joe F. says:

      Elton John did do some great music back in the day. I loved him when I was a pre-teen (his best years).

      Expecting much from weak humans isn’t realistic.

  16. Tom M says:

    Not to mention the common link between both covid and AIDS – Dr Bill Mengele and his Mini Me Lord FAUCIst. And now we have F…erberg, Nazi Pelosi, Kim Jong Joe and the gang behind the Covid Cult.

  17. stephen langley says:

    Most interesting, vis-a-vis what then is the actual cause(s) ? If there is a depopulation agenda, not a big if considering it is the stated goal of many individuals & groups, might there be multiple vectors by different groups in order to insure each one not being outted as the one guilty culprit ? It is obvious that the various groups are working in tandem and populated by multiple memberships in each others’ groups. Thus, it is likely a “binary” weapon with various triggering combinations each displaying a variety of non-specific symptoms and levels of severity… which will all together accrue overtime to eventually compromise even the most robust persons ? Perfect plausible deniability. If so, and very likely imo, it is more this shotgun approach rather than the (misleading ?!) predictive programming in all those sci-fi books and movies that one super dooper virus wipes out humanity and mutates the survivors into zombie cannibals ! The multiple vector theory seems to be indicated by your work, Jon ?! Thank you, again, many times over for what you do… invaluable !

    • karla altiero says:

      Source of covid is in PLANDEMIC SERIES on ISE MEDIA. Particularly PLANDEMIC2INDOCTORNATION.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Multiple causative agents involved – by design.

      Being that no single agent is very effective by itself, in order to have a greater effect (in numbers, percentages, etc.), multiple avenues are used, like:

      = = =

      1. Nutritionally-deficient food,

      2. Deliberately contaminated/poisoned food/water,

      3. Steady accumulation of environmental toxins [herbicides, petro-fertilizers, etc],

      4. Deliberate poisoning of our air [“chem-trailing”, geo-engineering, etc],

      5. Toxic “medicine” and destructive medical procedures,

      6. Increased dosages of RF electro-magnetics in our environment,

      7. Dumping/burying of long-lasting toxic/radioactive wastes within our environment,

      8. Constant elevated levels of stress/fear/panic,

      9. Pressured/coerced/mandated, unnecessary, potentially lethal “vaccines”, inoculations, and introduction other toxic substances into our bodies – through unnatural means/vectors,

      = = =

      Virtually ALL of our major, chronic conditions have been the result of our “modern medicines” and other environmental/dietary factors.

      This entire system of “Rockefeller Medicine” views good human health as the enemy, and therefore to be treated with petro-chemical “drugs” (as part of the “disease-management” modality).

      Healthy People are not as profitable as the chronically sick are!

  18. Zacg says:

    I need help with respect to how exactly does one prove the existence of a virus. So far as I know, Electron Microscopy is the only way to do so. Is this accurate? Thanks

    • Jim S Smith says:


      Electron microscopy does not prove anything other than “something” may exist.

      If you do not have a verifiable sample that is a known quantity, then you have no means to identify it, even if by chance you would be viewing it.

    • stephen langley says:

      That is my understanding as well. In order for a one hundred percent unequivocal identification electron microscopy is the only way. And it is an uncommon lab apparatus and the process is laborious and tedious and easily contaminated. Lastly my limited understanding is that it can no way indicate viral load as it works only by isolating a very small sample. Please correct me if I’ve “missed the picture”…we certainly don’t need more confusion, we need less !

  19. viteye says:

    “A cured patent is a lost customer” big pharma

  20. Tim says:

    There’s certain states that didn’t go along with lockdowns and mask diktats, etc…there’s more recent ones that are opening up and dropping “restrictions”…those states best be figuring this shit out,, cause I wouldn’t be surprised if those states get “special” vaccines,,, that start killing people quicker…
    How they gonna keep this going without actual massive numbers dying? All the deaths caused by the lockdowns still won’t add up to enough to really confirm an excess death rate due to a “pandemic”.
    Gates talked about “pandemic 2” getting “their” attention(and smirked and giggled while saying it)…”they” being the scoffers and unbelievers

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Already been admitted that “they” have different “batches” for the different segments of the population!

      For example: The “vaccines” being given to the elderly, are suspected to be several times more concentrated than what is being given to others in the younger age-brackets? ? ?

      These bastards know EXACTLY what they are doing! ! !

    • stephen langley says:

      Agreed on your speculations about keeping up this charade ! The psychopaths are fully committed now and pulling out all stops… otherwise they are caught red handed, exposed for this crime against humanity.
      I know someone who knows a rockefeller (good person born into a bad family) who recently said she is very worried about the next iteration of this bioweapon as they know their empire is crumbling yet determined to destroy as many as they can rather than face justice. What they obviously don’t recognize is that God’s Law is inexorable… nevertheless, they are true psychopaths who can’t see the consequences of their own depraved actions.

  21. hhi says:

    MH 17 false flag contained “AIDS researchers” who were on their way to Melbourne Aust. for a conference.

    A nice neat way to bury the evidence.

