COVID: If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine?

by Jon Rappoport

January 27, 2021

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Answer: They can’t.

“But…but, you see, we take a piece of RNA, and we inject it into the person, and the RNA forces the cells to manufacture a protein that’s very similar to a protein in SARS-CoV-2…and then the immune system swings into gear and produces antibodies to THAT protein, and THEN the person has achieved immunity from the virus…”

Sorry, no dice.

As I’ve been demonstrating for months now, there is no proof that SARS-CoV-2 exists [1] [2]. Therefore, “the piece of RNA” that’s injected can’t be assumed to be related to “the virus.”

Therefore, the protein which the cells produce in the body is merely CLAIMED to be similar to a protein in the unproven “SARS-CoV-2.”

There is no KNOWLEDGE here.

That piece of RNA which is injected into the body—why should we assume it has anything to do with a virus called SARS-CoV-2, when no one has an isolated specimen of this “SARS-CoV-2?”

We shouldn’t assume.

Therefore, everything that happens, inside the body, after the injection, is up for grabs. What is the immune system reacting to?

Why bother, in the first place, to make a vaccine against a virus when you don’t have the virus?

There are several ways to attack this absurdity, and they all come down to the same bottom line: no provable virus, forget the vaccine.

I keep coming up with analogies to explain the insanity of the COVID virologists—

“Three trains collided last night outside Chicago. Investigators who turned up at the scene this morning failed to find a shred of wreckage. But they insist the collision occurred, resulting in a vast explosion. The public is warned to stay away from the cordoned-off zone.”

That fanciful illustrations is LESS extreme than: “We’ve just released a vaccine for a virus that we never discovered.”

As I’ve explained in other articles and interviews, “discovering” the genetic sequence, the structure of the purported SARS-CoV-2, involves all sorts of conjecture [3] [4]. Researchers aren’t looking through some sort of cosmic microscope at rows of genes lined up like cars in a supermarket parking lot.

Researchers assume—on the basis of zero evidence—that certain older reference genetic sequences in libraries are contained in “the new virus.” They use a computer program to scavenge those sequences and build out the ASSUMED structure of “the new virus” and automatically smooth out any wrinkles or gaps.

This would be on the order of fabricating a hologram of a gun that the police will claim is the actual gun used in the commission of a crime.

“Yes, Your Honor, this image you see floating in mid-air IS the weapon Mr. Jones used when he held up the bank last month. It is not a ‘representation,’ as the defense counsel would have you believe. We’re talking about cutting-edge science. We have experts who will testify under oath…”

Judge: “In other words, sir, you’re telling this court that, if the bank teller had some sort of ‘anti-hologram’ program on his computer, he could have prevented the crime with a few clicks of his mouse. Very interesting. Let me ask you, which drugs are you on?”

Prosecutor: “None, Your Honor. Actually, such anti-hologram programs exist. In the area of COVID virology, they’re called vaccines, and they protect people against SARS-CoV-2…”

Above the entrances to virology institutes, they should inscribe: ALICE IN WONDERLAND.






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Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free NoMoreFakeNews emails here or his free OutsideTheRealityMachine emails here.

144 comments on “COVID: If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine?

  1. Opie Poik says:

    Hey, Rocky! Watch me pull a ruse out of my hat!

  2. ReluctantWarrior says:

    In my opinion (as a non expert) it is evident to me that COVID-19 does not even exist. The fact is that I have seen no scientific evidence that proves that it exists. The testing results in a very high percentage of false positives because what they detect are antibodies in the corona family of viruses. That means that anyone who has had the flu or even a common cold could test positive for COVID-19. It is possible that several things are going on here. As health researcher Bill Sardi has pointed out people are getting sick not because of a virus but because of a vitamin deficiency whose symptoms mimic a virus. It is a deficiency of Thiamine or vitamin B1. This deficiency can severely effect the central nervous system and manifest many of the symptoms of COVID-19 and once the medical system gets a hold of you the ‘treatment’ can be deadly. Guess what types of things cause a B1 deficiency? Drinking, smoking, drugs, food that lacks nutrition, caffeinated beverages. With the lock-downs in place and economies ruined guess what people are doing more of. You got it. It is a vicious feedback loop that is making us sick with fear, anxiety and stress that could also effect B1 absorption directly or indirectly. The fact is that vitamin B1 is essential to your immune system and its proper functioning. A vaccine is not the answer because the problem is not a virus and even if it was a vaccine is not the best way to treat it.

    • BoogeymanSlayer says:

      What tests? You mean the PCR “test”? That is really more of a lab procedure that is used to multiply a molecule of DNA to create a large enough of a sample to study. Kary Mullis, the inventor of the PCR procedure said it should NEVER be used to diagnose any illness because it CANNOT. He said it can take a molecule of something and when you put it through a cycle, it doubles the sample. Multiply it 30 times and you get a billion molecules of something.

      Keep in mind that the very astute President of Tanzania suspected that people were being conned, so he ordered samples of other substances be “tested”, after being labeled with fictitious names and data. A paw paw and a goat sample tested positive for “COVID”. The article I read stated that the President is a PhD chemist, so he was not just some superstitious illiterate person.

      • Frank G L says:

        “Magufuli earned his bachelor of science in education degree majoring in chemistry and mathematics as teaching subjects from the University of Dar es Salaam in 1988. He also earned his masters and doctorate degrees in chemistry from The University of Dar es Salaam, in 1994 and 2009, respectively.[6] In late 2019, he was awarded an honorary doctorate by the University of Dodoma for improving the economy of the country.[7]”

        Since I know Fauci is a moron charlatan, Imma have to say I have much more faith in that Magufuli than Fauci, Gates, Daszak, Dorsten, Trump, Biden, CNN, FOX, all of the CDC and FDA, etc.

    • Nora Claypool says:

      B1 deficiency also causes poor blood flow to the extremities, resulting in a Reynauds’ like sensation, cold hands and feet, numbness. How have we come so far from understanding that nutrition is the solution to all dis-ease? My son in law kept complaining that his hands went numb in the morning. He drinks coffee in the morning, so I gave him a bottle of high quality B1 and the numbness is gone. Minerals and vitamins are no longer found in our food to a great degree, so we have to supplement to avoid deficiencies.
      A vaccine is not the best way to treat ANYTHING.

      • Frank G L says:

        Vaccines have absolutely no benefits, as they are currently designed. Absolutely none, they are purely made to degenerate and sicken, obscure causative issues.

        Minerals and vitamins requirements are still mostly relatively easily met with food if you consider and take care. But that also varies heavily depending on context. Supplementation should of course be avoided when possible or unnecessary.

        Imo, as always, if you are concerned, first things to address would be diet, behaviour and minimizing environmental stressors (which can be difficult).

        One of the biggest dietary problem is of course the variety of (plant) food, other than the quality (which is often atrocious these days, being inbred, stagnant, gmo, pesticide, herbicide laden, irradiated, polluted/toxic/deprived soils, toxic processing, etc).

        The biggest dietary problems forced on most people though, would be the water supply, of course. Thousands of drugs in it, massive amounts of toxins, constantly.

        Particularly toxins that influence developmental, hormonal, neural, reproductive and immune function, as they are outright toxic in and of themselves (beyond requirements, which are very low) but also interfere with other essential processes and elements. Of course, those most prevalent toxins being, fluorine and chlorine. Something which is still somehow considered acceptable.

        There’s also a reason why, if you look at say, pharmaceutical drugs, you will find incredibly high occurence of chlorine and fluorine in medicines (as many were adapted or repurposed from biochem warfare). The most popular, pushed drugs, in fact, almost invariably contain things like benzene, chlorine, fluorine. It is not some sort of coincidental happening. It is explicitly used for those purposes due to its toxicity.

    • Madness says:

      Another non expert here. 🙂
      Read after Zinc, Zinc the miracle cure of covid according to some docs. Zinc is your protection against EMF, if you are high on it, you have less symptoms.

      Test: you don’t need to have or didn’t any corona “infection”. The result simply depends on the cycles of the PCR. The papaya very likely didn’t have corona infection or other infection but was positive.

      I think the problem is a bit more complex than lack of a single vitamin however can be among the causes.
      I think they label every possible illnesses as covid but mainly flu and cold. However there are some very weird cases, oxygen deprivation, loss of smell and taste, swelling of the head? throat? tongue? (mumps like depoisoning via lymph nodes?)

      Occam’ razor: If I look around I ‘can’t see’ any virus, just as Jon wrote, absolutely no proof of any new virus, never was isolated, CDC’s isolation is not an isolation – that’s clear if you read their process even if you are not a professional.
      What can I see considering the timing when covid appeared?

      I am sorry, but elevated radiation. While I can’t see the waves, I can see the new antennas, masts, I can read about Musk’ satellites, appx 60 in every two weeks (!).

      I can check professionals on it like:
      1. Dr. Russel Witte neurosurgeon and physicist – you can check him, too on Scientist4wiredtech.
      He demonstrates – among many many more other info – how rats got leaking brain-blood barrier due to cell phone radiation. It means poisons in the brain they shouldn’t have ended there.
      I think we even have our answer for the dementia-‘pandemic’ of our elderly. Metals in the vaxxes or from elsewhere and a leaking barrier. Or explains autism rather well.
      He demonstrates how blood clots in the presence of a cell phone if you carried it too long and too close.
      2. Italian elderly – covid deaths – they made autopsies, a doc uploaded a video, he claimed the cause of the deaths were thrombosis. In all of the cases. This thrombosis is differs from the old type ones, it is in the veins and many-many small blood clots but one.
      Then have a look at the so called covid symptoms. Organ damages- thrombosis causes lack of oxygen? Other ‘injuries’ like burning-like ‘prints’ on feet, hands, tongue. Effect of burning or many small thrombosis?
      Surely not a virus’ work.
      3. Spain conference of Doctors for the Truth, 640 doctors.
      Conclusion among others: There is a cross-poisoning, empowering effect between the flu-shot and 5G.
      But as you could see from the cell phone example you don’t even need to 5G to be around.