  22. Mac says:

    In thinking of agendas and line of cons, aids/hiv, bird flu, ebola, pig flu, flu flu, zika, covid, and vaxeens, it’s long line of psych control. That’s not to say things aren’t serious now, would say are, got to point of mask-world, future not good, though to line out shows how long pharma govt and con science websites have been going at agendas. Anyway was thinking about visual, and by now many people have put photos in computer, done crop or changed color etc or other graphic, so would think more would question supposed virus and fooling around. Reason thought of was virus pics look one way then another seems bit graphic-y. Is easy to mess with images. Though if it was messing around here or there and people caught on, media and pharma cons would choose one and all of them point to it. Maybe that’s why people don’t try more for freedom, because sense overwhelmed, though problem there is people forgot how to communicate with each other where we live, then wouldn’t matter what tv pharma cons say. In any case can’t stand masks, or rest of it. Last thing on conditioning, wonder if they tried telling everyone mask and jail back during hiv or bird flu cons, if people would have gone along without the other conditioning first.

  23. Fanny Adams says:

    All those wasted years believing a lie about AIDS, concerned unnecessarily about the deadly risk all around us.
    Now we are wiser with Covid knowing that there is no deadly virus waiting to pounce out of nowhere.

  24. Saeger says:

    The article really reminds that there has been a lot of misrepresented supposed disease, quite a bit. Remember the AIDS thing it seemed very rushed, before long everything was about that, and seems very contrived now. Also, just to mention it’s strange the way Covid was Covid 19, why a year on it? Then now it’s SARS-CoV-2, which also seems wierd. The all caps letters except o, then a number, seems like a made up thing to make it appear more legit. Just noticing the way they make names, use capital letters, etc.

  25. Hyden says:

    Anyone know much about the Black death, as they keep using this as basis for lockdowns.

  26. James D says:

    If it disagrees with experiment, it’s wrong. In that simple statement is the key to science.
    Richard Feynman

  27. Henry Barth says:

    What are all the electron microscope images of Covid-19 virus then if it hasn’t been isolated?

    • I see you have a lot of generic images of supposed Coronaviruses,in the Flickr images, and surprisingly you have Staphylococcus aureus in the gallery of pictures. Its a gram positive little fellow that has become very strong, in deed.

      But it is not a coronavirus.

      Do you know that those images are built from models of what the computer thinks a corona virus should look like…its a GIGO sort of thing, with extreme bias were eventually, CGI is used to create a scary image for you.

      It is like sounding for a depth from a boat.

      But nothing is actually seen, its a reconstruction from focused electron bombardment of a query. Someone is asking the computer. What is there? And the modelling program being a modelling program, is a hammer and sees a nail and creates an image.

      But it is not actually seen, its extrapolated from non visual data and metadata. It does not exist, its a thought, a piece of art. A sort of painting of what something should look like…

      But as far as COVID, all that exists is 27,000 lines of based pairs written on a computer. There are no actual samples.

  28. William Ashbaugh says:

    There will be an easy way to prove that Covid deaths were mislabeled.
    Every year death statistics are published with the cause of death listed. My state of Illinois had 109,000 deaths of all causes in 2019. It has not yet published the 2020 data. There were 2,106 deaths listed under Influenza and Pneumonia in 2019. There are almost 10,000 deaths said to be caused by Covid. I really look forward to the 2020 data, but it may not be published because the lie would be evident.

    • Jim S Smith says:

      Check through the National Bureau of Vital Statistics, and the US Census Bureau (for the population data).

  29. stephen langley says:

    viz lethal stupidity and effectiveness of mass mind washing: via centralization of intelligence by an agency of the cabal; a program phalanx referred to as Alice In Wonderland Programming… replete with rabbit holes, Mad Hatters & all the cast of characters all spewing complete nonsense of which the targeted victim population can’t discern fact from fiction or the way out !

    But the way out is simple: Wake up ! Realize that none of it is real… it only seems so because we have been literally spell bound (by the programming), i.e. by accepting their illusions as reality. Trapped in the matrix… and how to dissolve it, as Jon speaks to in his work, The Matrix series.

    In the meantime we have to deal with the good people in our lives who still think all this perpetrated nonsense is real and just random coincidence that can’t be understood, who have ‘t yet figured out one can tunnel from one rabbit hole to another and they all lead to the same place… nowhere !

    Life really is a paradox… the nature of duality… and most people can’t handle that, i.e. Reality.

    “Thinking is hard. Most people just [irrationally] judge.” ~ Carl Jung.


  30. Benjamin Martin says:

    Australian minister for health in hospital after taking COVID shot – we’re assured that there’s ‘no connection’. Can’t make this stuff up…

    • Jim S Smith says:

      That’s the same news everywhere.

      It’s right in front of our faces, but we are constantly told it’s not!

      The emperor has no clothes!

  31. billy says:

    Question for jim s smith . you mentioned rollout being manipulated (certain populations getting killer shots others not)was documented somewhere? can u give link or article and author name please.

    I also believe they hav gamed this in every possible way so i would bet it is being done. If you make appointment . they check your work/med/dissent/ideas history etc and u get the appropriate shot. If we can prove such a thing that would also be a huge plus!!!!!!!!

  32. Julian says:

    I am gay and was around in the HIV/AIDS HOAX days. In those days there was no internet, and it was the telly with the propaganda ads. Totally doom-laden. I was a toker, and sometimes got chest infections and what happened. The doctor would say ‘is there anything troubling you?’ meaning, ‘will you take the HIV test’. I instinctively knew to not comply, and was proven right!!

    I came to this article to explore the comparison between that evil scam and this one. This one I saw through day one!! And yes that evil little vile monster Fauci is involved with BOTH…etc. He is the prime example of how this sadistic evil culture will support evil psychopathic sadists like him!

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