      I bought an EMF meter but their range is out of the range I can measure. Interestingly there is no affordable EMF meter for citizens to measure higher values than 8GHz.

      4. I read a news in a Hungarian newspaper. Owners complained everywhere that their pets went mad, aggressive, weird behavior, attacked the owner, bitten the owner, 4 cats ran into the wall with their head and similar. It’s not about Hungary, it’s ‘everywhere’. Covid won’t explain this behavior. Elevated radiation will. It happened more often where they were kept in a flat than where they were kept in a house and were fee to go outside. Of course, with common sense, wifi is inside, smart meters are inside, cell phones are inside.
      Don’t forget they can reach everything from afar, can modify everything from afar which has wifi connection. Your cell phones, your wifi and so on. And I don’t know what satellites capable of.

      5. I read and also experienced that radiation can make illnesses much worse and can cause insignificant poisoning become significant, really bad. Read that one of the effect of 5G, mm waves it can open the pores. Now imagine you are in a city full with smog (Wuhan) and you suddenly got 10.000 antennas to absorb that smog deep down.

      6. I watched a video with Fullertoninformer, mysterious illnesses in a US school. According to him it turned out that the cause behind the illness were caused by the new wifi in the school Wi-Gig if I recall well. Joe Imbriano, the video can be found on Bitchute or BrandNewTube and I think it is still on the Youbue, too. The mysterious illness were reported by many US TV channels.

      7. I read that radiation can mess with the voltage regulated ion channels. As far as I understood, it can cause basically anything, mineral deprivation or else if it randomly open-close those channels.

      8. For a while know you can’t open your cell phone to see what is in it and what it can do if it is a weapon (and according to another professional, Mark Steele, UK) it is a weapon.
      In the UK they didn’t bother to implement 5G street lights without the knowledge of the people.
      Proof: Gateshead court case, Steele won it. You can find it and read it on the crowdjustice (com) If they can mess with street lights they can with your smart toys and wifi, too.

      9. Meaning of smart – Secret Militarised Armaments in Residential Territories (if I recall well).

      10. The possiblity of killing with this tech – another expert, look for him Dr. Barrie Trower.

      My extra for tonight, check, please, and help please if you can. I want to know what do you think when you see this. Is it possible, really is it possible they already used the nasal swab test to ‘infect’ us with their tech?
      I thought it was not possible, but after seeing this video I just can’t explain what I saw. Can you?

      • BoogeymanSlayer says:

        Test: you don’t need to have or didn’t any corona “infection”. The result simply depends on the cycles of the PCR. The papaya very likely didn’t have corona infection or other infection but was positive.

        The paw paw (what was stated in the article that I read) and the goat most certainly did NOT contain any “COVID” virus. I was pointing out that the Tanzanian President understood that the tests were invalid and he made a mockery of them by testing a fruit and a goat and having his lab announce the results to the world. The tests simply multiply whatever DNA is in the sample. It does not and cannot identity what DNA it is, according to the creator of the test, Kary Mullis.

      • Frank G L says:

        The main things EMF (of the smartphone/wifi kind, which we can say is roughly the 1-60ghz range atm, but mostly on the lower end) does is interfere with hydrogen and oxygen.

        That is of course incredibly crucial to bodily function. Essentially, it adds unnecessary stress (oxidative and nitrosative), as you mentioned with the body’s ionic functions. Related to that ionic function, is something I mentioned in a reply a few posts down, incredibly prevalent existing ionic dysfunction caused by insufficient potassium (and FAAAAR too much sodium and chloride), which is incredibly prominent. That potassium issue, btw, is in general waaay more of an affective factor than EMF. But, EMF also exacerbates that.

        Which is basically, inflammation, which can contribute or lead to misfolded proteins, ejected/toxic proteins, truncated proteins, and DNA strand breaks, general mitochondrial dysfunction.

        Shit, aside from human health, ~1ghz radiation is literally a quintillion times above natural background levels and is currently, FAR more concerning than 5g (unless you live near lots of 5g towers/users). 3g/wifi radiation is literally the same as in cooking microwaves (~1ghz), what do people expect? I don’t know why people ignore it.

        I mean, it interferes with hydrogen, can you say “climate change” (other than the damage it also does to plant and animal life)?

        Btw, 5g is generally easier to avoid than 3g. Firstly, don’t use a wireless devices because that’s used for vectoring/tracking (which is then used to “beam” shit at you). Secondly, it’s practically almost line of sight, short ranger, higher frequency than 3g, so easier to shield against too.

      • Piksil says:


        #3: “I bought an EMF meter but their range is out of the range I can measure. Interestingly there is no affordable EMF meter for citizens to measure higher values than 8GHz.”

        Gigahertz Solutions makes the HFW59D Plus RF Meter kit, available through (Canada) for US $1622.00. Not affordable to me at this time, but may be ‘affordable’ to others (it’s on my list….). Range is 2.4-10 GHz.

        Above 10 GHz, I believe one must spend 10s of thousands of dollars at present to find equipment to measure those frequencies. Hopefully lower priced solutions are in the works.

        60 GHz is reported to interfere with Oxygen/hemoglobin binding mechanism. Not being able to measure those frequencies at the present time, we are at the mercy of Telecoms to report the frequencies they’re utilizing. Can we trust ’em?

        Cordless phones operate at 2.4 GHz. Same frequency as a microwave oven. Microwave ovens work by exciting (oscillating) the water molecules in the object(s) placed in it, causing heating. What do cordless phones (and other tech that operat at 2.4 GHz) do to us, and other biology, even at a less concentrated rate, over a period of time?

        Martin Pall, PhD, has done extensive work on voltage gated calcium channels (VGCCs), and various problems associated with disruption by RF (at differing frequencies, i believe). He has numerous papers published, and videos as well.
        My question to Dr Pall, or I guess I’m just wondering, is: does RF only affect the VGGC, interfering with calcium transport in/out of the cells? Could it also affect other particles in or out of the cells, such as heavy metals, nanoparticles? I don’t know; perhaps calcium is the only particle allowed to pass through these channels, and there’s another mechananism for other non-calcium particles.

        I hope there’s more independent research coming soon. I realize there is tons of research already out there dealing with end results, mostly. I feel that more research on the mechanisms of cause would benefit us all.

        • Madness says:

          Thank you Piksil. 🙂
          I don’t understand this channel things well enough, I try to find something written on my own language.
          As much as I understood frequencies have different effects, when we looking about harm it’s not only the 60Ghz (oxygen deprivation), when the blood start to be thick (Rouleaux) via a cell phone or smart meter they are not able to emit 60Ghz but much lower. But if your blood start to clot obviously can’t take up oxygen enough.
          Joe Imbriano wrote: 6Ghz messes with the iodine level. 2.4Ghz called the ‘docile frequency’.

          But we had most of them before. They never were healthy but didn’t caused sudden, almost lethal or lethal problems either. With Occam: what has changed?
          – new cell phones, I don’t know their limits if used as weapon (Steele, Trower’ warnings)
          – new WIFIs
          – 5G masts, antennas, street lights, smart meters
          – more other antenna clusters
          – satellites

          We never lived with this, together so many radiation emitting stuff. We didn’t have time to get used to if it’s even possible.

          • Frank G L says:

            “But we had most of them before.”

            The thing is, it’s cumulative. You’ve had say VHF/UHF radiation, then 2g,3g, wifi,5g etc all added to that so it gets worse and worse. And it’s not linear effects, either. The addition of 5g is particularly bad due to the higher frequency and thus more directional nature (essentially more concentrated)…that is, things get targeted. Things with smartphones and such.

            Along with that, the policies aren’t helping at all, either (people freaking out from stress, anxiety, doing stupid things like staying inside, wearing masks, using detergents constantly, using medications unnecessarily, etc).

            The combination of all of those things contributing can make a BIG difference in terms of personal health or behaviour, rapidly.

            Around the 1ghz range (wifi, 3g and such), average atmospheric levels are 1000000000000000000x (not exaggerating, not a typo, 18 zeros, a quintillion times) more than natural.

            Now, see, that’s a massive environmental discontinuity. In a few decades that happened. And as a guy who spent around a decade programming physics stuff, constraint solvers etc, I can tell you that big discontinuities like those are what breaks systems. Like a pressure differential, with, invariably a resulting equalizing effect. I’m not sure people can appreciate the implications of that in terms of what happens to the atmosphere.

            And of course, lifeforms have not adapted to that, and I dare say, they shouldn’t/won’t…because it’s anomalous.

            I find it far more likely that things like 5g will be completely wiped out from the earth.

          • Piksil says:

            Frank GL:

            Yes, the cumulative effect. Viewing some of the older videos, such as from Magda Havas and Devra Davis (and others), there have been many statements made referring to not knowing if it will take one, two, or more generations to realize some of the full effects of EMFs (non-native). Some of these go back to ‘the olden days’ when people had a microwave; maybe a cell phone (not kept on all the time due to poor [by today’s or non-Apple standards] battery performance, and a cordless landline telephone. Not near the amount of EMF most of us are exposed to now.

            But it is getting worse, and at a rapid pace. I can now pick up 5 different wifi signals (6 including my printer) from neighbors, inside our brick house. Just a year ago, only one neighbor’s wifi was picked up in the house on my wifi. We don’t have 5g devices.

            This rapid expansion of wireless infrastructure ‘during the coronavirus pandemic’ (coincidence?) even at lower frequencies cannot be beneficial to our health.

        • Frank G L says:

          You could potentially look at alternative “ghetto” methods of crudely measuring higher frequencies. Things like simple elements and their reactions, oxidization rates, etc.

          Basically, identify something that is observably affected by a given range of EM frequencies. It might be something simple like a metal oxide reacting. Or specific testing with say growing two of the same plants, one shield and the other shielded.

          Correlate and do relative determination with known and other results.

          At least, that way you can figure out some of the EXTENT of effects.

          • Frank G L says:

            err *one unshielded

            My typing is sometimes pretty bad.

          • Madness says:

            But it’s based on the assumption that these effects are a kind of even. I mean what I experienced and pretty sure it had a connection to my EX IPhoneX was a damage, organ damage but only within a distance. 1-2meters (here comes the 6feet distance to make it less visible?)
            I understand that radiation poisoning is accumulative. I am also understand that I am more sensitive. But what freaked me, that I think we are TARGETED. Some of us. Accidentally (like an AI random) or deliberately. I am a loud antivaxer with a website and in my profession I am a kind of able to influence people, a lot of them. Nothing ‘social media’. I breed. If I tell people not to vaccinate and show proof like beautiful, healthy totally unvaccinated animals that Hits.
            I thought I was, maybe (or is) deliberately targeted. But as Jon is still well and I am nothing compared to him, maybe just accidental.

            COVID, I think some people with serious organ damages, ‘that kind of covid’ also can be a victim of their cell or wifi or other can-be-reached-afar or can act as cross on you.

    • TS says:

      I am trying to determine what has caused loss of taste for two months. I had smell and taste loss but smell has returned, somewhat. Taste is still missing

    • Anna Bertalli says:

      Can I repost this comment please?

    • Frank G L says:

      Imo, it is very clearly not just vitamin B1, or any singular factors.

      There are clear indications that for some, selenium is a big boon. For others, vitamin C, for others vitamin D, others yet, zinc and magnesium or vitamin E, iodine. Others, still, mostly require antioxidants, etc.

      Anyone who says it is a singular factor is simply wrong. Otherwise OTHER essential factors that people are commonly deficient wouldn’t be so incredibly effective (vitamin D being about the most obvious).

      So to me, address the most common obviously associated factors, especially with obvious deficiencies and toxicity.

      From what I can tell (not saying I’m correct, simply from what I’ve been seeing) the most important factors are vitamin D, iodine and potassium imbalance and lacking antioxidants.

      Beyond that, zinc, selenium, magnesium, other vitamins, copper. So really, there isn’t anything essential you can truly ignore.

      In terms of toxic factors, that’s of course much more varied. Tainted water, air, food, EMF, “medicines”. You sgiykd try to minimize stress/damage from that.

  3. ReluctantWarrior says:

    Fiery Pine

    Oh fiery pine
    Dancing on yonder hill
    Cavorting with the rising sun,
    Turning the first
    Tender rays of morning
    Into a lusty light show,
    Teasing us with
    Your sun kissed mystery
    A pure miracle of delight,
    Quantum dream
    Of star gods bright,
    Igniting my passion
    For the taste of sweet Gaia
    Who impregnates
    My slumbering soul
    With butterfly dreams
    While seducing me
    With her sensuous visions
    Intoxicating me with her
    Mystical improvisations
    Creating those
    Living sculptures of eternity
    Fashioned by the hands of time
    Viewed through chinks
    In our flesh and bone temples
    Reduced to mere shadows,
    Now the world sleeps
    Neath the virgin snow
    The dream of spring
    Gestating deep within
    Her fecund womb,
    A beauty untouched
    Ready to burst forth
    In thorn and bloom,
    To share with us
    Her deepest secrets
    With tales of
    insect romances doomed
    By the brassy strains
    Of those gazebo bands
    Invigorating the late summer air,
    Now as the North wind
    Blows across
    The face of the land
    I dream of those
    Warm sea breezes
    Swirling the ocean sand
    As the white caps
    Dance in from the horizon
    And the children
    With their sand castle dreams
    Laugh and play
    In the sun drenched waters
    Of those retreating tidal streams
    Etching their magical tracks
    Back to the salty surf.

  4. Paul says:

    is the only weapon
    in the war
    with reality.”

    ~ Lewis Carroll

    • ReluctantWarrior says:

      Paul, that is a liberating thought. I have always admired greatly the works of Lewis Carroll a true genius of the imagination.

  5. “If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine?” We the people are too stupid for that. We better trust the plan and await the military to give us the magic shot…

  6. MrsT says:

    I enjoy every article. However, what I have not seen addressed is what then is actually killing all these people. 9 people in my sister’s family got sick after a Thanksgiving get together, and one died of what they said was covid-19 pneumonia. Your thoughts on what the sickness could possibly be? Bio-warfare? Something else?

    • J Galan says:

      A flu or bacteria or another virus.

      Just like what’s happened to people for hundred years.

      People die from those things.

      People get sick from those things.

      The media has brainwashed Sheeple into thinking EVERYTHING is COVID.

    • graham says:

      5G, GMO, Chemtrails, mineral deficiency, glyphosate, vaccines … as pasteur admitted on his death bed … it’s all in the terrain

    • JC says:

      Im reading Dr Tom Cowan’s book “The Contagion Myth” at the moment this will help answer your questions.

    • JENNYM says:

      Mrs T,
      5G exposure combined with glyphosate ingestion (RoundUP is in non-organic foods especially grains and sugar) combines to give us the ‘virus’. If you look at the side effects of non-ionizing EMR (WI-FI and its permutations), one of them is ‘flu like symptoms’. Just read about Barrie Trower, a microwave weapons expert who came out of retirement to warn people about this 5G and 6G danger. Also Art Firstenberg is a good source, “The Invisible Rainbow”, there are other sites that warn about the 5G menace! Not to mention the masks reduce your oxygen levels and increase your CO2 saturation in your bloodstream, the 5G and phone radiation causes your RBC’s to make a ‘rouleaux pattern’ which decreases the effectiveness of you RBC’s to carry oxygen….many things are actually the culprit. Or it could be a REGULAR FLU…which seems to have magically disappeared these days, plus add to the fact that their ‘tests’ are wrong, then add to the fact that hospitals get a bunch of extra $$$ to claim covid patients…follow the money.

      • Madness says:

        I agree. It is not just glyphosate. Every poison. Radiation made every poison’s effect worse.

        Dr. Barrie Trower is a must know.

    • lamberth says:

      Firstly, sorry for the loss of your sister’s family member.

      As another cause for the illness, perhaps a not well-cooked turkey?
      Food poisoning can be nasty, depending on the health of the individual.
      The covid diagnosis is a red herring if the PCR test was used for diagnosis. It’s meaningless.
      About a year ago, food poisoning would have been the first issue raised in a case like this. Now suddenly everything is covid.

      Ramp up the fear, make people afraid to meet up for a family gathering.

      ### 𝗟𝗲𝘁 𝗴𝗼 𝗼𝗳 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗳𝗲𝗮𝗿! ###

      My 2cents.

      • Frank G L says:

        I semi-joked (since it’s not exactly a laughing matter) on last year january/fenruary about the misattribution regarding covid.

        My comments are still there (though I certainly can’t remember the articles, as they were covid garbage peddling).

        One comment I made, just before I stopped posting there (I’ve stopped posting on a bunch of sites due to their obvious fraudulent, propagandist, advertising nature) was “Remember, if I shoot myself in the head, I died of covid”.

        Later in 2020, I found out there were literally cases of gunshot wound deaths labelled as covid deaths, simply because of the flawed PCR test suggesting that person had covid.

        I’m gonna say something that, imo, is 100% truth (I know, the suggestion that my opinion is truth is pretty rich, I’ve been learning from other marketers).

        You absolutely, in any circumstance or possible reality, can not die OF a virus named covid-19, because it’s symptomatic. The symptoms and the association with the virus is after the fact. They suggest a result is causative. Typically pervasive PRS cycle.

        What can happen though, is that massive amounts of underlying causative issues are ignored, and a fraudulent testing method used suggests you died.

        And here’s where the clarification comes in, WITH supposed covid (thanks to the flawed testing run beyond spec for something it’s not even intended or capable of doing, which also involves the demonization of innate parts of your body AS being the virus and their “need” to attack that), not OF it.

    • Glog says:

      Dr. Robert Young shows and explains exactly what is going on in the body regarding “Covid”.

      He has lots of articles you can pull up from him on Covid, and other topics.

      The brief explanation is coagulation of the blood in the alveoli of the lungs. That’s why ventilators don’t help at all. The red blood cells get compromised due to too much acidic buildup in the interstitial fluids. The red blood cells start to bunch up and the cell walls lose integrity. Then they can’t get into the capillaries (they have to line up single file).

      He explains it waaaay better than I!!!

      His scientific posts are under the heading “MORE”.

      Another good site:

    • Madness says:

      Try to remember the place they all were. Think about wifi and cell phone around. If cell phone then as close as less then 2 meters. I almost lost 5 kittens due to a cell phone WITH proper “covid” symptoms, pneumonia but with 0 respiratory symptoms. According to vet, no such kitten illness. And I am not the only one. It was very likely something with radiation and that’s need a tool. I don’t know the cell phone is the tool itself or the ‘cross on you’. Or the wifi – I know about cases where the wifi was the culprit.

      Look for a video, Joe Imbriano: Mysterious illness in school.

      And it looks to me it is metal-dependent, those are more affected who have heavy metals in their bodies, it could come from vaccines, food, else or built in like crowns, like tooth fillings.

      And I am sorry.

      • Frank G L says:

        I’ll use a term that isn’t quite accurate but hints at what you’re referring to.


        In that “word” you can find your “transceiver” culprits in terms of the EMF stuff.

        • Madness says:

          If I duckduck to Chlorofluoroaluminosilicates the only hit is your comment Frank. 🙂 Where I can read after it?

          I want to understand how they did it to be able to protect us including my poor animals.
          Thank you.

          • Frank G L says:

            Oh sorry I missed this comment. It’s not a “real” term, it’s a mashup of related things though, which I believe have some important damaging, though mostly unknown interactions and effects, as well as relating to EMF stuff.

            Chloramine, fluorosilicates, aluminum. Varying interactions and processes means that stuff (which is exceedingly prevalent, unnecessarily) has many pathogenic effects throughout the body, and I somewhat believe due to their and related incorrect deposition in the body, it can significantly negatively affect interaction with EMF, as fluorine, for instance is very volatile. Those elements interfering with many essential “housekeeping” functions, particularly relating to excessive inflammation, antioxidation and not only because of the chlorine and fluorine blocking iodine.

            I pretty much expect a lot of what is done and promoted, components used (though they are toxic in and of themselves) are also for the purpose of amplifying EMF effects, making it more volatile, damaging.

    • Greg C. says:

      The turkey did it! TUrkeys are loaded up with arsenic to make them plumper. You might ask why doesn’t everyone get sick at Thanksgiving? Yes, and you could ask why most people who get the “virus” don’t get sick as well. One explanation is as good as another.

      • Frank G L says:

        Well, it’s not just turkeys where they use “congealing” agents. And of course, the feeds are tainted, and they use antibiotics, vaccines, steroids, etc. And that’s not just turkeys.

        Things like mad cow disease, bird flu are examples of the results of those sorts of practices you find in agriculture.

        Inherited allergies are also a fun thing. Vaccinate a cow, drink that milk, get allergies.

    • george says:

      What I have not figured out is why all sheep keep repeating the same stupid question over again.
      Are they all programmed the same?

      Of course, nobody was dying until covid. or even if ot was, since TV did not told the sheep, the sheep hasn’t noticed.

  7. Donna says:

    “If they haven’t isolated the virus, how can they make a vaccine?” I have been asking that same question for months.

    Why are there so many brainwashed people? That’s another question that people can’t answer. Most of those brainwashed people don’t believe they have been brainwashed.

    Here is another question: Why does it seem like getting sick is against the law? The bottom line is there is no law; but, many believe that there is or should be. We are living in a very strange world. Is it bizarro world? Maybe it’s mirror world.

    • Striketheroot says:

      “When you’re born in the world, you’re given a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you’re given a front row seat.”


    • JC says:

      Ive been saying the same thing. Also I cant remember another time while Ive been alive that we get mad at people for being sick! Its a crazy mixed up, muddled up world we live in at the moment.

  8. Bob says:


    Trying to honestly understand both sides of the story here.

    S. Korea (Korean Academy of Medical Sciences) posted this in Feb 2020 and claimed it had indeed isolated covid2 from a patient in Korea:


    • J Galan says:

      Isolated is NOT PURIFIED.

      Read Jons soup bowl analysis in his blog.

    • Madness says:

      There was no proper isolation, anywhere.
      They should have isolated the same virus from MORE hosts and all of the viruses should have shown the same characteristics.
      Besides take time to read one of the isolation report, doesn’t matter which one, they are quite the same. It’s isolation only in name, it is not purified material. They just call it isolation but it’s misleading. Besides their virus never did anything with the host cells, they poisoned host cells with antibiotics to die and they claimed it was the work of the virus, but without it nothing happened. They used eg. monkey kidney cells sensitive to a type of antibiotics and they put that antibiotic to the culture. And so on…
      Just take time to read the process, it will be clear even if you are not a professional.

    • Frank G L says:

      Problem is, it was based on an earlier synthesized suggestion about what covid SHOULD be. As in, they had no isolates, but they were “sure” it was there. So they made shit up (which happens to include some of your protein descriptions).

  9. Paul says:

    Unnatural fear
    Uncoupling of Humans
    The Causing of Desperation
    Talking expert heads

    “The Twilight Zone
    is what it implies:
    that shadowy area
    of the almost-
    the unbelievable
    told in terms
    that can be believed.”

    ~ Rod Serling

  10. BoogeymanSlayer says:

    “Investigators who turned up at the scene this morning failed to find a shred of wreckage. But they insist the collision occurred, resulting in a vast explosion. The public is warned to stay away from the cordoned-off zone.” You mean like the alleged plane crash in Pennsylvania on 9-11, when the guys were standing around a pre-existing hole, pretending they were looking at a plane crash but were, in fact, just posing for pictures around the first “invisible-plane crash” in Pennsylvania history?

    Just what are virologists doing when they go to work each day? So far, they seem to be lacking any proof of viruses. Reminds me of the super collider conjuring up reasons to suck up tax dollars to keep them comfortably employed while they pretend to look for things that don’t exist. Their computer models tell them they will find the proof for their failed theories. But if they just get more loot, their failed theories will magically yield fame and fortune for themselves.

    So far, the only black holes ever found were inside the heads of those “believer scientists” and the wallets of the taxpayers. But, the con continues.

    The medical cartel has been “vaccinating” people and animals since the 1700s, and in over two centuries, all we are seeing for evidence of viruses are CGIs and lots of pseudoscience journals publishing each other’s schlocky research and details of animal torture. C’mon man.

    The medical cartel is growing wealthier and more powerful while chronic illnesses continue to increase. The recent statistics show that 54% of school-aged children have chronic illness. New diseases are being invented and more pHARMaceuticals invented that cure NOTHING. Iatrogenic deaths are the third leading cause of all deaths and have been for a long time. Western medicine sees us as profit centers to exploit. Why do people look up to this industry with such a track record as this?

    Isn’t it interesting that the word “pharmaceutical” has both the word “farm” (phonetically) and “harm” in it, and they speak of “herd” immunity when referring to us with speaking about viruses? Do they (medical cartel) get concerned about our food, nutrition, sleep, stress, etc. when they speak about seasonal health issues?

    Dr. Claus Kölnlein, a German physician and co-author of “Virus Mania”, says “COVID” is a self-limiting disease, meaning that you will get better if you take no drugs for it. You will recover on your own. I recommend that book.

    Just when are we going to see the actual proof from virologists of the existence of viruses and that these viruses actually benefit or harm anything? Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Haven’t they had more than enough time and resources already?

    • Striketheroot says:

      Did you think the movie “Idiocracy” was a work of fiction?

      • BoogeymanSlayer says:

        I never saw the movie, but after your comment, I watched the trailer on YouTube. Looks like a parody that may soon be a documentary.

      • glenn says:

        At least in Idiocracy the population was willing to admit they know nothing and willing to try to learn. In our world we have so many people desperate to look smart. So they blindly listen to media saying masking up and isolating yourself is the smart thing to do and backed by so much science.

      • Madness says:

        Documentary, according to the director of it, he told somewhere he never thought he made a documentary back then.

      • Frank G L says:

        I’m gonna copy/paste something I said in an earlier article…

        “Well I’m just saying. First there was Idiocracy. An interesting documentary, it even managed to be lightly comedic.

        Unfortunately, the sequel, Covidiocracy isn’t doing so well and it’s NOWHERE near as funny. It’s a very progressive piece of fantasy art, so it’s not for everyone. Despite everyone being unknowing unpaid extras. Thanks for signing up.”

        I said something else added to that in that artcle, but jon didn’t allow it. I dunno why.

    • Nora Claypool says:

      I agree with so much of what you say, but I don’t think the medical cartel is on the upswing, friend. They are losing patients to natural healers hand over fist. People are on to them. Hospitals are hemorrhaging money to the point where many have to close. This is one of the positive things happening in a woeful year. People will be forced back onto the natural healing premise and absolutely NOTHING is incurable.

    • lamberth says:


      “Haven’t they had more than enough time and resources already?”.

      No, they haven’t.
      Today, there’s a bail-out and a Great Reset to be funded after all. That costs a lot of money.
      Not to mention a global propaganda & vaccination program.

      IMO, not a cent went into developing a “vaccine”, certainly not at “Warp Speed”.
      There’s no vaccine to develop since there is no new virus.
      Whatever is being injected now is most likely something that was already sitting on the shelf, ready to be rolled out to the global population. Perhaps already tested for many years. The military is great for that purpose.
      Maybe it’s just an ordinary flu vaccine. How to know?

      All that was needed was a trigger (a new Pearl Harbour) to start injecting it (forcibly) into the population.
      And just as with nine11, the well gamed-out PsyOp called “COVID-19” conveniently presents itself.

      𝗛𝗶𝘀𝘁𝗼𝗿𝘆 𝗿𝗲𝗽𝗲𝗮𝘁𝘀.

      • BoogeymanSlayer says:


        Operation Warp Speed? Injecting people with dubious ingredients. No safety studies. Vaccine manufacturers are no longer pretending that the injections will prevent the “disease” it is supposedly targeting, COVID.

        Moderna even states on their website that their product is more of an operating system. WHAT??? Bill Gates’ company made the buggiest computer OS and now he is behind an operating system for your cells? What could possibly go wrong with that?

        People are dying from the vaccines, yet people are demanding to be injected with these concoctions.

        Big trouble ahead.

  11. Linda Becker says:

    Do watch this video, you’ll be glad to know this information:

    • JA says:


      Thank you for this video. Everyone on the planet should see it.

    • Martyg says:

      Fantastic video. A dress rehearsal for this type of deceptive and cruel marketing was the promotion and use of AZT as a treatment for AIDS, another fake viral pandemic. AZT was a chemotherapy drug developed by the Burroughs Wellcome pharmaceutical company that was discarded as it was too toxic even by chemotherapy standards but was rolled out as an effective anti-viral treatment for AIDS, and was used for quite awhile in heavy doses for treatment of asymptomatic persons who tested positive for the fake PCR technology based so-called HIV antibody test. Dr. Peter Duesberg correctly identified this horrific medical malpractice as, “AIDS by prescription,” as most of the human guinea pigs died or became severely incapacitated within a short period following inception of the treatment. The only difference is that this time they’re using a deceptively marketed so-called vaccine in lieu of a so-called treatment to severely injure and kill vulnerable persons.

      • Frank G L says:

        Fun facts, many (particularly chemo) drugs are derived from work, products in biochemical warfare. Bayer/BASF is of course VERY big in that area.

        As a related, but random mention, chloroquine (which HCQ is a derivative of) was, even in wartime, by Bayer standards considered too toxic for human use.

        I’ve been trying to warn people about serious issues/concerns regarding HCQ too (which I would personally never use) and I do believe it is totally unnecessary.

        The reason I mention it is because of the massive prevalence of bodily ionic issues resulting in typical society. Potassium, magnesium vs sodium, chlorine balance rather opposite of what it should be, EMF and many other things exacerbating that.

        • Madness says:

          I would think the problem is too much potassium and too little salt. I guess you are talking about the sodium-potassium cell pump (as called in my country). They changed the medical books about it around 1970 and sodium was labelled as enemy. But the problem is that everything has potassium. With use of artificial fertiliser plants are very high on potassium. If the balance is wrong you become unhealthy, your cells lost their ‘battery’ ability. Too high potassium can cause heart attack. We suspected back then that that was the reason behind that so many young athletes died to cardiac arrests. When I deliberately went back to using more salt, real pure salt (just my granny used) we became better hydrated, no more dry eye.

          • Frank G L says:

            “I would think the problem is too much potassium and too little salt.”

            No, in general it is completely the opposite. Humans have a entirely reversed balance in general due to mainly potassium and magnesium levels (far too low) relative to sodium and chlorine (far too high).

            Other animals/mammals, have a natural ratio of something like 30:1 potassium:sodium. Humans have it the other way around.

            Hypokalemia is associated with covid, btw. Hypertension, heart problems, brain problems. All related to that excessive sodium and chlorine (and things that exacerbate that, like chloroquine).

            The idea that synthetic fertilizer has boosted the potassium level in plants over nature significantly is completely bunk. Because those soils are most often actually quite depleted (and potassium is incredibly prevalent in natural soil) and the synthetic fertilizer is more like sustaining (deficient yet productive) that.

            I happen to grow lots of plants.

          • Frank G L says:

            Btw, those heart issues are exactly the sort of issues you would get with too little potassium and magnesium vs sodium and chlorine. Along with that, you have to remember those fertilizers often have radioactive and toxic elements in them, too. Of course, pesticides and herbicides make that much worse. What herbicides and pesticides did they use then? What sort of toxic contaminants in the fertilizers?

            So what you typed there seems bizarre (the opposite of what I see) to me, I simply cannot see excess potassium being the causative issue there (except in very rare cases).

    • J Kelly says:

      Thank you Linda. David Martin is spot-on. I just shared that 30 min video widely.

    • Frank G L says:

      Oh neat, a birthday video.

      Pretty interesting, though I know about most of the stuff mentioned (other than the legal references).

      I have to mention this, from the comments.

      “This court has more than once recognized it as a fundamental principle that ‘persons and property are subjected to all kinds of restraints and burdens in order to secure the general comfort, health, and prosperity of the state…”

      So essentially, even then, they suggest state coercion, cooption, imposition, restrictions and unnecessary burdening “legitimately” rules over individual rights, freedom, etc.

      No wonder I have zero respect for the concept of any countries.

  12. Sean says:

    Yeah, why take a vaccine that doesn’t even apply to what they tell me it is for that is a god damm lie and which will screw me up or kill me just so I am protected by a bus virus that has what a 99 percent survival rate? Screw them all.

  13. mike chaney says:

    question about the blood supply and the mRNA vaccine: are blood calls invaded by the vaccine? if one gets a transfusion with blood from an mRNA vaccinated person will the tainted blood be the eqiivalent for the transfusee of getting a vaccine shot. so if half the population refuses the vaccine what is to be done with the world’s blood supply?

    • Great questioun: I’m not in the medical field (and right now no longer in favor of visiting medical personnel for ANY REASON, as they are ALL COMPLICIT in this debacle)..but my thinking tells me that ‘it’s ALL an Intelligence Test’.. That is, if my daughter needs blood; as her mom I demand to have it completely analyzed before the hook up.
      ~~A thought: If Gates is so enthused with his manufactured meat, created foods..why doesn’t he create much needed blood? If it was pure,
      UNadulterated, what a gift to humanity!

    • JENNYM says:

      I don’t know, but when you go to donate blood, they don’t even screen you for the non-existent ‘virus’ anyway. So seems like the blood banks aren’t too worried!

    • Madness says:

      Wow! Thanks for this comment, now I suddenly understand.
      You are right.
      If we refuse the vax they can find other ways…
      For example?

      • Frank G L says:

        A list of things I would avoid:
        pharma antibiotics
        pharma steroids
        well in fact pretty much all pharmaceuticals

    • Eluard says:


      I was intrigued by your question about the mRNA vax and blood transfusions. So I sent the query to a couple of our fav lady docs, Pam Popper and Sherri Tenpenny. Pam answered me pretty quickly:

      “We have no idea. All of this is a clinical trial on non-consenting humans.”

      Right to the point. I’ll post back here if/when Dr. T responds. Oh, I also asked if she would forward the question to Dr. Carrie Madej who knows and *awful* lot about this stuff.

    • Frank G L says:

      Mike, since the vaccines offer no protection, not even in claims, against infections or transmission it seems to me to be irrelevant.

      • Frank G L says:

        Well, at least in terms of arguments for “why people should be vaccinated”.

        Regarding recipients of donor blood containing that tainted crap, I would imagine it could in some ways have similar effects to the vaccine itself, but probably typically lesser magnitude.

  14. Eluard says:

    Thanks Jon, for continuing to shatter the “mirror that’s never been there.” Great hammer and chisel you’ve got.

    It just “struck” me: Someone above said 9 people in their family got sick after a gathering; and people still say “well, what are people getting sick and dying from?” Besides the usual suspects, I’ll tell you: HYPNOSIS. Why do you think they call it a PSY op? The whole thing is steeped in mind manipulation and Control.

    Waking up people is impossible. You can only tell them, “hey, you aren’t sleeping.”

  15. Sign on my Red SUV passenger side: ‘FEAR IS THE ONLY VIRUS’…
    ..and on the other side: ‘STOP SUBMITTING’…I do receive a thumbs up from all ages, genders, races.. but mostly ‘stink eye’..from the 70% with IQs from 85-110.. sigh!

  16. JENNYM says:

    My question is, the propaganda is so effective, how does anyone fight it with the zombified masses? The masks are very unhealthy, I don’t know how people work in them without passing out!
    I was going on errands the other day and I had a bunch of stops to make, and just wearing the friggin’ mask made my tootsies tingle, then I started to get pain in my lungs or chest, these masks are dangerous! Plus you get sick anyway with them on. It’s all total crap!
    Like William Casey said, “We’ll know our disinformation campaign is a success when everything the American people believe is a lie.”

    • Frank G L says:

      Jennym, that’s perfectly understandable. It’s as if people have decided listening to their bodies is not worth doing. I mean, if your body is straight up telling you “Dude, this is uncomfortable, it’s wrong, causing damage” and you KNOW it does because it physically causes extra stress, pathogens to build up, etc…why would you listen to it when an expert tells you the mask is good for you?

  17. Eric Thomas says:

    This is already known, but the CDC has openly admitted to adding aborted baby into the vaccine.

    And here is a list of other admitted ingredients to other vaccines:

    Also, I couldn’t help but notice how many contain formaldehyde, the embalming fluid, many as the first ingredient, turning people into living mummies.

    • Frank G L says:

      Aluminum in vaccines, implicated in any number of issues, muscle, skeletal, neural, etc has of course been lied about since the day it was used. And they still lie about it.

      They based their idea of aluminum safety/toxicity in vaccines, on ORAL intake of aluminum (for misleading comparisons to dietary aluminum from say, breastmilk or typical foods).

      The assumed absorption from that incorrect, misleading, irrelevant suggestion of oral intake in the context of vaccines, was also off by a factor of around 8x, making the vaccine aluminum level appear “relatively safe” compared to dietary aluminum intake.

      But even that is totally off. Besides the oral intake conflation, there is a huge difference between gradual, constant oral intake over the periods of 6 months with VERY low absorption associated with it (0.1%) vs a small number of events of high aluminum injections with absorption orders of magnitude more than ORAL absorption intake levels.

      That’s what they did (and still do).

      They try to say, based on oral intake with incorrect absorption levels, if they compare aluminum intake (not what the body retains) from diet over a 6 month period vs vaccines…which are administered pretty much instantly, as direct injections, with completely different kinetics, with orders of magnitude higher absorption, resulting in metabolic overload, inflammation, etc it is comparable.

      When it is clearly not even in the same universe of reasoning.

      Let’s say you get 10 vaccines in a 6 month period. That simply isn’t comparable to dietary intake. You don’t eat only 10 times in 6 months, so it’s way less intake at a time, gradually, with your body FAR more easily being able to expel or deal with it.

      With vaccines, that same sort of aluminum level from intake (not absorption) is INJECTED and not taken in orally over 6 months, that aluminum is combined, but over a period of a few seconds from 10 events.

      That sort of conflation and the related lies really annoy me.

      • Frank G L says:

        For an example of what I’m saying…here, CHOP CHOP.

        I even mailed them about that and pointed out, corrected some of their errors, linked to the relevant references, etc. I was met with a sort of juvenile willful ignorance, after being peddled even worse misinforming propagandist garbage.

        I’ll paste the reply:

        “Hi Frank,

        Thank you for contacting us. We address the differences in absorption following oral versus injected aluminum in these places, both of which are linked on the page you mentioned:

        · Q&A PDF
        · Video

        You can also read more about Shaw’s efforts in the writings of some well-known science bloggers:

        · Science-Based Medicine
        · Skeptical Raptor

        They have also written about the group, Physicians for Informed Consent:

        · Science-Based Medicine
        · Skeptical Raptor

        Hope that helps,

        Charlotte A. Moser
        Assistant Director, Vaccine Education Center

        Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia”

  18. D. Smith says:

    They’re going to make it a “required” vaxxzine (because Billyboy Gates says they must) AND now they’re going to start making people wear three masks (because Fauxchee says they must). Neither of those two people know siccum and I don’t intend to do either of those things.

    This is a political tool. They sit and take a FAKE vaxxzine (probably a water shot) and they wear masks when they make television appearances when there’s NO ONE ELSE AROUND so they cannot be clearly understood when they speak. Then they come back 2 days later and say “that’s not what I said” . . . you misunderstood.

    They think the general public is as stupid as they are – – and for THAT Fauxchee was paid $400,000+ dollars in 2019?? Where on earth would that little runt make that kind of money except from an inept gubmint agency?

    The whole thing is a joke – on the people. They get the money, we die from unproven, untested vaxxzines. Is that the way this game goes??

  19. Madness says:

    Jon, I don’t know you looked around or not in connection with the reported side effects of the new vaxxes, mainly Pfizer and Moderna maybe Astra-Zeneca. It is not always clear that which one was given from an article or a comment somewhere.
    Norway reported around 30.
    Germany around 10 (old news)
    Israel a couple and also many positive after the jab, 10000+
    US a couple.
    The UK didn’t reported deaths cases after the jab. However, yesterday there was an article on DM reporting that people in elderly homes died in almost 3 fold numbers in the last weeks. They were the first who got the vax. Besides they are very likely got the flu jab, too – 83 died in South Korea in 14 days after the flu jab among other news. Something is wrong with that, too. That news was on the Rt (com)

  20. Lewis Papier says:

    Thanks Jon. These people hide behind their “science” and use it to justify their nefarious conduct. Tonight I went into a coffee store across the street from my apartment. I purchased a Cappuccino and as I turned around and was two steps away from exiting the store, I pulled my mask down (I didn’t take it off) in anticipation of drinking my coffee while outside. The employee on duty started screaming at me not to drink or eat anything inside the store. I turned around and told him I was not drinking in the store and was on my way out. As I exited, the employee came outside and continued screaming at me stating that I should never come back to the store again. I had the distinct impression that if I waited any longer, he would come and attack me. This is what we have to put up with today. Unbelievable!

    • rick says:

      “Mask harrassment” is a thing, I guess. I’ve created a number of flyers not all of which I’ve used. One of them features a warning to “Mask harrassers” that if they even dare request that I wear a mask on their premises– which are open to the public as places of public accomodation and therefore protected by the 1964 Civil Liberties Act and the first 10 amendments to the US Constitution called the Bill of Rights– that I’ll gladly put them on my list of persons and companies to be sued for violation of those rights. I haven’t had to use that in Arizona yet. The city of Pheonix has a religious exemption clause that states one can choose to not wear a mask based on religious belief. I wear that as a lanyard around my neck when I go out and carry trifold flyers with proof in my shirt pocket.

  21. J Kelly says:

    It’s not a VIRUS, it’s a DIVIDE and CONQUER US.

    • Madness says:

      It’s more. And I am sorry to stressing it again and again. There are valid, weird cases. I saw it, too. And I know what I saw.

      They implemented an untested tech behind our back. It has it effects. If we don’t admit it we never can persuade people that what they experienced, the illness which made them weirdly ill or even killed their relatives is not a work of a virus. As something did it. And it is RADIATION.

      • Eluard says:

        Yes, people have gotten sick, some very weirdly and grievously. But Jon’s been saying this since January–never one cause for one effect. You say radiation. What about cyanide effects from fracking refineries? What about massive chemtrailing early and late last year in the fall? What about toxic drugs in the nursing homes plus isolation and terror — plus Flu vaccines?

        It doesn’t mitigate the glaring fact that “Covid 19” is a colossal psy op.

        • Madness says:

          You are right and Hon is also right, covid never was just one thing, but among things which were labelled as covid radiation is one of them and I dare to say that one is the biggest killer.
          You’ll never make people thing that covid is not a new virus if you miss on this. They knew flu, cold, bacteria and their effects. But just like me they saw that in many cases this ‘thing’ is different, (my baffled vet? ‘no such kitten illness’ and it was almost lethal).
          If you want this show to end then change the virus to radiation. They are terrified because of a virus with no cure, they let themselves poisoned with vaxxes while if radiation, there are ways of protection. Like to stop that tech.

        • Frank G L says:

          Imo, a big thing people are missing is the actual atmosphere, the EM balance in the atmosphere is rapidly changing, among other effects providing less protection to more harmful radiation, due to strange sun behaviour (other than the pollution, emf, chemtrails, etc).

          I actually think a lot of this covid sort of stuff is to distract from the overriding sort of solar effects. But, I’m speculating a bit.

          • Madness says:

            You can be right Frank. The only thing I know that these weird illnesses started with the covid scam, naturally I tried to find something what is new. They sent a huge amount of satellite’s up and they deployed (their word) 5G and many more clusters of 4G? antennas. They did it while we were locked as an essential work. Including Barrie Trowel, Mark Steel it’s a weaponry, a killer tech meant to be kill us.
            And here comes my own experience, happened at spring 2020.
            What I know for sure, apart from that 5 kittens there were appx 12 other cats inc. kittens in other rooms, and we were in the house, too. But only they were affected. It couldn’t be poison in the food or water, (vet agreed), it couldn’t be infection or would have affected other cats or kittens. And no such illness what would have been a match.

            IT WAS NOT JUST US. Around that time a breeder in London lost 9 kittens out of 12 in just 1-2 months, they just ‘dropped dead’. She kept them in a room where her wifi was. She was also ill, she thought she got covid. But she kept that wifi there before this. Something has changed. Dropped dead? Very thrombosis like…

            Also during that time an owner wrote to me. Her previously very healthy and young cat got stroke, went blind and partially paralyzed.
            Again, very thrombosis like.

            The Italians who made autopsies on the elderly found many small thrombosis in their lungs, they found only that.

            Too many co-incidence. It something with that tech and with out cells or wifis.

            I just don’t know that exactly how they did it.
            But anyway, I want to protect animal, our pets, other people’ pets if I can. That’s why I repeat the story, hoping others read.
            After the EMF shielding of the house and that we got rid of wifi and cell phones are in a Faraday it never happened with us again.

            They did it somehow and they used my cell phone to do somehow.

  22. rick says:

    I just started re-reading one of my favorite books “Hauser’s Memory” in which a scientist is injected with RNA from a dead scientist for the purpose of recovering that dead scientist’s memories. In point of fact, there is a technical history of “memory RNA” in science literature easily searchable now.

    Jon wrote “That piece of RNA which is injected into the body—why should we assume it has anything to do with a virus called SARS-CoV-2, when no one has an isolated specimen of this “SARS-CoV-2?” We shouldn’t assume. Therefore, everything that happens, inside the body, after the injection, is up for grabs.

    Rick says- up for grabs, indeed. What if the push to vax everyone is actually an injection of ‘memory RNA”? Aha, I see! says the blind man. Supporting my wild speculation in this regard, Hauser’s Memory and research on memory RNA going back to the 1950’s would be instructive. So would the fact that the RNA involved in this injection is so fragile that it must be preserved at cryogenic temperatures until ready for implant.

    To test my hypothesis, we can start interviewing people who survived the injections and testing their before and after personalities and memories. Ideally, we would know someone before injection and talk to them afterwards to spot memory and personality changes. I know a neighbour recently injected and just today, out of the blue, he bought a locking mailbox. Is it possible he was injected with mRNA– m=memory rather than m=molecular?– that encodes for buying a new security mailbox? Silly speculation but just a tiny example of what I mean.

    • Frank G L says:

      The M is for “messenger”. It simply hijacks/cripples protein production, essentially forcing the body to produce toxic/broken proteins. Then the body attacks itself.

      That’s what it does.

      • rick says:

        My mistake– m = messenger not molecular. I looked it up and biologists refer to this type, messenger, and “transfer RNA” and “ribosomal RNA”. It’s messenger RNA, however, that appears to be associated with memory-transfer.

        I think you’re referring to the unintentional side-effect of the current mRNA vaccines that are killing people by overloading their immune system- but are only meant to create an empty replica of the corona virus, aren’t they?

        What I’m proposing is that the mRNA– messenger RNA– COULD be used to influence the memories of the implantee. This is well documented in lower life forms. In Hauser’s Memory, the implantee, after getting the RNA implant, not ONLY gets a memory transfer but a personality and emotion transfer as well. Just wild speculation on my part– but based on actual work going back to the 1950’s and repeated often.


        QUOTE Remarkably, the scientists found that the seven that received the RNA from snails that were given the shocks behaved as if they themselves had received the tail shocks: They displayed a defensive contraction that lasted an average of about 40 seconds.

        “It’s as though we transferred the memory,” said Glanzman, who is also a member of UCLA’s Brain Research Institute. UNQUOTE

        • Frank G L says:

          “I think you’re referring to the unintentional side-effect of the current mRNA vaccines that are killing people by overloading their immune system- but are only meant to create an empty replica of the corona virus, aren’t they? ”

          It’s not an unintentional side effect. These things are designed for those purposes. The trials, biases make that clear.

          As I said, the messenger RNA is to essentially hijack protein production and unnecessarily force broken/toxic protein production. It is diverting natural function and trying to force the body to continuously produce invalid proteins. Yes, continuously.

          That is why things like persistent adjuvants are used in vaccines, because it results in repeated antigen exposure, as one of the effects.

          • Frank G L says:

            Alternatively, if you want to look at it as memory transfer, what happens with those “vaccines” is that it transfers the “memory” of an entropic, toxic, dying system producing broken proteins (the broken system itself a result from toxicity), forcibly, unnecessarily to a functional system.

            As an analogy, it is like injecting someone else’s body with the memory of someone with a combination of AIDS and Polio.

  23. Bubba says:

    So, the immune system is of no good, and quite backwards: It can’t sense a full-fledged “virus”, but it gets alarmed at an attenuated form of it, or a piece of it?!
    Such inanity is the Achille’s heel of the devils.
    If humankind believes such rubbish, then humankind is bound to vanish.
    Anyway, going on –

    NO ISOLATION, from the Chinese Chief Epidemiologist:


  24. BDBinc says:

    The proven fact there is no ” virus/Sars cov2″ seems to be very hard for heavily conditioned minds to grasp.
    Which comes down to the way the media implanted the mental virus ” covid19″ with the fake death charts( fear of death -a primary base fear) which caused all the hysterical fear and brain freeze.
    So ” covid19″ the non existent ” virus” is all about the collective fear of death in a death denying dysfunctional culture.

  25. hayden says:

    Talk about Holograms more in store maybe in the long line of planned events….project bluebeam some call it. look at the little birdy zzzzz

    Dr. Greer’s assessment is that this is a continuation of the slow but steady narrative that UFOs and ETI are real but that they are a threat. The ETs are NOT the threat as Dr. Greer has continually stated. The threat is the military industrial complex juggernaut towards interplanetary war.

    Please see his article : When Disclosure serves Secrecy.

    From Dr. Greer’s paper:

    “Do not be deceived. You need to be awake to the darker scenarios which some would like to thrust upon the world. And you need to know that there are alternatives. If a ‘disclosure’ is unleashed on the world which is xenophobic, militaristic and terrifying, know that it comes from the spinmeisters of secrecy- regardless of how respectable the person or group may appear to be.

    And remember: Part of this disclosure plan involves the use of UFO look-alike devices made by humans in an attack on Earth or military assets of Earth. This would be a well-orchestrated use of advanced human technologies to hoax an ET attack- all for the purpose of disclosing the truth with the desired military-oriented spin. In such a scenario, most of humanity will be deceived into believing the threat from space has arrived – and that we must fight it at all costs. This is nothing more than long-term social security for the military-industrial complex. There must be people who can expose this fraud.

    Here is another idea: Why don’t ‘we the people’ unite and launch a disclosure ……… An honest one. One which leads to peace, not war. To a sustainable and beautiful world, free of pollution and brimming with abundance, of all types. One which reaches out into the unknown, instead of firing particle beam weapons into the darkness of space.”

    • Frank G L says:

      I don’t mean to be a dick, but I get seriously shit vibes from Greer and everything regarding the UFO/Alien disclosure shit. All of it smells like more diversion bullshit to me. I don’t trust Greer, but I do agree with some of his assertions.

      See, if aliens aren’t here to damage or anything like that, they can’t be trusted or considered useful as they (with presumably far superior technology) have not shown any inclination in improving obvious problems, injustices.

      That the ufo/alien shit is also ALWAYS related to military and govt makes it a double dodo for me. If they do associate with them, then obviously they are enemies.

      • hayden says:

        yes i have been saying for ages if these aliens had any morals they would be helping, but the aliens keep staying hidden dont show themselves(unless some come from different dimension then how 3D minds will not be able to recognise something from a 9th dimension etc). anyway these aliens keep abducting people without consent some have seen military humans on the same ships as these arsehole aliens that play in the shadows.
        be prepared for the future planned events.
        I haver also distrusted any UFO information coming from CIA etc as they are occult run. These aliens if any goodness in them should just show themselves to the whole world and land in parks etc, not making dark shadow deals with shady human organisations.

      • Madness says:

        Agreed. Diversion. The reptile myth is another one. But I think that tale came from the global elite itself. Check VI Paul Audience hall. If you think your enemy is so superior you give up without fight. The UFO tale also good for this.

    • Frank G L says:

      Btw, I often call myself sir isO and I’m pretty much convinced I come from Orion.

      So, anyway…here’s a problem with Greer’s suggestion there, thanks to contradiction.

      “…know that it comes from the spinmeisters of secrecy- regardless of how respectable the person or group may appear to be.”

      Okay, so, what’s the excuse for these “benevolent” aliens, as he claims? He think he’s a shill and I don’t like him.

  26. Béla Bartók says:


    It is well known the idea that the supposed virus binds to ACE2. But ACE2, according to some Argentinean researchers, is found especially in testicles (and also in kidneys and heart). Not in lungs. So, if the target of the “vaccines” is to inhibit ACE2, key in male fertility, there it is the connection with sexual sterility.

    So… how could the Covid virus develop a natural affinity with a molecule which is not present in lung or the respiratory tract?

    The main author of this Argentinean report is Marcelo Martinez, a geneticist doctor. He also says that the S spike protein of Sars-Cov-2 is very similar genetically to Syncytin protein, key in human reproduction. So there could be genetic interference or silencing of the Syncytin protein. (in Spanish)

    In retrospective, the idea of ACE2 as natural receptor of Sars-Cov-2 and also 2003 SARS virus was created with the intention to inhibit human reproduction in the future. This is a 20 years plan, he said.

    The purpose, according to him, is population’s sterilization, introducing chip-like particles, and the modulation of human behavior by means of silencing certain genes related to neuromodulation.

    He also mentions cancer and autoimmune diseases risks.

    • Madness says:

      I don’t believe this sorry, I mean the engineered virus part. How could they? They still unable to proper isolation, can’t watch viruses during the process doing something due to the lack of tech. Engineered or else if this (or SARS) would exist they must be able to have them properly isolated.

      As long as they and we pushing the virus legend their tyranny won’t end because they use our terrified fellow to enslave us and kill us.

      As the sterilization part: that’s probably true. The vaccine has an ingredient preventing to form placenta. You’ll find details about it on if you look for Yeardon petition.

    • Frank G L says:

      “The main author of this Argentinean report is Marcelo Martinez, a geneticist doctor. He also says that the S spike protein of Sars-Cov-2 is very similar genetically to Syncytin protein, key in human reproduction. So there could be genetic interference or silencing of the Syncytin protein.”

      This is why I’ve been saying they’ve tried to peddle the idea that innate parts of you have been classified as covid and they’ve demonized that and they’re intent on attacking it, that supposed pathogenic viruses are actually purely internal results, that the vaccines are made for protein hijacking/debilitation and the body attacking itself (with resulting autoimmune issues).

      Additionally, things like roundup (not just glyphosate, the other shit in roundup is way more toxic than glyphosate, btw, around 30x as toxic) interfere with amino acid and related protein production, among other pathogenic effects it has, so compounded regarding amino acid metabolism.

      And of course, there are thousands of other factors influencing/interfering too.

    • Metaphysical Jerk says:


      This man Martinez never says that the virus really exists. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, and you don’t understand Spanish. He refers to the virus as “computer construct”, “computer lucubration”, etc, along the lines of Stefan Lanka or Kaufman.

      When he talks about the virus he is really talking about The Model of “the virus”. What he is saying is that the S spike protein of the Sars-Cov-2 model is similar to Syncytin protein, and this could be not a coincidence. And also that the idea that Sars-Cov-2 binds to ACE2 and that ACE2 is found in lungs was thought to target ACE2 which in fact is found in testicles.

      I heard Martinez saying more than once that he thinks there is no medical pandemic caused by a real virus, and that the main pathogens are fear and medical malpractice.

      • Frank G L says:

        “This man Martinez never says that the virus really exists. Maybe I wasn’t clear enough, and you don’t understand Spanish. He refers to the virus as “computer construct”, “computer lucubration”, etc, along the lines of Stefan Lanka or Kaufman.”

        Which is entirely correct. As the sequence and test is based on made up, synthesized and in-silico (artificial, computer models) shit.

      • Madness says:

        My fault, truly sorry, I am still slow in reading in English and sometime impatient. I read two sentences and if sounds familiar I stop and form an opinion. There are so many docs who still push the virus legend and I hate them.
        My apologies.

  27. Frank G L says:

    Random unrelated (well it also involves fraud) question that popped into my mind when typing about EMF in a reply to Madness…

    Nice little thought exercise.

    So what’s the range of these 5g terrestrial towers?
    Then, if you were to say, want 5g from a satellite, who far away, exactly, is a satellite?

    Someone help me with that math, coz something someone’s been saying doesn’t add up.

    • Madness says:

      As far as I know the range of 5G masts is 1.5 kms. around 1 miles. (We have 2 in 300 meters, I can’t measure them, my meter range ends with 8Ghz but above).

      I know I look paranoid but depending on where we live we can have very different experiences. There was a video with Snowden, he explained how they can locate you with the help of your cell and with wifis around. You also mentioned something similar.

      I think we – some of us – are randomly or personally targeted with the help of cell phones or wifis or maybe other stuff.

      Someone mentioned here the loss of taste and smell which happens often with ‘covid’. Interestingly it happens REGULARLY with cancer patients who had radiation treatment of the neck and head.

      Yesterday I had to drive to shop, many 5G masts, many new masts on the way. I wore a shielding shawl (metal infused material) around my face and neck. Today that part of my face what was not covered is full with red, inflamed rushes, the covered part has zero. Now tell me it’s just my imagination.
      Around 5 weeks ago I had to drive a lot and spent a lot of time outside. After just 2-3 days I went very ill. Stiff neck, terrible pain, then swollen face and neck resembling to mumps, but I am 50+ and got it naturally. My husband who travelled with me had swollen legs and were unwell but not so long. No fever, not like a cold or flu. I still have painful throat after a months. Difference between us that I have a lot of metals in my mouth (crowns, implants) he has none. It looks to us. Also around that time when it started I couldn’t avoid a long call on cell phone I otherwise don’t use anymore. It looks to me whenever my cell around and up, someone ends injured, cats or me. Nowadays when we leave our EMF shielded house we start to produce symptoms as if we were ‘hit’, usually after 1-3 days. I am sorry I am terrified, still not recovered and whatever it is it surely not a virus.
      When you use a cell for navigation the EMF meter will be in the red in every 30 seconds and that’s only your cell phone. If you drive in the surrounding streets of our house the value of Gauss (I think the magnetic field) will be as high that it can’t be measured.

      Something is really wrong here.
      If you have time you might try to watch Berrie Trowler and Mark Steele, they are the professionals of this weaponry.

      • Frank G L says:

        I know about barry trower, emf dangers, etc.

        The comment I made there, particularly mentioning range, relates to Lone Skum’s DOE/DOD coopted govt bitchdog’s frontman peddler charlatan’s supposed starlink satellites.

        Someone explain to me how the range is such an issue terrestrially, yet somehow not, with satellites (which would have more issues, actually).

        • Madness says:

          Very good question, I don’t know it either. Especially that if you have a look at the photos of the Diamond Princess, it had 5 big ball shaped antennas and a very fast net. When it is on open water how can it receive internet if not the help of the satellites? Or navigation of our cars, not even new tech…
          But they claim 5G can’t go trough well if there are objects, walls, trees. Would it be about the objects?? Or different tech?
          If you watch the 5G Apocalypse, Sasha Stone’s documentary, they show that the building you are in can be 3D mapped and you can be targeted inside.

          I don’t understand that part, possibilities, that why I still don’t know how exactly we were targeted.

          • Frank G L says:

            Madness, regarding the targeting, that is fairly simple. Your wireless devices are used for that, by definition. Doesn’t necessarily even need that, but I mean, that is part and parcel of the function of those devices.

            I mean, if you make the basic assumption that people keep their cellphones with or at least near them…then that’s most of the targeting necessary.

            The cellphone itself, sending and receiving locational and environmental data (implicitly, due to for instance, signal strength measurements and such) which could also potentially be used for aiding mapping.

            Essentially, being in the “line of fire” regarding 5g is facilitated by the devices. And in an area where a lot of people are using wireless/5g devices, that would be worsened.

      • Frank G L says:

        With that, btw, I’m suggesting they’re lying about starlink and/or the terrestrial towers (probably both).

        So let’s consider the pessimistic scenario regarding the terrestrial towers, first.

        Assuming starlink stuff functions at 5g frequencies, the range for terrestrial towers could actually be significantly higher, given that.

        Then you must question the density of terrestrial 5g towers, when you look at it like that, the idea of it being used as weapons seems even more plausible.

        • Madness says:

          Starlinks can be seen from time to time, they are very bright. I think that part, the connection between a satellite and a mast is not 5G, 5G is for us in the Earth mainly for surveillance, real time spying on us, mainly for targeting and killing some. There must be a reason Steele call it to killing grid.
          I think Gs work together. On the Earth they built 5G masts but they also built huge clusters of older type antennas (4G?).

          And I bet there won’t be 5G where the elite lives, it was banned in Brussels with reason.

      • Frank G L says:

        In terms of your situation there, of course, ideally those towers would be disabled, or you should away from there.

        You could maybe consider EM shield clothing.

        Beyond that, since your house is shielded, there’s not much I can suggest, except for getting antioxidants and related cofactors (astaxanthin, PQQ, quercetin, CoQ10, vitamin C/E, etc. think varied plant foods, fermented plant foods, herb teas and such)

        Other than that, since I don’t know specifics I can’t say much. There are mineral factors like zinc, selenium, possibly copper and magnesium that could potentially help, but that depends on your status.

        • Madness says:

          We are on organic, I mill the organic wheat and make the bread and cook, food comes from local farms or game. Milk product are raw only, we eat fermented, too. Cats are also mainly on organic raw, I have EMF clothes but can’t put it on my cats. The water is osmosis filtered, re-mineralized and ionised. Etc.
          Sorry Frank, I leave it but the root of the problem is not us being ignorant. Something has changed, 5G is the new variant.

  28. Zanz UK says:

    One thing’s for sure, my head is whirling from suddenly (since covid19) needing to wrap my head around loads of medical and scientific information.

    Have a read of this article just posted through from an ‘awake’, like-minded, local SM group I’ve joined. Bottom line: it’s basically blaming prescription drugs…

    “New Study Acknowledges Increased Levels Of ACE2 As Factor In Contracting Covid-19; Who Will Take Any Notice?”

    • Frank G L says:

      Medications contribute, yes (they are pretty much all toxic garbage, as the very pharmaceutical establishment was based on the principles of demonizing nature but trying to mimic it to a degree, with synthetic derivatives of natural compounds, but relying particularly on oil and metals). But it is NEVER a singular factor.

      ACE2 is one of the reasons why vitamin D is so effectual regarding covid.

      • Frank G L says:

        Quite a few people have mentioned ACE2 regarding covid, btw. I remember talking about it and vitamin D basically a year ago. I’ve also seen many references to it (usually in vitamin D or similarly related papers/studies).

  29. Liv 4ever says:

    “In this mountain he will do away with the shroud that is enveloping all the peoples And the covering that is woven over all the nations.” Isaiah 25:7 NWT

  30. Dan Greer says:

    A friend sent this link in response to having sent the link to this article to him:

    Can you provide an appropriate rebuttal to this Fact Check.


    • Frank G L says:

      Well firstly, a PCR test was designed along with conveniently synthesized and made up shit (they just added what they felt like to missing parts of the sequence, which in itself poses a few problems).

      After that, that test was then used to “find infections” and identifying and “isolating the virus”.

      Do you see a problem with self-fulfilling prophecies with conveniently altered shit as necessary?

      The FOI requests are also telling, if you happened to miss that.

      Anyway, here’s an article about some of the fraud.

      “Astonishing COVID-19 testing fraud revealed

      Story at-a-glance

      PCR tests cannot distinguish between “live” viruses and inactive (noninfectious) viral particles and therefore cannot be used as a diagnostic tool. The false appearance of a lethal pandemic has been manufactured using cycle thresholds (CTs) that are too high
      The higher the CT — i.e., the number of amplification cycles used to detect RNA particles — the greater the chance of a false positive. Research shows that to get 100% confirmed real positives, the PCR test must be run at 17 cycles. Above 17 cycles, accuracy drops dramatically
      The SARS-CoV-2 PCR test was developed based on a genetic sequence published by Chinese scientists, not the viral isolate. Missing genetic code was simply made up
      November 30, 2020, 22 international scientists published a review challenging the scientific paper on PCR testing for SARS-CoV-2 that was adopted as the standard across the world. The scientists are calling for the so-called Corman-Drosten paper to be retracted due to its numerous errors
      The flaws of PCR testing have been capitalized upon to incite fear in order to benefit the Great Reset agenda developed by a technocratic elite”

    • Madness says:

      Yes. The words fact check means nothing without proof, the title means nothing. The isolation process is everything but they lie even when they falsely/misleadingly use the word: isolation. Read the CDC’s process and you’ll see why. If you find it too challenging then you can read back Jon, he debunked it a couple of times, gave the answer to your question. If still not good enough than read this:

      Only poisoned monkey kidney cells grew the virus.

  31. Ruud Karsten says:

    If this special coronavirus hasn’t been detected, how canscientists like Montagnier and Boyle say that the virus contains HIV-related strands of RNA?

  32. Lou Coppola says:

    My understanding is that a virus is a blob of DNA with no cell structure. So, how can the alleged virus be represented as perfectly spherical, and adorned with regularly spaced, geometrically precise spikes? It has to be a in silica generated, right?

  33. Lou Coppola says:

    Oops, a typo error….earlier comment should read in silico, not in silica.

  34. kathleen kahl says:

    I would love to no your take on Dr Judy Mikovits and her theroy on RNA viruses and the gene therapy shots. Also she discuses the HIV connection and her boss who blackballed her: Fauci.

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